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The Communities of Ohio (OH)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Sabina [Clinton County]

Sabina Manor Estates [Clinton County]

Sagamore Hills [Summit County]

Sage [Hardin County]

Sago [Muskingum County]

Sahara Sands [Stark County]

Saint Andrews [Paulding County] (H)

Saint Bernard [Hamilton County]

Saint Charles [Butler County]

Saint Clair [Butler County] (H)

Saint Clair [Columbiana County]

Saint Clair [Muskingum County] (H)

Saint Clairsville [Belmont County]

Saint Francis [Hamilton County]

Saint Henry [Mercer County]

Saint Jacobs [Hamilton County]

Saint James [Morrow County]

Saint Joe [Belmont County]

Saint John [Darke County] (H)

Saint Johns [Auglaize County]

Saint Johns [Mercer County]

Saint Johns [Richland County] (H)

Saint Joseph [Mercer County]

Saint Joseph [Portage County]

Saint Joseph's [Hamilton County]

Saint Lawrence Corners [Hamilton County]

Saint Louis [Putnam County] (H)

Saint Louisville [Licking County]

Saint Martin [Brown County]

Saint Marys [Auglaize County]

Saint Michaels [Hardin County] (H)

Saint Nicholas [Seneca County] (H)

Saint Paris [Champaign County]

Saint Patrick [Shelby County]

Saint Paul [Pickaway County]

Saint Peter [Hamilton County]

Saint Peter [Mercer County]

Saint Peterstown [Hamilton County]

Saint Rosa [Mercer County]

Saint Sebastian [Mercer County]

Saint Stephens [Seneca County]

Saint Wendelin [Mercer County]

Saintfield [Muskingum County] (H)

Salem [Brown County] (H)

Salem [Columbiana County]

Salem [Hamilton County] (H)

Salem [Marion County] (H)

Salem [Perry County]

Salem [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Salem [Warren County] (H)

Salem Center [Meigs County]

Salem Heights [Columbiana County]

Salem Heights [Hamilton County]

Salesville [Guernsey County]

Salida [Lake County]

Salida Beach [Lake County]

Salina [Athens County] (H)

Salineville [Columbiana County]

Salow Corners [Trumbull County]

Salt Creek [Holmes County] (H)

Salt Run [Jefferson County]

Saltair [Clermont County]

Saltillo [Holmes County]

Saltillo [Perry County]

Saltpetre [Washington County]

Samantha [Highland County]

Samos [Belmont County] (H)

Sample [Mahoning County] (H)

Sample [Portage County] (H)

Sampleville [Preble County]

Sampson [Darke County] (H)

Samsonville [Jackson County]

San Je Village [Warren County]

San Margherita [Franklin County]

San Toy [Perry County] (H)
Other names:

Sand Beach [Ottawa County]

Sand Fork [Gallia County]

Sand Hill [Erie County]

Sand Hill [Scioto County]

Sand Hollow [Morgan County] (H)

Sand Ridge [Athens County]

Sand Run [Hocking County]

Sand Run Junction [Hocking County]

Sandburr Corners [Lucas County]

Sandhill [Washington County]

Sandstone [Fairfield County] (H)

Sandstone Canyon [Licking County]

Sandusky [Erie County]

Sandusky Cross Roads [Knox County] (H)

Sandusky Crossroads [Erie County] (H)

Sandusky South [Erie County]

Sandy Beach [Auglaize County]

Sandy Corners [Franklin County] (H)

Sandy Hill [Delaware County]

Sandy Hills Estates [Carroll County]

Sandy Springs [Adams County]

Sandy Valley Estates [Tuscarawas County]

Sandyville [Tuscarawas County]

Sant [Vinton County] (H)

Santa Clara Estates [Columbiana County]

Santa Fe [Auglaize County]

See: San Toy

Sarahsville [Noble County]

Saratoga [Champaign County] (H)

Saratoga [Columbiana County] (H)

Sardinia [Brown County]

Sardis [Monroe County]

Sargents [Pike County]

Sater [Hamilton County]

Saudersville [Gallia County]

Saunder's Corners [Delaware County] (H)

