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The Communities of Texas (TX)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

M K Crossing [Throckmorton County]

M Munoz Colonia [Starr County]

M and R Colonia [Hidalgo County]

M-S Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Mabank [Kaufman County]

Mabelle [Baylor County]

Mable [Lipscomb County]

Mabry [Harris County]

Mabry [Red River County]

MacArthur Park [Bexar County]

MacBain [Motley County]

MacGregor Palms [Harris County]

Macdona [Bexar County]

Macedonia [Austin County]

Macedonia [Bowie County]

Macedonia [Camp County]

Macedonia [Liberty County]

Macedonia [Marion County]

Macedonia [Walker County]

Macey [Brazos County]

Machovec [Moore County]

Mack [Walker County]

Mack [Wilbarger County]

Mackay [Wharton County]

Mackeys [San Patricio County]

Mackiesville [Caldwell County]

Macks [Wood County]

Macksville [Comanche County] (H)

Macomb [Grayson County]

Macon [Franklin County]

Macune [San Augustine County]

Macy [Brazos County]

Madden [El Paso County]

Madera Springs [Jeff Davis County] (H)

Madero [Hidalgo County]

Madisonville [Madison County]

Madras [Red River County]

Madrilena [El Paso County]
Other names:
Madrilena Colonia

Madrilena Colonia
See: Madrilena

Mae [Jim Wells County]

Magasco [Sabine County]

Magers Crossing [Uvalde County]

Magic City [Wheeler County]

Maginnis [Bowie County]

Maglab [Dallas County]

Magnet [Wharton County]

Magnolia [Montgomery County]

Magnolia [San Jacinto County]

Magnolia Beach [Calhoun County]

Magnolia Gardens [Harris County]

Magnolia Hills [Tyler County]

Magnolia Park [Harris County]

Magnolia Place [Brazoria County]

Magnolia Road Colonia [Duval County]

Magnolia Springs [Jasper County]

Magnum Manor [Harris County]

Magoun [Lipscomb County]

Magpetco [Jefferson County]

Magwalt [Winkler County]

Maha [Travis County]

Mahl [Nacogdoches County]

Mahomet [Burnet County]

Mahon [Panola County]

Mahoney [Hopkins County]

Maier [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Maier Colonia

Maier Colonia
See: Maier

Main Street Gardens [Harris County]

Maize [Scurry County]

Majors [Franklin County]

Malakoff [Henderson County]

Malden [Armstrong County]

Mallard [Montague County]

Mallett [Sherman County]

Malone [El Paso County]

Malone [Hill County]

Maloney [Ellis County]

Malta [Bowie County]

Malvado [Terrell County]

Malvern [Leon County]

Mambrino [Hood County]

Mammoth [Lipscomb County]

Manahuilla [Goliad County]

Manchaca [Travis County]

Manchester [Harris County]

Manchester [Red River County]

Manda [Travis County] (H)

Manestee [Tom Green County]

Mangum [Eastland County] (H)

Mangus Corne [Bexar County]

Manhattan [Matagorda County] (H)

Manheim [Lee County]

Manila [Cherokee County] (H)

Mankin [Henderson County]

Mankins [Archer County]

Mankins Mill [Stephens County]

Mann [Reeves County]

Mann Crossing [Bexar County]

Manning [Angelina County] (H)

Manor [Travis County]

Mansfield [Ellis County]

Mansfield Dam [Travis County]

Manson [Jackson County]

Manthe [Panola County]

Mantu [Harris County]

Mantua [Collin County] (H)

Manuel Garcia [Starr County]
Other names:
Manuel Garcia Colonia

Manuel Garcia Colonia
See: Manuel Garcia

Manuel Munoz Colonia [Starr County]

Manvel [Brazoria County]

Maple [Bailey County]

Maple [Collin County]

Maple [Red River County]

Maple Crest Acres [Orange County]

Maple Springs [Titus County]

Mapleton [Houston County]

Maplewood [Harris County]

Maplewood North [Harris County]

Mara [Tarrant County]

Marak [Milam County]

Marathon [Brewster County]

