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The Communities of California (CA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

C-Road [Plumas County]

Caacat [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Cabazon [Riverside County]
Other names:
Hall City

Cabazon [San Diego County]

Cabernet [Kern County]

Cabeza De Santa Rosa [Sonoma County]

Cabin Cove [Tulare County]

Cable [Kern County]

Cabrillo [Los Angeles County]

Cabrillo Village [Ventura County]

Cache Creek [Kern County]

Cachuma [Santa Barbara County]

Cachuma Village [Santa Barbara County]

Cactus [Imperial County]

Cactus [San Diego County]

Cactus City [Riverside County]

Cadenasso [Yolo County]

Cadillac [Siskiyou County]

Cadiz [San Bernardino County]

Cadwell [Sonoma County]

Cahto [Mendocino County]

Cahuenga [Los Angeles County] (H)

Cahuilla [Riverside County]

Cahuilla [San Diego County]

Cahuilla Hills [Riverside County]

Cain Rock [Humboldt County]

Cairns [Tulare County]

Cairns Corner [Tulare County]

Cajats [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Cajon [San Bernardino County]

Cajon [San Diego County] (H)

Cajon Heights [San Diego County]

Cajon Junction [San Bernardino County]

Cajpilili [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Cal-Ida [Sierra County]

Calabasas [Los Angeles County]

Calabasas Highlands [Los Angeles County]

Calabasas Hills [Los Angeles County]

Calabasas Park [Los Angeles County]

Calada [San Bernardino County]

Calaveras [San Joaquin County]

Calaveritas [Calaveras County]

Calavo Gardens [San Diego County]

Calders Corner [Kern County]

Caldor [El Dorado County]

Caldors Corner [Kern County]

Caldwell [Fresno County] (H)

Caldwell Pines [Lake County]

Caleb [Riverside County] (H)

Calexico [Imperial County]

Calexico Lodge [San Diego County]

Calfa [Fresno County]

Calflax [Fresno County]

Calgro [Tulare County]

Calico [Kern County]

Calico [San Bernardino County] (H)

Caliente [Kern County]

Caliente Sands [Riverside County]

Califa [Madera County] (H)

California City [Kern County]

California Heights [Los Angeles County]

California Hot Springs [Tulare County]

California House [Yuba County] (H)

California Pines [Modoc County]

California Valley [San Luis Obispo County]

Calimesa [Riverside County]

Calipatria [Imperial County]

Calistoga [Napa County]

Calkin [Santa Barbara County]

Calkins [Shasta County] (H)

Calla [San Joaquin County]

Callahan [Siskiyou County]

Callahan's Ranch [Siskiyou County]

Calleguas [Ventura County]

Callender [San Luis Obispo County]

Calneva [Lassen County]

Calpack [Merced County]

Calpella [Mendocino County]

Calpine [Sierra County]

Calvada [Sierra County] (H)

Calvada Springs [Inyo County]

Calville [Humboldt County]

Calwa [Fresno County]

Calzona [San Bernardino County]

Camanche [Calaveras County] (H)
Other names:
Clay's Bar

Camanche Lake [Amador County]

Camanche Village [Amador County]

Camarillo [Ventura County]

Camarillo Heights [Ventura County]

Cambio [Kern County] (H)

Cambodia Town [Los Angeles County]

Cambria [San Luis Obispo County]

Cambria Pines [San Luis Obispo County]

Cambrian Park [Santa Clara County]

Cambrian Village [Santa Clara County]

Cambridge Oaks [El Dorado County]

Camden [Fresno County]

Camden [Sacramento County]

Camellia [Sacramento County]

Camellia Station [Sacramento County]

Camelot Hills [Riverside County]

Cameo [Fresno County]

Cameo Acres [Contra Costa County]

Cameron [Kern County]

Cameron [Mendocino County]

Cameron Airpark Estates [El Dorado County]

Cameron Corners [San Diego County]

Cameron Creek Colony [Tulare County]

Cameron Park [El Dorado County]

Camino [El Dorado County]

Camino Alta [Santa Clara County]

Camino Heights [El Dorado County]

Camp Angelus [San Bernardino County]

Camp Badger [Tulare County]

Camp Bailey
See: Copley

Camp Bartlett [Ventura County]

Camp Connell [Calaveras County]

Camp Creek
See: Aiken Gulch

Camp Earnest [Tuolumne County]

Camp Eighteen [Butte County]

Camp Evers [Santa Cruz County]

Camp Grant [Humboldt County]

Camp Gulch
See: Aiken Gulch

Camp Irwin
See: Fort Irwin

Camp Kaweah [Tulare County]

