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The Communities of Virginia (VA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Pace [Halifax County]

Paces [Halifax County]

Paeonian Springs [Loudoun County]

Page [Buchanan County]

Page [Caroline County]

Page Hollow [Smyth County]

Pagebrook [Goochland County]

Paige [Caroline County]

Painer [Spotsylvania County] (H)

Paineville [Amelia County]

Paint Bank [Craig County]

Paint Lick [Tazewell County]

Painter [Accomack County]

Paintlick [Tazewell County]

Palls [King William County]

Palmer [Lancaster County]

Palmer [Salem City]

Palmer Crossroads [Mecklenburg County]

Palmer Park [Roanoke City]

Palmer Park [Salem City]

Palmer Springs [Mecklenburg County]

Palmers Crossroads [Fauquier County]

Palmetto [Patrick County]

Palmtown [Westmoreland County]

Palmyra [Fluvanna County]

Palmyra [Suffolk City]

Palo Alto [Highland County]

Palos [Rockingham County]

Pamacocack [Prince William County] (H)

Pamlico [Norfolk City]

Pampa [Gloucester County]

Pamplin City [Appomattox County]

Pamplin Station [Appomattox County]

Pamuncoroy [New Kent County] (H)

Pamunkey [Hanover County] (H)

Pamunkey [King William County] (H)

Pamunkey Estates [Hanover County]

Panier [Spotsylvania County]

Pannill Fork [Henry County]

Panorama [Rappahannock County]

Panorama Court [Roanoke City]

Panorama Heights [Roanoke City]

Panorama Hills [Lynchburg City]

Panoramic Hills [Fairfax County]

Panther [Rockbridge County]

Papiscone [King George County] (H)

Pardee [Wise County]

Paris [Fauquier County]

Paris Heights [Clarke County]

Paris Store [Greensville County]

Parishville [Frederick County]

Park [King George County]

Park [Waynesboro City]

Park Lee Place [Chesterfield County]

Park Manor [Portsmouth City]

Park Place [Norfolk City]

Park Place [Salem City]

Park Ridge [Stafford County]

Park View [Rockingham County]

Parker [Spotsylvania County]

Parker Field [Richmond City]

Parker Landing [Accomack County]

Parkfairfax [Alexandria City]

Parkglen [Arlington County]

Parkins Mills [Frederick County]

Parklawn [Fairfax County]

Parks Mill [Washington County]

Parkside [Stafford County]

Parksley [Accomack County]

Parkview [Albemarle County]

Parkview [Chesapeake City]

Parkview [Newport News City]

Parkview [Petersburg City]

Parkview [Portsmouth City]

Parkview Court [Roanoke City]

Parkview Hills [Fairfax County]

Parkway Acres [Roanoke County]

Parkway Estates [York County]

Parkway Meadows [Roanoke County]

Parkwood [Fairfax County]

Parkwood Estates [Washington County]

Parliament [Chesterfield County]

Parnassus [Augusta County]

Parr [Botetourt County]

Parrish Court [Covington City]

Parrott [Pulaski County]

Parrott's [Albemarle County]

Parsonage [Russell County]

Part Little Falls [Stafford County]

Partlow [Spotsylvania County]

Partridge Hills [Goochland County]

Pasaughtacock [King and Queen County] (H)

Paskert [Lee County]

Paspahegh [Charles City County] (H)

Passapatanzy [King George County]

Passaunkack [King William County] (H)

Passing [Caroline County]

Pastanza [Stafford County] (H)

Pastoria [Accomack County]

Pat Town [Northampton County]

Patersons Corner [Caroline County]

Pates Field [Isle of Wight County] (H)

Patna [Highland County]

Patricia Heights [Newport News City]

Patrick Henry [Campbell County]

Patrick Henry [Charlotte County]

Patrick Henry [Louisa County]

Patrick Henry Heights [Hanover County]

Patrick Henry Place [Montgomery County]

Patrick Springs [Patrick County]

Patrick Springs Station [Patrick County]

Patriots Landing [Stafford County]

Patromdale [Chesterfield County]

