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The Communities of Virginia (VA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Cabaniss [Frederick County]

Cabell [Carroll County]

Cabin Creekwood [Stafford County]

Cabin Hill [Shenandoah County]

Cabin Point [Surry County]

Caddo [Pittsylvania County]

Cadet [Wise County]

Cady [Hanover County]

Caira [Cumberland County]

Caledonia [Goochland County]

Calera [Botetourt County]

Calico Rock [Franklin County]

California [Rockbridge County]

California Crossroads [Surry County]

Callaghan [Alleghany County]

Callahans Corner [Mecklenburg County]

Callahans Hills [Pittsylvania County]

Callands [Pittsylvania County]

Callao [Northumberland County]

Callaville [Brunswick County]

Callaway [Franklin County]

Callison [Bath County]

Calmes Neck Estates [Clarke County]

Calno [King William County]

Calvary [Shenandoah County]

Calverton [Fauquier County]

Calvin [Lee County]

Cambria [Montgomery County]

Cambridge [Chesterfield County]

Camden [Caroline County]

Camden Heights [Norfolk City]

Camden Mills [Chesapeake City]

Camellia Garden [Albemarle County]

Camellia Shores [Norfolk City]

Camelot [Albemarle County]

Camelot [Fairfax County]

Camelot [James City County]

Camelot [Petersburg City]

Camelot [Prince William County]

Cameron [Alexandria City]

Cameron [Fairfax County]

Cameron [Scott County]

Cameron Court [Salem City]

Cameron Hills [Chesterfield County]

Cameron Station [Alexandria City]

Cameron Valley [Alexandria City]

Cameron Villa Farms [Fairfax County]

Camm [Buckingham County]

Camp [Smyth County]

Camp Appalachia [Alleghany County]

Camp Barrett [Stafford County]

Camp Corner [Southampton County]

Camp Creek [Floyd County]

Camp Elmore [Norfolk City]

Camp Tazewell [Tazewell County]

Campbell [Albemarle County]

Campbell Corner [Buckingham County]

Campbell Corner [Caroline County]

Campbells Corner [Caroline County]

Campbells Landing [Virginia Beach City]

Campostella [Norfolk City]

Campostella Heights [Norfolk City]

Camps Mill [Suffolk City]

Camptown [Isle of Wight County]

Cana [Carroll County]

Candler [Russell County]

Candlewax [Russell County]

Candlewyck [Albemarle County]

Cane Patch [Wise County]

Canepatch [Wise County] (H)

Caney [Dickenson County]

Cannady [Buchanan County]

Cannon [Carroll County]

Cannon [Fairfax County]

Cannon Knolls [Stafford County]

Cannon Ridge [Stafford County]

Canova [Prince William County]

Cant [New Kent County] (H)

Cantaunkack [Gloucester County] (H)

Canterburg [Frederick County]

Canterbury [Culpeper County]

Canterbury [Henrico County]

Canterbury [Montgomery County]

Canterbury Estates [Halifax County]

Canterbury Estates [Stafford County]

Canterbury Hills [Albemarle County]

Canterbury Hills [James City County]

Canterbury Park [Roanoke County]

Canterbury Village [Stafford County]

Canterbury Woods [Fairfax County]

Canton [Scott County]

Cany Hollow [Lee County]

Cap [Carroll County]

Capahosic [Gloucester County]

Capahowasic [Gloucester County] (H)

Cape Carlyn [Franklin County]

Cape Charles [Northampton County]

Cape Charlie [King and Queen County]

Cape Henry [Virginia Beach City]

Cape Henry Shores [Virginia Beach City]

Cape Henry Village [Virginia Beach City]

Cape Junction [Northampton County]

Cape Story by the Sea [Virginia Beach City]

Capeville [Northampton County]

Capitol [Richmond City]

Capitol View [Henrico County]

Capon Road [Shenandoah County]

Capon Road Depot [Shenandoah County]

Cappahosic [Gloucester County]

Capron [Southampton County]

Captain [Craig County]

Captains Cove [Accomack County]

Captains Grove [Roanoke County]

Carbo [Russell County]

Cardinal [Mathews County]

Cardinal Estates [Northampton County]

Cardinal Estates [Virginia Beach City]

Cardinal Forest [Fairfax County]

Cardinal Forest [Stafford County]

Cardinal Heights [Prince William County]

Cardova [Culpeper County]

Cardwell [Goochland County]

Cardwell Town [Smyth County]

Care Free Acres [Clarke County]

Caret [Essex County]

Carfax [Wise County]

Carisbrooke [Isle of Wight County]

Carlins [Alexandria City]

Carlisle [Henry County]

Carloover [Bath County]

Carlson Store [Lancaster County]

Carlton Corner [King and Queen County]

Carlton Park [Salem City]

Carlyle Station [Prince William County]

Carma Heights [Montgomery County]

Carmel [Shenandoah County]

Carmel Church [Caroline County]

Carnot [Bland County]

Carol Heights [Roanoke City]

Carolandville [Fauquier County]

Carolanne Farms [Virginia Beach City]