Camp Klamath [Del Norte County]

Camp Meeker [Sonoma County]

Camp Mendocino [Mendocino County]

Camp Nelson [Tulare County]

Camp Owens [Kern County]

Camp Pardee [Calaveras County]

Camp Pendleton North [San Diego County]

Camp Pendleton South [San Diego County]

Camp Pendola [Tuolumne County]

Camp Pendola [Yuba County] (H)

Camp Rest [Mendocino County]

Camp Richardson [El Dorado County]

Camp Rodgers [Plumas County]

Camp Rose [Sonoma County]

Camp Sabrina [Inyo County] (H)

Camp Sierra [Fresno County]

Camp Soda
See: Zzyzx

Camp Spaulding [Nevada County]

Camp Tamarack [Calaveras County]

Camp Taylor [Marin County]

Camp Thayer [Sonoma County]

Camp Wishon [Tulare County]

Campana [El Dorado County]

Campbell [Modoc County]

Campbell [Santa Clara County]

Campbell Hot Springs [Sierra County]

Campbell Village [Alameda County]

Campbellville [Tehama County]

Camphora [Monterey County]

Campo [San Diego County]

Campo De Los Franceses [San Joaquin County]

Campo Indian Reservation [San Diego County]

Campo Seco [Calaveras County]
Other names:
Oregon City

Campo Seco [Tuolumne County]

Campton Heights [Humboldt County]

Camptonville [Yuba County]

Camulos [Ventura County]

Cana [Butte County]

Canada De Capay [Yolo County]

Canada De Guadalupe Visitacion Y Rodeo Vie [San Mateo County]

Canada De Guadalupe Y Rodeo Viejo [San Francisco County]

Canada De Herrera [Marin County]

Canada De Jonive [Sonoma County]

Canada De La Segunda [Monterey County]

Canada De Los Alisos [Orange County]

Canada De Los Capitancillos [Santa Clara County]

Canada De Los Coches [San Diego County]

Canada De Los Nogales [Los Angeles County]

Canada De Los Osos Y Pecho Y Islay [San Luis Obispo County]

Canada De Los Pinos Or College Rancho [Santa Barbara County]

Canada De Los Vaqueros [Contra Costa County]

Canada De Pala [Santa Clara County]

Canada De Pogolimi [Sonoma County]

Canada De Raymundo [San Mateo County]

Canada De Salsipuedes [Santa Barbara County]

Canada De San Felipe Y Las Animas [Santa Clara County]

Canada De San Miguelito [Ventura County]

Canada De San Vicente Y Mesa Del Padre Barona [San Diego County]

Canada De Verde Y Arroyo De La Purisima [San Mateo County]

Canada Del Corte De Madera [San Mateo County]

Canada Del Hambre Y Las Bolsas [Contra Costa County]

Canada Del Rincon En El Rio San Lorenzo De Santa Cruz [Santa Cruz County]

Canada Larga o Verde [Ventura County]

Canada de la Carpenteria [Monterey County]

Canada del Corral [Santa Barbara County]

Canal Ranch [San Joaquin County]

Canby [Modoc County]

Canby Cross [Siskiyou County]

Candanassa [Yolo County]

Canebrake [Kern County] (H)

Canet [Ventura County] (H)

Cannery Row [Monterey County]

Cannon [Solano County] (H)

Canoga Annex [Los Angeles County]

Canoga Park [Los Angeles County]

Canon City [Shasta County] (H)

Canon Del Santa Ana [Orange County]

Canon Siding [San Diego County]

Cantara [Siskiyou County] (H)

Cantil [Kern County]

Cantna [Fresno County]

Canton [El Dorado County] (H)

Cantrall Mill [Modoc County] (H)

Cantua Creek [Fresno County]

Canyon [Alameda County]

Canyon [Contra Costa County]

Canyon [El Dorado County] (H)

Canyon Acres [Orange County]

Canyon City [San Diego County]

Canyon Country [Los Angeles County]

Canyon Crest [Riverside County]

Canyon Crest Heights [Riverside County]

Canyon Lake [Riverside County]

Canyon View [Calaveras County]

Canyondam [Plumas County]

Capay [Glenn County]

Capay [Yolo County]

Cape Horn [Alpine County]

Cape Horn [Mendocino County]

Cape Horn [Placer County]

Cape Horn Bar [Yuba County] (H)

Cape Horn Mills [Placer County]

Capell [Napa County]

Capetown [Humboldt County]

Capistrano [Orange County]

Capistrano Beach [Orange County]