Patterson [Buchanan County]

Patterson [Wythe County]

Patterson Store [Albemarle County]

Pattersons Store [New Kent County]

Pattonsville [Scott County]

Paulington [Rockingham County] (H)

Pauls Crossroads [Essex County]

Pawcocomac [Lancaster County] (H)

Pax [Floyd County]

Paxson [Loudoun County]

Paxton Hills [Frederick County]

Payne [Fluvanna County]

Payne [Henry County]

Paynes Corner [Stafford County]

Paynes Mill [Buckingham County]

Paynes Mill [Fluvanna County]

Paynesville [Buchanan County]

Paytes [Spotsylvania County]

Pea Hill Estates [Brunswick County]

Pea Hill Shores [Brunswick County]

Peaceful Beach [Northampton County]

Peaceful Beach Estates [Northampton County]

Peaceful Shores [Northampton County]

Peach Bottom [Grayson County]

Peach Grove [Fairfax County] (H)

Peach Grove [Rockingham County] (H)

Peach Lawn [Stafford County]

Peach Orchard Inn Farms [Frederick County]

Peachtree [Botetourt County]

Peachtree [Portsmouth City]

Peacock [Fairfax County]

Peacock Hill [Albemarle County]

Peacock Station [Stafford County]

Peak [Hanover County] (H)

Peakland [Lynchburg City]

Peaks [Bedford County]

Peaks [Hanover County]

Peaks Store [Wise County]

Peaksville [Bedford County]

Peakwood Hills [Roanoke City]

Peales Crossroads [Rockingham County]

Peanut [Sussex County]

Peapatch [Buchanan County]

Pearch [Bedford County]

Pearisburg [Giles County]

Pearlsburgh Station [Giles County]

Pearly [Buchanan County]

Pearsons Corner [Hanover County]

Peary [Mathews County]

Peatross [Caroline County]

Peatross [Pittsylvania County]

Pebble Spring [Chesterfield County]

Pebblebrook [Hanover County]

Pecan Gardens [Virginia Beach City]

Peck Siding [Chesterfield County]

Peckerwood Level [Franklin County]

Pedlar [Amherst County]

Pedlar Mills [Amherst County]

Pedlar's [Bedford County]

Pedro [Essex County]

Peeds [Westmoreland County]

Pelham Manor [Culpeper County]

Pelican Point [Franklin County]

Pelton [Shenandoah County]

Pemberton [Goochland County]

Pembroke [Giles County]

Pembroke [Goochland County]

Pembroke [Petersburg City]

Pembroke Manor [Virginia Beach City]

Pembroke Station [Giles County]

Pen Park [Albemarle County]

Pender [Fairfax County]

Penderbrook [Fairfax County]

Penderlan [Fairfax County]

Penderwood [Fairfax County]

Pendleton [Louisa County]

Penhook [Franklin County]

Penicks [Bedford County]

Penicks Mill [Bedford County]

Penlan [Buckingham County]

Penmar Estates [Chesterfield County]

Penn Acres [Chesterfield County]

Penn Daw [Fairfax County]

Penn Daw Village [Fairfax County]

Penn Forest [Campbell County]

Penn Forest [Roanoke County]

Penn Laird [Rockingham County]

Penn Lee [Lee County]

Penneys Crossroad [Spotsylvania County]

Pennington [Lee County]

Pennington Gap [Lee County]

Penns Store [Patrick County]

Pennsand [Scott County]

Pennsytown [Norfolk City]

Penny Corner [Caroline County]

Pennyville [Accomack County]

Penola [Caroline County]

Penrith [Cumberland County]

Pentagon [Arlington County]

Penvir [Giles County]

Peola Mills [Madison County]

Pepper [Montgomery County]

Peppermint Forest [Stafford County]

Peppers Ferry [Montgomery County]

Pera [Amherst County]

Perdue [Chesterfield County] (H)

Perfect Point [Mecklenburg County]

Perkins Park [Lynchburg City]

Perkins Point [Bath County]

Perkinson Heights [Chesterfield County]