Carolina Junction [Chesapeake City]

Caroline Pines [Caroline County]

Carolyn Heights [Roanoke County]

Carp Circle [York County]

Carps Corner [New Kent County]

Carrera Estates [Stafford County]

Carriage Ford [Prince William County]

Carriage Heights [James City County]

Carriage Hill [Fairfax County]

Carriage Hill [Montgomery County]

Carriage Hill [Newport News City]

Carriage Hill [Virginia Beach City]

Carriage Hill Estates [Prince William County]

Carrico [Culpeper County]

Carrico Mill [Scott County]

Carrie [Dickenson County]

Carrington [Halifax County]

Carrol Mill [Lee County]

Carroll Sulphur Spring [Carroll County]

Carrollton [Isle of Wight County]

Carrsbrook [Albemarle County]

Carrsville [Isle of Wight County]

Carruthers Corner [King George County]

Carsley [Surry County]

Carson [Dinwiddie County]

Carsonville [Grayson County]

Carter [Wythe County]

Carter Ferry [Wythe County]

Carter Heights [Roanoke City]

Carter's Island [Bedford County]

Carter's Wharf [Richmond County]

Carters [Loudoun County]

Carters Bridge [Albemarle County]

Carters Corner [Caroline County]

Carters Cove [Gloucester County]

Carters Mill [Patrick County]

Carters Point [Mecklenburg County]

Carters Store [Spotsylvania County]

Carterscille [Cumberland County]

Cartersville [Cumberland County]

Cartersville [Pittsylvania County]

Carterton [Russell County]

Carthage [Floyd County]

Cartwright's Wharf [Suffolk City]

Carver Court [Hampton City]

Carver Gardens [York County]

Carver Terrace [Suffolk City]

Carys Corner [Westmoreland County]

Carysbrook [Fluvanna County]

Casanova [Fauquier County]

Cascade [Pittsylvania County]

Casco [Hanover County]

Cash [Gloucester County]

Cash Corner [Albemarle County]

Cash Corner [Caroline County]

Cashs Corner [Sussex County]

Cashville [Accomack County]

Caskie [Nelson County]

Casseys [Campbell County]

Castle Craig [Campbell County]

Castle Heights [Mecklenburg County]

Castle Hill [Roanoke County]

Castle Rock [Roanoke County]

Castle Rock Farms [Roanoke County]

Castle Rock West [Roanoke County]

Castleman [Clarke County]

Castlemans Ferry [Clarke County]

Castleton [Rappahannock County]

Castlewood [Russell County]

Castor [Pittsylvania County]

Castron [Wythe County]

Catalpa [Culpeper County]

Catalpa Hills [Culpeper County]

Catawba [Botetourt County]

Catawba [Halifax County]

Catawba [Roanoke County]

Catharpin [Prince William County]

Catharpin Farms [Prince William County]

Catharpin Farms Estates [Prince William County]

Cather Estates [Clarke County]

Catherine Furnace [Page County]

Catherton [Manassas City]

Catlett [Fauquier County]

Catron [Wythe County] (H)

Cats Bridge [Accomack County]

Cattachiptico [King William County] (H)

Cauthornville [King and Queen County]

Cavalcade [Fairfax County]

Cavalier Manor [Portsmouth City]

Cavalier Park [Virginia Beach City]

Cave [Augusta County]

Cave Alum Springs [Botetourt County] (H)

Cave Mountain [Rockbridge County]

Cave Spring [Roanoke County]

Cave Station [Augusta County]

Cavetown [Page County]

Cawwontoll [Richmond County] (H)

Caylor [Lee County]

Cecil [Washington County]

Cedar Bluff [Roanoke City]

Cedar Bluff [Stafford County]

Cedar Bluff [Tazewell County]

Cedar Bluff [Washington County]

Cedar Branch [Smyth County]

Cedar Creek [Frederick County]

Cedar Creek Battlefield [Frederick County]

Cedar Creek Wayside [Shenandoah County]

Cedar Crest [Fairfax County]

Cedar Crest Hall [Suffolk City]

Cedar Farm [Richmond City]

Cedar Forest [Pittsylvania County]

Cedar Fork [Caroline County]

Cedar Green [Augusta County]

Cedar Grove [Brunswick County]

Cedar Grove [Frederick County]

Cedar Grove [Halifax County]

Cedar Grove [Mecklenburg County]

Cedar Grove [Newport News City]

Cedar Grove [Northampton County]

Cedar Grove [Rockbridge County]

Cedar Grove Acres [Chesapeake City]

Cedar Hill [Frederick County]

Cedar Hill [Lee County]

Cedar Hill [Pittsylvania County]

Cedar Hills [Goochland County]

Cedar Knolls [Prince William County]

Cedar Knolls Estates [Stafford County]

Cedar Lake Shores [Suffolk City]

Cedar Landing Estates [Poquoson City]

Cedar Lane [Hanover County]

Cedar Lawn [Henrico County]

Cedar Level [Hopewell City]

Cedar Orchard [Montgomery County]

Cedar Park [Danville City]

