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The Communities of Virginia (VA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Sabot [Goochland County]

Sabot Island [Goochland County]

Saddle [Grayson County]

Saddlers Crossroads [Southampton County]

Sadler Heights [Suffolk City]

Sago [Franklin County]

Sago [Pittsylvania County]

Saint Asaph [Alexandria City]

Saint Asaph Station [Alexandria City]

Saint Brides [Chesapeake City]

Saint Brides [Norfolk City]

Saint Charles [Lee County]

Saint Clair [Tazewell County]

Saint Clair Bottom [Smyth County]

Saint Clair Crossing [Tazewell County]

Saint Davids Church [Shenandoah County]

Saint Elmo [Alexandria City]

Saint George [Greene County]

Saint Georges [Stafford County]

Saint Georges Estates [Stafford County]

Saint Georges Hundred [James City County]

Saint Helena [Norfolk City]

Saint Josephs Villa [Henrico County]

Saint Joy [Buckingham County]

Saint Just [Orange County]

Saint Louis [Loudoun County]

Saint Luke [Shenandoah County]

Saint Paul [Wise County]

Saint Stephens [Fauquier County]

Saint Stephens Church [King and Queen County]

Saint Tammany Ferry [Mecklenburg County]

Saint Tammany's [Mecklenburg County]

Salem [Culpeper County]

Salem [Page County]

Salem [Roanoke County]

Salem [Salem City]

Salem [Virginia Beach City]

Salem Heights [Salem City]

Salem Woods [Chesterfield County]

Sales Corner [Caroline County]

Salisbury [Botetourt County]

Salisbury [Chesterfield County]

Salona Village [Fairfax County]

Salt Creek [Amherst County]

Salt Peter Cave
See: Salt Petre Cave

Salt Petre Cave [Botetourt County]
Other names:
Salt Peter Cave

See: Salt Petre Cave

Saltville [Smyth County]

Saluda [Middlesex County]

Salvia [King and Queen County]

Sam [Tazewell County]

Samary Forest [Goochland County]

Samos [Middlesex County]

Sampson [Augusta County]

Sampson's Wharf [Northumberland County]

Sams Ridge [Stafford County]

Samuels Corner [Caroline County]

San Marino [Dinwiddie County]

Sanburne Park [Henrico County]

Sand Lick [Dickenson County]

Sandbridge Beach [Virginia Beach City]

Sandco [Richmond City]

Sandidges [Amherst County]

Sandston [Henrico County]

Sandston Highland [Henrico County]

Sandusky Park [Amherst County]

Sandy [Rappahannock County]

Sandy Acres [Campbell County]

Sandy Bottom [Amherst County]

Sandy Bottom [Middlesex County] (H)

Sandy Bottom [Rockingham County]

Sandy Bottom [Suffolk City]

Sandy Ford [Bedford County]

Sandy Fork [Mecklenburg County]

Sandy Hook [Goochland County]

Sandy Level [Henry County]

Sandy Level [Pittsylvania County]

Sandy Pines [Chesapeake City]

Sandy Point [Northumberland County]

Sandy Point [Westmoreland County]

Sandy Ridge [Chesterfield County]

Sandy Ridge [Stafford County]

Sandy River [Pittsylvania County]

Sandy Shores [Danville City]

Sandybottom [Charles City County]

Sanford [Accomack County]

Sanford Hill [Roanoke City]

Sangerville [Augusta County]

Sanlun Lake [Hampton City]

Sans Facon [Warren County]

Sansom [Carroll County]

Santee [Caroline County] (H)

Santos [Floyd County]

Sanville [Henry County]

Sarah [Mathews County]

Saratoga [Clarke County]

Saratoga [Fairfax County]

Saratoga [Stafford County]

Saratoga Place [Suffolk City]

Sardis [Amherst County]

Sassafras [Gloucester County]

Sassin [Pulaski County] (H)

Saumsville [Shenandoah County]

Saunders [Richmond City]

Saunders [Suffolk City]

Savage Crossing [Suffolk City]

Savage Town [Accomack County]

Savageville [Accomack County]

Savannah [Alleghany County]

Savedge [Surry County]

Savidges [Surry County]

Sawmill Corner [James City County]

Saxe [Charlotte County]

Saxis [Accomack County]

Sayersville [Tazewell County]

Scaggs Ford [Floyd County]

Scarboroughs Neck [Accomack County]

Scattersville [Loudoun County]

Scenic Hills [Roanoke County]

Scenic Park [Washington County]

Scenic Ridge [Stafford County]

Schenck Estates [York County]

Schley [Gloucester County]

Schneider Crossroads [Fairfax County]

Scholfield [Lunenburg County]

Schooler [Pulaski County]

Schoolfield [Danville City]

Schrader Woods [Henrico County]

Schuleen [Smyth County]

Schuyler [Nelson County]

Scotchtown [Hanover County]

Scotfield [Chesapeake City]

