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The Communities of Illinois (IL)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Babcock [Peoria County]

Babcock [Rock Island County]

Babson [Kane County]

Babylon [Fulton County]

Bachs Addition [Cook County]

Back of the Yards [Cook County]

Baden Baden [Bond County]

Bader [Schuyler County]

Bailey Falls [La Salle County] (H)

Baileyville [Ogle County]

Bainbridge [Williamson County]

Baker [La Salle County]

Baker [McLean County]

Bakers Acres [Kane County]

Bakers Crossroads [Williamson County]

Bakers Lane [Crawford County]

Bakerville [Jefferson County]

Bakerville [Logan County]

Balcom [Union County]

Bald Bluff [Henderson County]

Bald Mound [Kane County]

Baldwin [Cook County]

Baldwin [Greene County]

Baldwin [Randolph County]

Baldwin Beach [Mason County]

Baldwin Heights [Washington County]

Bales Lake [Iroquois County]

Ball [White County]

Ballard [McLean County]

Ballou [Will County]

Bancroft Corners [Lake County]

Bando [Sangamon County]

Banklick [Williamson County]

Banks [Cook County]

Bannister [Marion County]

Bannockburn [Lake County]

Barbers Corners [Will County]

Barclay [Sangamon County]

Barco [Madison County]

Bardolph [McDonough County]

Bargerville [Massac County]

Barlow Park [Vermilion County]

Barn Hill [Wayne County]

Barnard [Adams County]

Barnard Mill [McHenry County] (H)

Barnes [McLean County]

Barnett [Madison County]

Barnett [Montgomery County]

Barney Ford [Coles County]

Barnhill [Wayne County]

Barr [Cook County] (H)

Barr [Macoupin County]

Barr [Sangamon County]

Barr's Store [Macoupin County]

Barreville [McHenry County]

Barrington [Cook County]

Barrington Center [Cook County]

Barrington Center [Kane County]

Barrington Highlands [Lake County]

Barrington Hills [Cook County]

Barrington Square [Cook County]

Barrington Woods [Cook County]

Barrow [Greene County]

Barry [Pike County]

Barstow [Rock Island County]

Bartelso [Clinton County]

Bartlett [DuPage County]

Bartlett [Peoria County]

Bartley [Gallatin County]

Bartonville [Peoria County]

Barwells [Perry County]

Basco [Hancock County]

Batavia [Kane County]

Batavia Highlands [Kane County]

Batavia Junction [DuPage County]

Batchtown [Calhoun County]

Bates [Sangamon County]

Batestown [Vermilion County]

Bath [Mason County]

Baum [Greene County]

Bauman [Adams County]

Bay City [Pope County]

Bay Colony [Cook County]

Bay View Gardens [Woodford County]

Bayberry Ridge [Will County]

Bayle [Fayette County]

Bayle City [Fayette County]

Bayles Lake [Iroquois County]

Baylestown [Macoupin County]

Baylis [Pike County]

Baytown [Calhoun County]

Beach [Lake County]

Beach Bluff [Wayne County]

Beach Park [Lake County]

Beach Station [Lake County]

Beacon Hill [Cook County]

Beacon Hill [Lake County]

Beaconridge [Will County]

Beamington [Sangamon County]

Beard's Mine [Sangamon County]

Beardstown [Cass County]

Bearsdale [Macon County]

Beason [Logan County]

Beaty [Fulton County]

Beau Bien [DuPage County]

Beauchamp [Washington County]

Beaucoup [Washington County]

Beaver Creek [Bond County]

Beaver Creek [Lake County]

Beaver Valley [Cook County]

Beaverton [Boone County]

Beaverton Crossroads [Boone County]

Beaverville [Iroquois County]

Beckemeyer [Clinton County]

Becks Park [Cook County]

Beckwith [Vermilion County]

Bedford [Pike County]

Bedford Park [Cook County]

Bee Creek [Pike County]

Beech Ridge [Alexander County]

Beecher [Will County]

Beecher City [Effingham County]

Beechville [Calhoun County]

Beeler Terrace [Vermilion County]

Bel Air Gardens [Cook County]

Belden [McHenry County]

Belgium [Vermilion County]

