The Communities of
Alabama (AL)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

Cadillac Estates- Madison County- Blount County
Cadle- Shelby County- Clay County
Caffee Junction - Fayette County
Cahaba CliffsChepultepec- Jefferson County
Cahaba CommonsCherokee- Lawrence County
Cahaba CoveCherokee Acres- Randolph County
Cahaba CrestCherokee Beach 
Cahaba HeightsCherokee BendConcrete
Cahaba HillsCherokee BluffsConde
Cahaba LandingCherokee Brook EstatesConecuh River
Cahaba Oaks Confederate Estates
Cahaba River EstatesCherokee EstatesConfederate Hill Estates
Cahaba Valley Estates- Elmore CountyConfluence
Cahaba Village- Jefferson CountyCongo
Cahawba (H) Conifer
 Cherokee ForestConnellsville
Cain Landing Connellsville Mines
CairoCherokee HillsConner Estates
Calcis- Madison CountyConsul
Caldwell- Tuscaloosa CountyContwell
Caldwell Ferry Conway
CalebeeCherokee ShoresCook's Springs
CaledoniaCherokee VillageCook's Stand
CaleraCherry Brook Estates 
CalhounCherry CreekCooks
CallahanCherry DaleCooks Crossroads
CalumetCherry GroveCool Springs
CalvaryCherrytreeCooley Crossroads
CalvertCherrywoodCoon Creek
Camak Mills (H)ChessonCooper
CambridgeChestangCoopers Mill
Cambridge EstatesChester 
CamdenChesterfieldCoosa Court
Camden JunctionChesterfield EstatesCoosa Pines
Camden Place Coosa River
Camellia ParkChestnutCoosa Valley
 Chestnut Glen 
CamelotChestnut GroveCoosada
Camelot PlateauChestnut HillCoosada Station
Camelot WoodsChestnut RidgeCoosadas (H)
CameronsvilleChewacla- Limestone County
Camile TerraceChewalla- Washington County
Camp Branch Copeland Bridge
Camp GroundChickasawCopeland Ferry
Camp Hill- Colbert County (H)Copeland Gap
Camp Horne- Mobile CountyCopenhagen (H)
Camp Oliver- Walker CountyCoplin (H)
Camp Spring (H) Copper Mines
Camp's MillsChickasaw CrossingCopper Springs
 Chickasaw EstatesCoppinville
CampbellChickasaw HeightsCorbett (H)
- Chilton CountyChickasaw Terrace 
- Clarke CountyChicoCorbin
- Limestone County Corbinville
 Chigger Hill 
Campbell MillChigger Ridge (H)Corcoran
Campbell Settlement (H) Cordell (H)
Campbell SpringsChildersburgCordova
 Chiles FerryCorduroy
Campbells Crossroads Corinne (H)
Campbells LandingChilton 
 - Chilton CountyCorinth
Campbellville- Clarke County- Bullock County
Campground - Clay County
 Chimney Hills- Cullman County
CanaanChimney Springs- Randolph County
- Lamar County - Walker County
- Lauderdale County (H)China 
- Montgomery CountyChina GroveCormick
Candlelight TerraceChinnCorner
Candlewood Cornerstone
Candlewood LakesChinnabeeCornhouse
Cane- Calhoun County (H)Cornwall
 - Talladega CountyCornwall Furnace
Cane Creek Corona
- Bibb County (H)ChinnebyCoronado Estates
- Calhoun County (H)ChiscaCorrie (H)
- Jefferson CountyChisholmCorry's
 Chisholm HillsCortelyou
CanebrakeChismCorum (H)
CanoeChoccoloccoCospers Bend
Canoe StationChoccolocco EstatesCoss Ferry
Cantebury HeightsChoctaw 
Cantelous Costa (H)
Cantelous SpurChoctaw BluffCostilla (H)
CanterberyChoctaw CityCotaco
CanterburyChoctaw CornerCotaco Ferry
Canterbury HeightsChoctaw HillsCotnam
Canton BendChoctawhatcheeCotohaga Beat
CantyChoctow CornerCottage Grove
Canyon LakesCholocco Litabixee 
Cape ChoccoloccoChosea SpringsCottage Hill
Capell - Jefferson County
Caperton FerryChristiana- Mobile County
Capitol HeightsChristmas Landing- Saint Clair County
Capri IslandsChub HillCottage Hill Estates
CapshawChulafinneeCottage Park Estates
Capstone CourtChulavistaCotton
 ChumleyCotton Hill
CararaChunchulaCotton Ridge
Carbon HillChunnenuggeeCotton Valley
Card SwitchChurch HillCotton's Store
CardenChurchill Downs 
Carey - Houston County
CarlCircle Heights- Tuscaloosa County
Carleton PointCiticoCottongin
- Etowah CountyClaiborne 
- Monroe CountyClaiborne FerryCottonwood
 Claiborne Landing- Henry County
CarlossClairmont Springs- Houston County
