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The Communities of Texas (TX)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Naaman [Dallas County]

Nacogdoches [Nacogdoches County]

Nada [Colorado County]

Nadeau [Galveston County]

Nameless [Travis County] (H)
Other names:
Cross Creek

Nancy [Angelina County]

Nancy [Cameron County]
Other names:
Nancy Colonia

Nancy Colonia
See: Nancy

Napier [San Jacinto County]

Naples [Morris County]
Other names:
Station Belden

Narciso Pena [Starr County]
Other names:
Narciso Pena Colonia

Narciso Pena Colonia
See: Narciso Pena

Narcisso [Cottle County]

Naruna [Burnet County]

Nasawood [Harris County]

Nash [Bowie County]

Nash [Ellis County]

Nashville [Milam County] (H)

Nassau Bay [Harris County]

Nat [Nacogdoches County]

Natalia [Medina County]

Nathan [Johnson County]

Natili [Wharton County]

Nations [Pecos County] (H)

Navarro [Leon County] (H)

Navarro [Navarro County]

Navarro Mills [Navarro County]

Navasota [Brazos County]

Navidad [Jackson County]

Navo [Denton County]

Nazareth [Castro County]

Neal's [Upshur County]

Neale [McLennan County]

Neals Valley [Ellis County]

Nebo [Cherokee County]

Necessity [Stephens County]

Nechanitz [Fayette County]

Neches [Anderson County]

Neches Junction [Jefferson County]

Nechesville [Anderson County]

Nederland [Jefferson County]

Need [Lamar County]

Needmore [Bailey County]

Needmore [Delta County]

Needmore [San Augustine County]

Needmore [Terry County]

Needville [Fort Bend County]

Neely Ward [Cochran County]

Negley [Red River County]

Negro Crossing [Tom Green County]

Negros Liberty Settlement [Liberty County]

Neighborsville [Comal County] (H)

Neinda [Jones County]

Nell [Live Oak County]

Nelle Estates Colonia
See: Nelle Estates Colonia

Nelle Estates Colonia [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Nelle Estates Colonia

Nelleva [Brazos County]

Nellis Lands Colonia [Maverick County]

Nelots Mill [Jasper County] (H)

Nelson [Ellis County]

Nelson City [Kendall County]

Nelsonville [Austin County]

Nelta [Hopkins County]

Nemo [Somervell County]

Nena [Ellis County]

Neolas [Hunt County]

Neri [Hood County]

Nesbitt [Harrison County]

Nesbitt [Robertson County]

Nesmith [Brewster County] (H)

Nesterville [Wichita County] (H)

Nettie [Polk County]

Neuse Store [Comal County] (H)

Neut [Fannin County]

Neuville [Shelby County]

Nevada [Collin County]

Neville [Gonzales County]

New Baden [Robertson County]

New Berlin [Guadalupe County]

New Bethel [Jefferson County]

New Bielau [Colorado County] (H)

New Birmingham [Cherokee County] (H)

New Birthright [Hopkins County]

New Blox [Jasper County]

New Bluffton
See: Bluffton

New Boston [Bowie County]

New Braunfels [Comal County]

New Bremen [Austin County]

New Camp Ruby [Polk County]

New Caney [Montgomery County]

New Chapel Hill [Smith County]

New Clarkson [Milam County]

New Colony [Bell County]

New Colony [Cass County]

New Columbia [Newton County] (H)

New Corn Hill [Williamson County]

New Danville [Gregg County] (H)

New Davy [DeWitt County]

New Deal [Lubbock County]

New Fairview [Wise County]
Other names:

New Falcon [Zapata County]
Other names:
New Falcon Colonia

New Falcon Colonia
See: New Falcon

New Fountain [Medina County]

New Gulf
See: Newgulf

New Harmony [Shelby County]

New Harmony [Smith County]

New Harp [Montague County]

New Hebron [Harrison County]

New Home [Hays County]

New Home [Lynn County]

New Hope [Bowie County]

New Hope [Cherokee County]

New Hope [Collin County]

New Hope [Dallas County]

New Hope [Franklin County]

New Hope [Henderson County]

New Hope [Jones County]

New Hope [Liberty County]

New Hope [Limestone County]

New Hope [Polk County]

New Hope [Rusk County]

New Hope [San Augustine County]

New Hope [San Jacinto County]

New Hope [Smith County]

New Hope [Wood County]

New Katy [Travis County]

New Kinkler [Lavaca County]

New Liberty [Cass County]

New Loco [Collingsworth County]

New London [Rusk County]

New Lynn [Lynn County] (H)

New Mesquite [Collin County]

New Mine [Camp County]

New Mobeetie [Wheeler County]

New Moore [Lynn County]

New Mountain [Upshur County]