Belgium Row [Vermilion County]

Belgravia Terrace [Cook County]

Belknap [Johnson County]

Bell [Logan County]

Bell Ridge [Edgar County]

Bellair [Crawford County]

Bellbrook [Will County]

Belle Flower [McLean County]

Belle Plain [Marshall County]

Belle Prairie [Hamilton County]

Belle Prairie City [Hamilton County]

Belle Rive [Jefferson County]

Belleview [Calhoun County]

Belleville [Saint Clair County]

Bellevue [Peoria County]

Bellevue Park [Saint Clair County]

Bellflower [McLean County]

Bellmont [Wabash County]

Belltown [Greene County]

Bellwood [Cook County]
Other names:
Bellwood village

Belmont [Cook County]

Belmont [DuPage County]

Belmont [Iroquois County]

Belmont Cragin [Cook County]

Belmont Park [Cook County]

Belmont Road [DuPage County]

Belmont Village [Madison County]

Belt Crossing [Cook County]

Beltrees [Jersey County]

Belvidere [Boone County]

Beman [Lawrence County]

Bement [Piatt County]

Bender [Johnson County] (H)

Benedale Green [DuPage County]

Benevolent Heights [Saint Clair County]

Benjaminville [McLean County] (H)

Benld [Macoupin County]

Bennett [Vermilion County]

Bennett Landing [Union County]

Bennington [Edwards County]

Bensenville [DuPage County]

Benson [Woodford County]

Bentley [Hancock County]

Benton [Franklin County]

Benton [Lake County]

Benton City Park [Franklin County]

Benton Park [Franklin County]

Bentown [McLean County]

Benville [Brown County]

Berdan [Greene County]

Bergen [Boone County]

Berger [Cook County]

Berkeley [Cook County]

Berkeley Cottages [Cook County]

Berkley Square [Cook County]

Berlin [Sangamon County]

Bernadotte [Fulton County] (H)

Bernice [Cook County]

Berry [Sangamon County]

Berryville [Richland County]

Berryville [Union County]

Berwick [Warren County]

Berwyn [Cook County]

Beryton [Cass County]

Bessie [Franklin County]

Bethalto [Madison County]

Bethany [Moultrie County]

Bethel [Clay County] (H)

Bethel [Jackson County]

Bethel [Morgan County]

Bethel [Vermilion County]

Bethlehem [Effingham County]

Betz [Massac County]

Beulah Heights [Saline County]

Beven [Grundy County]

Beverly [Adams County]

Beverly [Cook County]

Beverly Hills [Cook County]

Beverly Junction [Cook County]

Beverly Manor [Tazewell County]

Bible Grove [Clay County]

Biddleborn [Washington County]

Big Bay [Massac County]

Big Cut [Carroll County]

Big Foot Prairie [McHenry County]

Big Hollow [Lake County]

Big Rock [Kane County]

Big Run Acres [Cook County]

Big Woods [DuPage County] (H)

Biggs [Mason County]

Biggsville [Henderson County]

Bigneck [Adams County]

Billett [Lawrence County]

Bingham [Fayette County]

Binghampton [Lee County]

Bingman Station [White County]

Binney [Madison County]

Binnie Hills [Kane County]

Binnie Lakes [Kane County]

Birch Island [Calhoun County]

Birch Pond [Cook County]

Birchwood [Cook County]

Bird's Bridge [Will County]

Birds [Lawrence County]

Birds [Will County]

Birkbeck [De Witt County]

Birkner [Saint Clair County]

Birmingham [Schuyler County]

Bishop [Mason County]

Bishop Hill [Henry County]

Bishops Ridge [Lake County]

Bismarck [Vermilion County]

Bismark [Peoria County]

Bissell [Sangamon County]

Bixby [Saint Clair County]

Bixby [Vermilion County]

Black [Edwards County]

Blackberry [Kane County]

Blackberry Acres [Kane County]

Blackberry Heights [Kane County]

Blackberry Woods [Kane County]

Blackburn [Christian County]

Blackcrest [Winnebago County]

Blackhawk [Carroll County]

Blackhawk Estates [Will County]

Blackhawk Heights [DuPage County]

Blackhawk Island [Winnebago County]

