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The Communities of New Mexico (NM)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

La Bajada [Santa Fe County] (H)

La Belle [Taos County] (H)

La Bolsa [Rio Arriba County]

La Canada [Rio Arriba County] (H)

La Careda [Rio Arriba County]

La Cebolleta [Mora County] (H)

La Chuachia [Rio Arriba County]

La Cienaga [Rio Arriba County]

La Cienega [Santa Fe County]

La Cienega [Torrance County]

La Cinta [San Miguel County] (H)

La Constancia [Valencia County]

La Cordillera [Taos County]

La Cuesta [Bernalillo County]

La Cuestecita [Rio Arriba County]

La Cueva [Mora County]

La Cueva [Rio Arriba County] (H)

La Cueva [Santa Fe County]

La Fragua [San Miguel County]

La Garita [San Miguel County] (H)

La Gotera [Sandoval County]

La Huerta [Eddy County]
Other names:
Carlsbad North

La Jara [Mora County]

La Jara [Sandoval County]

La Joya [Santa Fe County]

La Joya [Socorro County]

La Joyita [Socorro County] (H)

La Junta [Rio Arriba County]

La Ladera [Valencia County]

La Lande [DeBaca County] (H)

La Liendre [San Miguel County] (H)

La Loma [Guadalupe County]

La Loma [Santa Fe County]

La Loma [Taos County]

La Luz [Dona Ana County   * Do?a Ana County]

La Luz [Otero County]

La Madera [Sandoval County]

La Manga [San Miguel County]

La Mesa [Dona Ana County   * Do?a Ana County]

La Mesa de San Marcial [Socorro County]

La Mesilla [Dona Ana County   * Do?a Ana County]

La Mesilla [Rio Arriba County]

La Parida [Socorro County] (H)

La Petra [Sierra County]

La Placita [Sandoval County]

La Placita [Taos County]

La Placita de los Garcias [Bernalillo County] (H)

La Plata [San Juan County]

La Puebla [Santa Fe County]

La Puente [Rio Arriba County] (H)

La Rinconada [Bernalillo County] (H)

La Salina [Torrance County]

La Smelta [Socorro County] (H)

La Union [Dona Ana County   * Do?a Ana County]

La Union Vieja [Dona Ana County   * Do?a Ana County]

La Ventana [Sandoval County] (H)

La Villita [Rio Arriba County]

LaMadera [Rio Arriba County]

LaVentana [Sandoval County]

Laborcita [Socorro County]

Lacy [Roosevelt County] (H)

Lacy Place [Santa Fe County]

Ladd [Colfax County] (H)

Lago [Rio Arriba County] (H)

Laguna [Cibola County]

Laguna [Valencia County]

Laguna Pueblo [Cibola County]

Lagunas [San Miguel County]

Lagunita [San Miguel County]

Lagunitas [Sandoval County]

Lake [Hidalgo County] (H)

Lake Arthur [Chaves County]

Lake Sumner [DeBaca County]

Lake Valley [San Juan County]

Lake Valley [Sierra County] (H)

Lake Van [Chaves County] (H)

Lakeview Pines [Colfax County]

Lakewood [Eddy County]

Lama [Taos County]

Lamance [Cibola County] (H)

Lamy [Santa Fe County]

Lanark [Dona Ana County   * Do?a Ana County] (H)

Langston [Roosevelt County] (H)

Langton [Curry County] (H)

Laplata [San Juan County]

Laplata PO [San Juan County]

Largo [DeBaca County]

Largo [Lincoln County]

Largo [San Juan County] (H)

Las Canas [Socorro County]

Las Cocinitas [Sandoval County] (H)

Las Colonias [Guadalupe County]

Las Colonias [Sandoval County]

Las Cruces [Dona Ana County   * Do?a Ana County]

Las Dispensas [San Miguel County]

Las Dos [Santa Fe County]

Las Huertas [Sandoval County]

Las Manuelas [Mora County] (H)

Las Maravillas [Valencia County]

Las Mochas [Taos County]

Las Nutrias [Rio Arriba County]

Las Nutrias [Socorro County]

Las Palas [Lincoln County] (H)

Las Palomas [Sierra County]

Las Placitas [Rio Arriba County]

Las Tablas [Rio Arriba County]

Las Trampas [Taos County]

Las Trampas Tract [Rio Arriba County]

Las Tusas [San Miguel County]

Las Vegas [San Miguel County]

Las Vegas Hot Springs [San Miguel County]

Las Vegas Town [San Miguel County]

Lauretta [Colfax County] (H)

Lava [Rio Arriba County] (H)

Lava [Socorro County]

Le Rue [Rio Arriba County] (H)

Lea [Lea County]

Leach [Roosevelt County] (H)

Leasburg [Dona Ana County   * Do?a Ana County] (H)

Ledoux [Mora County]

Lee Acres [Bernalillo County]

Lee Acres [San Juan County]

Legansville [Curry County] (H)

Lehew [Catron County]

Leighton [Colfax County]

Leighton [Union County] (H)

Leitendorf [Hidalgo County] (H)

Lemitar [Socorro County]

