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The Communities of Ohio (OH)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Babbtown [Miami County] (H)

Bachman [Montgomery County]

Bacon [Coshocton County]

Bacon Flat [Adams County]

Baddow Pass [Holmes County] (H)

Badgertown [Belmont County]

Bagdad [Medina County] (H)

Bailey [Lucas County] (H)
Other names:
Bailey Station

Bailey Lakes [Ashland County]

Baileys Mills [Belmont County]

Bainbridge [Geauga County]

Bainbridge [Ross County]

Bainbridge Center [Geauga County]

Baird's Furnace [Perry County]

Bairds Furnace Junction [Hocking County]

Bairdstown [Wood County]

Bairdsville [Medina County] (H)

Baker [Champaign County] (H)

Baker [Darke County]

Baker Hill [Franklin County] (H)

Bakers [Lorain County]

Bakers Crossing [Lorain County]

Bakersville [Coshocton County]

Bald Knob [Lawrence County]

Bald Knobs [Meigs County]

Baldorf [Fulton County] (H)

Baldwin [Clermont County]

Baldwin [Paulding County]

Baldwin [Williams County] (H)

Baldwins Corners [Geauga County] (H)

Balentine Acres [Clark County]

Ball [Knox County] (H)

Ballou [Miami County]

Ballou [Muskingum County]

Ballou [Shelby County]

Balls Ferry [Butler County]

Ballville [Sandusky County]

Baltic [Tuscarawas County]

Baltic Park Place [Tuscarawas County]

Baltimore [Fairfield County]

Baltimore [Montgomery County]

Baltimore [Warren County] (H)

Bancroft [Stark County] (H)

Bangorville [Richland County]

Bangs [Knox County]

Banker Heights [Stark County]

Banning's Mill [Knox County] (H)

Bannock [Belmont County]

Bannon [Franklin County] (H)

Bantam [Clermont County]

Barber [Washington County] (H)

Barberton [Summit County]

Barcelona [Richland County] (H)

Barclay [Trumbull County]

Bardwell [Brown County]

Barker [Washington County]

Barlow [Washington County]

Barnard [Meigs County] (H)

Barnes [Richland County]

Barnes Corners [Ashtabula County] (H)

Barnes Corners [Geauga County]

Barnes Corners [Lucas County] (H)

Barnesburg [Hamilton County]

Barnesville [Belmont County]

Barnett Ridge [Washington County] (H)

Barnhill [Tuscarawas County]

Barr [Tuscarawas County]

Barretts Mills [Highland County]

Barrick [Carroll County]

Barrick Corners [Licking County]

Barrs [Montgomery County]

Barrs Mills [Tuscarawas County]

Barrsville [Hamilton County]

Barry [Cuyahoga County]

Barryville [Stark County]

Bartles [Lawrence County]

Bartlett [Athens County]

Bartlett [Coshocton County] (H)

Bartlett [Washington County]
Other names:

Barton [Belmont County]

Barton Manor [Guernsey County]

Bartramville [Lawrence County]

Barwyn Acres [Hamilton County]

Bascom [Seneca County]

Basham [Scioto County] (H)

Bashan [Meigs County]

Basil [Fairfield County]

Bass Lake [Geauga County]

Bass Landing [Mercer County]

Bassett [Wood County] (H)

Bassingers [Putnam County] (H)

Batavia [Clermont County]

Batdorf [Fulton County]

Batemantown [Knox County]

Bates [Wood County]

Bates Corners [Summit County]

Batesville [Noble County]

Bath [Allen County] (H)

Bath [Summit County]

Bath Center [Summit County]

Batson [Paulding County] (H)

Battlesburg [Stark County]

Baum Village [Ross County] (H)

Baxters [Muskingum County] (H)

Bay [Auglaize County] (H)

Bay [Cuyahoga County]

Bay Bridge [Erie County]

Bay View [Erie County]

Bay View [Sandusky County]

Bay Village [Cuyahoga County]

Bayard [Columbiana County]

Bayer [Lucas County]

Bays [Wood County]

Bays Bottom [Gallia County] (H)

Bayshore [Sandusky County]

Bayview [Ashtabula County]