Cedar Park [Hampton City]

Cedar Park [Prince William County]

Cedar Point [Goochland County]

Cedar Point [Page County]

Cedar Point [Portsmouth City]

Cedar Point [Suffolk City]

Cedar Springs [Fairfax County]

Cedar Springs [Smyth County]

Cedar Springs [Wythe County]

Cedar Valley [Radford City]

Cedar View [Accomack County]

Cedar View [Sussex County]

Cedar View Wharf [Accomack County]

Cedarbrook [Culpeper County]

Cedarhill [Pittsylvania County]

Cedarmere [Albemarle County]

Cedarmere [Greene County] (H)

Cedarville [Warren County]

Cedarville [Washington County]

Cedon [Caroline County]

Celco [Giles County]

Celt [Greene County]

Centenary [Buckingham County]

Centenary [Norfolk City]

Center Cross [Essex County]

Center Hill [Roanoke City]

Center Mills [Montgomery County]

Center Star [Dinwiddie County]

Centerville [Accomack County]

Centerville [Augusta County]

Centerville [Bedford County]

Centerville [Goochland County]

Centerville [Halifax County]

Centerville [James City County]

Centerville [King and Queen County]

Centerville [Louisa County]

Centerville [Montgomery County]

Central [Arlington County]

Central [Richmond City]

Central Gardens [Henrico County]

Central Hill [Isle of Wight County]

Central Martinsville [Martinsville City]

Central Park [Chesterfield County]

Central Plains [Fluvanna County]

Central Point [Caroline County]

Centralia [Chesterfield County]

Centralia Gardens [Chesterfield County]

Centre Cross [Essex County]

Centre Heights [Fairfax County]

Centreville [Fairfax County]

Centreville [Louisa County]

Centreville [Norfolk City]

Centreville Farms [Fairfax County]

Ceres [Bland County]

Chadswyck [Chesapeake City]

Chalet Woods [Fairfax County]

Chalk Level [Pittsylvania County]

Chamberlain Village [Prince William County]

Chamberlayne [Henrico County]

Chamberlayne Farms [Henrico County]

Chamberlayne Heights [Henrico County]

Chamberlayne North [Henrico County]

Chambersville [Frederick County]

Chamblissburg [Bedford County]

Champ [Dinwiddie County]

Champ Mills Estates [Prince William County]

Champlain [Essex County]

Chance [Essex County]

Chancellor [Spotsylvania County]

Chancellor Green [Spotsylvania County]

Chancellorsville [Spotsylvania County]

Chancetown [Accomack County]

Chandler [Hanover County]

Chandler [Lee County]

Chandler Crossing [Caroline County]

Chandlers Forks [Charlotte County]

Chaneys [Pittsylvania County]

Chaneys Store [Halifax County]

Chantilly [Fairfax County]

Chap [Appomattox County]

Chapalita [Stafford County]

Chapel [Giles County]

Chapel Acres [Fairfax County]

Chapel Estates [Clarke County]

Chapel Forest [Roanoke City]

Chapel Heights [Stafford County]

Chapel Hill [Alexandria City]

Chapel Hills [Albemarle County]

Chapel Park [Newport News City]

Chapel Square [Fairfax County]

Chapel View [Stafford County]

Chapel Village [Hampton City]

Chapin [Augusta County]

Charity [Patrick County]

Charlemont [Bedford County]

Charles City [Charles City County]

Charles Corner [York County]

Charleston Heights [York County]

Charlestown Commons [Stafford County]

Charlestown Lakes [Virginia Beach City]

Charlestown Lakes South [Virginia Beach City]

Charlestowne [Virginia Beach City]

Charlie Hope [Brunswick County]

Charlotte Court House [Charlotte County]

Charlottesville [Albemarle County]

Charlottesville [Charlottesville City]

Charlton [Craig County]

Charlton Village [Chesapeake City]

Chase City [Mecklenburg County]

Chase Crossing [Accomack County]

Chase's Wharf [Lancaster County]

Chatam [Stafford County]

Chatham [Pittsylvania County]

Chatham Farms [Stafford County]

Chatham Heights [Stafford County]

Chatham Hill [Roanoke City]

Chatham Hill [Smyth County]

Chatham Hills [Danville City]

Chatham Landing [Stafford County]

Chatham Village [Stafford County]

Chatmoss [Henry County]

Chatmoss-Laurel Park [Henry County]

Chawopo [Surry County] (H)

Cheaden [Middlesex County] (H)

Cheapside [Northampton County]

Cheatham Annex [York County]

Check [Floyd County]

Checopissowo [Caroline County] (H)

Chelsea [Goochland County]

Chelsea [Newport News City]

Chelsea Estates [Stafford County]

Chelsea Hill [Richmond City]

Chenaults Shop [Caroline County]

Cheney Creek [Goochland County]

Chericoke [King William County]

Cheriton [Northampton County]

Cherokee [Henry County]

Cherokee Heights [Norfolk City]

Cherokee Hills [Richmond County]

Cherokee Hills [Roanoke County]

Cherrton [Northampton County]

