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The Communities of California (CA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Abalone Cove [Los Angeles County] (H)

Abascal [San Diego County] (H)

Abbato [Merced County] (H)

Abbott [Sutter County]

Abbott House [Yuba County] (H)

Aberdeen [Inyo County]
Other names:

Aberdeen Station [Inyo County] (H)

Abilene [Tulare County]

Absayruc [San Benito County] (H)

Academy [Fresno County]

Acalanes [Contra Costa County]

Acampo [San Joaquin County]

Acebedo [Kings County]

Achasta [Monterey County] (H)

Achilla [Santa Cruz County] (H)

Achillimo [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Achois [Los Angeles County] (H)

Acme [San Bernardino County] (H)

Acolita [Imperial County]

Acorn [Humboldt County]

Acorn [Santa Barbara County]

Actis [Kern County]
Other names:

Actis Gardens [Kern County] (H)

Acton [Los Angeles County]

Acuragna [Los Angeles County] (H)

Adams [Lake County]

Adams Point [Alameda County]

Adams Square [Los Angeles County]

Adams Station [Del Norte County]

Addington [Lassen County]

Adela [Stanislaus County]

Adelaida [San Luis Obispo County]

Adelaide [Butte County]

Adelanto [San Bernardino County]

Adin [Modoc County]

Adobe Corner [San Mateo County]

Adobe Meadow [Santa Clara County]

Advance [Tulare County] (H)

Aerial Acres [Kern County]

Aestaca [Santa Cruz County] (H)

Aetna Springs [Napa County]

Afton [Glenn County]

Afton [San Bernardino County] (H)

Agatha [Merced County]

Agawesh [Siskiyou County] (H)

Ager [Siskiyou County]

Agland [Shasta County] (H)

Agnew [Santa Clara County]

Agoura [Los Angeles County]

Agoura Hills [Los Angeles County]

Agra [San Diego County]

Agtism [Santa Cruz County] (H)

Agua Caliente [Alameda County]

Agua Caliente [Sonoma County]

Agua Dulce [Los Angeles County]

Agua Fria [Mariposa County] (H)

Agua Fria [San Bernardino County]

Agua Hedionda [San Diego County]

Agua Mansa [San Bernardino County] (H)

Agua Puerca y las Trances [Santa Cruz County]

Aguaje de la Centinella [Los Angeles County]

Aguajita [Santa Cruz County]

Aguajito [Monterey County]

Aguanga [Riverside County]

Aguas Frias [Butte County]

Aguereberry Camp

Aguin [Ventura County] (H)

Ahapchingas [Los Angeles County] (H)

Ahuanga [San Diego County] (H)

Ahwahnee [Madera County]

Ahwahnee Estates [Madera County]

Ahwin [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Aiken Gulch [Shasta County] (H)
Other names:
Camp Creek
Camp Gulch

Ailsa [San Bernardino County] (H)

Ainsworth Corner [Siskiyou County]

Air Compress Springs
See: Miracle Hot Springs

Akers [San Joaquin County]

Al Tahoe [El Dorado County]

Alabama Hill [Calaveras County]

Alabama Hills [Inyo County]

Alacupusyuen [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Alahulapas [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Alali [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Alameda [Alameda County]

Alameda [Kern County]

Alameda Junction [Alameda County]

Alameda Mole [Alameda County]

Alameda Point [Alameda County]

Alamitos [Los Angeles County]

Alamitos [Santa Clara County]

Alamo [Contra Costa County]

Alamo Bonito [Riverside County] (H)

Alamo Oaks [Contra Costa County]

Alamorio [Imperial County]

Alba [San Joaquin County]

Albany [Alameda County]

Alberhill [Riverside County]

Albert [Sacramento County]

See: Palo Cedro

Albion [Mendocino County]

Albrae [Alameda County] (H)
Other names:
Albrae Station

Alcade [Fresno County]

Alcash [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Alcatraz [San Francisco County]

Alder Creek [Sacramento County]

Alder Springs [Fresno County]

Alder Springs [Glenn County]