Maravillas Crossing [Brewster County]

Marble Falls [Burnet County]

Marcelena [Wilson County]

Marcelina [Wilson County] (H)

Marco [McCulloch County]

Marekville [Bell County]

Marfa [Presidio County]

Margaret [Foard County]

Margarita [Starr County]
Other names:
Margarita Colonia

Margarita Colonia
See: Margarita

Margie [Leon County]

Mariam [Liberty County]

Marianna [Polk County]

Marie [Runnels County]

Marienfield [Martin County]

Marietta [Cass County]

Marilee [Grayson County] (H)

Marilla [Collingsworth County]

Mario Olga Colonia [Duval County]

Marion [Guadalupe County]

Marjorie [Milam County]

Markham [Matagorda County]

Markley [Young County]

Markout [Kaufman County]

Marla [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Marla Colonia

Marla Colonia
See: Marla

Marlin [Falls County]

Marlow [Milam County]

Marly [Fayette County]

Marmaduke [Jack County]

Marnels [Lubbock County]

Marquez [Leon County]

Mars [Van Zandt County]

Marsh [Potter County]

Marshall [Harrison County]

Marshall Creek [Denton County]

Marshall Ford [Travis County]

Marshall Northeast [Harrison County]

Marshall Springs [Titus County]

Marshy Springs [Freestone County]

Marston [Polk County]

Mart [McLennan County]

Martha [Liberty County]

Martin [Angelina County]

Martin [Panola County]

Martin Springs [Grayson County]

Martin Springs [Hopkins County]

Martindale [Caldwell County]

Martinez [Bexar County]

Martinez Addition [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
Martinez Addition Colonia

Martinez Addition Colonia
See: Martinez Addition

Martins Mill [Van Zandt County]

Martinsville [Nacogdoches County]

Marvels [Liberty County]

Marvin [Lamar County]

Marvin [Robertson County]

Marwood [Harris County]

Mary K Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Mary K Acres Colonia

Mary K Acres Colonia
See: Mary K Acres

Mary Lou Park Colonia [El Paso County]

See: Estacado

Maryetta [Jack County]

Maryneal [Nolan County]

Marys Creek Estates [Galveston County]

Marystown [Johnson County]

Marysville [Cooke County]

Mason [Mason County]

Mason [Sabine County]

Mason Crossing [Coryell County] (H)

Mason Lake Estates [Liberty County]

Mason Park Terrace [Harris County]

Mason Park West [Harris County]

Massa [San Augustine County]

Massey [Hill County]

Massey Lake [Anderson County]

Masterson [Brazoria County]

Masterson [Carson County]

Masterson [Moore County]

Mata [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Mata Colonia

Mata Colonia
See: Mata

Matador [Motley County]

Matagorda [Matagorda County]

Mathis [San Patricio County]

Matilda [Jackson County]

Matinburg [Upshur County] (H)

Matlock [Dallam County]

Matt [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Matt Colonia

Matt Colonia
See: Matt

Matthews [Colorado County]

Matthews Place [Brewster County]

Mattox [Newton County]

Mattson [Haskell County]

Maud [Bowie County]

Maudlowe [Refugio County]

Mauriceville [Orange County]

Maurin [Gonzales County]

Mauthes [Panola County]

Maverick [Runnels County] (H)

Max [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Max Colonia

Max Colonia
See: Max

Maxdale [Bell County] (H)

Maxey [Lamar County]

Maxey Town [San Augustine County]

Maxon [Brewster County] (H)
Other names:
Maxon Springs

Maxon Springs
See: Maxon

Maxwell [Caldwell County]

Maxwell [Collin County]

Maxwell Crossing [Parker County]

May [Brown County]

Mayd [Grayson County]

Mayde Creek Farms [Harris County]

Maydelle [Cherokee County]

Mayer [Potter County]

Mayes Addition [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
Mayes Addition Colonia

Mayes Addition Colonia
See: Mayes Addition

Mayfair [Harris County]

Mayfield [Hale County]

Mayfield [Hill County]

Mayflower [Newton County]

Mayflower [Rusk County]

