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Nearest Communities to Ajax, By-County ...

The purpose of this page is to identify those communities that are closest to Ajax, on a County-by-County basis. To explain further, let's use the example from the Genealogy Helper Page for Ajax:

We have great-grandparents who lived in a small community in the southwest corner of their home county. During their lives, most doctors were in the next county to the west. Almost all of the nearby churches and cemeteries were in the county to the south.

When doing our research, we make it a practice to expand our search by looking in neighboring counties in addition to the county in which they lived:  their home county contained property and probate records; the county to the west contained birth and death records; the county to the south contained their burial records. If we hadn't checked the neighboring counties, we would have missed many valuable sources of information.

Keep in mind that when we give a distance, it's a 'straight-line' distance from Ajax and not the distance if you are going to drive it.<1>

If you're researching your genealogy, we hope that the following following information helps.

Although our information shows that the community of Ajax is historic,<2> it would have been located within present day Tooele County.

The following 8 counties adjoin and form the boundaries of Tooele County: Elko (NV), White Pine (NV), Box Elder, Davis, Juab, Salt Lake, Utah & Weber.

Our Gazetteer shows that there are 1,357 communities within 40 miles [64.4 km] of Ajax. Of these communities, 1,320 are located in counties other than Tooele County.

We usually exclude communities when we still need to verify their location,<3> but for the purpose of this page, we have included the unverified ('unver') and historic ('hist') communities.

After starting with the home county for Ajax (which is Tooele County), we list the counties in alphabetical order and for each of those counties, the closest communities are listed in order of their distance from Ajax. For the following list, only those counties that contain communities within 40 miles [64.4 km] are displayed.

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Juab County  
Salt Lake County  
Utah County  
Weber County  

Tooele County     (The county where Ajax resides)
County Website:
County Seat for Tooele:   Tooele
Genealogy Websites:
State of Utah       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Tooele County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Clover Station (Unver)     [Map]     N   4 miles [6.4 km]
Faust (Unver)     [Map]     S   4 miles [6.4 km]
Clover     [Map]     NW   6 miles [9.7 km]
Saint John Station (Unver)     [Map]     N   7 miles [11.3 km]
West Mercur (Unver)     [Map]     NE   7 miles [11.3 km]
Saint John (Unver)     [Map]     NW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Rush Valley     [Map]     N   8 miles [12.9 km]
Batesville (Hist)     [Map]     NE   8 miles [12.9 km]
Mercur (Hist)     [Map]     NE   10 miles [16.1 km]
Pehrson (Unver)     [Map]     S   10 miles [16.1 km]
Ophir     [Map]     NE   11 miles [17.7 km]
Vernon     [Map]     S   11 miles [17.7 km]
Topliff (Hist)     [Map]     SE   11 miles [17.7 km]
Stockton     [Map]     N   13 miles [20.9 km]
Terra     [Map]     W   13 miles [20.9 km]
Bauer     [Map]     N   15 miles [24.1 km]
Benmore (Hist)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Lofgreen (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Tad Park (Unver)     [Map]     N   17 miles [27.4 km]
Dugway     [Map]     W   18 miles [29 km]
Angels Grove (Unver)     [Map]     N   19 miles [30.6 km]
Tooele     [Map]     N   20 miles [32.2 km]
Lincoln (Unver)     [Map]     N   22 miles [35.4 km]
Grantsville     [Map]     N   24 miles [38.6 km]
Marshall (Unver)     [Map]     N   24 miles [38.6 km]
Erda     [Map]     N   25 miles [40.2 km]
Iosepa (Hist)     [Map]     NW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Stansbury park     [Map]     N   27 miles [43.5 km]
Mills Junction (Unver)     [Map]     N   28 miles [45.1 km]
Burmester     [Map]     N   30 miles [48.3 km]
Flux (Unver)     [Map]     N   30 miles [48.3 km]
Lake Point     [Map]     N   30 miles [48.3 km]
Dolomite (Unver)     [Map]     N   32 miles [51.5 km]
Lago (Unver)     [Map]     N   32 miles [51.5 km]
Lake Point Junction (Unver)     [Map]     N   33 miles [53.1 km]
Timpie (Hist)     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Delle     [Map]     NW   40 miles [64.4 km]