Saundersville [Lawrence County]

Savageville [Jackson County]

Savana [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Savannah [Ashland County]

Savona [Darke County]

Sawyerwood [Summit County]

Saxon [Meigs County]

Saybrook [Ashtabula County]

Saybrook-on-the-lake [Ashtabula County]

Sayler Park [Hamilton County]

Sayre [Perry County]

Schauers Acres [Clark County]

Schenck [Butler County]

Schlegels Grove [Sandusky County]

Schley [Washington County]

Schoenbrunn [Tuscarawas County]

Schoenbrunn Estates [Tuscarawas County]

Schooley [Ross County]
Other names:
Schooley Station

Schooley Station
See: Schooley

Schrader [Ross County]

Schumm [Van Wert County]

Science Hill [Harrison County]

Scienceville [Mahoning County]

Scio [Harrison County]

Scioto [Delaware County] (H)

Scioto [Franklin County] (H)

Scioto [Scioto County]

Scioto Bridge [Delaware County] (H)

Scioto Estates [Pickaway County]

Scioto Furnace [Scioto County]

Scioto Junction [Ross County]

Scioto Mills [Scioto County] (H)

Scioto Village [Delaware County]

Sciotodale [Scioto County]

Sciotoville [Scioto County]

Scipio [Butler County]

Scipio [Seneca County]

Scofield [Brown County]

Scotch Ridge [Wood County]

Scotland [Geauga County]

Scott [Noble County] (H)

Scott [Van Wert County]

Scott Corners [Licking County]

Scott's Corners [Licking County] (H)

Scottown [Lawrence County]

Scotts [Belmont County] (H)

Scotts [Carroll County]

Scotts [Guernsey County] (H)

Scotts Corners [Lucas County] (H)

Scotts Corners [Mahoning County] (H)

Scotts Crossing [Allen County]

Scotts Landing [Washington County]

Scottsburg [Champaign County] (H)

Scottslawn [Union County]

Scroggsfield [Carroll County]

Scrub [Adams County]

Scrub Ridge [Adams County]

Scudder [Mercer County]

See: Seagrove

Seagrove [Franklin County] (H)
Other names:

Seal [Wyandot County]

Sealover [Muskingum County] (H)

Seaman [Adams County]

Seaman [Lorain County] (H)

Seamersville [Van Wert County]

Seans Woods [Clark County]

Searles [Lucas County] (H)

Seawright [Muskingum County] (H)

Sebastian [Mercer County]

Sebring [Mahoning County]

Secedar Corners [Trumbull County]

Secor Gardens [Lucas County]

Secor Woods [Wood County]

Sedalia [Madison County]

Sedamsville [Hamilton County]

Sedan [Scioto County]

Sedgewick [Lawrence County] (H)

Seegers [Hancock County]

Seeleyburg [Morgan County] (H)

Sego [Perry County]

Seitz [Putnam County]

Sekitan [Hamilton County]

Selden [Fayette County]

Selig [Adams County]

Sellers Point [Fairfield County]

Selma [Clark County]

Seman [Adams County]

Semples [Lorain County]

Seneca [Erie County] (H)

Seneca [Seneca County]

Seneca Lake Estates [Guernsey County]

Senecaville [Guernsey County]

Senior [Warren County]

Senora [Belmont County] (H)

Sentinel [Ashtabula County]

Sesco [Pike County] (H)

Seth [Clark County]

Seven Hills [Cuyahoga County]

Seven Hills [Hamilton County]

Seven Mile [Butler County]

Seven Mile Prairie [Darke County] (H)

Seven Mile Siding [Franklin County] (H)

Seville [Columbiana County] (H)

Seville [Medina County]

Seward [Fulton County]

Sewellsville [Belmont County]

Seymoreville [Ross County] (H)

Shackleton [Highland County]

Shade [Athens County]

Shade River [Meigs County]

Shademoore [Hamilton County]

Shadeville [Franklin County]

Shadow Lake Village [Warren County]

Shady Bend [Coshocton County]

Shady Glen [Jefferson County]

Shady Glen [Ross County]

Shady Grove [Fayette County]

