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A Gazetteer for the United States and Canada
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The Communities of
California (CA)


Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 C-RoadCarltonChinese CampConcow
  - Imperial CountyChinits (H)Condemned Bar (H)
 Caacat (H)- Orange CountyChinoConejo
   Chino HillsConejo Valley
 CabazonCarmelChinowths CornerConejos (H)
 - Riverside CountyCarmel HighlandsChippsConfederate Corners
 - San Diego CountyCarmel HillsChiquitaConfidence
  Carmel PointChiriaco SummitConiston
 Cabeza De Santa RosaCarmel Valley Conley (H)
 Cabin CoveCarmel Valley ManorChittendenConner
 CableCarmel Valley Village- San Benito CountyConvict Lake
 CabrilloCarmel Woods- Santa Cruz CountyCooks Valley
 Cabrillo VillageCarmel-by-the-Sea Cool
 Cache CreekCarmen CityChloride City (H)Cool Water
 CachumaCarmenitaChokishgna (H)Cooley Landing
 Cachuma VillageCarmetChokuyem (H)Coolgardie (H)
  Carmichael Coolidge Springs
 - Imperial CountyCarne Humana- Monterey CountyCoombs
 - San Diego CountyCarnegie (H)- San Luis Obispo County- Butte County
  Carnelian Bay - Yuba County (H)
 CadenassoCarnelian HeightsChollas Valley- Lake County
 CadillacCarneros (H)Chollas View- Monterey County
 CadizCarpenterCholosas (H) 
 CadwellCarpenter PlaceCholosoc (H)Cooperstown
 CahtoCarpenteriaChomchadila (H) 
 Cahuenga (H)CarpinteriaChoromi (H)Copco
  Carquinez HeightsChorro- Modoc County
 CahuillaCarrChosho (H)- Siskiyou County
 - Riverside CountyCarrickChowchilla 
 - San Diego CountyCarrick AdditionChowcillaCopic
  CarrigersChowigna (H)Copley
 Cain RockCarriso GorgeChrismanCopnley
 Cairns CornerCarrvilleChristieCopper City
 Cajats (H)CarsonChristie Spur- Glenn County
  Carson Hill (H)Christine- San Bernardino County
 - San Bernardino CountyCartersChromiteCopperopolis
 - San Diego County (H)Carthay Circle Coppervale
  Carthay SquareChrysopolisCopple Place
 Cajon JunctionCaruthers- Inyo County (H)Coram
 Cajpilili (H) - Mono County (H)Corbin Village
 Cal-IdaCasa Blanca Corcoran
 Calabasas- Riverside CountyChualarCordelia
 Calabasas Highlands- San Bernardino CountyChubbuckCordelia Junction
 Calabasas Hills Chula VistaCordero
 Calabasas ParkCasa CorreoChula Vista JunctionCordero Junction
 CaladaCasa Diablo (H)Chulam (H)Cordova
 Calaveras Chumawi (H)Cordua Bar (H)
 CalaveritasCasa LomaChumpache (H)Cornelian
 Calavo Gardens- Placer CountyChupcan (H)Cornelius (H)
 Calders Corner- Riverside CountyChupmni (H) 
 Caldor Churntown (H)Cornell
 Caldors CornerCasa de Oro-Mount HelixChwaiyok (H)- Los Angeles County
 Caldwell (H)Casalic (H) - Modoc County
 Caldwell Pines Cicacut (H) 
 Caleb (H)CascadeCicero (H)Cornwall
 Calexico- Placer CountyCienegaCornwell (H)
 Calexico Lodge- Plumas CountyCienega De Los PaicinesCoromar
 Calfa Cienega Del Gabilan 
 CalflaxCascadel WoodsCienega O Paso De La TijeraCorona
 CalgroCascel (H)Cima- Riverside County
  Casey CornerCimarron- Sonoma County (H)
 CalicoCashmereCimarron Estates 
 - Kern CountyCasinoCincoCoronado
 - San Bernardino County (H)Casitas SpringsCincottaCoronado Brick Yards
  CaslamayomiCincut (H)Coronado Ferry
