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The Communities of
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 Safe HarbourSandy CoveShoal BaySouthwest Crouse
 Sagona Island-  (H)Southwest Island (H)
 Sailors Island 
 Saint Alban's-  (H)Spaniard's Bay
 Saint Andrews 
 Saint AnnesShoal Cove-  (H)
 Saint Anthony 
 Saint Anthony Bight Spanish Room
 Saint Barbe (H) Shoal HarbourSpear Harbour
 Saint Barbe IslandsSandy Hill (H) Spencer Cove
 Saint BernardsSandy HookShoal PointSpencers Cove
 Saint Bernards - Jacques FontaineSandy Islands 
 Saint Brendan's Spillars Cove
 Saint BridesSandy Point 
 Saint CarolsShoe Cove
 Saint Catherines-  (H)
 Saint Chad's 
 Saint David'sSango  
 Saint Fintan'sSaunders CoveSibleys (H)Spirity Cove
 Saint Francis HarbourSavage CoveSibleys Cove (H) 
 Saint Genevieve BaySavage Cove - Sandy CoveSilupatSpoon Cove
 Saint George'sSawbill (H)Silver Fox Island
 Saint Jacques (H) Silver Point-  (H)
 Saint Jacques - Coombs CoveSchooner IslandSilverdale 
 Saint John BayScilly Cove (H)SilvertonSpout Cove
 Saint John HarbourScissors Cove (H)Sivier IslandSpreadeagle
 Saint John IslandScrammy Spring Village
 Saint John'sScrape ShoreSkibbereenSpringdale
 Saint Johns Bay  Springfield
 Saint Jones WithinSeahorseSloop CoveSpruce Brook
 Saint Jones WithoutSeal Bay Head Spruce Park
  Seal BightSmall Point 
 Saint Joseph's -  (H)Square Island Harbour
 Seal CoveSquid Tickle (H)
 -  (H) 
  -  (H) Stag Harbour
 Saint Josephs-  (H)Smiths HarbourStage Shore
  Stanley Cove
 Smooth CoveStanleyville
  -  (H)Starks Bight
 Saint Julien'sSteady Brook
 Saint Kyrans  Stepaside
 Saint LawrenceSeal IslandSnooks ArmStephenville
 Saint LeonardsSnooks Brook (H)Stephenville Crossing
 Saint LewisSnooks HarbourStevensons Village
 Saint Lunaire (H)Snug HarbourStock Cove
 Saint Lunaire - Griquet  Stocking Harbour
 Saint Mary'sSeal Islands HarbourSoldiers CoveStone Valley
 Saint MichaelsSeal RocksSomersetStones Cove
 Saint PatricksSearston Stoneville
 Saint PaulsSebasquastoSop's ArmStoney House
 Saint PhillipsSeldomStopperside
 Saint ShoresSeldom - Little Seldom Straitsview
 Saint Shott'sSeldom Come BySops ArmStrongs Island
 Saint StephensSeparation PointStuckless Cove
 Saint TeresaSerpentine  
 Saint Thomas Sound IslandSuley Anns Cove
 Saint VeronicasShabo (H)South BranchSummerford
 Saint Vincent's (H)Shallop Cove Summerside
 Saint Vincents - Saint Stephens - Peter's RiverShallowaySouth BrookSummerville
  Shalloway Cove 
 Sally's CoveShamblers CoveSunnyside
 Sharks Cove 
 Shea HeightsSouth East Bight 
  ShearstownSouth RiverSunnyside
 Salmon CoveSheaves CoveSouth West Arm
 -  (H)SheppardvilleSoutheast Arm 
 SheshatshiuSoutheast BightSwains Islands
  Southeast CoveSwanger Cove
 -  (H)Ship CoveSoutheast PlacentiaSwansea
   Sweet Bay
 SalmonierSouthern ArmSwift Current
 Salt HarbourSwoir Cove
 Salt Harbour Island 
 Salt Pans Sydney Cove
 Salt Pond-  (H)Southern Harbour 
 Salt Pond CoveSouthern Harbour Station 
 Salvage-  (H)Southport 
 Salvage Bay (H) Southside 
 SalvationShip HarbourSouthside Dog Bay (H) 
 Sam Hitches HarbourSouthwesst Pacquet (H) 
 Samiajij Miawpukek  
 Samson Island Southwest Arm 
 Sand CoveShoal Arm 
 Sand Pits -  (H) 
 Sandy Beach