Baywater Estates [Erie County]

Baywood [Clermont County] (H)

Bazetta [Trumbull County]

Beach City [Stark County]

Beach Grove [Meigs County] (H)

Beachland [Cuyahoga County]

Beachwood [Cuyahoga County]

Beachwood Lake Estates [Athens County]

Beacon Hill [Butler County]

Beacon Hill [Geauga County]

Beagle [Hancock County] (H)

Beallsville [Monroe County]

Beals [Fairfield County]

Beamsville [Darke County]

Beanville [Perry County] (H)

Bear Creek [Montgomery County] (H)

Bear Creek [Scioto County]

Bear Run Mine [Scioto County]

Beardsley [Geauga County] (H)

Bears Mill [Darke County]

Beartown [Geauga County]

Beartown [Tuscarawas County]

Beasley Fork [Adams County]

Beatty [Clark County]

Beaumont [Athens County]

Beavan [Washington County]

See: Trebein

Beaver [Pike County]

Beaver Creek [Henry County] (H)

Beaver Dam Station [Allen County]

Beaver Hat [Wayne County] (H)

Beaver Mill [Highland County]

Beaver Park [Lorain County]

Beaver Pike Estates [Pike County]

Beaver Pond [Adams County]

Beaver Station
See: Trebein

Beavercreek [Greene County]

Beaverdam [Allen County]

Beavertown [Montgomery County]

Beavertown [Pike County] (H)

Beavertown [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Beavertown [Washington County]

Becker Highlands [Jefferson County]

Beckers [Montgomery County] (H)

Becket [Belmont County] (H)

Beckett [Washington County]

Beckett Ridge [Butler County]

Beckley Addition [Franklin County]

Becks Mills [Holmes County]

Bedford [Cuyahoga County]

Bedford Heights [Cuyahoga County]

Bee [Vinton County] (H)

Beebe [Athens County]

Beebetown [Medina County] (H)

Beech [Licking County] (H)

Beech [Marion County] (H)

Beech Hollow [Coshocton County]

Beech Park [Lorain County]

Beech Settlement [Knox County] (H)

Beech-Mar [Hamilton County]

Beechcrest [Portage County]

Beecher [Ross County]

Beechgrove [Darke County]

Beechland [Licking County] (H)

Beechview Estates [Hamilton County]

Beechwold [Franklin County]

Beechwood [Clermont County] (H)

Beechwood [Hamilton County]

Beechwood [Jefferson County]

Beechwood [Preble County]

Beechwood [Stark County]

Beechwood Station [Clermont County] (H)

Beechwood Trails [Licking County]

Beechy Mire [Preble County] (H)

Beidler [Tuscarawas County]

Belden [Lorain County]

Belfast [Clermont County]

Belfast [Highland County]

Belfast [Licking County] (H)

Belfast [Preble County] (H)

Belfort [Stark County]

Belknap [Harrison County]

Bell [Columbiana County] (H)

Bell [Highland County]

Bell Point
See: Bellepoint

Bellaire [Belmont County]

Bellaire Gardens [Marion County]

Bellbrook [Greene County]

Belle Center [Logan County]

Belle Court [Lawrence County]

Belle Poine
See: Bellepoint

Belle Valley [Noble County]

Belle Vernon [Wyandot County]

Bellefont [Columbiana County] (H)

Bellefontaine [Logan County]

Bellepoint [Delaware County]
Other names:
Bell Point
Belle Poine

Belleve [Harrison County]

Belleview Heights [Preble County]

Belleview Heights [Ross County]

Bellevue [Sandusky County]

Bells [Pickaway County] (H)

Bellview Heights [Belmont County]

Bellville [Logan County] (H)

Bellville [Richland County]
Other names:
McClures Settlement

Belmont [Allen County]

Belmont [Belmont County]

Belmont [Butler County]

Belmont [Montgomery County]

Belmont Farms [Wood County]

Belmont Meadows [Clark County]

Belmont Park [Trumbull County]

Belmont Ridge [Belmont County]

Belmont Woods [Wood County]

Belmore [Putnam County]

Beloit [Mahoning County]

Belpre [Washington County]

Belt Junction [Butler County] (H)