New Palm [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
New Palm Colonia

New Palm Colonia
See: New Palm

New Philadelphia [Wharton County]

New Prospect [Rusk County]

New Prospect [Shelby County]

New Salem [Palo Pinto County]

New Salem [Rusk County]

New Summerfield [Cherokee County]

New Sweden [Travis County]

New Taiton [Wharton County]

New Territory [Fort Bend County]

New Ulm [Austin County]

New Washington [Harris County] (H)

New Waverly [Walker County]

New Wehdem [Austin County]

New Willard [Polk County]

New York [Henderson County]

Newark [Wise County]

Newark Beach [Wise County]

Newburg [Comanche County]

Newby [Leon County]

Newcastle [Young County]

Newgulf [Wharton County]
Other names:
New Gulf

Newgulf Junction [Wharton County]

Newkirk [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Newkirk Colonia

Newkirk Colonia
See: Newkirk

Newlin [Hall County]

Newman [El Paso County]

Newman [Fisher County] (H)

Newman's Quarry [Shackelford County] (H)

Newport [Clay County]

Newport [Harris County]

Newport [Walker County] (H)

Newsome [Camp County]

Newt [Fannin County]

Newton [Newton County]

Newtonville [Gonzales County]

Neyland [Hunt County]

Neylandville [Hunt County]

Niblock [McCulloch County]

Nicholas [Robertson County]

Nichols [Karnes County]

Nicholson [Fannin County]

Nick Garza Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Nickel [Gonzales County] (H)

Nickel Creek Station [Culberson County]

Nickelville [Collin County] (H)

Nickleberry [Cass County]

Nickleville [Wise County]

Niederwald [Caldwell County]

Nigton [Trinity County]

Nile [Milam County]

Niles [Harris County]

Niles [Lee County]

Nimitz [Bexar County]

Nimrod [Eastland County] (H)

Nimrod [Liberty County] (H)

Nina [Starr County]
Other names:
Nina Colonia

Nina Colonia
See: Nina

Nineteen Mile Crossing [Uvalde County]

Nineveh [Leon County]

Niwot [Coleman County]

Nix [Lampasas County]

Nixon [Gonzales County]

NoDunn [Scurry County]

Noack [Williamson County]

Noah [Upshur County]

Nob Hill [Llano County]

Nobility [Fannin County]

Noble [Lamar County]

Nockenut [Wilson County]

Nocona [Montague County]

Noel [Harrison County]

Noelke [Irion County]

Nogal [Ochiltree County] (H)

Nogalus [Trinity County]

Nogalus Prairie [Trinity County]

Nolan [Nolan County]

Nolanville [Bell County]

Nolte [Guadalupe County]

Nome [Jefferson County]

Nona [Hardin County]

Noodle [Jones County]

Noonan [Medina County]

Noonday [Harrison County]

Noonday [Smith County]

Nopal [DeWitt County]

Nopal [Presidio County]

Norchester [Harris County]

Nordheim [DeWitt County]

Norfleet [Hale County] (H)

Norfleet [Lampasas County] (H)

Norfolk [Rusk County]

Noria Willie [Brooks County]

Norias [Kenedy County]

Norman [Williamson County]

Normandy [Maverick County]

Normangee [Leon County]

Normanna [Bee County]

Normans Crossing [Williamson County]

Norrick [Wheeler County]

Norris [Val Verde County]

Norse [Bosque County]

North Abilene [Jones County]

North Alamo [Hidalgo County]

North Alamo Village [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
North Alamo Village Colonia

North Alamo Village Colonia
See: North Alamo Village

North Alfred [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
North Alfred Colonia

North Alfred Colonia
See: North Alfred

North Amarillo [Potter County]

North Austin [Travis County]

North Beach [Nueces County]

North Broadway [Bexar County]

North Buena Vista [Duval County]
Other names:
North Buena Vista Colonia

North Buena Vista Colonia
See: North Buena Vista

North Capisallo [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
North Capisallo Colonia

North Capisallo Colonia
See: North Capisallo

North Cedar [Trinity County]

North Cleveland [Liberty County]

North Country [Harris County]

North Country Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
North Country Estates Colonia

North Country Estates Colonia
See: North Country Estates

North Cowden [Ector County]

North Cross Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
North Cross Estates Colonia

North Cross Estates Colonia
See: North Cross Estates

North Dallas [Dallas County]

North Depot Road Colonia [Hidalgo County]

North Elm [Milam County]

North Escobares [Starr County]

North Forest [Harris County]

North Fork [Harris County]

North Fort Worth [Tarrant County]

North Georgetown [Williamson County]

North Groesbeck [Hardeman County]

North Heights [Potter County]

North Hilltop Addition [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
North Hilltop Addition Colonia

North Hilltop Addition Colonia
See: North Hilltop Addition

North Hopkins [Hopkins County]

