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The Communities of Virginia (VA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Gabe [Tazewell County]

Gaila Woods [Prince William County]

Gaines Mill [Hanover County]

Gainesboro [Frederick County]

Gainesville [Prince William County]

Gait's Mills [Amherst County]

Gaitville [Amherst County]

Gala [Botetourt County]

Gala Water [Botetourt County]

Galax [Galax City]

Galena [Augusta County]

Galena [Wythe County]

Gallimore [Pulaski County]

Gallops Corner [Virginia Beach City]

Galts Mill [Amherst County]

Galveston [Pittsylvania County]

Gambetta [Carroll County]

Gangasco [Northampton County] (H)

Gap Store [Tazewell County]

Gapstore [Tazewell County]

Garden [Russell County]

Garden City [Arlington County]

Garden City [Hampton City]

Garden City [Roanoke City]

Garden Shores [Newport News City]

Garden Wood Park [Virginia Beach City]

Gardner [Russell County]

Gardner Mills [Carroll County]

Gardner's [Russell County]

Gardners Crossroads [Louisa County]

Garfield [Fairfax County]

Garfield Estates [Prince William County]

Gargatha [Accomack County]

Garland Heights [Chesterfield County]

Garland Hill [Lynchburg City]

Garland Orchards [Botetourt County]

Garners Mill [Greensville County]

Garnett [Hanover County]

Garnett Crossing [Hanover County]

Garrett [Buckingham County]

Garrisons Corners [Stafford County] (H)

Garrisonville [Stafford County]

Garrisonville Estates [Stafford County]

Garth [Albemarle County]

Gary [Lunenburg County]

Garysville [Prince George County]

Gasburg [Brunswick County]

Gaskins [Greensville County] (H)

Gate City [Scott County]

Gate House Farms [James City County]

Gatewood [Spotsylvania County]

Gatewood Park [Virginia Beach City]

Gauntlet Estates [Stafford County]

Gay Farms [Chesterfield County]

Gayles [King George County]

Gaylord [Clarke County]

Gaymont [Roanoke City]

Gaynor Heights [Henry County]

Gays [Louisa County] (H)

Gayton [Henrico County] (H)

Geer [Greene County]

Geneva Park [Chesapeake City]

Geneva Shores [Chesapeake City]

Genito [Powhatan County]

Genito Estates [Chesterfield County]

Genoa [Rockingham County]

Genovar [Surry County]

George [Cumberland County]

George Washington [Alexandria City]

George Washington Park [Virginia Beach City]

Georges Fork [Dickenson County]

Georges Landing [Goochland County]

Georges Mill [Loudoun County]

Georges Tavern [Goochland County]

Georgetown [Charlottesville City]

Georgetown [Hanover County]

Georgetown [Northumberland County]

Georgetown [Shenandoah County]

Georgetown East [Chesapeake City]

Georgetown East [Stafford County]

Georgetown Green [Albemarle County]

Georgetown Park [Roanoke County]

Georgetown South [Manassas City]

Georgetown Village [Prince William County]

Georgetown West [Chesapeake City]

Georgetown West [Stafford County]

Gera [King George County]

German [Loudoun County]

Germana [Orange County] (H)

Germans Corner [Richmond County]

Germantown [Bath County] (H)

Germantown [Fauquier County]

Gertie [Chesapeake City]

Gertie [Norfolk City]

Gether [Caroline County]

Getz [Shenandoah County]

Getz Corner [Shenandoah County]

Ghent [Norfolk City]

Ghent [Roanoke City]

Gholsonville [Brunswick County]

Gibeon [Northumberland County]

Gibson Mill [Lee County]

Gibson Station [Lee County]

Gibson's Station [Lee County]

Gibsonville [Russell County]

Gidsville [Amherst County]

Giesley Mill [Washington County]

Giffgaff [Charlotte County]

Gig [Lunenburg County]

Gilbert [Albemarle County]

Gilbert Gardens [Henrico County]

Gilbert Heights [Albemarle County]

Gilbert Mill [Patrick County]

Gilberts Corner [Loudoun County]

Giles Mill [Amelia County]

Gillespie [Bedford County]

Gillespie [Tazewell County]

Gilley [Wise County]

Gilliamsville [Buckingham County]

Gillick Corner [Northumberland County]

Gills [Amelia County]

Gills [Mecklenburg County]

Gills Corner [Lunenburg County]

Gilly [Wise County]

Gilman [Hanover County]

Gilmer Terrace [Pittsylvania County]

Gilmerton [Chesapeake City]