Belt Line Junction [Butler County]

Belt Line Junction [Summit County]

Belvedere [Jefferson County]

Belvidere [Mahoning County] (H)

Belvidere [Stark County]

Belvuron [Marion County] (H)

Bement [Cuyahoga County]

Bemustown [Belmont County] (H)

Ben [Licking County]

Benjamin [Licking County] (H)

Bennetts Corners [Cuyahoga County]

Bennington [Morrow County]

Bennington Place [Butler County]

Bennington Springs [Morrow County]

Bentley [Mahoning County] (H)

Bentley [Trumbull County] (H)

Bentleyville [Cuyahoga County]

Benton [Crawford County]

Benton [Hancock County]

Benton [Holmes County]

Benton [Lorain County] (H)

Benton [Wood County] (H)

Benton Ridge [Hancock County]

Bentonville [Adams County]

Benwood [Monroe County]

Berea [Cuyahoga County]

Berea Station [Cuyahoga County]

Berger [Knox County]

Bergholz [Jefferson County]

Berkey [Lucas County]

Berkey Station [Lucas County] (H)

Berkley Heights [Montgomery County]

Berkshire [Delaware County]

Berlin [Coshocton County] (H)

Berlin [Delaware County] (H)

Berlin [Holmes County]

Berlin [Jackson County]

Berlin [Williams County]

Berlin Center [Mahoning County]

Berlin Center Station [Mahoning County]

Berlin Heights [Erie County]

Berlin Heights Station [Erie County]

Berlin Station
See: West Berlin

Berlinville [Erie County]

Bernard [Brown County] (H)

Berne [Noble County]

Bernice [Tuscarawas County]

Berrysville [Highland County]

Berwick [Seneca County]

Berwyn [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Bessemer [Athens County]

Bests [Mahoning County]

Beta [Fulton County] (H)

Bethany [Butler County]

Bethel [Belmont County]

Bethel [Clark County] (H)

Bethel [Clermont County]

Bethel [Madison County]

Bethel [Pike County]

Bethesda [Belmont County]

Bethesda [Ross County] (H)

Bethlehem [Marion County] (H)

Bethlehem [Richland County]

Bettes Corners [Summit County]

Bettsville [Seneca County]

Beudale [Geauga County] (H)

Beulah Beach [Erie County]

Beulah Park [Cuyahoga County]

Bevan [Washington County]

Beveland [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Beverly [Washington County]

Beverly Gardens [Montgomery County]

Beverly Hills [Clermont County]

Beverly Hills [Jefferson County]

Bevis [Hamilton County]

Bexley [Franklin County]

Biddle [Crawford County] (H)

Bidwell [Gallia County]

Bieber [Wood County]

Big Bottom [Morgan County] (H)

Big Bottom [Washington County] (H)

Big Hocking [Athens County] (H)

Big Island [Marion County]

Big Italy [Cuyahoga County]

Big Lick [Hancock County] (H)

Big Plain [Madison County]

Big Prairie [Clinton County] (H)

Big Prairie [Holmes County]

Big Prairie [Wayne County]

Big Rock [Jackson County]

Big Run [Athens County]

Big Run [Franklin County] (H)

Big Run [Pike County] (H)

Big Springs [Logan County]

Big Walnut [Delaware County] (H)

Big Walnut [Franklin County] (H)

Billings [Noble County] (H)

Billingstown [Williams County]

Biltmore Gardens [Wood County]

Bingham [Monroe County]

Bingville [Auglaize County] (H)

Binola [Cuyahoga County]

Birchwood Manor [Portage County]

Birdland [Butler County]

Birds Nest [Cuyahoga County]

Birds Run [Guernsey County]
Other names:

Birmingham [Coshocton County] (H)

Birmingham [Erie County]

Birmingham [Guernsey County]
Other names:
New Birmingham

Birmingham [Lucas County] (H)

Bishopville [Morgan County]

Bismarck [Huron County]

Bissell's [Geauga County]

Bixler [Stark County] (H)

Blachleyville [Wayne County]

Black [Guernsey County]

Black Creek [Holmes County]

Black Diamond [Fairfield County] (H)

Black Hand [Licking County]

