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The Communities of Virginia (VA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Bachelors Hall [Pittsylvania County]

Back River [Hampton City]

Back Swamp [Loudoun County]

Backbay [Virginia Beach City]

Backbone [Alleghany County]

Bacon Hill [Northampton County]

Bacon's Castle [Surry County]

Bacons Fork [Lunenburg County]

Bacons Quarters [Gloucester County] (H)

Bacova [Bath County]

Bacova Junction [Bath County]

Baden [Dickenson County]

Bagby [Caroline County]

Bagbys Ferry [Halifax County]

Bagdad [Caroline County]

Bagleys Mills [Lunenburg County]

Bailey [Lee County]

Bailey [Tazewell County]

Bailey Switch [Tazewell County]

Baileys [Gloucester County]

Baileys Beach [Isle of Wight County]

Baileys Crossroads [Fairfax County]

Baileys Ford [Frederick County]

Baileytown [Suffolk City]

Baileyville [Charlotte County] (H)

Bainswood [Northumberland County]

Baker's Mill [Rockingham County]

Bakers Crossing [Suffolk City]

Balcony Falls [Rockbridge County]

Bald Eagle Hills [Stafford County]

Baldwin [Botetourt County]

Baldwin Station [Botetourt County]

Bali Hai [Roanoke County]

Ballard [Patrick County]

Ballard Woods [Albemarle County]

Ballards Crossroads [Isle of Wight County]

Ballentine Place [Norfolk City]

Balls [Roanoke County]

Balls Ford [Fairfax County]

Balls Hill [Fairfax County]

Balls Mill [Fauquier County]

Ballston [Alexandria City]

Ballston [Arlington County]

Ballsville [Powhatan County]

Ballylynn Shores [Virginia Beach City]

Baltimore Corner [Dinwiddie County]

Balty [Caroline County]

Banbury Cross [York County]

Banco [Madison County]

Band Mill [Wise County]

Bandana [Hanover County]

Bandy [Tazewell County]

Bane [Giles County]

Bangs [Montgomery County] (H)

Banister [Pittsylvania County]

Banister Town [Halifax County]

Banners Corner [Russell County]

Bannerwood [Prince William County]

Baptist Valley [Tazewell County]

Barbours Creek [Craig County]

Barboursville [Orange County]

Barclay Woods [Newport News City]

Barcroft [Arlington County]

Barcroft [York County]

Barcroft Hill [Fairfax County]

Barcroft Woods [Fairfax County]

Barfoot [Franklin County]

Barham [Surry County]

Barhamsville [New Kent County]

Barker Crossroads [Brunswick County]

Barker Land [Clarke County]

Barker Mill [Washington County]

Barkers Crossroads [Fairfax County]

Barkers Mill [Hanover County]

Barksdale [Halifax County]

Barksdale [Prince William County]

Barlett [Isle of Wight County]

Barley [Greensville County]

Barlows Corner [York County]

Barnes [Chesterfield County]

Barnes Junction [Charlotte County]

Barnesville [Charlotte County]

Barnett [Russell County]

Barnetts [Charles City County]

Baron Woods [James City County]

Barracks [Albemarle County]

Barranger [Roanoke City]

Barren Ridge [Augusta County]

Barren Springs [Wythe County]

Barrets Corner [Virginia Beach City]

Barrets Ferry [Charles City County]

Barrett Acres [Suffolk City]

Barrett Corner [Southampton County]

Barrett Heights [Stafford County]

Barrett Knolls [Stafford County]

Barretts [Middlesex County]

Barrington Woods [Stafford County]

Barrister Estates [Roanoke County]

Barrow's Mill [Henry County]

Barrows Store [Brunswick County]

Bartee [Norfolk City]

Barterbrook [Albemarle County]

Barterbrook [Augusta County]

Bartlett [Isle of Wight County]

Bartlick [Dickenson County]

Barton Crossroad [Grayson County]

Bartonsville [Frederick County]

Bartonville [Frederick County]

Barytes [Washington County]

Bascomb Church [Russell County]

Basham [Floyd County]

Basham [Montgomery County]

Basic [Waynesboro City]

Basic City [Augusta County]

Basil Gordon [Stafford County]

Baskerville [Mecklenburg County]

Baskerville Mill [Brunswick County]

Bassett [Henry County]

Bassett Forks [Henry County]

Bassses [Halifax County]

Bastian [Bland County]

Basye-Bryce Mountain [Shenandoah County]

Bataan Village [Prince William County]

Bateman [Patrick County]

Batesville [Albemarle County]

Bath Alum [Bath County]

Batle Hill [Roanoke County]

Batna [Culpeper County]

Batt [Gloucester County]

Battersea [Petersburg City]

Battery [Essex County]

Battery Park [Henrico County]

Battery Park [Isle of Wight County]

Battery Ridge Estates [Stafford County]

Battle Creek [Page County]

Battle Park [York County]

Battlefield Farms [Hanover County]

Battlefield Green [Hanover County]

Battlefield Park [Petersburg City]

Battlefield Park [Prince George County]

