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The Communities of Virginia (VA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Rabat [Halifax County]

Rabbit Run [Chesterfield County]

Raccoon Ford [Culpeper County]

Raceway Farms [Fairfax County]

Racket [Lunenburg County]

Rackettown [Wythe County]

Racume [Brunswick County]

Racy Acres [Buena Vista City]

Radcliff [Mecklenburg County]

Radford [Bedford County]

Radford [Montgomery County]

Radford [Radford City]

Radford Village [Radford City]

Radiant [Madison County]

Radium [Greensville County]

Radnor Heights [Arlington County]

Ragged Point Beach [Westmoreland County]

Rain [Frederick County]

Rainbow Forest [Botetourt County]

Rainbow Forest [Campbell County]

Rainbow Ridge [Montgomery County]

Raine's [Cumberland County]

Raines Corner [Caroline County]

Raines Tavern [Cumberland County]

Rainier Estates [Hanover County]

Rainswood [Northumberland County]

Raintree [Albemarle County]

Raintree [Prince William County]

Raintree [Stafford County]

Raintree Village [Montgomery County]

Raitt [Buchanan County]

Raketown [Carroll County]

Ralco [Lunenburg County]

Raleigh [Hanover County] (H)

Raleigh Court [Roanoke City]

Raleigh Heights [Chesapeake City]

Raleigh Place [Chesapeake City]

Raleigh Terrace [Hampton City]

Ramble Ridge [Montgomery County]

Ramblewood [Petersburg City]

Ramey Fork [Richmond County]

Ramoth [Stafford County]

Ramoth Church Estates [Stafford County]

Ramsey [Dickenson County] (H)

Ramsey [Franklin County]

Ramsey [Nelson County]

Ramsey [Norton City]

Ramsey Flats [Dickenson County]

Ramsgate [Chesterfield County]

Randolph [Charlotte County]

Randolph Corner [Loudoun County]

Randolph Ridge [Henrico County]

Random Hills [Fairfax County]

Range Corner [Caroline County]

Rangeeley [Patrick County]

Rangeley [Henry County]

Ransons [Buckingham County]

Raphine [Rockbridge County]

Rapidan [Culpeper County]

Rapidan Woods [Hanover County]

Rappahannock [Essex County] (H)

Rappahannock Ridge Estates [Stafford County]

Rapppahannock Corner [Caroline County]

Rapps Mill [Rockbridge County]

Rasawek [Fluvanna County] (H)

Rasnake [Russell County]

Raspberry [Stafford County]

Ratliff [Tazewell County]

Raven [Tazewell County]

Raven Run [Hanover County]

Ravens Nest [Washington County]

Ravensworth [Fairfax County]

Ravensworth Farms [Fairfax County]

Ravensworth Grove [Fairfax County]

Ravensworth Park [Fairfax County]

Ravenwood [Fairfax County]

Ravenwood [Prince William County]

Ravenwood Estates [Frederick County]

Ravenwood Park [Fairfax County]

Rawhide [Lee County]

Rawley Springs [Rockingham County]

Rawlings [Brunswick County]

Ray [Pittsylvania County]

Raymond [Surry County]

Raymondale [Fairfax County]

Raymonds Fork [Caroline County]

Raynor [Isle of Wight County]

Rayo [Spotsylvania County]

Rayon Terrace [Alleghany County]

Read's Wharf [Northampton County]

Readus [Shenandoah County]

Reager [Rappahannock County]

Ream's Station [Dinwiddie County]

Reams [Dinwiddie County]

Reavistown [Grayson County]

Reba [Bedford County]

Rectortown [Fauquier County]

Red Apple Orchard [Nelson County]

Red Ash [Tazewell County]

Red Bank [Halifax County]

Red Bank [Northampton County]

Red Banks [Shenandoah County] (H)

Red Bluff [Wythe County]

Red Fox Forest [Fairfax County]

Red Hill [Accomack County]

Red Hill [Albemarle County]

Red Hill [Carroll County]

Red Hill [Essex County]

Red Hill [Stafford County]

Red Hill [Wythe County]

Red Hill Village [Newport News City]

Red House [Charlotte County]

Red Lane [Powhatan County]