Scotland [Surry County]

Scotland Landing [King William County]

Scott Addition [Washington County]

Scott Ford [Washington County]

Scottdale [Richmond County]

Scottie Farms [Henrico County]

Scotts Corner [Richmond County]

Scotts Crossroad [Mecklenburg County]

Scotts Fork [Amelia County]

Scottsburg [Fluvanna County]

Scottsford [Rockingham County]

Scottsville [Albemarle County]

Scottswood [Southampton County]

Scrabble [Rappahannock County]

Screamersville [Chesterfield County] (H)

Screamerville [Spotsylvania County] (H)

Scruggs [Franklin County]

Scuffleburg [Fauquier County]

Scuffletown [Orange County]

Sea Lock [Warren County]

Seaboard [Tazewell County]

Seabrooke Landing [Chesapeake City]

Seacoast [Dinwiddie County]

Seacock Corner [Southampton County]

Seaford [York County]

Seaford Shores [York County]

Sealston [King George County]

Seapines [Virginia Beach City]

Seasons Trace [James City County]

Seatack [Virginia Beach City]

Seaview [Northampton County]

Seawright Spring [Augusta County]

Sebrell [Southampton County]

Sebronay [Tazewell County]

Secacawoni [Northumberland County] (H)

Secobec [Caroline County] (H)

Sedalia [Bedford County]

Sedgefield [Newport News City]

Sedley [Southampton County]

Selden [Gloucester County]

Seldon [Goochland County]

Selma [Alleghany County]

Selma [Staunton City]

Selone [Fauquier County]

Selton [Dickenson County]

Seminary [Fairfax County]

Seminary [Lee County]

Seminary Valley [Alexandria City]

Seminole Hills [Danville City]

Seminole Ridge [Campbell County]

Seneca [Campbell County]

Senora [Lancaster County]

Senseny Heights [Frederick County]

Sentinel [Warren County]

Septa [Isle of Wight County]

Serena Forest [Stafford County]

Settlers Landing [Stafford County]

Seven Corners [Fairfax County]

Seven Fountains [Shenandoah County]

Seven Islands [Fluvanna County]

Seven Lakes [Stafford County]

Seven Mile Ford [Smyth County]

Seven Pines [Henrico County]

Severn [Gloucester County]

Severn Manor [Gloucester County]

Seville [Madison County]

Sewells Gardens [Norfolk City]

Sewells Point [Norfolk City]

Sexton [Surry County] (H)

Sexton Hill [Richmond County]

Seymour Knolls [Stafford County]

Shack Mills [Buchanan County]

Shackaconia [Spotsylvania County] (H)

Shackelford Estates [Stafford County]

Shacklefords [King and Queen County]

Shacklefords Fork [King and Queen County]

Shacklet [Stafford County] (H)

Shad Landing [Accomack County]

Shade [Fauquier County]

Shadeland [Roanoke City]

Shadeland Addition [Montgomery County]

Shadewell [Albemarle County]

Shadow [Mathews County]

Shadow Valley [Bristol City]

Shadow Valley [Washington County]

Shadow Woods [Stafford County]

Shadowbrook Heights [Chesterfield County]

Shadowlawn Heights [Virginia Beach City]

Shadowwood Park [Danville City]

Shadwell [Albemarle County]

Shadwell Estates [Albemarle County]

Shadwell Mountain [Albemarle County]

Shady Grove [Bedford County]

Shady Grove [Franklin County]

Shady Grove [Greene County]

Shady Grove [Halifax County]

Shady Grove [Henrico County]

Shady Grove [Smyth County]

Shady Grove [Washington County]

Shady Grove Corner [Spotsylvania County]

Shady Harbor Shores [Westmoreland County]

Shady Lane [Nelson County]

Shady Oak [Fairfax County]

Shadyside [Northampton County]

Shaffer [Chesterfield County]

Shakerag [Bath County]

Shakesville [Washington County]

Shaklefords Fork [King and Queen County]

Shamrock [Grayson County]

Shamrock [Salem City]

Shanghai [King and Queen County]

Shanklin [Bath County] (H)

Shannandale [Tazewell County]

Shannon Hill [Goochland County]

Shannon Hills [Henry County]

Shannon Hills [Louisa County]

Shannon Hills Estates [Goochland County]

Shannon Hills Farms [Goochland County]

Shannon Terrace [Richmond County]

Shannondale Estates [Hanover County]

Sharon [Pittsylvania County]

Sharon Park [Hanover County]

Sharon Springs [Bland County]

Sharp's Wharf [Richmond County]

Sharps [Richmond County]

Shavertown [Shenandoah County]

Shaw Ferry [Grayson County]

Shawnee [Lee County]

Shawnee Forest [Stafford County]

Shawnee Land [Frederick County]

Shawsville [Montgomery County]

Shawver Mill [Tazewell County]

Shea Estates [Stafford County]

Shea Terrace [Portsmouth City]

