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The Communities of
Kentucky (KY)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 CabellCedar SpringsCliffsideCorinth
 CabotCedarcrest- Boyd County- Grant County
 Caddentown - Elliott County- Logan County
 CaddoCedarville- Franklin County 
 Cadentown- Pike County- Boyle CountyCorn Creek
 Cadiz- Rockcastle County- Campbell CountyCornelius
 Cadmus (H) - Jefferson CountyCorners
 Cains StoreCenter- Johnson County 
 CairnesCenter Point- Woodford CountyCornett
 CairoCenterfield - Harlan County
 CaldwellCentertownClifty- Knott County
 Caldwell ManorCenterview- Carter County 
 CaleastCenterview Rough River- Todd CountyCornettsville
 Caledonia  Cornishville
 Calf CreekCentervilleClintonCornwell
 Calhoun- Bourbon CountyClintonvilleCorrell
 California- Clark CountyClioCorunna
 Calk- Fayette CountyClosplintCory
 CallaCentral CovingtonCloud CrossingCostelow
 - Breathitt CountyCentreCloverCote
 - Estill CountyCentre PointClover BottomCote Brilliant
  CentretownClover ForkCottageville
 Callahan'sCentrevilleClover LeafCottle
 CallawayCeralvoClover-DarbyCotton Branch
 CallihanCeredo Cottonburg
 Calloway BranchCeruleanCloverdaleCottongim
 Calloway CreekCerulean Springs- Boyd CountyCountry Club Heights
 Calloway Crossing - Franklin CountyCounts Crossroads
 Calloway Town (H)Chad Covedale
 CalvaryChadwick CreekCloverportCovingdale
 Calvert CityChalybeateCloyds LandingCow Creek
 CalvinChalybeate SpringsClub House HeightsCowan
 Cam Creek CluttsCowcreek
 Cambellsburgh- Hancock CountyClyffesideCoxs Creek
 Cambridge- Menifee County Coxton
 Cambridge Shores Co-OperativeCoy
 Cambridge VillageChandlers ChapelCoakley 
 CamdenChandlervilleCoal MinesCrab Orchard
 CameliaChapelCoal Run VillageCracker
 CamelotChapel HillCoaldaleCraft
  ChapezeCoalgoodCraft Fork
 Camp BranchChaplinCoalpointCrafts Colly
 - Letcher County CoaltonCraftsville
 - Montgomery CountyChapmanCobbCraigs
  - Lawrence CountyCobb FerryCrailhope
 Camp Dick Robinson- Union CountyCobblers KnobCrain's
 Camp Dix Cobhill 
 Camp GroundsChappelsCoburgCraintown
 Camp Kennedy Coburn- Boyle County
 Camp KnoxCharlestonCody- Fleming County
 Camp Nelson- Clark CountyCodyville 
 Camp Pleasant- Hopkins CountyCoeCranetown
 Camp Springs CoferCraney
 Camp TaylorCharlestownCoffee CreekCranks
 CampbellsburgCharlestown BottomCoffmanCranston
 Campton RoadCharlotte FurnaceCoinCrawford
 CanadaChartersColby- Laurel County
 CanbyChathamColby Hills- Perry County
 Cando (H)ChattaroiColby Station- Pike County
  ChaumontCold Cave Creek 
 Cane CreekChaviesCold SpringCraycraft
 - Breathitt CountyCheckCold Spring-Highland HeightsCrayne
 - Laurel CountyChelsea Crayneville
  ChenaulttCold SpringsCraynor
 Cane SpringChenoa- Carter CountyCrayton
 Cane SpringsChenowee- Meade CountyCreal
 Cane Valley  Creech
 Caney Creek- Jefferson CountyColdwaterCreekside
 Caney Siding- Lawrence CountyColemanCreekville
 Caneyville ColemansvilleCreelsboro
 CanmerCherokee GardenColes BendCrenshaw
 Cannel CityCherryColesburgCrescent
 CannonCherryColetownCrescent Hill
 Cannons MillCherry GroveColfaxCrescent Park
 Cannons PointCherryvilleColitown JunctionCrescent Springs
 CannonsburgCherrywood Village Cressmont
 CanoeChesleyCollege HeightsCressy
