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The Communities of Ohio (OH)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Mabee [Jackson County]

Mabee Corner [Jackson County]

MacAdam [Van Wert County] (H)

MacArthur Park [Erie County]

MacBride [Delaware County] (H)

Macedon [Mercer County]

Macedonia [Butler County]

Macedonia [Clinton County] (H)

Macedonia [Summit County]

Macedonia Depot [Summit County]

Mack [Hamilton County]

Mack North [Hamilton County]

Mack South [Hamilton County]

Mackachack [Logan County] (H)

Macksburg [Washington County]

Mackstown [Delaware County]

Macochee Castle [Logan County]

Macon [Brown County]

Mad River [Clark County]

Madden Corners [Trumbull County]

Maddens [Muskingum County] (H)

Maddox [Adams County]

Madeira [Hamilton County]

Madeira [Putnam County] (H)

Maderite Heights [Trumbull County]

Madison [Jackson County]

Madison [Lake County]

Madison [Richland County]

Madison Addition [Wood County]

Madison Beach [Lake County]

Madison Dock [Lake County] (H)

Madison Hill [Wayne County]

Madison Lake [Madison County]

Madison Mills [Fayette County]

Madison North [Lake County]

Madison-on-the-Lake [Lake County]

Madisonburg [Wayne County]

Madisonville [Hamilton County]

Madland [Scioto County] (H)

Maghees Store [Jackson County] (H)

Magnetic Springs [Greene County] (H)

Magnetic Springs [Knox County] (H)

Magnetic Springs [Union County]

Magnolia [Stark County]

Magrew [Champaign County] (H)

Maholm [Perry County]

Mahoning [Portage County]

Maineville [Warren County]

Mainsville [Perry County]

Maitland [Clark County]

Maitland [Williams County]

Malaby [Gallia County] (H)

Malaga [Monroe County]

Malinta [Henry County]

Mallet Creek [Medina County]

Malta [Morgan County]

Malvern [Carroll County]

Manara [Fayette County]

Manchester [Adams County]

Manchester [Summit County]

Mandale [Paulding County]

Manhattan [Allen County]

Manhattan [Jefferson County]

Manhattan [Lawrence County]

Manhattan [Lucas County] (H)

Manhattan Beach [Cuyahoga County]

Manhattan Junction [Lucas County]

Manker [Lawrence County] (H)

Mann [Ashtabula County]

Mannhassett Village [Warren County]

Manor [Montgomery County] (H)

Mansfield [Hamilton County] (H)

Mansfield [Richland County]

Mansfield Southeast [Richland County]

Mansfields Crossing [Geauga County] (H)

Mantau Station [Portage County]

Mantua [Guernsey County]

Mantua [Portage County]

Mantua Center [Portage County]

Mantua Corners [Portage County]

Maple [Brown County]

Maple Corner [Greene County]

Maple Del Manor [Portage County]

Maple Grove [Geauga County]

Maple Grove [Jackson County] (H)

Maple Grove [Knox County] (H)

Maple Grove [Ottawa County] (H)

Maple Grove [Portage County] (H)

Maple Grove [Ross County]

Maple Grove [Seneca County]

Maple Grove Park [Crawford County]

Maple Heights [Cuyahoga County]

Maple Heights [Franklin County] (H)

Maple Heights [Noble County]

Maple Lake [Jefferson County]

Maple Park [Warren County]

Maple Ridge [Mahoning County]

Maple Valley [Summit County]

Maplecrest [Williams County]

Mapleshade [Gallia County]

Mapleton [Belmont County]

Mapleton [Stark County]

Mapleton Beach [Ashtabula County]

Maplewood [Hamilton County]

Maplewood [Shelby County]

Maplewood Park [Trumbull County]

Marathon [Clermont County]

Marble Cliff [Franklin County]

Marble Cliff Mills [Franklin County] (H)
Other names:
Matere's Mills
McCoy's Mill

Marble Furnace [Adams County]

Marblehead [Ottawa County]

Marblehead Park [Ottawa County]

Marburn [Franklin County] (H)

Marcellus [Mercer County] (H)

