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The Communities of Texas (TX)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

D T Villareal Colonia [Hidalgo County]

D'Hanis [Medina County]

D-5 Acres Colonia [Webb County]

DISH [Denton County]
Other names:

Dabney [Uvalde County]

Dacosta [Victoria County]

Dacus [Montgomery County]

Dads Corner [Archer County]

Daffan [Travis County]

Daileyville [Karnes County] (H)

Daingerfield [Morris County]

Dairyland [El Paso County]
Other names:
Dairyland Colonia

Daisetta [Liberty County]

Daisy [Rains County]

Dal-nor [Dallas County]

Dalberg [El Paso County]

Dalby Springs [Bowie County]

Dale [Caldwell County]

Dale Crest [Van Zandt County]

Dalhart [Dallam County]

Dallam [Brazos County]

Dallam [Dallam County]

Dallardsville [Polk County]

Dallas [Dallas County]

Dalrock [Dallas County]

Dalton [Cass County]

Dalton [Denton County]

Dalton Junction [Denton County]

Dalworth [Dallas County]

Dalworthington Gardens [Tarrant County]

Daly Place [Harris County]

Dalys [Houston County]

Dalzell [Brown County]

Damon [Brazoria County]

Damsite [Hardeman County] (H)

Dan [Wise County]

Danbury [Brazoria County]

Danci [Johnson County]

Danciger [Brazoria County]

Danevang [Wharton County]

Daniel [Houston County]

Daniel Ozuna Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Danieldale [Dallas County]

Daniels [Panola County]

Daniels [Washington County]

Danner [Fannin County]

Danville [Comal County]

Danville [Gregg County]

Danville [Montgomery County] (H)

Daphne [Franklin County]

Darby Hill [San Jacinto County]

Darco [Harrison County]

Darden [Bowie County]

Darden [Polk County]

Darden Springs [Lee County]

Dargan [Panola County]

Darilek [Wilson County]

Dark Corners
See: Blanconia

Darling [Maverick County]

Darlington [Frio County]

Darrouzett [Lipscomb County]

Darwin [Webb County] (H)

Daryl [Harrison County]

Datura [Limestone County]

Daugherty [Kaufman County]

Daugherty [Rains County]

Dauphin [Henderson County]

Davenport [Comal County]

Davenport [Red River County]

Davidson [Burleson County]

Davilla [Milam County]

Davis [Atascosa County]

Davis [Lamar County]

Davis Hill [Liberty County]

Davis Mount Station [Reeves County] (H)

Davis Prairie [Limestone County]

Davisville [Angelina County]

Davisville [Leon County]

Dawes [Harris County]

Dawn [Deaf Smith County]

Dawson [Navarro County]

Day [Wichita County]

Dayton [Liberty County]

Dayton Lakes [Liberty County]

De Anda Colonia [Hidalgo County]

De Berry [Panola County]

De Gresse [Jack County]

De Kalb [Bowie County]

De La Cruz Colonia [Starr County]

De La Garza Colonia [Hidalgo County]

De La Garza Colonia [Starr County]

De Leon [Comanche County]

De los Santos Colonia [Starr County]

DeCordova [Hood County]

DeSoto [Dallas County]

Deadwood [Panola County]

Deal [Carson County]

Dean [Clay County]

Dean [Deaf Smith County]

Dean [Hockley County]

Dean [Leon County]

Dean Dale [Clay County]

Deanville [Burleson County]

Deanwright [Anderson County]

Dearborn [Hardin County] (H)

Deaver [Grayson County]

Debbie [Wood County]

Decatur [Wise County]

Decker [Nolan County] (H)

Decker [Travis County]

Decker Prairie [Montgomery County]

Decker Terrace [Harris County]

Deco [Harris County]

Decoy [Nacogdoches County]

Deep Lake [Hall County] (H)

Deep Water Point Estates [Collin County]

Deep Well Crossing [Hopkins County]

Deepwater [Harris County]

Deepwater Terrace [Harris County]

Deer Creek [Clay County]

Deer Haven [Llano County]

Deer Park [Harris County]

Deerbrook [Montgomery County]

Deerfield Park [El Paso County]
Other names:
Deerfield Park Colonia

Deerfield Village [Harris County]

Deerton [Mason County]

Defense [Bowie County]

Del Mar [Cameron County]

Del Mar [Webb County]

Del Mar Heights [Cameron County]
Other names:
Del Mar Heights Colonia

Del Mar Hills [Webb County]

Del Monte [Jefferson County]

Del Norte Acres [El Paso County]

Del Norte Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Del Norte Heights [El Paso County]

Del Rio [Val Verde County]

Del Sol [San Patricio County]
Other names:
Del Sol Colonia

Del Sol - Loma Linda [San Patricio County]

Del Valle [Travis County]

Deland [Erath County] (H)

Delaware [Brown County]

Delaware Junction [Brown County]

Delba [Fannin County]

