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The Communities of Kentucky (KY)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Bac [Mercer County]

Bachelors Rest [Pendleton County]

Back [Menifee County]

Back Bone [Elliott County]

Backusburg [Calloway County]

Badgdad [Shelby County]

Badger [Taylor County]

Bagdad [Shelby County]

Bailey [Harlan County]

Bailey [Rowan County]

Bailey Creek [Harlan County]

Bailey Mine [Boyd County]

Baileyfield [Wolfe County]

Baileys [Knox County]

Baileys Branch [Monroe County]

Baileys Switch [Knox County]

Bainbridge [Christian County]

Bairds Town
See: Bardstown

Baizetown [Ohio County]

Baker [Jackson County]

Baker [Letcher County]

Baker Branch [Johnson County]

Baker Camp [Knott County]

Bakers [Caldwell County]

Bakers Crossroads [Calloway County]

Bakersport [Christian County]

Bakersport [Hopkins County]

Bakerton [Cumberland County]

Bald Eagle [Bath County]

Bald Hill [Fleming County]

Bald Point [Lewis County]

Baldcock [Casey County]

Baldrock [Laurel County]

Baldwin [Madison County]

Baldwin Ford [Caldwell County]

Balkan [Bell County]

Ballard [Anderson County]

Ballard [Menifee County]

Ballardsville [Jefferson County]

Ballardsville [Oldham County]

Balls Landing [Owen County]

Balltown [Nelson County]

Balltown [Whitley County]

Baltimore [Graves County]

Baltimore [Hickman County]

Bama [Pike County]

Bancroft [Jefferson County]

Bancroft [Muhlenberg County]

Bandana [Ballard County]

Bandy [Pulaski County]

Bangor [Morgan County]

Bangor [Rowan County]

Bank Lick [Kenton County]

Banks [Letcher County]

Banock [Butler County]

Banocks [Wayne County]

Banyan [Pike County]

Baptist [Harrison County]

Baptist [Wolfe County]

Baralto [Fayette County]

Barbourmeade [Jefferson County]

Barbourville [Knox County]

Barcreek [Clay County]

Bardo [Harlan County]

Bardstown [Nelson County]
Other names:
Bairds Town

Bardstown Junction [Bullitt County]

Bardwell [Carlisle County]

Barefoot [Nicholas County]

Bark Camp [Whitley County]

Bark Camp Mills [Whitley County]

Barker Branch [Powell County]

Barkers Mill [Christian County]

Barkley Shores [Trigg County]

Barlow [Ballard County]

Barnes [Carroll County]

Barnes Mountain [Estill County]

Barnes Store [Caldwell County]

Barnesburg [Pulaski County]

Barnesley [Hopkins County]

Barnetsburgh [Ohio County]

Barnett [Lincoln County]

Barnett Creek [Adair County]

Barnett Springs [Adair County]

Barnetts Creek [Johnson County]

Barnrock [Johnson County]

Barnsley [Hopkins County]

Barnyard [Knox County]

Barr Street [Fayette County]

Barrallton [Bullitt County]

Barren Fork [Pulaski County]

Barren River [Warren County]

Barrett Ferry [Ohio County]

Barretts Ferry [Ohio County]

Barridge [Perry County]

Barrier [Wayne County]

Bart [Wayne County]

Barterville [Nicholas County]

Barthell [McCreary County]

Barwick [Breathitt County]

Bascom [Elliott County]

Basil [Adair County]

Basin Spring [Breckinridge County]

Baskett [Henderson County]

Bass [Casey County]

Bass [Pike County]

Bastin [Letcher County]

Bates [Mason County]

Bath [Knott County]

Battle [Washington County]

Battle Run [Fleming County]

Battletown [Meade County]

Bauer [McCreary County]

Baugh [Logan County]

Baughman [Knox County]

Baughman Heights [Boyle County]

Baxter [Harlan County]

Baxter [Jefferson County]

Bayfork [Warren County]

Bayou [Livingston County]

Bayou Mills [Livingston County]

Bays [Breathitt County]

Bays Branch [Floyd County]

Bays Fork [Warren County]

Beach Grove [McLean County]

Beachland [Jefferson County]

Beachville [Metcalfe County]

Beagle [Campbell County]

Bealers Knob [McLean County]

Beals [Henderson County]

Beam [Nelson County]

Bear Branch [Leslie County]

Bear Fork [Pike County]

Bear Grass [Jefferson County]

Bear Pen [Wolfe County]

Bear Wallow [Morgan County]

Beard [Oldham County]

Beartown [Elliott County]

Bearville [Knott County]

Bearwallow [Washington County]