Gilmerton [Norfolk City]

Gilmore [Rockbridge County]

Gilmore Mills [Rockbridge County]

Ginter Park [Richmond City]

Glade Road Heights [Montgomery County]

Glade Spring [Washington County]

Gladehill [Franklin County]

Gladesboro [Carroll County]

Gladeville [Wise County]

Gladewood [Montgomery County]

Gladstone [Nelson County]

Gladys [Campbell County]

Glamorgan [Wise County]

Glasgow [Rockbridge County]

Glasgow station [Rockbridge County]

Glass [Gloucester County]

Glasses Store [Lee County]

Glebe Mills [Botetourt County]

Glebe Point [Chesterfield County]

Gleedsville [Loudoun County]

Glen Alden [Fairfax County]

Glen Allen [Henrico County]

Glen Allen Heights [Henrico County]

Glen Burke [Tazewell County]

Glen Court [Henry County]

Glen Cove [Roanoke County]

Glen Echo [Richmond County]

Glen Echo [Warren County]

Glen Echo Place [Chesterfield County]

Glen Forest [Fairfax County]

Glen Forest [Roanoke County]

Glen Forest [Suffolk City]

Glen Gary [Fairfax County]

Glen Lyn [Giles County]

Glen Oaks [Fairfax County]

Glen Rock [Norfolk City]

Glen Roy Estates [Gloucester County]

Glen Wilton [Botetourt County]

Glenaire [Albemarle County]

Glenbrook [Fairfax County]

Glenbrook Hills [Henrico County]

Glencarlyn [Arlington County]

Glendale [Fairfax County]

Glendale [Fauquier County] (H)

Glendale [Henrico County]

Glendale [Newport News City]

Glendale [Prince William County]

Glendale [Roanoke City]

Glendie [Stafford County]

Glendower [Albemarle County]

Glendoyle [Dinwiddie County] (H)

Glenford [Washington County]

Glenita [Scott County]

Glenland [Pittsylvania County]

Glenmere [Fairfax County]

Glenmont [Roanoke County]

Glenmoore [Chesapeake City]

Glenmore [Albemarle County]

Glenmore [Buckingham County]

Glenns [Gloucester County]

Glenora [Spotsylvania County]

Glenorchy [Albemarle County]

Glenrochie [Washington County]

Glenshellah [Portsmouth City]

Glenvar [Roanoke County]

Glenvar East [Roanoke County]

Glenvar Heights [Roanoke County]

Glenwood [Amherst County]

Glenwood [Pittsylvania County]

Glenwood [Rockbridge County]

Glenwood [Virginia Beach City]

Glenwood [Wythe County]

Glenwood Estates [Roanoke City]

Glenwood Farms [Henrico County]

Glenwood Forest [Stafford County]

Glenwood Park [Norfolk City]

Glimpses Corner [Hanover County]

Globe [King William County]

Gloucester [Gloucester County]

Gloucester Courthouse [Gloucester County]

Gloucester Point [Gloucester County]

Gloversville [Suffolk City]

Goad Heights [Roanoke County]

Goblintown [Patrick County]

Goby [King George County]

Goffs [Bedford County]

Gogginsville [Franklin County]

Golansville [Caroline County]

Gold Dale [Orange County]

Gold Hill [Buckingham County]

Goldbond [Giles County]

Golden Hills [Fauquier County]

Golden Spring [Buchanan County]

Goldleaf [Mecklenburg County]

Goldmans Corner [Caroline County]

Goldvein [Fauquier County]

Gonyon [Northumberland County]

Goochland [Goochland County]

Good [Frederick County]

Good Luck [Lancaster County]

Goodall [Hanover County]

Goode [Bedford County]

Goode Crossing [Powhatan County]

Goodes Ferry [Mecklenburg County]

Goodloe [Lee County] (H)

Goodloe's [Spotsylvania County] (H)

Goodrich Fork [Surry County]

Goods Mill [Page County]

Goods Mill [Rockingham County]

Goodview [Bedford County]

Goodwin [Spotsylvania County]

Goodwin Neck Estates [York County]

Goodwins Ferry [Giles County]

Goodwins Ferry [Montgomery County] (H)

Goodwynsville [Dinwiddie County]

Goose Pimple Junction [Washington County]

Goosepoint [Goochland County]

Gordon Corner [Mecklenburg County]

Gordon Crossing [Nelson County]

Gordon Landing [King William County]

Gordon and Keziah Sullivan Estates [Stafford County]

Gordondale [Frederick County]

Gordonsville [Orange County]

