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The Communities of Texas (TX)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

E Lopez Colonia [Starr County]

Eagle Acres [Tarrant County]

Eagle Branch [Bastrop County]

Eagle Cove [Callahan County] (H)

Eagle Creek [Wilson County] (H)

Eagle Flat [El Paso County]

Eagle Flat [Hudspeth County]

Eagle Ford [Dallas County]

Eagle Lake [Colorado County]

Eagle Lakes [Galveston County]

Eagle Mills [Shelby County] (H)

Eagle Mountain [Tarrant County]

Eagle Nest [Val Verde County] (H)

Eagle Pass [Maverick County]

Eagle Springs [Coryell County]

Eagle Springs [Hudspeth County] (H)

Eagles Point [Galveston County]

Eagleton [Harrison County]

Earle [Bexar County]

Earls [Parker County]

Early [Brown County]

Early [Cooke County]

Earlywine [Washington County]

Earth [Lamb County]

Easley Chapel [Houston County]

East Afton [Dickens County]

East Alto Bonito [Starr County]
Other names:
East Alto Bonito Colonia

East Alto Bonito Colonia
See: East Alto Bonito

East Amarillo [Potter County]

East Austin [Travis County]

East Bernard [Wharton County]

East Buena Vista Addition [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
East Buena Vista Addition Colonia

East Buena Vista Addition Colonia
See: East Buena Vista Addition

East Caney [Hopkins County]

East Cantu Country Estates [Cameron County]
Other names:
East Cantu Country Estates Colonia

East Cantu Country Estates Colonia
See: East Cantu Country Estates

East Cantu Road Colonia [Cameron County]

East Clint Estates [El Paso County]
Other names:
East Clint Estates Colonia

East Clint Estates Colonia
See: East Clint Estates

East Columbia [Brazoria County]
Other names:
Bells Landing

East Dallas [Dallas County]

East Delta [Delta County]

East Direct [Lamar County]

East El Paso [El Paso County]

East Fresnos [Cameron County]
Other names:
East Fresnos Colonia

East Fresnos Colonia
See: East Fresnos

East Gate Acres [Webb County]
Other names:
East Gate Acres Colonia

East Gate Acres Colonia
See: East Gate Acres

East Grand [Dallas County]

East Hamilton [Shelby County]

East Haven [Harris County]

East Houston [Harris County]

East La Porte [Harris County]

East Lake Buchanan [Burnet County]

East Liberty [Shelby County]

East Mayfield [Sabine County]

East Mountain [Gregg County]

East Oak Cliff [Dallas County]

East Pearson Street Colonia [Duval County]

East Point [Wood County]

East Ridge [Potter County]

East River [Harris County]

East River [Liberty County]

East River [Montgomery County]

East Side [Dawson County]

East Side [Panola County]

East Stamford [Jones County]

East Stenger Street Colonia [Cameron County]

East Sweden [McCulloch County]

East Tawakoni [Rains County]

East Tempe [Polk County]

East Terrell Hills [Bexar County]

East Terrell Hills Heights [Bexar County]

East Texas [Hunt County]

East View [Gregg County]

East Voth [Jefferson County]

East Waco [McLennan County]

East Wind Estates [El Paso County]
Other names:
East Wind Estates Colonia

East Wind Estates Colonia
See: East Wind Estates

Easter [Castro County]

Easterly [Robertson County]

Eastex Oaks Village [Harris County]

Eastgate [Liberty County]

Eastland [Eastland County]

Eastland Park [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Eastland Park Colonia

Eastland Park Colonia
See: Eastland Park

Eastman [Hardin County] (H)

Easton [Gregg County]

Eastvale [Denton County]

Eastwood [El Paso County]

Eastwood [Harris County]

Eaton [Robertson County]

Ebenezer [Camp County]

Ebenezer [Jasper County]

Ebony [Mills County] (H)

Ebony Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Ebony Acres Colonia

Ebony Acres Colonia
See: Ebony Acres

Echo [Bell County]

Echo [Coleman County]

Echo [Orange County]

Echo Forest [Orange County]

Echols [Limestone County]

Eckert [Gillespie County]

Ecleto [Karnes County]

Eclipse [Gaines County] (H)

Eclipse [Jasper County]

Ector [Fannin County]

Edcouch [Hidalgo County]

Eddy [McLennan County]

Eden [Concho County]

Eden [Frio County]

Eden [Nacogdoches County]

Edenville [Hale County] (H)