Sheep Point [Westmoreland County]

Sheep Town [Carroll County]

Sheffield [Lynchburg City]

Sheffield Court [Chesterfield County]

Sheffield Terrace [Henry County]

Shelburne [Montgomery County]

Shelby [Madison County]

Shelby [Montgomery County]

Shelfar [Louisa County]

Shelhorse [Pittsylvania County] (H)

Shell [Mathews County] (H)

Shelleys [Scott County]

Shellville [Montgomery County] (H)

Shelor Acres [Montgomery County]

Shelors Mill [Floyd County]

Shelton [Nelson County]

Shelton [Virginia Beach City]

Sheltons Run [Stafford County]

Shenandoah [Hopewell City]

Shenandoah [Montgomery County]

Shenandoah [Page County]

Shenandoah [Prince William County]

Shenandoah [Stafford County]

Shenandoah Alum Springs [Shenandoah County]

Shenandoah Caverns [Shenandoah County]

Shenandoah Farms [Warren County]

Shenandoah Forest [Page County]

Shenandoah Hills [Frederick County]

Shenandoah Place [Henrico County]

Shenandoah Retreat [Clarke County]

Shenandoah River Estates [Warren County]

Shenandoah River Lakes [Warren County]

Shenandoah Shores [Warren County]

Shenandoah Valley Estates [Augusta County]

Shendun [Rockingham County]

Shepherd Hill [Lee County]

Shepherds Store [Fluvanna County]

Sheppards [Buckingham County]

Sheppards Mill [Patrick County]

Sheps End [Northampton County]

Sherando [Augusta County]

Sherman Corner [Prince George County]

Sherman Park [Prince George County]

Sherry Court [Roanoke County]

Sherry Park [Virginia Beach City]

Sherwill [Campbell County]

Sherwood [Fairfax County]

Sherwood [Rockbridge County]

Sherwood Estates [Stafford County]

Sherwood Farms [Albemarle County]

Sherwood Forest [Augusta County]

Sherwood Forest [Campbell County]

Sherwood Forest [Charles City County]

Sherwood Forest [Danville City]

Sherwood Forest [Frederick County]

Sherwood Forest [Halifax County]

Sherwood Forest [Montgomery County]

Sherwood Forest [Roanoke City]

Sherwood Forest [Stafford County]

Sherwood Hall [Fairfax County]

Sherwood Hills [Colonial Heights City]

Sherwood Manor [Albemarle County]

Sherwood Park [Hampton City]

Sheva [Pittsylvania County]

Shield's Wharf [Accomack County]

Shields [Accomack County]

Shields [Prince Edward County]

Shifflet Corner [Madison County]

Shiloh [Bath County]

Shiloh [King George County]

Shiloh [Pulaski County]

Shiloh [Southampton County]

Shiloh [Stafford County]

Shiloh [Wythe County]

Shiloh Crossing [Prince George County]

Shilsons Corner [York County]

Shiny Rock [Mecklenburg County]

Shipleys Ferry [Mathews County]

Shipman [Nelson County]

Ships Corner [Suffolk City]

Ships Corner [Virginia Beach City]

Shirley [Charles City County]

Shirley Duke [Alexandria City]

Shirley Gate Park [Fairfax County]

Shirley Springs [Fairfax County]

Shirlington [Arlington County]

Shockeysville [Frederick County]

Shockoe [Pittsylvania County]

Shoemaker [Loudoun County]

Shooters Hill [Alexandria City]

Shooting Creek [Franklin County]

Shore Park [Newport News City]

Shores [Fluvanna County]

Shorewood [Chesapeake City]

Short [Wise County] (H)

Short Lane [Gloucester County]

Short Pump [Henrico County]

Shorts Creek [Carroll County]

Shorts Store [Westmoreland County]

Shortsville [Washington County]

Shortt Gap [Buchanan County]

Shoulders Hill [Suffolk City]

Shouse Village [Fairfax County]

Showalter [Floyd County]

Shraders [Tazewell County]

Shreveport Park [Henrico County]

Shrevewood [Fairfax County]

Shrys Store [Loudoun County]

Shuff [Patrick County]

Shumansville [Caroline County]

Shumate [Giles County]

Shupe [Wythe County]

Shutterly Mill [Augusta County]

Siddon [Mecklenburg County]

Sideburn [Fairfax County]

Siemp [Russell County]

Siesta Gardens [Portsmouth City]

Sigma [Lee County]

Sigma [Virginia Beach City]

Sign Pine [Chesapeake City] (H)

Sign Post [Accomack County]

Sign Rock [Halifax County]

Signboard [Caroline County]

Signpine [Gloucester County]

Silcott Spring [Loudoun County]

Silent Dell [Botetourt County]

Siler [Frederick County]

Silica [Scott County]

Siloam [Wythe County]

Silva [Accomack County]

Silver Beach [Northampton County]

Silver Hill [Fauquier County]