Mayhill [Denton County]

Maynard [San Jacinto County]

Mayo [Karnes County]

Mayotown [Nacogdoches County]

Maypearl [Ellis County]

Mays Crossing [Karnes County]

Maysfield [Milam County]

McAdams [Walker County]

McAdoo [Dickens County]

McAdoo Acres [El Paso County]
Other names:
McAdoo Acres Colonia

McAdoo Acres Colonia
See: McAdoo Acres

McAllen [Hidalgo County]

McBeth [Brazoria County]

McBride [Carson County]

McCamey [Upton County]

McCaulley [Fisher County]

McClanahan [Falls County]

McClelland [Shelby County]

McColl [Hidalgo County]

McColl Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
McColl Estates Colonia

McColl Estates Colonia
See: McColl Estates

McCook [Hidalgo County]

McCormick [Archer County]

McCoy [Atascosa County]

McCoy [Floyd County]

McCoy [Kaufman County]

McCoy [Panola County]

McCoy [Red River County]

McCracken Estates [El Paso County]
Other names:
McCracken Estates Colonia

McCracken Estates Colonia
See: McCracken Estates

McCraven [Washington County]

McCreaville [Lampasas County]

McCroskey [Matagorda County]

McCulloch [Red River County]

McCune [Grayson County]

McDade [Bastrop County]

McDaniel [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
McDaniel Colonia

McDaniel Addition [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
McDaniel Addition Colonia

McDaniel Addition Colonia
See: McDaniel Addition

McDaniel Colonia
See: McDaniel

McDaniels [Brown County]

McDonald [Montague County]

McDonough [Harris County]

McDuff [Bastrop County]

McDuffies [Trinity County]

McElroy [Sabine County]

McFadden [Jefferson County]

McFaddin [Victoria County]

McFarland Place [Brewster County]

McGalin [Jasper County]

McGirk [Hamilton County] (H)

McGregor [Coryell County]

McHattie [Fort Bend County]

McKamy Meadow [Harris County]

McKee [Moore County]

McKee's [Val Verde County]

McKeichan Crossing [Throckmorton County]

McKibben [Hansford County]

McKinleyville [Houston County] (H)

McKinney [Collin County]

McKinney Acres [Andrews County]

McKinney Springs [Brewster County]

McKnight [Donley County]

McKnight [Rusk County]

McLean [Gray County]

McLendon [Rockwall County]

McLendon - Chisholm [Rockwall County]

McLendons [Rockwall County]

McLeod [Cass County]
Other names:
Good Exchange

McMahan [Caldwell County]

McMasters [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
McMasters Colonia

McMasters Colonia
See: McMasters

McMillan [San Saba County]

McMurray [Taylor County]

McNair [Harris County]

McNair Village [Bell County]

McNary [Hudspeth County]

McNeel [Brazoria County]

McNeil [Caldwell County]

McNeil [Travis County]

McNorton [Nueces County]

McQueeney [Guadalupe County]

McRae [Montgomery County]

McWhorter [Madison County]

Meaders [Dallas County]

Meador Grove [Bell County]

Meadow [Terry County]

Meadow Bend [Galveston County]

Meadow Creek Country Club Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Meadow Creek Village [Harris County]

Meadow Lake [Guadalupe County]

Meadow Lands [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Meadow Lands Colonia

Meadow Lands Colonia
See: Meadow Lands

Meadow Ridge [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
Meadow Ridge Colonia

Meadow Ridge Colonia
See: Meadow Ridge

Meadow Walk [Harris County]

Meadowbrook [Harris County]

Meadowbrook [Montgomery County]

Meadowcreek [Kaufman County]

Meadowlakes [Burnet County]

Meadows [Fort Bend County]

Meadows Place [Fort Bend County]

Meadowview [Brazoria County]

Meadowview [Hunt County]

Meadowview Park [Bexar County]

Mecca [Madison County]

Medicine Mound [Hardeman County] (H)

Medill [Lamar County]

Medina [Bandera County]

Medina [Bexar County]

Medina [Zapata County]

Medina Base [Bexar County]