Cherry Acres [Hampton City]

Cherry Gardens [Richmond County]

Cherry Grove [Rockingham County]

Cherry Grove [Suffolk City]

Cherry Grove Estates [Suffolk City]

Cherry Hill [Prince William County]

Cherry Hill [Roanoke City]

Cherry Hill Estates [Stafford County]

Cherry Hill Park [Roanoke City]

Cherrydale [Arlington County]

Cherrydale [Hanover County]

Cherrydale West [Hanover County]

Cherrystone [Northampton County]

Chesakawon [Lancaster County] (H)

Chesapeake [Chesapeake City]

Chesapeake [Northampton County]

Chesapeake Beach [Northumberland County]

Chesapeake Beach [Virginia Beach City]

Chesapeake Heights [Hampton City]

Chesconessex [Accomack County]

Chesdin Manor [Dinwiddie County]

Chesopeian [Virginia Beach City]

Chesopeian Colony [Virginia Beach City]

Chesswood [Chesterfield County]

Chester [Chesterfield County]

Chester Gap [Rappahannock County]

Chester Hill [Richmond City]

Chester Park [Fairfax County]

Chesterbrook [Fairfax County]

Chesterbrook Estates [Fairfax County]

Chesterbrook Farms [Chesterfield County]

Chesterbrook Gardens [Fairfax County]

Chesterbrook Woods [Fairfax County]

Chesterbrooke Mews [Fairfax County]

Chesterfield [Chesterfield County]

Chesterfield [Norfolk City]

Chesterfield [Roanoke County]

Chesterfield [Stafford County]

Chesterfield Court [Richmond County]

Chesterfield Court House [Chesterfield County]

Chesterfield Estates [Culpeper County]

Chesterfield Heights [Norfolk City]

Chesterfield Village [Chesterfield County]

Chesterwood [Stafford County]

Chestnut [Amherst County]

Chestnut Fork [Bedford County]

Chestnut Gardens [Dinwiddie County]

Chestnut Grove [Albemarle County]

Chestnut Grove [Buckingham County]

Chestnut Grove [Lancaster County]

Chestnut Grove Estates [Frederick County]

Chestnut Hill [Chesterfield County]

Chestnut Hill [Fairfax County]

Chestnut Hill [James City County]

Chestnut Hill [King George County]

Chestnut Hill [Richmond County]

Chestnut Hills [Roanoke City]

Chestnut Knob [Henry County]

Chestnut Level [Pittsylvania County]

Chestnut Oaks [Powhatan County]

Chestnut Yard [Carroll County]

Chevalle [Prince William County]

Chewings Corner [Spotsylvania County]

Chewnings Corner [Spotsylvania County]

Chewnings Point Ferry [Lancaster County]

Chicacoan Indian Town [Lancaster County] (H)

Chickahominy [Henrico County]

Chickahominy Haven [James City County]

Chickahominy Shores [New Kent County]

Chiconessex [Accomack County] (H)

Childress [Goochland County]

Childress [Montgomery County]

Childry [Halifax County]

Childs Cove [Spotsylvania County]

Chilesburg [Caroline County]

Chilhowie [Smyth County]

Chilly Hollow Estates [Clarke County]

Chiltons [Westmoreland County]

Chimney Corner [Chesterfield County]

Chimney Hill Estates [Roanoke County]

Chimney Run [Bath County]

Chimney Springs [Goochland County]

China Hill [Richmond County]

Chincoteague [Accomack County]

Chincoteague Island [Accomack County]

Chinese Corner [Virginia Beach City]

Chinquapin [Augusta County]

Chinquapin Village [Alexandria City]

Chippenham Village [Richmond County]

Chippokes [Surry County]

Chisel Run [James City County]

Chisford [Westmoreland County]

Chiskiac [York County] (H)

Chopawamsic [Stafford County] (H)

Chowning Place [Montgomery County]

Chrisman [Rockingham County]

Christ Church [Lancaster County]

Christchurch [Middlesex County]

Christensons Corner [James City County]

Christian [Augusta County]

Christian's Mills [Norfolk City]

Christianburg Station [Montgomery County]

Christiansburg [Montgomery County]

Christie [Halifax County]

Christopher Fork [Caroline County]

Christophers Shores [Newport News City]

Christy Farm [Stafford County]

Chub [Sussex County] (H)

Chuckatuck [Suffolk City]

Chuckatuck Borough [Suffolk City]

Chula [Amelia County]

Chula Depot [Amelia County]

Church [Sussex County] (H)

Church Creek Point [Northampton County]

Church Hill [Richmond City]

Church Hill [Russell County]

Church View [Middlesex County]

Churchill [Culpeper County]

Churchill [Fairfax County]

Churchland [Chesapeake City]

Churchland [Norfolk City]

Churchland West [Portsmouth City]

Churchville [Augusta County]

Churchwood [Pulaski County] (H)

Cifax [Bedford County]

Cinnamon Creek [Fairfax County]

Cinquack [Northumberland County] (H)

Cinquoteck [King William County] (H)

