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The Communities of Texas (TX)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

W J Ranch Colonia [San Patricio County]

Waco [McLennan County]

Wade [Guadalupe County]

Wades [Nueces County]

Wadeside Addition [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
Wadeside Addition Colonia

Wadley [Liberty County]

Wadsworth [Matagorda County]

Waelder [Gonzales County]

Wagner [Hunt County]

Wainwright [Bexar County]

Waka [Ochiltree County]

Wake [Crosby County]

Wake Village [Bowie County]

Wakefield [Howard County]

Wakefield [Polk County]

Waketon [Denton County]

Walburg [Williamson County]

Walcott [Deaf Smith County]

Walda [Polk County]

Waldeck [Fayette County]

Walden [Jefferson County]

Walden [Montgomery County]

Walden Woods [Harris County]

Walden on Lake Houston [Harris County]

Waldo [Kinney County]

Waldon Place Windmill [Andrews County]

Waldrip [McCulloch County]

Walhalla [Fayette County]

Walker [Fort Bend County]

Walker Crossing [Houston County]

Walker Crossing [McCulloch County]

Walker Place [Brewster County]

Walker Village [Bell County]

Walkers Mill [Harrison County]

Walkerton [Williamson County]

Wallace [Van Zandt County]

Wallace Chapel [Upshur County]

Waller [Harris County]

Wallis [Austin County]

Wallis Station [Austin County]

Wallisville [Chambers County]

Wallsville Gardens [Harris County]

Walnut [Bosque County]

Walnut Bend [Cooke County]

Walnut Bend [Harris County]

Walnut Forest [Travis County]

Walnut Grove [Collin County]

Walnut Grove [Kendall County]

Walnut Grove [Panola County]

Walnut Grove [Smith County]

Walnut Hills [Potter County]

Walnut Ridge [Lamar County]

Walnut Springs [Bosque County]

Walnut Springs [Ellis County]

Walston Farms [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Walston Farms Colonia

Walston Springs [Anderson County]

Walters [San Patricio County]

Walters [Williamson County]

Walton [Bee County]

Walton [Cass County]

Walton [Clay County]

Walton [Van Zandt County]

Waltonia [Kerr County]

Wamba [Bowie County]

Wampler [Parker County]

Waneta [Houston County]

Waples [Hood County]

Ward [Anderson County]

Ward [Ellis County]

Ward Creek [Bowie County]

Ward Prairie [Freestone County]

Ward Spring [Travis County]

Warda [Fayette County]

Wardlaw [McLennan County]

Wards Creek [Bowie County]

Ware [Dallam County]

Ware Colony [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Ware Colony Colonia

Ware Country Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Ware Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Ware Estates Colonia

Ware Oaks [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Ware Oaks Colonia

Ware Shadows [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Ware Shadows Colonia

Ware West [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Ware West Colonia

Ware del Norte [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Ware del Norte Colonia

Ware del Norte Colonia
See: Ware del Norte

Waresville [Uvalde County]

Warfield [Midland County]

Waring [Kendall County]

Warlock [Marion County]

Warner Junction [Grayson County]

Warren [Fannin County] (H)

Warren [Tyler County]

Warren Allen Road Colonia [El Paso County]

Warren City [Gregg County]

Warren Springs [Cass County]

Warrenton [Fayette County]

Warsaw [Kaufman County]

Warsaw Center [Kaufman County]

Warwick [Brewster County]

Warwick [Smith County]

Washburn [Armstrong County]

Washington [Washington County] (H)

Wasicek [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
Wasicek Colonia

Waskom [Harrison County]

Wasp Creek [Kendall County] (H)

Wasson [Hale County]

Wassons [Trinity County]

Wastella [Nolan County] (H)

Watauga [Tarrant County]

Water City Estates [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
Water City Estates Colonia

Water Valley [Tom Green County]

Waterbury [Brazoria County]

Waterfall Road Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Waterford [Fort Bend County]

Waterloo [Grayson County]

Waterloo [Williamson County]

Waterman [Shelby County]

Waters [Navarro County]

Waters Bluff [Smith County]

Waters Park [Travis County]

Waterville [Wharton County]

Waterwood [San Jacinto County]

Watkins [Pecos County]

Watkins [Terrell County]

Watkins [Van Zandt County]

Watson [Burnet County]

Watson [Comanche County]

Watson [Red River County] (H)

Watsonville [Tarrant County]

Watt [Limestone County]

Watters [Travis County]

Watterson [Bastrop County]

Watts [Caldwell County]

Waukegan [Montgomery County]

Waverly [San Jacinto County]