Medina Lake [Bandera County]

Medio [Bee County]

Medley [Montgomery County]

Meeker [Jefferson County]

Meeks [Bell County]

Megargel [Archer County]

Meisterwood [Harris County]

Meldrum [Shelby County]

Melendy [Harris County]

Melissa [Collin County]

Melo [Goliad County]

Melody Estates [Galveston County]

Melody Hills [Tarrant County]

Melody Wood [Galveston County]

Melon [Frio County]

Melrose [Goliad County]

Melrose [Gregg County]

Melrose [Nacogdoches County]

Melrose Gardens [Harris County]

Melrose Park [Harris County]

Melton [Hunt County]

Melton Place Addition [El Paso County]
Other names:
Melton Place Addition Colonia

Melton Place Addition Colonia
See: Melton Place Addition

Melvin [McCulloch County]

Memorial Bend [Harris County]

Memorial Grove [Harris County]

Memorial Hollow [Harris County]

Memorial Park [Harris County]

Memorial Parkway [Harris County]

Memorial Pines [Harris County]

Memorial Plaza [Harris County]

Memorial Thicket [Harris County]

Memphis [Hall County]

Mena [Red River County] (H)

Menard [Menard County]
Other names:

See: Menard

Mendiates [Duval County]

Mendota [Hemphill County] (H)

Mendoza [Caldwell County]

Menlow [Hill County]

Mentone [Loving County]

Mentz [Colorado County]

Mercedes [Hidalgo County]

Mercer's Gap [Comanche County]

Mercury [McCulloch County]

Meredeth Manor [Harris County]

Meredith [Johnson County]

Mereta [Tom Green County]

Meridian [Bosque County]

Merit [Hunt County]

Merito [Hidalgo County]

Merkel [Taylor County]

Merle [Burleson County] (H)

Merrelltown [Travis County]

Merriam [Eastland County]

Merrick [Martin County]

Merrill [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Merrill Colonia

Merrill Colonia
See: Merrill

Merrilltown [Travis County]

Merriman [Eastland County] (H)

Merrivale [Bosque County]

Mertens [Hill County]

Mertzon [Irion County]

Mesa [El Paso County]

Mesa [Randall County]

Mesa Verde [El Paso County]
Other names:
Mesa Verde Colonia

Mesa Verde [Potter County]

Mesa Verde Colonia
See: Mesa Verde

Mesa Vista [El Paso County]

Mesilla Park [Gray County]

Mesquite [Borden County] (H)

Mesquite [Dallas County]

Mesquite [Duval County]

Mesquite Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Mesquite Acres Colonia

Mesquite Acres Colonia
See: Mesquite Acres

Mesquite Acres Island [San Patricio County]

Metcalf Gap [Palo Pinto County]

Meteor [Floyd County]

Mettina [Falls County]

Metz [Ector County]

Mewshaw [Cherokee County]

Mexia [Limestone County]

Mexico [Hunt County]

Mexline [Cochran County] (H)

Meyerland [Harris County]

Meyersville [DeWitt County]

Mi Tierra [Duval County]
Other names:
Mi Tierra Colonia

Mi Tierra [Jim Wells County]
Other names:
Mi Tierra Colonia

Mi Tierra Colonia
See: Mi Tierra

Mi Tierra Colonia
See: Mi Tierra

Miami [Angelina County]

Miami [Roberts County]

Mickey [Floyd County] (H)

Mico [Medina County]

Mid-Valley Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Mid-Valley Estates Colonia

Mid-Valley Estates Colonia
See: Mid-Valley Estates

Midcity [Lamar County]
Other names:
Trout Spur

Middle Crossing [Coryell County]

Middle Water [Hartley County]

Middlebrook [Harris County]

Middleburg [Hardeman County]

Middlegate Village [Harris County]

Middleton [Leon County]

Middlewell [Moore County]

Midfield [Matagorda County]

Midkiff [Upton County]

Midland [Midland County]

Midline [Montgomery County]

Midlothian [Ellis County]

Midway [Bell County]

Midway [Bexar County]

Midway [Brazoria County]

