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The Communities of Ohio (OH)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Aaronsburg [Morrow County] (H)

Abanaka [Van Wert County]

Abashai [Scioto County] (H)

Abbeyville [Medina County]

Abbott Bridge [Erie County] (H)

Abbotts [Muskingum County] (H)

Abbottsville [Darke County]

Abe [Miami County]

Aberdeen [Brown County]

Aberfell [Clark County] (H)

Abledell [Guernsey County]

Abmac [Jackson County] (H)

Academia [Knox County]

Acer [Belmont County] (H)

Achor [Columbiana County]

Ackerman [Franklin County] (H)

Ackley [Fulton County] (H)

Acme [Medina County]

Acton [Marion County]

Ada [Hardin County]

Adair [Columbiana County]

Adair [Monroe County]

Adam [Jackson County]

Adams Mills [Muskingum County]

Adams Ridge [Defiance County]

Adamsville [Gallia County]

Adamsville [Muskingum County]

Adamsville [Seneca County] (H)

Adario [Richland County]

Addison [Gallia County]

Addyston [Hamilton County]

Adelaide [Marion County]

Adelphi [Pickaway County]

Adelphi [Ross County]

Adena [Jefferson County]

Adrian [Noble County]

Adrian [Seneca County]

Advance [Fulton County]

Aetnaville [Belmont County]

Africa [Delaware County] (H)
Other names:
East Orange

Afton [Clermont County]

Agatha [Jackson County] (H)

Agins [Monroe County]

Agosta [Marion County]

Ai [Fulton County]

Aid [Lawrence County]

Ainger [Williams County]

Air Line Junction [Lucas County]

Airhill [Montgomery County]

Airington [Morgan County] (H)

Airy Hills [Butler County]

Aitch [Monroe County]

Aix [Guernsey County] (H)

Akron [Summit County]

Akron Junction [Summit County]

Al Bar Meadows [Hamilton County]

Alabama Hill [Perry County]

Alamo Heights [Butler County]

Alaska [Van Wert County]

Alba [Hancock County] (H)

Albany [Ashland County] (H)

Albany [Athens County]

Albany [Tuscarawas County]

Alberta [Meigs County]

Albion [Ashland County]

Albion [Licking County] (H)

Alcony [Miami County]

Alden [Washington County]

Aldersons [Ross County] (H)

Alert [Butler County]

Alexander [Athens County] (H)

Alexander [Cuyahoga County]

Alexanders [Cuyahoga County]

Alexanders Bridge [Pike County] (H)

Alexandersville [Montgomery County]

Alexandria [Licking County]

Alexandria [Ross County] (H)

Alexandria [Scioto County]

Alexis [Lucas County]

Alexis [Monroe County]

Alexis Addition [Lucas County]

Alfred [Meigs County]

Alger [Hardin County]

Alger Settlement [Cuyahoga County] (H)

Algonquin [Carroll County]

Alice [Gallia County]

Alikanna [Jefferson County]

Alkali [Lake County]

All Seasons Lake Park [Portage County]

Allandale [Hamilton County] (H)

Alledonia [Belmont County]

Allen Center [Union County]

Allen Junction [Lucas County] (H)

Allenburg [Highland County]

Allendale [Hamilton County]

Allendonia [Belmont County]

Allenhurst [Belmont County] (H)

Allens Corners [Geauga County] (H)

Allensburg [Highland County]

Allensville [Vinton County]

Allentown [Allen County]

Allentown [Clark County] (H)

Allentown [Fayette County]

Allentown [Scioto County]

Alliance [Stark County]

Alliance Junction [Mahoning County]

Allston [Fulton County] (H)

Alma [Henry County] (H)

Alma [Ross County]

Almora [Putnam County]

Alnora [Allen County] (H)

Alpha [Greene County]

Alpine Terrace [Clermont County]

Alta [Highland County]

Alta [Richland County]

Altamont [Jefferson County]

Altamont Hills [Jefferson County]

Altamont Park [Jefferson County]

Altitude [Monroe County]

Alton [Franklin County]

Alton Station [Franklin County] (H)

Altoona [Jackson County]

Alum Creek [Delaware County] (H)

Alum Creek [Franklin County] (H)

Alvada [Seneca County]

Alvesta [Lucas County]

Alvordton [Williams County]

Am-Beth Acres [Clermont County]

See: Central College

Amanda [Butler County]

Amanda [Fairfield County]

Ambassador Siding [Meigs County]

Amberley [Hamilton County]

Amberly [Franklin County]

Ambler [Belmont County]

Ambler Heights [Cuyahoga County]

Amboy [Ashtabula County]

Ambrose [Fulton County] (H)

Amelia [Clermont County]

American [Scioto County]

Amesville [Athens County]

Amherst [Lorain County]

Amherst Heights [Stark County]

Amity [Hamilton County]

Amity [Knox County]

Amity [Madison County]
Other names:
West Canaan

Amity [Mahoning County] (H)

Amity [Montgomery County]

Amlin [Franklin County]

Amlin Heights [Greene County]

Amoy [Richland County]

Amsden [Seneca County]

Amsden [Williams County]

Amsterdam [Auglaize County] (H)

Amsterdam [Jefferson County]

Amsterdam [Licking County]

Amsterdam [Ross County] (H)

Ancor [Hamilton County]

Anderson [Ashtabula County] (H)

Anderson [Erie County]

Anderson [Ross County]

Anderson Ferry [Hamilton County]

Andersons Store [Morgan County] (H)

Andersonville [Brown County]

Andersonville [Ross County]

Andis [Lawrence County]

Andover [Ashtabula County]

Andover Country Meadows [Ashtabula County]

Andre [Scioto County]

Andrews [Morrow County]