Marchand [Stark County] (H)

Marcy [Cuyahoga County] (H)

Marcy [Fairfield County]

Marengo [Lucas County] (H)

Marengo [Morrow County]

Maria Stein [Mercer County]

Mariemont [Hamilton County]

Marietta [Washington County]

Mariners Point [Mercer County]

Marion [Hancock County] (H)

Marion [Marion County]

Marion East [Marion County]

Marit's [Morrow County]

Mark [Logan County] (H)

Mark Center [Defiance County]

Mark Centre [Defiance County]

Markle [Jefferson County]

Markley [Madison County] (H)

Marks [Stark County] (H)

Marl City [Logan County]

Marlain Acres [Hamilton County]

Marlboro [Stark County]

Marlow's [Clinton County]

Marlton [Pickaway County] (H)

Marne [Licking County]

Marquand [Muskingum County]

Marquand Mills [Muskingum County]

Marquis [Mahoning County]

Marr [Monroe County]

Marseilles [Wyandot County]

Marsh Settlement [Lake County] (H)

Marshall [Highland County]

Marshall [Mahoning County]

Marshallville [Athens County] (H)

Marshallville [Wayne County]

Marshfield [Athens County]

Marshs [Hardin County] (H)

Martel [Marion County]

Martin [Ottawa County]

Martins [Seneca County]

Martins Ferry [Belmont County]

Martins Mills [Richland County] (H)

Martinsburg [Columbiana County] (H)

Martinsburg [Knox County]

Martinsburg [Meigs County] (H)

Martinstown [Hancock County] (H)

Martinsville [Clinton County]

Martinsville [Holmes County]

Marvins Mill [Hancock County] (H)

Mary Ann Furnace [Licking County] (H)

Mary Ellen [Warren County]

Marydale [Athens County]

Marygrove [Lucas County]

Marysville [Guernsey County]

Marysville [Union County]

Mascot [Lake County] (H)

Mason [Warren County]

Mason Heights [Warren County]

Massie [Scioto County] (H)

Massieville [Ross County]

Massillon [Stark County]

Masterton [Monroe County]

Masury [Trumbull County]

Matamoras [Washington County]

Matchett [Darke County] (H)

Matere's Mills
See: Marble Cliff Mills

Materials Park [Geauga County]

Mathers Mills [Warren County]

Mattie [Gallia County] (H)

Matville [Pickaway County]

Maud [Butler County]

Mauds [Butler County]

Maumee [Lucas County]

Maustown [Butler County]

Max [Hocking County] (H)

Maximo [Stark County]

Maxtown [Delaware County] (H)
Other names:
Maxwell Corners

Maxville [Perry County]

See: Maxtown

Maxwell Corners
See: Maxtown

May Hill [Adams County]

Maybee [Richland County]

Mayfair Park [Lucas County]

Mayfield [Butler County]

Mayfield [Cuyahoga County]

Mayfield Heights [Cuyahoga County]

Mayflower Village [Stark County]

Maynard [Belmont County]

Maysville [Allen County]

Maysville [Coshocton County]

Maysville [Hocking County]

Maysville [Knox County] (H)

Maysville [Muskingum County]

Maysville [Wayne County]

Maywood [Clermont County] (H)

Mazes Corners [Williams County] (H)

McArthur [Vinton County]

McArthurs Corners [Summit County] (H)

McAvan [Washington County]

McCance [Wayne County]

McCarty [Adams County] (H)

McCartyville [Shelby County]

McCauleys [Defiance County] (H)

McClaimsville [Madison County]

McClainville [Belmont County]

McCleary [Noble County]

McClimansville [Madison County]

McClintocksburg [Portage County]

See: Bellville

McClure [Henry County]

McClures Settlement
See: Bellville

McClurg [Mahoning County]

McComb [Hancock County]

McConnelsville [Jefferson County] (H)

McConnelsville [Morgan County]

McCoppin Mill [Highland County]

McCormick [Gallia County] (H)

McCoy [Jackson County]

McCoy's Mill
See: Marble Cliff Mills

McCracken Corners [Columbiana County]