Leon [Harding County] (H)

Leon [McKinley County] (H)

Leoncito [Guadalupe County]

Leopold [Grant County] (H)

Lesbia [Quay County] (H)

Lesperance [San Miguel County]

Levee [San Juan County] (H)

Levy [Mora County]

Lewis [Curry County] (H)

Lewiston [Roosevelt County] (H)

Leyba [San Miguel County]

Liberty [Quay County] (H)

Liberty [San Juan County] (H)

Liberty [San Miguel County]

Limitar [Socorro County]

Lincoln [Lincoln County]

Linda Vista [Chaves County]

Lindrith [Rio Arriba County]

Lingo [Roosevelt County] (H)

Lisbon [Grant County]

Lisbon [Hidalgo County]

Liston [Chaves County] (H)

Little Walnut Village [Grant County]

Little Water [San Juan County]

Lizard [Dona Ana County   * Do?a Ana County]

Llano [Guadalupe County] (H)

Llano [Taos County]

Llano Del Medio [Guadalupe County]

Llano Largo [Taos County]

Llano Quemado [Taos County]

Llano Santa Barbara Tract [Taos County]

Llano Viejo [Guadalupe County]

Llaves [Rio Arriba County]

Lobato [Rio Arriba County] (H)

Lobo [Taos County] (H)


Loco Hills [Eddy County]

Locust Grove [DeBaca County] (H)

Logan [Quay County]

Logville [Socorro County] (H)

Loma Parda [Mora County] (H)

Lon [Lincoln County] (H)

Lone Pine [Socorro County] (H)

Lone Wolf [Chaves County]

Longs [Roosevelt County] (H)

Longwell [Otero County] (H)

Lookout [Eddy County] (H)

Lookout Crossing [Eddy County]

Lordsburg [Grant County]

Lordsburg [Hidalgo County]

Loretta [Colfax County] (H)

Los Alamos [Los Alamos County]

Los Alamos [San Miguel County]

Los Amoles [Dona Ana County   * Do?a Ana County] (H)

Los Arboles [Rio Arriba County] (H)

Los Candelarias [Bernalillo County]

Los Cerrillos [Santa Fe County]
Other names:

Los Cerros [Bernalillo County] (H)

Los Chavez [Torrance County]

Los Chavez [Valencia County]

Los Cisneros [Mora County]

Los Cocas [Mora County]

Los Cordovas [Taos County]

Los Duranes [Bernalillo County]

Los Espinosas [Rio Arriba County]

Los Febres [Mora County]

Los Gabaldones [Valencia County]

Los Griegos [Bernalillo County]

Los Huerros [Mora County]

Los LeFebres [Mora County]

Los Lentes [Valencia County]

Los Luceros [Rio Arriba County]

Los Lunas [Valencia County]

Los Marias [Santa Fe County]

Los Medinas [Mora County]

Los Montoyas [San Miguel County]

Los Ojitos [Dona Ana County   * Do?a Ana County] (H)

Los Ojitos [Guadalupe County]

Los Ojos [Rio Arriba County]

Los Pachecos [Rio Arriba County]

Los Padillas [Bernalillo County]

Los Pastores [Sandoval County]

Los Pinos [Bernalillo County] (H)

Los Pinos [Rio Arriba County]

Los Ranchitos [Guadalupe County]

Los Ranchos [Bernalillo County]

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque [Bernalillo County]

Los Tanos [Guadalupe County]

Los Tenajas [Luna County]

Los Tomases [Bernalillo County] (H)

Los Torreones [Socorro County] (H)

Los Trigos [San Miguel County]

Los Trujillos [Valencia County]

Los Trujillos - Gabaldon [Valencia County]

Los Vigiles [San Miguel County]

Lost Lodge [Otero County]

Louis [Lea County] (H)

Lourdes [San Miguel County]

Lovato [San Miguel County]

Lovelace [Lincoln County]

Lovett [Hidalgo County]

Loving [Eddy County]

Loving Place [Chaves County]

Lovington [Lea County]

Lower Canones [Rio Arriba County]

Lower Colonias [San Miguel County]

Lower La Posada [San Miguel County]

Lower Lovett Place [Hidalgo County]

Lower Nutria [McKinley County]

Lower Penasco [Chaves County] (H)

Lower Penasco [Lincoln County]

Lower Pueblo [San Miguel County]

Lower Ranchito [Taos County]

Lower Rociada [San Miguel County]

Lower San Francisco Plaza [Catron County]

Loyd [Quay County] (H)

Lucas [Harding County] (H)

Lucero [Mora County]

Lucero [San Miguel County]

Lucero Place [San Juan County]

Lucille [Quay County] (H)

Lucky [Roosevelt County] (H)

Lucy [Torrance County]

Luis Lopez [Socorro County]

Lumberton [Rio Arriba County]

Lumbre [Rio Arriba County] (H)

Luna [Catron County]

Luna [Lincoln County]

Lybrook [Rio Arriba County]

Lyden [Rio Arriba County]

Lykins [Roosevelt County] (H)

Lynch [Lea County] (H)

Lynn [Colfax County] (H)


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