Silver Isles [Hampton City]

Silver Lake Heights [Montgomery County]

Silver Leaf [Floyd County]

Silver Leaf [Montgomery County]

Silver Springs [Fairfax County]

Silverdale [Prince William County]

Silverton [Southampton County]

Silverwood [Chesapeake City]

Simeon [Albemarle County]

Simmerman [Wythe County]

Simmons Gap [Greene County]

Simmonsville [Craig County]

Simons Corner [Richmond County]

Simonsdale [Portsmouth City]

Simonson [Richmond County]

Simpkins [Northampton County]

Simpkins Corner [Hanover County]

Simpkins Village [Radford City]

Simpkinstown [Pulaski County]

Simplicity [Lunenburg County]

Simpson [Campbell County]

Simpsons [Floyd County]

Sinai [Halifax County]

Sinclair Farms [Hampton City]

Sinclair Manor [Hanover County]

Singer [Roanoke County]

Singerly [Richmond County]

Singers Glen [Rockingham County]

Sinking Creek [Craig County]

Sinnickson [Accomack County]

Sir John Addition [Frederick County]

Sirocco [Accomack County]

Sirons Mill [Highland County]

Sissons Corner [Northumberland County]

Sittlington [Bath County]

Six Mile [Campbell County]

Skeetertown [Suffolk City]

Skeetrock [Dickenson County]

Skeggs [Buchanan County]

Skelton [Mecklenburg County]

Skidmore Corner [Stafford County]

Skiffes Creek Annex [Newport News City]

Skimino [York County]

Skimino Farms [York County]

Skimino Hills [York County]

Skinkers Corner [Caroline County]

Skinkertown [Fauquier County]

Skinquarter [Chesterfield County]

Skippers [Greensville County]

Skipwith [Mecklenburg County]

Skipwith Farms [Henrico County]

Skipwith Farms [Williamsburg City]

Skipwiths Ferry [Mecklenburg County]

Sky Terrace [Stafford County]

Sky View Park [Fairfax County]

Skyland [Page County]

Skyland Estates [Warren County]

Skyline Crest [Albemarle County]

Skyline Hills [Stafford County]

Skymont [Staunton City]

Skyview [Roanoke County]

Skywoods [Stafford County]

Slabe [Goochland County]

Slabtown [Lancaster County]

Slabtown [Russell County]

Slabtown [Scott County]

Slabtown [Smyth County]

Slant [Scott County]

Slash [Northumberland County]

Slash Cottage [Hanover County]

Slate [Buchanan County]

Slate Hill [Buckingham County]

Slate Mills [Rappahannock County]

Slate River Mills [Buckingham County]

Slaterville [New Kent County]

Slates Corner [Greensville County]

Slatesville [Pittsylvania County]

Slaughter [Nelson County]

Sleepy Hole Borough [Suffolk City]

Sleepy Hollow [Campbell County]

Sleepy Hollow [Fairfax County]

Sleepy Hollow [Montgomery County]

Sleepy Hollow [Roanoke City]

Sleepy Hollow Estates [Fairfax County]

Sleepy Hollow Estates [Henrico County]

Sleepy Hollow Manor [Fairfax County]

Sleepy Hollow Run [Fairfax County]

Sleepy Hollow Woods [Fairfax County]

Sleepy Lake [Suffolk City]

Sleepy Lake West [Suffolk City]

Sleepy Point Estates [Suffolk City]

Slemp [Lee County]

Sliders [Buckingham County]

Sloantown [Scott County]

Smart [Floyd County]

Smedley [Rappahannock County]

Smiley [Lee County]

Smith Beach [Northampton County]

Smith Corners [Dickenson County]

Smith Hill [Westmoreland County]

Smith Lake Estates [Stafford County]

Smith Lake Landing [Stafford County]

Smith Lake Overlook [Stafford County]

Smith Lake Terrace [Virginia Beach City]

Smith Store [Buckingham County]

Smith's Creek [Washington County]

Smithfield [Isle of Wight County]

Smithfield [Radford City]

Smithfield [Russell County]

Smithland [Albemarle County]

Smiths Crossroads [Mecklenburg County]

Smiths Crossroads [Powhatan County]

Smiths Ferry [Southampton County]

Smiths Mill [Spotsylvania County]

Smiths Paradise [Franklin County]

Smithsville [Charlotte County]

Smithville [Accomack County]

Smokey Hollow [Goochland County]

Smoky [Brunswick County]

Smoky Ordinary [Brunswick County]

Smoots [Caroline County]

Smothers [Pittsylvania County]

Smyrna [Bedford County]

Smythers [Carroll County]

Snake Creek [Carroll County]

Snake Run [Alleghany County]

Snapp [Washington County]

Snapp's [Tazewell County]

Snead Estates [Stafford County]

Sneads Corner [Lunenburg County]

Sneads Spring [Nottoway County]

Snell [Spotsylvania County]