Waverly [Walker County]

Waverly Station [Walker County]

Waxahachie [Ellis County]

Way [Hall County]

Wayback [Coryell County]

Wayland [Stephens County]

Wayside [Armstrong County]

Wayside [Lynn County] (H)

Wayside [Roberts County]

Wealthy [Leon County]

Weatherford [Parker County]

Weatherford Junction [Johnson County]

Weatherly [Hall County]

Weaver [Hopkins County]

Webb [Shelby County]

Webb [Tarrant County]

Webb [Webb County]

Webb Village [Howard County]

Webberville [Travis County]

Webbville [Coleman County]

Webster [Harris County]

Webster [Wood County]

Websterville [Harris County]

Weches [Houston County]

Wedgewood [Tarrant County]

Wedgewood East [Tarrant County]

Weedhaven [Jackson County]

Weeks Settlement [Newton County]

Weeping Mary [Cherokee County]

Weesatche [Goliad County]

Wehdem [Austin County]

Weiland [Hunt County]

Weimar [Colorado County]

Weinert [Guadalupe County]

Weinert [Haskell County]

Weir [Hopkins County]

Weir [Williamson County]

Weirville [Hopkins County]

Weiss [Hardin County]

Weiss Bluff [Jasper County]

Welch [Dawson County]

Welch Tract [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Welch Tract Colonia

Welcome [Austin County]

Welcome Valley [Erath County]

Welden [Houston County]

Welder [Gonzales County]

Weldon [Houston County]

Weldon Pines [Harris County]

Welfare [Kendall County]

Wellborn [Brazos County]

Wellington [Collingsworth County]

Wellington [Harris County]

Wellman [Terry County]

Wells [Cherokee County]

Wells [Lynn County]

Wells Branch [Travis County]

Wells Creek [Anderson County]

Wellswood [San Augustine County]

Welsh [Titus County]

Wenasco [Jasper County] (H)

Wendell [Jeff Davis County]

Wendt [Fayette County]

Wendy Acres [San Patricio County]
Other names:
Wendy Acres Colonia

Wentworth [Van Zandt County]

Wes-mer Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Weschester [Harris County]

Wesco [Gray County]

Weser [Goliad County]

Weslaco [Hidalgo County]

Wesley [Washington County]

Wesley Grove [Walker County]

Wesson [Comal County] (H)

West [McLennan County]

West Addition [Cameron County]
Other names:
West Addition Colonia

West Alfred Estates [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
West Alfred Estates Colonia

West Alto Bonito [Starr County]
Other names:
West Alto Bonito Colonia

West Austin [Travis County]

West Baytown [Harris County]

West Bevilport [Jasper County]

West Bluff [Orange County]

West Carlisle [Lubbock County]

West Columbia [Brazoria County]
Other names:

West Crest [Harris County]

West Dallas [Dallas County]

West Delta [Delta County]

West End [Nueces County]

West End [Wharton County]

West End Place [Lubbock County]

West Glaveston [Galveston County]

West Glen [Harris County]

West Hamilton [Shelby County] (H)

West Haven [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
West Haven Colonia

West Highway Colonia [Hidalgo County]

West Hollow Park [Harris County]

West Junction [Harris County]

West Lake Hills [Travis County]

West Lea [Brazoria County]

West Livingston [Polk County]

West Midway [Titus County]

West Mineola [Wood County]

West Mountain [Upshur County]

West New Hope [Titus County]

West Oakland [Jefferson County]

West Oaks [Brazoria County]

West Oaks [Travis County]

West Oaks Village [Brazoria County]

West Oaks Village [Fort Bend County]

West Odessa [Ector County]

West Orange [Orange County]

West Orange Estates [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
West Orange Estates Colonia

West Park [Harris County]

West Payne [Wharton County]

West Pearsall [Frio County]

West Point [Fayette County]

West Point [Lynn County]

West Port Arthur [Jefferson County]

West Saint Paul [San Patricio County]

West Sharyland [Hidalgo County]

West Side [Jefferson County]

West Sinton [San Patricio County]

West Sweden [McCulloch County]

West Tawakoni [Hunt County]

West Tempe [Polk County]

West Texarkana [Bowie County]

West Texas [Randall County]

West University Place [Harris County]

West Vernon [Wilbarger County]

West Wind [Harris County]

West Ysleta [El Paso County]

Westbank [Harris County]

Westbourne [Harris County]

Westbrook [Blanco County] (H)

Westbrook [Harris County]

Westbrook [Jack County]

Westbrook [Mitchell County]

Westbrook [Wood County]

Westbury [Harris County]