Shady Lane Village [Hamilton County]

Shadyside [Belmont County]

Shadyside [Columbiana County]

Shaffer's [Mercer County]

Shaffers [Stark County] (H)

Shaffers Acres [Williams County]

Shaker Crossing [Montgomery County]

Shaker Heights [Cuyahoga County]

Shaker Village [Hamilton County] (H)

Shakertown [Montgomery County]

Shalersville [Portage County]

Shandon [Butler County]

Shandon Station [Butler County]

Shane [Jefferson County]

Shanersville [Montgomery County]

Shanesville [Tuscarawas County]

Shannoah Town [Scioto County] (H)

Shannon [Coshocton County]

Shannon [Muskingum County]

Shannon [Sandusky County]

Shannon's Run [Jefferson County]

Shanungas [Lake County] (H)

Sharline [Mahoning County] (H)

Sharon [Franklin County]

Sharon [Hamilton County]

Sharon [Jackson County]

Sharon [Morgan County] (H)

Sharon [Noble County]

Sharon Center [Medina County]

Sharon Heights [Franklin County]

Sharon Hills [Franklin County]

Sharon Park [Allen County]

Sharon Park [Butler County]

Sharon West [Trumbull County]

Sharonville [Hamilton County]

Sharp [Franklin County] (H)

Sharpeye [Darke County]

Sharples [Lucas County]

Sharps Crossing [Darke County]

Sharpsburg [Athens County]

Sharpsburg [Mercer County]

Sharpsburg [Morgan County]

Sharpsville [Highland County] (H)

Shasta [Van Wert County] (H)

Shattuc [Clark County] (H)

Shattucks Grove [Erie County] (H)

Shattucksburg [Franklin County] (H)

Shauck [Morrow County]

Shaw Junction [Mahoning County] (H)

Shawnee [Allen County]

Shawnee [Perry County]

Shawnee Acres [Clark County]

Shawnee Hills [Delaware County]

Shawnee Hills [Greene County]

Shawnee Meadows [Allen County]

Shawnee Trace [Wood County]

Shawtown [Hancock County]

Shawtown [Morrow County]

Shawville [Lorain County] (H)

Shay [Washington County]

Sheartown [Hamilton County] (H)

Sheatenhelm [Seneca County] (H)

Sheep Run [Brown County]

Sheffield [Lorain County]

Sheffield Center [Ashtabula County]

Sheffield Lake [Lorain County]

Sheffield Station [Lorain County]

Shelbourne Forest [Delaware County]

Shelby [Richland County]

Shelby Junction [Richland County]

Sheldon [Ottawa County] (H)

Sheldon [Perry County] (H)

Sheldon [Pickaway County] (H)

Sheldon [Vinton County] (H)

Sheldons Corners [Medina County] (H)

Sheleys [Butler County] (H)

Shell [Adams County]

Shell Beach [Fairfield County]

Shenandoah [Richland County]

Shepard [Franklin County]

Shepherdstown [Belmont County]

Sheppard's Ridge [Muskingum County]

Sheridan [Lawrence County]

Sheridan [Putnam County] (H)

Sherman [Ashtabula County] (H)

Sherman [Huron County] (H)

Sherman [Richland County]

Sherman [Summit County] (H)

Sherman Corners [Medina County]

Sherritts [Lawrence County]

Sherrodsville [Carroll County]

Sherwood [Defiance County]

Sherwood [Hamilton County]

Sherwood [Stark County] (H)

Sherwood Forest [Auglaize County]

Sherwood Park [Clark County]

Sherwood Village [Hamilton County]

Shields [Belmont County]

Shihold [Trumbull County]

Shilling [Morgan County] (H)

Shillings Mill [Mahoning County]

Shiloh [Brown County]

Shiloh [Clermont County]

Shiloh [Montgomery County]

Shiloh [Richland County]

Shiltown [Mahoning County]

Shimar [Adams County] (H)

Shin [Ashtabula County]

Shinn [Morgan County] (H)

Shinrock [Erie County]

Shiperd Circle [Lorain County]

Shipp [Ashtabula County]

Shively [Mercer County]

Shively Corners [Mahoning County]

