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The Communities of
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 Baccalieu IslandBeachsideBlow Me DownBumble Bee Bight (H)
 Bachelor's Cove (H)Beachy Cove-  (H)Bunyan's Cove
 Back CoveBear Cove Burgoyne's Cove
 Blue CoveBurin
  Burin Bay
  Bluff Head CoveBurin Bay Arm
 Back Harbour Burlington
 Back Lands (H)BeaumontBurns Cove
 Back ShoreBeaumont North (H) Burnside
 Bacon CoveBeaverBoat HarbourBurnside-Saint Chads
 Bad HarbourBeaver CoveBurnt Arm
 BadgerBeaverton (H) 
 Badgers QuayBeckfords Burnt Cove
 Baie VerteBelfryBobby Cove
 Baie de LoutreBell IslandBolsters Rock
 Baileys CoveBell Island FrontBonalds Island
 Baileys PointBellburnsBonaventure (H)
 Baine HarbourBelldowns PointBonavista-  (H)
 Bait Cove (H)Belle IsleBonne Bay 
 Bake Apple BightBelleoramBoswarlosBurnt Island Tickle
 Baker CoveBellevueBottle CoveBurnt Islands
 Bakers BrookBellevue BeachBotwoodBurnt Point
 Bakers HeadBellmans Cove (H)BoxeyBurnt Stump
 Bakers Tickle (H)Bennett's Island (H)Boxey HarbourBurnt Village
 Balcalhoa IslandBenoits CoveBoyd's CoveBurntwood Cove
 Baldwin CoveBenoits Siding Burtons Cove
 BalenaBentonBradleys CoveBurtons Pond
 BalineBerry HeadButchers
 BallineBests Harbour 
 Bally HalyBetts Cove Butlerville
 Ballyhack Brakes Cove
 Ballyntine CoveBide ArmBranch
 Bane HarborBig BarachoisBrazils 
 Bank Head (H)Big BayBread and CheeseButts
 Bannatyne CoveBig Beaver Cove (H)Brents Cove 
 Bar HavenBig BightBrickyard 
 Bar PointBig BrookBridgeport 
 BarachoisBig FallsBrig Bay 
 Barachois BrookBig IslandBrighton 
 BarachoixBirch HillsBrigus 
 Barasway de PlateBirchy BayBrigus Gullies 
 Barbaset Brigus Junction 
 Bard IslandBirchy CoveBrigus South 
 BareneedBristols Hope 
 Barge Bay-  (H)Britannia 
 Barr'd Harbour Britannia Cove (H) 
 Barr'd IslandsBirchy NapBritish Harbour 
 Barren Island (H)Bird Cove  
 BarrocksBiscay BayBroad Cove 
 BarrowBiscayan Cove-  (H) 
 Barrow HarbourBishops Beach-  (H) 
 Barrow IslandsBishops Cove 
 Bartletts HarbourBishops Falls-  (H) 
 BartonBishops Falls South-  (H) 
 Bassitt's HarbourBishops Harbour (H)  
 Bateau Cove Brooklyn 
 Bats Path EndBlack Bear BayBrookside 
 BatteauBlack DuckBroom Close 
 BatteryBlack Duck Bank (H)Brooms Bottom (H) 
 Battle HarbourBlack Duck BrookBrown's Arm 
 Bauline Browns Cove 
 Bauline EastBlack Duck CoveBrownsdale 
 Bay BullsBrule 
 Bay Bulls Arm (H)Brunette 
 Bay L'ArgentBryants Cove 
 Bay Roberts  
 Bay Saint George SouthBuchans 
 Bay View Buchans Junction 
 Bay de EsteBlack Duck SidingBuckles Point 
 Bay de LoupBlack Island  
 Bay de VerdeBlack IslandsBull Cove 
 Bay de l'EauBlack River 
 Bay de l'Eau IslandBlack Tickle 
 Bay des Vieux   
 Bay du NordBlackhead  
 Bay of Chaleur  
 Bay of Islands  
 Bayly's Cove   
 Bayside (H)Blanchard  
 BaytonaBloody Bay (H)