Battletown [Clarke County]

Battlewood Meadows [Chesapeake City]

Bavon [Mathews County]

Baxter Crossing [Prince George County]

Baxter Ferry [Grayson County]

Bay [Hampton City]

Bay Colony [Virginia Beach City]

Bay Island [Virginia Beach City]

Bay Ridge [Northampton County]

Bay View Beach [Norfolk City]

Bay View Park [Norfolk City]

Bayard [Warren County]

Bayberry [Newport News City]

Bayberry Place [Chesapeake City]

Bayford [Northampton County]

Baylake Beach [Virginia Beach City]

Baylake Pines [Virginia Beach City]

Bayleys Neck Farm [Northampton County]

Baylor [Augusta County]

Baylor [Caroline County]

Baylortown [Caroline County]

Baynesville [Westmoreland County]

Bayport [Middlesex County]

Bayside [Accomack County]

Bayside [Mathews County]

Bayside [Virginia Beach City]

Bayside [Westmoreland County]

Bayside Park [Prince William County]

Bayview [Isle of Wight County]

Bayview [Northampton County]

Bayview Estates [Stafford County]

Bayville [Virginia Beach City]

Bayville Park [Virginia Beach City]

Baywood [Grayson County]

Beach [Chesterfield County]

Beachland [Surry County]

Beacon Hill [Goochland County]

Beacon Hills [Roanoke County]

Beaconsdale [Newport News City]

Beale [Caroline County] (H)

Bealers Ferry [Page County]

Beales [Southampton County]

Beales Corner [Suffolk City]

Bealeton [Fauquier County]

Beamantown [Wise County]

Beamertown [Loudoun County]

Beamon [Suffolk City]

Beamonds [Suffolk City]

Bear Rock [Roanoke County]

Bear Spring [Giles County]

Bearwallow [Buchanan County]

Beaties Mill [Hanover County]

Beau Ridge [Fairfax County]

Beau Ridge [Stafford County]

Beaufont Hills [Richmond City]

Beauford [Floyd County]

Beaufort Estates [Chesterfield County]

Beaumont [Goochland County]

Beaumont [Powhatan County]

Beaver [Wythe County]

Beaver Dam Depot [Hanover County]

Beaver Park [Madison County]

Beaver Pond [Amelia County]

Beaverdam [Hanover County]

Beaverdam Mills [Hanover County] (H)

Beaverlett [Mathews County]

Beazley [Essex County]

Beazley [Greene County] (H)

Beazley Ford [Prince Edward County]

Beckham [Appomattox County]

Bedford [Bedford City]

Bedford [Shenandoah County]

Bedford Hills [Albemarle County]

Bedford Springs [Campbell County]

Bee [Dickenson County]

Beech Grove [Nelson County]

Beech Grove [Virginia Beach City]

Beech Springs [Lee County]

Beechmont [Newport News City]

Beechnut Acres [Chesterfield County]

Beechwood [Mecklenburg County]

Beechwood [Newport News City]

Beechwood [Prince George County]

Beechwood [Virginia Beach City]

Beechwood [Wise County] (H)

Beechwood Farms [Hanover County]

Beechwood Gardens [Roanoke City]

Beechwood Hills [Arlington County]

Beechwood Hills [Campbell County]

Beechwood Manor [Prince George County]

Beechwood Park [Henrico County]

Beechwood Shores [Bedford County]

Beelers Ford [Shenandoah County]

Beesville [Buckingham County]

Bel Air [Fairfax County]

Bel Air [Stafford County]

Bel Plains Estates [Stafford County]

Bel-Aire [Norfolk City]

Belair Springs [Patrick County]

Beldor [Rockingham County]

Belfair Crossroads [Prince William County]

Belfast [Russell County]

Belfast Mills [Russell County]

Belfield [Greensville County]

Belgrade [Shenandoah County]

Belinda [Accomack County]

Bell Air [Stafford County]

Bell Creek North [Hanover County]

Bell Forest [Prince William County]

Bell Haven [Albemarle County]

Bell Spur [Patrick County]

Bella Vista [Pulaski County]

Bellair [Albemarle County]

Bellamy [Gloucester County]

Bellamy [Scott County]

Bellamy Plantation [Virginia Beach City]

Bellamytown [Scott County]

Bellany Manor [Virginia Beach City]

Bellbluff [Chesterfield County]

Belle Air Heights [Stafford County]

Belle Aire [Roanoke City]

Belle Forest [Fairfax County]

Belle Hampton [Pulaski County]

Belle Haven [Accomack County]

Belle Haven [Fairfax County]

Belle Haven [Roanoke County]

Belle Haven [Virginia Beach City]

Belle Heth [Radford City]

Belle Isle [Chesterfield County]

Belle Meade [Fauquier County]

Belle Meade [Roanoke County]

Belle Meadows [Bristol City]

Belle Meadows [Washington County]

Belle Oaks [Stafford County]

Belle Parc [Culpeper County]

Belle Rive [Fairfax County]

Belle Roi [Gloucester County]

Belle View [Fairfax County]