Black Horse [Portage County]

Black Oak [Belmont County] (H)

Black Run [Muskingum County]

Blackband [Tuscarawas County]

Blackberry Corner [Ottawa County]

Blackbrook Valley Estates [Portage County]

Blackburn [Columbiana County]

Blackburn [Hocking County] (H)

Blackburn [Morgan County] (H)

Blackfork [Lawrence County]

Blackfork Junction [Jackson County]

Blackhawk [Warren County]

Blackjack [Hocking County]

Blacklick [Franklin County]

Blacklick Estates [Franklin County]

Blacktop [Guernsey County]

Bladen [Gallia County]

Bladensburg [Knox County]

Blaine [Belmont County]

Blainesville [Belmont County]

Blair [Portage County] (H)

Blairmont [Harrison County]

Blairsville [Clermont County]

Blake [Medina County]

Blakeslee [Williams County]

Blanc [Fulton County] (H)

Blanc's [Gallia County]

Blanchard [Hardin County]

Blanchard [Licking County] (H)
Other names:
Blanchard Settlement

Blanchard Bridge [Hancock County] (H)

Blanchard Settlement
See: Blanchard

Blanchester [Clinton County]

Blanco [Mahoning County]

Blatchford [Hocking County]

See: Blendon Corner

Blendon Corner [Franklin County]
Other names:
Blendon Four Corners

Blendon Four Corners
See: Blendon Corner

Blennerhassett View [Washington County]

Blessing [Fayette County]

Blicktown [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Bliss [Pickaway County]

Blissfield [Coshocton County]

Blocktown [Hardin County] (H)

Bloody Corners
See: Broken Sword

Bloody Corners [Portage County]

Bloom [Scioto County]

Bloom Center [Logan County]

Bloom Center [Wood County]

Bloom Junction [Scioto County]

Bloom Rose [Brown County] (H)

Bloomdale [Wood County]

Bloomer [Miami County]

Bloomfield [Jefferson County]

Bloomfield [Morrow County]

Bloomfield [Muskingum County]

Bloomfield [Washington County]

Blooming Grove [Morrow County]

Bloomingburg [Fayette County]

Bloomingdale [Jefferson County]

Bloomingdale [Wayne County] (H)

Bloominggrove [Lake County] (H)

Bloomington [Clinton County]

Bloomingville [Erie County]

Bloomville [Erie County] (H)

Bloomville [Seneca County]

Blowville [Clermont County]

Blue Ash [Hamilton County]

Blue Ball [Butler County]

Blue Creek [Adams County]

Blue Fly [Huron County] (H)

Blue Jay [Hamilton County]

Blue Lick [Allen County] (H)

Blue Rock [Muskingum County]

Blue Row [Coshocton County]

Blue Valley Acres [Fairfield County]

Blue Water Manor [Trumbull County]

Blueball (H)

Bluebell [Guernsey County]
Other names:

Bluebird Beach [Erie County]

Bluestone [Cuyahoga County]

Bluff [Coshocton County] (H)

Bluffton [Allen County]

Boanna [Trumbull County] (H)

Boardman [Mahoning County]

Bobo [Pike County]

Boden [Guernsey County]

Bodman [Brown County]

Boetia [Mercer County] (H)

Bogart [Erie County]

Boggerville [Butler County] (H)

Boggs [Gallia County] (H)

Boke's Creek
See: Boke's Creek Settlement

Boke's Creek [Union County]

Boke's Creek Settlement [Delaware County] (H)
Other names:
Boke's Creek

Bold [Scioto County]

Bolens Mills [Athens County] (H)

Bolindale [Trumbull County]

Bolins Mills [Vinton County]

Bolivar [Tuscarawas County]

Bolton [Stark County]

Bon Air Estates [Carroll County]

Bon Veue [Butler County]

Bona Vesta [Williams County]

Bond [Guernsey County] (H)

Bond Hill [Hamilton County]

Bondclay [Scioto County]

Boneta [Medina County]

Bonn [Washington County]

Bono [Lucas County]

Book [Scioto County]

Booktown [Sandusky County]

Bookwalter [Fayette County]

Booth [Lucas County]