McCrea Park [Muskingum County] (H)

McCullomville [Wyandot County] (H)

McCullough [Adams County] (H)

McCullough [Hamilton County] (H)

McCullough [Putnam County]

McCullough's [Hamilton County]

McCulloughs [Jefferson County] (H)

McCuneville [Perry County]

McCutchensville [Pickaway County] (H)

McCutchenville [Seneca County]

McDaniel Crossroad [Gallia County]

McDaniel's [Gallia County]

McDermott [Scioto County]

McDonald [Butler County] (H)

McDonald [Hardin County] (H)

McDonald [Muskingum County]

McDonald [Trumbull County]

McDonaldsville [Stark County]

McDowell [Wayne County] (H)

McElroy [Perry County]

McFarlands Corners [Geauga County]

McGarry [Columbiana County] (H)

McGaw [Scioto County]

McGill [Paulding County] (H)

McGillsville [Mahoning County] (H)

McGoldricks Town [Hardin County] (H)

McGonigle [Butler County]

McGuffey [Hardin County]

McGuffey Heights [Mahoning County]

McGuire [Coshocton County] (H)

McIntyre [Jefferson County]

McKaigs Mills [Columbiana County] (H)

McKay [Ashland County]

McKay Station [Clinton County]

McKays [Clinton County]

McKays Corners [Mahoning County]

McKees Town [Logan County] (H)

McKendree [Madison County]

McKinley [Cuyahoga County]

McKinley Heights [Trumbull County]

McKinley Woods [Wood County]

McKinsters [Meigs County] (H)

McKitterick [Jackson County] (H)

McLean [Fayette County]

McLeish [Athens County]

McLuney [Perry County]

McMorran [Logan County]

McQuaid [Wayne County] (H)

McSherrystown [Adams County] (H)

McVitty [Hardin County]

McZena [Ashland County]

Mead [Williams County] (H)

Meade [Pickaway County]

Meadow Branch [Jackson County] (H)

Meadow Farm [Muskingum County]

Meadow Lane [Clark County]

Meadow Lawn [Butler County]

Meadow Look [Gallia County]

Meadow Village [Guernsey County]

Meadowbrook [Muskingum County]

Meadowbrook Lake [Summit County]

Meadowood [Mahoning County]

Meadowvale [Wood County]

Meander [Trumbull County]

Means [Harrison County]

Mecca [Trumbull County]

See: West Chester

Mechanicsburg [Champaign County]

Mechanicsburg [Crawford County]

Mechanicsburg [Monroe County]

Mechanicsburg [Wayne County]

Mechanicstown [Carroll County]

Mechanicsville [Ashtabula County]

Mechanicsville [Greene County] (H)

Mechanicsville [Harrison County] (H)

Media [Belmont County] (H)

Medill [Athens County] (H)

Medina [Medina County]

Medway [Clark County]

Meeker [Darke County]

Meeker [Marion County]

Meekers [Darke County]

Meig's Creek [Morgan County]

Meigs [Meigs County]

Meigs [Morgan County]

Meigs on the River [Wood County]

Meigsville [Morgan County]

Melbern [Williams County]

Melco [Richland County]

Melgren [Licking County] (H)

Melicks Grove [Perry County] (H)

Mellwood [Lucas County]

Melmore [Seneca County]

Melody Lake [Muskingum County]

Melrose [Clark County] (H)

Melrose [Knox County] (H)

Melrose [Paulding County]

Melvin [Clinton County]

Memphis [Clinton County]

Mendon [Mercer County]

Mentor [Lake County]

Mentor Acres [Lake County]

Mentor Headlands [Lake County]

Mentor-on-the-Lake [Lake County]

Mentzer [Hardin County]

Mercer [Mercer County]

Mercer [Wood County]

Mercers Station [Greene County] (H)

Mercerville [Gallia County]

Meredith [Delaware County]

Mermill [Wood County]

Meroe [Monroe County]

Merriam [Muskingum County]

Merritt [Meigs County]

Merrittstown [Warren County]

Mertz [Belmont County] (H)