Belleair [Fairfax County]

Bellemeade [Richmond City]

Belleview [Fairfax County]

Belleview [King and Queen County]

Belleville [Suffolk City]

Belleville Meadows [Suffolk City]

Bellevue [Bedford County]

Bellevue Forest [Arlington County]

Bellevue Park [Salem City]

Bellew's [Shenandoah County]

Bellfair Mills [Stafford County]

Bellmeade [Chesterfield County]

Bells [Bedford County]

Bells Crossroad [Spotsylvania County]

Bells Crossroads [Louisa County]

Bells Lane [Augusta County]

Bells Mill [Chesapeake City]

Bells Run [Stafford County]

Bells Valley [Rockbridge County]

Bellview Gardens [Goochland County]

Bellview Gardens [Roanoke County]

Bellview Terrace [Hampton City]

Bellview Terrace [Roanoke City]

Bellvue [Spotsylvania County]

Bellwood [Chesterfield County]

Bellwood Estates [Chesterfield County]

Bellwood Estates [Virginia Beach City]

Bellwood Manor [Chesterfield County]

Bellwood Meadows [Virginia Beach City]

Bellwood Mills [Lancaster County]

Bellwood Terrace [Chesterfield County]

Belmont [Charlottesville City]

Belmont [Fairfax County]

Belmont [Loudoun County]

Belmont [Montgomery County]

Belmont [Prince William County]

Belmont [Spotsylvania County]

Belmont [Stafford County]

Belmont [Warren County]

Belmont Acres [Campbell County]

Belmont Acres [Chesterfield County]

Belmont Country Club [Loudoun County]

Belmont Estates [Montgomery County]

Belmont Farms [Montgomery County]

Belmont Greene [Loudoun County]

Belmont Hills [Stafford County]

Belmont Park [Fairfax County]

Belmont Park [Loudoun County]

Belmont Place [Norfolk City]

Belona [Powhatan County]

Belroi [Gloucester County]

Belsches [Sussex County]

Belspring [Pulaski County]

Belvedere [Fairfax County]

Belvedere [Norfolk City]

Belvedere [Portsmouth City]

Belvedere [Spotsylvania County]

Belvedere Beach [King George County]

Belvoir [Fairfax County]

Belvoir [Fauquier County] (H)

Ben [Alleghany County]

Ben Hur [Lee County]

Ben Mar [Warren County]

Bena [Gloucester County]

Benbolt [Tazewell County]

Benbow [Tazewell County]

Bend [Louisa County] (H)

Benedict [Lee County]

Benefit [Chesapeake City]

Benefit [Norfolk City]

Benhams [Washington County]

Benmoreel [Norfolk City]

Bennets Crossroads [Brunswick County]

Bennett Corner [Suffolk City]

Bennett Creek [Suffolk City]

Bennett Harbor [Suffolk City]

Bennett Springs [Roanoke County]

Bennett's Creek [Suffolk City]

Bennetts Creek Landing [Suffolk City]

Bennetts Mill [Montgomery County]

Bennington Mill [Grayson County]

Benns Church [Isle of Wight County]

Benny Megeath [Warren County]

Bensley [Chesterfield County]

Bensley Village [Chesterfield County]

Bent Creek [Appomattox County]

Bent Mountain [Roanoke County]

Bent Tree Estates [Prince William County]

Benthill [Hanover County]

Bentivar [Albemarle County]

Bentivoglio [Albemarle County]

Bentonville [Warren County]

Berea [Stafford County]

Berea Estates [Stafford County]

Berea Plantation [Stafford County]

Bergton [Rockingham County]

Berkeley [Albemarle County]

Berkeley [Charles City County]

Berkeley Hills [Williamsburg City]

Berkeley Manor [Petersburg City]

Berkeleys Green [James City County]

Berkley [Norfolk City]

Berkmar [Albemarle County]

Berkshire [Arlington County]

Berkshire Meadows [Suffolk City]

Berlin [Southampton County]

Bermuda [Chesterfield County]

Bermuda Hundred [Chesterfield County] (H)

Bermuda Place [Chesterfield County]

Bernard Village [Newport News City]

Bernietown [Tazewell County]

Berry Hill [Pittsylvania County]

Berry Hill Estates [Stafford County]

Berryfield [Montgomery County]

Berrymans Corner [Surry County]

Berrys [Clarke County]

Berrys Ferry [Clarke County]

Berrytown [Rockingham County]

Berryville [Clarke County]

Berryville Crossing [Frederick County]

Bertha [Wythe County]

Berthaville [King George County]

Berton [Giles County]

Bertrand [Lancaster County]

Berwick Heights [Roanoke County]

Berwyn [Suffolk City]

Bess [Alleghany County]

Bessemer [Botetourt County]

Bestland [Essex County]

Betana Park [Fairfax County]

Bethany [Carroll County]

Bethel [Bedford County]

Bethel [Clarke County]

Bethel [Fauquier County]

Bethel [Highland County]

Bethel [Prince William County]

Bethel [Warren County]

Bethel [Washington County]

Bethel Church [Isle of Wight County]