Andrews [Richland County] (H)

Angel [Gallia County]

Angola [Clermont County] (H)

Angola [Gallia County] (H)

Angus [Seneca County]

Ankenytown [Knox County]

Anlo [Clark County]

Anna [Shelby County]

Annapolis [Jefferson County]

Anselm [Gallia County] (H)

Ansonia [Darke County]

Anthony [Athens County]

Antietam [Trumbull County] (H)

Antioch [Madison County]

Antioch [Monroe County]

Antiquity [Meigs County]

Antonis [Ross County]

Antrim [Guernsey County]

Antwerp [Paulding County]

Anvil [Belmont County]

Apco [Portage County]

Apex [Harrison County]

Apex [Pike County] (H)

Apple [Hocking County]

Apple Creek [Wayne County]

Apple Grove [Meigs County]

Apple Hill [Hamilton County]

Applecreek Village [Cuyahoga County]

Appleton [Licking County]

Aquilla [Geauga County]

Arabia [Lawrence County]

Arbaugh [Vinton County]

Arbela [Union County]

Arbocrest Acres [Hamilton County]

Arbor Crest [Butler County]

Arbor Hills [Wood County]

Arcadia [Hancock County]

Arcanum [Darke County]

Arch Spring [Muskingum County] (H)

Archbold [Fulton County]

Archer [Harrison County]

Archers Fork [Washington County]

Arcole [Lake County] (H)

Arena [Paulding County] (H)

Arhaven Estates [Trumbull County]

Arion [Scioto County]

Arkoe [Pike County]

Arlington [Hancock County]

Arlington [Montgomery County]

Arlington [Summit County]

Arlington Heights [Hamilton County]

Arlington Heights [Trumbull County]

Arlington Heights [Washington County]

Arlington Plaza [Summit County]

Arlington Woods [Wood County]

Armadale [Athens County]

Armenia [Washington County] (H)

Armitage [Athens County]

Armstrong [Allen County] (H)

Armstrong [Belmont County]

Armstrong [Wayne County]

Armstrongs Mills [Belmont County]

Arnheim [Brown County]

Arnold [Union County]

Arnolds Town [Jefferson County] (H)

Arrowhead [Carroll County]

Arrowhead Beach [Lake County]

Arrowsmiths [Defiance County] (H)

Artanna [Knox County]

Arthur [Paulding County]

Arwold [Miami County]

Asbury [Hamilton County]

Asbury [Perry County] (H)

Asbury Hills [Wood County]

Asbury Park [Ashtabula County]

Ascot Downs [Butler County]

Ash [Franklin County]

Ash [Licking County] (H)

Ash Ridge [Brown County]

Ashbrook [Licking County] (H)

Ashbury Towers [Cuyahoga County]

Ashcraft Ford [Muskingum County]

Ashdale [Clermont County]

Ashery [Hancock County] (H)

Ashland [Ashland County]

Ashley [Delaware County]

Ashley Corner [Scioto County]

Ashmont [Erie County] (H)

Ashtabula [Ashtabula County]

Ashtabula Harbor [Ashtabula County]

Ashton [Noble County]

Ashville [Pickaway County]

Ashwood [Defiance County] (H)

Assumption [Fulton County]

Astoria [Butler County]

Athalia [Lawrence County]

Athens [Athens County]

Atherton [Licking County] (H)

Athlone [Butler County] (H)

Atlanta [Pickaway County]

Atlas [Belmont County]

Atlas [Portage County]

Atomic View [Butler County]

Attica [Seneca County]

Attica Junction [Seneca County]

Attica Station [Seneca County]

Atwater [Portage County]

Atwater Center [Portage County]

Atwater Station [Portage County]

Atwood [Carroll County] (H)

Atwood Cove [Carroll County]

Atwood Crossing [Carroll County]

Atwood Pines [Carroll County]

Atwood Valley [Carroll County]

Atwood Village [Carroll County]

Auburn [Butler County]

Auburn [Geauga County]

Auburn Center [Crawford County]

Auburn Center [Geauga County]

Auburn Corners [Geauga County]

Auburndale [Lucas County] (H)

Augerburg [Portage County]

Auglaize [Van Wert County]

Auglaize River [Allen County]

Auglaize Station [Allen County]

Augusta [Carroll County]

Augusta Hills [Butler County]

Aukerman [Wayne County]

Ault [Belmont County] (H)

Ault [Jefferson County]

Aultman [Stark County]

Aults [Putnam County] (H)

Aurelius [Washington County] (H)

Aurora [Portage County]

Aurora East [Portage County]

Aurora Station [Portage County]

Austerlitz [Lucas County] (H)

Austin [Ross County]

Austin Village [Trumbull County]

Austinburg [Ashtabula County]

Austintown [Mahoning County]

Austintown Station [Mahoning County]

Autokee [Lucas County] (H)

Autumn Acres [Hamilton County]

Ava [Noble County]

Avalon [Butler County]

Avalon [Perry County]

Avalon Heights [Warren County]

Avenue [Franklin County] (H)

Avery [Erie County]

Avery Terrace [Lake County]

Avis [Putnam County]

Avoca Park [Hamilton County]

Avon [Lorain County]

Avon Center [Lorain County]

Avon Lake [Lorain County]

Avon Park [Trumbull County]

Avon Point [Lorain County]

Avondale [Belmont County]

Avondale [Coshocton County]

Avondale [Hamilton County]

Avondale [Licking County] (H)

Avondale [Logan County]

Avondale [Montgomery County]

Avondale [Muskingum County]

Avondale [Stark County]

Avondale Park [Licking County]

Axline's [Perry County]

Axtel [Erie County]

Ayersville [Defiance County]

Azelda [Columbiana County] (H)


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