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The Communities of Texas (TX)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Vacarro Manor [Fort Bend County]

Vahlsing [San Patricio County]

Vair [Trinity County]

Val Bar Estate [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Val Bar Estate Colonia

Val Verde [Hidalgo County]

Val Verde [Milam County]

Val Verde Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Val Verde Acres Colonia

Val Verde East [Harris County]

Val Verde Grove [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Val Verde Grove Colonia

Val Verde North [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Val Verde North Colonia

Val Verde Park [Val Verde County]
Other names:
Val Verde Park Colonia

Valda [Polk County]

Valdasta [Collin County]

Valdina Farms [Medina County]

Valdosta [Collin County]

Valentine [Jeff Davis County]

Valera [Coleman County]

Vales [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Vales Colonia

Valle Escondido [Cameron County]
Other names:
Valle Escondido Colonia

Valle Hermosa [Cameron County]
Other names:
Valle Hermosa Colonia

Valle Hermosa [Starr County]
Other names:
Valle Hermosa Colonia

Valle Hermoso Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Valle Hermoso Estates Colonia

Valle Real [El Paso County]
Other names:
Valle Real Colonia

Valle Verde [Cameron County]
Other names:
Valle Verde Colonia

Valle Verde [Webb County]
Other names:
Valle Verde Colonia

Valle Verde [Zapata County]
Other names:
Valle Verde Colonia

Valle Villa Addition [El Paso County]
Other names:
Valle Villa Addition Colonia

Valle Vista [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Valle Vista Colonia

Valley [Guadalupe County]

Valley Farm [Reeves County]

Valley Farms [Navarro County]

Valley Grove [Rusk County]

Valley Hi [Bexar County]

Valley Junction [Robertson County]

Valley Lodge [Fort Bend County]

Valley Mills [Bosque County]

Valley Mills [Dimmit County] (H)

Valley Rancheros [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Valley Rancheros Colonia

Valley Ridge [Brazos County]

Valley Ridge [Tarrant County]

Valley Spring [Llano County]

Valley Star Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Valley Star Acres Colonia

Valley View [Comal County]

Valley View [Cooke County]

Valley View [Cottle County]

Valley View [DeWitt County]

Valley View [McLennan County]

Valley View [Midland County]

Valley View [Mitchell County]

Valley View [Montague County]

Valley View [Runnels County]

Valley View [Upshur County]

Valley View [Wichita County]

Valley View Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Valley View Estates Colonia

Valley View Estates Colonia
See: Valley View Estates

Valley Wells [Dimmit County]

Valleycreek [Fannin County]

Van [Van Zandt County]

Van Alstyne [Collin County]

Van Horn [Culberson County]

Van Horn [El Paso County]

Van Pelt [Brazoria County]

Van Raub [Bexar County]

Van Sickle [Hunt County]

Van Vleck [Matagorda County]

Vance [Edwards County]

Vance [Real County]

Vancourt [Tom Green County]

Vandalia [Red River County]

Vandenburg [Medina County] (H)

Vanderbilt [Jackson County]

Vanderpool [Bandera County]

Vandyke [Comanche County]

Vanessa Street Colonia [Uvalde County]

Vanetia [Leon County]

Vanham Addition [Uvalde County]
Other names:
Vanham Addition Colonia

Vanva Settlement [Liberty County]

Varisco [Brazos County]

Vasco [Delta County]

Vashti [Clay County]

Vattman [Kleberg County]

Vattmannville [Kleberg County]

Vaughan [Hill County]

Veach [San Augustine County]

Veal Station [Parker County]

Veal's Station [Parker County]

Vealmoor [Howard County]

Veals [Morris County]

Vega [Oldham County]

Velasco [Brazoria County]

Velasco Heights [Brazoria County]

Veldt [Kaufman County]

Vemo [McLennan County]

Venable [San Augustine County]

Venadito [Cameron County]

Venecia [Starr County]
Other names:
Venecia Colonia

Venetia [Leon County]

Ventura [Montgomery County]

Venus [Ellis County]

Vera [Knox County]

Vera Cruz [Duval County]

Verbena [Garza County] (H)

Verde Mills [Bexar County]

Verdi [Atascosa County]

Vereda Tropical Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Verhalen [Reeves County]

Verhelle [DeWitt County]

Vernon [Wilbarger County]

Verona [Collin County]

Vertress [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Vertress Colonia

Vesey [Red River County]

Vesrue [Winkler County]