CarlowvilleClanton- Limestone County
Carlton's Cottonwood Park
Carmacks FerryClark 
Carmen- Calhoun County (H)Couch
Carmichael- Pickens County 
Carney- Walker CountyCouncil Bluff
Carns Council Grove (H)
 Clark CrossroadsCountry
CaroClark's MillCountry Acres
Carol VillaClarkdale 
CarolinaClarkeCountry Club Acres
CarolwoodClarke Gardens- Lauderdale County
Carolwood EstatesClarkesville Ferry 
CarolynClarksonCountry Club Acres
 Clarksville- Limestone County
CarpenterClarksville Landing 
- Baldwin CountyClaudCountry Club Acres
- Jackson County - Autauga County
- Washington CountyClay- Coffee County
 Clay City- Madison County
Carr MillClay Saint Depot- Marshall County
Carriage HillClayborn- Mobile County
 Clayhatchee- Pike County
Carriage HillsClayhill- Talladega County
- Jefferson CountyClaymont 
- Mobile CountyClaysvilleCountry Club Gables
- Montgomery CountyClaytonCountry Club Gardens
 Clear CreekCountry Club Highlands
Carriage Lane Country Club Hills
CarrigerClear Creek EstatesCountry Club Meadows
Carrol Acres Country Club Park
Carroll CrossroadsClear SpringsCountry Club Village
Carrollton- Blount County 
Carrolton (H)- Etowah County (H)Country Estates
Carrville- Talladega County- Dale County
Carson- Covington County- Jefferson County
 - Crenshaw County- Montgomery County
Carter Grove  
Carters HillClearview HillsCountry Haven
CartersvilleClearwater Estates 
CarthageCleburneCountry Hills
Carthens FerryClement's Depot- Lee County
 Clemons Crossroad- Shelby County
Carver CourtClevelandCountry Squire Estates
Carver Park- Blount County 
Cary Woods- Fayette CountyCountry Village
Caryton (H)- Mobile County- Limestone County
Casemore - Madison County
CaseyCleveland Crossroads 
CastleberryCleveland FerryCountryside Estates
CaswellCleveland MeadowsCountrywood Highlands
CatalpaCleveland Mills 
Catatoga EstatesClevelands FerryCounty Line
CatherineCliett's- Blount County
CatocinCliff Haven- Covington County
CatomaClift Acres- Cullman County
Catoma Station - Pike County
Cavalry HillClifton 
 - Limestone County (H)Courtland
Cave Spring- Wilcox County (H)Courtland Downs
- Colbert County Cove Creek
- Fayette CountyClifton FerryCove Park
- Jackson CountyClifty 
- Lauderdale County Coventry
- Madison CountyClinton- Jefferson County
- Colbert CountyClintonville- Tuscaloosa County
- Etowah County  
- Morgan CountyClioCovey Chase
 Clisby ParkCovin
Cave Springs CrossingCloester ValleyCovington
Cavers GroveClopton 
 Clough's- Henry County
CecilClough's Store- Houston County
Cedahoma (H)Clover Hill 
Cedar Bend Cowikee
 CloverdaleCowles Station
Cedar Bluff- Jefferson CountyCowpens
Cedar Brook- Lauderdale County 
Cedar Cove- Mobile CountyCox
Cedar Cove Estates- Montgomery County- Bibb County
 - Shelby County- Mobile County
Cedar Crest- Tuscaloosa County 
- Jefferson County Cox Beach
- Tuscaloosa CountyCloverdale EstatesCox Gap
 Cloverdale HeightsCox's Mill
Cedar CrossingCloverfieldCoxey
Cedar ForkCloverlandCoxheath
  Coxs Landing
Cedar GroveCloverleafCoy
- Baldwin County- Lee County 
- Covington County- Limestone CountyCrabbs Ferry
- Jackson County Cragford
- Jefferson County (H)Clowers CrossroadsCraig
- Limestone County Craige
- Fayette CountyClubview EstatesCraigs Ferry
- Lauderdale County- Coffee CountyCrane Hill
- Limestone County- Montgomery County 
Cedar Hills EstatesClubview Heights- Dallas County
Cedar KnollCluttsville- Mobile County
 Clyde (H)- Russell County
Cedar Lake  
- Morgan CountyCoal BluffCrawford Fork
- Walker CountyCoal CityCreek Ford
 Coal FireCreek Stand
Cedar PlainsCoal Valley 
Cedar PointCoalburg- Lauderdale County
- Madison CountyCoalburgh- Mobile County
- Montgomery CountyCoaldale 
Cedar RidgeCoalmontCreel Town
 CoalvilleCrenshaw (H)
Cedar SpringsCoat's BendCreola
- Blount County Crescent Heights
- Calhoun CountyCoatesCresent Heights