Westbury [Jefferson County]

Westbury South [Harris County]

Westchester Estates [Brazoria County]

Westcliff [Bell County]

Westcott [San Jacinto County]

Westdale [Jim Wells County]

Western Estates [Harris County]

Western Lake [Parker County]

Westfield [Harris County]

Westfield [Wharton County]

Westfield Estates [Harris County]

Westfield Village [Harris County]

Westfork [Archer County]

Westgate [Harris County]

Westgate Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Westgate Estates Colonia

Westgreen [Harris County]

Westhampton [Harris County]

Westhampton Place [Harris County]

Westhaven [Comal County]

Westhaven Park [Randall County]

Westheimer [Harris County]

Westhoff [DeWitt County]

Westlake [Denton County]

Westlake [Harris County]

Westlake Forest [Harris County]

Westlake Place [Harris County]

Westlake Village [Harris County]

Westland [Tarrant County]

Westlawn [Orange County]

Westminster [Brazoria County]

Westminster [Collin County]

Westmoreland Farms [Harris County]

Weston [Collin County]

Weston Lakes [Fort Bend County]

Westover [Baylor County]

Westover [Ector County]

Westover Hills [Tarrant County]

Westpark Village [Harris County]

Westphalia [Falls County]

Westview [McLennan County]

Westview Heights [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Westview Heights Colonia

Westview Terrace [Harris County]

Westville [Trinity County]

Westway [Deaf Smith County]

Westway [El Paso County]

Westways [Harris County]

Westwick [Harris County]

Westwood [Harris County]

Westwood Park [Dallas County]

Westwood Park [Harris County]

Westwood Village [Bexar County]

Westwood Village [Brazoria County]

Westworth [Tarrant County]

Westworth Village [Tarrant County]

Westworth Village [Tarrant County]

Wetmore [Bexar County]

Wetsel [Collin County]

Whalen Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Whalen Acres Colonia

Whaley [Bowie County]

Whaley Corner [Fort Bend County]

Wharton [Wharton County]

Wharton Junction [Wharton County]

Wharton West [Wharton County]

Whatley [Bowie County]

Wheat [Scurry County]

Wheatland [Dallas County]

Wheatland [Hardeman County]

Wheatland [Tarrant County]

Wheatland [Wilbarger County]

Wheeler [Potter County]

Wheeler [Wheeler County]

Wheeler Springs [Houston County]

Wheelock [Robertson County]

Whiskey Ford [Jefferson County]

Whispering Lakes [Harris County]

Whispering Oaks [Bexar County]

Whispering Oaks [Harris County]

Whispering Oaks [Rains County]

Whispering Oaks Estates [San Patricio County]
Other names:
Whispering Oaks Estates Colonia

Whispering Pines [Nacogdoches County]

Whistler [Kinney County]

Whit [Harris County]

White [El Paso County]

White [Uvalde County]

White City [Gaines County] (H)

White City [San Augustine County]

White City [Wilbarger County]

White City [Wise County]

White Deer [Carson County]

White Hall [Bell County]

White Hall [Coryell County]

White Hall [Jackson County]

White Mound [Grayson County]

White Oak [Gregg County]

White Oak [Hopkins County]

White Oak [Marion County]

White Oak [Titus County]

White Oak Junction [Hopkins County]

White Oak Springs [Titus County]

White Oaks [Montgomery County]

White Rock [Dallas County]

White Rock [Fannin County]

White Rock [Hunt County]

White Rock [Red River County]

White Rock [Robertson County]

White Rock [San Augustine County]

White Rock [Trinity County]

White Settlement [Tarrant County]

White Shed [Fannin County]

White Spur [El Paso County]

White Stone [Williamson County]

White Way
See: Whiteway

White Way (H)

Whiteface [Cochran County]

Whiteflat [Motley County]

Whitehall [Grimes County]

Whitehall [Kaufman County]

Whitehead [Cherokee County]

Whitehead [Hunt County]

Whitehouse [Smith County]

Whiteland [McCulloch County]

Whiteley [Briscoe County]

Whiterock [Grayson County]

Whites [Fort Bend County]

Whites Ranch [Chambers County]

Whitesboro [Grayson County]

Whiteside's Prairie
See: Cistern

Whitesmine [Uvalde County]

Whitestar [Motley County]

Whiteway [Hamilton County]
Other names:
White Way

Whitewing [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Whitewing Colonia

Whitewright [Fannin County]

Whitfield [Swisher County]

Whitharral [Hockley County]

Whitman [Washington County]

Whitmans Ferry [Newton County]

Whitney [Briscoe County]