 Caliente SandsCasmaliaCinnabar Springs (H)Coronado Heights (H)
 Califa (H)Casnahacmo (H)CiscoCoronet
 California CityCasparCisco GroveCoronita
 California HeightsCasselCitroCorporal
 California Hot SpringsCastacCitro JunctionCorral (H)
 California House (H)CastaicCitronaCorral De Piedra
 California PinesCastaic Junction Corral De Quati
 California ValleyCastellaCitrus 
 CalimesaCastellammare- Inyo CountyCorral De Tierra
 Calipatria - Los Angeles County- San Mateo County
 CalistogaCastle- Sacramento County- Monterey County
 Calkin- Merced County  
 Calkins (H)- San Joaquin CountyCitrus ViewCorriganville
 Calla City RanchCorte De Madera Del Presidio
 CallahanCastle CraigCity TerraceCorte Madera
 Callahan's RanchCastle GardensCity of CommerceCorte Madera De Novato
 CalleguasCastle ParkCity of IndustryCortena
 CallenderCastle Park-OtayCiyuktun (H)Cortez
 CalnevaCastle Rock Springs Cory
 CalpellaCastro CityClair Camp (H)Coso Junction
 CalpineCastro ValleyClairemontCosoy (H)
 Calvada (H)CastrovilleClam BeachCosta Mesa
 Calvada SpringsCastyClaraville (H)Cosumne
 CalvilleCasunalmo (H)Clare MillCosumnes
 CalwaCaswellClaremontCosy Dell
 Camanche (H)CatalinaClaribelCota
 Camanche LakeCathayClark SummitCotate
 Camanche VillageCathedral CityClarksburgCotati
 CamarilloCatheys ValleyClarksonCothrin
 Camarillo HeightsCatlettClarksonaCotners Corner
 Cambio (H)Cave CityClarksvilleCoto de Caza
 Cambodia TownCavinClarsonaCottage Corners
 Cambria PinesCayeguas (H)ClausseniusCottage Gardens
 Cambrian ParkCayleyClay- San Bernardino County
 Cambrian VillageCaymus (H) - Stanislaus County
 Cambridge OaksCaytonClayton 
  Cayucos- Contra Costa CountyCottage Springs
 CamdenCazadero- Los Angeles County (H)Cotton Center
 - Fresno County - Placer County 
 - Sacramento CountyCecile- Butte CountyCottonwood
  Cecilville- Lassen County- San Bernardino County
 Camellia StationCedar- Siskiyou County- Shasta County
 Camelot Hills  - Yolo County
 CameoCedar CrestClear Lake 
 Cameo Acres- Fresno CountyClear Lake KeysCottonwood Estates
  - Nevada CountyClear Lake RivieraCougar
 Cameron Clearing HouseCoulterville
 - Kern CountyCedar FlatClearlakeCounsman
 - Mendocino CountyCedar GlenClearlake HighlandsCountry Club
   Clearlake OaksCountry Club Park
 Cameron CornersCedar GroveClearlake ParkCountry Manor Estates
 Cameron Creek Colony- El Dorado CountyClearwaterCountry Road Estates
 Cameron Park- Fresno CountyClement JunctionCountry Villa Estates
 Camino ClementsCourtland
 Camino AltaCedar Pines VistaClems (H)Coutolenc
 Camino Heights CleoneCovelo
 Camp AngelusCedar RidgeCliff HavenCovina
 Camp Badger- Nevada CountyCliffsideCovington Mill
 Camp Bartlett- Tuolumne County Cow Creek
 Camp Connell CliftonCowan Heights
 Camp EarnestCedar Slope- Fresno CountyCowell
 Camp Eighteen - Los Angeles CountyCowles
 Camp EversCedar Springs  
 Camp Grant- Los Angeles CountyClintCox
 Camp Irwin- San Bernardino County (H)Clinter- Riverside County
 Camp Kaweah  - Sierra County (H)
 Camp KlamathCedar VistaClinton 
 Camp MeekerCedarbrook- Alameda County (H)Coycoy (H)
 Camp MendocinoCedarpines Park- Amador County (H)Coyote
 Camp NelsonCedarville- Mono CountyCoyote Lake (H)
