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The Communities of Virginia (VA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Hackleys Crossroad [Rappahannock County]

Hacksneck [Accomack County]

Haddonfield [Wise County]

Haden [Botetourt County]

Hadens Store [Goochland County]

Hadensville [Goochland County]

Hadensville Estates [Goochland County]

Hadensville Farms [Goochland County]

Hadlock [Northampton County]

Hagan [Lee County]

Hagood [Mecklenburg County]

Hague [Westmoreland County]

Hale [Tazewell County]

Hale Creek [Buchanan County]

Hale's Mill [Scott County]

Haleford [Bedford County] (H)

Halemhurst [Fairfax City]

Hales Bottom [Tazewell County]

Hales Ford [Bedford County]

Hales Ford [Franklin County] (H)

Haleys Corner [Caroline County]

Halfway [Fauquier County]

Halifax [Halifax County]

Halifax Hills [Pittsylvania County]

Hall Ford [Lee County]

Hallbrooke Woods [Stafford County]

Halliahurst Park [Roanoke County]

Hallieford [Mathews County]

Hallmark Manor [Prince William County]

Hallowing Point Estates [Fairfax County]

Halls Hill [Arlington County]

Hallsboro [Chesterfield County]

Hallwood [Accomack County]

Hallwood [Hampton City]

Halsey [Campbell County]

Halsey Ferry [Grayson County]


Hamburg [Page County]

Hamburg [Shenandoah County]

Hamilton [Cumberland County]

Hamilton [Dinwiddie County]

Hamilton [Loudoun County]

Hamilton [Spotsylvania County]

Hamilton Crossing [Spotsylvania County]

Hamilton Station [Loudoun County]

Hamilton town [Wise County]

Hamlin [Russell County]

Hamlin Hills [Stafford County]

Hamlins Corner [Northumberland County]

Hammet [Bedford County]

Hampden - Sydney [Prince Edward County]

Hampden Hills [Roanoke County]

Hampshire Forest [Stafford County]

Hampstead [King George County]

Hampstead [New Kent County]

Hampstead Village [Stafford County]

Hampton [Hampton City]

Hampton Gardens [Richmond City]

Hampton Oaks [Stafford County]

Hampton Terrace [Hampton City]

Hams Ford [Spotsylvania County]

Hanckel [Washington County]

Hand [Southampton County]

Handsom [Southampton County]

Handsom's Depot [Southampton County]

Haneytown [Greene County]

Hanford [Mecklenburg County]

Hanford Crossroads [Mecklenburg County]

Hanger [Buchanan County]

Hanging Rock [Roanoke County]

Hanover [Hanover County]

Hanover Farms [Hanover County]

Hanover Heights [Hanover County]

Hanover Heights [Newport News City]

Hanover Heights South [Hanover County]

Hanover Hills [Hanover County]

Hanovertown [Hanover County]

Hans Meadow [Montgomery County]

Hansonville [Russell County]

Happy Creek [Warren County]

Happy Valley [Campbell County]

Haran [Roanoke County]

Harbor Hills [Gloucester County]

Harbor View [Fairfax County]

Harborton [Accomack County]

Harbour Point [Northampton County]

Harcum [Gloucester County]

Hard Corner [Caroline County]

Hardenburg [Spotsylvania County] (H)

Hardesty [Warren County]

Hardings [Northumberland County]

Hardins Corner [Northumberland County]

Hardscrabble [Highland County]

Hardware [Fluvanna County]

Hardwood [Scott County]

Hardy [Bedford County]

Hardy [Pittsylvania County]

Hardy Ford [Franklin County]

Hardyville [Middlesex County]

Hare Valley [Northampton County]

Hare Valley Estates [Northampton County]

Harfield [Middlesex County]

Hargraves [Lee County]

Harless [Montgomery County]

Harman [Buchanan County]

Harman [Tazewell County]

Harman Junction [Buchanan County]

Harmon Forest [Montgomery County]

Harmony [Halifax County]

Harmony [Shenandoah County]

Harmony Village [Middlesex County]

Harper [Wise County]

Harpers [Dinwiddie County]

Harpersville [Newport News City]

Harrell Corner [Fauquier County]