Whitney [Hill County]

Whitsett [Live Oak County]

Whitson [Coryell County]

Whitt [Parker County]

Whittaker [Burleson County]

Whitted Crossing
See: Keys Crossing

Whitton [Van Zandt County]

Whittville [Comanche County]

Who'd Thought It [Hopkins County] (H)

Whon [Coleman County] (H)

Wichita Falls [Wichita County]

Wichita Valley Farms [Wichita County]

Wicker [Brazos County]

Wickes Spur [Brazoria County]

Wickett [Ward County]

Wied [Lavaca County]

Wiedeville [Washington County]

Wieland [Hunt County]

Wiergate [Newton County]

Wiess Bluff [Jasper County]

Wiggins [Cass County]

Wiggins [McLennan County]

Wigginsville [Montgomery County]

Wightman [Newton County]

Wilbourn Addition [El Paso County]
Other names:
Wilbourn Addition Colonia

Wilchester [Harris County]

Wilco [Hartley County]

Wilcox [Burleson County]

Wilcox [Gray County]

Wild Cat Bluff [Anderson County] (H)

Wild Horse [Culberson County]

Wild Horse [El Paso County]

Wild Hurst [Cherokee County]

Wild Hurst [Houston County]

Wild Peach [Brazoria County]

Wild Peach Village [Brazoria County]

Wildcat [Henderson County]

Wilderness Trails [Galveston County]

Wilderville [Falls County]

Wildheather [Harris County]

Wildhorse Valley [El Paso County]
Other names:
Wildhorse Valley Colonia

Wildorado [Oldham County]

Wildwood [Bexar County]

Wildwood [Hardin County]

Wildwood Forest [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Wildwood Forest Colonia

Wilhelm [Carson County]

Wilkes Spur [Hunt County]

Wilkins [Upshur County]

Wilkinson [Titus County]

Willacy Acres [Willacy County]
Other names:
Willacy Acres Colonia

Willaluce [Shelby County]

Willamar [Willacy County]

Willard [Trinity County]

Willchester [Harris County]

William Penn [Washington County] (H)

William Rice [Harris County]

Williams [Brown County]

Williams [Hardeman County]

Williams [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Williams Colonia

Williams [Jefferson County]

Williams [Liberty County]

Williams Chase [Harris County]

Williams Ranch [Mills County] (H)

Williamsburg [Lamar County]

Williamsburg [Lavaca County]

Williamsburg Colony [Harris County]

Williamsburg Hamlet [Harris County]

Williamsburg Parish [Harris County]

Williamsburg Settlement [Harris County]

Williamson [Travis County]

Williamson Addition [Duval County]
Other names:
Williamson Addition Colonia

Williamson Settlement [Orange County]

Williard [Trinity County]

Willis [Montgomery County]

Willman [Bastrop County]

Willow [Harris County]

Willow Bend [Harris County]

Willow Brook [Harris County]

Willow City [Gillespie County]

Willow Creek [Robertson County]

Willow Forest [Harris County]

Willow Grove [Bell County]

Willow Grove [McLennan County]

Willow Grove [Shelby County]

Willow Hole
See: Zulch

Willow Oak [Upshur County]

Willow Park [Parker County]

Willow Point [Wise County]

Willow Run [Harris County]

Willow Spring [Grayson County]

Willow Springs [Fayette County]

Willow Springs [Gregg County]

Willow Springs [Rains County]

Willow Springs [San Jacinto County]

Willowood [Harris County]

Willowview [Hardeman County]

Wills Point [Van Zandt County]

Wilmer [Dallas County]

Wilmeth [Runnels County]

Wilsey [Parmer County]

Wilson [Comanche County]

Wilson [Dickens County]

Wilson [Falls County]

Wilson [Kaufman County]

Wilson [Lynn County]

Wilson Place [Kimble County]

Wilson and Bargo Colonia [Maverick County]

Wilton Acres [El Paso County]
Other names:
Wilton Acres Colonia

Wimberley [Hays County]

Wimberly [Fort Bend County]

Wimberly Place [Oldham County]

Wimbledon Champions [Harris County]

Wimbledon Country [Harris County]

Wimbledon Estates [Harris County]

Winchell [Brown County]

Winchester [Fayette County]

Winchester [Harris County]

Winchester Country [Harris County]

Windcrest [Bexar County]

Windemere [Travis County]

Windfern Forest [Harris County]

Winding Way Estates [Galveston County]

Windom [Fannin County]

Windsong [Galveston County]

Windsong [Harris County]