Beattie [Perry County]

Beattyville [Lee County]

Beaumont [Metcalfe County]

Beaumont Park [Fayette County]

Beauty [Martin County]

Beaver [Floyd County]

Beaver Bottom [Pike County]

Beaver Creek
See: Allen

Beaver Creek [Pike County]

Beaver Creek Junction
See: Allen

Beaver Dam [Ohio County]

Beaver Junction [Floyd County]

Beaverlick [Boone County]

Beckamridge [Russell County]

Beckley [Jefferson County]

Becknerville [Clark County]

Becks Store [Cumberland County]

Beckton [Barren County]

Becky Ann [Clay County]

Beda [Ohio County]

Bedford [Trimble County]

Bee [Hart County]

Bee Lick [Pulaski County]

Bee Spring [Edmonson County]

Beech [Breathitt County]

Beech [Harlan County]

Beech Bottom [Casey County]

Beech Creek [Muhlenberg County]

Beech Creek Junction [Muhlenberg County]

Beech Fork [Perry County]

Beech Grove [Bullitt County]

Beech Grove [Carter County]

Beech Grove [McLean County]

Beechburg [Fleming County]

Beechland [Logan County]

Beechland [Meade County]

Beechland [Washington County]

Beechland Beach [Jefferson County]

Beechmont [Jefferson County]

Beechmont [Muhlenberg County]

Beechville [Metcalfe County]

Beechwood [Owen County]

Beechwood Village [Jefferson County]

Beechy [Greenup County]

Beefhide [Letcher County]

Beelerton [Hickman County]

Beetle [Carter County]

Bel Air [Clark County]

Belcher [Pike County]

Belcourt [Webster County]

Belcraft [Letcher County]

Belfry [Pike County]

Belknap [Wolfe County]

Belknap Beach [Oldham County]

Bell [Christian County]

Bell City [Elliott County]

Bell City [Graves County]

Bell Farm [McCreary County]

Bell's Trace [Carter County]

Bellcraft [Letcher County]

Belle Point [Lee County]

Bellefonte [Boyd County]

Bellefonte [Greenup County]

Bellemeade [Jefferson County]

Bellepoint [Franklin County]

Belleview [Boone County]

Belleview [Christian County]

Bellevue [Campbell County]

Bellewood [Jefferson County]

Bellmont [Bullitt County]

Bells [Jefferson County]

Bells Run [Ohio County]

Belltown [Marion County]

Bellview [Franklin County]

Bellview [Henry County]

Bellville [Webster County]

Bellwood [Nelson County]

Belmont [Bracken County]

Belmont [Bullitt County]

Belmont [Harrison County]

Belton [Muhlenberg County]
Other names:

Ben Bow [Lawrence County]

Bengal [Taylor County]

Benge [Clay County]

Benham [Harlan County]

Benito [Harlan County]

Benleo [Warren County]

Bennett [Harlan County]

Bennettstown [Christian County]

Bennettsville [Knox County]

Beno [Perry County]

Benson [Franklin County]

Bent [Pulaski County]

Bent Branch [Pike County]

Benton [Kenton County]

Benton [Marshall County]

Benton [Muhlenberg County]

Berea [Madison County]

Berkley [Carlisle County]

Berkshire [Boone County]

Berlin [Bracken County]

Bernard [Hopkins County]

Bernard [Mason County]

Bernice [Clay County]

Bernstadt [Laurel County]

Berry [Carter County]

Berry [Harrison County]

Berry Store [Barren County]

Berrys Lick [Butler County]

Berrys Store [Barren County]

Berrytown [Jefferson County]

Bertha [Knox County]

Bestonia [Mercer County]

Bet [Carter County]

Bethanna [Magoffin County]

Bethany [Jefferson County]

Bethany [Owen County]

Bethany [Wolfe County]

Bethel [Bath County]

Bethel [Jackson County]

Bethel [Jessamine County]

Bethel Grove [Kenton County]

Bethelridge [Casey County]

Bethesda [Wayne County]

Bethlehem [Hardin County]

Bethlehem [Henry County]

Betsey [Wayne County]

Betsy Layne [Floyd County]

Betty [Knott County]

Betze [Letcher County]

Beulah [Hickman County]

Beulah [Hopkins County]

Beulah Heights [McCreary County]

Beverly [Bell County]

Beverly [Christian County]

Beverly [Knox County]

Beverly Hills [Boyle County]

Bevier [Muhlenberg County]

Bevins Branch [Pike County]

Bevinsville [Floyd County]

Bewleyville [Breckinridge County]

Bicknell [Estill County]

Biddle [Scott County]

Big Andy [Wolfe County]