Merwin [Clermont County]

Mesopotamia [Trumbull County]

Metamora [Fulton County]

Metham [Coshocton County]

Methodist Corners [Trumbull County] (H)

Metz [Summit County]

Metzger [Ross County]

Mexico [Crawford County] (H)

Mexico [Wyandot County]

Meyers [Miami County] (H)

Meyers Lake [Stark County]

Miami [Erie County] (H)

Miami [Hamilton County]

Miami [Lucas County] (H)

Miami City [Montgomery County]

Miami Crossing [Franklin County]

Miami Fort [Hamilton County]

Miami Grove [Hamilton County]

Miami Heights [Hamilton County]

Miami Shores [Montgomery County]

Miami Station [Hamilton County]

Miami Villa [Montgomery County]

Miamisburg [Montgomery County]

Miamitown [Hamilton County]

Miamiville [Clermont County]

Miamme [Hamilton County] (H)

Middle Bass [Ottawa County]

Middle Beaver [Columbiana County] (H)

Middle Branch [Stark County]

Middle Creek [Monroe County] (H)

Middle Creek [Noble County]

Middle Point [Van Wert County]

Middle Spring [Allen County] (H)

Middle Spring [Marion County] (H)

Middleboro [Warren County]

Middlebourne [Guernsey County]
Other names:

Middlebranch [Stark County]

Middleburg [Jefferson County]

Middleburg [Logan County]

Middleburg [Noble County]

Middleburg [Seneca County] (H)

Middleburg Heights [Cuyahoga County]

Middlebury [Delaware County] (H)

Middlebury [Summit County] (H)

Middlebury [Van Wert County]

Middlefield [Geauga County]

Middlepoint [Van Wert County]

Middleport [Meigs County]

Middlesex [Ashtabula County] (H)

Middleton [Columbiana County]

Middleton [Jackson County]

Middleton [Ottawa County] (H)

Middleton Corner [Greene County]

Middletown [Butler County]

Middletown [Champaign County]

Middletown [Crawford County]

Middletown Junction [Warren County]

Middletown South [Butler County]

Middletown Station [Butler County]

Midland [Clinton County]

Midland City [Clinton County]

Midpark [Cuyahoga County]

Midpoint Woods [Richland County]

Midtown [Muskingum County]

Midvale [Tuscarawas County]

Midway [Belmont County]

Midway [Darke County]

Midway [Defiance County] (H)

Midway [Guernsey County]

Midway [Lucas County] (H)

Midway [Madison County]

Midway [Meigs County]

Midway [Miami County]

Midway [Stark County]

Mifflin [Ashland County]

Mifflin Cottage Area [Ashland County]

Mifflinville [Franklin County]

Milan [Erie County]

Miles [Cuyahoga County]

Miley Crossroads [Holmes County]

Milford [Hamilton County]

Milford Center [Union County]

Milford Station [Hamilton County]

Milfordton [Knox County]

Mill Creek [Coshocton County] (H)

Mill Creek [Cuyahoga County] (H)

Mill Creek [Delaware County] (H)

Mill Creek [Fulton County] (H)

Mill Creek [Williams County] (H)

Mill Grove [Morgan County]

Mill Rock [Columbiana County]

Mill Run [Muskingum County]

Millbrook [Wayne County]

Millbury [Wood County]

Millcreek Meadows [Union County]

Milldale [Hamilton County]

Milldale [Henry County] (H)

Milledgeville [Fayette County]

Miller [Guernsey County] (H)

Miller [Lawrence County]

Miller [Pickaway County] (H)

Miller City [Putnam County]

Miller Estates [Lawrence County]

Miller Grove [Darke County]

Miller's [Guernsey County]

Miller's [Lawrence County]

Miller's Station [Harrison County]

Millers [Fairfield County] (H)

Millers [Franklin County] (H)

Millers City [Putnam County]

Millers Corners [Holmes County]

Millers Corners [Licking County]

Millersburg [Holmes County]

Millersport [Fairfield County]

Millerstown [Champaign County]

Millersville [Sandusky County]

Millertown [Perry County]