Juab County
County Website:
County Seat for Juab:   Nephi
Genealogy Websites:
State of Utah       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Juab County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Boulter     [Map]     S   21 miles [33.8 km]
Knight (Unver)     [Map]     SE   23 miles [37 km]
Eureka     [Map]     SE   25 miles [40.2 km]
Knightville (Unver)     [Map]     SE   25 miles [40.2 km]
Mammoth Junction (Unver)     [Map]     SE   25 miles [40.2 km]
Tintic Junction (Unver)     [Map]     SE   25 miles [40.2 km]
Mammoth     [Map]     SE   26 miles [41.8 km]
Silver City (Hist)     [Map]     SE   27 miles [43.5 km]
Diamond (Unver)     [Map]     SE   30 miles [48.3 km]
McIntyre (Unver)     [Map]     SE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Dennis (Unver)     [Map]     SE   33 miles [53.1 km]
Jericho (Hist)     [Map]     S   36 miles [57.9 km]
Rocky Ridge     [Map]     SE   37 miles [59.5 km]
Jericho Junction (Hist)     [Map]     S   38 miles [61.2 km]
Starr (Unver)     [Map]     SE   39 miles [62.8 km]

Salt Lake County
Given the large number of communities that are located in Salt Lake County, we have limited the list to those within 32 miles [51.5 km] of Ajax (about 100 communities).
County Website:
County Seat for Salt Lake:   Salt Lake City
Genealogy Websites:
State of Utah       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Salt Lake County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Hi Country Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   24 miles [38.6 km]
Lark (Hist)     [Map]     NE   24 miles [38.6 km]
Bingham (Hist)     [Map]     NE   25 miles [40.2 km]
Snyder (Unver)     [Map]     NE   25 miles [40.2 km]
Copperton     [Map]     NE   26 miles [41.8 km]
Foothills (Unver)     [Map]     NE   26 miles [41.8 km]
Herriman     [Map]     NE   26 miles [41.8 km]
Country Living (Unver)     [Map]     NE   27 miles [43.5 km]
Gardiner Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   27 miles [43.5 km]
Robbe (Unver)     [Map]     NE   27 miles [43.5 km]
Avalon Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Bluffdale     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Greenland Acres (Unver)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Johnson Anderson (Unver)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Lewis Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Meadowbrook Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Moyal Anderson (Unver)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Nash (Unver)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Pleasant Green Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Riverton Ridge (Unver)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
South Bluff Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Country Lane (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Densley Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Hamilton Acres (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Hamilton Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Homestead Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Jordan (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Marblewood (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Medallion Cove (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Olivers (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Oquirrh Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Pueblo Del Montana (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Riverton Gardens (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Riverton Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Riverton Majestic Village     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Riverton Meadows (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Viking Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Western Charm (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Ashford Acres (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Brookwood Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Brookwood (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Carol Villa (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Edgewood (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Freeman Butterfield (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Glen Aire (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Glenmoor Country Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Greenfield (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Grover Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Lane Village     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Langford (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Laurel Chase Acres (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Majestic Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Meado Green (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Park Avenue (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
River Haven Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Riverton     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Scheel Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Southwood Manor (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Thaxton Acres (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Van Ross Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Walker Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Westfold (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Wiechert Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Woodridge Country Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Bingham Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Bonanza Acres (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Burkhart Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Chattel Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Cherry Hill Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Clover Hills (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Clover Ridge (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Country Roads (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Farm Meadows (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Featherwood Village     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Heritage Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
The Horse Store (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Jordan Hills Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Kinney Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Laurel Ridge (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Majestic Cove (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Meadow Manor (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
River Vista Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Salishan (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Salt Lake View Addition (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
South Jordan Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Summerhill Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Vista Plat (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Welby (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Wescall (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
West Jordan     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Wheadon Acres (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Bacchus (Hist)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Beckstead Park (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Brown Meadows (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Burningham Industrial (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
County Cove (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Crystal Hills (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Draper Old Farm (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Dusty Downs Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Edenbrooke (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Georgetown Meadows (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Greenfield Farms (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Jordan View Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Lawrence Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Leavitt Acres (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
LKC Jordan View Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Maxfield (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Meadowridge (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Mountain View Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
New Castle (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Oquirrh     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Powell Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Purple Hills (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
River Crest (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Riverton Siding (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
South Jordan     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Valley West (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Wasatch View Acres (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Williamsburg (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
The Wood (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Woodview Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Y-Worry Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]