Midway [Cass County]

Midway [Crockett County]

Midway [Dawson County]

Midway [Fannin County]

Midway [Hamilton County]

Midway [Hill County]

Midway [Howard County]

Midway [Hunt County]

Midway [Jim Wells County]

Midway [Lavaca County]

Midway [Leon County]

Midway [Limestone County]

Midway [Lubbock County]

Midway [Madison County]

Midway [Montgomery County]

Midway [Newton County]

Midway [Nueces County]

Midway [Polk County]

Midway [Red River County]

Midway [San Patricio County]

Midway [Scurry County]

Midway [Smith County]

Midway [Starr County]
Other names:
Midway Colonia

Midway [Titus County]

Midway [Upshur County]

Midway [Van Zandt County]

Midway Colonia
See: Midway

Midway Crossing [Wilbarger County]

Midway North [Hidalgo County]

Midway South [Hidalgo County]

Midway Village [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Midway Village Colonia

Midway Village Colonia
See: Midway Village

Midyett [Panola County]

Miguel [Frio County]

Miguel Barrera [Starr County]
Other names:
Miguel Barrera Colonia

Miguel Barrera Colonia
See: Miguel Barrera

Miguel Garza Colonia [Starr County]

Mikado [Wood County]

Mikes [Starr County]
Other names:
Mikes Colonia

Mikes Colonia
See: Mikes

Mikeska [Live Oak County]

Mila Doce [Hidalgo County]

Milagro Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Milagro Estates Colonia

Milagro Estates Colonia
See: Milagro Estates

Milam [Sabine County]

Milano [Milam County]

Milburn [McCulloch County]

Milby [Travis County]

Mildred [Navarro County]

Mile 10 North at Mile 5 West Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Mile High [Hudspeth County]

Miles [Runnels County]

Miles Station [Runnels County]

Milford [Ellis County]

Military Crossing [McCulloch County]

Mill [Bailey County]

Mill Creek [Guadalupe County] (H)

Mill Creek [Waller County]

Mill Creek [Washington County]

Mill Pond [Nacogdoches County]

Mill Ridge North [Harris County]

Mill Town [Trinity County]

Millcreek [Harris County]

Miller [Dallas County]

Miller Grove [Hopkins County]

Miller Resub Lot A Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Miller's Cove [Titus County]

Millers [Brewster County]

Millersview [Concho County]

Millett [La Salle County]

Millheim [Austin County]

Millheim Station [Austin County]

Millican [Brazos County]

Milligan [Collin County]

Mills [Freestone County]

Mills [Grayson County]

Millsap [Parker County]

Millseat [Hays County]

Millsville [San Patricio County]

Millville [Rusk County] (H)

Millwood [Collin County]

Milner [Cass County]

Milo Center [Deaf Smith County]

Milton [Lamar County]

Milvid [Liberty County]

Milyca [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Milyca Colonia

Milyca Colonia
See: Milyca

Mims [Brazoria County]

Mims Chapel [Marion County]

Minchin [Denton County]

Minden [Rusk County]

Mineola [Wood County]

Minera [Webb County]

Mineral [Bee County]

Mineral Heights [Hunt County]

Mineral Springs [Caldwell County] (H)

Mineral Springs [Panola County] (H)

Mineral Wells [Palo Pinto County]

Minerva [Milam County]

Mingo [Denton County]

Mings Chapel [Upshur County]

Mingus [Palo Pinto County]

Mink [Montgomery County]

Minnesota Road-I Road Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Minnetex [Harris County]

Minnie Fenton Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Minnis [Wilbarger County]

Minor [Lampasas County]

Minora [Webb County]

Minter [Lamar County]

Minters Chapel [Tarrant County] (H)

Mirage [Deaf Smith County]

Mirando City [Webb County]

Mirando City Addition [Webb County]
Other names:
Mirando City Addition Colonia

Mirando City Addition Colonia
See: Mirando City Addition

Mirasoles [Starr County]
Other names:
Mirasoles Colonia

Mirasoles Colonia
See: Mirasoles

Mireles [Starr County]
Other names:
Mireles Colonia

Mireles Colonia
See: Mireles

Mission [Hidalgo County]