Capistrano Highlands [Orange County]

Capital Hill [San Luis Obispo County]

Capitan [Santa Barbara County]

Capitan Grande [San Diego County] (H)

Capitola [Santa Cruz County]

Capps Crossing [El Dorado County]

Car A [Siskiyou County]

Carbon [Shasta County] (H)

Carbon Canyon [San Bernardino County]

Carbona [San Joaquin County]

Carbondale [Amador County] (H)

Carbondale [Orange County] (H)

Card Place [Mendocino County]

Cardiff [San Diego County]

Cardiff-by-the-Sea [San Diego County]

Cardwell [Fresno County]

Carey [Mendocino County]

Caribou [Plumas County]

Carlotta [Humboldt County]

Carlsbad [San Diego County]

Carlton [Imperial County]

Carlton [Orange County]

Carlton Hills [San Diego County]

Carmel Highlands [Monterey County]

Carmel Hills [Monterey County]

Carmel Point [Monterey County]

Carmel Valley Manor [Monterey County]

Carmel Valley Village [Monterey County]
Other names:
Carmel Valley

Carmel Woods [Monterey County]

Carmel-by-the-Sea [Monterey County]

Carmelito [Monterey County] (H)
Other names:
Point Lobos City

Carmen City [Calaveras County]

Carmenita [Los Angeles County]

Carmet [Sonoma County]

Carmichael [Sacramento County]

Carnadero [Santa Clara County]

Carne Humana [Napa County]

Carnegie [San Joaquin County] (H)

Carnelian Bay [Placer County]

Carnelian Heights [Placer County]

Carneros [Napa County] (H)

Carpenter [Alameda County]

Carpenter Place [Mendocino County]

Carpinteria [Santa Barbara County]

Carquinez Heights [Solano County]

Carr [Santa Barbara County]

Carrick [Siskiyou County]

Carrick Addition [Siskiyou County]

Carrigers [Sonoma County]

Carriso Gorge [San Diego County]

Carrolton [San Joaquin County]

Carrville [Trinity County]

Carson [Los Angeles County]

Carson Hill [Calaveras County] (H)

Cartago [Inyo County]

See: Tuolumne

Carthay Circle [Los Angeles County]

Carthay Square [Los Angeles County]

Caruthers [Fresno County]

Casa Blanca [Riverside County]

Casa Blanca [San Bernardino County]

Casa Conejo [Ventura County]

Casa Correo [Contra Costa County]

Casa Diablo [Mono County] (H)

Casa Loma [Placer County]

Casa Loma [Riverside County]

Casa de Oro [San Diego County]

Casa de Oro-Mount Helix [San Diego County]

Casalic [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Cascade [Placer County]

Cascade [Plumas County]

Cascade Shores [Nevada County]

Cascadel Woods [Madera County]

Cascel [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Casey Corner [Nevada County]

Cashmere [Yolo County]

Casino [Santa Cruz County]

Casitas Springs [Ventura County]

Caslamayomi [Sonoma County]

Casmalia [Santa Barbara County]

Casnahacmo [Ventura County] (H)

Caspar [Mendocino County]

Cassel [Shasta County]
Other names:

Castac [Kern County]

Castaic [Los Angeles County]

Castaic Junction [Los Angeles County]

Castella [Shasta County]
Other names:
Castle Rock

Castellammare [Los Angeles County]

Castle [Merced County]

Castle [San Joaquin County]

Castle Crags [Shasta County] (H)

Castle Craig [Siskiyou County]

Castle Gardens [Merced County]

Castle Park [San Diego County]

Castle Park - Otay [San Diego County]

Castle Rock
See: Castella

Castle Rock Springs [Lake County]

Castlewood [Alameda County]

Castro City [Santa Clara County]

Castro Valley [Alameda County]

Castroville [Monterey County]

Casty [Fresno County]

Casunalmo [Ventura County] (H)

Caswell [Los Angeles County]

Catacula [Napa County]

Catalina [Los Angeles County]

Cathay [Mariposa County]

Cathedral City [Riverside County]

Catheys Valley [Mariposa County]

Catlett [Sutter County]

Cave City [Calaveras County]

Cave Valley
See: Cool

Cavin [Ventura County]

Cawelo [Kern County]

Cayeguas [Ventura County] (H)

Cayley [Alameda County]

Caymus [Napa County] (H)

Cayton [Shasta County]

Cayucos [San Luis Obispo County]

Cazadero [Sonoma County]

Cecile [Fresno County]

Cecilville [Siskiyou County]

Cedar [Los Angeles County]

Cedar Crest [Fresno County]