Blackland [Macon County]

Blacks [Adams County]

Blackstone [Livingston County]

Blaine [Boone County]

Blair [Livingston County]

Blair [Randolph County]

Blairsville [Hamilton County]

Blairsville [Williamson County]

Blakes [La Salle County]

Blanding [Jo Daviess County]

Blandinsville [McDonough County]

Block [Champaign County]

Blodgett [Lake County]

Blodgett [Will County]

Bloom [Cook County]

Bloomfield [Adams County]

Bloomfield [Edgar County]

Bloomfield [Johnson County]

Bloomfield [Scott County]

Bloomfield Village [Will County]

Bloomfield West [Will County]

Bloomingdale [DuPage County]

Bloomington [McLean County]

Bloomington Heights [McLean County]

Blossom Hill [McHenry County]

Blount [Vermilion County]

Blue Fountain [Madison County]

Blue Grass [Vermilion County] (H)

Blue Island [Cook County]

Blue Island Junction [Cook County]

Blue Mound [Macon County]

Blue Point [Effingham County]

Blue Point [Wayne County]

Blue Ridge [Piatt County]

Blueville [Christian County]

Bluff City [Fayette County]

Bluff City [Schuyler County]

Bluff Dale [Greene County]

Bluff Hall [Adams County]

Bluff Junction [Madison County]

Bluff Springs [Cass County]

Bluff View Park [Saint Clair County]

Bluffs [Scott County]

Bluffside [Saint Clair County]

Bluford [Jefferson County]

Blyton [Fulton County]

Boaz [Massac County]

Bobtown [Menard County]

Boden [Mercer County]

Bodmann [Piatt County]

Bogan Manor [Cook County]

Bogan's [Effingham County]

Bogota [Jasper County]

Bohemian California [Cook County]

Bohleysville [Saint Clair County]

Bois [Washington County]

Boles [Johnson County]

Boling Green [Will County]

Bolingbrook [Will County]

Bolivia [Christian County]

Bolton [Stephenson County]

Bond [Sangamon County]

Bondville [Champaign County]

Bone Gap [Edwards County]

Bonfield [Kankakee County]

Bongard [Champaign County]

Bonnie [Jefferson County]

Bonnie [Kane County]
Other names:
Bonnie Valley

Bonnie Brea [Will County]

Bonus [Boone County]

Boody [Macon County]

Boos [Jasper County]

Boos Station [Jasper County]

Booster Station [Saint Clair County]

Boothby [Franklin County]

Booths [Grundy County]

Borton [Edgar County]

Borton Junction [Edgar County]

Boschome [Lake County]

Boskydell [Jackson County]

Boula [Will County]

Boulder [Clinton County]

Boulder Hill [Kendall County]

Bourbon [Douglas County]

Bourbonais [Bureau County] (H)

Bourbonnais [Kankakee County]

Bourbonnais rove [Kankakee County]

Bowen [Hancock County]

Bowes [Kane County]

Bowes Bend [Kane County]

Bowlesville [Gallatin County] (H)

Bowling Green [Woodford County] (H)

Bowman [Edgar County]

Bowman [Jersey County] (H)

Bowman Ford [Cumberland County]

Bowmanville [Cook County]

Bowyer [Richland County]

Boxtown [Monroe County]

Boyd [Jefferson County]

Boyd Ford [Coles County]

Boyle [Greene County]

Boyleston [Wayne County]

Boynton [Tazewell County]

Braceville [Grundy County]

Bradbury [Cumberland County]

Bradbury Station [Cumberland County]

Braden [Hamilton County]

Bradford [Sangamon County]

Bradford [Stark County]

Bradford Place [Will County]

Bradfordton [Sangamon County]

Bradley [Grundy County]

Bradley [Jackson County] (H)

Bradley [Kankakee County]

Bradley [Tazewell County]

Braeside [Lake County]

Braidwood [Will County]

Brainerd [Cook County]

Branch [Saint Clair County]

Branch Junction [Marion County]

Branding [Calhoun County]

Brandywine [DuPage County]

Brayfield [Franklin County]

Brayson [La Salle County]

Breck [Sangamon County]

Breckenridge [Hancock County]

