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The Communities of Virginia (VA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Nace [Botetourt County]

Naff [Franklin County]

Nahor [Fluvanna County]

Nain [Frederick County]

Namassingakent [Fairfax County] (H)

Nameless [Campbell County]

Namozine [Amelia County]

Namozine [Dinwiddie County]

Nance [Charles City County]

Nancy [Dickenson County]

Nancy Wrights Corner [Caroline County]

Nandua [Accomack County]

Nansattico [King George County] (H)

Nansemond [Suffolk City]

Nansemond Gardens [Suffolk City]

Nansemond Heights [Norfolk City]

Nansemond Shores [Suffolk City]

Nansemond Square [Suffolk City]

Nantapoyac [Surry County] (H)

Nantaughtacund [Essex County] (H)

Nanzemond Towne [Lancaster County] (H)

Naola [Amherst County]

Naples [Highland County] (H)

Napoleon [Chesterfield County] (H)

Naptha [Brunswick County]

Narcot [Floyd County]

Narrow Beach [Westmoreland County]

Narrows [Giles County]

Narrows [Roanoke County]

Naruna [Campbell County]

Nash [Chesterfield County]

Nash [Nelson County]

Nash Corner [Accomack County]

Nash Ford [Russell County]

Nash Grove [Chesterfield County]

Nash Mill [Lee County]

Nash Town [Westmoreland County]

Nashs Store [Lee County]

Nasons [Orange County]

Nassawadox [Northampton County]

Nassawadox Estates [Northampton County]

Natal [Pittsylvania County]

Nathalie [Halifax County]

National Heights [Henrico County]

Natural Bridge [Rockbridge County]

Natural Bridge Station [Rockbridge County]

Natural Tunnel [Scott County]

Natural Well [Alleghany County]

Nauck [Alexandria City]

Naulakla [Caroline County]

Navy [Fairfax County]

Nawcaten [Richmond County] (H)

Nawnautough [Richmond County] (H)

Naxera [Gloucester County]

Naylors [Richmond County]

Naylors Beach [Richmond County]

Neabsco [Prince William County]

Neabsco Hills [Prince William County]

Neals Corner [Halifax County]

Nealy Ridge [Dickenson County]

Nebletts [Lunenburg County]

Nebo [Smyth County]

Nebraska [Appomattox County]

Needmore [Wise County]

Needwood [Caroline County]

Neenah [Westmoreland County]

Neersville [Loudoun County]

Neff [Washington County]

Negley's [Prince William County]

Negro Foot [Hanover County]

Negroarm [Powhatan County] (H)

Nellie Estates [Stafford County]

Nellysford [Nelson County]

Nelson [Mecklenburg County]

Nelson [York County]

Nelson Ferry [King William County]

Nelson Heights [York County]

Nelson Park [York County]

Nelson Place [Newport News City]

Nelsonia [Accomack County]

Nelwood [Chesterfield County] (H)

Nelwood Estates [Goochland County]

Nepawtacum [Lancaster County] (H)

Nester [Carroll County]

Nesting [Middlesex County]

Nethers [Madison County]

Netta [Brunswick County] (H)

Nettleridge [Patrick County]

Neva [Pittsylvania County]

Neva Terrace [Gloucester County]

New Alexandria [Fairfax County]

New Baltimore [Fauquier County]

New Bohemia [Prince George County]

New Canton [Buckingham County]

New Castle [Craig County]

New Church [Accomack County]

New Cold Harbor [Hanover County]

New Copley Hill [Albemarle County]

New Design [Danville City]

New Ellett [Montgomery County]

New Erection [Rockingham County]

New Garden [Russell County]

New Glasgow [Amherst County]

New Glasgow Depot [Amherst County]

New Gosport [Portsmouth City]

New Hampden [Highland County]

New Hope [Augusta County]

New Hope [Charles City County]

New Hope [Fairfax County]

New Hope [Orange County]

New Hope Estates [Stafford County]

New Hope Forest [Prince William County]

New Kent [New Kent County]

New Light [Virginia Beach City]

New London [Campbell County]

New London [Caroline County]

New Market [Prince William County]

New Market [Shenandoah County]

New Market Corners [Hampton City]

New Market Station [Shenandoah County]

New Mount Cross [Pittsylvania County]

New Mount Vinco [Buckingham County]

New Plymouth [Lunenburg County]

New Point [Mathews County]

New Post [Spotsylvania County]

New Quarry [Smyth County]

New River [Pulaski County]

New River Depot [Pulaski County]

New Store [Buckingham County]

New Town [Norfolk City] (H)

New Town [Radford City]

New Towne South [Norfolk City]

New Upton [Gloucester County]

Newbern [Pulaski County]

Newberry Mills [Wythe County]

Newberry Station [Fairfax County]

Newcomb Hall [Charlottesville City]

Newcomb Heights [Montgomery County]

Newgate Village [Hampton City]

Newington [Fairfax County]

Newington Station [Fairfax County]

Newington Woods [Fairfax County]

Newland [Richmond County]

Newman [Hanover County]

Newman's [Hanover County]

Newmans [Mecklenburg County]

Newmarket [Newport News City]

Newmarket Square [Newport News City]

Newport [Augusta County]

Newport [Giles County]

Newport [Isle of Wight County]

Newport [Page County]

Newport News [Newport News City]

News Ferry [Halifax County]

Newsome Park [Newport News City]

Newsoms [Southampton County]

Newstead Farm [Prince George County]

Newton [Danville City]

Newton [King and Queen County]

Newton [Pittsylvania County] (H)

Newton Park [Norfolk City]

Newton Woods [Fairfax County]