Harrell Siding [Suffolk City]

Harrells Mill [Sussex County]

Harrington [Alleghany County]

Harris [Louisa County] (H)

Harris [Stafford County]

Harris Creek [Amherst County]

Harris Crossroads [Brunswick County]

Harris Grove [York County]

Harrisburg [Charlotte County]

Harrisburgh [Rockingham County]

Harrisonburg [Harrisonburg City]

Harriston [Augusta County]

Harrisville [Shenandoah County]

Harrowgate [Chesterfield County]

Harryhogan [Northumberland County]

Harryhogan Point [Northumberland County]

Hart Corner [Caroline County]

Hartfield [Middlesex County]

Hartford [Scott County]

Hartlake Estates [Stafford County]

Harts [Westmoreland County] (H)

Harts Shop [Louisa County]

Hartwood [Stafford County]

Hartwood Manor [Stafford County]

Hartwood Meadows [Stafford County]

Hartwood Village [Stafford County]

Harvey [Botetourt County]

Harvey [Lee County]

Harvey's Mills [Warren County]

Harveys [Northumberland County]

Harwill Acres [Stafford County]

Harwoods Mill [York County]

Haskell [Washington County]

Haskin Crossing [Petersburg City]

Haskins Ferry [Mecklenburg County]

Haskinton [Mecklenburg County] (H)

Hassen Heights [Washington County]

Hat Creek [Campbell County]

Hatcher [Cumberland County]

Hatchers [Powhatan County]

Hatton [Albemarle County]

Hatton Point [Portsmouth City]

Hattons Ferry [Buckingham County]

Hattontown [Fairfax County]

Havelock [Richmond County]

Haven [Mathews County] (H)

Haven Beach [Mathews County]

Haven Heights [Radford City]

Haven Heights [Virginia Beach City]

Haver Hills [Fairfax County]

Havilla [Northumberland County]

Haw Branch [Amelia County]

Hawk [Cumberland County]

Hawkins Mill [Russell County]

Hawkinstown [Shenandoah County]

Hawlin [Rappahannock County]

Hawthorne [Norton City]

Haxall [Henrico County]

Hay Run [Franklin County]

Haycock [Floyd County]

Hayes [Gloucester County]

Hayfield [Fairfax County]

Hayfield [Frederick County]

Hayfield Farms [Fairfax County]

Haygood [Patrick County]

Haymaker [Botetourt County]

Haymakertown [Botetourt County]

Haymarket [Prince William County]

Haymount [Caroline County]

Haynesville [Richmond County]

Haysi [Dickenson County]

Hayter [Washington County]

Hayters Gap [Washington County]

Haywood [Madison County]

Haywood [Richmond County]

Haze Spring [Washington County]

Hazel [Russell County]

Hazel Grove [Spotsylvania County]

Hazel Heights [Washington County]

Hazel Hill [Fredericksburg City]

Hazel Ridge [Manassas City]

Hazel River [Culpeper County]

Hazelwood [Caroline County]

Head Waters [Highland County]

Healing Springs [Bath County]

Healys [Middlesex County]

Heards [Albemarle County]

Hearing [Norfolk City]

Heartland Ridge [Stafford County]

Heather Hills [Stafford County]

Heatherstone [Botetourt County]

Heatherwood [Hanover County]

Heaths Store [Hanover County]

Heathsville [Northumberland County]

Hebron [Augusta County]

Hebron [Carroll County]

Hebron [Dinwiddie County]

Heckler Village [Henrico County]

Hedgelawn Gardens [Roanoke County]

Heflin [Stafford County]

Heidelberg Estates [Roanoke County]

Height [Buchanan County]

Heights [Petersburg City]

Helm [Franklin County]

Helmet [King and Queen County]

Helms [Franklin County]

Hematite [Alleghany County]

Hemlock [Floyd County]

Hemlock Hills [Roanoke City]

Henderson [Washington County]

Henderson Hall [Arlington County]

Hendersons Store [Nelson County]

Hendersonville [Nottoway County] (H)

Hendricks Store [Bedford County]

Henegartown [Lee County]

Henley [Wythe County]

Henley Fork [Essex County]