Bethlehem Court [Suffolk City]

Bethlehem Fork [Essex County]

Bethlehem Terrace [Suffolk City]

Beulah [Chesterfield County]

Beulah [Gloucester County]

Beulah Church [Essex County]

Beulah Heights [Roanoke County]

Beulah Village [Chesterfield County]

Beulahland [King and Queen County]

Beulahville [King William County]

Beverley Hills [Alexandria City]

Beverley Mill [Fauquier County]

Beverly [King and Queen County]

Beverly [Northampton County]

Beverly Acres [Chesterfield County]

Beverly Estates [Stafford County]

Beverly Forest [Fairfax County]

Beverly Forest [Stafford County]

Beverly Heights [Campbell County]

Beverly Heights [Pittsylvania County]

Beverly Heights [Salem City]

Beverly Heights North [Roanoke County]

Beverly Hills [Henrico County]

Beverly Hills [Montgomery County]

Beverly Hills [Newport News City]

Beverly Park [Danville City]

Beverlytown [Amherst County]

Beverlyville [Northumberland County]

Bevers Store [Tazewell County] (H)

Beverstone Park [Danville City]

Bexley Manor [Stafford County]

Bibb [Louisa County]

Bickley Mill [Russell County]

Big Bethel [Hampton City]

Big Fork [Mecklenburg County]

Big Hill [Washington County]

Big Island [Bedford County]

Big Laurel [Wise County]

Big Meadows [Madison County]

Big Otter Mill [Bedford County]

Big River [Augusta County]

Big Rock [Buchanan County]

Big Spring [Page County]

Big Stone Gap [Wise County]
Other names:
Mineral City

Big Vein [Tazewell County]

Biltmore [Henrico County]

Binns Hall [Charles City County]

Binsford's [Brunswick County]

Binwell [Henrico County]

Birch [Halifax County]

Birch Town [Accomack County]

Birchdale [Prince William County]

Birchett Estate [Prince George County]

Birchland Park [Halifax County]

Birchleaf [Dickenson County]

Birchwood Park [James City County]

Birchwood-Gardens [Virginia Beach City]

Birdsnest [Northampton County]

Birmingham [Tazewell County]

Birnam Wood [Albemarle County]

Birnam Wood [Pittsylvania County]

Biscoe [King and Queen County]

Biscoe [Stafford County]

Bishop [Tazewell County]

Bishops Corner [Lunenburg County]

Black Branch [Mecklenburg County]

Black Creek [Southampton County]

Black Point Landing [Accomack County]

Black Rock Farm [Lynchburg City]

Black Walnut [Halifax County]

Black's Ridge [Mecklenburg County]

Blackberry [Henry County]

Blackberry [Northumberland County]

Blackey [Buchanan County]

Blackford [Russell County]

Blackhaw [Hanover County] (H)

Blacklick [Wythe County]

Blackridge [Mecklenburg County]

Blacksburg [Montgomery County]

Blacksburg [Rockbridge County]

Blacksburg [Washington County]

Blacksmith Corner [York County]

Blackstone [Nottoway County]

Blackwater [Lee County]

Blackwater [Mathews County]

Blackwater [Virginia Beach City]

Blackwater Bridge [Virginia Beach City]

Blackwell [Washington County]

Blackwell Town [Fauquier County]

Blackwells [Northumberland County]

Blackwells Chapel [Washington County]

Blackwood [Montgomery County]

Blackwood [Wise County]

Blades Corner [Spotsylvania County]

Blaineville [Page County]

Blair Ferry [Grayson County]

Blairs [Pittsylvania County]

Blairs [Prince George County]

Blake Forest [Montgomery County]

Blake Village [Prince Edward County]

Blakes [Mathews County]

Bland [Bland County]

Blandford [Petersburg City]

Blandsford [Prince William County]

Blanks [Mecklenburg County]

Blanks Ferry [Halifax County]

Blanks Store [Charles City County]

Blanton Crossing [Hanover County]

Blanton's [Cumberland County]

Blantons [Caroline County]

Bleak [Fauquier County]

Bledsoe Corner [Orange County]

Blenheim [Albemarle County]

Blessing [Wythe County]

Blevins Corner [Lunenburg County]

Blevinstown [Fairfax County]

Blizzards Corners [Surry County]

Bloom [Frederick County] (H)

Bloom Crossing [Prince William County]

Bloom Hill [Prince William County]

Bloom's Grove [Prince William County]

Bloomer Spring [Rockingham County]

Bloomfield [Loudoun County]

Bloomingdale [Henrico County]

Bloomtown [Accomack County]

Blossom Hill [Virginia Beach City]

Blowing Rock [Dickenson County]

Bloxom [Accomack County]

Bloxoms Corner [Hampton City]

Blue Grass [Highland County]

Blue Hills [Roanoke City]

Blue Hole [Rockingham County]

Blue Mountain [Warren County]

Blue Oaks [Fairfax County]

Blue Ridge [Augusta County]

Blue Ridge [Botetourt County]

Blue Ridge Acres [Albemarle County]

