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A Gazetteer for the United States and Canada
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The Communities of
Virginia (VA)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 Wabash (H)WedgewoodWhite HouseWindcrest Manor
 Wabun- Chesapeake City- Frederick CountyWinder
 Wachapreague- Chesterfield County- Mecklenburg CountyWindermere
 Waco- Danville City- New Kent CountyWindmill Hills
 Waconiask (H)- Henrico County- Page CountyWindmill Point
 Waddeys- Norfolk City Windrift
 Wades White Mill 
 Wades MillWedgewood Forest Windsor
 WadesvilleWedgwoodWhite Oak- Albemarle County
 Wagner'sWeedons Fork- Halifax County- Henrico County
 WagramWeedonville- Henrico County- Isle of Wight County
 WaidsboroWeems- Newport News City- New Kent County
 WakeWeimertown- Pittsylvania County 
 Wake ForestWeirwood- Stafford CountyWindsor Estates
  Welbourne - Fairfax County
 WakefieldWelchburghWhite Oak Landing- Roanoke County
 - Alexandria CityWelchs- King William County 
 - Charlottesville CityWelcome- New Kent CountyWindsor Forest
 - Surry CountyWeldon - James City County
 - Sussex CountyWelfleetWhite Oaks- Stafford County
 - Westmoreland County (H)WelfordWhite Owl Landing 
  Weller Windsor Heights
 Wakefield Chapel WoodsWellesleyWhite Pine 
 Wakefield CornerWellford- Franklin CountyWindsor Hills
 Wakefield ForestWellford Sullivan Estate- Montgomery County- Chesterfield County
 Wakefield Manor  - Lynchburg City
 Wakefield StationWellingtonWhite Plains- Roanoke City
 Wakema- Fairfax CountyWhite Post- Goochland County
 Wakemans Grove- Prince William CountyWhite Pump- Roanoke City
 WalcotWellington Chase on the RappahannockWhite RockWindsor Shades
 Waldemar (H)Wellington Heights- Bedford CountyWindsor Station
 Walden - Nelson CountyWindsor Terrace
 WaldensWells Windsor West
 Waldon Woods- Augusta CountyWhite ShoalsWindsor Woods
 Waldrop- Wise CountyWhite ShopWindsordale
 Waldsboro White StoneWindy (H)
 WalhavenWellvilleWhite Stone BeachWindy Hill
 Walker ChapelWendwoodWhite WingWindy Hill Estates
 Walker PlaceWenonah (H)WhitebankWindy Pines
 Walker StoreWenondaWhitefieldWindy Run
 Walker's MountainWentzWhiteforgeWinegar Mill
 WalkerfordWerawahon (H) Winesap
  Werowacomoco (H)WhitehallWinfall
 WalkersWert- Frederick CountyWinfields Mill
 - Dinwiddie CountyWesson- King and Queen CountyWinfrey
 - New Kent CountyWessynton Wingina
  West AnnexWhitehouse LandingWinginia
 Walkers FordWest ArlingtonWhitehurst LandingWingmead
 Walkers StoreWest AugustaWhiteoak (H)Wininger
 WalkertonWest Bassett Winnie
 WallaceWest BethelWhitesWinoack (H)
 Wallace FarmsWest Bottom- Caroline County (H)Winona
 Wallaces CornerWest Briar- New Kent County (H)Winsack (H)
 Wallaces StoreWest Chesapeake- Spotsylvania CountyWinslow Heights
  West Chester Winslow Hills
 WallacetonWest Chesterfield HeightsWhites StoreWinston
 - Chesapeake CityWest Club ForestWhiteshop EstatesWinston Terrace
 - Norfolk CityWest DanteWhitestoneWinstonville
   Whitestone EstatesWinter Harbor Haven
 WallersWest End Wintergreen
 Wallers Corner- Fairfax CountyWhitesvilleWinterham
 Wallops Island- Gloucester County- Accomack CountyWinterpock
  - Henrico County- Halifax CountyWinterville
 Walmsley- Roanoke City Wirtz
 - Northumberland County- Rockbridge CountyWhitetopWise
 - Stafford County (H)- Staunton CityWhitetownWiseville (H)
 Walnut GroveWest ForkWhitewoodWisharts Point
 - Bristol CityWest FredericksburgWhitfieldWistar Farms
 - Greensville CountyWest GalaxWhitle'sWitch Duck
 - Hanover CountyWest GateWhitleyWitch Duck Point
 - Montgomery CountyWest Gate of LomondWhitleys CrossroadsWithams
 - Stafford CountyWest Ghent Withers
 - Washington CountyWest GrahamWhitlockWithers Park
   - Halifax CountyWitt
 Walnut HillWest Hampton- Louisa CountyWittens Fort
 - Lee County- Hampton City Wittens Mills
 - Petersburg City- Roanoke CityWhitmell 