 Camp OwensCedarville Rancheria Coyote Valley Rancheria (H)
 Camp PardeeCellaClipper GapCoyote Wells
 Camp Pendleton NorthCement (H)Clipper MillsCoyoteville
 Camp Pendleton SouthCemetaryClippergapCozzens
  CenedaClothoCozzens Corner
 Camp PendolaCentervilleCloudman 
 - Tuolumne County Clover FlatCrabtree
 - Yuba County (H)Centerville Crabtree Place
  - Alpine County (H)CloverdaleCrackerjack (H)
 Camp Richardson- Butte County- Shasta CountyCraf
 Camp Rodgers- Fresno County- Sonoma CountyCrafton
 Camp Rose- Humboldt County (H) Cragmont
 Camp Sabrina- Shasta CountyClyde 
 Camp Sierra- Sierra County (H)- Contra Costa CountyCraig
 Camp Spaulding - Imperial County- Butte County (H)
 Camp TamarackCentinela- San Joaquin County- Modoc County
 Camp TaylorCentral  
 Camp ThayerCentral CampCoachellaCranmore
 Camp WishonCentral HouseCoalingaCrannell (H)
 CampanaCentral ValleyCoarse Gold GulchCrater (H)
  CentraliaCoarsegoldCray Mill
 CampbellCentreCoast (H)Crayold
 - Modoc CountyCentrevilleCobbCreal
 - Santa Clara CountyCentury CityCobbleCreed
 Campbell VillageCerritosCochrane 
 CampbellvilleCerroCockatoo GroveCreekside
 CamphoraCerro Gordo (H)Coddingtown- Monterey County
 CampoCerro Villa HeightsCodora- San Bernardino County
 Campo De Los Franceses Codora Four Corners 
 Campo Indian ReservationChabot TerraceCodornizCrenshaw-Imperial
 Campo SecoChaffeeCoffeeCrescent City
 - Calaveras CountyChalfant ValleyCoffee CreekCrescent City North
 - Tuolumne CountyChalk Bank LandingCoffingCrescent Mills
  ChallengeCohalaCrescent North
 CamptonvilleChallenge-BrownsvilleCohassetCrescent Park
 CamulosChalumu (H)Cojuat (H)Crescent Ridge Village
 CanaChamberlands EstatesColache TownCressey
 Canada De CapayChambers LodgeCold Fork 
 Canada De Guadalupe Visitacion Y Rodeo VieChamblessCold Spring (H)Crest
 Canada De Guadalupe Y Rodeo ViejoChampagne - Lassen County
 Canada De HerreraChampagne FountainCold Springs- San Diego County
 Canada De JoniveChampion (H)- El Dorado County 
 Canada De La Segunda - Tuolumne CountyCrest Park
 Canada De Los AlisosChandler Cresta
 Canada De Los Capitancillos- Los Angeles County (H)ColeCrestline
 Canada De Los Coches- Sutter County (H)- Los Angeles County 
 Canada De Los Nogales - Siskiyou CountyCrestmore
 Canada De Los Osos Y Pecho Y IslayChanech (H) - Riverside County
 Canada De Los Pinos Or College RanchoChaney RanchColeman- San Bernardino County
 Canada De Los VaquerosChannel IslandsColeridge 
 Canada De PalaChannel Islands BeachColevilleCreston
 Canada De PogolimiChaparral HeightsColfax- Napa County
 Canada De Raymundo Colfax Spring- San Luis Obispo County
 Canada De SalsipuedesChapmanColima 
 Canada De San Felipe Y Las Animas- Los Angeles CountyColina VistaCrittendon (H)
 Canada De San Miguelito- Marin CountyCollayomiCrocker Highlands
 Canada De San Vicente Y Mesa Del Padre Barona College CityCrocker Place
 Canada De Verde Y Arroyo De La PurisimaChapmantownCollege GardensCrockett
 Canada Del Corte De MaderaChapparralCollege Grove CenterCroft
 Canada Del Hambre Y Las BolsasChappo Crolona Heights
 Canada Del Rincon En El Rio San Lorenzo De Santa CruzCharleston (H)College HeightsCromberg
