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The Communities of
Alabama (AL)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 RabbRehobethRiverviewRolling Acres
 Rabbit Creek EstatesRehoboth- Chambers County- Coffee County
 Rabbit TownReid- Escambia County- Mobile County
  Reid Settlement- Morgan County (H)- Montgomery County
 RabbittownReid's- Tuscaloosa County- Jefferson County
 - Calhoun CountyReilly Field - Montgomery County
 - Winston CountyRembertRiverwood- Morgan County
  Remlap - Russell County
 RadfordRenfroeRoanoke JunctionRolling Meadows
 Ragan ChapelRenfroe ValleyRobaRolling Ridge
 Ragan'sRenoRobbinsRolling Woods
 RaglandRensonRobbins CrossroadsRollingwood
 RahatchieRentz FerryRoberson Beach 
 Raif BranchRepRobertaRollins
 RaimundReptonRoberts- Autauga County
 RainbowRepublicRoberts Crossroads- Chambers County
 Rainbow CityRescuevilleRobertsdale- Etowah County (H)
 Rainbow Gap EstatesReserve  
 Rainbow Mountain HeightsReston PlaceRobertsonRome
 Rains (H)Reuben- Lauderdale County (H)Romine
 RainsvilleReubenville- Lawrence CountyRomulus
 Raintree Country  Romulus Acres
 RaleighReynoldsRobinson CrossroadsRonald
 Raley Forest Hill- Bullock County- Crenshaw CountyRoosevelt
 Ralph- Dallas County- Montgomery CountyRoosevelt City
 Ramada Estates- Lawrence County Roosevelt-Cairo Village
 Ramah Robinson SpringsRoper
 Ramblewood ShoresRhea (H)RobinsonsRorex (H)
  Rhoades Rosalie
 - Etowah CountyRhodes Ferry- Jefferson County 
 - Sumter CountyRhodesville- Mobile CountyRose Hill
  Rhump - Covington County
 Ranchette Estates Rocbridge- Elmore County
 RandallRiceRock Castle- Jefferson County
 Randolph- Jefferson County  
 Range- Marshall CountyRock CityRoseberry
 Rash - Jackson CountyRoseboro
 RatRichards- Marion CountyRosebud
 Rawlingsville (H)Richards Crossroads- Colbert CountyRosedale
 Rawls - Escambia CountyRosedale
  Richardson- Jefferson CountyRosedale Courts
 Ray- Cherokee County- Winston CountyRosehill
 - Baldwin County- Washington County Roselawn
 - Coosa County Rock FenceRoselle
  RicheytownRock Hill 
 RaynerRichlandRock HouseRosemary
 RaynesRichmondRock Inn Estates- Cleburne County
 Rays CrossroadsRichmond HillsRock Mills- Hale County
 RazburghRichmond PlaceRock Ridge- Montgomery County
  RichtownRock Run 
 ReadersRichvilleRock Run StationRosemont
 ReadsRickeyRock Spring- Greene County
 Reads MillRicks (H)Rock Spring Quarry- Jefferson County
 Ready CrossingRiddle  
 ReavesRideout VillageRock SpringsRosewood
 Red Apple (H)Riderville- Blount CountyRosinton
 Red BankRiderwood- Choctaw CountyRoss Ford
 Red Bay - Clarke CountyRoss Heights
  Ridge- Etowah CountyRosser
 Red Bud- Fayette County- Wilcox CountyRossland City
 - Washington County- Greene County Roswell
   RockawayRound Mountain
 Red EagleRidgecrestRockcastle (H)Roundhill
 Red Gap Junction- Jefferson CountyRockcutRover
  - Montgomery County Rowell's
 Red Hill RockdaleRowells Crossroads
 - Blount CountyRidgeland- Jefferson CountyRowes Ferry
 - Elmore County - Randolph CountyRowland
 - Marshall CountyRidgeville  
  - Butler CountyRockey HeadRoxana
 Red Level- Etowah CountyRockford- Chambers County
 - Chambers County- Jefferson CountyRockhouse Landing- Lee County
 - Covington County- Madison CountyRockledge- Montgomery County
 - Montgomery County- Pike CountyRockville 
 - Covington County RockwestRoy Webb
 - Monroe CountyRidgewood VillageRockwoodRoyal
  Ridgway MillRocky BranchRoyal City
 Red RockRidleys FerryRocky BridgeRoyal Oaks
 - Colbert CountyRigdomRocky BrookRoyal Pines
 - Walker CountyRileyRocky FordRoyse (H)
  Riley'sRocky Head 
 Red SpringsRinggoldRocky Hill (H)Ruby
 Red StarRipleyRocky Hollow- Cullman County
 Red WineRisers - Walker County (H)
   Rocky Mount 
 RedbudRiver Bend- Chilton CountyRudders Ferry
 - Etowah County- Bibb County- Clay CountyRuddick
  - Cullman County Ruffner
 Redding- Tallapoosa County (H)Rocky RidgeRugby Highlands
 Reddock Springs - Jefferson CountyRunning Brook
 Redland BluffsRiver Hill- Marshall CountyRunnville
 Redland HeightsRiver Oaks- Talladega CountyRural
 Redmont ParkRiver Park Russell
 Redstone Arsenal Rocky SpringsRussell Ferry Estates
 Redstone ParkRiver RidgeRocky Top EstatesRussell Heights
 Redtown- Monroe County (H)RodentownRussell Hill
 Reece City- Pike CountyRodgersRussell Mill
 Reedbrake (H) RodneyRussell Village
 Reeder's MillRiver ViewRoe LandingRussellville
 Reeds FerryRiverbend Russet Woods
 Reeltown - Jefferson CountyRuth
 ReeseRiverdale- Shelby CountyRutherford
 Reese Ferry- DeKalb County Ruthven
 Reeses Spur- Tuscaloosa CountyRoebuck Forest 
 Reeseville Roebuck GardensRutledge
 ReevesRiverland EstatesRoebuck Park- Crenshaw County
 Reform Roebuck Plaza- Jefferson County
 RefugeRivermontRoebuck Springs- Jefferson County
 Refunge- Colbert CountyRoebuck Terrace- Madison County
  - Lauderdale CountyRoeton 
 Regency- Tuscaloosa CountyRogersRutthven
 - Lauderdale County- Blount CountyRogersville 
 - Mobile County- Cullman CountyRolandRyan
  - Etowah County Ryan Crossroads
 Regency Heights- Saint Clair County Ryland
 Regency Park  Ryland Acres
  Riverside Estates  
 Regent ForestRiverton  
 - Jefferson CountyRiverton Ferry  
 - Madison County