Blue Ridge Court [Montgomery County]

Blue Ridge Downs [Clarke County]

Blue Ridge Estates [Clarke County]

Blue Ridge Farms [Lynchburg City]

Blue Ridge Heights [Roanoke County]

Blue Ridge Mountains Estates [Warren County]

Blue Ridge Park [Roanoke City]

Blue Ridge Shores [Louisa County]

Blue Ridge Springs [Botetourt County]

Blue Ridge View [Albemarle County]

Blue Star Estates [Hanover County]

Blue Stone [Tazewell County]

Bluefield [Tazewell County]

Bluefield Heights [Roanoke City]

Bluegrass [Russell County]

Bluemont [Loudoun County]

Bluemont Estates [Bedford County]

Bluemont Junction [Arlington County]

Bluemont Park [Arlington County]

Blueridge Forest [Albemarle County]

Bluestone [Mecklenburg County]

Bluestone [Roanoke City]

Bluff City [Giles County]

Blundon Corner [Northumberland County]

Blythedale [Stafford County]

Boardley [King and Queen County]

Boaz [Isle of Wight County]

Bobs [Isle of Wight County]

Bobtown [Accomack County]

Bock [New Kent County] (H)

Bocock [Campbell County]

Boer [Lancaster County]

Bogg's Wharf [Accomack County]

Boggs [Accomack County] (H)

Bohannon [Mathews County]

Boiling Spring [Albemarle County]

Boiling Spring [Alleghany County]

Boissevain [Tazewell County]

Bolar [Bath County]

Bolington [Loudoun County]

Bolling Store [Carroll County]

Bolling's Hall [Goochland County]

Bollinger Estates [Chesterfield County]

Bollington [Loudoun County]

Bolton [Russell County]

Bomar [Lee County]

Bon Air [Arlington County]

Bon Air [Chesterfield County]

Bon Air Manor [Chesterfield County]

Bonbrook [Franklin County]

Bondtown [Wise County]

Bondurant [Lee County] (H)

Bonneville [Dinwiddie County]

Bonniemill Gardens [Fairfax County]

Bonny Blue [Lee County]

Bonsack [Roanoke County]

Bonton [Bedford County] (H)

Bonvue Heights [Salem City]

Boody [Russell County]

Booker [Sussex County]

Booker [Washington County]

Booker T Estates [Isle of Wight County]

Boom Furnace [Pulaski County]

Boone [Chesapeake City]

Boones Mill [Franklin County]

Boonesville [Albemarle County]

Boons Path [Lee County]

Boonsboro [Bedford County]

Booth [James City County]

Booth Fork [Surry County]

Bordeaux [Fairfax County]

Bordon [Shenandoah County]

Borkey Store [Hanover County]

Borneo [Greene County]

Borthwick [Dinwiddie County] (H)

Boscobel [Goochland County]

Boscobel [Stafford County]

Boscobel Country [Goochland County]

Boscobel Woods [Stafford County]

Bosher [Henrico County]

Bosses [Halifax County]

Boston [Accomack County]

Boston [Culpeper County]

Boston [Suffolk City]

Boston Park [Suffolk City]

Boswell [Cumberland County] (H)

Boswell's [Fluvanna County]

Boswells Store [Stafford County]

Boswells Tavern [Louisa County]

Botetourt [Botetourt County] (H)

Botetourt East [Botetourt County]

Botetourt Springs [Roanoke County] (H)

Botha [Fauquier County]

Bothwell [Hanover County]

Boudar [Henrico County]

Boudar Gardens [Henrico County]

Boulder [Scott County]

Boulevard [New Kent County]

Boulevard Estates [Fairfax County]

Boulevard Estates [Salem City]

Boulevard Heights [Chesterfield County]

Boulevard Manor [Virginia Beach City]

Boulton [Henrico County]

Bourne [Stafford County]

Bowden [Halifax County]

Bowens Corner [Brunswick County]

Bowers [Chesapeake City]

Bowers [Southampton County]

Bowers [Stafford County]

Bowers Corner [Brunswick County]

Bowers Ferry [Carroll County]

Bowers Hill [Chesapeake City]

Bowers' Hill [Norfolk City]

Bowersville [Caroline County]

Bowler [Appomattox County]

Bowlers Ferry [Essex County]

Bowlers Wharf [Essex County]

Bowlesville [Albemarle County]

Bowling [Lee County]

Bowling Green [Caroline County]

Bowling Green [Roanoke City]

Bowling Park [Norfolk City]

Bowling Springs [Patrick County] (H)

Bowman [Roanoke County]

Bowman Lawn [Roanoke City]

Bowmans [Shenandoah County]

Bowmans Crossing [Shenandoah County]

Bowmantown [Loudoun County]

Box Elder [Suffolk City]

Boxley [Giles County]

Boxley [Greene County]

Boxley Hill [Roanoke County]

Boxley Hills [Newport News City]

Boxley Hills [Roanoke County]

Boxwood [Floyd County]

Boxwood [Henry County]

Boxwood Farms [Prince William County]

