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The Communities of Kentucky (KY)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Habit [Daviess County]

Hackley [Garrard County]

Hackney Creek [Pike County]

Haddix [Breathitt County]

Hadensville [Todd County]

Hadley [Warren County]

Hadyville [Hart County]

Hager [Magoffin County]

Hagerhill [Johnson County]

Haggard [Clark County]

Haginsville [Breathitt County]

Hail [Pulaski County]

Hailwell [Hickman County]

Halcom [Elliott County]

Haldeman [Rowan County]

Haleburgh [Hancock County]

Haleys Mill [Christian County]

Halfway [Allen County]

Halfway [Barren County]

Halifax [Allen County]

Hall [Jessamine County]

Hall [Knott County]

Hall [Pulaski County]

Hallam [Owen County]

Hallie [Letcher County]

Halls Gap [Lincoln County]

Halls Landing [Oldham County]

Halls Store [Logan County]

Halo [Floyd County]

Halsell [Warren County]

Halsted [Clay County]

Hamby [Hopkins County]

Hamby's station [Hopkins County]

Hamilton [Bell County]

Hamilton [Boone County]

Hamilton [Fayette County]

Hamilton Park [Fayette County]

Hamim [Rowan County]

Hamlet [Marshall County]

Hamlin [Calloway County]

Hammackville [Todd County]

Hammels [Trimble County]

Hammock [Garrard County]

Hammond [Johnson County]

Hammond [Knox County]

Hammonville [Hart County]

Hamner [Union County]

Hampton [Boyd County]

Hampton [Livingston County]

Hampton Manor [Clark County]

Handshoe [Knott County]

Handyville [Daviess County]

Hanging Rock [Grayson County]

Hanly [Jessamine County]

Hannah [Lawrence County]

Hansbrough [Hardin County]

Hansbrough [Shelby County]

Hansford [Rockcastle County]

Hanshaw [Clark County]

Hanson [Hopkins County]

Happy [Perry County]

Happy Hollow [Pulaski County]

Happy Landing [Madison County]

Happy Top [Estill County]

Happy Top [Powell County]

Harbell [Bell County]

Harber [Bell County]

Harcourt [Hardin County]

Harcrow [Harlan County]

Hardburly [Perry County]

Hardcastle [Warren County]

Hardesty [Washington County]

Hardin [Marshall County]

Hardin Springs [Hardin County]

Harding [Union County]

Hardinsburg [Breckinridge County]

Hardmoney [McCracken County]

Hardshell [Breathitt County]

Hardwick [Wayne County]

Hardy [Pike County]

Hardyville [Hart County]

Hare [Laurel County]

Hare [Leslie County]

Hargett [Estill County]

Hargis [Johnson County]

Hargis [Pulaski County]

Hargis Creek [Johnson County]

Harlan [Harlan County]

Harlan Crossroads [Monroe County]

Harlan Gas [Harlan County]

Harley [Pike County]

Harmony [Owen County]

Harmony Lake Estates [Oldham County]

Harmony Landing [Oldham County]

Harmony Village [Oldham County]

Harned [Breckinridge County]

Harold [Crittenden County]

Harold [Floyd County]

Harp [Franklin County]

Harper [Magoffin County]

Harper Crossroads [Butler County]

Harper Ford [Caldwell County]

Harpers [Bath County]

Harpers Ferry [Henry County]

Harreldsville [Butler County]

Harris [Estill County]

Harris [Lewis County]

Harris [Madison County]

Harris Grove [Calloway County]

Harris Hill Ford [Marshall County]

Harrisburgh [Owen County]

Harrisonville [Shelby County]

Harrods Creek [Jefferson County]

Harrodsburg [Mercer County]

Harrodsburgh Junction [Mercer County]

Harrolds Branch [Pike County]

Hart [Laurel County]

Hartford [Ohio County]

Hartley [Pike County]

Harvey [Marshall County]

Harveyton [Perry County]

Harvie [Letcher County]

Harvieland [Franklin County]

Haselton [Lewis County]

Haskingsville [Green County]

Hatcher [Taylor County]

Hatfield [Pike County]

Hathaway [Boone County]

Hathaway Creek [Menifee County]

Hatton [Shelby County]

Hatton Creek [Powell County]

Havilandsville [Harrison County]

Hawesville [Hancock County]

Hawkins [Christian County]

Hawkins Branch [Menifee County]

Hawthorne [Campbell County]

Haydens [Madison County]

Hayes [Pendleton County]

Haymond [Letcher County]

Haynesville [Ohio County]

Hays [Warren County]

Hays Crossing [Rowan County]

Haystack [Powell County]

Haysville [Meade County]

Hayward [Carter County]

Haywood [Barren County]

Hazard [Perry County]

Hazel [Calloway County]

Hazel [Union County]

Hazel Green [Wolfe County]

Hazel Patch [Laurel County]

Hazelwood [Ballard County]