Shobers Mills [Carroll County] (H)

Shore [Cuyahoga County]

Shore Acres [Lucas County]

Shoreland [Lake County]

Shorewood Village [Sandusky County]

Short Creek [Harrison County]

Short Hills [Montgomery County]

Short Line Junction [Cuyahoga County]

Shorts Station [Hamilton County] (H)

Shoup's [Greene County]

Shreve [Wayne County]

Shrewsbury [Hamilton County] (H)

Shunk [Henry County]

Shyville [Pike County]

Siam [Seneca County]

Sicily [Highland County] (H)

Sidney [Shelby County]

Signal [Columbiana County]

Silica [Lucas County]

Silo [Portage County]

Siloam [Gallia County] (H)

Silver Creek [Greene County] (H)

Silver Creek [Hardin County]

Silver Creek [Medina County] (H)

Silver Lake [Logan County]

Silver Lake [Summit County]

Silver Lake Junction [Summit County]

Silver Run [Meigs County]

Silver Springs [Greene County]

Silverton [Hamilton County]

Simmons [Lawrence County] (H)

Simms [Greene County] (H)

Simons [Ashtabula County]

Simonsons [Hamilton County] (H)

Simpkinsville [Clermont County] (H)

Simpsons [Jackson County] (H)

Sims Station [Morrow County]

Sims Valley [Muskingum County] (H)

Siney [Fulton County] (H)

Singers Corners [Williams County] (H)

Singing Hills [Montgomery County]

Sinking Spring [Highland County]

Sioux [Pike County]

Sippo [Stark County]

Sippo Heights [Stark County]

Sissons Corners [Geauga County] (H)

Sites Lake Cottage Area [Richland County]

Sitka [Washington County]

Siverly [Vinton County]

Six Corners [Defiance County]

Six Corners [Summit County]

Six Mile [Montgomery County]

Six Point [Monroe County]

Six Points [Wood County]

Sixmile [Montgomery County]

Sixteen Mile Stand [Hamilton County]

Skeels Crossroads [Mercer County]

Skelly's [Jefferson County]

Skiffsville [Brown County] (H)

Skit [Harrison County]

Skullfork [Guernsey County] (H)

Skyline [Hamilton County]

Skyline Acres [Hamilton County]

Skyline Hills [Stark County]

Slab Camp [Marion County] (H)

Slab City [Geauga County] (H)

Slabtown [Allen County]

Slate Mills [Ross County]

Slate Run [Franklin County] (H)

Slater [Auglaize County]

Slater [Gallia County]

Slaters [Champaign County]

Slavic Village [Cuyahoga County]

Sleepy Hollow Acres [Mercer County]

Slemmons [Morgan County] (H)

Slickaway [Brown County] (H)

Slicks [Marion County] (H)

Sligo [Clinton County]

Sligo [Guernsey County]

Slocum [Scioto County]
Other names:
Slocums Station

Slocum Heights [Scioto County]

Slocums Station
See: Slocum

Slope [Trumbull County]

Slough [Fairfield County]

Smailes [Morrow County]

Smiley [Paulding County] (H)

Smileys Corners [Franklin County] (H)

Smith [Muskingum County] (H)

Smith Corners [Mahoning County]

Smith Corners [Marion County]

Smith Mill [Muskingum County]

Smith Settlement [Williams County] (H)

Smith's [Butler County]

Smith's [Muskingum County]

Smith's Landing [Clermont County]

Smithdale [Harrison County] (H)

Smithfield [Jefferson County]

Smithfield [Trumbull County] (H)

Smiths [Gallia County] (H)

Smiths Mills [Marion County] (H)

Smiths Settlement [Wayne County] (H)

Smithville [Geauga County] (H)

Smithville [Montgomery County] (H)

Smithville [Wayne County]

Smithville [Wyandot County]

Smithville Station [Wayne County]

See: Frankfort

Smock [Hocking County] (H)

Smoketown [Stark County]

Smoky Corners [Adams County]

Smyrna [Harrison County]

Snidercrest [Warren County]

Sniders [Fairfield County] (H)

Snipetown [Delaware County] (H)