Boxwood Hills [Roanoke County]

Boyce [Clarke County]

Boyd Tavern [Albemarle County]

Boyds Mill [Warren County]

Boyds Store [Halifax County]

Boydton [Mecklenburg County]

Boyer Ferry [Grayson County]

Boykins [Southampton County]

Bracey [Mecklenburg County]

Bracket [Hanover County] (H)

Bracy Station [Mecklenburg County]

Brad Lee [Alexandria City]

Braddock [Alexandria City]

Braddock Heights [Alexandria City]

Braddock Hills [Fairfax County]

Braddock Hills Estates [Frederick County]

Bradfield [Clarke County]

Bradley Acres [Henrico County]

Bradley Forest [Prince William County]

Bradleys Store [Charles City County] (H)

Bradmere [Newport News City]

Bradshaw [Roanoke County]

Braebrook Village [Chesterfield County]

Braeburn [Salem City]

Braehead Woods [Fredericksburg City]

Brafferton [Stafford County]

Braggs Corner [Culpeper County]

Brambleton [Loudoun County]

Brambleton [Norfolk City]

Brambleton Court [Roanoke County]

Branchland [Albemarle County]

Branchville [Southampton County]

Brand [Augusta County]

Brand [Page County]

Brandermill [Chesterfield County]

Branderwood [Roanoke County]

Brandon [Prince George County]

Brandon Heights [Newport News City]

Brandon Place [Norfolk City]

Brandon Square [Portsmouth City]

Brandon Village [Arlington County]

Brandons Store [Brunswick County]

Brandy [Culpeper County]

Brandy Creek Estates [Hanover County]

Brandy Hills [Stafford County]

Brandy Station [Culpeper County]

Brandywine [Amherst County]

Brandywine [Caroline County]

Bratton Lawn [Roanoke City]

Brax-Han Court [Roanoke County]

Braxton Heights [Salem City]

Brays [Essex County]

Brays Fork [Essex County]

Brays Landing [Gloucester County]

Brayton [Greene County]

Break Reed Ford [Henry County]

Breaks [Dickenson County]

Brecon Ridge [Fairfax County]

Breeden Forest [Prince William County]

Breezy Knolls Estates [Prince William County]

Bremo [Fluvanna County]

Bremo Bluff [Fluvanna County]

Bren Mar Park [Fairfax County]

Brent Town [Fauquier County]

Brent Turf Acres [Prince William County]

Brenton [Alexandria City]

Brentsville [Prince William County]

Brentwood [Chesapeake City]

Brentwood [Chesterfield County]

Brentwood [Norfolk City]

Brentwood [Roanoke City]

Brentwood Estates [Stafford County]

Brentwood Forest [Norfolk City]

Brentwood Park [Danville City]

Brentwood Terrace [Frederick County]

Bretton Woods [Henrico County]

Brewster [Russell County]

Briar Ridge [Roanoke County]

Briarcliff [Roanoke County]

Briarfield [Hampton City]

Briarfield [Pittsylvania County] (H)

Briarwood [Albemarle County]

Briarwood [Augusta County]

Briarwood [Bristol City]

Briarwood [Portsmouth City]

Briarwood [Washington County]

Briarwood Estates [Stafford County]

Brick Haven [Alexandria City]

Brickyard Landing [James City County]

Bridge Field [Chesapeake City]

Bridge Point Farms [Suffolk City]

Bridgeport [Buckingham County]

Bridgetown [Lancaster County] (H)

Bridgetown [Northampton County]

Bridgewater [Rockingham County]

Bridle Creek [Grayson County]

Bridle Lake Estates [Stafford County]

Bridlewood [Henrico County]

Bridlewood [Roanoke County]

Brierfield [Bedford County]

Briery [Prince Edward County]

Briery Branch [Rockingham County]

Brigadoon [Virginia Beach City]

Briggs [Clarke County]

Brighton [Northampton County]

Brighton Green [Chesterfield County]

Brighton Square [Fairfax County]

Brights [Pittsylvania County]

Brightwell Mill [Amherst County]

Brightwood [Madison County]

Brightwood Manor [Montgomery County]

Brilyn Park [Fairfax County]

Brink [Greensville County]

Brinkley [Suffolk City]

Brinnington [Albemarle County]

Brinton [Floyd County]

Bristersburg [Fauquier County]

Bristoe [Prince William County]

Bristol [Bristol City]

Bristol [Washington County]

Bristow [Fairfax County]

Bristow [Prince William County]

Bristow Village [Fairfax County]

Britain [Loudoun County]

British Woods [Botetourt County]

Brittany Farms [Suffolk City]

Brittland [Goochland County]

Britton Hills Farms [Henrico County]

Brittonwood [Chesterfield County]

Broad Axe [Albemarle County] (H)

Broad Bay Colony [Virginia Beach City]

Broad Creek [Norfolk City]

Broad Marsh [Gloucester County]

Broad Meadows [Henrico County]

Broad Rock [Richmond City]

Broad Rock Manor [Richmond County]

Broad Run [Fauquier County]

Broad Run [Goochland County]