Millfield [Athens County]

Millheim [Summit County]

Milligan [Perry County]

Milligan [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Millikin [Butler County] (H)

Millport [Columbiana County]

Millport [Defiance County] (H)

Millport [Pickaway County]

Millport [Stark County]

Mills [Gallia County]

Mills Village [Gallia County]

Millsboro [Richland County]

Millsville [Coshocton County] (H)

Millville [Butler County]

Millville [Delaware County] (H)

Millville [Mahoning County]

Millwood [Knox County]

Milo [Defiance County] (H)

Milo [Franklin County]

Miltomson [Warren County]

Milton [Ashland County]

Milton [Mahoning County]

Milton [Miami County]

Milton [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Milton [Wood County]

Milton Center [Wood County]

Miltonsburg [Monroe County]

Miltonville [Butler County]

Miltonville [Wood County] (H)

Mina [Darke County] (H)

Mina [Williams County]

Minahan's Bend [Ross County]

Mineola [Hamilton County] (H)

Miner [Franklin County] (H)

Miner [Huron County] (H)

Mineral [Athens County]

Mineral [Vinton County] (H)

Mineral City [Tuscarawas County]

Mineral Point [Tuscarawas County]

Mineral Ridge [Mahoning County]

Mineral Siding [Guernsey County]

Mineral Springs [Adams County]

Mineral Springs Station [Adams County]

Minersville [Meigs County]

Minerton [Vinton County]

Minerva [Stark County]

Minerva Junction [Carroll County]

Minerva Park [Franklin County]

Mineyahta-on-the Bay [Ottawa County]

Minford [Scioto County]

Mingo [Champaign County]

Mingo [Vinton County] (H)

Mingo Junction [Jefferson County]

Minnehan Bend [Ross County]

Minster [Auglaize County]

Miracle Mile [Clark County]

Misco [Perry County]

Mishler [Portage County]

Misner Corners [Mahoning County]

Mitchaw [Lucas County]

Mitiwanga [Erie County]

Mix [Shelby County] (H)

Mizers [Tuscarawas County]

Moats [Defiance County]

Mobile Acres [Ashtabula County]

Mobile Haven Park [Trumbull County]

Mobile Manor Park [Crawford County]

Modest [Clermont County]

Modoc [Athens County]

Moffitt [Hancock County] (H)

Moffitt Heights [Stark County]

Mogadore [Summit County]

Mohawk [Coshocton County]

Mohawk [Hamilton County] (H)

Mohawk [Seneca County] (H)

Mohawk Village [Coshocton County]

Mohican [Ashland County]

Mohicanville [Ashland County]

Molasses Gap [Paulding County]

Moline [Wood County]

Momeneetown [Lucas County]

Monclova [Lucas County]

Monclova Gardens [Lucas County]

Monday [Hocking County]

Monday Creek Junction [Hocking County]

Monday Creek Junction [Perry County]

Monfort Heights [Hamilton County]

Monfort Heights East [Hamilton County]

Monfort Heights South [Hamilton County]

Monfort Heights West [Hamilton County]

Monnett [Crawford County]

Monnette [Crawford County]

Mononcue [Wyandot County]

Monroe [Brown County] (H)

Monroe [Butler County]

Monroe [Greene County]

Monroe [Highland County]

Monroe [Jackson County]

Monroe Center [Ashtabula County]

Monroe Mills [Knox County]

Monroe Station [Butler County]

Monroefield [Monroe County]

Monroeville [Huron County]

Monroeville [Jefferson County]

Montana [Putnam County] (H)

Montauk [Hamilton County] (H)

Monterey [Clermont County]

Monterey [Hamilton County]

Monterey [Mercer County]

Monterey Heights [Stark County]

Montezuma [Mercer County]

Montezuma Acres [Mercer County]

Montgomery [Hamilton County]

Montgomery [Pickaway County] (H)

Montgomery Cross Roads [Wood County] (H)

Montgomery Heights [Hamilton County]

Montgomery's [Licking County]

Monticello [Fairfield County] (H)

Monticello [Van Wert County]

