The Communities of
Alabama (AL)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

WacoWest PointWilliamston (H)
Wacoochee- Calhoun CountyWilliamstown
Wacoochee Valley- Cullman CountyWillingham Estates
Waddell- Morgan CountyWillinghams Ferry
Wadley Willinghams Traps (H)
WadsworthWest PrattWillmay
Wadsworths Old Ferry Willow
WagarWest Ridge 
Wagarville- Jefferson CountyWillow Bend
Wagnon Ferry- Lee County- Coffee County
Wahl - Madison County
WahoumaWest Sayre 
WainwrightWest SelmontWillow Creek Farms
Wait Ferry Willow Glen
Waits MillWest SideWillow Grove Estates
Walco- Jefferson CountyWillow Hills Estates
Wald- Montgomery CountyWillow Point
Walden Pond Estates Willow Springs
Walden QuartersWest Wellington 
WaldrepWestbrook Trace- Autauga County
Walker (H)Westbury- Madison County
Walker ChapelWestchester Estates 
Walker Chapel Spring Willowbrook Estates
Walker Crossing (H)Western HillsWills (H)
Walker Ferry- Mobile CountyWills Crossroads
Walker Mill Ford- Montgomery CountyWills Valley
Walker Springs- Tuscaloosa CountyWillstown (H)
Walker Woods- Madison CountyWilmer
Walkers Corner- Tuscaloosa CountyWilmington
Wall FerryWestern PlainsWilson
Wall Street - Escambia County
WallaceWestfield- Lauderdale County
Wallace Ferry- Jefferson County- Washington County
Walley- Tallapoosa County 
Walling Wilson Bend
WallsboroWestgateWilson Dam
WallsburgWesthillWilson Heights
WallstonWestlakeWilson Lake Shores
WallstownWestlandWilson Quarters
 WestlawnWilson Ridge
Walnut Grove Wilsonia
- Etowah CountyWestmorelandWilsons (H)
- Jefferson County- Lauderdale County (H)Wilsonville
- Madison County- Limestone CountyWilton
- Limestone County Wimbly
- Tallapoosa CountyWestmoreland FerryWinburn
  Wind Creek Farms
Walnut ParkWeston 
Walsh- Henry CountyWindcrest
Walter- Marion County- Lauderdale County
Wannamaker - Mobile County
WardWestsideWindham Springs
- Chambers County Windmill Hills
- Sumter CountyWestviewWindover
 - Pike CountyWindsong Island
Ward Acres- Tuscaloosa CountyWindsor Drive
Wards Mill Windsor Forest
 Westview GardensWindsor Heights
WareWestwoodWindsor Highlands
- Elmore CountyWestwood Garden EstatesWindsor Manor
- Jefferson CountyWetumpkaWindway
Ware Ferry Wine Ridge
WareingwoodWhaley FerryWinetka
Warm SpringsWhatleyWing
Warner (H)Whatley Cross RoadWingard
WarrentonWheelerWinn Crossroads
- Dallas County- Jefferson CountyWinninger
- Marshall County- Lawrence County 
Warrenton EstatesWheeler Dam Village- Autauga County
WarriorWheeler Station- Limestone County
Warrior Heights  
WarriorstandWheelervilleWinston Springs
Warsaw- Clay CountyWinterboro
Warsaw Ferry- Mobile CountyWinters Ferry
Warwick (H) Winthrop Square
Washington FerryWheelingWinton
Washington HeightsWheeling CrossroadWiregrass Hills
Washington HillWhipporwill EstatesWisdom Ferry
 Whispering HillsWise
Washington ParkWhispering OaksWisteria Commons
- Colbert CountyWhispering Pines 
- Montgomery CountyWhistlerWolf Creek
 Whitaker (H)Wolf Springs
Washington SquareWhiteWolftown
Water Valley Womack (H)
WaterfordWhite CityWomack Hill
Waterhouse- Autauga CountyWood Estates
Waterloo- Cullman CountyWood Ferry
Waterloo Springs Wood Manor