Red Mills [Augusta County]

Red Mills [Rockbridge County]

Red Oak [Charlotte County]

Red Oak Grove [Charlotte County]

Red Oak Hollow [Pittsylvania County]

Red Plains [Franklin County]

Red Top [Suffolk City]

Red Valley [Franklin County]

Redart [Mathews County]

Redeye [Pittsylvania County]

Rediviva [Rappahannock County]

Redland [Albemarle County]

Redlawn [Mecklenburg County]

Redwood [Franklin County]

Reed Creek [Lee County]

Reed Creek Village [Henry County]

Reed Island [Pulaski County]

Reed Island Junction [Pulaski County]

Reed Junction [Pulaski County]

Reeds [Cumberland County]

Reedtown [Northampton County]

Reedtown [Virginia Beach City]

Reedville [Northumberland County]

Reedy [Lunenburg County]

Reedy Mill [Caroline County]

Reekes Mill [Lunenburg County]

Reese Shop [Charlotte County]

Reese's [Charlotte County]

Reesedale [Montgomery County]

Reeves [Prince George County] (H)

Reflection Place [Fairfax County]

Refuge [Frederick County]

Regent [Middlesex County]

Regina [Lancaster County]

Rehoboth [Lunenburg County]

Rehoboth Church [Lancaster County]

Reids Ferry [Suffolk City]

Reids Grove [Fairfax County]

Relee [Arlington County]

Reliance [Warren County]

Relief [Frederick County]

Remington [Fauquier County]

Remlik [Middlesex County]

Remo [Northumberland County]

Renan [Pittsylvania County]

Renmington [Fauquier County]

Rens [Accomack County]

Repass [Russell County]

Repton [Nelson County]

Repton Mills [Madison County]

Republican Grove [Halifax County]

Rescue [Isle of Wight County]

Reservoir [Newport News City]

Reservoir Hill [Covington City]

Residence [Halifax County]

Rest [Frederick County]

Reston [Fairfax County]

Retreat [Franklin County]

Return [Caroline County]

Retz [Mathews County]

Reusens [Campbell County]

Reusens [Lynchburg City]

Reva [Culpeper County]

Revercombs Corner [Rappahannock County]

Reverie [Franklin County]

Revis [Middlesex County]

Revistown [Brunswick County] (H)

Rexburg [Essex County]

Reynard Woods [Albemarle County]

Reynolds [Orange County]

Reynolds Corner [Northumberland County]

Reynolds Mill [Patrick County]

Reynolds Store [Frederick County]

Rhoadesville [Orange County]

Rhodes [Isle of Wight County]

Rhoton Mill [Scott County]

Ribbon [Louisa County]

Rice [Prince Edward County]

Rice Depot [Prince Edward County]

Riceville [Pittsylvania County]

Rich Creek [Giles County]

Rich Neck [Richmond County]

Rich Neck Heights [Williamsburg City]

Rich Patch [Alleghany County]

Rich Patch Mines [Alleghany County]

Rich Valley [Smyth County]

Richards [Goochland County]

Richardson [Carroll County]

Richardson [Mecklenburg County]

Richardson [New Kent County] (H)

Richardsville [Culpeper County]

Richardsville South [Culpeper County]

Richart Heights [Roanoke County]

Richland Forest [Stafford County]

Richland Hills [Lynchburg City]

Richlands [Tazewell County]

Richmond [Henrico County]

Richmond [Richmond City]

Richmond Beach [Essex County]

Richmond Heights [Henrico County]

Richtown [Lancaster County]

Rickahake [Norfolk City] (H)

Rickahock [King and Queen County]

Ridge [Henrico County]

Ridge Church [Henrico County] (H)

Ridge Pointe [Stafford County]

Ridge Wood Estates [Prince William County]

Ridgecrest [Fairfax County]

Ridgecrest [Pittsylvania County]

Ridgedale [Prince William County]

Ridgedale [Smyth County]

Ridgefield [Radford City]

Ridgelea [Culpeper County]

Ridgeview [Fairfax County]

Ridgeway [Halifax County]

Ridgeway [Henry County]

Ridgeway [Pittsylvania County]