Montpelier [Williams County]

Montra [Shelby County]

Montreal [Lawrence County] (H)

Montrose [Summit County]

Montrose-Ghent [Summit County]

Montville [Geauga County]

Moody [Gallia County] (H)

Moons [Fayette County]

Moonville [Vinton County] (H)

Moore [Adams County] (H)

Moore [Belmont County] (H)

Moore Junction [Washington County]

Moore's Junction [Washington County]

Moorefield [Clark County]

Moorefield [Harrison County]

See: Hunts Corners

Moores Corners [Franklin County]

Moores Fork [Clermont County]

Moores Junction [Perry County]

Mooresville [Ross County]

Mooretown [Jefferson County] (H)

Mooreville [Belmont County] (H)

Moorland [Wayne County]

Moorville [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Moosers [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Moraine [Montgomery County]

Moran [Portage County]

Moraville [Harrison County] (H)

Morehouse [Morrow County] (H)

Moreland [Stark County]

Moreland [Wayne County]

Moreland Corners [Franklin County]

Moreland Hills [Cuyahoga County]

See: Morganville

Morgan [Pickaway County]

Morgan Center [Gallia County]

Morgan Center [Knox County]

Morgan Manor [Guernsey County]

Morgan Place [Montgomery County]

Morgan Run [Coshocton County]

Morgandale [Trumbull County]

Morgans [Pickaway County]

Morgans [Portage County] (H)

Morgantown [Clinton County] (H)

Morgantown [Highland County] (H)

Morgantown [Jackson County] (H)

Morgantown [Mahoning County]

Morgantown [Pike County]

Morganville [Morgan County]
Other names:
Wolf Creek

Morges [Carroll County]

Morning Star [Meigs County]

Morning Sun [Preble County]

Morningside [Washington County]

Morningstar [Preble County] (H)

Mornington [Hamilton County]

Morningview [Belmont County]

Morral [Marion County]

Morris [Seneca County]

Morris [Washington County] (H)

Morrison [Paulding County]

Morrisons [Muskingum County]

Morristown [Athens County]

Morristown [Belmont County]

Morristown [Tuscarawas County] (H)

Morristown [Warren County] (H)

Morrisville [Clinton County]

Morrow [Warren County]

Mortimer [Hancock County]

Morton [Monroe County]

Morton Flats [Gallia County]

Mortonville [Athens County] (H)

Morus Hill [Licking County] (H)

Moscow [Clermont County]

Moscow [Hamilton County] (H)

Moscow [Licking County] (H)

Moscow Mills [Morgan County]

Mosel [Franklin County] (H)

Moshers Mill [Morrow County] (H)

Mosier [Trumbull County] (H)

Mosk [Columbiana County]

Mosketo [Trumbull County] (H)

Moslers [Butler County] (H)

Moss Run [Washington County]

Mott [Lawrence County]

Mott Town [Portage County]

Motts Corners [Trumbull County] (H)

Moulton [Auglaize County]

Moulton [Lawrence County] (H)

Moultrie [Columbiana County]

Mound [Coshocton County]

Mound Crossing [Hocking County]

Mound View [Lucas County]

Mound View [Wood County]

Moundbuilders [Licking County]

Mounds [Franklin County] (H)

Moundsville [Noble County]

Moundview Park [Wood County]

Mount Adams [Hamilton County]

Mount Air [Franklin County]

Mount Airy [Coshocton County] (H)

Mount Airy [Hamilton County]

Mount Airy Center [Hamilton County]

Mount Airy Station [Hamilton County]

Mount Auburn [Athens County] (H)

Mount Auburn [Butler County]

Mount Auburn [Hamilton County]

Mount Blanchard [Hancock County]

Mount Blanco [Meigs County]

Mount Carmel [Clermont County]

Mount Carmel [Hamilton County]

Mount Carmel [Sandusky County]

Mount Carmel Heights [Clermont County]

Mount Carrick [Monroe County]

Mount Cory [Hancock County]

Mount Eaton [Wayne County]

Mount Ephraim [Noble County]

Mount Ephraim Station [Noble County]