Vessey [Red River County]

Vesta [Sabine County]

Vesta [Shackelford County]

Viboras [Starr County]

Vicente Sandoval Colonia [Cameron County]

Vick [Concho County]

Vickery [Dallas County]

Vicksburg [Montgomery County]

Victor [Erath County]

Victor [Harris County]

Victoria [Limestone County]

Victoria [Starr County]
Other names:
Victoria Colonia

Victoria [Victoria County]

Victoria Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Victoria Acres Colonia

Victoria Belen [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Victoria Belen Colonia

Victoria Vera [Starr County]

Victoriano Hernandez Colonia [Maverick County]

Victory [Marion County]

Victory City [Bowie County]

Victory Gardens [Orange County]

Victory Place [Brooks County]
Other names:
Victory Place Colonia

Vidaurri [Refugio County]

Vidor [Orange County]

Vieja Springs [Presidio County] (H)

Vienna [Lavaca County]

Viesca [Falls County]

View [Taylor County]

Viewpoint [Lamar County]

Vigo [Callahan County]

Vigo [Concho County]

Vigo Park [Swisher County]

Vilas [Bell County]

Villa [Mills County]

Villa Alegre [Hudspeth County]
Other names:
Villa Alegre Colonia

Villa Capri [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Villa Capri Colonia

Villa Cavazos [Cameron County]
Other names:
Villa Cavazos Colonia

Villa Donna [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Villa Donna Colonia

Villa Donna Colonia
See: Villa Donna

Villa Espana [El Paso County]
Other names:
Villa Espana Colonia

Villa Espana Colonia
See: Villa Espana

Villa Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Villa Estates Colonia

Villa Estates Colonia
See: Villa Estates

Villa Nueva [Cameron County]
Other names:
Villa Nueva Colonia

Villa Nueva Colonia
See: Villa Nueva

Villa Pancho [Cameron County]
Other names:
Villa Pancho Colonia

Villa Pancho Colonia
See: Villa Pancho

Villa Siesta Retirement Village [Travis County]

Villa Verde [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Villa Verde Colonia

Villa Verde Colonia
See: Villa Verde

Villa de Frontera [Starr County]
Other names:
Villa de Frontera Colonia

Villa de Frontera Colonia
See: Villa de Frontera

Villa de Martinez [Starr County]
Other names:
Villa de Martinez Colonia

Villa de Martinez Colonia
See: Villa de Martinez

Villa del Mundo [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Villa del Mundo Colonia

Villa del Mundo Colonia
See: Villa del Mundo

Villa del Sol [Cameron County]
Other names:
Villa del Sol Colonia

Villa del Sol [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Villa del Sol Colonia

Villa del Sol Colonia
See: Villa del Sol

Villa del Sol Colonia
See: Villa del Sol

Village [Dallas County]

Village [Midland County]

Village East [Webb County]
Other names:
Village East Colonia

Village Green [Galveston County]

Village Grove [Harris County]

Village Mills [Hardin County]

Village North [Bexar County]

Village of Oak Lakes [Fort Bend County]

Village of Tiki Island
See: Tiki Island

Villalobos Estates [El Paso County]
Other names:
Villalobos Estates Colonia

Villareal [Starr County]
Other names:
Villareal Colonia

Villareales [Starr County]

Villas del Valle [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Villas del Valle Colonia

Vilott [Cooke County]

Vincent [Howard County]

Vinedo Acres [El Paso County]
Other names:
Vinedo Acres Colonia

Vinegarone [Val Verde County]

Vineland [Collin County]

Vineyard [Jack County]

Vinson [Travis County]

Vinton [El Paso County]

Viola [Nueces County]

Violet [Nueces County]

Virgile [Johnson County]

Virginia City [Bailey County] (H)

Virginia Hill [Henderson County]

Virginia Point [Galveston County]

Vista [Hamilton County]

Vista Larga [El Paso County]
Other names:
Vista Larga Colonia

Vistula [Houston County]

Vita Villas [Harris County]

Viterbo [Jefferson County]

Vivian [Foard County]

Voca [McCulloch County]

Volente [Travis County]

Volga [Houston County]

Vollmer [Harris County]

Von Ormy [Bexar County]

Vontress [Haskell County]

Voss [Coleman County]

Votaw [Hardin County]

Voth [Jefferson County]

Voxpopuli [Colorado County]

Vsetin [Lavaca County]

Vysehrad [Lavaca County]


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