Mission Bend [Fort Bend County]

Mission Bend South [Fort Bend County]

Mission Estates [Galveston County]

Mission Glen [Fort Bend County]

Mission Green North [Fort Bend County]

Mission Hills [El Paso County]

Mission Trail Estates [El Paso County]
Other names:
Mission Trail Estates Colonia

Mission Trail Estates Colonia
See: Mission Trail Estates

Mission Valley [Comal County]

Mission Valley [Victoria County]

Mission West [Fort Bend County]

Mission West Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Mission West Estates Colonia

Mission West Estates Colonia
See: Mission West Estates

Missouri City [Fort Bend County]

Missouri City Estates [Fort Bend County]

Mitchell [Eastland County]

Mitchell [Lipscomb County]

Mitchell [Starr County]
Other names:
Mitchell Colonia

Mitchell Bend [Hood County] (H)

Mitchell Colonia
See: Mitchell

Mitchell Crossing [McCulloch County]

Mitchell Hill [Tyler County]

Mitchell Place [Brewster County]

Mittie [Cherokee County]

Mixon [Cherokee County]

Mobeetie [Wheeler County]

Mobile [Tyler County] (H)

Mobile City [Rockwall County]

Mobile Haven Estates [El Paso County]
Other names:
Mobile Haven Estates Colonia

Mobile Haven Estates Colonia
See: Mobile Haven Estates

Moccasin [Coryell County] (H)

Modern [Jim Wells County]

Mofeta [Terrell County]

Moffat [Bell County]

Moffitt [Angelina County]

Mohat [Colorado County]

See: Jot-Em-Down

Moline [Lampasas County]

Monadale [Williamson County]

Monahans [Ward County]

Monarch Estates [Harris County]

Monarch Oaks [Harris County]

Monaville [Waller County]

Monday [Cass County]

Monica [Cameron County]

Monica Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Monica Acres Colonia

Monica Acres Colonia
See: Monica Acres

Monkstown [Fannin County]

Monohans [Ward County]

Monroe [Lubbock County]

Monroe [Rusk County]

Monroe City [Chambers County]

Monroe Place [Harris County]

Mont [Lavaca County]

Mont Belvieu [Chambers County]

Montague [Montague County]

Montague Village [Coryell County]

Montalba [Anderson County]

Montalvo Hills [Starr County]
Other names:
Montalvo Hills Colonia

Montalvo Hills Colonia
See: Montalvo Hills

Montana Land Estates [El Paso County]
Other names:
Montana Land Estates Colonia

Montana Land Estates Colonia
See: Montana Land Estates

Monte Alban [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Monte Alban Colonia

Monte Alban Colonia
See: Monte Alban

Monte Alto [Hidalgo County]

Monte Christo [Hidalgo County] (H)

Monte Cristo Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Monte Cristo Acres Colonia

Monte Cristo Acres Colonia
See: Monte Cristo Acres

Monte Cristo Heights [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Monte Cristo Heights Colonia

Monte Cristo Heights Colonia
See: Monte Cristo Heights

Monte Cristo Hills [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Monte Cristo Hills Colonia

Monte Cristo Hills Colonia
See: Monte Cristo Hills

Monte Grande [Cameron County]

Monte Robles Park [Bexar County]

Montell [Uvalde County]

Monteola [Bee County]

Monterey [Angelina County]

Monterey [Hill County] (H)

Monterey [Marion County]

Monterosales [El Paso County]
Other names:
Monterosales Colonia

Monterosales Colonia
See: Monterosales

Montfort [Navarro County]

Montgomery [Montgomery County]

Montgomery Gardens [Smith County]

Monthalia [Gonzales County] (H)

Monticello [Titus County]

Montopolis [Travis County]

Montoya [El Paso County]

Montvale [Harrison County]

Monument Estates [Harris County]

Moody [McLennan County]

Moon Addition [El Paso County]
Other names:
Moon Addition Colonia

Moon Addition Colonia
See: Moon Addition

Mooney Lane Colonia [San Patricio County]