Henley Place [Montgomery County]

Henleys Fork [King and Queen County]

Henleys Store [Amherst County]

Henrico [Mecklenburg County]

Henrico City (H)

Henricopolis [Henrico County] (H)

Henricus (H)

Henry [Charlotte County]

Henry [Franklin County]

Henry [Sussex County]

Henry Clay Heights [Hanover County]

Henry Crossroads [Sussex County]

Henry Fork [Franklin County]

Henrys Mill [Pittsylvania County]

Henrytown [Smyth County]

Hensel Stone Woods [Warren County]

Hepners [Shenandoah County]

Herald [Dickenson County]

Herberts Corner [Chesapeake City]

Hercules [Southampton County]

Hereford [Tazewell County]

Heritage [Warren County]

Heritage Acres [Roanoke City]

Heritage Commons [Stafford County]

Heritage Hamlet [York County]

Heritage Hills [Frederick County]

Heritage Hills [Lynchburg City]

Heritage Landing [James City County]

Heritage Oaks [Stafford County]

Heritage Square [Fairfax County]

Heritage Village [Fairfax County]

Heritage Woods [Prince William County]

Herman [Charlotte County]

Hermitage [Augusta County]

Hermitage [Gloucester County]

Hermitage Banks [Gloucester County]

Hermitage Court [Henrico County]

Hermitage Farms [Henrico County]

Hermitage Hamlet [Goochland County]

Hermitage Park [Henrico County]

Hermosa [Halifax County]

Herndon [Fairfax County]

Herndon Heights [Fairfax County]

Herndon Junction [Fairfax County]

Herschberger Hills [Roanoke City]

Hessian Hills [Albemarle County]

Hethwood [Montgomery County]

Hettie [Wise County]

Heusley [Henry County]

Hewitt Farm [Norfolk City]

Hewlett [Hanover County]

Hickman [Franklin County]

Hickory [Chesapeake City]

Hickory [Norfolk City]

Hickory Creek [Fairfax County]

Hickory Flat [Carroll County]

Hickory Fork [Caroline County]

Hickory Ground [Chesapeake City]

Hickory Ground [Norfolk City]

Hickory Grove [Halifax County]

Hickory Grove [Prince William County]

Hickory Grove Acres [Prince William County]

Hickory Haven [Goochland County]

Hickory Hill [Albemarle County]

Hickory Hill [Roanoke County]

Hickory Hill [York County]

Hickory Hill Estates [Chesterfield County]

Hickory Hills [Radford City]

Hickory Junction [Russell County]

Hickory Ridge [Albemarle County]

Hickory Ridge [Stafford County]

Hickory Run [Brunswick County]

Hickory Run [Fairfax County]

Hickory Sign Post [James City County]

Hickory Woods [Roanoke City]

Hicks Mill [Brunswick County]

Hicks Mill [Caroline County]

Hicks Store [Spotsylvania County]

Hicks' Wharf [Mathews County]

Hicksford [Greensville County]

Hickson [Halifax County]

Hicksville [Bland County]

Hidden Acres [Brunswick County]

Hidden Acres [Goochland County]

Hidden Acres [Salem City]

Hidden Valley [Roanoke County]

Hidden Valley Court [Roanoke County]

Hidden Valley Estates [Chesterfield County]

Hidden Valley Estates [Roanoke City]

Hiddenbrook [Fairfax County]

Hideaway Cove [Northampton County]

Hideaway Lake [Powhatan County]

Hidenwood [Newport News City]

Higgins [Grayson County]

Higgins Crossroads [Carroll County]

High Hill [Halifax County]

High Meadows [Washington County]

High Peak [Franklin County]

High Point [Culpeper County]

High Point [Hopewell City]

High Rock [Halifax County]

High Rock [Wythe County]

High Rocks Mill [Wythe County]

High School Heights [Stafford County]

High View [Frederick County]

High View Manor [Frederick County]

High Woods [Accomack County]

Highfields [Roanoke County]

Highfields Farm Estates [Roanoke County]

Highgate [Surry County]

Highland [Nelson County]

Highland [Pulaski County]

Highland Gardens [Henrico County]

Highland Heights [Northampton County]