 Canada Larga o VerdeCharleston Gardens- Kern CountyCrome
 Canada de la CarpenteriaCharleston Meadows- San Bernardino CountyCromir
 Canada del CorralCharter Oak- San Diego CountyCronese Valley
 Canal RanchChase- Santa Cruz CountyCronise (H)
 CanbyChases (H)- Santa Clara CountyCross Creek
 Canby CrossChat- Ventura CountyCross Roads
 CandanassaChats (H) Crow (H)
 Canebrake (H)ChatsworthCollege Terrace 
 Canet (H)Chatsworth Lake ManorCollegevilleCrowley
 Cannery RowChawanakeeCollier- Mendocino County
 CannonCheesevilleCollier- Tulare County
 Canoga AnnexChemeketa ParkCollierville 
 Canoga ParkChemung Mine (H) Crown
 Canon Del Santa AnaChemurgicCollinsCrown Jewel
 Canon Siding - Fresno County (H)Crown Point
 Cantara (H)Cherokee- Napa CountyCrown Village
 Cantil- Butte County (H)- San Bernardino County (H)Crows Landing
 Cantna- Nevada County Crucero
 Canton (H)- San Joaquin CountyColmaCruessville
 Cantrall Mill- Tuolumne CountyColma StationCrutcher
 Cantua Creek Coloc (H)Crystal Cove
  Cherry (H)ColomaCrystal Falls
 CanyonCherry Creek AcresColonia IndependenciaCrystal Lake
 - Alameda CountyCherry ValleyColonia JuarezCrystal Springs (H)
 - Contra Costa CountyCherrylandColonia ManzanillaCrystalaire
 - El Dorado County (H)ChesterColonial 
  ChestertonColonial AcresCuba (H)
 Canyon City Colonial HeightsCubbler Place
 Canyon CountryChestnutColonial HeightsCuca
 Canyon Crest- San Mateo CountyColonial Juarez 
 Canyon Crest Heights- Shasta CountyColoradoCucamonga
 Canyon Lake Colton- Los Angeles County (H)
 Canyon ViewChiantiColumbia- San Bernardino County
 CanyondamChicago ParkColumbia Park- Los Angeles County
  Chicken Ranch RancheriaColumbia Village- San Diego County
 - Glenn CountyChico NorthColusaCuesta Oaks
 - Yolo CountyChico Vecino Cuesta Serena
 - Alpine CountyChico WestColusa JunctionCuesta-by-the-Sea
 - Mendocino CountyChihucchihui (H)- Colusa CountyCuffeys Cove (H)
 - Placer CountyChilcoot- Sutter CountyCulp
  Chilcoot-Vinton Culver City
 Cape Horn MillsChilds MeadowsColyerCulver Garden
 Capell Combie CrossingCulver Junction
 Capistrano- Napa CountyCommerceCummings
 Capistrano Beach- Yolo CountyCommonwealth- El Dorado County
 Capistrano Highlands Community Center- Mendocino County
 Capital HillChimilesComo 
 CapitanChina Camp (H)ComptcheCuneo (H)
 Capitan Grande (H) ComptonCunningham
 CapitolaChina FlatComstock AcresCupertino
 Capps Crossing- Humboldt CountyComstock RanchCurlew
 Car A- San Joaquin County (H)ConantCurry Village
 Carbon Conaway 
 Carbon CanyonChina Lake Curtis
 CarbonaChina Lake AcresConcepcion- Siskiyou County
   - Imperial County (H)- Yolo County
 CarbondaleChinatown- Santa Barbara County 
 - Amador County (H)- Alameda County Curtiss Heights
 - Orange County (H)- Amador County (H) Curtner
  - Mono County (H) Cushenbury
 Cardiff- San Francisco County Cushing
 Cardiff-by-the-Sea- Santa Clara County (H) Custom House
 Cardwell  Cutler
 Carey  Cutten
 Caribou  Cuttings Wharf
 Carlotta  Cuyama
 Carlsbad  Cuyamaca (H)
    Cuyamus (H)
    Cypress Grove
    - Los Angeles County
    - Marin County
    Cypress Park
    - Los Angeles County
    - Monterey County


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