Gore [Frederick County]

Goresville [Loudoun County]

Gose Mill [Tazewell County]

Goshen [Rockbridge County]

Goshen Cross Road [Hanover County]

Gosport [Portsmouth City]

Gossan [Carroll County]

Gossan Junction [Carroll County]

Gouldin [Hanover County]

Governors Grove [Fairfax County]

Gowrie Park [Norfolk City]

Grace Point [Lancaster County]

Graceland [Tazewell County]

Graden [Wise County]

Grady [Pittsylvania County]

Grafton [Middlesex County]

Grafton [York County]

Grafton Village [Stafford County]

Graham [Tazewell County]

Graham Park Shores [Prince William County]

Grahams Forge [Wythe County]

Granby Shores [Norfolk City]

Grand Summit [Chesterfield County]

Grand View [Hampton City]

Grandin Court [Roanoke City]

Grandview [Salem City]

Grandview [Stafford County]

Grandview Estates [Warren County]

Grandview Gardens [Roanoke County]

Grandview Heights [Radford City]

Grandview Shores [Hampton City]

Grandy [Brunswick County]

Grandy Park [Norfolk City]

Grange Camp [Fairfax County]

Grangeville [Accomack County]

Graninger [Stafford County]

Granite [Chesterfield County]

Granite [Richmond City]

Granite Springs [Spotsylvania County]

Grant [Grayson County]

Grant Village [Dinwiddie County]

Grantland [Henrico County]

Granville [Charles City County]

Grape [Accomack County] (H)

Grape Lawn [Nelson County]

Grapefield [Bland County]

Grass Ridge [Fairfax County]

Grassfield [Chesapeake City]

Grassfield [Norfolk City]

Grassland [Orange County]

Grassy Creek [Henry County]

Grassy Creek [Russell County]

Gratton [Tazewell County]

Gravel Hill [Buckingham County]

Gravel Hill [Richmond City]

Gravel Lick [Russell County]

Gravel Ridge [Campbell County]

Gravel Springs [Frederick County]

Gravelly Point [Arlington County]

Graves [Loudoun County]

Graves Corner [King George County]

Graves Mill [Madison County]

Graves Store [Bedford County]

Gray [Sussex County]

Gray Sulphur Springs [Giles County] (H)

Grays [Scott County]

Grays Corner [Buckingham County]

Grays Corner [Westmoreland County]

Grays Ford [Scott County]

Grays Hill Village [Fairfax County]

Grays Steven Tract [Stafford County]

Grayson [Carroll County]

Graysontown [Montgomery County]

Graysville [Accomack County]

Graysville [Floyd County]

Great Bridge [Chesapeake City]

Great Bridge [Norfolk City]

Great Bridge Gardens [Chesapeake City]

Great Falls [Fairfax County]

Great Neck Estates [Virginia Beach City]

Great Neck Manor [Virginia Beach City]

Great Oaks [Amherst County]

Green [Henrico County] (H)

Green Acres [Chesapeake City]

Green Acres [Fairfax City]

Green Acres [Frederick County]

Green Acres [Pittsylvania County]

Green Bay [Hanover County]

Green Bay [Prince Edward County]

Green Cove [Washington County]

Green Hill [Campbell County]

Green Hill [Roanoke County]

Green Hill Farms [Norfolk City]

Green Hill Forest [Warren County]

Green Hill Terrace [Roanoke County]

Green Lakes [Portsmouth City]

Green Meadow Point [Chesapeake City]

Green Meadows [Campbell County]

Green Meadows [Henrico County]

Green Mount [Rockingham County]

Green Oaks [Newport News City]

Green Place [Tazewell County]

Green Plain [Greensville County]

Green Pond [Pittsylvania County]

Green Run [Virginia Beach City]

Green Spring [Frederick County]

Green Spring [Washington County]

Green Spring Depot [Louisa County]

Green Springs [Louisa County]

Green Valley [Arlington County]

Green Valley [Bath County]

Green Valley [Roanoke County]

Green Valley [Washington County]

Greenbackville [Accomack County]

Greenbriar [Chesterfield County]

Greenbriar [Fairfax County]

Greenbriar [Portsmouth City]

Greenbriar Heights [Charlottesville City]

Greenbrier [Charlottesville City]

Greenbrier Park [Roanoke City]

Greenbush [Accomack County]

Greendale [Henrico County]

Greendale [Washington County]

Greenes Corner [Louisa County]

Greenfield [Mecklenburg County]

Greenfield [Nelson County]

Greenfield [Pittsylvania County]