Highland Hills [Chesterfield County]

Highland Hills [Halifax County]

Highland Hills [Radford City]

Highland Landing [Northumberland County]

Highland Park [Arlington County]

Highland Park [Hopewell City]

Highland Park [Montgomery County]

Highland Park [Portsmouth City]

Highland Park [Prince William County]

Highland Park [Pulaski County]

Highland Park [Richmond City]

Highland Park [Warren County]

Highland Springs [Henrico County]

Highland-Biltmore [Portsmouth City]

Highlands [Arlington County]

Highpointe [Stafford County]

Hightown [Highland County]

Hightown [Rockingham County]

Highview Park [Arlington County]

Highview Terrace [Montgomery County]

Hiland Park [Hampton City]

Hilander Park [Washington County]

Hilda [Sussex County]

Hildreths House [Wythe County]

Hill [Scott County]

Hill Crest [Frederick County]

Hill Grove [Pittsylvania County]

Hill Landing [Virginia Beach City]

Hill Top [Martinsville City]

Hill and Dale [Warren County]

Hillandale [Charlotte County]

Hillbrook [Fairfax County]

Hillbrook Forest [Fairfax County]

Hillcrest [Cumberland County]

Hillcrest [Goochland County]

Hillcrest Estates [Prince William County]

Hillcrest Gardens [Halifax County]

Hillcrest Heights [Salem City]

Hillcrest Terrace [Stafford County]

Hilldale [Page County]

Hillendale [Prince William County]

Hills Corner [Virginia Beach City]

Hills Station [Scott County]

Hillsboro [King and Queen County]

Hillsboro [Loudoun County]

Hillsdale [Suffolk City]

Hillside Terrace [Stafford County]

Hillsman Corner [Campbell County]

Hillsville [Carroll County]

Hilltop [Suffolk City]

Hilltop Plaza [Montgomery County]

Hilltop-Oceana [Virginia Beach City]

Hilltown [Grayson County]

Hillview Park [Salem City]

Hillwood [Arlington County]

Hilly Farms [Hanover County]

Hilton [Scott County]

Hilton Park [Newport News City]

Hilton Village [Newport News City]

Hilton Village [Pulaski County]

Hiltons [Scott County]

Hinckle [Frederick County]

Hinesville [Pittsylvania County]

Hinnom [Westmoreland County]

Hinton [Rockingham County]

Hipes [Botetourt County]

Hitch [Fauquier County]

Hitchcock [Greensville County]

Hitchcock [Prince George County]

Hitesburg [Halifax County]

Hiwassee [Pulaski County]

Hixburg [Appomattox County]

Hoadly [Prince William County]

Hobbs [Wise County]

Hobbs Ford [Washington County]

Hobby Hill Farms [Richmond County]

Hobson [Suffolk City]

Hockett [Lee County]

Hockley [Gloucester County]

Hockley [King and Queen County]

Hockman [Salem City]

Hockman [Tazewell County]

Hodges [Campbell County]

Hodges Ferry [Chesapeake City]

Hodges Manor [Portsmouth City]

Hodges ferry [Norfolk City]

Hodgesville [Franklin County]

Hoffman's Wharf [Accomack County]

Hogans Hill [Westmoreland County]

Hoges Chapel [Giles County]

Hogue Creek Estates [Frederick County]

Holcomb Rock [Bedford County]

Holdcroft [Charles City County]

Holiday Acres [Amherst County]

Holiday Hills [Chesterfield County]

Holiday Park [Hampton City]

Holiday Point [Suffolk City]

Holiday Point Estates [Suffolk City]

Holladay [Spotsylvania County]

Holland [Suffolk City]

Holland Heights [Suffolk City]

Holliday [Hanover County]

Hollin Hall Village [Fairfax County]

Hollin Hills [Fairfax County]

Hollinbrook Park [Fairfax County]

Hollindale [Fairfax County]

Hollins [Roanoke County]

Hollins Court [Roanoke County]

Hollinswood [Fairfax County]

Holloday [Spotsylvania County]

Holly [Chesterfield County] (H)

Holly Acres [Chesterfield County]

Holly Acres [Stafford County]