Ederville [Tarrant County]

Edey [Comanche County]

Edgar [DeWitt County]

Edge [Brazos County]

Edgecliff Village [Tarrant County]

Edgewater - Paisano [San Patricio County]

Edgewater Beach [Travis County]

Edgewater Estates [San Patricio County]

Edgewood [Bexar County]

Edgewood [Harris County]

Edgewood [Van Zandt County]

Edgeworth [Bell County]

Edgeworth Place [Harris County]

Edgin [Briscoe County]

Edhube [Fannin County]

Edinburg [Hidalgo County]

Edinburg Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Edinburg Acres Colonia

Edinburg Acres Colonia
See: Edinburg Acres

Edinburg Junction [Hidalgo County]

Edith [Coke County]

Edmonson [Hale County]

Edna [Jackson County]

Edna Hill [Erath County]

Edom [Van Zandt County]

Edroy [San Patricio County]
Other names:
Edroy Colonia

Edroy Colonia
See: Edroy

Edwards [Clay County]

Edwards Place [Brewster County]

Effie [Wilbarger County]

Egan [Johnson County]

Eggers [Cameron County]
Other names:
Eggers Colonia

Eggers Colonia
See: Eggers

Egypt [Leon County]

Egypt [Montgomery County]

Egypt [Wharton County]

Eichelberger Crossing [McLennan County]

Eidson Road [Maverick County]

Eight Mile [Harrison County]

El Arroyo [Starr County]

El Bernardo [Brazoria County]

El Calaboz [Cameron County]
Other names:
El Calaboz Colonia
El Calabozo Colonia

El Calaboz Colonia
See: El Calaboz

El Calabozo Colonia
See: El Calaboz

El Camino [Wharton County]

El Camino Al Lago Colonia [Jim Wells County]

El Camino Angosto [Cameron County]
Other names:
El Camino Angosto Colonia

El Camino Angosto Colonia
See: El Camino Angosto

El Campestre Colonia [El Paso County]

El Campo [Wharton County]

El Campo Club Community [Calhoun County]

El Campo South [Wharton County]

El Caney [Houston County]

El Carro [Jim Wells County]

El Castillo [Starr County]
Other names:
El Castillo Colonia

El Castillo Colonia
See: El Castillo

El Cenizo [Starr County]
Other names:
El Cenizo Colonia

El Cenizo [Webb County]

El Cenizo Colonia
See: El Cenizo

El Centro [Starr County]

El Chapote Colonia [Willacy County]

El Charro Colonia [Hidalgo County]

El Dorado [Bexar County]

El Dorado [Galveston County]

El Dorado [Harris County]

El Flaco Chiquito Colonia [Hidalgo County]

El Gato [Hidalgo County]

El Gran Valle [El Paso County]
Other names:
El Gran Valle Colonia

El Gran Valle Colonia
See: El Gran Valle

El Indio [Maverick County]

El Jardin [Cameron County]

El Jardin Del Mar [Harris County]

El Lago [Harris County]

El Martillo [Kleberg County]

El Mesquite [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
El Mesquite Colonia

El Mesquite [Starr County]
Other names:
El Mesquite Colonia

El Mesquite Colonia
See: El Mesquite

El Mesquite Colonia
See: El Mesquite

El Monte Colonia [Hidalgo County]

El Muerto [Jeff Davis County] (H)

El Nogal Colonia [Cameron County]

El Nopal Colonia [Hidalgo County]

El Oso [Karnes County]

El Paraiso Colonia [Hidalgo County]

El Paso [El Paso County]

El Pleasant [Austin County]

El Quiote [Starr County]
Other names:
El Quiote Colonia

El Quiote Colonia
See: El Quiote

El Ranchito [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
El Ranchito Colonia

El Ranchito Colonia
See: El Ranchito

El Rancho Vela [Starr County]
Other names:
El Rancho Vela Colonia

El Rancho Vela Colonia
See: El Rancho Vela

El Refugio [Starr County]
Other names:
El Refugio Colonia

El Refugio Colonia
See: El Refugio

El Rio Colonia [Hidalgo County]

El Sauz [Hidalgo County]

El Sauz [Starr County]

El Seco [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
El Seco Colonia

El Seco Colonia
See: El Seco

El Socio [Starr County]
Other names:
El Socio Colonia

El Socio Colonia
See: El Socio

El Sol Colonia [Hidalgo County]

El Sordo [Zapata County]

El Tacalote [Jim Wells County]