Moonshine Hill [Harris County]

Moore [Brazos County]

Moore [Frio County]

Moore Grove [Walker County]

Moore Hill [Polk County]

Moore Road Colonia [Hidalgo County]

Moore Settlement [Liberty County]

Moore Station [Henderson County]

Moore's Chapel [Fannin County]

Moore's Station [Frio County]

Mooredale [Fort Bend County]

Moorefield Acres [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Moorefield Acres Colonia

Moorefield Acres Colonia
See: Moorefield Acres

Moorefield Grove Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Moorefield Grove Estates Colonia

Moorefield Grove Estates Colonia
See: Moorefield Grove Estates

Moores Crossing [Travis County]

Mooreville [Falls County]

Mooring [Brazos County]

Morales [Jackson County]

Morales - Sanchez [Zapata County]
Other names:
Morales - Sanchez Colonia

Morales - Sanchez Colonia
See: Morales - Sanchez

Morales Circle [Maverick County]
Other names:
Morales Circle Colonia

Morales Circle Colonia
See: Morales Circle

Moran [Shackelford County]

Moravia [Lavaca County]

Moreland [Navarro County]

Moreno [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Moreno Colonia

Moreno [Starr County]
Other names:
Moreno Colonia

Moreno Colonia
See: Moreno

Moreno Colonia
See: Moreno

Morey [Jefferson County]

Morgan [Bosque County]

Morgan Bluff [Orange County]

Morgan Creek [Burnet County]

Morgan Farm [San Patricio County]
Other names:
Morgan Farm Colonia

Morgan Farm Colonia
See: Morgan Farm

Morgan Lane Colonia [San Patricio County]

Morgan Mill [Erath County]

Morgan's Lakefront Lodge Colonia [Zapata County]

Morgan's Mill [Erath County]

Morgan's Point [Harris County]

Morgan's Point Resort [Bell County]

Morida Colonia [Starr County]

Morita [Howard County]

Mormon Colony
See: Mormon Mill

Mormon Grove [Grayson County] (H)

Mormon Mill [Burnet County] (H)
Other names:
Mormon Colony

Mormon Settlement [Travis County] (H)

Morning Glory [El Paso County]

Morning Glory Manor Colonia [El Paso County]

Morningside Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Morningside Estates Colonia

Morningside Estates Colonia
See: Morningside Estates

Morningsun [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Morningsun Colonia

Morningsun Colonia
See: Morningsun

Morrill [Cherokee County]

Morris Grove [Hopkins County]

Morris Ranch [Gillespie County] (H)

Morrison Falls [Guadalupe County]

Morse [Hansford County]

Morse Junction [Hutchinson County]

Morton [Cochran County]

Morton [Harrison County]

Morton [Moore County] (H)

Morton Valley [Eastland County]

Moscow [Polk County]

Mosel [Gillespie County]

Moselle [Tarrant County]

Mosely [Red River County]

Moser [Terrell County]

Mosheim [Bosque County]

Moss Bluff [Liberty County]

Moss Hill [Liberty County]

Moss Oaks [Harris County]

Mossville [Cooke County]

Mosswood [Montgomery County]

Mossy Grove [Walker County]

Mostyn [Montgomery County]

Motley [Rusk County]

Mott [Angelina County]

Moulton [Lavaca County]

Mound [Coryell County]

Mound City [Anderson County]

Mound Prairie [Anderson County]

Mount Airy [Erath County]

Mount Alamo [Kendall County] (H)

Mount Bethel [Hunt County]

Mount Bethel [Panola County]

Mount Blanco [Crosby County] (H)

Mount Calm [Hill County]

Mount Calvary [Panola County]

Mount Carmel [Smith County]

Mount Carmel [Wichita County]

Mount Echo [San Patricio County] (H)

Mount Enterprise [Rusk County]

Mount Enterprise [Wood County]

Mount Evergreen [Jefferson County]

Mount Gainor [Hays County]

Mount Haven [Cherokee County]

Mount Herman [Shelby County]

Mount Houston [Harris County]