Circle Terrace [Salem City]

Circleville [Loudoun County]

Cismont [Albemarle County]

Citadel [Botetourt County]

City Farm [Campbell County]

City Gomingo [Amherst County]

City Point [Hopewell City] (H)

City Point [Prince George County]

City View Heights [Roanoke County]

Claiborn [Franklin County] (H)

Claiborne [Caroline County]

Clairmont Manor [Culpeper County]

Clam [Accomack County]

Clancie [King and Queen County]

Claraville [Northumberland County]

Claremont [Arlington County]

Claremont [Surry County]

Claremont Manor [Surry County]

Claremont Wharf [Surry County]

Claremont-Sandy Point Ferry [Surry County]

Clarendon [Arlington County]

Clarenford [Arlington County]

Claresville [Greensville County]

Clarion [Campbell County]

Clarion Woods [Stafford County]

Clark [Pulaski County] (H)

Clark [Wise County] (H)

Clark's [Wythe County]

Clarkdale [Hampton City]

Clarkes Summit [Wythe County]

Clarkonia [Halifax County]

Clarks Corner [Fauquier County]

Clarks Crossing [Fairfax County]

Clarks Gap [Loudoun County]

Clarkson [Culpeper County]

Clarksville [Mecklenburg County]

Clarksville [Washington County]

Clarkton [Halifax County]

Clary [Shenandoah County]

Classic Shore [Westmoreland County]

Claudville [Patrick County]

Clay [Bedford County]

Clay [Lynchburg City]

Clay Bank [Gloucester County]

Clay Bank Acres [Gloucester County]

Clay Estates [Dinwiddie County]

Clay's [Bedford County]

Claybank Landing [James City County]

Claymont Manor [Augusta County]

Claypool Hill [Tazewell County]

Clays Corner [Nottoway County]

Clays Mill [Halifax County]

Claytonville [Clarke County]

Clayville [Powhatan County]

Clear Brook [Frederick County]

Clear Creek [Wise County] (H)

Clear Fork [Bland County]

Clearbrook [Roanoke County]

Clearfield [Fairfax County]

Clearview [Northampton County]

Clearview [Stafford County]

Clearview Heights [Roanoke County]

Clearview Heights [Stafford County]

Clearview Knolls [Albemarle County]

Clearview Manor [Fairfax County]

Clearview Meadows [Albemarle County]

Clearwater Park [Alleghany County]

Cleek's Mills [Bath County]

Clell [Buchanan County]

Clementown Mills [Amelia County]

Cleopus [Suffolk City]

Clermont Heights [Roanoke City]

Clermont Woods [Fairfax County]

Cleveland [Russell County]

Clevilas [Bedford County] (H)

Clifdale [Alleghany County]

Cliff Mills [Fauquier County]

Cliffield [Tazewell County]

Clifford [Amherst County]

Cliffview [Carroll County]

Cliffview [Salem City]

Clifton [Fairfax County]

Clifton [Orange County]

Clifton [Russell County]

Clifton Forge [Alleghany County]

Clifton Heights [Roanoke City]

Clifton Station [Fairfax County]

Cliftondale [Alleghany County]

Cliftondale Park [Alleghany County]

Climax [Pittsylvania County]

Clinch [Scott County]

Clinch River [Scott County]

Clinchburg [Washington County]

Clinchco [Dickenson County]

Clinchfield [Russell County]

Clinchport [Scott County]

Cline [Wythe County]

Clines Hacking [Rockingham County]

Clinton [Cumberland County]

Clintwood [Dickenson County]

Clip [Washington County]

Clito [Grayson County]

Clito Mill [Grayson County]

Cliveden [Newport News City]

Clocks Corner [Caroline County]

Clopton [Chesterfield County]

Clopton [Gloucester County]

Clopton [Richmond County]

Clopton Heights [Gloucester County]

Closeburn Manor [Campbell County]

Clover [Alexandria City]

Clover [Halifax County]

Clover Creek [Highland County]

Clover Depot [Halifax County]

Clover Hill [Albemarle County]

Clover Hill [Prince William County]

Clover Hill [Rockingham County]

Clover Valley [Montgomery County]

Cloverdale [Botetourt County]

Cloverdale [Chesapeake City]

Cloverdale [Fluvanna County]

Cloverdale [Pittsylvania County]

Cloverdale [Prince William County]

Cloverland [Henrico County]

Cloverleaf Farm Estates [Fairfax County]

Clung [Carroll County]

Cluster Springs [Halifax County]

Coakley Town [Rockingham County]

Coakley's [Stafford County]

Coal Hill [Henrico County]

Coal Kiln Crossing [Accomack County]

Coal Landing [Stafford County]

Coal Mine [Shenandoah County]

Coalboro [Chesterfield County] (H)

Coalcreek [Carroll County]

Coaldan [Tazewell County]

Coan [Northumberland County]

Coan-Bundicks Ferry [Northumberland County]

Coates [Louisa County]

Coatesville [Hanover County]

Cobb's Island [Northampton County]

Cobbdale [Fairfax City]

Cobblestone [Stafford County]