Ridgewood Farm [Salem City]

Ridgewood Heights [Roanoke City]

Ridgewood Park [Roanoke City]

Ridings Mill [Frederick County]

Riggan [Mecklenburg County]

Riggins [Surry County]

Riggs [Scott County] (H)

Righkahauk [New Kent County] (H)

Rigna [Bedford County]

Rileyville [Page County]

Riner [Montgomery County]

Ringgold [Pittsylvania County]

Rinkerton [Shenandoah County]

Rio [Albemarle County]

Rio Heights [Albemarle County]

Rio Vista [Henrico County]

Rio Vista [Richmond County]

Rip Rap [Halifax County]

Ripley's Mills [Craig County]

Ripplemead [Giles County]

Ritchieville [Dinwiddie County]

Rivanna [Albemarle County]

Rivanna [Fluvanna County]

Rivco [Warren County]

Rivendell [Stafford County]

River Bend [Stafford County]

River Bend Estates [Fairfax County]

River Bend Estates [Prince William County]

River Cliff [Goochland County]

River Edge [Roanoke County]

River Forest Shores [Norfolk City]

River Front [Norfolk City]

River Jack [Tazewell County]

River Oaks [Fairfax County]

River Oaks [Goochland County]

River Oaks [Norfolk City]

River Park [Clarke County]

River Park [Portsmouth City]

River Ridge Estates [Stafford County]

River Road Estates [Chesterfield County]

River Road Hills [Henrico County]

River Road Terrace [Chesterfield County]

River Shore [Portsmouth City]

River Terrace [Hampton City]

River View [Warren County]

River View Park [Chesterfield County]

Riverbend [Chesapeake City]

Rivercliff [Suffolk City]

Rivercrest [Arlington County]

Riverdale [Chesapeake City]

Riverdale [Halifax County]

Riverdale [Hampton City]

Riverdale [Prince George County]

Riverdale [Roanoke City]

Riverdale [Southampton County]

Rivergate [Poquoson City]

Rivergate [Stafford County]

Riverhill [Carroll County]

Riverland Court [Salem City]

Riverlee [Salem City]

Rivermont [Augusta County]

Rivermont [Chesterfield County]

Rivermont [Covington City]

Rivermont [Lynchburg City]

Rivermont [Newport News City]

Rivermont [Roanoke City]

Riverpoint [Norfolk City]

Riverrun [Albemarle County]

Rivers Edge [Greensville County]

Rivers Edge [Prince George County]

Rivers Mill [Southampton County]

Riverside [Grayson County]

Riverside [Newport News City]

Riverside [Norfolk City]

Riverside [Roanoke County]

Riverside [Rockbridge County]

Riverside [Smyth County]

Riverside [Warren County]

Riverside Estates [Fairfax County]

Riverside Estates [Roanoke County]

Riverside Gardens [Fairfax County]

Riversville [Amherst County]

Riverton [Warren County]

Riverton Junction [Warren County]

Riverview [Norfolk City]

Riverview [Suffolk City]

Riverview [Wise County]

Riverview Estates [Prince William County]

Riverview Heights [Halifax County]

Riverview Landing [King William County]

Riverville [Amherst County]

Riverwood [Arlington County]

Riverwood [Fairfax County]

Rives [Prince George County]

Rixey [Caroline County]

Rixeyville [Culpeper County]

Rixlew [Prince William County]

Roaches Corner [Charles City County]

Roane [King and Queen County]

Roanes [Gloucester County]

Roanoke [Roanoke City]

Roanoke Red Sulphur Springs [Roanoke County]

Roaring Fork [Wise County]

Roaring Park [Wise County]

Roaring Run [Botetourt County]

Roaringfork [Wise County]

Roark [Rockingham County]

Robanna Shores [York County]

Robbin Dale Farms [Henrico County]

Robbins [Lee County] (H)

Robbins Chapel [Lee County]

Robbins Corner [Virginia Beach City]

Robert Heights [Gloucester County]

Roberta [Franklin County]

Roberts Ferry [Mecklenburg County]

Roberts Mill [Smyth County]

Roberts Park [Norfolk City]

Robertson Place [Chesterfield County]