Cedar Crest [Nevada County]

Cedar Crossing [Tehama County]

Cedar Flat [Placer County]

Cedar Glen [San Bernardino County]

Cedar Grove [El Dorado County]

Cedar Grove [Fresno County]

Cedar Mill [Plumas County]

Cedar Pines Vista [Tuolumne County]

Cedar Ridge [Nevada County]

Cedar Ridge [Tuolumne County]

Cedar Rock Lodge [Tuolumne County]

Cedar Slope [Tulare County]

Cedar Springs [Los Angeles County]

Cedar Springs [San Bernardino County] (H)

Cedar Stock [Trinity County]

Cedar Vista [Calaveras County]

Cedarbrook [Fresno County]

Cedarpines Park [San Bernardino County]

Cedarville [Modoc County]

Cedarville Rancheria [Modoc County]

Cella [Fresno County]

Cement [Solano County] (H)

Cemetary [San Mateo County]

Ceneda [Kern County]

See: Fremont

Centerville [Alpine County] (H)

Centerville [Butte County]

Centerville [Fresno County]

Centerville [Humboldt County] (H)

Centerville [Shasta County]

Centerville [Sierra County] (H)

Centerville District [Alameda County]

Centinela [Los Angeles County]

Central [Yolo County]

Central Camp [Madera County]

Central House [Butte County]

Centralia [Sacramento County]

Centre [Sacramento County]

Centreville [Alameda County]

Century City [Los Angeles County]

Ceres [Stanislaus County]

Cerritos [Los Angeles County]
Other names:
Dairy Valley

Cerro [Marin County]

Cerro Gordo [Inyo County] (H)
Other names:
Fat Hill

Cerro Gordo Landing
See: Keeler

Cerro Villa Heights [Orange County]

Chabot Terrace [Solano County]

Chadbourne [Solano County]

Chaffee [Kern County]

Chalfant Valley [Mono County]

Chalk Bank Landing [Siskiyou County]

Challenge [Yuba County]

Challenge - Brownsville [Yuba County]

Chalumu [Santa Cruz County] (H)

Chamberlands Estates [Placer County]

Chambers Lodge [Placer County]

Chambless [San Bernardino County]

Champagne [San Bernardino County]

Champagne Fountain [Santa Clara County]

Champion [Nevada County] (H)

Chandler [Los Angeles County] (H)

Chandler [Sutter County] (H)

Chandon [Butte County] (H)

Chanech [Santa Cruz County] (H)

Chaney Ranch [Fresno County]

Channel Islands [Ventura County]

Channel Islands Beach [Ventura County]

Chaparral Heights [Tuolumne County]

Chapman [Los Angeles County]

Chapman [Marin County]

Chapman Woods [Los Angeles County]

Chapmantown [Butte County]

Chapparral [Butte County]

Chappo [San Diego County]

Charleston [San Joaquin County] (H)

Charleston Gardens [Santa Clara County]

Charleston Meadows [Santa Clara County]

Charleston View [Inyo County]

Charter Oak [Los Angeles County]

Chase [San Bernardino County]

Chases [Plumas County] (H)

Chat [Lassen County]

Chats [Lassen County] (H)

Chatsworth [Los Angeles County]

Chatsworth Lake Manor [Los Angeles County]

Chawanakee [Fresno County]

Cheeseville [Siskiyou County]

Chemeketa Park [Santa Clara County]

Chemung Mine [Mono County] (H)

Chemurgic [Stanislaus County]

Cherokee [Butte County] (H)

Cherokee [Nevada County]

Cherokee [San Joaquin County]

Cherokee [Tuolumne County]

Cherokee Strip [Kern County]

Cherry [Sonoma County] (H)

Cherry Creek Acres [Nevada County]

Cherry Valley [Riverside County]

Cherryland [Alameda County]

Chester [Plumas County]

Chesterton [San Diego County]

Chestnut [San Mateo County]

Chestnut [Shasta County]

Chestnut Junction [Alameda County]

Chianti [Sonoma County]

Chicago [Shasta County] (H)

Chicago Park [Nevada County]
Other names:
Storm's Station

Chicago Park [Placer County] (H)

Chicago Valley [Inyo County]

Chicken Ranch Rancheria [Tuolumne County]

Chico [Butte County]

Chico North [Butte County]

Chico Vecino [Butte County]

Chico West [Butte County]

Chihucchihui [Ventura County] (H)

Chilcoot [Plumas County]

Chilcoot - Vinton [Plumas County]

Childs Meadows [Tehama County]

Chiles [Napa County]

Chiles [Yolo County]