Cobbs [Northampton County]

Cobbs Corner [Fairfax County]

Cobbs Creek [Mathews County]

Cobham [Albemarle County]

Cobham Park [Albemarle County]

Cobham Park [Richmond County]

Cobleshaw [Roanoke City]

Cobman's Well [Sussex County]

Cochran [Brunswick County]

Coddyshore [Sussex County] (H)

Cody [Halifax County]

Coeburn [Wise County]

Coffee [Bedford County]

Coffey Corner [Caroline County]

Coffmantown [Shenandoah County]

Cohasset [Fluvanna County]

Cohoke [King William County]

Coke [Gloucester County]

Colbert Walker Estates [Stafford County]

Colchester [Fairfax County]

Colchester Acres [Fairfax County]

Cold Harbor [Hanover County]

Cold Harbor Farms [Hanover County]

Cold Spring [Augusta County]

Cold Spring [Carroll County]

Coldwater [King and Queen County]

Cole's Ferry [Charlotte County]

Coleman [Bedford County]

Coleman Falls [Bedford County]

Coleman Mill [Caroline County]

Coleman Place [Norfolk City]

Coleman Store [Wythe County]

Colemans Mill [Spotsylvania County]

Colemans Mill Crossing [Caroline County]

Coles Ferry [Halifax County]

Coles Hill [Pittsylvania County]

Coles Point [Westmoreland County]

Colesville [Patrick County]

Colier [Wythe County]

Colina [Dinwiddie County] (H)

Coling [Botetourt County]

Collander-Bishop Meadows [Suffolk City]

Colleen [Nelson County]

College Hill [Lynchburg City]

College Park [Alexandria City]

College Park [Chesterfield County]

College Park [Frederick County]

College Park [Lynchburg City]

College Park [Newport News City]

College Park [Radford City]

College Park [Staunton City]

College Park [Suffolk City]

College Park [Virginia Beach City]

Colley [Dickenson County]

Collier [Dinwiddie County]

Collier [Wythe County]

Collier Mill [Lee County]

Collierstown [Rockbridge County]

Collingwood [Fairfax County]

Collins [Caroline County]

Collins Crossing [Caroline County]

Collins Estates [Northampton County]

Collins Mill [Grayson County] (H)

Collinsville [Frederick County]

Collinsville [Henry County]

Collinwood [Russell County]

Collosse [Isle of Wight County]

Cologne [King and Queen County]

Colonial Acres [Prince William County]

Colonial Beach [Westmoreland County]

Colonial Farms [Fairfax County]

Colonial Forest [Hanover County]

Colonial Heights [Bristol City]

Colonial Heights [Colonial Heights City]

Colonial Heights [Hampton City]

Colonial Heights [Norfolk City]

Colonial Heights [Roanoke City]

Colonial Heights [Stafford County]

Colonial Heights [Washington County]

Colonial Park [James City County]

Colonial Park [Warren County]

Colonial Place [Norfolk City]

Colonial Place [Richmond City]

Colonial Point [Chesapeake City]

Colonial Port [Stafford County]

Colonial Terrace [Stafford County]

Colonial Trail [Roanoke County]

Colonial Village [Arlington County]

Colonial Williamsburg [Williamsburg City]

Colony [Amherst County]

Colony Acres [Virginia Beach City]

Colony Club [Brunswick County]

Colony Manor [Chesapeake City]

Colony Woods [Prince William County]

Colosse [Isle of Wight County]

Colthurst [Albemarle County]

Coltons Mill [Bedford County]

Columbia [Fluvanna County]

Columbia Forest [Arlington County]

Columbia Furnace [Shenandoah County]

Columbia Heights [Arlington County]

Columbia Park [Chesterfield County]

Columbia Park [Prince George County]

Columbia Pines [Fairfax County]

Columbian Grove [Lunenburg County]

Colvin Farms [Prince William County]

Colvin Run [Fairfax County]

Colvin Run Mill [Fairfax County]

Comans Well [Sussex County]

Combat Village [Prince William County]

Comers Rock [Grayson County]

Comertown [Page County]

Comet [Isle of Wight County]

Commodore Park [Norfolk City]

Commonwealth [Albemarle County]

Commonwealth Park [Culpeper County]

Comorn [King George County]

Compher [Loudoun County]

Compton [Page County]

Comptons Bridge [Botetourt County] (H)

Comptons Corner [Fairfax County]

Conaway [Buchanan County]

Concord [Brunswick County]

Concord [Campbell County]

Concord [Gloucester County] (H)

Concord [Stafford County]

Concord Depot [Campbell County]

Concord Estates [Stafford County]

Concord Heights [Spotsylvania County]

Concord Wharf [Northampton County]

Conde [Fauquier County]

Conehurst [Salem City]

Confederate Heights [Henrico County]

Confederate Ridge [Fredericksburg City]

Confederate Woods [Dinwiddie County]

Conicville [Shenandoah County]

Conners [Wythe County]

Conners Grove [Floyd County]

Conners Valley [Wythe County]

Connistone [Roanoke City]