Aldercroft Heights [Santa Clara County]

Alderglen Springs [Sonoma County]

Alderpoint [Humboldt County]

Alemandra [Sutter County]

Alessandro [Riverside County]

Alessandro [San Bernardino County]

Alexander Valley [Sonoma County]

Alexis [San Bernardino County]

Alfa [Shasta County] (H)

Alfac [Tulare County] (H)

Alford Place [Tehama County]

Algerine [Tuolumne County]

Algodon [Yuba County] (H)

Algoma [Siskiyou County] (H)

Algoso [Kern County]

Alhambra [Los Angeles County]

Alhambra Valley [Contra Costa County]

Alicia [Yuba County]

Alico [Inyo County] (H)

Alila [Tulare County]

Alingard [Merced County]

Alisal [Monterey County]

Aliso [Orange County]

Aliso Viejo [Orange County]

Aliso Village [Los Angeles County]

Alla [Los Angeles County]

Alleghany [Sierra County]

Allegro Heights [Santa Cruz County]

Allen [Amador County]

Allen Springs [Lake County]

Allendale [Alameda County]

Allendale [Solano County]

Allensworth [Tulare County] (H)

Alliance [Humboldt County]

Alliance Redwood [Sonoma County]

Allied Gardens [San Diego County]

Allison [San Diego County]

Alma [Santa Clara County]

Alma [Santa Cruz County] (H)

Almaden [Santa Clara County]

Almaden Crossing [Santa Clara County]

Almaden Valley [Santa Clara County]

Almanor [Plumas County]

Almanor West
See: Lake Almanor West

Almond [Orange County]

Almondale [Los Angeles County]

Almonte [Marin County]

Alondra [Los Angeles County]

Alondra Park [Los Angeles County]

Alpaugh [Tulare County]

Alpha [Nevada County] (H)

Alpincha [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Alpine [Los Angeles County] (H)

Alpine [Mendocino County]

Alpine [San Diego County]

Alpine Heights [San Diego County]

Alpine Hills [San Mateo County]

Alpine Meadows [Placer County]

Alpine Station [San Diego County]

Alpine Village [Alpine County]

Alpine Village [Riverside County]

Alpine Village [Tulare County]

Alray [San Bernardino County]

Alsace [Los Angeles County]

Alsco [San Joaquin County]

Alta [Placer County]

Alta [San Diego County] (H)

Alta Hill [Nevada County]

Alta Loma [San Bernardino County]

Alta Mesa [Santa Clara County]

Alta Sierra [Kern County]

Alta Sierra [Nevada County]

Alta Sierra Estates [Nevada County]

Alta Sierra Ranches [Nevada County]

Alta Vista [Alameda County]

Alta Vista [Inyo County]

Alta Vista [Tulare County] (H)

Alta Vista Park [Nevada County]

Altacanyada [Los Angeles County]

Altadena [Los Angeles County]

Altamont [Alameda County]

Altaville [Calaveras County]

Alten [Sonoma County]

Alto [Marin County]

Alton [Humboldt County]

Alturas [Modoc County]
Other names:
Dorris Bridge

Alturas [Sierra County] (H)

Alturas Indian Rancheria [Modoc County]

Alum Rock [Santa Clara County]

Alvarado [Alameda County] (H)
Other names:
New Haven

Alviso [Santa Clara County]

See: Zurich

Alwathalama [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Alyeupkigna [Los Angeles County] (H)

Amador City [Amador County]

Amanico Ergina Village [San Francisco County]

Amaranth [Yolo County]

Ambassador [Los Angeles County]

Amber Hills [San Bernardino County]

Ambler [Tulare County]

Ambler Park [Monterey County]

Amboy [San Bernardino County]

Ambrose [Contra Costa County] (H)

Ambrose [Modoc County]

Amedee [Lassen County]

America [Sonoma County]

American Canyon [Napa County]

American Hill [Sierra County] (H)

American Ranch
See: Anderson

American River Bridge [Sacramento County]

Amesti [Santa Cruz County]

Amolomol [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Amos [Imperial County] (H)