Hazelwood [Jefferson County]

Head of Cedar [Scott County]

Head of Grassy [Lewis County]

Head of Johnson Creek [Pike County]

Head of Linefork [Letcher County]

Head of Pigeon Roost [Martin County]

Head of Stacy Fork [Morgan County]

Headquarters [Nicholas County]

Hearin [Webster County]

Heater [Livingston County]

Heath [McCracken County]

Heatherfield [Jefferson County]

Hebbardsville [Henderson County]

Hebron [Boone County]

Hebron Estates [Bullitt County]

Hecla [Hopkins County]

Hector [Clay County]

Hedges [Clark County]

Hedges [Montgomery County]

Hedgeville [Boyle County]

Heekin [Grant County]

Heenon [Pike County]

Heflin [Ohio County]

Hegira [Cumberland County]

Heidelberg [Lee County]

Heidrick [Knox County]

Heiner [Perry County]

Helechawa [Wolfe County]

Helena [Mason County]

Helena Station [Mason County]

Hellier [Pike County]

Hellman [Carter County]

Helm [Russell County]

Helton [Leslie County]

Hemlock [McCreary County]

Hemlock Lodge [Powell County]

Hemp Ridge [Shelby County]

Hemphill [Letcher County]
Other names:

Hempridge [Shelby County]

Henderson [Henderson County]

Hendricks [Magoffin County]

Hendrix [Leslie County]

Hendron [McCracken County]

Henrietta [Johnson County]

Henry [Morgan County]

Henry Clay [Fayette County]

Henry Clay [Pike County]

Henrysville [Logan County] (H)

Henryville [Nicholas County]

Henshaw [Union County]

Hensley [Breckinridge County]

Hensley [Clay County]

Hensley Ford [Owen County]

Hensleytown [Christian County]

Herbert [Ohio County]

Herd [Jackson County]

Herdon [Scott County]

Heritage Creek [Jefferson County]
Other names:
Minor Lane Heights

Herman [Todd County]

Herman [Union County]

Herman Siding [Pike County]

Hermitage Hills [Fayette County]

Hermon [Todd County]

Herndon [Christian County]

Herndon [Scott County]

Herron [Clay County]

Herron Hill [Lewis County]

Hershel [Butler County]

Heselton [Lewis County]

Hesler [Owen County]

Hestand [Monroe County]

Hettie [Anderson County]

Hi Hat [Floyd County]

Hi-Acres [Fayette County]

Hiatt [Rockcastle County]

Hibernia [Larue County]

Hibernia [Taylor County]

Hickman [Fulton County]

Hickory [Graves County]

Hickory Corner [Grayson County]

Hickory Flat [Jackson County]

Hickory Flat [Simpson County]

Hickory Grove [Anderson County]

Hickory Grove [Cumberland County]

Hickory Grove [Graves County]

Hickory Grove [McCreary County]

Hickory Grove [Morgan County]

Hickory Hill [Jefferson County]

Hickorynut [Pulaski County]

Hicksville [Graves County]

Hicksville [Lawrence County] (H)

Hico [Calloway County]

Hidalgo [Wayne County]

Higdon [Grayson County]

Higginsport [Bracken County]

High Bridge [Jessamine County]

High Falls [Wolfe County]

High Grande [Johnson County]

High Hickory [Hart County]

High Knob [Clay County]

High Knob [Jackson County]

High Plains [Breckinridge County]

High Plains Corner [Breckinridge County]

High Point [McCracken County]

Highgate Springs [Jefferson County]

Highgrove [Nelson County]

Highland [Carter County]

Highland [Lincoln County]

Highland [Simpson County]

Highland [Union County]

Highland Heights [Campbell County]

Highland Park [Jefferson County]

Highland Park [Whitley County]

Highland Springs [Barren County]

Highlands [Fayette County]

Highlands [Jefferson County]

Highsplint [Harlan County]

Hightop [Laurel County]

Hightower [Pendleton County]

Highview [Jefferson County]

Highview [Ohio County]

Highway [Clinton County]

Hignite [Bell County]

Hikes Point [Jefferson County]

Hilda [Lewis County]

Hilda [Rowan County]

Hill Spring [Henry County]

Hill Top [Fleming County]

Hill Top [McCreary County]

Hill Top [Menifee County]

Hillcrest [Madison County]

Hillgrove [Meade County]

Hills and Dales [Jefferson County]

Hillsboro [Fleming County]

Hillsdale [Bracken County]

Hillsdale [Simpson County]

Hillside [Muhlenberg County]

Hillside [Pulaski County]

Hilltop [Grant County]

Hilltop [Grayson County]

Hilltop [Logan County]

Hillview [Bullitt County]

Hillview [Edmonson County]

Hilo [Harlan County]

Hilton [Perry County]

Hima [Clay County]

Himyar [Knox County]

Hinda Heights [Fayette County]