Snelson [Hanover County] (H)

Snickersville [Loudoun County]

Snidow Heights [Montgomery County]

Snidows Ferry [Giles County]

Snodgrass [Washington County]

Snodgrass Ford [Lee County]

Snow Creek [Franklin County]

Snow Hill [King and Queen County]

Snow Hill [Prince William County]

Snowden [Amherst County]

Snowden [Fairfax County]

Snowden Station [Bedford County]

Snowflake [Scott County]

Snowville [Pulaski County]

Snug Harbor [Norfolk City]

Snyder [Augusta County]

Soapstone [Pittsylvania County]

Sockobeck [King George County] (H)

Solaris [Albemarle County]

Soles [Mathews County]

Solitude [Botetourt County]

Solitude Trails [Northampton County]

Solomons [Henrico County]

Solomons Store [Henrico County]

Solsburg [Rockingham County]

Somers [Lancaster County]

Somerset [Chesterfield County]

Somerset [Orange County]

Somerset Beach [King George County]

Somerset Landing [Stafford County]

Somerton [Suffolk City]

Somerville [Fauquier County]

Sonans [Pittsylvania County]

Sontag [Franklin County]

Sophronia [Franklin County]

Sorocco [Suffolk City]

Soroco [Suffolk City]

Sorrell [Caroline County]

Soudan [Mecklenburg County]

South [Arlington County]

South Anna [Hanover County]

South Anna [Louisa County]

South Arlington [Arlington County]

South Bayview [Norfolk City]

South Boston [Halifax County]

South Chesconessex [Accomack County]

South Clinchfield [Russell County]

South Dockwood [Chesapeake City]

South Edgewood [Roanoke City]

South Fairlington [Arlington County]

South Fairview [Chesapeake City]

South Franconia [Fairfax County]

South Gap [Bland County]

South Garden [Albemarle County]

South Garden [Richmond County]

South Hampton [Hampton City]

South Hill [Chesapeake City]

South Hill [Mecklenburg County]

South Hill Park [Montgomery County]

South Jackson [Shenandoah County]

South Martinsville [Martinsville City]

South Milford [Caroline County]

South Norfolk [Chesapeake City]

South Norfolk Borough [Chesapeake City]

South Orange [Orange County]

South Plains [Prince George County]

South Point [Accomack County]

South Quay [Suffolk City]

South Richmond [Richmond City]

South Ridge [Culpeper County] (H)

South Riding [Loudoun County]

South River [Rockbridge County]

South Rivermont [Newport News City]

South Roanoke [Roanoke City]

South Salem [Salem City]

South Station [Arlington County]

South Suffolk [Suffolk City]

South Wales [Culpeper County]

South Washington [Arlington County]

South Woodley [Fairfax County]

Southampton [Hampton City]

Southampton [Portsmouth City]

Southampton [Richmond City]

Southampton [Roanoke County]

Southampton Forest [Fairfax County]

Southdowns [Roanoke County]

Southern Estates [Prince George County]

Southern Hills [Roanoke City]

Southern Pines [Dinwiddie County]

Southern Pines [Roanoke County]

Southern Points [Virginia Beach City]

Southgate [Montgomery County]

Southhampton Hills [Richmond County]

Southland Acres [Lynchburg City]

Southport [Prince William County]

Southridge [Fairfax County]

Southside [Richmond City]

Southside Hills [Salem City]

Southside Meadows [Suffolk City]

Southside Shores [Brunswick County]

Southview [Frederick County]

Southwood [Fairfax County]

Southwood Hills [Frederick County]

Southwoods [Roanoke County]

Sowego [Fauquier County]

Sowers [Floyd County]

Spainville [Nottoway County]

Spangler [Salem City]

Spanish Grove [Mecklenburg County]

Spanish Oaks [Appomattox County]

Sparkling Springs [Rockingham County]

Sparta [Caroline County]

Spec [Botetourt County]

Speedwell [Wythe County]

Speegleville [Hampton City]

Speers Ferry [Scott County]

Spencer [Henry County]

Sperryville [Rappahannock County]

Spitler [Page County]

Spivey Ford [Scott County]

Spivey Mill [Scott County]

Spivey Store [Scott County]

Splashdam, [Dickenson County]

Spotcash [Brunswick County]

Spotsylvania [Spotsylvania County]

Spotsylvania Courthouse [Spotsylvania County]

Spottsville [Surry County]

Spottswood [Augusta County]

Spottswood [Orange County]

Spout Run [Clarke County]

Spout Spring [Appomattox County]

Spracher Place [Tazewell County]

Spradlin Addition [Montgomery County]

Spratleys Mill [Surry County]

Spring Bank [Fairfax County]

Spring City [Russell County]

Spring Creek [Rockingham County]

Spring Garden [Bristol City]

Spring Garden [Pittsylvania County]

Spring Garden [Salem City]

Spring Grove [Chesterfield County]