Big Bear Creek [Marshall County]

Big Bone [Boone County]

Big Branch [Knott County]

Big Branch [Letcher County]

Big Branch [Magoffin County]

Big Branch [Pike County]

Big Brushy [Rowan County]

Big Bull Creek [Knox County]

Big Card [Pike County]

Big Clifty [Grayson County]

Big Cowan [Letcher County]

Big Creek [Clay County]

Big Eddy [Franklin County]

Big Fork [Leslie County]

Big Hill [Jackson County]

Big Laurel [Harlan County]

Big Mud [Floyd County]

Big Reedy [Edmonson County]

Big Renox [Cumberland County]

Big Rock [Leslie County]

Big Sandy [Boyd County]

Big Sandy [Lawrence County]

Big Sandy Junction [Boyd County]

Big Shoal [Pike County]

Big South Fork [McCreary County] (H)

Big Spring [Meade County]

Big Windy [Hart County]

Big Woods [Menifee County]

Biggs [Pike County]

Bighill [Madison County]

Bigstone [Elliott County]

Bill [Pike County]

Billows [Laurel County]

Bilvia [Letcher County]

Bimble [Knox County]

Bingham [Bell County]

Binghamtown [Bell County]

Binns Mill [Christian County]

Birdie [Anderson County]

Birdsville [Livingston County]

Birk City [Daviess County]

Birmingham [Marshall County]

Biscayne [Letcher County]

Biscuit [Pike County]

Bishop [Fayette County]

Bishop [Jefferson County]

Bishop [Perry County]

Bishop Bend [Clay County]

Bixby [Ohio County]

Black Bottom [Harlan County]

Black Creek [Powell County]

Black Diamond [Muhlenberg County]

Black Gnat [Green County]

Black Gold [Edmonson County]

Black Hawk [Caldwell County]

Black Jack [Simpson County]

Black Mountain [Harlan County]

Black Rock [Grayson County]

Black Snake [Bell County]

Black Sulpher Spring [Bath County]

Black's Ferry [Monroe County]

Blackberry [Pike County]

Blackburn [Estill County]

Blackburn [Union County]

Blackburn Bottom [Pike County]

Blackey [Letcher County]

Blackford [Union County]

Blackford [Webster County]

Blackjoe [Harlan County]

Blackmont [Bell County]

Blacks Crossroads [Bourbon County]

Blacks Ferry [Cumberland County]

Blackwater [Laurel County]

Blackwater [Menifee County]

Blackwater [Wolfe County]

Blackwell [Henry County]

Bladeston [Bracken County]

Blaine [Lawrence County]

Blaines Trace [Elliott County]

Blair [Harlan County]

Blair Town [Pike County]

Blairs Mills [Morgan County]

Blake [Owsley County]

Blanche [Bell County]

Blanchet [Grant County]

Blandville [Ballard County]

Blankenbakers [Jefferson County]

Blanton [Harlan County]

Blanton Flats [Jackson County]

Blaze [Morgan County]

Bledsoe [Harlan County]

Blevins [Lawrence County]

Blincoe [Washington County]

Bliss [Adair County]

Blood [Calloway County]

Bloom [Graves County]

Bloomfield [Nelson County]

Blooming Grove [Jackson County]

Bloomingdale [Clark County]

Bloomington [Grayson County]

Bloomington [Magoffin County]

Bloss [Rockcastle County]

Blowing Spring [Green County]

Blowing Springs [Hart County]

Bloyd [Green County]

Bloyds Crossing [Green County]

Blue Bank [Estill County]

Blue Cut [Logan County]

Blue Diamond [Perry County]

Blue Gap [Nelson County]

Blue Grass [Fayette County]

Blue Grass [Madison County]

Blue Heron [McCreary County]

Blue John [Pulaski County]

Blue Level [Warren County]

Blue Lick [Lincoln County]

Blue Lick Springs [Nicholas County]

Blue Moon [Floyd County]

Blue Ridge Manor [Jefferson County]

Blue River [Floyd County]

Blue Spring [Trigg County]

Blue Spring Estates [Trigg County]

Blue Water Estates [Trigg County]

Bluebank [Fleming County]

Blueberry Hill [Fayette County]

Bluebird [Knott County]

Bluehole [Clay County]

Bluestone [Rowan County]

Bluff Boom [Green County]

Bluff City [Henderson County]

Bluff Spring [Christian County]

Blythe [Monroe County]

Board Tree [Pike County]

Boat [Perry County]

Boatwright [Calloway County]

Boaz [Graves County]

Bobbs [Johnson County]

Bobs Creek [Harlan County]

Bobs Fork [Leslie County]

