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The Communities of Ohio (OH)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Eagle [Vinton County]

Eagle Beach [Ottawa County]

Eagle City [Clark County]

Eagle Cliff [Cuyahoga County]

Eagle Hill [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Eagle Mills [Vinton County]

Eagle Point Colony [Wood County]

Eagleport [Morgan County]

Eagleville [Ashtabula County]

Eagleville [Wood County]

Earley [Mercer County] (H)

Earls Island [Shelby County]

Earlville [Portage County]

Earlville [Trumbull County] (H)

East Akron [Summit County]

East Alliance [Mahoning County]

East Ashtabula [Ashtabula County]

East Bass Lake [Geauga County]

East Batavia Heights [Clermont County]

East Bolivar [Tuscarawas County] (H)

East Brookfield [Stark County]

East Cadiz [Harrison County]

East Cambridge [Guernsey County]

East Canton [Stark County]

East Carlisle [Lorain County]

East Carmel [Columbiana County]

East Center [Summit County]

East Claridon [Geauga County]

East Clayton [Athens County]

East Cleveland [Cuyahoga County]

East Columbia [Hamilton County] (H)

East Columbus [Franklin County] (H)
Other names:

East Conneaut [Ashtabula County]

East Crestline [Richland County]

East Cumminsville [Hamilton County]

East Danville [Highland County]

East Davis [Portage County] (H)

East Dayton [Montgomery County]

East Defiance [Defiance County]

East Delphos [Allen County]

East End [Columbiana County]

East End [Hamilton County]

East Fairfield [Columbiana County]

East Farmington [Trumbull County]

East Fremont [Sandusky County]

East Fultonham [Muskingum County]

East Fultonham Junction [Muskingum County]

East Gardens [Wood County]

East Goshen [Mahoning County]

East Greenville [Stark County]

East Greenwood [Muskingum County]

East Hamersville [Brown County]

East Hamilton [Butler County]

East Lakeville [Ashtabula County] (H)

East Lawn [Wood County]

East Letart [Meigs County]

East Lewistown [Mahoning County]

East Liberty [Clermont County] (H)

East Liberty [Delaware County]

East Liberty [Logan County]

East Liberty [Summit County]

East Liberty [Wayne County] (H)

East Linden [Franklin County]

East Linwood [Hamilton County] (H)

East Liverpool [Columbiana County]

East Liverpool North [Columbiana County]

East Loveland [Clermont County]

East Madisonville [Hamilton County]

East Mandale [Putnam County]

East Manhattan [Lucas County] (H)

East Mansfield [Richland County]

East Marengo [Lucas County] (H)

East Mecca [Trumbull County]

East Millersport [Fairfield County]

East Millfield [Athens County]

East Monroe [Highland County]

East Montville [Medina County] (H)

East Mount Carmel [Clermont County] (H)

East Munson [Geauga County] (H)

East Newark [Licking County]

East Norwalk [Huron County]

East Norwood [Hamilton County] (H)

East Norwood [Washington County]

East Orange
See: Africa

East Orchard [Stark County]

East Orwell [Ashtabula County]

East Palestine [Columbiana County]

East Perrysburg [Wood County] (H)

East Piedmont [Harrison County]

East Plainfield [Coshocton County] (H)

East Plains [Butler County]

East Plains [Warren County]

East Plymouth [Ashtabula County]

East Portsmouth [Scioto County] (H)

East Price Hill [Hamilton County]

East Richland [Belmont County]

East Ringgold [Pickaway County]

East Ripley [Brown County]

East Rochester [Columbiana County]

East Salineville [Columbiana County] (H)

East Shore Cottage Area [Guernsey County]

East Shore Cottage Area [Harrison County]

East Side [Mahoning County]

East Sparta [Stark County]

East Springfield [Jefferson County]

East Steels Corners [Summit County]

East Swanton [Fulton County] (H)

East Swanton [Lucas County]

East Toledo [Lucas County]

East Townsend [Huron County]

East Trumbull [Ashtabula County]

East Union [Noble County]

East Union [Wayne County]

East Union Station [Wayne County]

East View [Jefferson County]

East Wahlsburg [Brown County]