WateroakWhite CloudWood Ridge
WatfordWhite CrossroadsWood Village
WatkinsWhite HallWood Villas
Watkins GlenWhite House SpringsWoodaire Estates
Watoola Woodale
Watseka (H)White OakWoodall Place
 - Barbour CountyWoodbluff
Watson- Franklin CountyWoodcrest
- Cherokee County- Henry CountyWoodcrest Estates
- Jefferson County- Marshall County 
WatsoniaWhite Oak Springs- Coffee County
WatsonvilleWhite Oaks- Shelby County
Watts CrossroadsWhite PlainsWooded Acres
Watts Mill- Calhoun CountyWoodfield
Wattsville- Chambers CountyWoodfin Mill
WaverlyWhite PondWoodford
WawbeekWhite Signboard Crossroad- Shelby County
WayneWhite Water- Sumter County
- Calhoun CountyWhitehouse Forks 
- Fayette CountyWhiteoakWoodland
 Whites Bluff- Lauderdale County
Weatherly Heights - Lee County
WeathersWhites Chapel- Macon County
Weaver- Etowah County- Randolph County
Weaver's Station- Saint Clair County 
Webb- Jackson CountyWoodland Forest
Webb Addition- Sumter CountyWoodland Heights
Webster (H)  
Webster ChapelWhites GapWoodland Hills
WedgeworthWhitesboro- Lee County
WedgworthWhitesburg- Montgomery County
WedoweeWhitesburg Estates- Pike County
WeedWhitesburg Ferry- Shelby County
Weed CrossroadWhiteside- Tuscaloosa County
Weeden HeightsWhitesides Mill 
WeeksWhitesvilleWoodland Landing (H)
Weems Woodland Mills
Weeping OaksWhitfield 
Wegra- Limestone CountyWoodland Park
Wehadkee- Sumter County- Calhoun County
Weiss Dam - Tuscaloosa County
Welch FerryWhitneyWoodland Pines
WeldonWhitney JunctionWoodland Terrace
WelkaWhitonWoodland Village
WellbornWhitsetts Ferry 
Wellborne FerryWhitsittWoodlawn
WellerWhitson- Jefferson County
WellingtonWho'd A Thought It- Lauderdale County
Wellington ParkWhorton- Colbert County
Wells Ford - Franklin County
WelonaWicksburg- Jefferson County
WeltiWidows Creek StationWoodlawn Junction
Wendy WoodWigginsvilleWoodley East Estates
WenonahWigintonWoodley Meadows
Wensa PlaceWilburnWoodley Park
WeokaWildcat Landing 
Weoka MillsWilderness GardenWoodmont
Wesley - Jefferson County
WesodaWildwood- Saint Clair County
Wessington- Montgomery County- Tuscaloosa County
West- Randolph County 
West Alexandria Woodridge
West AnnistonWildwood HeightsWoodruff (H)
West BendWildwood ShoresWoods Bluff
West Birmingham Woods Ferry
West BloctonWileyWoodstock
West Boylston- Montgomery CountyWoodstock Junction
West Butler- Pike CountyWoodsvale
West Calera- Tuscaloosa CountyWoodville
West Centreville  
West CircleWilhitesWoodward
West CoronaWilkes- Calhoun County
West DecaturWilkes Park- Jefferson County
West End Woodward Estates
- Calhoun CountyWilliamsWoodward Junction
- Jefferson County- Etowah CountyWoodward Red Ore
- Montgomery County- Houston CountyWoody Acres
 - Sumter CountyWooley Springs (H)
West End Anniston  
West End-Cobb TownWilliams FerryWoolfolk
West EnsleyWilliams Heights- Pike County
West FairfieldWilliams' Station- Talladega County
West Greene  
West HavenWilliamsburgWooten
West Highlands- Jefferson CountyWootens (H)
West Hill- Marengo County (H)Worthy
West Huntsville  
West Jefferson Wren
West Lake Highlands Wright
West Mobile Wright Crossroads
West Monroeville Wrights Landing