Spring Grove [Roanoke County]

Spring Grove [Surry County]

Spring Hill [Augusta County]

Spring Hill [Fairfax County]

Spring Hill [Mecklenburg County]

Spring Lake Farm [Stafford County]

Spring Meadows [Hanover County]

Spring Mills [Appomattox County]

Spring Ridge [Fairfax County]

Spring Valley [Frederick County]

Spring Valley [Grayson County]

Spring Valley [Roanoke County]

Spring Valley [Stafford County]

Spring View [Page County]

Springbrook Forest [Fairfax County]

Springdale [Bristol City]

Springdale [Giles County]

Springdale [Henrico County]

Springdale [Loudoun County]

Springdale [Washington County]

Springfield [Albemarle County]

Springfield [Danville City]

Springfield [Fairfax County]

Springfield [Fauquier County]

Springfield [Page County]

Springfield [Rockbridge County]

Springfield [Westmoreland County]

Springfield [York County]

Springfield Estates [Fairfax County]

Springfield Forest [Fairfax County]

Springfield Oaks [Fairfax County]

Springfield Square [Fairfax County]

Springfield Station [Fairfax County]

Springfield Terrace [York County]

Springfield Woods [Fairfax County]

Springhill [James City County]

Springlawn [Roanoke County]

Springman [Fairfax County]

Springtree [Roanoke City]

Springvale [Fairfax County]

Springville [Tazewell County]

Springwood [Botetourt County]

Sprouses Corner [Buckingham County]

Sprout Spring [Appomattox County]

Spruce Hill [Roanoke County]

Squire Hill [Albemarle County]

Stacher Ford [Washington County]

Stacy [Buchanan County]

Stafford [Stafford County]

Stafford Greens [Stafford County]

Stafford Heights [Stafford County]

Stafford Lakes Village [Stafford County]

Stafford Mews [Stafford County]

Stafford Oaks [Stafford County]

Stafford Place [Chesterfield County]

Stafford Station [Stafford County]

Staffordborough [Stafford County]

Staffordshire [Chesterfield County]

Staffordsville [Giles County]

Stage Bridge [Nelson County]

Stage Junction [Fluvanna County]

Staley Crossroads [Wythe County]

Stallings [Stafford County]

Stampers [Middlesex County]

Stanard [Goochland County]

Stanards Mill [Spotsylvania County]

Stanardsville [Greene County]

Stange Mines [Bland County] (H)

Stanley [Page County]

Stanleytown [Henry County]

Stanleytown [Page County]

Stanleytown [Scott County]

Stanly [Henry County]

Staples Mill [Henrico County]

Stapleton [Amherst County]

Stapleton [Hanover County]

Stapleton Mills [Amherst County]

Star [Carroll County]

Star Cave [Wythe County]

Star Fort [Frederick County]

Star Lick [Rockingham County]

Star Tannery [Frederick County]

Starkey [Patrick County]

Starkey [Roanoke County]

Starlings Crossroads [Henry County]

Starmount [Roanoke County]

Starmount Forest [Danville City]

Starnes [Scott County]

Stately Oak [Northumberland County]

Statesville [Southampton County]

Station Hills [Fairfax County]

Staunton [Augusta County]

Staunton [Staunton City]

Staunton Park [Staunton City]

Staunton River [Pittsylvania County]

Staytide [Giles County] (H)

Stearnes [Fluvanna County]

Stebbins [Halifax County]

Steele [Alleghany County]

Steeleburg [Tazewell County]

Steeles Tavern [Augusta County]

Steeleville [Southampton County]

Steeple Chase [James City County]

Stefaniga [Stafford County]

Stefaniga Road [Stafford County]

Stefin Woods Estate [Stafford County]

Steinman [Dickenson County]

Stella [Patrick County]

Stemphleytown [Rockingham County]

Stephens [Spotsylvania County] (H)

Stephens [Wise County]

Stephens City [Frederick County]

Stephens Fort [Frederick County]

Stephenson [Frederick County]

Stepney Plantation [Prince George County]

Stepping Stone [Botetourt County]

Sterling [Loudoun County]

Sterling Park [Loudoun County]

Sterling Point [Portsmouth City]

Stevens Creek [Carroll County]

Stevensburg [Culpeper County]

Stevensville [King and Queen County]

Stevers [Suffolk City]

Stewardsburg [Rockbridge County]

Stewart [Richmond City]

Stewart Manor [Portsmouth City]

Stewartown [Loudoun County]

Stewarts Landing [Northampton County]

Stewarts Wharf [Northampton County]

Stewartsburg [Rockbridge County]

Stewartsville [Bedford County]

Stickleys [Lee County]

Stickleyville [Lee County]

Stillfield [Albemarle County]

Stillman [Fluvanna County]

Stingray Point [Middlesex County]

Stinson [Wythe County]

Stith [Halifax County]

Stockton [Henry County]