Snively [Wayne County]

Snodes [Mahoning County]

Snooksville [Defiance County] (H)

Snow Hill [Butler County]

Snow Hill [Clinton County]

Snowville [Meigs County]

Snyder [Hamilton County] (H)

Snyder [Mahoning County] (H)

Snyder Terrace [Clark County]

Snyder's [Wyandot County]

Snyders [Clark County]

Snyders Mill [Clark County]

Snyderville [Clark County]

Soakum [Noble County] (H)

Soaptown [Trumbull County]

Socialville [Warren County]

Sodom [Champaign County] (H)

Sodom [Miami County] (H)

Sodom [Trumbull County]

Solomonstown [Logan County] (H)

Solon [Cuyahoga County]

Somerdale [Tuscarawas County]

Somerset [Perry County]

Somerton [Belmont County]

Somerville [Butler County]

Sonora [Muskingum County]

Sophia [Paulding County] (H)

Sorg [Highland County] (H)

Sorrento [Cuyahoga County]

South Akron [Summit County]

South Amherst [Lorain County]

South Arlington [Summit County]

South Bantam [Clermont County]

South Bay [Knox County]

South Beach [Highland County]

South Bloomfield [Pickaway County]

South Bloomingville [Hocking County]

South Boulevards [Richland County]

South Brooklyn [Cuyahoga County]

South Canal [Trumbull County]

South Carbon Hill [Hocking County] (H)

South Celina [Mercer County] (H)

South Charleston [Clark County]

South Church [Lake County]

South Clippinger [Hamilton County]

South Columbus [Franklin County]

South Condit [Delaware County]

South Cummingsville [Hamilton County]

South Dale [Montgomery County]

South Dayton [Montgomery County]

South Delta [Fulton County]

South Denmark [Ashtabula County]

South Euclid [Cuyahoga County]

South Euclid [Lake County]

South Excello [Butler County]

South Fairmount [Hamilton County] (H)

South Fincastle [Brown County]

South Findlay [Hancock County]

South Hamilton [Butler County]

South Highlands [Butler County]

South Hill Park [Lucas County]

South Kingman [Clinton County]

South Kirtland [Lake County]

South Lebanon [Warren County]

South Logan [Hocking County]

South Lorain [Lorain County]

South Loudonville [Ashland County] (H)

South Madison [Lake County]

South Middletown [Butler County]

South Milford [Clermont County]

South Milford Station [Clermont County] (H)

South Mount Vernon [Knox County]

South New Lyme [Ashtabula County]

South Newark [Licking County]

South Newbury [Geauga County]

South Niles [Trumbull County]

South Olive [Noble County]

South Park [Cuyahoga County]

South Park [Montgomery County]

South Park [Wyandot County]

South Pendleton [Hamilton County] (H)

South Peninsula Cottage Area [Ashland County]

South Perry [Hocking County]

South Plymouth [Fayette County]

South Point [Lawrence County]

South Ridge [Ashtabula County]

South Russell [Geauga County]

South Salem [Ross County]

South Shore Acres [Auglaize County]

South Shore Park [Lucas County]

South Side [Hamilton County]

South Side [Mahoning County]

South Side [Tuscarawas County]

South Solon [Madison County]

South Solon [Summit County]

South Swanton [Lucas County]

South Thompson [Geauga County]

South Vernon [Knox County]

South Vienna [Clark County]

South Warsaw [Allen County]

South Webster [Scioto County]

South West Hubbard [Trumbull County]

South Woodbury [Morrow County]

South Zanesville [Muskingum County]

Southbrook [Montgomery County]

Southdale [Montgomery County]

Southern Hills [Clark County]

Southern Hills [Montgomery County]

Southern Knoll [Butler County]

Southern Terrace Park [Columbiana County]

Southerton [Defiance County]

Southfield Park [Franklin County]

Southgate [Clark County]

Southgate Acres [Erie County]

Southington [Trumbull County]

Southington Estates [Trumbull County]

Southmoor Shores [Auglaize County]

Southpark [Cuyahoga County]

Southridge [Clark County]

Southside [Hamilton County] (H)