Chilli Gulch [Calaveras County] (H)

Chimiles [Napa County]

China Camp [Marin County] (H)

China Flat [Humboldt County]

China Flat [San Joaquin County] (H)

China Gulch [Plumas County] (H)

China Lake [Kern County]

China Lake Acres [Kern County]

Chinatown [Alameda County]

Chinatown [Amador County] (H)

Chinatown [Mono County] (H)

Chinatown [San Francisco County]

Chinatown [Santa Clara County] (H)

Chinese [Tuolumne County]

Chinese Camp [Tuolumne County]

Chinits [Humboldt County] (H)

Chino [San Bernardino County]

Chino Hills [San Bernardino County]

Chinowths Corner [Tulare County]

Chipmonk Canyon [Inyo County]

Chipps [Solano County]

Chiquita [Sonoma County]

Chiriaco Summit [Riverside County]

Chittenden [San Benito County]

Chittenden [Santa Cruz County]

Chiuchin [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Chloride City [Inyo County] (H)

Chokishgna [Los Angeles County] (H)

Chokuyem [Sonoma County] (H)

Cholame [Monterey County]

Cholame [San Luis Obispo County]

Chollas Creek [San Diego County]

Chollas Valley [San Diego County]

Chollas View [San Diego County]

Cholosas [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Cholosoc [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Chomchadila [Mendocino County] (H)

Choromi [Santa Cruz County] (H)

Chorro [San Luis Obispo County]

Chosho [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Chowchilla [Madera County]

Chowcilla [Mariposa County]

Chowigna [Los Angeles County] (H)

Chrisman [Ventura County]

Christensen [Modoc County]

Christie [Contra Costa County]

Christie Spur [Humboldt County]

Christine [Mendocino County]

Chrome [Glenn County]

Chromite [Shasta County] (H)

Chromite [Siskiyou County]

Chrysopolis [Inyo County] (H)

Chrysopolis [Mono County] (H)

Chuah [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Chualar [Monterey County]

Chubbuck [San Bernardino County] (H)

Chula Vista [San Diego County]

Chula Vista Junction [San Diego County]

Chulam [San Luis Obispo County] (H)

Chumawi [Modoc County] (H)

Chumpache [Ventura County] (H)

Chupcan [Tuolumne County] (H)

Chupmni [Sacramento County] (H)

Churntown [Shasta County] (H)
Other names:
One Wagon Town

Chwaiyok [Ventura County] (H)

Cicacut [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Cicero [Sacramento County] (H)

Cienega [Los Angeles County]

Cienega Canyon
See: Falling Springs

Cienega De Los Paicines [San Benito County]

Cienega Del Gabilan [San Benito County]

Cienega O Paso De La Tijera [Los Angeles County]

Cima [San Bernardino County]

Cimarron [Kings County]

Cimarron Estates [Santa Barbara County]

Cinco [Kern County]

Cincotta [Fresno County]

Cincut [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Cinnabar [Shasta County] (H)

Cinnabar Springs [Siskiyou County] (H)

Circle City [Shasta County] (H)

Cisco [Placer County]

Cisco Grove [Placer County]

Citro [Tulare County]

Citro Junction [Tulare County]

Citrona [Yolo County]

See: Kearsarge

Citrus [Los Angeles County]

Citrus [Sacramento County]

Citrus Heights [Sacramento County]

Citrus View [Imperial County]

City Ranch [Los Angeles County]

City Terrace [Los Angeles County]

City of Industry [Los Angeles County]

Ciyuktun [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Clair [Orange County]

Clair Camp [Inyo County] (H)

Clairemont [San Diego County]

Clam Beach [Humboldt County]

Claraville [Kern County]

Clare Mill [Mendocino County]

Claremont [Alameda County]

Claremont [Los Angeles County]

Claribel [Stanislaus County]

Clark Summit [Marin County]

Clarksburg [Yolo County]

Clarkson [Kern County]

Clarksona [Amador County]

Clarksville [El Dorado County]

Clarkville [Shasta County] (H)

Clarsona [Amador County]

Claus [Stanislaus County]

Claussenius [El Dorado County]

Clay [Sacramento County]

Clay's Bar
See: Camanche

Clayton [Contra Costa County]

Clayton [Los Angeles County] (H)

Clayton [Placer County]

Clear Creek [Butte County]

Clear Creek [Lassen County]

Clear Creek [Siskiyou County]

Clear Creek Diggings
See: Horsetown

Clear Creek Hot Springs
See: Miracle Hot Springs

Clear Creek Junction [Plumas County]