Stoddert [Cumberland County]

Stoke [Loudoun County]

Stokes [Goochland County] (H)

Stokesland [Danville City]

Stokesland [Pittsylvania County]

Stokesville [Augusta County] (H)

Stone Bridge [Chesapeake City]

Stone Bridge [Clarke County]

Stone Bruise [Russell County]

Stone Creek [Lee County]

Stone Mill [Washington County]

Stone Mountain [Bedford County]

Stone Mountain [Carroll County]

Stone River [Stafford County]

Stone Springs [Harrisonburg City]

Stonebridge Acres [Roanoke County]

Stonebridge at Widewater [Stafford County]

Stonebrook Farms [Frederick County]

Stonefield [Stafford County]

Stonega [Wise County]

Stonegate [Montgomery County]

Stonegate [Salem City]

Stonehenge [Albemarle County]

Stonehill Estates [Stafford County]

Stonehouse Wooded Estates [Stafford County]

Stoneleigh [Fairfax County]

Stoneridge [Prince William County]

Stones Corner [Stafford County]

Stones Mill [Lunenburg County]

Stones Mill [Wythe County]

Stones Store [Henry County]

Stonewall [Alleghany County]

Stonewall [Appomattox County]

Stonewall [Augusta County]

Stonewall [Rockingham County]

Stonewall Acres [Prince William County]

Stonewall Estates [Hanover County]

Stonewall Forest [Salem City]

Stonewall Manor [Fairfax County]

Stonewall Manor [Henrico County]

Stonewall Mills [Appomattox County]

Stonewall Orchard [Frederick County]

Stoney Brook Estates [Newport News City]

Stony [Scott County]

Stony Battery [Smyth County]

Stony Creek [Sussex County]

Stony Cross [Mecklenburg County]

Stony Hill Estates [Stafford County]

Stony Man [Page County]

Stony Mill [Pittsylvania County]

Stony Point [Albemarle County]

Stony Point Mills [Cumberland County]

Stony Ridge [Tazewell County]

Stony Run [Augusta County]

Stony Run Estates [Hanover County]

Stony Springs [Dinwiddie County]

Storck [Stafford County]

Storck Run [Stafford County]

Stormont [Middlesex County]

Story [Southampton County]

Stott [Isle of Wight County]

Stotts Crossroads [Isle of Wight County]

Stovall [Halifax County]

Stover [Augusta County]

Stowe of Amyclae [Stafford County]

Stowersville [Bland County]

Straightstone [Pittsylvania County]

Strasburg [Shenandoah County]

Strasburg Junction [Shenandoah County]

Stratford [Fairfax County]

Stratford [Westmoreland County]

Stratford Court [Roanoke City]

Stratford Hall [Westmoreland County]

Stratford Hills [Arlington County]

Stratford Hills [Chesterfield County]

Stratford Hills [Richmond City]

Stratford Landing [Fairfax County]

Stratford Mill [Westmoreland County]

Stratford Park [Roanoke City]

Stratford Place [Stafford County]

Stratford Terrace [Suffolk City]

Stratford Village [Henrico County]

Stratford Woods [Prince George County]

Stratford on the Potomac [Fairfax County]

Strathmeade Springs [Fairfax County]

Strathmore [Fluvanna County]

Strathouse [Fluvanna County]

Stratton [Dickenson County]

Strawberry Run [Goochland County]

Strawhorn [Hanover County]

Stribling Springs [Augusta County]

Stric [Buchanan County]

Stricklers Ferry [Page County]

Stringtown [Clarke County]

Stringtown [Scott County]

Stringtown [Wythe County]

Strom [Botetourt County]

Stroubles Mill [Montgomery County]

Stroupes Store [Wythe County]

Stuart [Patrick County]

Stuart Corner [Caroline County]

Stuart Gardens [Newport News City]

Stuarts Draft [Augusta County]

Stubbs [Spotsylvania County]

Studley [Hanover County]

Studley Farms [Hanover County]

Stukeley Hall Farms [Henrico County]

Stultz Mill [Rockingham County]

Stump [Washington County]

Stumptown [Loudoun County]

Stumptown [Northampton County]

Sturgeon Point [Charles City County]

Sturgeonville [Brunswick County]

Subdivision Estates [Stafford County]

Subletts [Powhatan County]

Suburban Acres [Norfolk City]

Suburban Hills [Montgomery County]

Suburban Park [Norfolk City]

Success [Warren County]

Sudley [Prince William County]

Sudley Mountain Estates [Prince William County]

Sudley Springs [Prince William County]

Sudley Square [Prince William County]

Suffolk [Suffolk City]

Sugar Grove [Montgomery County]

Sugar Grove [Smyth County]

Sugar Hill [Campbell County]

Sugar Loaf [Roanoke County]

Sugar Loaf Estates [Roanoke County]

Sugar Loaf Farms [Roanoke County]

Sugar Loaf Highlands [Roanoke County]