East Zanesville [Muskingum County]

Eastburn [Jackson County] (H)

Eastcleft [Franklin County]

Eastlake [Lake County]

Eastmoor [Franklin County]

Eastmoor [Guernsey County]

Easton [Guernsey County] (H)

Easton [Wayne County]

Eastpointe On The Mall [Wood County]

Eastport [Tuscarawas County]

Eastview [Montgomery County]

Eastview Heights [Clark County]

Eastwood [Brown County]

Eastwood [Franklin County] (H)

Eaton [Lorain County]

Eaton [Preble County]

Eaton Estates [Lorain County]

Ebenezer [Preble County]

Eber [Fayette County]

Eberly [Wood County] (H)

Ebush [Ross County] (H)

Echo [Belmont County]

Echo [Hamilton County]

Echo [Meigs County]

Echo Lake Glen [Medina County]

Echo Point [Guernsey County]

Eckert's [Hamilton County]

Eckley [Carroll County]

Eckley [Fulton County] (H)
Other names:
Eckley Station

Eckley Station
See: Eckley

Eckmansville [Adams County]

Eckny [Jackson County] (H)

Eden [Delaware County]

Eden [Meigs County]

Eden Park [Hamilton County]

Eden Park [Scioto County]

Eden Station
See: Leonardsburg

Edensborough [Highland County] (H)

Edenton [Clermont County]

Edenville [Wyandot County]

Edgefield [Fayette County]

Edgefield [Stark County]

Edgemont [Hamilton County]

Edgemont [Montgomery County]

Edgerton [Williams County]

Edgewater [Cuyahoga County]

Edgewater Beach [Licking County]

Edgewater Park [Franklin County]

Edgewood [Ashtabula County]

Edgewood [Butler County]

Edgewood [Warren County] (H)

Edgewood Farms [Clark County]

Edgewood Park [Stark County]

Edinburg [Delaware County] (H)
Other names:

Edinburg [Fulton County] (H)

Edinburg [Portage County]

Edinburgh [Wayne County]

Edison [Morrow County]

Edith [Monroe County]

Edmeyer Park [Stark County]

Edmunds [Scioto County]

Edmunds Switch [Scioto County]

Edna [Gallia County] (H)

Edon [Williams County]

Edward [Franklin County] (H)
Other names:
Edwards Station

Edwards Station
See: Edward

Edwardsville [Clark County] (H)

Edwardsville [Warren County]

Edwina [Monroe County]

Ego [Vinton County] (H)

Egypt [Auglaize County]

Egypt [Belmont County]

Egypt [Licking County]

Egypt [Scioto County]

Egypt [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Egypt [Wood County] (H)

Eharte [Medina County]

Eifort [Lawrence County]

Eight Mile [Cuyahoga County] (H)

Eight Square [Wayne County] (H)

Eightmile [Hamilton County]

Eightmile [Washington County] (H)

Eileen Gardens [Hamilton County]

Ekerts Corners [Trumbull County]

El Rose [Hancock County] (H)

Elba [Washington County]

Elberta Beach [Lorain County]

Elberts [Licking County] (H)

Eldean [Miami County]

Elden [Meigs County] (H)

Elden Heights [Lucas County]

Eldon [Guernsey County] (H)

Eldorado [Butler County]

Eldorado [Preble County]

Electric City [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Elenor [Clermont County]

Elery [Henry County]

Elgin [Van Wert County]

Elida [Allen County]

Elizabeth [Adams County] (H)

Elizabeth [Hamilton County] (H)

Elizabeth [Muskingum County]

Elizabethtown [Ashland County] (H)

Elizabethtown [Guernsey County]

Elizabethtown [Hamilton County]

Elizabethtown [Seneca County] (H)

Elizabethtown [Warren County]

Elk [Noble County]

Elk Fork [Vinton County]

Elk Lick [Clermont County] (H)

Elko [Vinton County] (H)

Elkton [Columbiana County]

Ellemans [Miami County] (H)

Ellenboro [Lucas County] (H)

Ellenora [Hamilton County]

Ellerton [Montgomery County]

Ellet [Summit County]

Elliot [Morgan County]