Clear Lake [Modoc County]

Clear Lake Keys [Lake County]

Clear Lake Riviera [Lake County]

Clearing House [Mariposa County]

Clearlake [Lake County]

Clearlake Highlands [Lake County]

Clearlake Oaks [Lake County]

Clearlake Park [Lake County]

Clearwater [Los Angeles County]

Clement Junction [Los Angeles County]

Clements [San Joaquin County]

Clems [Santa Cruz County] (H)

Cleone [Mendocino County]

Cleveland [Shasta County] (H)

Cliff Haven [Orange County]

Cliffside [Santa Cruz County]

Clifton [Fresno County]

Clifton [Los Angeles County]

Clima [Solano County]

Clint [Fresno County]

Clinter [Fresno County]

See: Brooklyn

Clinton [Amador County] (H)

Clinton [Mono County]

Clio [Plumas County]

Clipper Gap [Placer County]

Clipper Mills [Butte County]

Clotho [Fresno County]

Cloudman [Tuolumne County]

Clover Flat [San Diego County]

Cloverdale [Shasta County]

Cloverdale [Sonoma County]

Clovis [Fresno County]

Clyde [Contra Costa County]

Clyde [Imperial County]

Clyde [San Joaquin County]

Cmulos [Ventura County]

Coachella [Riverside County]

Coalinga [Fresno County]

Coarse Gold Gulch [Fresno County]

Coarsegold [Madera County]

Coast [Santa Cruz County] (H)

Cobb [Lake County]

Cobble [Colusa County]

Coburn [Monterey County]

Cochrane [San Joaquin County]

Cockatoo Grove [San Diego County]

Coddingtown [Sonoma County]

Codora [Glenn County]

Codora Four Corners [Glenn County]

Codorniz [Orange County]

Coeur [Trinity County]

Coffee [Trinity County]

Coffee Creek [Trinity County]

Coffing [Sacramento County]

Cohala [Plumas County]

Cohasset [Butte County]

Cojuat [San Diego County] (H)

Colache Town [Santa Cruz County]

Cold Fork [Tehama County]

Cold Spring [Sierra County] (H)

Cold Springs [El Dorado County]

Cold Springs [Tuolumne County]

Cold Springs Rancheria [Fresno County]

Cole [Los Angeles County]

Cole [Siskiyou County]

Colegrove [Los Angeles County]

Coleman [Nevada County]

Coleridge [Trinity County]

Coleville [Mono County]

Colfax [Placer County]

Colfax Spring [Tuolumne County]

Colima [Los Angeles County]

Colina Vista [Riverside County]

Collayomi [Lake County]

College City [Colusa County]

College Gardens [Stanislaus County]

College Grove Center [San Diego County]

College Heights [Kern County]

College Heights [San Bernardino County]

College Heights [San Diego County]

College Heights [Santa Cruz County]

College Park [Santa Clara County]

College Park [Ventura County]

College Plaza [San Diego County]

College Terrace [Santa Clara County]

Collegeville [San Joaquin County]

Collier [Contra Costa County]

Collier [Los Angeles County]

Collierville [San Joaquin County]

Collins [Fresno County] (H)

Collins [Napa County]

Collins [San Bernardino County] (H)

Collinsville [Solano County] (H)

Colma [San Mateo County]

Colma Station [San Mateo County]

Coloc [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Coloma [El Dorado County]

Colonia Independencia [Orange County]

Colonia Juarez [Orange County]

Colonia Manzanilla [Orange County]

Colonial [Sacramento County]

Colonial Acres [Sacramento County]

Colonial Heights [Sacramento County]

Colonial Heights [San Joaquin County]

Colonial Juarez [Orange County]

Colorado [Imperial County]

Colton [San Bernardino County]

Columbia [Tuolumne County]

Columbia Park [Contra Costa County]

Columbia Village [Tuolumne County]

Columbus [Kern County]

Colusa [Colusa County]

Colusa Junction [Colusa County]

Colusa Junction [Sutter County]

Colusa Rancheria [Colusa County]

Colyer [Tehama County]

Combie Crossing [Nevada County]

Cometa [San Joaquin County]

Commerce [Los Angeles County]

Commonwealth [Orange County]

Community Center [Ventura County]

Como [Orange County]

Compressor Hot Springs
See: Miracle Hot Springs

Comptche [Mendocino County]

Compton [Los Angeles County]

Comstock Acres [Placer County]

Comstock Ranch [Tuolumne County]

Conant [Shasta County] (H)

Conaway [Yolo County]

Concepcion [Imperial County] (H)