Sugar Loaf Hills [Roanoke County]

Sugarland Run [Loudoun County]

Suiter [Bland County]

Sulgrave Manor [Fairfax County]

Sullivan [Greene County] (H)

Sullivan [Stafford County]

Sully Plantation [Fairfax County]

Sulphur Spring [Tazewell County] (H)

Sulphur Springs [Lee County]

Sulphur Springs Heights [Smyth County]

Sumerduck [Fauquier County]

Summerdean [Augusta County]

Summerdean [Roanoke County]

Summerdean Gardens [Roanoke County]

Summerfield [Augusta County]

Summerfield [Grayson County]

Summers [Rockbridge County]

Summerset Ridge [Stafford County]

Summerwind [Stafford County]

Summerwood [Stafford County]

Summit [Chesterfield County]

Summit [Prince George County]

Summit [Smyth County]

Summit [Spotsylvania County] (H)

Summit [Wythe County]

Summit Hills [Roanoke City]

Sun [Russell County]

Sun Valley [Fairfax County]

Sun Valley [Roanoke County]

Sunbeam [Southampton County]

Sunbright [Scott County]

Suncrest Heights [Roanoke County]

Sundance Ridge [Montgomery County]

Sundance Village [Montgomery County]

Sunken Meadow Beach [Surry County]

Sunlight [Spotsylvania County] (H)

Sunny Bank [Loudoun County] (H)

Sunny Banks [Campbell County]

Sunny Knoll [Fauquier County]

Sunny Point [Russell County]

Sunny Ridge [Fairfax County]

Sunny Ridge [Loudoun County]

Sunny Side [Buckingham County]

Sunny Side [Cumberland County]

Sunnybank [Northumberland County]

Sunnybank Ferry [Northumberland County]

Sunnybrook [Roanoke County]

Sunnybrook Estates [Prince William County]

Sunnyside [Carroll County]

Sunnyside [Frederick County]

Sunnyside [Stafford County]

Sunnyview [Fairfax County]

Sunray [Chesapeake City]

Sunrise [Bath County]

Sunrise Heights [Roanoke City]

Sunset Heights [Henrico County]

Sunset Hills [Fairfax County]

Sunset Hills [Roanoke City]

Sunset Manor [Fairfax County]

Sunset Village [Radford City]

Sunset Village [Salem City]

Sunshine Acres [Stafford County]

Sunshine Hills [Stafford County]

Sunshine View [Stafford County]

Supply [Essex County]

Surber [Botetourt County]

Surprise [Culpeper County]

Surprise Hill [Northumberland County]

Surrey Square [Fairfax County]

Surry [Surry County]

Surry Hills [Pittsylvania County]

Susan [Mathews County]

Sussex [Norfolk City]

Sussex [Sussex County]

Sussex At Hampton [Hampton City]

Sussex Hilton [Newport News City]

Sussex at Norfolk [Norfolk City]

Suters [Rockingham County]

Sutherland [Dinwiddie County]

Sutherland [Wise County]

Sutherland [Wythe County]

Sutherland Manor [Dinwiddie County]

Sutherlin [Halifax County]

Sutton Place [Fairfax County]

Swain Acres [Danville City]

Swannanoa [Augusta County]

Swannanoa Estates [Hanover County]

Swans Corner [Caroline County]

Swansboro [Chesterfield County]

Swansboro [Richmond City]

Swansea Manor [Newport News City]

Swansen [Loudoun County]

Swansons Mill [Pittsylvania County]

Swansonville [Pittsylvania County]

Swarthmore Place [Roanoke City]

Sweepstakes [Southampton County] (H)

Sweet Briar Park [Henrico County]

Sweet Briar Station [Amherst County]

Sweet Chalybeate [Alleghany County]

Sweet Hall [King William County]

Sweetbriar Woods [Stafford County]

Sweetbrier [Portsmouth City]

Swepson [Mecklenburg County]

Swift Creek [Chesterfield County]

Swift Creek [Colonial Heights City]

Swift Creek Farms [Chesterfield County]

Swift Run [Rockingham County]

Swiftrun [Rockingham County]

Swimley [Clarke County]

Swinks Mill [Fairfax County]

Switch Back [Bath County]

Swoope [Augusta County]

Swords Creek [Russell County]

Sycamore [Pittsylvania County]

Sycamore Creek [Goochland County]

Sycamore Crossroads [Isle of Wight County]

Sycamore Ridge [Stafford County]

Sycamore Square [Chesterfield County]

Sycamore Station [Pittsylvania County]

Sycamore Valley [Rockbridge County]

Sycolin [Loudoun County]

Sycoline [Loudoun County]

Sydnorsville [Franklin County]

Sykes [Accomack County]

Sylvania Heights [Spotsylvania County]

Sylvatus [Carroll County]

Syria [Madison County]

Syringa [Middlesex County]

Sysonby Ridge [Dinwiddie County]


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