Ampere [San Joaquin County]

Amsterdam [Merced County]

Anacbuc [Ventura County] (H)

Anacoac [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Anacot [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Anaheim [Orange County]

Anaheim Hills [Orange County]

Anaheim Shores [Orange County]

Anchor Bay [Mendocino County]

Anderson [Shasta County]
Other names:
American Ranch

Anderson Springs [Lake County]

Andersonia [Mendocino County]

Andesite [Siskiyou County]

Andover [Placer County] (H)

Andrade [Imperial County]

Andrade Corner [Los Angeles County]

Andrew Jackson [San Diego County]

Anejue [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Angel Island [Marin County]

Angeles Mesa [Los Angeles County]

Angelino Heights [Los Angeles County]

Angels [Calaveras County]

Angels Camp [Calaveras County]

Angels City [Calaveras County]

Angelus Oaks [San Bernardino County]

Angiola [Tulare County]

Angwin [Napa County]

Animpayamo [Monterey County] (H)

Anita [Butte County]

Annadel [Sonoma County]

Annapolis [Sonoma County]

Annette [Kern County]

Ansel [Kern County]

Antap [Ventura County] (H)

See: Dunnigan

Antelope [Lassen County] (H)

Antelope [Sacramento County]

Antelope Acres [Los Angeles County]

Antelope Center [Los Angeles County]

Antelope Hills [Riverside County]

Antes [Tulare County]

Anthony House [Nevada County]

Antioch [Contra Costa County]

Antlers [Shasta County]

See: Brooklyn

Antonio [Santa Barbara County]

Anza [Imperial County]

Anza [Riverside County]

Anza Village [Riverside County]

Aogni [Ventura County] (H)

Apeche [San Diego County] (H)

Apex [El Dorado County]

Apil [Santa Cruz County] (H)

Aplache [Tuolumne County] (H)

Apollo [San Bernardino County]

Apple Valley [San Bernardino County]

Apple Valley Estates [Tuolumne County]

Apple Valley Highlands [San Bernardino County]

Applegate [Placer County]

Apricot [Monterey County]

Aptos [Santa Cruz County]

Aptos Hills [Santa Cruz County]

Aptos Hills-Larkin Valley [Santa Cruz County]

Apyu [Humboldt County] (H)

Aqua Caliente [Sonoma County]

Arabella [Lake County]

Aranbee [Los Angeles County]

Aranimokw [Humboldt County] (H)

Arastraville [Tuolumne County]

Araz Junction [Imperial County]

Araz Stage Stop [Imperial County] (H)

Arbee [Colusa County]

Arbios [Fresno County]

Arboga [Yuba County]

Arbolada [Ventura County]

Arbor [Contra Costa County]

Arbuckle [Colusa County]

Arbuckle [Shasta County] (H)

Arcade [Los Angeles County]

Arcade [Sacramento County] (H)

Arcade [Yolo County]

Arcadia [Los Angeles County]

Arcadia [San Bernardino County]

Arcata [Humboldt County]

Arch Beach [Orange County]

Arch Beach Heights [Orange County]

Archer [San Bernardino County] (H)

Arcilla [Riverside County]

Arden [Sacramento County]

Arden-Arcade [Sacramento County]

Ardmore [Los Angeles County]

Arekw [Humboldt County] (H)
Other names:

Arena [Merced County]

Argentine [Plumas County] (H)

Argos [San Bernardino County]

Arguello [Santa Barbara County]

Argus [San Bernardino County]

Arlanza [Riverside County]

Arlanza Village [Riverside County]

Arleta [Los Angeles County]

Arlight [Santa Barbara County]

Arlington [Riverside County]

Arlington [San Bernardino County]

Arlington Heights [Los Angeles County]

Arlington Station [Riverside County]

Arlynda Corners [Humboldt County]

Armistead [Kern County]

Armona [Kings County]

Armona [Tulare County]

Armstrong [Nevada County]

Armstrong [San Joaquin County]

Army Point [Solano County]

Arnaz [Los Angeles County]