Delfina [Hidalgo County]

Delhi [Caldwell County]

Delia [Limestone County] (H)

Delip Colonia [El Paso County]

Dell [Bosque County]

Dell City [Hudspeth County]

Della Plain [Floyd County] (H)

Delldale [Harris County]

Dellinger [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Dellinger Colonia

Delma [Newton County]

Delmar [Eastland County]

Delmer [Cherokee County]

Delmita [Starr County]
Other names:

Delray [Panola County]

Delrose [Upshur County]

Delta - Rodger [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Delta - Rodger Colonia

Delta Court [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Delta Court Colonia

Delta West [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Delta West Colonia

Delwin [Cottle County]

Demarco [Burnet County]

Demi - John Island [Brazoria County]

Democrat [Comanche County] (H)

Democrat [Mills County]

Democrat Crossing [Brazos County]

Dempsey [Cass County]

Denhawken [Wilson County]

Denison [Grayson County]

Denman Crossroads [Van Zandt County]

Denmark [Anderson County] (H)

Denmna [Van Zandt County]

Denning [San Augustine County]

Dennis [Parker County]

Denny [Falls County]

Denson Spring [Anderson County]

Dent [Hunt County]

Denton [Callahan County]
Other names:
Denton Valley

Denton [Denton County]

Denton Creek [Denton County]

Denver [Montague County]

Denver City [Gaines County]

Denver Harbor [Harris County]

Denworth [Gray County]

Deny [Dallas County]

Deport [Lamar County]

Derby [Frio County]
Other names:
Derby Colonia

Derden [Hill County]

Dermott [Scurry County]

Dernal [Victoria County]

Desdemona [Eastland County]

Desert [Collin County]

Desert Glen [El Paso County]
Other names:
Desert Glen Colonia

Dessau [Travis County]

Dessau Fountains [Travis County]

Detmold [Milam County]

Detroit [Red River County]

Devan Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Devan Estates Colonia

Devers [Liberty County]

Devers Woods [Liberty County]

Devil's River [Val Verde County] (H)

Devils Shores [Val Verde County]

Devine [Medina County]

Dew [Freestone County]

Dewalt [Fort Bend County]

Dewees [Wilson County]

Deweesville [Karnes County]

Dewey [Montague County]

Deweyville [Newton County]

Dewville [Gonzales County]

Dexter [Cooke County]

Dial [Cherokee County]

Dial [Fannin County]

Dial [Hutchinson County]

Dialville [Cherokee County]

Diamond 'L' Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Diana [Upshur County]

Dias E Ocho Creek Camp [Presidio County] (H)

Diaz [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Diaz Colonia

Diboll [Angelina County]

Dicey [Parker County]

Dickens [Dickens County]

Dickey [Leon County]

Dickinson [Galveston County]

Dickson Cove [Hunt County]

Dickworsham [Clay County]

Dido [Tarrant County] (H)

Dies [Hardin County]

Dies [Tyler County]

Dies Community [Tyler County]

Dietz [Guadalupe County] (H)

Dike [Hopkins County]

Dilley [Frio County]

Dillon [Hopkins County] (H)

Dilworth [Gonzales County]

Dilworth [Red River County]

Dime Box [Lee County]

Dimero [Live Oak County]

Dimmits Landing [Calhoun County] (H)

Dimmitt [Castro County]

Dimple [Red River County]

Dinas [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Dinas Colonia

Dindinger Road Colonia [El Paso County]

Dinero [Live Oak County]

Ding Dong [Bell County]

Dingerville [Madison County]

Dingler [Comanche County]

Dinkins [Brazos County]

Dinsmore [Wharton County]

Direct [Lamar County]

Dirgin [Rusk County]

Dittlinger [Comal County]

Ditto [Atascosa County]

Divide [Coke County]

Divide [Hopkins County]

Divot [Frio County] (H)
Other names:

Dix [Martin County]

Dixico [Harris County]

Dixie [Grayson County]

Dixie [Lamar County]

Dixie Hollow [Brazoria County]

Dixieland [Reeves County] (H)

Dixon [Hunt County]

Doak Springs [Lee County]

Doans [Wilbarger County]

Doans Crossing [Wilbarger County] (H)

Dobbin [Montgomery County]

Dobrowolski [Atascosa County]

Doc Brown [Orange County]

Dockberry Estates [Cameron County]
Other names:
Dockberry Estates Colonia

Dockberry Estates Colonia
See: Dockberry Estates

Dodd [Castro County]

Dodd [San Patricio County]
Other names:
Dodd Colonia

Dodd City [Fannin County]

Dodd Colonia
See: Dodd

Doddville [Washington County] (H)

Dodge [Walker County]

Dodge City [Williamson County] (H)

Dodson [Collingsworth County]

Dodson [Houston County]

Dodson Prairie [Palo Pinto County]

Dodsonville [Collingsworth County]

Doffing [Hidalgo County]