Robertsons [Bedford County] (H)

Robey's [Spotsylvania County] (H)

Robeys Mill [Fairfax County]

Robin Hood Park [Roanoke County]

Robin Park [Henrico County]

Robin Ridge [Hanover County]

Robinhood Forest [Virginia Beach City]

Robinwood [Chesterfield County]

Robinwood [Danville City]

Robinwood [Henrico County]

Robious [Chesterfield County]

Robley [Richmond County]

Robnel [Manassas City]

Rochambeau Village [York County]

Rochelle [Madison County]

Rock Castle [Goochland County]

Rock Enon [Frederick County]

Rock Enon Springs [Frederick County]

Rock Fish Depot [Nelson County]

Rock Ford [Fauquier County]

Rock Hall [Clarke County]

Rock Hill [Fauquier County]

Rock Hill [Loudoun County]

Rock Hill Estates [Stafford County]

Rock Hill Manors [Stafford County]

Rock House [Russell County]

Rock Island [Buckingham County]

Rock Mills [Rappahannock County]

Rock Run [Henry County]

Rock Springs [Chesterfield County]

Rock Springs [Fairfax County]

Rockaway [Fluvanna County]

Rockbridge Alum Springs [Rockbridge County]

Rockbridge Baths [Rockbridge County]

Rockbrook [Albemarle County]

Rockcroft [Clarke County]

Rockdell [Russell County]

Rocketts [Henrico County]

Rockfish [Nelson County]

Rockhouse [Tazewell County]

Rockingham [Rockingham County]

Rockingham Court [Roanoke County]

Rockland [Warren County]

Rockland Village [Fairfax County]

Rocktown [Washington County]

Rockville [Hanover County]

Rocky Bar [Rockingham County]

Rocky Ford [Bedford County]

Rocky Ford [Brunswick County]

Rocky Ford [Frederick County]

Rocky Gap [Bland County]

Rocky Glen [Shenandoah County]

Rocky Mount [Franklin County]

Rocky Point [Botetourt County]

Rocky Run [Dinwiddie County]

Rocky Run [Orange County]

Rocky Run [Prince William County]

Rocky Station [Lee County]

Rockydale [Roanoke City]

Roda [Wise County]

Rodden [Halifax County]

Rodes [Bedford County]

Rodney [Bedford County]

Rodophil [Amelia County]

Roebuck [Washington County]

Roetown [Washington County]

Rogers [Montgomery County]

Rogers Corner [Mecklenburg County]

Rohoic Farms [Dinwiddie County]

Roland Park [Norfolk City]

Roland Terrace [Roanoke City]

Rolands Mill [Charles City County]

Rolla [Augusta County]

Rolling Brook [Prince William County]

Rolling Fields [Frederick County]

Rolling Hill [Charlotte County]

Rolling Hills [Chesterfield County]

Rolling Hills [Fairfax County]

Rolling Hills [Frederick County]

Rolling Hills [Montgomery County]

Rolling Hills [Salem City]

Rolling Hills [Stafford County]

Rolling Meadows [Stafford County]

Rolling Valley [Fairfax County]

Rolling Woods [Roanoke City]

Rollingwood [Fairfax County]

Rollingwood [Isle of Wight County]

Rollingwood [Portsmouth City]

Rollins Fork [King George County]

Rollinswood South [Stafford County]

Roman [Augusta County]

Romancoke [King William County]

Rondo [Pittsylvania County]

Ronk [Giles County]

Roosevelt Gardens [Norfolk City]

Roosevelt Park [Henrico County]

Roper [Wythe County]

Rorer Mines [Roanoke City] (H)

Rorrer [Patrick County]

Rosa [Halifax County]

Rosalind Hills [Roanoke City]

Roscows [Hampton City] (H)

Rose Bower [Appomattox County]

Rose Ferry [Grayson County]

Rose Gardens [Norfolk City]

Rose Hill [Albemarle County]

Rose Hill [Fairfax County]

Rose Hill [Lee County]

Rose Hill [Prince William County]

Rose Hill [Rappahannock County]

Rose Hill Estates [Culpeper County]

Rose Hill Farms [Fairfax County]

Rose Hill Farms [Stafford County]