Arno [Sacramento County] (H)

Arnold [Calaveras County]

Arnold [Mendocino County]

Arnold [Stanislaus County] (H)

Arnold Heights [Riverside County]

Aromas [Monterey County]

Arrowbear Lake [San Bernardino County]

Arrowhead [San Bernardino County]

Arrowhead Equestrian Estates [San Bernardino County]

Arrowhead Farms [San Bernardino County]

Arrowhead Highlands [San Bernardino County]

Arrowhead Junction [San Bernardino County]

Arrowhead Springs [San Bernardino County]

Arroyo Chico [Butte County]

Arroyo De La Alameda [Alameda County]

Arroyo De La Laguna [Santa Cruz County]

Arroyo De Las Nueces Y Bolbones [Contra Costa County]

Arroyo Del Rodeo [Santa Cruz County]

Arroyo Grande [San Luis Obispo County]

Arroyo Park [Los Angeles County]

Arroyo Seco [Amador County]

Arroyo Seco [Monterey County]

Arroyo Vista [El Dorado County]

Arroz [Yolo County]

Artesia [Los Angeles County]

Artois [Glenn County]

Arundel [Merced County] (H)

Arvin [Kern County]

Asco [Alameda County]

Ash [Madera County] (H)

Ash Creek Junction [Siskiyou County]

Ash Creek Station [Siskiyou County] (H)

Ash Hill [San Bernardino County]

Ashford Junction [Inyo County] (H)

Ashford Mill [Inyo County] (H)

Ashipak [Siskiyou County] (H)

Ashlan Park [Fresno County]

Ashland [Alameda County]

Ashrama [Santa Clara County]

Ashton [Lassen County]

Asilomar [Monterey County]

Aspen Springs [Mono County]

Aspen Valley [Tuolumne County]

Aspendell [Inyo County]

Asphalt Mines [San Luis Obispo County] (H)

Asphalto [Kern County] (H)

Astakiwi [Modoc County] (H)

Asti [Sonoma County]

Asuncion [San Luis Obispo County]

Asylum [Mendocino County]

Asystarca [San Benito County] (H)

Atascadero [San Luis Obispo County]

Atchison Village [Contra Costa County]

Athena [Colusa County]

Athens [Los Angeles County]

Atherton [San Mateo County]

Athlone [Merced County]

Atlanta [San Joaquin County]

Atlas [Napa County]

Atolia [San Bernardino County] (H)

Atsepar [Humboldt County] (H)

Atwater [Los Angeles County]

Atwater [Merced County]

Atwell Mill [Tulare County] (H)

Atwood [Orange County]

Auberry [Fresno County]

Auburn [Placer County]

Auburn Lake Trails [El Dorado County]

Auburn Rancheria [Placer County]

Auckland [Tulare County]

August [San Joaquin County]

See: Mount Aukum

Aukum Fork
See: Mount Aukum

Auld [Riverside County] (H)

Aulintac [Santa Cruz County] (H)

Aurant [Los Angeles County]

Aurora [Stanislaus County]

Ausaymas Y San Felipe [Santa Clara County]

Ausion [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Austin [Santa Clara County]

Austin Creek Forks [Sonoma County]

Avalon [Los Angeles County]

Avalon Gardens [Los Angeles County]

Avalon Village [Los Angeles County]

Avena [Inyo County] (H)

Avena [San Joaquin County]

Avenal [Kings County]

Avenal [San Luis Obispo County]

Avery [Calaveras County]

Avery Place [Tehama County]

Avila [San Luis Obispo County]

Avila Beach [San Luis Obispo County]

Avila Place [Lassen County]

Avinsino Corner [El Dorado County]

Avocado [Fresno County]

Avocado Heights [Los Angeles County]

Avon [Butte County]

Avon [Contra Costa County]

Awashlaurk [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Awhawhilashmu [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Awigna [Los Angeles County] (H)

Azalea [Siskiyou County]

Azucsagna [Los Angeles County] (H)

Azure Vista [San Diego County]

Azusa [Los Angeles County]


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