Elliotsville [Jefferson County] (H)

Elliott Crossroads [Morgan County]

Elliottsville [Jefferson County]

Elliottville [Athens County]

Ellis [Muskingum County]

Ellison [Franklin County] (H)

Ellison [Lawrence County]

Ellisonville [Lawrence County]

Elliston [Hamilton County] (H)

Elliston [Ottawa County]

Ellsberry [Brown County]

Ellsworth [Jackson County] (H)

Ellsworth [Mahoning County]

Ellsworth Station [Mahoning County]

Elm [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Elm Center [Putnam County]

Elm Grove [Hancock County] (H)

Elm Grove [Pike County] (H)

Elmira [Fulton County]

Elmore [Ottawa County]

Elms Acres [Stark County]

Elmview [Allen County]

Elmville [Highland County]

Elmwood [Ashtabula County]

Elmwood [Franklin County]

Elmwood [Hamilton County]

Elmwood [Pickaway County]

Elmwood Farm [Pickaway County]

Elmwood Place [Hamilton County]

Elroy [Darke County]

Elsmere [Hamilton County]

Elston [Clermont County] (H)

Elton [Stark County]

Elyria [Lorain County]

See: Emmett

Emerald [Adams County]

Emerald Station
See: Emmett

Emerson [Jefferson County]

Emerson [Washington County]

Emerson Heights [Washington County]

Emery [Fulton County] (H)

Emery Acres [Butler County]

Emmett [Paulding County]
Other names:
Emerald Station

Emmons Corner [Summit County]

Empire [Jefferson County]

Enfield [Harrison County] (H)

England [Ashland County]

England Station [Ashland County]

Englewood [Montgomery County]

English Town [Athens County] (H)

English Woods [Hamilton County]

Englishville [Jackson County]

Eno [Gallia County]

Enoch [Noble County]

Enon [Clark County]

Enon Station [Clark County]

Ensee [Lawrence County] (H)

Enterprise [Cuyahoga County] (H)

Enterprise [Hocking County]

Enterprise [Preble County]

Enterprise [Van Wert County]

Epworth [Richland County]

Epworth Heights [Clermont County]

Equity [Washington County]

Era [Pickaway County]

Erastus [Mercer County]

Erhart [Medina County]

Erie [Jackson County] (H)

Erie Side [Lake County]

Erieview [Ashtabula County]

Erieview [Cuyahoga County]

Eris [Champaign County]

Erlin [Sandusky County]

Erls [Champaign County]

Ernest [Preble County] (H)

Ernst Station [Hamilton County] (H)

Esop [Gallia County] (H)

Espyville [Marion County]

Esselburn [Medina County]

Essex [Fulton County] (H)

Essex [Lawrence County]

Essex [Union County]

Esto [Knox County] (H)

Ethel [Monroe County]

Etna [Lawrence County]

Etna [Licking County]

Etna Village [Licking County]

Etniers [Licking County] (H)

Etties-Burg [Paulding County] (H)

Euclid [Cuyahoga County]

Euclid [Hamilton County]

Euclid Heights [Cuyahoga County]

Eugene [Knox County]

Euphemia [Preble County]

Eureka [Gallia County]

Eureka [Mahoning County]

Eustis [Ross County] (H)

Evans Heights [Gallia County]

Evansburgh [Coshocton County]

Evansport [Defiance County]

Evanston [Franklin County] (H)
Other names:
North Broadway

Evanston [Hamilton County]

Evanston [Miami County]

Evansville [Putnam County]

Evansville [Trumbull County]

Evendale [Hamilton County]

Everett [Lucas County] (H)

Everett [Summit County]

Evergreen [Adams County] (H)

Evergreen [Gallia County]

Evergreen [Washington County]

Evergreen Estates [Medina County]

Evergreen Farm Estates [Butler County]

Evergreen Manor [Cuyahoga County]

Evergreen Village [Portage County]

Evertonville [Adams County]

Ewing [Athens County] (H)

Ewing [Hocking County]

Ewings Corners [Hancock County] (H)

Ewington [Gallia County]

Excello [Butler County]

Exeter [Licking County] (H)

Exeter [Sandusky County] (H)


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