Concepcion [Santa Barbara County]

Concord [Contra Costa County]

Concow [Butte County]

Condemned Bar [Yuba County] (H)

Conejo [Fresno County]

Conejo Valley [Ventura County]

Conejos [San Diego County] (H)

Confederate Corners [Monterey County]

Confidence [Tuolumne County]

Coniston [Yolo County]

Conley [Sacramento County] (H)

Conner [Kern County]

Convict Lake [Mono County]

Cooks Valley [Humboldt County]

Cool [El Dorado County]
Other names:
Cave Valley

Cool Water [San Bernardino County]

Cooley Landing [San Mateo County]

Coolgardie [San Bernardino County] (H)

Coolidge Springs [Imperial County]

Coombs [Butte County]

Coombs [Yuba County] (H)

Cooper [Lake County]

Cooper [Monterey County]

Coopers Corner [San Joaquin County]

Cooperstown [Stanislaus County]

Copco [Modoc County]

Copco [Siskiyou County]

Copeland [Tehama County]

Copic [Modoc County]

Copley [Shasta County] (H)
Other names:
Camp Bailey

Copnley [Sacramento County]

Copper City [Glenn County]

Copper City [San Bernardino County]

Copper City [Shasta County] (H)
Other names:

Copper Cove Village [Calaveras County]

Copperopolis [Calaveras County]

Coppervale [Lassen County]

Copple Place [Tehama County]

Coram [Shasta County] (H)

Corbin Village [Los Angeles County]

Corcoran [Kings County]

Cordelia [Solano County]

Cordelia Junction [Solano County]

Cordero [San Diego County]

Cordero Junction [Solano County]

Cordova [Sacramento County]

Cordua Bar [Yuba County] (H)

Cornelian [Placer County]

Cornelius [Sutter County] (H)

Cornell [Los Angeles County]

Cornell [Modoc County]

Corning [Tehama County]

Cornwall [Contra Costa County]

Cornwell [Kings County] (H)

Coromar [Santa Barbara County]

Corona [Riverside County]
Other names:
South Riverside

Corona [Sonoma County] (H)

Corona del Mar [Orange County]

Coronado [San Diego County]

Coronado Brick Yards [San Diego County]

Coronado Ferry [San Diego County]

Coronado Heights [San Diego County] (H)

Coronet [Los Angeles County]

Coronita [Riverside County]

Corporal [Santa Clara County]

Corral [San Diego County] (H)

Corral De Piedra [San Luis Obispo County]

Corral De Quati [Santa Barbara County]

Corral De Tierra [San Mateo County]

Corral de Tierra [Monterey County]

Corralitos [Santa Cruz County]

Corriganville [Ventura County]

Corte De Madera Del Presidio [Marin County]

Corte Madera [Marin County]

Corte Madera De Novato [Marin County]

Cortena [Colusa County]

Cortez [Merced County]

Cory [Glenn County]

Coso [Inyo County] (H)

Coso Junction [Inyo County]

Cosoy [San Diego County] (H)

Costa Mesa [Orange County]

Cosumne [Sacramento County]

Cosumnes [Sacramento County]

Cosy Dell [San Bernardino County]

Cota [Los Angeles County]

Cota [San Diego County]

Cotati [Sonoma County]

Cothrin [El Dorado County]

Cotners Corner [San Bernardino County]

Coto de Caza [Orange County]

Cottage Corners [San Benito County]

Cottage Gardens [San Bernardino County]

Cottage Gardens [Stanislaus County]

Cottage Grove [Siskiyou County]

Cottage Springs [Calaveras County]

Cotton Center [Tulare County]

Cottonwood [San Bernardino County]

Cottonwood [Shasta County]

Cottonwood [Yolo County]

Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns [Inyo County] (H)

Cottonwood Estates [Shasta County]

Cougar [Siskiyou County] (H)

Coulterville [Mariposa County]

Counsman [Sutter County]

Country Club [San Joaquin County]

Country Club Park [Los Angeles County]

Country Manor Estates [Riverside County]

Country Road Estates [Riverside County]

Country Villa Estates [Yolo County]

Courtland [Sacramento County]

Coutolenc [Butte County]

Covelo [Mendocino County]

Covina [Los Angeles County]

Covington Mill [Trinity County]

Cow Creek [Tuolumne County]

Cowan Heights [Orange County]

Cowell [Contra Costa County]

Cowles [San Diego County]

Cox [Riverside County]

Cox [Sierra County] (H)

Cox's Lane [Butte County]

Coycoy [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Coyote [Santa Clara County]

Coyote Lake [San Bernardino County] (H)