Conoway [Buchanan County]

Conrad's Mills [Middlesex County]

Consent [Patrick County]

Constances Warehouse [Suffolk City] (H)

Contra [King and Queen County]

Contreville [Louisa County]

Coocheyville [Accomack County]

Cook [Carroll County]

Cooks Corner [Middlesex County]

Cookstown [Spotsylvania County]

Cooktown [Fairfax County]

Cool River [Stafford County]

Cool Spring [Brunswick County]

Cool Spring [Stafford County]

Coolspring [Fairfax County]

Coolwell [Amherst County]

Coonseye [Wise County]

Coonsville [Bedford County] (H)

Cooper [Middlesex County]

Coopers Cove [Franklin County]

Cootes Store [Rockingham County]

Copeland [Bath County]

Copeland Park [Hampton City]

Copenhaver [Smyth County]

Copenhavers [Wythe County]

Copper [Floyd County]

Copper Hill [Floyd County]

Copper Valley [Floyd County]

Corbin [Caroline County]

Cordova [Culpeper County]

Corinth [Carroll County]

Corinth [Lee County]

Corinth [Southampton County]

Corinth Fork [King William County]

Corleyville [Roanoke County]

Corn Valley [Russell County]

Corneals Store [Hanover County]

Corner [Russell County]

Cornetts Store [Grayson County]

Cornland [Chesapeake City]

Cornland [Norfolk City]

Cornsville [Scott County]

Cornwall [Rockbridge County]

Cornwell [Prince William County]

Coronado [Norfolk City]

Coronet [Buchanan County]

Cotman [Henrico County] (H)

Cotopari [Augusta County]

Cottage Green [Spotsylvania County]

Cottage Heights [Norfolk City]

Cottage Park [Norfolk City]

Cottage Road Park [Norfolk City]

Cotton Town [Cumberland County]

Coulson [Carroll County]

Coulwood [Russell County]

Council [Buchanan County]

Countis Corner [Washington County]

Country Club Acres [York County]

Country Club Estates [Frederick County]

Country Club Estates [Montgomery County]

Country Club Estates [Salem City]

Country Club Grove [Arlington County]

Country Club Heights [Frederick County]

Country Club Hills [Arlington County]

Country Club Hills [Fairfax City]

Country Club Lake [Prince William County]

Country Club Manor [Arlington County]

Country Club Park [Montgomery County]

Country Club View [Fairfax County]

Country Club View [Warren County]

Country Club West [Danville City]

Country Green [Albemarle County]

Country Hills [Roanoke County]

Country Park [Frederick County]

Country Place [Prince William County]

Country Ridge [Stafford County]

Country Roads [Prince William County]

Country Scene [Prince William County]

Country View [Albemarle County]

Country Village [Gloucester County]

Country Wood Estates [Stafford County]

Countryside [Loudoun County]

Countryside Estates [Culpeper County]

Countryside Estates [Montgomery County]

Countryside Estates [Roanoke City]

Countryside West [Goochland County]

Counts [Dickenson County]

Counts [Russell County]

County Line Cross Roads [Charlotte County]

Court House Hill [Lynchburg City]

Courthouse Green [Chesterfield County]

Courthouse Landing [King and Queen County]

Courthouse Square at Stafford [Stafford County]

Courtland [Southampton County]

Courtland Park [Fairfax County]

Courtney [Henrico County]

Courts at Stafford [Stafford County]

Cove [Halifax County]

Cove Colony [Lancaster County]

Cove Creek [Bland County]

Cove Creek [Tazewell County]

Covehaven Court [Roanoke City]

Coverly [Amelia County]

Coverstone [Prince William County]

Covesville [Albemarle County]

Covingston Corner [Caroline County]

Covington [Alleghany County]

Covington [Covington City]

Covington [Goochland County]

Covingtons Corner [Fauquier County]

Cowan [Pulaski County]

Cowan Mill [Lee County]

Cowan's Depot [Rockingham County]

Cowan's Mills [Montgomery County]

Cowans [Rockingham County]

Cowardin [Bath County] (H)

Cowart [Northumberland County]

Cowie Corner [Greensville County]

Cox [Lee County]

Cox Corner [Mecklenburg County]

Cox Corner [Stafford County]

Cox Estates [Roanoke City]

Cox Ferry [Grayson County]

Cox Mill [Grayson County]

Cox Mill [Scott County]

Cox Place [Scott County]

Coxs Chapel [Grayson County]

Coyner Mountain Overlook [Botetourt County]

Coyner Springs [Botetourt County]

Crab [Gloucester County]

Crab Neck [York County]

Crab Orchard [Lee County]

Crab Orchard [Wise County]

Crabbe Mill [Northumberland County]

Crabbottom [Highland County]

Crabtree [Dickenson County]

Cracker Neck [Wise County]

Crackers Neck [Scott County]

Craddockville [Accomack County]

Cradock [Portsmouth City]

Craft Mill [Scott County]

Crafton [Fluvanna County]

Crafts Point [Franklin County]

Craig [Henry County]

Craig City [Craig County]