Holly Acres [Suffolk City]

Holly Brook [Bland County]

Holly Corner [Stafford County]

Holly Corner Estates [Stafford County]

Holly Corners [Stafford County]

Holly Cove [Chesapeake City]

Holly Creek [Dickenson County]

Holly Farms [Nottoway County]

Holly Forest [Fairfax County]

Holly Forks [New Kent County]

Holly Glen Estates [Henrico County]

Holly Grove [Louisa County]

Holly Hills [Powhatan County]

Holly Hills [York County]

Holly Hills South [Campbell County]

Holly Leader [Chesterfield County] (H)

Holly Park [Fairfax County]

Holly Park Estates [Fairfax County]

Holly Point [Isle of Wight County]

Holly Ridge [Hanover County]

Holly Ridge [Roanoke County]

Holly Run Estates [Stafford County]

Hollybrook [James City County]

Hollydale [Lunenburg County]

Hollymead [Albemarle County]

Hollymead [Stafford County]

Hollyridge [Stafford County]

Hollys Mill [Pittsylvania County]

Hollywood [Appomattox County]

Hollywood [Pittsylvania County]

Hollywood [Suffolk City]

Hollywood [Virginia Beach City]

Holman [Rockingham County]

Holmes Run Acres [Fairfax County]

Holmes Run Heights [Fairfax County]

Holmes Run Park [Fairfax County]

Holmhead [Fluvanna County]

Holsten Mills [Smyth County]

Holston [Smyth County]

Holston [Washington County]

Holston Mill [Smyth County]

Holton [Wise County]

Holts Corner [Hanover County]

Holts Crossing [Campbell County]

Home Creek [Buchanan County]

Home Crest [Fairfax County]

Homeland [Culpeper County]

Homeland Hills [Roanoke County]

Homeplace [Roanoke County]

Homeplace [Salem City]

Homer [Russell County]

Homestead [Virginia Beach City]

Homestead Haven [Bedford County]

Homeville [Sussex County]

Homewood [Fairfax County]

Homewood [Roanoke County]

Homewood [Surry County]

Homewood Park [Goochland County]

Honaker [Russell County]

Honaker Junction [Russell County]

Honey Branch [Wise County]

Honeycamp [Dickenson County]

Honeysuckle Bluff [Salem City]

Honeyville [Page County]

Honeyville [Rockingham County]

Hood [Madison County]

Hooes [King George County]

Hooks Mill [Alleghany County]

Hoopes Landing [Newport News City]

Hoover [Rockingham County]

Hop Yard [King George County]

Hop Yard Landing [King George County]

Hope Mills [Page County]

Hopeful [Louisa County]

Hopeside [Northumberland County]

Hopeton [Accomack County]

Hopewell [Pittsylvania County]

Hopewell [Fauquier County]

Hopewell [Hopewell City]

Hopkins [Accomack County]

Hopkins Mill [Franklin County]

Hopkins Spring [Rockingham County]

Hopper [Henry County]

Horeb [Bedford County]

Horizon Hills [Bristol City]

Horizon Hills [Washington County]

Horn [Buchanan County]

Horners [Westmoreland County]

Hornets Nest [Gloucester County]

Hornsbyville [York County]

Horntown [Accomack County]

Horse Gap [Wise County]

Horse Head [Northumberland County]

Horse Landing [King William County]

Horse Pasture [Henry County]

Horse Shoe Curve [Clarke County]

Horsepen [Tazewell County]

Horsepen Cove [Tazewell County]

Horsepen Hills [Goochland County]

Horseshoe [Hanover County]

Horseshoe Bend [Smyth County]

Horseshoe Point [Suffolk City]

Horsey [Accomack County]

Horton Summit [Scott County]

Hossan Heights [Bristol City]

Hot Springs [Bath County]

Hotchkiss [Bath County]

Hotchkiss Field [Richmond City]

Houchins [Montgomery County]

Houston [Halifax County]

Houstons Corner [Caroline County]

Howard [Fairfax County]

Howard's [Powhatan County]

Howard's Neck [Goochland County]

Howards Corner [Caroline County]

Howardsville [Albemarle County]

Howardsville [Loudoun County]