Southwood Park [Wood County]

Southworth [Allen County]

Spafford [Shelby County]

Spahns Addition [Jefferson County]

Spangler [Muskingum County] (H)

Spanker [Montgomery County]

Spann [Clermont County] (H)

Spargursville [Ross County]

Sparta [Athens County] (H)

Sparta [Morrow County]

Sparta [Stark County]

Spauldings [Jefferson County]

Spears Corners [Erie County]

Specht [Carroll County]

Speidel [Belmont County]

Spellacy [Holmes County]

Spellman Crossing [Pike County]

Spencer [Lorain County] (H)

Spencer [Lucas County]

Spencer [Medina County]

Spencer [Muskingum County]

Spencer Corners [Geauga County] (H)

Spencer Station [Guernsey County]

Spencerville [Allen County]

Spicertown [Summit County] (H)

Spiller [Meigs County]

Spokane [Trumbull County]

Spore [Crawford County]

Spout Spring [Ross County]

Sprague [Monroe County]

Spragues Corners [Erie County] (H)

Spragueville [Cuyahoga County] (H)

Spratt [Muskingum County]

Spreng [Ashland County]

Spring Grove [Columbiana County]

Spring Grove [Hamilton County]

Spring Grove [Richland County] (H)

Spring Hills [Champaign County]

Spring Lake [Williams County]

Spring Meadows [Hamilton County]

Spring Mill [Richland County]

Spring Mountain [Coshocton County]

Spring Valle Estates [Gallia County]

Spring Valley [Gallia County]

Spring Valley [Geauga County]

Spring Valley [Greene County]

Spring Valley [Guernsey County]

Spring Valley [Lorain County]

Spring Valley [Lucas County]

Spring Valley Court [Crawford County]

Spring Valley Estates [Greene County]

Springboro [Warren County]

Springbrook [Erie County]

Springdale [Hamilton County]

Springdale [Washington County]

Springer [Jackson County]

Springfield [Clark County]

Springfield Station [Clark County] (H)

Springhills [Champaign County]

Springside [Scioto County]

Springvale [Clermont County]

Springville [Seneca County]

Springville [Wayne County]

Springwood [Butler County]

Sprotts Corners [Portage County]

Sprucevale [Columbiana County]

Spunkeytown [Pickaway County] (H)

Spunky Puddle [Clark County] (H)

Squawtown [Pickaway County] (H)

Squires [Sandusky County]

Squirrel Town [Adams County]

Stacy [Harrison County] (H)

Stafford [Clark County] (H)

Stafford [Monroe County]

Stanbery Park [Hamilton County]

Standardsburg [Huron County]

Standley [Defiance County]

Stanhope [Ashtabula County]

Stanley [Henry County]

Stanley [Washington County]

Stanley [Wood County]

Stanleyville [Washington County]

Stanton [Clermont County] (H)

Stanton Park [Jefferson County]

Stantontown [Morrow County]

Stanwood [Stark County]

Starbright Addition [Wood County]

Starbucktown [Clinton County]

Stark [Stark County] (H)

Stark Corners [Delaware County]

Stark's Corners [Delaware County] (H)

Starkey [Monroe County]

Starr [Hocking County]

Starrs Corners [Mahoning County]

Startle [Jefferson County] (H)

State Line [Columbiana County] (H)

State Line [Trumbull County] (H)

State Road [Summit County]

State Road [Trumbull County]

Station 15 [Harrison County]

Staunton [Fayette County]

Staunton [Miami County]

Steam Corners [Morrow County]

Steam Furnace [Adams County]

Steam Furnace [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Steamburg [Ashtabula County]

Steamtown [Noble County]

Stearns Crest [Wood County]

Stedeke [Mercer County]

Stedmansville [Meigs County] (H)

Steece [Lawrence County]

Steel [Belmont County]

Steel Point [Darke County]

Steel Run [Washington County]

Steele [Fairfield County] (H)

Steeles Corners [Ashtabula County] (H)

Steelton [Franklin County]

Steinberger [Champaign County] (H)

Steiners Corner [Morrow County] (H)

Steinersville [Belmont County]