Perkinsville [Goochland County]

Pernello [Franklin County]

Perrin [Gloucester County]

Perrows [Campbell County]

Perrowville [Bedford County]

Perrowville [Fauquier County]

Perry Farms [Stafford County]

Perryville [Smyth County]

Persimmon Point [Accomack County]

Perth [Halifax County]

Pet [Brunswick County]

Peters Creek [Patrick County]

Petersburg [Dinwiddie County]

Petersburg [Fauquier County]

Petersburg [Petersburg City]

Peterson [Scott County]

Peterson Chapel [Scott County]

Petsworth [Gloucester County]

Pettis [Augusta County]

Petty Acres [Roanoke County]

Pettys Corner [Mecklenburg County]

Petunia [Wythe County]

Peyton [Augusta County]

Peytonsburg [Pittsylvania County]

Pheasant Run [Montgomery County]

Phenix [Charlotte County]

Philadelphia [Suffolk City]

Philbeck Crossroads [Mecklenburg County]

Phillip [Washington County]

Phillips [Floyd County]

Phillips [Stafford County]

Phillis [Mecklenburg County]

Philomont [Loudoun County]

Philpott [Henry County]

Phipps [Wise County]

Phlegar [Giles County]

Phoebus [Hampton City]

Piankatank [Mathews County]

Piankatank [Middlesex County] (H)

Piankatank Shores [Middlesex County]

Pickadat Corner [Chesterfield County]

Pickaway [Pittsylvania County]

Pickels [Goochland County]

Pickerel [Pittsylvania County]

Pickwick [Fairfax County]

Pico [Botetourt County]

Piedmont [Augusta County]

Piedmont [Montgomery County]

Piedmont [Nelson County]

Piedmont [Rappahannock County]

Piedmont Heights [Fauquier County]

Piedmont Mill [Franklin County]

Pierce Mill [Wythe County]

Pierce Park [Suffolk City]

Pierces Corner [Lancaster County]

Pierces Shop [Orange County]

Pierpont [Roanoke County]

Pig Point [Suffolk City]

Pig River [Franklin County]

Pigeon Hill [Essex County]

Piggen [Accomack County]

Piggs [Pittsylvania County]

Pike City [Carroll County]

Pike Port [Chesterfield County] (H)

Pilgrams Knob [Buchanan County]

Pilgrim Knob [Buchanan County]

Pilgrims Pointe [Montgomery County]

Pilgrims Rest [Fauquier County]

Pilkinton [Powhatan County]

Pilot [Montgomery County]

Pimmit Hills [Fairfax County]

Pinaire [Suffolk City]

Pinckney [Highland County]

Pine [Pulaski County]

Pine [Wise County] (H)

Pine Acres [Clarke County]

Pine Acres [Portsmouth City]

Pine Acres [Roanoke County]

Pine Apple [Spotsylvania County]

Pine Beach [Norfolk City] (H)

Pine Bluff [Salem City]

Pine Chapel Village [Hampton City]

Pine Creek [Carroll County]

Pine Crest [Danville City]

Pine Gardens [Petersburg City]

Pine Grove [Clarke County]

Pine Grove [Page County]

Pine Grove [Salem City]

Pine Grove [Washington County]

Pine Grove Court [Hampton City]

Pine Grove Terrace [Hampton City]

Pine Heights [Henrico County]

Pine Hill [Hanover County]

Pine Knoll [Hanover County]

Pine Oak Heights [Salem City]

Pine Oaks [Buchanan County]

Pine Ridge [Fairfax County]

Pine Ridge [Pittsylvania County]

Pine Spring [Fairfax County]

Pine Top [Orange County]

Pine Tree [Middlesex County]

Pine Tree [Powhatan County]

Pine View [Fauquier County]

Pineaire [Suffolk City]

Pinecrest [Fairfax County]

Pinecrest Heights [Fairfax County]

Pinedale [Henrico County]

Pinehurst [Norfolk City]

Pinehurst [Portsmouth City]

Pinehurts [Richmond County]

Pineland [Chesterfield County]