North Houston [Harris County]

North Houston Heights [Harris County]

North Jefferson [Marion County]

North Jericho [Shelby County]

North La Feria Village [Cameron County]
Other names:
North La Feria Village Colonia

North La Feria Village Colonia
See: North La Feria Village

North Lake [Bandera County]

North Lakeshore Gardens [San Patricio County]
Other names:
North Lakeshore Gardens Colonia

North Lakeshore Gardens Colonia
See: North Lakeshore Gardens

North Loop [Bexar County]

North Loop Acres [El Paso County]
Other names:
North Loop Acres Colonia

North Loop Acres Colonia
See: North Loop Acres

North McColl [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
North McColl Colonia

North McColl Colonia
See: North McColl

North Oaks [Travis County]

North Orange Estates [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
North Orange Estates Colonia

North Orange Estates Colonia
See: North Orange Estates

North Park [Taylor County]

North Pearsall [Frio County]

North Pleasanton [Atascosa County]

North Pole [Nueces County]

North Port Arthur [Jefferson County]

North Prairie [Falls County]

North Redland [Nacogdoches County]

North Richland Hills [Tarrant County]

North Roby [Fisher County]

North Rusk [Cherokee County]

North Salem [Leon County]

North San Antonio Hills [Bexar County]

North San Pedro [Nueces County]

North Santa Cruz [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
North Santa Cruz Colonia

North Santa Cruz [Starr County]
Other names:
North Santa Cruz Colonia

North Santa Cruz Colonia
See: North Santa Cruz

North Santa Cruz Colonia
See: North Santa Cruz

North Seadrift [Calhoun County]

North Shadydale [Harris County]

North Shepherd [Harris County]

North Sherman [Grayson County]

North Sherman Junction [Grayson County]

North Shore [Harris County]

North Shore Acres [Travis County]

North Star [Archer County]

North Star Hills [Bexar County]

North Texarkana [Bowie County]

North Texas [Denton County]

North Uvalde [Uvalde County]
Other names:
North Uvalde Colonia

North Uvalde Colonia
See: North Uvalde

North Vidor [Orange County]

North Zulch [Madison County]

Northampton Forest [Harris County]

Northaven [Dallas County]

Northborough [Harris County]

Northbrook [Harris County]

Northcliff [Guadalupe County]

Northcliffe Manor [Harris County]

Northcrest [McLennan County]

Northeast [Travis County]

Northern Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Northern Acres Colonia

Northern Acres Colonia
See: Northern Acres

Northfield [Harris County]

Northfield [Motley County]

Northgate [Victoria County]

Northgate Crossing [Harris County]

Northglen [Harris County]

Northington Estates [Harris County]

Northlake [Denton County]

Northline Terrace [Harris County]

Northmead Village [Harris County]

Northpointe East [Harris County]

Northridge [Starr County]
Other names:
Northridge Colonia

Northridge Colonia
See: Northridge

Northridge Park [Harris County]

Northrup [Lee County]

Northside [Wilbarger County]

Northview [Harris County]

Northwest [Travis County]

Northwest Crossing [Harris County]

Northwest Green [Harris County]

Northwest Park [Harris County]

Northwood Terrace [Bexar County]

Norton [Grayson County]

Norton [Runnels County]

Norwood [Runnels County]

Norwood [San Augustine County]

Notla [Ochiltree County]

Notrees [Ector County]

Nottawa [Wharton County]

Nottingham [Harris County]

Nottingham Forest [Harris County]

Nottingham West [Harris County]

Nottingham Woods [Houston County]

Novice [Coleman County]

Novice [Lamar County]

Novohrad [Lavaca County]

Noxville [Kimble County] (H)

Nubia [Taylor County]

Nueces [Nueces County]

Nueces [Uvalde County]

Nueces Bay [San Patricio County]
Other names:
Nueces Bay Colonia

Nueces Bay Colonia
See: Nueces Bay

Nueces Bayfront [San Patricio County]
Other names:
Nueces Bayfront Colonia

Nueces Bayfront Colonia
See: Nueces Bayfront

Nueces Campsite Lots Colonia [Zavala County]

Nuecestown [Nueces County]

Nuevo Alton [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Nuevo Alton Colonia

Nuevo Alton Colonia
See: Nuevo Alton

Nuevo Penitas [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Nuevo Penitas Colonia

Nuevo Penitas Colonia
See: Nuevo Penitas

Nugent [Jones County]

Nulo [El Paso County] (H)

Nunn [Wilbarger County]

Nunnelee [Fannin County]

Nurillo [Hidalgo County]

Nursery [Victoria County]

Nuway [El Paso County]

Nuway Addition [El Paso County]
Other names:
Nuway Addition Colonia

Nuway Addition Colonia
See: Nuway Addition

Nye [Webb County]


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