Utah County
County Website:
County Seat for Utah:   Provo
Genealogy Websites:
State of Utah       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Utah County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Fairfield     [Map]     E   16 miles [25.7 km]
Cedar Fort     [Map]     NE   16 miles [25.7 km]
Eagle Mountain     [Map]     E   21 miles [33.8 km]
Mosida (Unver)     [Map]     E   24 miles [38.6 km]
Homansville (Hist)     [Map]     SE   25 miles [40.2 km]
Clinton (Unver)     [Map]     E   26 miles [41.8 km]
Saratoga Resort (Unver)     [Map]     E   26 miles [41.8 km]
Saratoga Springs     [Map]     E   26 miles [41.8 km]
Dividend (Hist)     [Map]     SE   27 miles [43.5 km]
Hillside (Hist)     [Map]     SE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Lehi     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Elberta     [Map]     SE   30 miles [48.3 km]
American Fork     [Map]     E   32 miles [51.5 km]
Wing (Unver)     [Map]     E   32 miles [51.5 km]
Lant (Unver)     [Map]     SE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Highland     [Map]     E   33 miles [53.1 km]
Genola     [Map]     SE   33 miles [53.1 km]
Goshen     [Map]     SE   33 miles [53.1 km]
Vineyard     [Map]     E   34 miles [54.7 km]
West Mountain     [Map]     E   34 miles [54.7 km]
Townsend (Unver)     [Map]     SE   34 miles [54.7 km]
Bunker     [Map]     E   35 miles [56.3 km]
Cedar Hills     [Map]     E   35 miles [56.3 km]
Geneva (Unver)     [Map]     E   35 miles [56.3 km]
Hardy (Unver)     [Map]     E   35 miles [56.3 km]
Pleasant Grove     [Map]     E   35 miles [56.3 km]
Alpine     [Map]     NE   35 miles [56.3 km]
Keigley (Unver)     [Map]     SE   35 miles [56.3 km]
Benjamin     [Map]     E   36 miles [57.9 km]
Lake Shore     [Map]     E   36 miles [57.9 km]
Lakeview (Unver)     [Map]     E   36 miles [57.9 km]
Lindon     [Map]     E   36 miles [57.9 km]
Orem Station (Unver)     [Map]     E   36 miles [57.9 km]
Benjamin Station     [Map]     E   37 miles [59.5 km]
Curtis (Unver)     [Map]     E   37 miles [59.5 km]
Lincoln (Unver)     [Map]     E   37 miles [59.5 km]
Orem     [Map]     E   37 miles [59.5 km]
Palmyra     [Map]     E   37 miles [59.5 km]
Snow (Unver)     [Map]     E   37 miles [59.5 km]
Santaquin     [Map]     SE   37 miles [59.5 km]
Leland (Unver)     [Map]     E   38 miles [61.2 km]
Lewis (Unver)     [Map]     E   38 miles [61.2 km]
Payson     [Map]     E   38 miles [61.2 km]
Spring Lake     [Map]     SE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Caryhurst (Unver)     [Map]     E   39 miles [62.8 km]
Christmas City     [Map]     E   39 miles [62.8 km]
Edgemont (Unver)     [Map]     E   39 miles [62.8 km]
Olmstead (Unver)     [Map]     E   39 miles [62.8 km]
Pleasant View (Unver)     [Map]     E   39 miles [62.8 km]
Provo     [Map]     E   39 miles [62.8 km]
Salem     [Map]     E   40 miles [64.4 km]
Spanish Fork     [Map]     E   40 miles [64.4 km]
Wicks (Unver)     [Map]     E   40 miles [64.4 km]

Weber County
County Website:
County Seat for Weber:   Ogden
Genealogy Websites:
State of Utah       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Weber County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails      
Gorder (Unver)     [Map]     E   25 miles [40.2 km]

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Footnotes ...

<1>Our distances are not driving distances, but are calculated as a 'straight-line' (or point-to-point) distance that stretches from Ajax. A straight line distance ignores things like rivers, canyons, lakes, et cetera - it's truly a line drawn from Point A (ie- Ajax) to Point B.

If you need the driving distance (or directions), we recommend that you use one of the Mapping Services listed on our Map Page for Ajax. Since we usually use Google Maps for our own planning, we've provided the following link for your convenience: Google Map and Driving Directions starting from Ajax

Our distance measurements begin at a specific point in Ajax. The point that we are using is located at these GPS coordinates - Latitude: 40.2523, Longitude: -112.3971     [Map].

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<2>We use the term 'Historic' broadly and it generally means that the community no longer exists. However, it can also mean that the community might still exist, but was significantly larger or had a more 'official' existence in the past than it does now. Unfortunately our sources of data have proven to be unreliable. If you can provide us with more specific information about Ajax, please let us know so that we can improve our accuracy.

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<3>Our data comes from many sources and some sources are more dependable than others. When we add communities to our Gazetteer, we try to verify that we have the correct location for the community. We mark a community as 'Unverified' when we aren't confident about our data and want to do further checking.

We use the term 'Historic' broadly and it generally means that the community no longer exists. However, it can also mean that the community might still exist, but was larger or had a more 'official' existence in the past than it does now.

Since our Gazetteer contains over 100,000 communities, verifying everything is going to take time. If you find an error or can help us to improve our accuracy, please let us know.

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Please keep in mind that we can not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information on this website, so use with care. We encourage you to double-check the information that is critical to you.

If you've found an error or have additional information that you would like to share, please don't hesitate to write. Click here to contact us.

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