Pinero [Gloucester County]

Pines of Warrick [Chesapeake City]

Pinetag [Danville City]

Pinetta [Chesapeake City]

Pinetta [Gloucester County]

Pineville [Rockingham County]

Pineville [Suffolk City]

Pinewell [Norfolk City]

Pinewood Gardens [Virginia Beach City]

Pinewood Park [Prince William County]

Pinewood South [Fairfax County]

Piney Court [Alexandria City]

Piney Grove [Halifax County]

Piney Grove [Richmond County]

Piney Grove [Sussex County]

Piney Knolls [Richmond County]

Piney Point Estates [York County]

Piney River [Nelson County]

Piney Run [Fairfax County]

Pinkard Court [Roanoke County]

Pinnacle [Patrick County]

Pinners Point [Portsmouth City]

Pinopolis [Southampton County]

Pipers Gap [Carroll County]

Pirkey [Greene County]

Piscataway [Essex County]

Pisgah [Augusta County]

Pisgah [Tazewell County]

Pissacoac [Westmoreland County] (H)

Pitmans Corner [Lancaster County]

Pittaway Farms [Richmond County]

Pittco [Dickenson County]

Pittmantown [Suffolk City]

Pittston [Pittsylvania County]

Pittsville [Pittsylvania County]

Pizarro [Floyd County]

Pkin [Augusta County]

Plain View [King and Queen County]

Plain View [Powhatan County]

Plainfield Heights [Frederick County]

Plains Mill [Rockingham County]

Plainview [Roanoke County]

Plant Patch Ferry [Richmond County]

Plantation Court [Roanoke County]

Plantation Heights [York County]

Plantation Lakes [Chesapeake City]

Plantation Pines Estates [Prince William County]

Plantersville [Lunenburg County]

Plasterburg [Smyth County]

Plasterco [Washington County]

Plato [Halifax County]

Pleasant Cove Village [Northampton County]

Pleasant Gap [Pittsylvania County]

Pleasant Green [Goochland County]

Pleasant Grove [Halifax County]

Pleasant Grove [Henry County]

Pleasant Grove [Lunenburg County]

Pleasant Grove [Mecklenburg County]

Pleasant Grove [Pittsylvania County]

Pleasant Heights [Smyth County]

Pleasant Hill [Rockingham County]

Pleasant Hill [Suffolk City]

Pleasant Hill [Tazewell County]

Pleasant Manor [Hampton City]

Pleasant Point [Norfolk City]

Pleasant Point [Surry County]

Pleasant Ridge [Fairfax County]

Pleasant Ridge [Virginia Beach City]

Pleasant Shade [Greensville County]

Pleasant Valley [Buckingham County]

Pleasant Valley [Fairfax County]

Pleasant Valley [Loudoun County]

Pleasant Valley [Roanoke City]

Pleasant Valley [Rockingham County]

Pleasant View [Amherst County]

Plum Creek [Washington County]

Plum Point [New Kent County]

Plum Tree [Louisa County]

Plunkettsville [Augusta County]

Plunkettsville [Staunton City]

Plymouth [Lunenburg County]

Plymouth Colony [Roanoke County]

Plymouth Park [Chesapeake City]

Poages Mill [Roanoke County]

Poages Mill Estates [Roanoke County]

Poarch Store [Brunswick County]

Pocahontas [Chesterfield County]

Pocahontas [Petersburg City]

Pocahontas [Tazewell County]

Pocahontas Acres [Chesterfield County]

Pocahontas Village [Virginia Beach City]

Pocket [Lee County]

Poco [Shenandoah County]

Pocoshock [Richmond City]

Poe [Prince George County]

Poetown [Buchanan County]

Poff [Floyd County]

Pohick [Fairfax County]

Pohick Estates [Fairfax County]

Pohick Hills [Fairfax County]

Pohick Park [Fairfax County]

Pohick River Pines [Fairfax County]

Poindexter [Louisa County]

Poindexters [Hanover County]

Point Eastern [Caroline County]

Point Elizabeth [Chesapeake City]