Bobtown [Madison County]

Bobtown [Pulaski County]

Bogie [Estill County]

Bogy - Chennault [Montgomery County]

Bohon [Mercer County]

Boiling Spring [Warren County]

Boldman [Floyd County]

Boles [Monroe County]

Bolton [Lawrence County] (H)

Boltsfork [Boyd County]

Bolyn [Knott County]

Bon [Whitley County]

Bon Air [Letcher County]

Bon Air Estates [Jefferson County]

Bon Air Hills [Franklin County]

Bon Ayr [Barren County]

Bon Haven [Clark County]

Bonanza [Floyd County]

Bonayer [Barren County]

Bond [Jackson County]

Bonds [McCracken County]

Bondurant [Fulton County]

Bondville [Mercer County]

Boneyville [Lincoln County]

Bonham [Oldham County]

Bonita [Woodford County]

Bonnie [Clay County]

Bonnieville [Hart County]

Bonny [Morgan County]

Bonnyman [Perry County]

Booker [Washington County]

Boone [Rockcastle County]

Boone Furnace [Carter County]

Boone Heights [Knox County]

Boonesboro [Clark County]

Booneville [Owsley County]

Boons Camp [Johnson County]

Booth [Hardin County]

Booth [Wolfe County]

Bordley [Union County]

Boreing [Laurel County]

Bornes Ford [Allen County]

Bosco [Floyd County]

Boston [Butler County]

Boston [Daviess County]

Boston [Jefferson County]

Boston [Nelson County]

Boston [Pendleton County]

Botland [Nelson County]

Botto [Clay County]

Bottom Fork [Letcher County]

Botts [Clark County]

Botts [Menifee County]

Boundary Oak [Larue County]

Bourbon [Pulaski County]

Bourbon Springs [Nelson County]

Bourne [Garrard County]

Bouty [Whitley County]

Bow [Cumberland County]

Bowen [Powell County]

Bowling Green [Warren County]
Other names:
McFadden's Station

Bowlingtown [Perry County]

Bowman [Breathitt County]

Bowman [Fleming County]

Bowman Field [Jefferson County]

Boxville [Union County]

Boyce [Warren County]

Boyd [Harrison County]

Boyd's Mills [Casey County]

Boyds Crossing [Green County]

Boydsville [Graves County]

Boydtown [Scott County]

Bracht [Kenton County]

Bracktown [Fayette County]

Bradbury [Martin County]

Bradford [Bracken County]

Bradfordsville [Marion County]

Bradley [Magoffin County]

Bradmyer [Carter County]

Bradshaw [Jackson County]

Bradshaw [Todd County]

Brady [Rowan County]

Brady [Russell County]

Brainard [Floyd County]

Bramblett [Nicholas County]

Bramlett [Green County]

Brammer Gap [Lawrence County]

Branch [Harrison County]

Branch [Pulaski County]

Brandenburg [Meade County]

Brandenburg Station [Meade County]

Brandy Keg [Floyd County]

Branham [Floyd County]

Branham [Lawrence County]

Branham Heights [Pike County]

Branhan [Pike County]

Brannon [Jessamine County] (H)

Brassfield [Madison County]

Bratton [Robertson County]

Braxton [Mercer County]

Brayville [Campbell County]

Brazil [Jackson County]

Breck [Owen County]

Breckinridge [Harrison County]

Breckinridge Center [Union County]

Breeding [Adair County]

Breeding Creek [Knott County]

Bremen [Muhlenberg County]

Brent [Campbell County]

Brent Ferry [Campbell County]

Brentsville [Bourbon County]

Brentwood [Green County]

Brentwood [Hopkins County]

Breton [Webster County]

Brewer's Mills [Marshall County]

Brewers [Marshall County]

Briartown [Washington County]

Briarwood [Jefferson County]

Briarwood Manor [Warren County]

Brick Yard [Boyd County]

Bridgeport [Franklin County]

Bridgeville [Bracken County]

Bridgeville [Robertson County]

Brien [Marshall County]

Briensburg [Marshall County]

Brier Creek [Muhlenberg County]

Brigadoon [Fayette County]

Brighton [Fayette County]

Brightshade [Clay County]

Brinegar [Carter County]

Brinkley [Knott County]

Bristletown [Barren County]

Bristow [Warren County]

Britmart [Todd County]

Broad Bottom [Pike County]

Broad Fields [Jefferson County]

Broad Ford [Grayson County]

Broadhead [Rockcastle County]

Broadville Manor [Franklin County]

Broadway [Edmonson County]

Broadwell [Harrison County]

Brock [Laurel County]

Brodhead [Rockcastle County]