Craig Mountain [Montgomery County]

Craig Springs [Craig County]

Craigs Creek [Craig County] (H)

Craigs Mill [Washington County]

Craigsville [Augusta County]

Crandon [Bland County]

Crane [Bath County]

Crane's Nest [Dickenson County]

Cranes Corner [Stafford County]

Cranes Nest [Wise County]

Cranewood [Stafford County]

Craney Island Estates [Hanover County]

Cranks [Lee County]

Cranks [Louisa County] (H)

Crawford [Franklin County]

Creeds [Virginia Beach City]

Creek Junction [Washington County]

Creekwood Cove Estates [Gloucester County]

Cremona [Cumberland County] (H)

Creola [Grayson County]

Crescent [Prince William County]

Crescent Heights [Roanoke County]

Crescent Hill [Hopewell City]

Crescent Hills [Arlington County]

Crescent Park [Chesterfield County]

Cresent Pointe [Stafford County]

Crest [Stafford County]

Crest Hill [Roanoke County]

Cresthill [Fauquier County]

Crestmoor [Roanoke City]

Crestmoor Court [Roanoke City]

Crestview [Henrico County]

Crestwood [Chesapeake City]

Crestwood [Fairfax County]

Crestwood [Roanoke County]

Crestwood [Stafford County]

Crestwood Farms [Chesterfield County]

Crestwood Gardens [Montgomery County]

Crestwood Manor [Fairfax County]

Crestwood Village [Prince William County]

Creswell [Russell County]

Crewe [Nottoway County]

Crichton [Brunswick County]

Cricket Hill [Mathews County]

Criders [Rockingham County]

Criggers [Tazewell County]

Criggers Mill [Tazewell County]

Criglersville [Madison County]

Crimora [Augusta County]

Crimora Station [Augusta County]

Cripple Creek [Wythe County]

Cristie [Halifax County]

Criston [Newport News City]

Crittenden [Suffolk City]

Crittendens [Suffolk City]

Critz [Patrick County]

Croaker [James City County]

Crockett [Wythe County]

Crockett Depot [Wythe County]

Crockett Spring [Montgomery County] (H)

Crockett Town [Accomack County]

Crofton [Roanoke County]

Cromwell [Fauquier County]

Cromwell [Norfolk City]

Crooked Oak [Carroll County]

Cropp [Stafford County]

Cropp Road Estates [Stafford County]

Crosby [Campbell County]

Cross Junction [Frederick County]

Cross Keys [Rockingham County]

Cross Keys [Southampton County]

Cross Roads [Franklin County]

Cross Roads [Halifax County]

Cross Roads [Shenandoah County]

Crossbrook [Wise County]

Crosses Corner [Hanover County]

Crossroads [Albemarle County]

Crossroads [Fauquier County]

Crossroads [Franklin County]

Crossroads [Halifax County]

Crossroads Store [Rockbridge County]

Crosswinds [Fairfax County]

Crosswoods West [Goochland County]

Crouch [King and Queen County]

Crow Spring [Chesterfield County]

Crowdertown [Bath County]

Crowells Corner [Fairfax County]

Crowgeys [Wythe County]

Crown Estates [Clarke County]

Crown Manor [Stafford County]

Crows [Alleghany County]

Crows Nest Harbor [Stafford County]

Croxton [Caroline County]

Crozet [Albemarle County]

Crozier [Goochland County]

Cruise [Patrick County]

Crumps Mill [New Kent County]

Cruzes Store [Patrick County]

Crymes Store [Lunenburg County]

Crystal [Bedford County]

Crystal Beach [Accomack County]

Crystal City [Arlington County]

Crystal Hill [Halifax County]

Crystal Spring [Roanoke City]

Crystal Spring Knolls [Arlington County]

Crystal Springs [Fairfax County]

Cub Creek [Charlotte County]

Cuckoo [Louisa County]

Cullen [Charlotte County]

Culls [Northampton County]

Culmore [Fairfax County]

Culpeper [Culpeper County]

Cumberland [Cumberland County]

Cumberland Forest [Montgomery County]

Cumberland Landing [New Kent County]

Cumbow [Lee County]

Cummings Heights [Washington County]

Cumnberland [New Kent County] (H)

Cumnor [King and Queen County]

Cunningham [Fluvanna County]

Curdsville [Buckingham County]

Curlew [Spotsylvania County] (H)

Currioman Landing [Westmoreland County]

Currituck Farms [Henrico County]

Curtis [Bedford County]

Curtis [Chesterfield County]

Curve [Giles County]

Cusco Willa [Mecklenburg County]

Customhouse [Norfolk City]

Cutalong [Louisa County]

Cuttatawomen [King George County] (H)

Cuttatawomen [Lancaster County] (H)

Cuzco [Louisa County] (H)

Cynthia [Lee County]

Cypress Borough [Suffolk City]

Cypress Chapel [Suffolk City]

Cypress Estates [Stafford County]

Cypress Manor [Southampton County]

Cypress Manor [Suffolk City]

Cyrandall Valley [Fairfax County]


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