Greenfield [Roanoke County]

Greenfield [Spotsylvania County]

Greenfield [Washington County]

Greenfield Farms [Portsmouth City]

Greenfields [Albemarle County]

Greengate [Henrico County]

Greenland Hills [Roanoke City]

Greenlaw's Wharf [King George County]

Greenlee [Rockbridge County]

Greenlees Ferry [Rockbridge County]

Greenridge [Stafford County]

Greens Corner [Culpeper County]

Greensprings [York County]

Greentown [Brunswick County]

Greenvale [Lancaster County] (H)

Greenville [Augusta County]

Greenville [Fauquier County]

Greenway [Charles City County]

Greenway [Fairfax County]

Greenway [Hanover County]

Greenway [Nelson County]

Greenway Court [Clarke County]

Greenway Downs [Fairfax County]

Greenway Estates [Clarke County]

Greenway Hills [Fairfax City]

Greenway Wharf [Gloucester County]

Greenwich [Prince William County]

Greenwich [Virginia Beach City]

Greenwich Acres [Prince William County]

Greenwood [Albemarle County]

Greenwood [Bath County] (H)

Greenwood [Henrico County]

Greenwood [Norfolk City]

Greenwood [Rockingham County]

Greenwood Depot [Albemarle County]

Greenwood Farms [Hampton City]

Greenwood Farms [Petersburg City]

Greenwood Forest [Roanoke County]

Greenwood Heights [Frederick County]

Greenwood Park [Greensville County]

Greggsville [Loudoun County]

Gregory Corner [Mecklenburg County]

Gressitt [King and Queen County]

Greta [Accomack County] (H)

Gretna [Pittsylvania County]

Grey Point-White Stone Ferry [Lancaster County]

Greyledge [Botetourt County]

Greys Corner [Westmoreland County]

Greystone [Henry County]

Griffins Beach [York County]

Griffins Landing [Lancaster County]

Griffinsburg [Culpeper County]

Griffith [Alleghany County]

Griffiths Corner [Westmoreland County]

Grigbys Store [Scott County]

Grimes [Frederick County]

Grimsleyville [Buchanan County]

Grimstead [Mathews County]

Grindall Creek [Chesterfield County]

Grinels [Middlesex County]

Grit [Pittsylvania County]

Grizzard [Sussex County]

Grizzle [Dickenson County]

Grizzle [Russell County] (H)

Groseclose [Smyth County]

Groseclose [Wythe County]

Groseclose Corner [Washington County]

Groseclose Store [Bland County]

Gross Point [Bedford County]

Grosses [Smyth County]

Groton Town [Accomack County]

Grotons [Accomack County]

Grottoes [Augusta County]

Grouse Hollow Estates [Frederick County]

Grove [James City County]

Grove Hill [Page County]

Grove Park [Danville City]

Grove Park [Portsmouth City]

Grove Park [Roanoke City]

Grove Place [Chesterfield County]

Grove Wharf [James City County]

Groveland [Virginia Beach City]

Groves Estates [Stafford County]

Groveton [Fairfax County]

Groveton [Prince William County]

Groveton Gardens [Fairfax County]

Groveton Heights [Fairfax County]

Grubb [Wythe County]

Grubbs Store [Louisa County]

Grundy [Buchanan County]

Guest's Station [Wise County]

Guildfield Corner [Southampton County]

Guilds Acres [Hanover County]

Guilford [Accomack County]

Guilford [Fairfax County]

Guilford [Roanoke City]

Guilford Heights [Surry County]

Guinea [Caroline County]

Guinea Mills [Cumberland County]

Guiney's [Caroline County]

Gullysville [Nelson County]

Gulvey [King George County]

Gum [Southampton County]

Gum Fork [Gloucester County]

Gum Spring [Louisa County]

Gum Springs [Fairfax County]

Gum Tree [Hanover County]

Gun Barrel Lane Estates [Clarke County]

Guninea [Caroline County]

Gunn [Craig County]

Gunn Hall Manor [Virginia Beach City]

Gunshill [Dinwiddie County]

Gunston [Fairfax County]

Gunston Heights [Fairfax County]

Gunston Manor [Fairfax County]

Gunton Park [Wythe County]

Guynn [Mathews County]

Gwaltney Corner [Surry County]

Gwaltney Crossroads [Isle of Wight County]

Gwathmey [Hanover County]

Gwynn [Mathews County]

Gwynn's Island [Mathews County]

Gypsum [Smyth County]

Gypsum Hill Estates [Prince William County]


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