Steinerville [Seneca County] (H)

Steinman [Mercer County] (H)

Stella [Vinton County]

Stelvideo [Darke County]

Stemple [Carroll County]

Stephens [Adams County] (H)

Sterling [Meigs County] (H)

Sterling [Wayne County]

Sterling Heights [Warren County]

Steuben [Huron County]

Steubenville [Jefferson County]

Steward [Allen County]

Stewards Corners [Delaware County] (H)

Stewart [Athens County]

Stewart [Belmont County]

Stewart [Richland County] (H)

Stewarts [Trumbull County] (H)

Stewartsville [Belmont County]

Stickney [Lucas County]

Stillhouse Run [Monroe County] (H)

Stillwater [Tuscarawas County]

Stillwater Junction [Montgomery County]

Stillwell [Butler County] (H)

Stillwell [Holmes County]

Stinger [Licking County] (H)

Stites [Hamilton County]

Stiversville [Meigs County]

Stockdale [Pike County]

Stockham [Scioto County]

Stockport [Morgan County]

Stockton [Butler County]

Stockwell [Wood County] (H)

Stoddards Mills [Portage County] (H)

Stokes [Warren County] (H)

Stone [Muskingum County]

Stone Creek [Tuscarawas County]

Stonelick [Clermont County]

Stoneville [Ashtabula County]

Stonewall Estates [Butler County]

Stoney Hill [Summit County]

Stony Hill [Scioto County] (H)

Stony Point [Meigs County] (H)

Stony Point [Muskingum County] (H)

Stony Prairie [Sandusky County]

Stony Ridge [Mahoning County]

Stony Ridge [Pike County] (H)

Stony Ridge [Wood County]

Stonyrill [Warren County]

Storms [Ross County]

Storrs [Hamilton County]

Stotts [Huron County]

Stoudertown [Fairfield County]

Stoups [Trumbull County] (H)

Stout [Adams County]

Stoutsville [Fairfield County]

Stovertown [Muskingum County]

Stow [Summit County]

Stowers [Washington County] (H)

Straight Creek [Brown County] (H)

Straitsville [Perry County]

Strakers [Darke County] (H)

Strasburg [Tuscarawas County]

Stratford [Delaware County]

Stratford Manor [Hamilton County]

Stratford-on-Olentangy [Delaware County] (H)

Stratton [Jefferson County]

Streetsboro [Portage County]

Streetsborough Station [Portage County]

Stringer [Jefferson County]

Stringtown [Athens County]

Stringtown [Brown County]

Stringtown [Clermont County]

Stringtown [Coshocton County] (H)

Stringtown [Greene County]

Stringtown [Highland County]

Stringtown [Marion County] (H)

Stringtown [Monroe County] (H)

Stringtown [Montgomery County]

Stringtown [Muskingum County]

Stringtown [Perry County]

Stringtown [Pickaway County]

Stringtown [Pike County] (H)

Stringtown [Wayne County]

Striptown [Mercer County] (H)

Strobel [Lawrence County] (H)

Strong's Settlement [Knox County] (H)

Strongs Ridge [Huron County]

Strongsville [Cuyahoga County]

Stroup Corners [Trumbull County]

Stroups [Trumbull County]

Struthers [Mahoning County]

Stryker [Williams County]

Stuart Manor [Jefferson County]

Stuartville [Hancock County]

Stubbs [Morgan County] (H)

Stumptown [Marion County] (H)

Stutzmanns [Champaign County] (H)

Subrosa [Mahoning County] (H)

Success [Meigs County]

Sue-Lin Acres [Noble County]

Suffield [Portage County]

Suffield Station [Portage County]

Sugar Bush Knolls [Portage County]

Sugar Creek [Athens County]

Sugar Creek [Trumbull County] (H)

Sugar Creek Station [Tuscarawas County]

Sugar Grove [Clark County]

Sugar Grove [Fairfield County]

Sugar Grove [Jefferson County]

Sugar Grove [Miami County]

Sugar Grove [Scioto County]

Sugar Grove Hill [Clark County]

Sugar Ridge [Putnam County] (H)

Sugar Ridge [Wood County]