Booth [Tuscarawas County]

Booths [Trumbull County] (H)

Boothsport [Summit County] (H)

Borrors Corners [Franklin County] (H)

Bostelmans Corners [Henry County]

Bosterville [Lawrence County]

Boston [Belmont County]

Boston [Franklin County]

Boston [Highland County]

Boston [Jefferson County] (H)

Boston [Summit County]
Other names:
Boston Mill

Boston Heights [Summit County]

Boston Mill
See: Boston

Bostwick [Geauga County]

Boswell [Mahoning County] (H)

Bosworth [Summit County] (H)

Botkins [Shelby County]

Botkins Station [Auglaize County] (H)

Botzum [Summit County]

Boudes Ferry [Brown County]

Boughtonville [Huron County]

Boulevard [Lucas County]

Bourneville [Ross County]

Bowen [Lucas County] (H)

Bowerston [Harrison County]

Bowersville [Greene County]

Bowetown [Delaware County] (H)

Bowler [Gallia County] (H)

Bowling Green [Brown County] (H)

Bowling Green [Licking County] (H)

Bowling Green [Wood County]

Bowlusville [Champaign County]

Bowmans Corners [Mahoning County]

Bowsherville [Wyandot County] (H)

Bowyer [Warren County]

Boyce Mill [Lake County] (H)

Boyd [Miami County]

Boyds [Columbiana County] (H)

Boyds [Fayette County]

Boyds Corners [Mahoning County]

Boydsville [Belmont County]

Boyer [Mahoning County]

Boys Village [Wayne County]

Braceville [Trumbull County]

Braceville Ridge [Trumbull County]

Brachman [Hamilton County] (H)

Bradbury [Meigs County]

Bradford [Miami County]

Bradford [Scioto County] (H)

Bradley [Jefferson County]

Bradner [Wood County]

Bradrick [Lawrence County]

Brady [Guernsey County] (H)

Brady [Tuscarawas County]

Brady Estates [Jefferson County]

Brady Lake [Portage County]

Bradys Lake [Portage County]

Bradysville [Adams County]
Other names:

Braffetsville [Darke County]

Bragg [Morgan County]

Brailey [Fulton County]

Branch Hill [Clermont County]

Branchwood Estates [Huron County]

Brandon [Knox County]

Brandon Court [Pickaway County]

Brandt [Miami County]

Brandy Wine [Butler County]

Brandywine [Crawford County]

Brandywine [Summit County]

Branstetter [Wayne County] (H)

Brashears [Hocking County] (H)

Bratenahl [Cuyahoga County]

Brayfield [Lawrence County]

Braziers [Clermont County]

Breakman [Lake County]

Breakneck [Portage County] (H)

Brecksville [Cuyahoga County]

Brecon [Hamilton County]

Breezewood [Auglaize County]

Brehm [Mercer County] (H)

Bremen [Fairfield County]

Brenner Woods [Butler County]

Brennersville [Preble County]

Brentwood [Hamilton County]

Brentwood [Lake County]

Brentwood [Lawrence County]

Brentwood Estates [Jefferson County]

Brentwood Lake [Lorain County]

Brewer [Fairfield County]

Brewer Heights [Ross County]

Brewster [Stark County]

Briar Hill Corners [Geauga County]

Briarcliff [Franklin County]

Briarwood Beach [Medina County] (H)

Brice [Franklin County]

Briceton [Franklin County]

Briceton [Paulding County]

Brickner [Putnam County]

Bridgeport [Belmont County]

Bridgeport [Hardin County]

Bridgeport [Montgomery County]

Bridgeport [Stark County] (H)

Bridgeport [Union County]

Bridges [Highland County]

Bridgetown [Hamilton County]

Bridgetown North [Hamilton County]

Bridgetown South [Hamilton County]

See: Birds Run

Bridgeville [Muskingum County]

Bridgewater [Columbiana County]

Bridgewater [Guernsey County] (H)

Bridgewater [Williams County]

Bridgewater Center [Williams County]

Brier Hill [Mahoning County]

Brigglesville [Perry County]

Briggs [Cuyahoga County]

Briggs [Washington County]

Briggsdale [Franklin County] (H)