Broad Run Farms [Loudoun County]

Broad Run Station [Fauquier County]

Broad Run Village [Prince William County]

Broad Shoals [Floyd County]

Broaddus [Caroline County]

Broaddus [Nelson County]

Broadford [Smyth County]

Broadlands [Loudoun County]

Broadmont [Falls Church City]

Broadmoor [Chesapeake City]

Broadnax [Brunswick County]

Broadus Corner [Caroline County]

Broadwater [Northampton County]

Broadway [Rockingham County]

Brockmont [Fairfax County]

Brockroad [Spotsylvania County]

Brockville [Spotsylvania County]

Brockwood [Arlington County]

Brodnax [Brunswick County]

Broken Hill [Fauquier County]

Brokenburg [Spotsylvania County]

Brook Hill [Fairfax County]

Brook Hill [Henrico County]

Brook Hill [Richmond City]

Brook Vale [Lancaster County]

Brookbury [Richmond City]

Brooke [Stafford County]

Brooke Ridge [Stafford County]

Brookes Corner [Fauquier County]

Brookeshire [King and Queen County]


Brookewood Estates [Stafford County]

Brookewood Farms [Stafford County]

Brookfield [Fairfax County]

Brookfield [Stafford County]

Brookfield Hills [Stafford County]

Brookfield Park [Norfolk City]

Brookhaven [Fairfax County]

Brookhaven [Richmond City]

Brookings [Goochland County]

Brookland Estates [Fairfax County]

Brookland Gardens [Henrico County]

Brooklawn [Roanoke County]

Brooklyn [Halifax County]

Brooklyn [Pulaski County]

Brookneal [Campbell County]

Brookneil [Frederick County]

Brooks [Stafford County]

Brookside [Page County]

Brookside [Roanoke County]

Brooksmill Estates [Stafford County]

Brookstone [Stafford County]

Brookville [Alexandria City]

Brookville [Lynchburg City]

Brookville Manor [Albemarle County]

Brookwood [Albemarle County]

Brookwood [Augusta County]

Brookwood [Roanoke County]

Brookwood [Virginia Beach City]

Brookwood Estates [Chesterfield County]

Brosville [Pittsylvania County]

Brow [Pittsylvania County]

Brown Field [Prince William County]

Brown Grove [Hanover County]

Brown's [Albemarle County]

Browns Corner [Loudoun County]

Browns Corner [New Kent County]

Browns Corner [Northumberland County]

Browns Cove [Albemarle County]

Browns Mill [Fairfax County]

Browns Store [Carroll County]

Browns Store [Northumberland County]

Brownsburg [Rockbridge County]

Brownsville [Albemarle County]

Brownsville [Loudoun County]

Brownsville [Northampton County] (H)

Brownton [Albemarle County] (H)

Browntown [Albemarle County]

Browntown [Amherst County]

Browntown [Campbell County]

Browntown [Warren County]

Broyhill Crest [Fairfax County]

Broyhill Forest [Arlington County]

Broyhill Park [Fairfax County]

Broyhill-Glen Gary Park [Fairfax County]

Broyhill-Langley Estates [Fairfax County]

Broyhill-McLean Estates [Fairfax County]

Bruce [Chesapeake City]

Bruce [Norfolk City]

Bruce [Rockingham County]

Brucetown [Frederick County]

Bruceville [Lunenburg County]

Brugh's Mill [Botetourt County]

Bruington [King and Queen County]

Brumfield [Russell County]

Brumfield Acres [Montgomery County]

Brumley Gap [Washington County]

Bruno [Scott County]

Brunswick [Brunswick County]

Brunswick Estates [Brunswick County]

Brush Harbor [Montgomery County]

Brush Tavern [Campbell County]

Brutus [Pittsylvania County]

Bryan Park [Henrico County]

Bryan Parkway [Henrico County]

Bryan Ridge [Chesterfield County]

Bryant [Nelson County]

Bryant Corner [Northumberland County]

Bryant Heights [Roanoke County]

Bryant Town [Westmoreland County]

Bryants Corner [Greensville County]

Bryn Mawr [Fairfax County]

Buchanan [Botetourt County]

Buck [Carroll County]

Buckeye [Hanover County]

Buckeye [Highland County] (H)

Buckhall [Prince William County]

Buckhorn [Suffolk City]

Buckingham [Albemarle County]

Buckingham [Arlington County]

Buckingham [Buckingham County]

Buckingham [Chesterfield County]

Buckingham Circle [Albemarle County]

Buckingham Courthouse [Buckingham County]

Buckingham Estates [Roanoke County]

Buckland [Prince William County]

Buckland Forest [Roanoke County]

Buckles [Lee County] (H)

Bucknell Heights [Fairfax County]

Bucknell Manor [Fairfax County]

Buckner [Louisa County]

Buckner's Station [Louisa County]

Buckners Corner [Rappahannock County]

Buckroe Beach [Hampton City]

Buckroe Gardens [Hampton City]

Buckton [Warren County]

Bucu [Dickenson County]

Buddle [Wythe County]