 - Stafford County Whits PointWolf Glade
  West HopewellWhitson Ridge 
 Walnut Hill GardensWest IrvingtonWhitson RunWolf Trap
 Walnut HillsWest JenningsvilleWhittle's Mills- Fairfax County
 Walnut Point (H)West JerichoWhittles- Halifax County
 Walnut RidgeWest LakesWhittles Mill 
 Walnut Ridge EstatesWest LandingWhittletownWolfrun (H)
 Waltdon FarmsWest Langley Wolfsnare Plantation
 Walter HeightsWest LeighWickcliffeWolftown
 Walter Roberson EstateWest Lewinsville HeightsWicker CornerWoltz
 WaltersWest LexingtonWickhamWomacks
 Walters WoodsWest LynchburgWickham CornerWonderland Forest
 WalthallWest McLeanWickham CrossingWood
 Walthall MillWest MundenWickliffeWoodberry Forest
 WaltonWest NorfolkWicomicoWoodbine
 - Montgomery County- Norfolk City- Gloucester County- Montgomery County
 - Prince William County- Portsmouth City- Northumberland County (H)- Portsmouth City
    - Prince William County
 Walton's StoreWest Park ManorWicomico Indian Town (H) 
 - Louisa CountyWest PetersburgWide WaterWoodbine Forest
 - Bedford CountyWest PineyWidener ValleyWoodbine Village
  West PointWidewaterWoodbine Woods
 Wangle JunctionWest RavenWidewater Beach 
 Waples MillWest Salem ForestWidewater EstatesWoodbridge
 WappingWest SpringfieldWidewater Village at Stafford- Prince William County
 Waqua Wiehle (H)- Salem City
 War-ras-koy-ack (H)West ViewWierwood 
 Ward- Augusta CountyWightmanWoodburn
 Ward's Gap- Goochland CountyWilberts CornerWoodburn Heights
  - Roanoke CityWilburdaleWoodbury Hills
 Ward's Mill WilburnWoodchuck Heights
 - Lee CountyWest View TerraceWilcox WharfWoodcliff
  West Warm SpringsWild Cat Summit 
 WardellWest WoodsWildaWooded Acres
 Wards CornerWestboro (H)Wildcat Corner- Prince William County
   Wilde Acres- Roanoke County
 Wards MillWestbourneWilder (H) 
 - Carroll County- Henrico CountyWildernessWoodford
  - Petersburg CityWilderness CornerWoodford Corner
 Wardtown Wildway 
 Ware NeckWestbrook Woodhaven
 Wareham (H) Wildwood- Prince William County
 Wares CrossroadsWestchester- Albemarle County- Virginia Beach City
 Wares Ferry- Chesterfield County- Campbell County 
 Wares Wharf- Fairfax County- Fairfax CountyWoodhouse Corner
 Warfield- Petersburg City- Fluvanna CountyWoodlake Park
 Warm Springs- Prince William County- Henrico CountyWoodland
 Warminster - Roanoke CityWoodland Acres
 WarnerWestdale Woodland Hills
 WarrenWesterhouse WoodsWildwood Estates 
 Warren MillWesternWildwood FarmsWoodland Park
 Warren ParkWestern Branch BoroughWildwood Hills- Fairfax County
 Warren Station Wiley- Page County
 Warren WoodsWestern HillsWiley Court- Richmond County
 Warrenton- Petersburg CityWilford Siding- Warren County
 Warrenton Center- Roanoke CountyWilhait 
 Warrington Heights- Albemarle CountyWilhoit (H)Woodlanding Village
 Warsaw- Bristol CityWilkerson LandingWoodlands
  - Salem CityWilkie (H)Woodlands at Berea
 Warwick- Albemarle CountyWilkins Beach 
 - Chesterfield County- Prince William CountyWilkinson TerraceWoodlawn
 - Newport News City- Suffolk CityWilkinsons Store- Campbell County
   Will- Carroll County
 Warwick CornerWesthamWill Morgan Farm- Colonial Heights City
 Warwick Gardens Will-More- Fairfax County
 Warwick LawnsWesthamptonWillamsburg on the Potomac- Hanover County
 Warwick Village- Fairfax County - Hopewell City
 Warwick on the James- Henrico CountyWillard- Pittsylvania County
 Wasena- Richmond City- Fairfax County- Salem City
   - Loudoun County (H)- Stafford County
 WashingtonWesthaven- Wythe County 
 - Rappahannock CountyWesthaven Lakes Woodlawn Heights
 - Rockbridge CountyWesthaven ParkWilliamsWoodlawn Manor
  Westlake Corner- Mathews CountyWoodlawn Meadows
 Washington CornerWestlake Hills- Norfolk City 
 Washington Forest  Woodlawn Park
 Washington GardensWestlandWilliams Court- Fairfax County
 Washington Heights- Lancaster CountyWilliams Fork- Halifax County
  - Roanoke CityWilliams Mill- Fairfax County