Point Harbor [Suffolk City]

Point Lookout [Gloucester County]

Point O'Woods [Virginia Beach City]

Point O'Woods [Warren County]

Point Pleasant [Bland County]

Point Truth [Russell County]

Point of View [Virginia Beach City]

Point of Woods [Prince William County]

Pointers Landing [King William County]

Polar [Nelson County]

Pole Green [Hanover County]

Poletown [Wythe County]

Pollard [Amelia County]

Pollards Corner [King William County]

Pomona [Loudoun County]

Pomona [Shenandoah County]

Pomona [Westmoreland County]

Pond Gap [Augusta County] (H)

Ponderosa [Mecklenburg County]

Ponderosa Park [Roanoke County]

Pondtown [Russell County]

Pons [Isle of Wight County]

Poole [Brunswick County]

Poole [Dinwiddie County]

Pooles [Norfolk City]

Poolesville [Surry County]

Pools Mill [Halifax County]

Poor Farm [York County]

Poorhouse Corner [Caroline County]

Pope [Southampton County]

Poplar [Caroline County]

Poplar Camp [Wythe County]

Poplar Cove [Accomack County]

Poplar Flats [Nelson County]

Poplar Forest [Bedford County]

Poplar Forest [Goochland County]

Poplar Grove [New Kent County]

Poplar Hall Plantation [James City County]

Poplar Halls [Norfolk City]

Poplar Heights [Fairfax County]

Poplar Hill [Fairfax County]

Poplar Hill [Giles County]

Poplar Hills [Stafford County]

Poplar Inn [Caroline County]

Poplar Landing [King William County]

Poplar Mount [Greensville County]

Poplar Ridge [Chesapeake City]

Poplar Ridge [Frederick County]

Poplar Springs [Henrico County] (H)

Poquoson [Poquoson City]

Poquoson [York County]

Poquoson River Estates [Poquoson City]

Poquoson Shores [Poquoson City]

Port Aquia [Stafford County]

Port Conway [King George County]

Port Haywood [Mathews County]

Port Norfolk [Portsmouth City]

Port Republic [Rockingham County]

Port Richmond [King William County]

Port Royal [Caroline County]

Port Royal Cross Roads [Caroline County]

Port Royal Crossroads [Caroline County]

Port Walthall [Chesterfield County]

Porta Bello [York County]

Porters [Albemarle County]

Porters [Spotsylvania County]

Porters Crossroads [Wythe County]

Portlock [Chesapeake City]

Portobago [Caroline County]

Portside [Portsmouth City]

Portsmouth [Norfolk City]

Portsmouth [Portsmouth City]

Portsmouth Acres [Portsmouth City]

Portsmouth Heights [Portsmouth City]

Poruptanck [Gloucester County] (H)

Posey [Floyd County]

Posm [Campbell County]

Possum Point [Prince William County]

Possum Trot [Highland County]

Post Oak [Spotsylvania County]

Potato [Grayson County]

Potato Creek [Grayson County]

Potaucao [New Kent County]

Poteet Ford [Lee County]

Potomac [Alexandria City]

Potomac [Prince William County]

Potomac [Stafford County] (H)

Potomac Beach [Westmoreland County]

Potomac Creek Estates [Stafford County]

Potomac Crossing [Loudoun County]

Potomac Falls [Loudoun County]

Potomac Farms [Loudoun County]

Potomac Hills [Fairfax County]

Potomac Hills [Stafford County]

Potomac Knolls [Stafford County]

Potomac Mills [Westmoreland County]

Potomac Overlook [Stafford County]

Potomac Run [Stafford County]

Potomac Run Farm [Stafford County]

Potomac Yard [Alexandria City]

Potters Flats [Dickenson County]

Pottomoi [Hanover County]

Potts Creek [Alleghany County]

Potts Valley Junction [Giles County]

Poulson [Accomack County]

Pound [Wise County]

Pounding Mill [Tazewell County]

Poverty [Highland County]

Powcan [King and Queen County]

Powcomonet [Richmond County] (H)

Powell [Pittsylvania County] (H)