Sugar Rock [Ottawa County]

Sugar Tree [Guernsey County] (H)
Other names:

Sugar Tree Ridge [Highland County]

Sugar Valley [Preble County]

Sugarcreek [Tuscarawas County]

See: Sugar Tree

Suiter [Lawrence County]

Sullivan [Ashland County]

Sullivant [Franklin County] (H)
Other names:

See: Sullivant

Sulphur Grove [Montgomery County]

Sulphur Lick [Pike County] (H)

Sulphur Lick [Ross County]

Sulphur Springs [Allen County] (H)

Sulphur Springs [Crawford County]

Sulphur Springs [Lawrence County]

Sulphur Springs [Perry County]

Summerfield [Noble County]

Summerford [Madison County]

Summerland Beach [Fairfield County]

Summerset Valley [Coshocton County] (H)

Summerside [Clermont County]

Summerside Estates [Clermont County]

Summersville [Union County]

See: Summit Station

Summit [Auglaize County] (H)

Summit [Clermont County]

Summit [Geauga County] (H)

Summit [Hamilton County]

Summit [Hocking County] (H)

Summit [Miami County]

Summit [Richland County]

Summit [Ross County]

Summit [Stark County] (H)

Summit [Summit County]

Summit [Trumbull County]

Summit Beach Park [Summit County]

Summit City [Summit County] (H)

Summit Grove [Hamilton County]

Summit Station [Clermont County] (H)

Summit Station [Licking County]
Other names:

Summitville [Columbiana County]

Summitville [Miami County] (H)

Sumner [Meigs County]

Sun Valley [Clark County]

Sun Valley [Franklin County]

Sunaire [Hamilton County]

Sunburst Hills [Butler County]

Sunbury [Delaware County]

Sunbury [Montgomery County]

Sundale [Clermont County]

Sundale [Muskingum County]

Sunfish [Monroe County]

Sunny Acres [Lawrence County]

Sunny Meade [Guernsey County]

Sunnyland [Clark County]

Sunnyside [Lorain County]

Sunnyview [Richland County]

Sunnyview Farms [Delaware County]

Sunrise [Lawrence County]

Sunset Beach [Mahoning County]

Sunset Harbor [Sandusky County]

Sunset Heights [Belmont County]

Sunset Point [Lake County]

Sunset Terrace [Jefferson County]

Sunset Valley [Carroll County]

Sunshine [Adams County]

Sunshine [Brown County] (H)

Sunshine Park [Jefferson County]

Sunshine Park [Licking County]

Sunside [Trumbull County]

Superior [Lawrence County]

Superior [Trumbull County] (H)

Surfside [Lake County]

Surprise [Morrow County] (H)

Surrey Hill [Trumbull County]

Surryville [Brown County]

Sutherland [Trumbull County] (H)

Sutton [Guernsey County]

Swan [Hocking County]

Swan Creek [Gallia County]

Swander [Seneca County]

Swanders [Shelby County]

Swank [Hancock County] (H)

Swanktown [Montgomery County]

Swans [Licking County]

Swanson [Harrison County]

Swanton [Fulton County]

Swartz [Hocking County]

Swartz Corners [Summit County]

Swartz Mill [Fairfield County]

Swazey [Monroe County]

Sweden [Ashtabula County]

Sweetbriar [Stark County]

Sweetwine [Hamilton County] (H)

Swickards Addition [Jefferson County]

Swift [Washington County]

Swings [Clermont County] (H)

Switzer [Monroe County]

Sybene [Lawrence County]

Sycamore [Crawford County] (H)

Sycamore [Hamilton County]

Sycamore [Putnam County] (H)

Sycamore [Wyandot County]

Sycamore Hills [Guernsey County]

Sycamore Valley [Monroe County]

Sycamore West [Clark County]

Sylvan Shores [Clark County]

See: Highwater

Sylvania [Lucas County]

Symmes [Hamilton County]

Symmes Corner [Butler County]

Symmes Creek [Muskingum County] (H)

Symmes Park [Lawrence County]

Symmes Run [Lawrence County] (H)

Syracuse [Meigs County]


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