Broeck Pointe [Jefferson County]

Bromley [Kenton County]

Bromley [Owen County]

Bromo [Rockcastle County]

Bronston [Pulaski County]

Brookhaven [Fayette County]

Brooklyn [Butler County]

Brooks [Bullitt County]

Brookside [Harlan County]

Brooksville [Bracken County]

Broshears [Mason County]

Broughtentown [Lincoln County]

Browder [Muhlenberg County]

Brown [Mercer County]

Brownies Creek [Bell County]

Browning [Daviess County]

Browning [Warren County]

Browning Corner [Pendleton County]

Brownington [Bullitt County]

Browns Crossroads [Clinton County]

Browns Ford [Allen County]

Browns Fork [Perry County]

Browns Grove [Calloway County]

Browns Valley [Daviess County]

Brownsboro [Oldham County]

Brownsboro Farm [Jefferson County]

Brownsboro Village [Jefferson County]

Brownsville [Edmonson County]

Brownsville [Fulton County]

Brows Defeat [Lawrence County]

Bruce [Barren County]

Bruin [Elliott County]

Brumfield [Boyle County]

Brummett [Whitley County]

Brummett's Station [Whitley County]

Brush Creek [Rockcastle County]

Brush Grove [Washington County]

Brushart [Greenup County]

Brushy [Magoffin County]

Brushy [Taylor County]

Brushy Fork [Elliott County]

Brutus [Clay County]

Bryan [Russell County]

Bryan Station [Fayette County]

Bryant [Fayette County]

Bryant [Franklin County]

Bryants Store [Knox County]

Bryantsville [Garrard County]

Buchanan [Lawrence County]

Buck [Knott County]

Buck Creek [Estill County]

Buck Creek [Owsley County]

Buck Grove [Meade County]

Buckettown [Madison County]

Buckeye [Garrard County]

Buckhorn [Clay County]

Buckhorn [Knott County]

Buckhorn [Perry County]

Buckingham [Floyd County]

Bucklick [Pike County]

Buckner [Oldham County]

Budtown [Bourbon County]

Buechel [Jefferson County]

Buel [McLean County]

Buena [Calloway County]

Buena Vista [Garrard County]

Buena Vista [Harrison County]

Buena Vista [Lewis County]

Buena Vista [Marshall County]

Buena Vista Estates [Lyon County]

Buffalo [Jackson County]

Buffalo [Johnson County]

Buffalo [Larue County]

Buffalo [Trigg County]

Buffalo Creek [Johnson County]

Buffalo Fork [Logan County]

Buford [Ohio County]

Bug [Clinton County]

Bugg [Hickman County]

Buggytown [Madison County]

Bugtussle [Monroe County]

Bulah [Hickman County]

Bulan [Perry County]

Bull Branch [Magoffin County]

Bull Creek [Floyd County]

Bullitt's [Jefferson County]

Bullittsville [Boone County]

Bumblebee [Lawrence County] (H)

Bummer [Rockcastle County]

Buncombe [Knott County]

Bunker Hill [Bourbon County]

Bunnell Crossing [Hart County]

Buras [Breckinridge County]

Burdick [Taylor County]

Burdine [Letcher County]

Burfield [Wayne County]

Burg [Magoffin County]

Burg [Morgan County]

Burgess [Boyd County]

Burgin [Mercer County]

Burika [Robertson County]

Burk Hollow [Whitley County]

Burke [Elliott County]

Burkes Spring [Marion County]

Burkesville [Cumberland County]
Other names:
Cumberland Crossing

Burkhart [Wolfe County]

Burkley [Carlisle County]

Burlington [Boone County]

Burna [Livingston County]

Burnaugh [Boyd County]

Burnetta [Pulaski County]

Burning Fork [Magoffin County]

Burning Springs [Clay County]

Burnside [Pulaski County]

Burnwell [Pike County]

Burr [Rockcastle County]

Burton [Floyd County]

Burtonville [Lewis County]

Bush [Laurel County]

Bush's Store [Laurel County]

Bushong [Monroe County]

Bushtown [Mercer County]

Buskirk [Johnson County]

Buskirk [Morgan County]

Buskirk [Pike County]

Busseyville [Lawrence County]

Busy [Perry County]

Butchertown [Casey County]

Butler [Franklin County]

Butler [Logan County]

Butler [Pendleton County]

Butlersville [Allen County]

Buttenberry [McLean County]

Butterfly [Perry County]

Buttimer Hill [Franklin County]

Buttonsberry [McLean County]

Bybee [Clark County]

Bybee [Madison County]

Bypro [Floyd County]

Byron [Clay County]


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