- Cherokee County (H)Coato Bend (H)Cresswell Station
Cedar ValleyCobbCrest Estates
Cedarbrook Forest Crestdale
CedargateCobb CityCrestline
CedarvilleCobb Town 
CedronCobbs FordCrestline Gardens
CedrumCobbs QuartersCrestline Heights
CelesteCobbvilleCrestline Park
CenterCochran LandingCrestview
Center ChapelCochran Springs- Mobile County
Center Community - Tuscaloosa County
Center DaleCochrane- Jefferson County
Center GroveCochrane Ferry 
 CodenCrestview Estates
Center HillCody- Madison County
- Chilton CountyCoffee Springs 
- Cullman County Crestview Estates
- Lauderdale CountyCoffeeville 
- Limestone CountyCoffeeville FerryCrestview Gardens
- Talladega CountyCoffeeville LandingCrestview Hills
- Clarke CountyCoffey's Store 
- Jefferson CountyCoffeys FerryCrestwood
- Montgomery County - Madison County
 Cohassett- Tuscaloosa County
Center Point GardensCohort 
Center RidgeCokerCrete
- Crenshaw CountyCoker HeightsCrews
- Geneva County Crews Depot
- Pike CountyColbertCrewsville
 Colbert HeightsCrichton
Center SpringsColberts FerryCridleys Ferry
Center StarCold CreekCrittenden's Mills
Center West Crockard Junction
 Cold SpringsCrocker Junction
Centercrest- Cullman CountyCrockertown
Centerdale (H)- Elmore CountyCrockett Junction
 - Morgan CountyCroft Ferry
Centerville- Cleburne CountyCromwell
- Bibb County- Covington County 
- Conecuh County- Talladega CountyCrooked Creek
- Cullman County - Cullman County
 Cole- Lee County
Centerwood EstatesCole Spring 
 Cole's SidingCrooked Oak
- Cullman County  
- Elmore CountyColemanCrosby
- Jackson County- Crenshaw County- Henry County
 - Perry County- Houston County
Central City  
Central CrossroadsColeridgeCross Creek
Central Heights  
Central HighlandsColetaCross Key
Central Mills- Clay CountyCross Keys
Central Park Highlands- Talladega CountyCross Roads
Centrala Cross Trails
Centre HillCollege Grove 
Centre Ridge (H)College HeightsCrossroads
Centre StarCollege Hills- Baldwin County
CentrevilleCollege Park- Marshall County
Centreville FerryCollege Woods 
Chadwick Crossville
Chalk BluffCollins- DeKalb County
Chalkville- Calhoun County (H)- Lamar County
Chalybeate Springs- Jefferson County 
  Crows Camp (H)
ChambersCollins ChapelCrowton
- Montgomery CountyCollins FerryCrowtown
ChambersCollireneCrumley Chapel
- Tuscaloosa CountyColman FerryCrump
 Coloma (H)Crumptonia
ChambersColonial AcresCrystal Lake
 Colonial GardensCrystal Springs
Chambers SpringsColonial Heights 
ChambleeColonial HillsCubahatchie (H)
Chamblees Mill- Madison CountyCulebra
 - Tuscaloosa CountyCullman
Champion- Cullman CountyCullom Place
Chana Creek Cullomburg
Chance- Talladega CountyCumbee Mill
- Cherokee County  
- Clarke CountyColonyCumberland Junction
 - Tuscaloosa CountyCumberland Mountain Farm Colony (H)
Chancellor Cumberland Park
Chancellor CrossroadsColony 
Chancellors Ferry Cunningham
 Colony Hills- Clarke County
Chances CrossroadColta- Jefferson County
Chandalar SouthColters Ferry- Pickens County
Chandler MountainColumbiaCunningham Landing
Chandler Springs- Henry CountyCurbville
Chandlers Ferry Cureton's Bridge
ChannahatcheeColumbiaCurl's Station
 - Houston County 
Chapel Hill Curry
- Chambers CountyColumbia- Pike County
- Choctaw County - Talladega County
- Covington CountyColumbiana- Walker County
- Jefferson County - Montgomery County
- Walker CountyColumbus- Talladega County
- Washington CountyColumbus City 
 Columbus City FerryCurrytown
Chapelwood Curt
Chapman HeightsColvins GapCurtis Crossroads
Chappell HillColwell 
Charcone (H) Curtiston
Charlton- Barbour CountyCushion
Charmingdale- Lauderdale CountyCusseta
ChastangComerdaleCymbling Branch
Chateau CourtCommerceCypress
Chateau EstatesComptonCypress Creek
ChatomCompton LandingCypress Forest
Chattasofkee Cypress Heights
Chavies Cyprian
Cheaha Acres  
Cheathams Ferry Cyril