 Washington Park Williams Mills- Henrico County
 - Greensville CountyWestluWilliams' Wharf 
 - Norfolk City  Woodlee
 - Richmond CityWestmontWilliamsburgWoodleigh
  - Arlington County- James City CountyWoodley
 Waskey's Mills- Fairfax County- Williamsburg CityWoodley Hills
 Wassum- Albemarle County Woodley North
 Watauga- Westmoreland CountyWilliamsburg ManorWoodlyn
 Water Edge Estates - Amherst CountyWoodman Terrace
 Water ViewWestmoreland Park- Fairfax CountyWoodmere
 Water Works Branch   
 WaterfallWestoverWilliamsburg WestWoodmont
 Waterfall Lake- Arlington CountyWilliamson Farms- Arlington County
 Waterfall Village- Charles City County - Chesterfield County
 Waterford- Chesapeake CityWilliamsville- Stafford County
 Watergate Estates- Culpeper County- Bath County 
 Waterlick- Norfolk City- Shenandoah CountyWoodridge
  - Pittsylvania County- Floyd County- Albemarle County
 Waterloo - Russell County- Stafford County
 - Alexandria CityWestover Heights  
 - Arlington County Willis WharfWoodrum
 - Clarke CountyWestover HillsWillisvilleWoods Acres
 - Fauquier County- Albemarle CountyWilloughbyWoods Corner
 - Hanover County- Augusta CountyWilloughby BeachWoods Crossing
  - Danville CityWilloughby TerraceWoods Crossroads
 Waterview- Greensville CountyWillowWoods Mill
 Waterway Estates- Montgomery County Woods Run
 Watkins- Pittsylvania CountyWillow GreenWoods of Able Lake
  - Richmond City- Newport News CityWoods of Ilda
 Watkins Corner - Roanoke CountyWoodsdale
 - Brunswick CountyWests Store- Northampton CountyWoodside Park
 - Southampton CountyWestside Village- Shenandoah CountyWoodslane
  Westview Woodson
 WattsWestview HillsWillow Hill 
 WattsboroWestview VillageWillow LakeWoodstock
 WattsvilleWestward Lake EstatesWillow Lakes- Middlesex County
 WaughWestward LakesWillow Lawn- Northampton County
  Westward Park - Richmond City
 Waverly Willow Oaks- Shenandoah County
 - Albemarle CountyWestwood- Greensville County 
 - Caroline County- Alleghany County- Richmond CityWoodview
 - Roanoke City- Frederick County Woodview Hills
 - Sussex County- Hanover CountyWillow SpringsWoodville
  - Henrico County- Fairfax CountyWoodway
 Waverly Station- Portsmouth City- Russell CountyWoolen Mills
 Waverly Village- Roanoke City Woolsey
 Waxpool Willow WoodsWoolwine
 WayWestwood Place- Fairfax CountyWorlds
 WaybayWetsel's- Radford CityWorrell
 WaycrossWetsmoreland- Louisa CountyWorsham
   - Suffolk CityWorshams
 WaylandWeyanoke Worthington Farms
 - Chesterfield County- Charles City CountyWills Corner 
 - Scott County- Fairfax CountyWillstonWren
 Waylands MillWeyers CaveWilmerWright
   - Campbell County- Norfolk City
 WaylandsburgWhaley- Pittsylvania County- Roanoke County
 - Culpeper CountyWhaleyville  
 - Madison CountyWharton Grove (H)Wilmont FarmsWright Woods
 - Augusta CountyWhealton HeightsWilmont Park 
 - Waynesboro CityWheatfieldWilmotWrights Corner
  WheatlandWilroy- Caroline County
 WaysideWheatlandsWilroy Acres- New Kent County
 - Charles City CountyWheeler  
 - Pittsylvania CountyWheelwrightWilsonWrightsville
  Whetstone Hills- Clarke County 
 WealWhipporwill Hollow- Dinwiddie CountyWurno
 Weanoc (H)Whispering Pines- Wythe County 
 Weaver HeightsWhitacre Wyatt (H)
 WeaversvilleWhitakerWilson GroveWyche
 WeavervilleWhitby (H)Wilson HeightsWylliesburg
 Webb Wilson Hill 
  White CityWilson PinesWyndale
 Webbs Mill- Emporia CityWilson Springs- Roanoke County
 - Brunswick County- Greensville CountyWilsons- Washington County
 - Craig County Wilsons Corner 
  White CliffsWilsonvilleWyndover Woods
 Weber CityWhite FordWiltonWyngate
 - Fluvanna CountyWhite GateWilton WoodsWynmere
 - Scott County  Wynnewood
  White HallWinchesterWysor
 Wecuppom (H)- Albemarle County- Frederick CountyWythe
 Weddle- Frederick County- Winchester CityWytheville
    west Roanoke


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