Bright [Franklin County] (H)

Bright Town [Portage County] (H)

Brighton [Clark County]

Brighton [Cuyahoga County] (H)

Brighton [Hamilton County]

Brighton [Lorain County]

Brighton [Muskingum County]

Brighton [Wood County]

Brighton Corner [Hamilton County]

Brighton Gardens [Wood County]

Brightwood [Tuscarawas County]

Brill [Morgan County] (H)

Brilliant [Jefferson County]

Brimestone Corners [Stark County] (H)

Brimfield [Portage County]

Brimfield Station [Portage County]

Brindle Corner [Delaware County] (H)

Brink Haven [Knox County]

Brinkhaven [Knox County]

Brinkman's [Putnam County]

Brinley [Preble County]

Brinsleys [Preble County]

Brister [Monroe County]

Bristol [Morgan County]

Bristol [Perry County]

Bristol Village [Pike County]

Bristolville [Trumbull County]

Bristolville Station [Trumbull County]

Britney Acres [Hamilton County]

Brittain [Summit County]

Brittany Heights [Butler County]

Broadacre [Jefferson County]

Broadview [Summit County]

Broadview Acres [Clark County]

Broadview Gardens [Cuyahoga County]

Broadview Heights [Cuyahoga County]

Broadway [Cuyahoga County]

Broadway [Union County]

Broadwell [Athens County]

Brock [Darke County]

Brocks Corner [Jackson County]

Brockway [Trumbull County] (H)

Brofield Estates [Butler County]

Brokaw [Morgan County]

Broken Sword [Crawford County]
Other names:
Wingerts Corners
Wingert Corners
Bloody Corners
Wingarts Corners

Bronson [Huron County] (H)

Bronsons [Franklin County] (H)

Brook Hollow [Greene County]

Brook Park [Cuyahoga County]

Brookdale [Lawrence County]

Brookeville [Hamilton County]

Brookfield [Hamilton County] (H)

Brookfield [Trumbull County]

Brookfield [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Brookfield Acres [Trumbull County]

Brookfield Center [Trumbull County]

Brookfield Station [Trumbull County]

Brookhill [Hamilton County]

Brooklyn [Cuyahoga County]

Brooklyn Acres [Cuyahoga County]

Brooklyn Heights [Cuyahoga County]

Brookover [Muskingum County] (H)

Brookover Estates [Lawrence County]

Brooks [Clark County] (H)

Brooks Corner [Jackson County]

Brookside [Belmont County]

Brookside Estates [Butler County]

Brookside Park [Franklin County]

Brookside Park [Pickaway County]

Brookside Park [Trumbull County]

Brookton [Noble County] (H)

Brookview [Butler County]

Brookville [Athens County]

Brookville [Montgomery County]

Brookville Lakes Estates [Montgomery County]

Brookwood [Butler County]

Brookwood [Hamilton County]

Brookwood Beach [Lake County]

Brottenburgh [Clark County] (H)

Broughton [Paulding County]

Brown [Carroll County] (H)

Brown [Guernsey County]

Brown [Miami County]

Brown Corner [Trumbull County]

Brown Heights [Guernsey County]

Brownfield [Belmont County] (H)

Brownfield [Wayne County] (H)

Brownhelm [Lorain County]

Brownhelm Center [Lorain County] (H)

Brownhelm Station [Lorain County]

Browns [Jefferson County]

Browns [Miami County]

Browns [Preble County]

Browns Chapel [Montgomery County]

Browns Corners [Wood County] (H)

Browns Crossroads [Hardin County]

Browns Heights [Guernsey County]

Browns Heights [Licking County]

Brownsons Station [Franklin County] (H)

Brownstown [Brown County]

Brownstown [Butler County] (H)

Brownstown [Ross County] (H)

Brownstown [Wyandot County]

Brownsville [Belmont County] (H)

Brownsville [Harrison County] (H)

Brownsville [Licking County]

Brownsville [Monroe County]

Brownsville [Ross County]

Brownsville [Summit County] (H)

Browntown [Brown County]

Browntown [Meigs County]

Bruce [Belmont County]

Bruce [Franklin County] (H)

Bruners [Sandusky County]