Howell [Patrick County]

Howell [Roanoke County]

Howell Mills [Botetourt County]

Howells Mill [Sussex County]

Howellsville [Warren County]

Howertons [Essex County]

Howery's [Floyd County]

Howes Bluff [Stafford County]

Howland [Northumberland County]

Howlett Park [Chesterfield County]

Hoys Way [Stafford County]

Hoyt [Stafford County]

Hubbard [Buckingham County]

Hubbard Haven [Montgomery County]

Hubbard Junction [Russell County]

Hubbard Springs [Lee County]

Huckleberry [Dickenson County] (H)

Huddle [Wythe County]

Huddleston [Bedford County]

Huddleston Court [Salem City]

Hudgins [Mathews County]

Hudibras [King George County]

Hudley's Springs [Appomattox County]

Hudson Crossroads [Shenandoah County]

Hudson Terrace [Newport News City]

Hudson's Mill [Culpeper County]

Huff Acres [Montgomery County]

Huff Store [Carroll County]

Huffman [Craig County]

Huffville [Floyd County]

Hugh [Wise County]

Hughes Corner [Hanover County]

Hughes River [Rappahannock County]

Hughesville [Loudoun County]

Hugo [Southampton County]

Huguenot [Powhatan County]

Huguenot Farms [Richmond County]

Huguenot Hills [Goochland County]

Huguenot Springs [Powhatan County]

Hulls Chapel [Stafford County]

Hume [Alexandria City]

Hume [Fauquier County]

Hundley Springs [Appomattox County]

Hundleys Corner [Hanover County]

Hungars Point [Northampton County]

Hunslett [Henrico County]

Hunter [Fairfax County]

Hunter [Patrick County]

Hunter Estates [Fairfax County]

Hunter Trail at Stafford [Stafford County]

Hunter Woods [Fairfax County]

Hunter's [Fairfax County]

Hunter's Gap [Lee County]

Hunter's Hall [Franklin County]

Hunter's Lodge [Fluvanna County]

Hunter's Mills [Fairfax County]

Hunterdale [Southampton County]

Hunters [Fluvanna County]

Hunters Creek [James City County]

Hunters Green [Chesterfield County]

Hunters Grove Estates [Prince William County]

Hunters Hall [Albemarle County]

Hunters Pond [Stafford County]

Hunters Ridge [Montgomery County]

Hunters Square [Prince William County]

Hunters Trail [Goochland County]

Hunters Valley [Fairfax County]

Hunters Valley [Frederick County]

Hunters Woods [Goochland County]

Huntersville [Norfolk City]

Huntersville [Suffolk City]

Hunting Creek [Fairfax County]

Hunting Creek Hills [Chesterfield County]

Hunting Hills [Roanoke County]

Hunting Ridge [Fairfax County]

Huntington [Fairfax County]

Huntington [Henrico County]

Huntington [Newport News City]

Huntington [Virginia Beach City]

Huntington Court [Roanoke City]

Huntington Heights [Henrico County]

Huntington Heights [Newport News City]

Huntington Hills [Stafford County]

Huntington Village [Albemarle County]

Huntleigh [Goochland County]

Huntly [Rappahannock County]

Hunton [Henrico County]

Huntridge [Roanoke County]

Hunts Village [Fairfax County]

Hupp [Rockingham County]

Hurley [Buchanan County]

Hurleyville [Fauquier County]

Hurricane [Wise County]

Hurt [Pittsylvania County]

Hurts [Tazewell County]

Hurtsville [Appomattox County]

Huske [Sussex County]

Hustle [Essex County]

Hutchins [Chesapeake City]

Hutchinson [Loudoun County]

Hutchinson [Wise County]

Hutton Heights [Henrico County]

Hyacinth [Northumberland County]

Hybla Valley [Fairfax County]

Hybla Valley Farms [Fairfax County]

Hyco [Halifax County]

Hyde Park [Norfolk City]

Hydraulic [Albemarle County]

Hylas [Hanover County]

Hylton [Floyd County]

Hylton Park [Chesterfield County]

Hynson Knolls [Prince William County]

Hyslop [Accomack County]

Hyter's Gap [Washington County]


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