El Tesoro [Hood County]

El Toro [Jackson County]

El Venadito Colonia [Cameron County]

Elam [Dallas County]

Elam Springs [Upshur County]

Elam Station [Dallas County]

Elbert [Polk County]

Elbert [Throckmorton County]

Elberta [Smith County]

Elbow [Howard County]

Elderville [Gregg County]

Eldon [Harris County]

Eldora [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Eldora Colonia

Eldora Colonia
See: Eldora

Eldora Gardens [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Eldora Gardens Colonia

Eldora Gardens Colonia
See: Eldora Gardens

Eldorado [Schleicher County]

Eldorado Center [Navarro County]

Eldridge [Colorado County]

Eldridge [Gray County]

Eldridge [Pecos County]

Electra [Wichita County]

Electric City [Hutchinson County]

Elevation [Milam County]

Elgin [Bastrop County]

Eli [Hall County]

Eliasville [Young County]

Elida [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Elida Colonia

Elida Colonia
See: Elida

Elizabeth [Denton County] (H)

Elizabeth [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Elizabeth Colonia

Elizabeth [Jefferson County]

Elizabeth Colonia
See: Elizabeth

Elizabethtown [Denton County]

Elk [McLennan County]

Elkhart [Anderson County]

Elkins [Brown County]

Elkton [Smith County]

Ella [Brazos County]

Ella [Jim Wells County]

Ellen [Hale County]

Ellen Park [El Paso County]
Other names:
Ellen Park Colonia

Ellen Park Colonia
See: Ellen Park

Ellinger [Fayette County]

Elliot [Robertson County]

Elliott [Matagorda County] (H)
Other names:
Elliott Ferry

Elliott [Wilbarger County]

Elliott Ferry
See: Elliott

See: Elliott

Ellis [Edwards County]

Ellison Ridge [Milam County] (H)

Ellison Springs [Eastland County] (H)

Ellsworth [Grayson County]

Ellwood [Lubbock County]

Elm Creek [Guadalupe County] (H)

Elm Creek [Maverick County]

Elm Flat [Navarro County]

Elm Grove [Brazoria County]

Elm Grove [Caldwell County]

Elm Grove [Cherokee County]

Elm Grove [Fayette County]

Elm Grove [San Saba County]

Elm Grove [Wharton County]

Elm Grove [Williamson County]

Elm Grove Camp [Guadalupe County]

Elm Grove Village [Harris County]

Elm Mott [McLennan County]

Elm Ridge [Milam County]

Elm View [Grayson County]

Elmaton [Matagorda County]

Elmdale [Taylor County]

Elmendorf [Bexar County]

Elmgrove [Galveston County]

Elmina [Walker County]

Elmo [Kaufman County]

Elmont [Grayson County]

Elmore [Hall County] (H)

Elmtown [Anderson County]

Elmview [Grayson County]

Elmwood [Anderson County]

Elodias [Starr County]
Other names:
Elodias Colonia

Elodias Colonia
See: Elodias

Eloise [Falls County]

Elroy [Travis County]

Elsa [Hidalgo County]

Elstone [Medina County]

Elton [Dickens County]

Elva [Ellis County]

Elvista [Jefferson County]

Elwood [Fannin County]

Elwood [Madison County]

Elwood [Van Zandt County]

Ely [Fannin County]

Elysian Fields [Harrison County]

Elysium [Bastrop County]

Emberson [Lamar County]

Emblem [Hopkins County]

Embree [Dallas County] (H)

Emerald [Crockett County] (H)

Emerson [Pecos County]

Emerson [Terrell County]

Emerson Place [Harris County]

Emhouse [Navarro County]

Emilee [Tyler County]

Emille [Tyler County]

Eminence [Chambers County]

Emma [Crosby County] (H)

Emmaus [Cherokee County]

Emmett [Navarro County]

Emory [Rains County]

Emporia [Angelina County]

Encantada - Ranchito El Calaboz [Cameron County]

Encantada Colonia [Cameron County]

Enchanted Forest [Montgomery County]

Enchanted Oaks [Henderson County]

Enchanted Valley [Harris County]

Enchanted Valley Ranch [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Enchanted Valley Ranch Colonia

Enchanted Valley Ranch Colonia
See: Enchanted Valley Ranch

Enchanted Woods [Galveston County]

Encinal [La Salle County]

Encino [Brooks County]

Encino Heights [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Encino Heights Colonia