Mount Joy [Delta County]

Mount Joy Crossing [Delta County]

Mount Lebanon [Upshur County]

Mount Lucas [Live Oak County]

Mount Mitchell [Morris County]

Mount Morian [Walker County]

Mount Olive [Jackson County]

Mount Olive [Lavaca County]

Mount Olive [Mills County] (H)

Mount Pleasant [Armstrong County] (H)

Mount Pleasant [Bastrop County] (H)

Mount Pleasant [Taylor County]

Mount Pleasant [Titus County]

Mount Rose [Falls County] (H)

Mount Selman [Cherokee County]

Mount Sharp [Hays County]

Mount Sylvan [Smith County]

Mount Union [Jasper County]

Mount Vernon [Franklin County]

Mount Vernon [Houston County]

Mount Vernon [Lamar County] (H)

Mount Vernon [Washington County]

Mount Wesley [Kerr County]

Mount Zion [Montgomery County]

Mountain [Coryell County]

Mountain City [Hays County]

Mountain Community [Coryell County]

Mountain Creek [Dallas County]

Mountain Heaven [Cherokee County]

Mountain Home [Kerr County]

Mountain Meadows Estates [El Paso County]
Other names:
Mountain Meadows Estates Colonia

Mountain Meadows Estates Colonia
See: Mountain Meadows Estates

Mountain Peak [Ellis County]

Mountain Springs [Cooke County]

Mountain Top [Eastland County]

Mountain View [El Paso County]

Mountain View [Hill County]

Mountain View [Travis County]

Mountain View Estates [Bell County]

Moursund [Victoria County]

Mozelle [Coleman County] (H)

Mozo [Williamson County]

Muck Water
See: Trickham

Mud [Travis County]

Muddig [Hunt County]

Muddig Prairie
See: Jot-Em-Down

Mudville [Brazos County]

Muehlsville [Guadalupe County]

Muela [Maverick County]

Muellersville [Washington County]

Muenster [Cooke County]

Muil [Jim Wells County]

See: Praha

Mulberry [Fannin County]

Mulberry Springs [Harrison County]

Muldoon [Fayette County]

Mule [El Paso County] (H)

Mule Shoe [Coke County] (H)

Muleshoe [Bailey County]

Mulford [Orange County]

Mulkey [Castro County]

Mullin [Mills County]

Mullins Crossing [Tom Green County]

Mullins Prairie [Fayette County]

Mulvey [Polk County]

Mumford [Robertson County]

Muncy [Floyd County]

Munday [Knox County]

Munger [Limestone County]

Mungerville [Dawson County]

Muniz [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Muniz Colonia

Muniz Colonia
See: Muniz

Munoz [Starr County]
Other names:
Munoz Colonia

Munoz - Garcia Colonia [Starr County]

Munoz Colonia
See: Munoz

Munoz Estates [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Munoz Estates Colonia

Munoz Estates Colonia
See: Munoz Estates

Munson [Rockwall County]

Murchison [Henderson County]

Murdo [Oldham County]

Muriel [Tarrant County]

Murillo [Hidalgo County]
Other names:
Murillo Colonia

Murillo Colonia
See: Murillo

Murphy [Collin County]

Murray [Young County]

Murryhill [Lubbock County]

Murvaul [Panola County]

Musgrove [Wood County] (H)

Musquiz [Jeff Davis County] (H)

Mustang [Brazoria County]

Mustang [Denton County]

Mustang [Falls County]

Mustang [Limestone County]

Mustang [Navarro County]

Mustang [Tarrant County]

Mustang [Washington County] (H)

Mustang [Wharton County]

Mustang Beach [Nueces County]

Mustang Meadows [Galveston County]

Mustang Mott [DeWitt County]

Mustang Prairie [Falls County] (H)

Mustang Ridge [Bastrop County]

Mustang Springs [Martin County] (H)

Myers [Burleson County] (H)

Mykawa [Harris County]

Myra [Cooke County]

Myrtle [Clay County]

Myrtle [Harris County]

Myrtle Springs [Van Zandt County]

Mystic Village [Harris County]


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