Newtown [Albemarle County]

Newtown [Greene County]

Newtown [King and Queen County]

Newtown [Lancaster County]

Newtown [Lee County]

Newtown [Portsmouth City]

Newtown [Rockbridge County]

Newtown [Rockingham County]

Newtown [Surry County] (H)

Newville [Prince George County]

Newville [Sussex County]

Niagara [Roanoke County]

Nicelytown [Alleghany County]

Nicewood [Newport News City]

Nicholas [Fluvanna County]

Nicholas Manor [Montgomery County]

Nichols Estates [Roanoke County]

Nickelsville [Scott County]

Niday [Bland County]

Nieswanders Fort [Frederick County]

Nimcock [Essex County] (H)

Nimmo [Virginia Beach City]

Nimrod Hall [Bath County]

Ninde [King George County]

Nineveh [Warren County]

Nob Hill [Albemarle County]

Noble [Wythe County]

Noble Furnace [Wythe County]

Noel [Hanover County]

Nohead Bottom [Middlesex County]

Nokesville [Prince William County]

Nokomis [Northumberland County]

Nola [Franklin County]

Nolands Ferry [Loudoun County]

Nomini [Westmoreland County]

Nomini Ferry [Westmoreland County]

Nomini Grove [Westmoreland County]

Non Intervention [Lunenburg County] (H)

Nono [Lunenburg County]

Nora [Dickenson County]

Nora Park [Stafford County]

Norcross [Giles County]

Norcum Park [Portsmouth City]

Nordic Village [Frederick County]

Nordick [Washington County]

Norfolk [Norfolk City]

Norfolk Gardens [Norfolk City]

Norfolk Highlands [Chesapeake City]

Norge [James City County]

Norge Court [James City County]

Norland [Dickenson County]

Normal [Rockingham County]

Norman [Culpeper County]

Norman Estates [Stafford County]

North [Arlington County]

North [Essex County]

North [Gloucester County]

North [Mathews County]

North Anna [Hanover County]

North Arlington [Arlington County]

North Bassett [Henry County]

North Bristol [Bristol City]

North Burlington Heights [Roanoke County]

North Camellia Acres [Norfolk City]

North Clearview Heights [Stafford County]

North Danville [Pittsylvania County]

North Emporia [Emporia City]

North End [Virginia Beach City] (H)

North Fairlington [Arlington County]

North Ferry Farms [Stafford County]

North Fork [Loudoun County]

North Fork [Smyth County]

North Fork [Wise County]

North Frederick Terrace [Frederick County]

North Gap [Bland County]

North Garden [Albemarle County]

North Gate [Suffolk City]

North Halifax [Halifax County]

North Hampton [Hampton City]

North Hills [Bedford County]

North Hills [Roanoke County]

North Hilton [Newport News City]

North Holston [Smyth County]

North Jericho [Suffolk City]

North Lakes [Roanoke County]

North Landing [Virginia Beach City]

North Linkhorn Park [Virginia Beach City]

North Mount Vernon [Fairfax County]

North Mountain [Augusta County]

North Mountain Estates [Frederick County]

North Pearisburg [Giles County]

North Pine Ridge [Fairfax County]

North Pines [Albemarle County]

North Post [Fairfax County]

North Potomac [Stafford County]

North Pulaski [Pulaski County]

North River [Rockingham County]

North Rolleston [Norfolk City]

North Run Estates [Henrico County]

North Run Hills [Henrico County]

North Shore [Franklin County]

North Springfield [Fairfax County]

North Stanton [Halifax County]

North Tazewell [Tazewell County]

North View [Mecklenburg County]

North Virginia Beach [Virginia Beach City]

North Weems [Lancaster County]

North Wellville [Nottoway County]

North Woodley [Fairfax County]

Northampton [Hampton City]

Northbrook Park [Danville City]

Northbury [Hanover County]

Northerly [Charlottesville City]

Northern View Estates [Stafford County]

Northfield [Henrico County]

Northfield [Roanoke City]

Northfields [Albemarle County]

Northridge [Stafford County]

Northside [Norfolk City]

Northside [Richmond City]

Northside [Roanoke City]

Northside Park [Montgomery County]

Northwest [Chesapeake City]

Northwest [Norfolk City]

Northwood Heights [Bedford County]

Northwood Hills [Frederick County]

Northwoods [Henrico County]

Norton [Norton City]

Norton [Wise County]

Nortonsville [Albemarle County]

Nortonsville [Greene County]

Norvella Heights [Norfolk City]

Norvello [Mecklenburg County]

Norview [Norfolk City]

Norview Gardens [Norfolk City]

Norview Heights [Norfolk City]

Norwood [Albemarle County]

Norwood [Bedford County]

Norwood [Nelson County]

Norwood [Roanoke City]

Norwood Hills [Stafford County]

Norwood Park [Danville City]

Nottingham [Northampton County]

Nottingham [Richmond City]

Nottingham [Scott County]

Nottingham Forest [Campbell County]

Nottingham Heights [Roanoke County]

Nottingham Hills [Roanoke County]

Nottoway [Nottoway County]

Nottoway [Sussex County]

Nottoway Court House [Nottoway County]

Novelty [Franklin County]

Novum [Madison County]

Noweta Gardens [Chesterfield County]

Nowlin's Mill [Franklin County]

Nuckols [Buckingham County]

Nurney [Suffolk City]

Nurneysville [Suffolk City]

Nurseries [Lee County] (H)

Nutbush [Lunenburg County]

Nuttall [Gloucester County]

Nuttree [Chesterfield County] (H)

Nuttsville [Lancaster County]


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