Hindman [Knott County]

Hiner [Perry County]

Hinesdale [Hart County]

Hink [Barren County]

Hinkle [Knox County]

Hinkleville [Ballard County]

Hinsleytown [Christian County]

Hinton [Harrison County]

Hinton [Scott County]

Hinton Hills [Breckinridge County]

Hippo [Floyd County]

Hiram [Harlan County]

Hisel [Jackson County]

Hiseville [Barren County]

Hislope [Pulaski County]

Hispaniola [Madison County]

Hitchins [Carter County]

Hite [Floyd County]

Hite's Run [Breckinridge County]

Hites Falls [Grayson County]

Hitesville [Union County]

Hittville [Robertson County]

Hobart [Clinton County]

Hobbs [Bullitt County]

Hobson [Taylor County]

Hode [Martin County]

Hodgenville [Larue County]

Hoertz [Jefferson County]

Hog Creek [Montgomery County]

Hogg [Letcher County]

Hogue [Pulaski County]

Holbrook [Grant County]

Holiday Ford [Owen County]

Holiday Hills [Fayette County]

Holifield [Graves County]

Holland [Allen County]

Holliday [Morgan County]

Hollonville [Wolfe County]

Hollow Bill [Logan County]

Hollow Creek [Jefferson County]

Holly Hill [Whitley County]

Hollybush [Knott County]

Hollyhill [McCreary County]

Hollyvilla [Jefferson County]

Hollywood [Fayette County]

Holmes [Adair County]

Holmes Mill [Harlan County]

Holt [Breckinridge County]

Holt [Lawrence County]

Holt [Muhlenberg County]

Holy Cross [Marion County]

Home [Pike County]

Homer [Logan County]

Honaker [Floyd County]

Honesty [Kenton County]

Honey Acre [Casey County]

Honey Fork [Pike County]

Honey Grove [Christian County]

Honeybee [McCreary County]

Honshell [Boyd County]

Hood's Run [Greenup County]

Hooker [Clay County]

Hooktown [Bath County]

Hooper [Shelby County]

Hooppole [Anderson County]

Hootentown [Clark County]

Hope [Montgomery County]

Hopeful Heights [Boone County]

Hopewell [Green County]

Hopewell [Greenup County]

Hopewell [Jefferson County]

Hopewell [Laurel County]

Hopkinsville [Christian County]

Hopson [Caldwell County]

Horn Back Mill [Breckinridge County]

Horntown [Grayson County]

Horntown [Russell County]

Horse Branch [Ohio County]

Horse Cave [Hart County]

Horse Creek Junction [Clay County]

Horse Shoe Bottom [Russell County]

Horsemill [Butler County]

Horton [Ohio County]

Hoskinston [Leslie County]

Hosman [Bell County]

Hot Spot [Letcher County]
Other names:

See: Hot Spot

Houckville [Lawrence County]

Houston [Breathitt County]

Houston Acres [Jefferson County]

Hovious [Adair County]

Howard [Hardin County]

Howard Branch [Magoffin County]

Howards Creek [Breathitt County]

Howards Mill [Montgomery County]

Howardstown [Nelson County]

Howe Valley [Hardin County]

Howel [Christian County]

Hoyt [Perry County]

Hubble [Lincoln County]

Hubbs [Knox County]

Hubers [Bullitt County]

Hubert [Letcher County]

Huddy [Pike County]

Hudgins [Green County]

Hudson [Breckinridge County]

Hueys Corners [Boone County]

Hueysville [Floyd County]

Huff [Edmonson County]

Huff [Jackson County]

Huffman [Grayson County]

Hugh [Jackson County]

Hughes Landing [Meade County]

Hughey [Lyon County]

Huldeville [Butler County]

Hulen [Bell County]

Hulette [Lawrence County] (H)

Humble [Russell County]

Hume [Boone County]

Hummel [Rockcastle County]

Hummingbird [Clay County]

Humphrey [Casey County]

Hunnewell [Greenup County]

Hunt [Clark County]

Hunt [Pike County]

Hunter [Floyd County]

Hunter Town [Woodford County]

Hunter's Depot [Nelson County]

Hunters [Nelson County]

Hunters Hollow [Bullitt County]

Hunters Trace [Jefferson County]

Huntersville [Clinton County]

Huntsville [Butler County]

Hurley [Jackson County]

Hurricane [Pike County]

Hurricane Branch [Pike County]

Hurricane Gap [Harlan County]

Hurricane Hills [Nelson County]

Hurst [Breathitt County]

Hurstbourne [Jefferson County]

Hurstbourne Acres [Jefferson County]

Hustonville [Lincoln County]

Hutch [Bell County]

Hutchison [Bourbon County]

Huxley [Laurel County]

Hyattsville [Garrard County]

Hyden [Leslie County]

Hydro [Warren County]

Hydrocarbon [Greenup County]

Hylton [Pike County]


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