Mount Everett [Washington County]

Mount Forest Trails [Clermont County]

Mount Gilead [Morrow County]

Mount Gilead [Seneca County]

Mount Harrison [Hamilton County]

Mount Hayden [Hamilton County] (H)

Mount Healthy [Hamilton County]

Mount Healthy Heights [Hamilton County]

Mount Heron [Darke County]

Mount Holly [Clermont County]

Mount Holly [Warren County]

Mount Hope [Holmes County]

Mount Hope [Licking County] (H)

Mount Jefferson [Shelby County]

Mount Joy [Scioto County]

Mount Leigh [Adams County] (H)

Mount Liberty [Knox County]

Mount Lookout [Hamilton County]

Mount Marie Heights [Stark County]

Mount Moriah [Clermont County] (H)

Mount Nebo [Athens County] (H)

Mount Olive [Clermont County]

Mount Orab [Brown County]

Mount Perry [Perry County]

Mount Pisgah [Clermont County]

Mount Pleasant [Clinton County]

Mount Pleasant [Cuyahoga County]

Mount Pleasant [Darke County] (H)

Mount Pleasant [Franklin County] (H)

Mount Pleasant [Hocking County]

Mount Pleasant [Jefferson County]

Mount Pleasant [Sandusky County]

Mount Pleasant [Stark County]

Mount Pleasant Station [Jefferson County]

Mount Repose [Clermont County]

Mount Saint John [Greene County]

Mount Saint Joseph [Hamilton County]

Mount Sinai [Pike County]

Mount Sterling [Madison County]

Mount Sterling [Muskingum County]

Mount Summit [Hamilton County]

Mount Tabor [Logan County] (H)

Mount Tabor [Tuscarawas County]

Mount Union [Holmes County] (H)

Mount Union [Stark County]

Mount Vernon [Knox County]

Mount Vernon [Lawrence County]

Mount Vernon [Lucas County]

Mount Vernon [Stark County]

Mount Victory [Hardin County]

Mount Washington [Hamilton County]

Mount Weller [Hamilton County] (H)

Mount Zion [Adams County] (H)

Mount Zion [Noble County]

Mountain Ridge [Jackson County] (H)

Mountain View [Lake County]

Mounts Station [Warren County] (H)

Mountview [Hamilton County]

Mountville [Morgan County]

Mowrystown [Highland County]

Moxahala [Perry County]

Moxahala Park [Muskingum County]

Muchinippi [Logan County] (H)

Mud Run [Noble County]

Mudlick [Montgomery County]

Mudsock [Athens County] (H)

Mudsock [Franklin County] (H)

Mudsock [Gallia County]

Muhks Corners [Franklin County] (H)

Mulberry [Clermont County]

Mulberry Grove [Miami County]

Mulga [Jackson County]

Mulhauser [Hamilton County]

Mumper Estates [Clark County]

Muncie Hollow [Sandusky County]

Mungen [Wood County]

Munks Corners [Franklin County]

Munroe Falls [Summit County]

Munson [Medina County]

Munson Center [Geauga County] (H)

Munson Hill [Ashtabula County]

Munsville [Coshocton County] (H)

Muntanna [Putnam County]

Murat [Paulding County] (H)
Other names:
Hipp's Lock

Murdock [Warren County]

Murlin Heights [Montgomery County]

Murphy [Washington County]

Murphys [Hancock County]

Murphysburg [Mercer County]

Murray City [Hocking County]

Murraysville [Lorain County] (H)

Muscash [Erie County] (H)

Museville [Muskingum County]

Muskingum [Muskingum County] (H)

Muskingum [Washington County] (H)

Muskingum Terrace [Washington County]

Musselman [Ross County]

Mussers Mills [Columbiana County] (H)

Muttonville [Preble County]

Mutual [Champaign County]

Myers [Madison County] (H)

Myers [Richland County] (H)

Myers [Stark County]

Myers Corners [Knox County]

Myers Crossing [Athens County]

Myersville [Summit County]

Myrtle [Scioto County] (H)

Mysticvale [Mahoning County] (H)


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