Buell [Chesapeake City]

Buena [Culpeper County]

Buena Vista [Buena Vista City]

Buena Vista [Roanoke City]

Buena Vista [Rockbridge County]

Buffalo Bend [Rockbridge County]

Buffalo Ford [Washington County]

Buffalo Forge [Rockbridge County]

Buffalo Gap [Augusta County]

Buffalo Hill [Amherst County]

Buffalo Hills [Fairfax County]

Buffalo Junction [Mecklenburg County]

Buffalo Lithia Springs [Mecklenburg County]

Buffalo Mills [Rockbridge County]

Buffalo Mines [Nelson County]

Buffalo Ridge [Patrick County]

Buffalo Springs [Mecklenburg County]

Buffalo Springs [Nelson County]

Buffalo Station [Nelson County]

Bufflick Heights [Frederick County]

Bufford Crossroads [Greensville County]

Buford [Nelson County]

Buford [Pittsylvania County]

Buford Estates [Chesterfield County]

Bula [Goochland County]

Bull Neck [Westmoreland County]

Bull Run [Fairfax County]

Bull Run [Prince William County]

Bull Run East [Prince William County]

Bull Run Mountain Estates [Prince William County]

Bullbegger [Accomack County]

Bullocks Corner [Caroline County]

Bulls Landing [Northampton County]

See: Bumpass

Bumpass [Louisa County]
Other names:
Bumpass Turnout
Bumpass Junction
Bumpass Station

Bumpass Junction
See: Bumpass

Buncher [Lynchburg City]

Bundick [Northumberland County]

Bundy [Lee County]

Bungalow City [Henrico County]

Bungletown [Albemarle County]

Bunker Hill [Bedford County]

Bunker Hill [Fauquier County]

Bunker Hill [Warren County]

Bunting [Norfolk City]

Burcham [Carroll County]

Burchers Store [York County]

Burdette [Southampton County]

Burfords [Amherst County]

Burgess [Dinwiddie County]

Burgess [Northumberland County]

Burgess Store [Northumberland County]

Burgundy Farms [Fairfax County]

Burgundy Village [Fairfax County]

Burk's Fork [Floyd County]

Burkdale [Newport News City]

Burke [Botetourt County]

Burke [Fairfax County]

Burke Heights [Fairfax County]

Burke Hills [Fairfax County]

Burke Meadows [Prince William County]

Burke's Mills [Augusta County]

Burke's Station [Fairfax County]

Burkes Corner [York County]

Burkes Garden [Tazewell County]

Burkes Shop [Caroline County]

Burkes Tavern [Prince Edward County]

Burkeston [Botetourt County] (H)

Burketown [Augusta County]

Burkeville [Nottoway County]

Burlington Estates [Roanoke County]

Burlington Heights [Roanoke County]

Burlington Mills [Pulaski County]

Burners Ford [Page County]

Burnette Heights [Roanoke County]

Burning Knolls [Frederick County]

Burnley [Albemarle County]

Burnley Town [Bath County]

Burns Crossroads [Loudoun County]

Burnside [Petersburg City]

Burnside [Stafford County]

Burnside Farms [Hanover County]

Burnsville [Bath County]

Burnt Chimney [Franklin County]

Burnt Chimneys [Henry County]

Burnt Factory [Frederick County]

Burnt Store [Mecklenburg County]

Burnt Tree [Madison County]

Burr Hill [Orange County]

Burrowsville [Prince George County]

Burruss Corner [Caroline County]

Burson Place [Washington County]

Burt [Sussex County] (H)

Burton Woods [James City County]

Burton's Creek [Campbell County]

Burtons [Virginia Beach City]

Burtons Corner [Richmond County]

Burtons Creek [Lynchburg City]

Burtons Ford [Russell County]

Burtons Ford [Wise County]

Burtons Shop [Tazewell County]

Burtonville [Greene County]

Burts [Sussex County]

Burts [York County]

Burwell [Salem City]

Burwell Bay [Isle of Wight County]

Burwellville [Pittsylvania County]

Bush Hill [Fairfax County]

Bush Hill Woods [Fairfax County]

Bush Mill [Scott County]

Bush Park [Cumberland County] (H)

Bushwood [Richmond County] (H)

Bushy [Middlesex County]

Bushy Acres [Prince William County]

Busthead [Tazewell County]

Bustleburg [Rockbridge County]

Busy Bee Corner [Mecklenburg County]

Butcher's Fork [Wise County]

Butler [Loudoun County]

Butlers Fork [Caroline County]

Butterfield [Stafford County]

Butterworth [Dinwiddie County]

Butts [Chesapeake City]

Butts [Washington County]

Butts Corner [Fairfax County]

Butylo [Essex County]

Butzner Corner [Stafford County]

Bybee [Fluvanna County]

Byllesby [Carroll County]

Byno [Scott County]

Bynum Store [Mecklenburg County]

Byrd [Henrico County]

Byrd Mill [Louisa County]

Byrdton [Northumberland County]

Byrdville [Pittsylvania County]

Byron [Bland County]


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