Rose Mills [Nelson County]

Roseann [Buchanan County]

Rosecrest [Roanoke County]

Rosedale [Norfolk City]

Rosedale [Russell County]

Rosedale [Stafford County]

Rosehill Addition [Montgomery County]

Roseland [Nelson County]

Rosemont [Alexandria City]

Rosemont [Fairfax County]

Rosemont [Gloucester County]

Rosemont [Norfolk City]

Rosemont [Suffolk City]

Rosemont [Virginia Beach City]

Rosena [Albemarle County]

Rosenberger [Frederick County]

Roses Mill [Nelson County]

Rosespout [King William County]

Roseville [Stafford County]

Roseville Heights [Stafford County]

Roseville Plantation [Stafford County]

Rosewell [Gloucester County]

Rosewell Harbor [Gloucester County]

Rosewood Estates [Stafford County]

Rosewood Park [Roanoke City]

Roslyn Hills [Henrico County]

Rosney [Buckingham County]

Ross [Stafford County]

Rosslyn [Alexandria City]

Rosslyn [Arlington County]

Rosstown [Fauquier County]

Roth [Buchanan County]

Rotherwood [Culpeper County]

Rough Creek [Charlotte County]

Round Bottom [Bland County]

Round Hill [Frederick County]

Round Hill [Loudoun County]

Round Hill [Rappahannock County]

Round Hill Park [Roanoke City]

Round Hill Terrace [Roanoke City]

Round Top [Wise County]

Roundstone [Wise County]

Roundtree [Fairfax County]

Rourkes Gap [Tazewell County]

Routt's [Fauquier County]

Rowanta [Dinwiddie County]

Rowe [Buchanan County]

Rowe Crossroads [Wythe County]

Rowes Haven [Gloucester County]

Roxbury [Charles City County]

Roxbury [Henrico County]

Roxton [Lunenburg County]

Royal Acres [Albemarle County]

Royal City [Buchanan County]

Royal Court [Fairfax County]

Royal Hills Estates [Stafford County]

Royal Oaks Estates [Goochland County]

Royal View Estates [Warren County]

Royal Village [Warren County]

Royville [Loudoun County]

Rual [Dickenson County]

Ruark [Middlesex County]

Rubermont [Lunenburg County]

Ruby [Stafford County]

Ruckersville [Greene County]

Rudee Heights [Virginia Beach City]

Rue [Accomack County]

Ruel [Hanover County] (H)

Ruff [Mathews County]

Ruffin [Albemarle County]

Ruffins Ferry [New Kent County]

Ruffner Ferry [Page County]

Rugby [Albemarle County]

Rugby [Grayson County]

Rugby [Roanoke City]

Rumford [King William County]

Runaway Village [Botetourt County]

Running Deer [Albemarle County]

Running Still [Goochland County]

Runnymede [Chesterfield County]

Runnymede [Roanoke City]

Runnymede [Surry County]

Rural [Wise County]

Rural Bower [Greensville County]

Rural Home [Grayson County]

Rural Retreat [Wythe County]

Ruritan [Amherst County]

Rush Corner [Washington County]

Rushmere [Isle of Wight County]

Rushmere Shores [Isle of Wight County]

Rushville [Rockingham County]

Russell [Russell County]

Russell [Suffolk City]

Russell Corner [Mecklenburg County]

Russell Creek [Patrick County]

Russell Creek [Wise County]

Russell Point [Suffolk City]

Russells Ferry [Madison County]

Russellwood [Campbell County]

Rust Hollow [Washington County]

Rustburg [Campbell County]

Rustic [Charles City County]

Ruth [Madison County]

Ruther Glen [Caroline County]

Ruther Glen Corner [Caroline County]

Rutherford [Fairfax County]

Rutherford [Rockingham County]

Ruthland [Henrico County]

Ruthville [Charles City County]

Rutledge Creek Park [Danville City]

Rux [Brunswick County]

Ruxton [Norfolk City] (H)

Ruxton [Roanoke County]

Ryan [Loudoun County]

Rye Cove [Scott County]

Rye Valley [Smyth County]

Ryland [Culpeper County]

Ryland Corner [Caroline County]


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