Windsong Village [Cameron County]
Other names:
Windsong Village Colonia

Windsor [McLennan County]

Windsor Estates [Galveston County]

Windsor Forest [Harris County]

Windsor Park Lakes [Harris County]

Windstone [Harris County]

Windthorst [Archer County]

Windwood [Harris County]

Windy Hill [Dallam County]

Winedale [Fayette County]

Winfield [Titus County]

Winfree [Chambers County]

Winfree [Orange County]

Wingate [Runnels County]

Wink [Winkler County]

Winkelman [Waller County] (H)

Winkler [Freestone County]

Winnie [Chambers County]

Winningkoff [Collin County]

Winnsboro [Franklin County]

Winona [Smith County]

Winscott [Tarrant County]

Winslow [Hill County]

Winter Garden [Dimmit County]

Winter Haven [Dimmit County]

Winter Hill [Nacogdoches County]

Winter Valley Estates [Liberty County]

Winterfield [Hopkins County]

Wintergreen [Karnes County] (H)

Winters [Runnels County]

Winterwood Village [Harris County]

Wise [Hopkins County]

Wise [Van Zandt County]

Wiseman Estates [El Paso County]
Other names:
Wiseman Estates Colonia

Witco [Reagan County]

Withers [Bexar County]

Witting [Lavaca County]

Wixon Valley [Brazos County]

Wizard Wells [Jack County]

Woden [Nacogdoches County]

Wokaty [Milam County]

Wolf Creek [San Jacinto County]

Wolf Flat [Hall County]

Wolfe City [Hunt County]

Wolfforth [Lubbock County]

Wolters Village [Palo Pinto County]

Womack [Bosque County]

Womack [Victoria County]

Wonderland Forest [San Jacinto County]

Wood [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Wood Colonia

Wood Colonia
See: Wood

Wood Creek [Montgomery County]

Wood Fern [Harris County]

Wood Forest [Harris County]

Wood Forest North [Harris County]

Wood Hi [Victoria County]

Wood Hollow [Montgomery County]

Wood Springs [Smith County]

Woodal Farm [Milam County]

Woodbine [Cooke County]

Woodbranch [Montgomery County]

Woodburn Place [Briscoe County]

Woodbury [Hill County]

Woodcreek [Brazoria County]

Woodcreek [Hays County]

Woodcrest Acres [Hardin County]

Wooded Hills [Johnson County]

Woodedge Village [Harris County]

Woodglen [Harris County]

Woodhaven [Montgomery County]

Woodlake [Brazos County]

Woodlake [Trinity County]

Woodlake Park [Grayson County]

Woodland [Bell County]

Woodland [Red River County]

Woodland [Williamson County]

Woodland Acres [Harris County]

Woodland Heights [Brown County]

Woodland Heights [Harris County]

Woodland Hills [Dallas County]

Woodland Hills [Hill County]

Woodland Hills Village [Harris County]

Woodland Oaks [Harris County]

Woodland Trails North [Harris County]

Woodlawn [Angelina County]

Woodlawn [Harrison County]

Woodlawn [Montgomery County]

Woodlawn Hills [Bexar County]

Woodley [Harrison County]

Woodloch [Montgomery County]

Woodmeadow [Harris County]

Woodridge [Orange County]

Woodridge Park [Bexar County]

Woodrow [Hill County]

Woodrow [Lubbock County]

Woods [Panola County]

Woods of Lakeside [Harris County]

Woods of Wimbledon [Harris County]

Woodsboro [Refugio County]

Woodsdale [Harris County]

Woodside [Harris County]

Woodside Plaza [Harris County]

Woodson [Liberty County]

Woodson [Throckmorton County]

Woodsons [Brewster County]

Woodstock [Bowie County]

Woodville [Cherokee County]

Woodville [Tyler County]

Woodward [La Salle County] (H)

Woodway [McLennan County]

Woody [Loving County] (H)

Woosley [Rains County]

Wooster [Harris County]

Wootan [Robertson County]

Wootan Wells [Robertson County]

Wooten Wells [Robertson County]

Word [Shelby County]

Worsham [Reeves County]

Wortham [Freestone County]

Worthing [Lavaca County]

Wright [Hale County]

Wright [Parker County]

Wright [Swisher County]

Wright City [Smith County]

Wrightsboro [Gonzales County]

Wuthrich Hill [Williamson County]

Wyatt [Ellis County]

Wyldwood [Bastrop County]

Wylie [Collin County]

Wylie [Taylor County]

Wylma [Shelby County]

Wynne [Van Zandt County]

Wynnewood [Harris County]

Wynnewood Acres [Harris County]


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