Coyote Valley Rancheria [Mendocino County] (H)

Coyote Wells [Imperial County]

Coyoteville [El Dorado County]

Cozzens [Sonoma County]

Cozzens Corner [Sonoma County]

Crabtree [Fresno County]

Crabtree Place [Trinity County]

Crackerjack [San Bernardino County] (H)

Craf [San Bernardino County]

Crafton [San Bernardino County]

Cragmont [Alameda County]

Craig [Butte County] (H)

Craig [Modoc County]

Cramer [Tulare County]

Cranmore [Sutter County]

Crannell [Humboldt County] (H)

Crater [Inyo County] (H)

Cray Mill [Mono County]

Crayold [Fresno County]

Creal [Kern County]

Creed [Solano County]

Creegan [Merced County]

Creekside [Monterey County]

Creekside [San Bernardino County]

Crenshaw [Los Angeles County]

Crenshaw - Imperial [Los Angeles County]

Crescent [Los Angeles County]

Crescent City [Del Norte County]

Crescent City North [Del Norte County]

Crescent Mills [Plumas County]

Crescent North [Del Norte County]

Crescent Park [Santa Clara County]

Crescent Ridge Village [El Dorado County]

Cressey [Merced County]

Crest [Lassen County]

Crest [San Diego County]

Crest Forest [San Bernardino County]

Crest Park [San Bernardino County]

Cresta [Butte County]

Crestline [San Bernardino County]

Crestmore [Riverside County]

Crestmore [San Bernardino County]

Crestmore Heights [Riverside County]

Creston [Napa County]

Creston [San Luis Obispo County]

Crestview [Mono County]

Crittendon [Mendocino County] (H)

Crocker Highlands [Alameda County]

Crocker Place [Lake County]

Crockett [Contra Costa County]

Croft [El Dorado County]

Crolona Heights [Contra Costa County]

Cromberg [Plumas County]

Crome [Kern County]

Cromir [Fresno County]

Cronese Valley [San Bernardino County]

Cronise [San Bernardino County] (H)

Cross Creek [Tulare County]

Cross Roads [San Bernardino County]

Crow [Plumas County] (H)

Crowley [Mendocino County]

Crowley [Tulare County]

Crowley Lake [Mono County]

Crown [Sonoma County]

Crown Jewel [San Bernardino County]

Crown Point [San Diego County]

Crown Village [El Dorado County]

Crows Landing [Stanislaus County]

Crucero [San Bernardino County]

Cruessville [Monterey County]

Crutcher [Los Angeles County]

Crystal Cove [Orange County]

Crystal Falls [Tuolumne County]

Crystal Lake [Nevada County]

Crystal Springs [Nevada County] (H)

Crystalaire [Los Angeles County]

Cuargo [Shasta County] (H)

Cuba [Merced County] (H)

Cubbler Place [Mendocino County]

Cuca [San Diego County]

Cucamonga [Los Angeles County] (H)

Cucamonga [San Bernardino County]

Cudahy [Los Angeles County]

Cudahy [San Diego County]

Cuernavaca [Santa Clara County]

Cuesta Oaks [Santa Clara County]

Cuesta Serena [Tuolumne County]

Cuesta-by-the-Sea [San Luis Obispo County]

Cuffeys Cove [Mendocino County] (H)

Culp [Shasta County] (H)

Culver City [Los Angeles County]

Culver Garden [Los Angeles County]

Culver Junction [Los Angeles County]

Cummings [El Dorado County]

Cummings [Mendocino County]

Cunard [Sutter County]

Cuneo [Kings County] (H)

Cunningham [Sonoma County]

Cupertino [Santa Clara County]

Curlew [Imperial County]

Curry Village [Mariposa County]

Curtis [Siskiyou County]

Curtis [Yolo County]

Curtis Creek Ranch [Tuolumne County]

Curtiss Heights [Humboldt County]

Curtner [Alameda County]

Cushenbury [San Bernardino County]

Cushing [San Luis Obispo County]

Custom House [Monterey County]

Cutler [Tulare County]

Cutten [Humboldt County]

Cuttings Wharf [Napa County]

Cuyama [Santa Barbara County]

Cuyamaca [San Diego County] (H)

Cuyamus [Santa Barbara County] (H)

Cygnus [Solano County]

Cypave [Los Angeles County]

Cypress [Orange County]

Cypress Grove [Los Angeles County]

Cypress Grove [Marin County]

Cypress Hill [Nevada County]

Cypress Park [Los Angeles County]

Cypress Park [Monterey County]

Cypress South [Orange County]


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