Encino Heights Colonia
See: Encino Heights

Endot [Dallas County]

Energy [Comanche County]

Engelman [Hidalgo County]

Engle [Fayette County]

Engleman [Collin County]

Engleman Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Engleman Estates Colonia

Engleman Estates Colonia
See: Engleman Estates

Engleman Gardens [Hidalgo County]

Englewood [Harris County]

English [Brazoria County]

English [Fannin County]

English [Red River County]

English Acres [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
English Acres Colonia

English Crossing [Bandera County]

Enless [Tarrant County]

Enloe [Delta County]

Ennis [Ellis County]

Enoch [Upshur County]

Enochs [Bailey County]

Enon [Tarrant County]

Enon [Upshur County]

Enos [Waller County]

Enright [Brazos County]

Enrique Bazan Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Ensign [Ellis County]

Enterprise [Cherokee County]

Enterprise [Fannin County]

Enterprise [Medina County]

Enterprise [Newton County]

Enterprise [Van Zandt County]

Entre [Montgomery County]

Eola [Concho County]

Eolian [Stephens County]

Ephraim [Hale County] (H)

Epson Downs [Harris County]

Epworth [Hale County] (H)

Equality [Harrison County]

Equestria [Johnson County] (H)

Era [Cooke County]

Erath [Eastland County]

Erath [McLennan County]

Ericksdahl [Jones County]

Erin [Harris County]

Erin [Jasper County]

Erna [Mason County]

Erna [Menard County]

Ernest Anderson Crossing [Houston County]

Ernies Acres [Brazoria County]

Ernst [Atascosa County]

Erwin [Grimes County]

Esbon [Llano County]

Escarbada [Deaf Smith County]

Escobares [Starr County]

Escobas [Zapata County]

Eskota [Fisher County]

Espantosa Colonia [Dimmit County]

Esperanza [Hudspeth County]

Esperanza [Montgomery County]

Esperanza Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Esperanza Estates Colonia

Esperanza Estates Colonia
See: Esperanza Estates

Esperson [Liberty County]

Espey [Atascosa County]

Espuella [Dickens County]

Esquina Colonia [Cameron County]

Esseville [Live Oak County]

Estacado [Crosby County] (H)
Other names:

Estelle [Dallas County]

Estelline [Hall County]

Estes [Aransas County]

Estes [Harrison County]

Ethel [Grayson County]

Etholen [El Paso County]

Etholen [Hudspeth County] (H)

Etna [Cherokee County] (H)

Etoile [Nacogdoches County]

Etter [Moore County]

Etter Junction [Moore County]

Eubank Acres [Travis County]

Eudora [Angelina County]

Eugenio Saenz [Starr County]
Other names:
Eugenio Saenz Colonia

Eugenio Saenz Colonia
See: Eugenio Saenz

Eula [Callahan County]

Eulalie [Rusk County]

Euless [Tarrant County]

Eulogy [Bosque County]

Eunice [Leon County]

Eunice [Swisher County]

Eureka [Franklin County]

Eureka [Harris County]

Eureka [Navarro County]

Eureka [Shackelford County]

Eureka [Stephens County]

Eureka Acres [Harris County]

Eustace [Henderson County]

Eustace - Malakoff [Henderson County]

Evadale [Jasper County]

Evan [Cameron County]

Evangeline Gardens [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Evangeline Gardens Colonia

Evangeline Gardens Colonia
See: Evangeline Gardens

Evans [Cass County]

Evans [Hardeman County]

Evans Point [Hopkins County] (H)

Evansville [Leon County]

Evant [Coryell County]

Eveitt [San Jacinto County]

Evelyn [Henderson County]

Everett [Oldham County]

Evergreen [Hidalgo County]

Evergreen [Lee County] (H)

Evergreen [San Jacinto County]

Evergreen [Starr County]
Other names:
Evergreen Colonia

Evergreen Colonia
See: Evergreen

Everitt [San Jacinto County]

Everman [Tarrant County]

Evie Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Ewelder [San Patricio County]

Ewell [Upshur County]

Ewing [Angelina County]

Exall [Dallas County]

Exell [Moore County]

Exile [Edwards County]

Expressway Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Expressway Acres Colonia

Expressway Acres Colonia
See: Expressway Acres

Expressway Heights [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Expressway Heights Colonia

Expressway Heights Colonia
See: Expressway Heights

Exum [Hartley County]

Eylau [Bowie County]

Ezequiel Acevedo Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Ezzell [Lavaca County]


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