Dog Ridge [Bell County] (H)

Dogwood [Tyler County]

Dogwood Acres [Harris County]

Dogwood City [Smith County]

Doke [Llano County] (H)

Dolan [Angelina County]

Dolen [Liberty County]

Dolores [Kinney County] (H)

Dolores [Webb County] (H)

Dolores [Zapata County]
Other names:
Dolores Colonia

Dolores Colonia
See: Dolores

Dome [Mitchell County]

Dominion [Bexar County]

Domino [Cass County]

Don-Tol [Wharton County]

Donahoe [Bell County]

Donelton [Hunt County]

Donie [Freestone County]

Doniphan [Fannin County]

Donna [Hidalgo County]

Donovan [Angelina County] (H)

Doole [Concho County] (H)

Doole [McCulloch County] (H)

Doolittle [Hidalgo County]

Doolittle Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Doolittle Acres Colonia

Doolittle Acres Colonia
See: Doolittle Acres

Dora [Nolan County]

Dorchester [Grayson County]

Dorman [Wharton County]

Dorras [Stonewall County]

Dorso [Val Verde County] (H)

Dort [Howard County]

Doseido Colony [Wilson County] (H)

Doss [Cass County]

Doss [Clay County]

Doss [Gillespie County]

Dot [Falls County]

Dothan [Eastland County]

Dotson [Fannin County]

Dotson [Panola County]

Dott [Falls County]

Doty [Orange County]

Double Bayou [Chambers County]

Double Diamond Estates [Hutchinson County]

Double Ford [Mills County]

Double Mountain [Stonewall County]

Double Oak [Denton County]

Doucette [Tyler County]

Doud [Lubbock County]

Dougherty [Floyd County]

Dougherty [Rains County]

Douglas [Smith County]

Douglass [Nacogdoches County]

Douglass [Red River County]

Douglassville [Cass County]

Doule [Limestone County]

Douro [Ector County]

Dover [Fort Bend County]

Dow Acres [Harris County]

Dowdel Settlement [Liberty County]

Dowling [Jefferson County]

Downing [Comanche County]

Downs [McLennan County]

Downsville [McLennan County]

Doyle [Limestone County]

Doyle [San Patricio County]

Doyle Addition [San Patricio County]
Other names:
Doyle Addition Colonia

Dozier [Collingsworth County]

Draco [Wise County]

Drane [Navarro County]

Draper [Dickens County] (H)

Drasco [Runnels County]

Draw [Lynn County]

Dreaco [Williamson County]

Dreka [Shelby County]

Dresden [Navarro County]

Dresser [Bell County]

Dressy [Callahan County]

Drews Landing [San Jacinto County]

Dreyer [Gonzales County]

Dreyfoos [Hemphill County]

Driftwood [Hays County]

Dripping Springs [Hays County]

Driscoll [Denton County] (H)

Driscoll [Nueces County]

Driver [Freestone County]

Drop [Denton County]

Drumright [Glasscock County] (H)

Drury [San Jacinto County]

Druso [Houston County]

Dry Valley [Montague County]

Dryden [Pecos County]

Dryden [Terrell County]

Dryden Crossing [Terrell County]

Dubina [Fayette County] (H)

Dublin [Erath County]

Dubwright [Taylor County]

Ducat Settlement [Liberty County]

Duck Creek [Dallas County] (H)

Dudley [Callahan County]

Duff [Shelby County]

Duffau [Erath County]

Dug Ford [Throckmorton County]

Dugger [Guadalupe County]

Duke [Fort Bend County]

Duke Crossing [Mills County]

Dulaney [Hunt County]

Dulin [Brown County]

Dull [La Salle County]

Dumas [Moore County]

Dumas [Wood County] (H)

Dumas Junction [Potter County]

Dumont [Harris County]

Dumont [King County]

Dunagan [Angelina County]

Dunaly [Medina County]

Dunbar [Rains County]

Dunbarton Oaks [Harris County]

Duncan [Hartley County]

Duncans Wood [Orange County] (H)

Duncanville [Dallas County]

Dundee [Archer County]

Dunkin [Angelina County]

Dunlap [Cottle County]

Dunlap [Travis County]

Dunlay [Medina County]

Dunn [Scurry County]

Dunnam [Harris County]

Dunns Fort [Robertson County]

Dunstan [Bastrop County]

Duplex [Fannin County]

Dupre [Victoria County]

Duraglas [McLennan County]

Durango [Falls County]

Durant [Angelina County]

Durenville [Mills County]

Durham [Borden County]

Durham [Gregg County]

Durham [Hunt County]

Duroc [Eastland County]

Duster [Comanche County]

Duval [Duval County]

Duval [Travis County]

Duval [Winkler County] (H)

Dwire [San Augustine County]

Dye [Montague County]

Dye Mound [Montague County] (H)

Dyer [Fort Bend County]

Dyersdale [Harris County]


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