Powell Corner [Albemarle County]

Powell Store [Albemarle County]

Powell's [Charlotte County]

Powells Corner [Virginia Beach City]

Powells Crossroads [Virginia Beach City]

Powells Grove [Loudoun County]

Powells Store [Bedford County]

Powellton [Brunswick County]

Powers Ford [Scott County]

Powhatan [Campbell County]

Powhatan [Powhatan County]

Powhatan [Richmond County] (H)

Powhatan Crossing [James City County]

Powhatan Place [Poquoson City]

Powhatan Plantation [James City County]

Powhatan Shores [Gloucester County]

Powhatan Shores [James City County]

Powhatan Station [Powhatan County]

Powhatan of Williamsburg [James City County]

Poyetauk [Richmond County] (H)

Poykemkack [Richmond County] (H)

Poythress Estates [Brunswick County]

Prater [Buchanan County]

Pratts [Madison County]

Prease [Bedford County]

Premier [Tazewell County]

Prentiss Park [Portsmouth City]

Prentiss Place [Portsmouth City]

Presbyterian Point [Mecklenburg County]

Presque Isle [Chesterfield County]

Prestige Manor [Prince William County]

Preston [Henry County]

Preston [Washington County]

Preston Estates [Roanoke City]

Preston Forest [Montgomery County]

Preston Heights [Harrisonburg City]

Preston Hills [Washington County]

Preston King [Arlington County]

Preston Place [Chesterfield County]

Prestwould [Mecklenburg County]

Prettyman's [Powhatan County]

Pribble [Mathews County]

Price Hill [Washington County]

Price Mill [Brunswick County]

Prices Fork [Montgomery County]

Prices Store [Amherst County]

Priddy's [Albemarle County]

Pride [Dinwiddie County]

Pridemore [Lee County]

Prilliman [Franklin County]

Prim [King George County]

Prince Dominion [Spotsylvania County]

Prince George [Prince George County]

Prince William [Prince William County]

Princedale [Prince William County]

Princess Anne [Norfolk City]

Princess Anne [Virginia Beach City]

Princess Anne Hills [Virginia Beach City]

Princess Anne Park [Norfolk City]

Princess Anne Plaza [Virginia Beach City]

Princeton [Carroll County]

Princeview Point [Suffolk City]

Printz Mill [Page County]

Proffit [Albemarle County]

Proffits Store [Fluvanna County]

Progress [Franklin County]

Prospect [Prince Edward County]

Prospect Hill [Fairfax County]

Prospect Hills [Roanoke City]

Prospect Valley [Roanoke City]

Prospectdale [Giles County]

Providence [Chesapeake City]

Providence [Grayson County]

Providence [Halifax County]

Providence Church [Suffolk City]

Providence Forge [New Kent County]

Providence Junction [Chesapeake City]

Providence Park [Henrico County]

Providence Terrace [Chesapeake City]

Provost [Powhatan County]

Pruntys [Henry County]

Public Fork [Charlotte County]

Public Landing [Virginia Beach City]

Pucketts Store [Tazewell County]

Pughs [Lee County]

Pughsville [Suffolk City]

Pulaski [Pulaski County]

Pulaski North [Pulaski County]

Pullens [Pittsylvania County]

Pullers Corner [Caroline County]

Pulleys Crossroads [Southampton County]

Pullontown [Scott County]

Pumpkin Center [Bland County]

Pumpkin Center [Russell County]

Pungo [Virginia Beach City]

Pungo Ferry [Virginia Beach City]

Pungoteague [Accomack County]

Pungoteque [Accomack County] (H)

Purcell [Lee County]

Purcell [Russell County]

Purcellville [Loudoun County]

Purchase [Scott County]

Purdy [Greensville County]

Purgatory [Botetourt County]

Purkins Corner [King George County]

Purvis [Suffolk City]

Puryear Corner [Mecklenburg County]

Push [Mecklenburg County]

Putnam [Russell County]

Putney's [Prince Edward County]

Putneys Mill [New Kent County]

Pyletown [Clarke County]


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