 Canoe Fork - Magoffin CountyCrest
 CantonChester- Warren CountyCrestmoor
 Cantown- Mason County Creston
 Canyon Falls- Montgomery CountyCollinsCrestview
 Capital Heights- Perry CountyCollins StationCrestview Hills
 Capito Collinsworth 
 Carbon GlowChestnut FlatCollistaCrestwood
 CarbondaleChestnut GapColliver- Fayette County
 Carcassonne Colly- Franklin County
 CardenChestnut GroveColmar- Oldham County
 Cardinal- Bath CountyColo 
 Cardinal Hill- Shelby CountyColonial TerraceCrider
 Cardinal Valley ColonyCrigger
 CaricoChevroletColsonCrittenden Springs
 CarlChevy ChaseColton 
 CarlisleChicagoColumbia- Nelson County
 CarmackChicken BristleColumbiatown- Washington County
 CarntownChiles - Bell County
 CarolChilesburgColumbus- Morgan County
 CarpenterChilesburgh Station- Fayette County 
 CarpentersvilleChilton- Hickman CountyCrocus
 Carr CreekChisholm Crofton
 CarringtonChoatville Cromwell
 CarrsChristine- Madison CountyCrooked Creek
 CarrsvilleChristmas (H)- Perry County- Estill County
 CarsonChristopher - Pike County
 Carter Comer 
 CartersvilleChristyCommerce LandingCropper
 Cartertown- Rowan CountyCommercial PointCrosby
 Carthage Commissary CornerCross Road
 CartwrightChurch HillComoCrossgate
 Carver ConantCrossland
 CaryCicero Crossroad
 Cary RidgeCimota CityConcordCrow
 CaseyCinda- Fleming CountyCrow Valley
 Casey CreekCindas Creek- Grayson CountyCrow-Hickman
 CaseyvilleCisco- Lewis CountyCrowell Landing
  Cisney- McCracken CountyCrown
 CashCisselville- Pendleton CountyCrowtown
 - Hardin County  Cruise
 - Hart CountyClabber BottomConey IslandCruise Ferry
 CassidyClarence Cruseton
 Castle (H) CongletonCrutchfield
 CastleClark- Lee CountyCrystal
 Castlewood- Jefferson County- McLean CountyCrystal Lake
 Cat Creek- Mason County  
 Catalpa (H) ConleyCub Run
 CatawbaClark LandingConnelly- Edmonson County
 CathecassaClark's CreekConner- Hart County
 CatherineClark's StationConnersville 
 CatlettsburgClarks CornerConniffCubage
 Catnip (H)ClarksburgConoloway 
 CaudellClarksvilleConsolation- Boyd County
 CauseyClaryvilleConstance- Kenton County
 Cave CityClateConstant Station 
 Cave RidgeClaxtonConstantineCullen
 Cave SpringClay CityCooksCulvertown
 - Breckinridge CountyClay LickCooksburgCumberland
 - Logan CountyClay VillageCooksvilleCumberland City
 CavelawnClayholeCool SpringsCumberland Falls
 CawoodClaymont - Pulaski County
  ClaymourCoolidge- Whitley County
 CayceClaypool- Perry County 
 - Fulton CountyClaysville- Pulaski CountyCumberland Shores
 - Hancock CountyClaywell Cumminsville
   Coon HollowCumutte (H)
 CeciliaClear CreekCoonsCundiff
 Cedar Bluff- Bell CountyCooper 
 Cedar Bluff Mills- Floyd CountyCooper LandingCunningham
   Cooper's- Bourbon County
 Cedar FlatClear Creek JunctionCooperstown- Carlisle County
 - Meade CountyClear Creek SpringsCoopersville 
 - Metcalfe CountyClear ForkCopebranchCurb
 - Bullitt CountyClear RunCoplandCurdsville
 - Estill CountyClear SpringsCoraCurlew
 - Henderson CountyClearfieldCoral HillCurnutt
 - Menifee CountyCleatonCoral RidgeCurrentsville
 - Pulaski CountyClementsvilleCoravilleCurry
 - Todd CountyClemonsCorbinCurt
 Cedar Lakes EstatesClermontCordiaCuster
 Cedar PointCliffCorenaCutuno
 - Oldham CountyCliffordCoreyCuzick
 - Trigg County