Brunersburg [Defiance County]

Bruno [Perry County]

Brunswick [Medina County]

Brush [Hocking County] (H)

Brush Creek [Muskingum County]

Brush Lake [Champaign County] (H)

Brush Ridge [Marion County]

Brushy Fork [Licking County] (H)

Brushy Fork [Scioto County] (H)

Bryan [Williams County]

Bryar [Clark County]

Bryson [Greene County] (H)

Buchanan [Monroe County]

Buchanan [Perry County] (H)

Buchanan [Pike County]

Buchtel [Athens County]

Buck Hill [Stark County]

Buck Run [Adams County] (H)

Buck Run [Union County] (H)

Buckeye [Jackson County]

Buckeye [Muskingum County]

Buckeye [Summit County]

Buckeye Beach [Ashtabula County]

Buckeye City [Knox County]

Buckeye Lake [Licking County]

Buckeye Park [Fairfield County] (H)

Buckeye Terrace [Shelby County]

Buckeyeville [Guernsey County]

Buckhorn [Lawrence County]

Buckhorn [Meigs County] (H)

Buckhorn Corner [Darke County]

Buckhorn Furnace [Lawrence County]

Buckingham [Perry County]

Buckingham Court [Knox County]

Buckland [Auglaize County]

Buckley [Highland County] (H)

Buckongehelas [Logan County] (H)

Bucks [Columbiana County]

Bucks Corner [Darke County]

Bucks Mill [Meigs County]

Buckskin [Ross County]

Buckskin Hill [Pike County] (H)

Bucktown [Hamilton County] (H)

Bucyrus [Crawford County]

Bud [Jackson County] (H)

See: Harlem

Buells [Washington County] (H)

Buena Vista [Butler County]

Buena Vista [Fayette County]

Buena Vista [Hocking County]

Buena Vista [Scioto County]

Buena Vista [Van Wert County] (H)

Buena Vista Beach [Lake County]

Buena Vista Heights [Jefferson County]

Buffalo [Guernsey County]

Buffalo [Jackson County]

Buford [Highland County]

Bulah [Ashtabula County]

Bulaville [Gallia County]

Bulkhead [Auglaize County]

Bulkhead [Logan County]

Bull Skin [Gallia County] (H)

Bundysburg [Geauga County]

Bunker Hill [Butler County]

Bunker Hill [Holmes County]

Bunker Hill [Mahoning County]

Bunker Hill [Meigs County] (H)

Bunkers Corners [Portage County]

Bunns Settlement [Ashland County] (H)

Burbank [Medina County]

Burbank [Wayne County]

Burdell [Franklin County] (H)

Burghill [Trumbull County]

Burgoon [Sandusky County]

Burket's [Perry County]

Burkettsville [Mercer County]

Burkhart [Monroe County]

Burkitts [Adams County] (H)

Burlingham [Meigs County]

Burlington [Belmont County]

Burlington [Fulton County]

Burlington [Lawrence County]

Burlington [Marion County] (H)

Burlington [Stark County] (H)

Burnet Woods [Hamilton County]

Burnetts Corners [Wayne County]

Burr Oak [Athens County]

Burr Oaks [Madison County]

Burr Oaks Heights [Madison County]

Burris [Jackson County]

Bursville [Mercer County]

Burton [Geauga County]

Burton City [Wayne County]

Burton Lake [Geauga County]

Burton Station [Geauga County]

Burton's [Belmont County]

Burton's [Stark County]

Burtonville [Clinton County]

Burts [Franklin County] (H)

Busenbark [Butler County]

Bushnell [Ashtabula County]

Bushong [Putnam County] (H)

Business Corner [Lucas County]

Businessburg [Belmont County]

Busy Corners [Sandusky County]

Butler [Richland County]

Butlers Mill [Hancock County]

Butlerville [Warren County]

Butternut Ridge [Seneca County] (H)

Butterworth [Warren County] (H)

Buzzard Roost [Medina County]

Byer [Jackson County]

Byers Junction [Jackson County]

Byesville [Guernsey County]

Byhalia [Union County]

Byington [Pike County]

Byrne [Noble County] (H)

Byron [Greene County]


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