Breckenridge [Sangamon County]

Breckenridge Estates [Will County]

Breeds [Fulton County]

Breese [Clinton County]

Bremen [Jo Daviess County]

Bremen [Randolph County]

Brentwood [Cook County]

Brereton [Fulton County]

Brettwood [Macon County]

Brewer [Vermilion County]

Brewster [Pike County]

Brewster Heights [Winnebago County]

Briar Bluff [Henry County]

Briar Gate [Kane County]

Briar Hill [Kane County]

Briar Hill [Saint Clair County]

Briarbrook Village [DuPage County]

Briarcliffe [DuPage County]

Briarwood [Ogle County]

Briarwood Glen [Cook County]

Brickton [La Salle County]

Bricktown [Cook County]

Bridge Junction [Pulaski County]

Bridge Junction [Saint Clair County]

Bridge Junction [Tazewell County]

Bridge Junction [Will County]

Bridgeport [Cook County]

Bridgeport [Knox County] (H)

Bridgeport [Lawrence County]

Bridgeport [Scott County] (H)

Bridgeport Ferry [Knox County]

Bridgeview [Cook County]

Bridgewater [Greene County]

Bridgeway Addition [Rock Island County]

Bridlewood Lane [Cook County]

Bridlewoods [Lake County]

Briergate [Lake County]

Briergate Station [Lake County]

Brierwoods [Lake County]

Briggs [Mason County]

Briggs Landing [Schuyler County]

Briggsville [Henderson County]

Bright Oaks [McHenry County]

Brighton [Macoupin County]

Brighton Lakes [Will County]

Brighton Park [Cook County]

Brimfield [Peoria County]

Brinksburg [Jo Daviess County] (H)

Brisbane [Will County]

Briscoe [Clark County]

Bristol [Effingham County] (H)

Bristol [Kendall County]

Bristol Heights [Will County]

Bristol Lake [Kendall County]

Bristol Ridge [Kendall County]

Bristol Station [Kendall County]

Broadlands [Champaign County]

Broadmoor [Marshall County]

Broadview [Cook County]

Broadway [Winnebago County]

Broadwell [Logan County]

Brock [Kankakee County]

Brockdale Manor [Cook County]

Brocton [Edgar County]

Brokaw [McLean County]

Broken Arrow [Will County]

Bronson [Vermilion County]

Bronzeville [Cook County]

Brook Crossings Estates [Will County]

Brook Forest [DuPage County]

Brook Lawn [Henry County]

Brookdale [Cook County]

Brookeridge [DuPage County]

Brookfield [Cook County]

Brookforest North [Will County]

Brookhaven [Whiteside County]

Brookhill [Lake County]

Brookline [Cook County]

Brookline Park [Cook County]

Brooklyn [Massac County]

Brooklyn [Saint Clair County]

Brooklyn [Saline County]

Brooklyn [Schuyler County]

Brookport [Massac County]

Brooks [Madison County]

Brooks Isle [Ogle County]

Brookside [Kane County]

Brookside [Will County]

Brookside Estates [Cook County]

Brookview [Peoria County]

Brookville [Jasper County]

Brookville [Ogle County]

Brookville [Vermilion County]

Brookwood [Cook County]

Brookwood Estates [Will County]

Brothers [Vermilion County]

Brothers Station [Vermilion County]

Broughton [Hamilton County]

Brown's [Wabash County]

Brownfield [Pope County]

Browning [Schuyler County]

Browns [Edwards County]

Browns Crossing [Sangamon County]

Browns Mill [Stephenson County]

Brownsport [White County] (H)

Brownstown [Fayette County]

Brownsville [White County]

Brownton [Morgan County] (H)

Brownwood [Tazewell County] (H)

Brubaker [Marion County]

Bruce [Moultrie County]

Brunning [Will County]

Brunswick [Shelby County]

Brush Point [DeKalb County] (H)

Brushy Fork [Douglas County]

Brussels [Calhoun County]

Bryant [Fulton County]

Bryce [Iroquois County]

Bryden [Jackson County]

Bryn Mawr [Cook County]

Bryn Mawr [DuPage County]

Buckeye [Fulton County]

Buckeye [Stephenson County]

Buckhart [Sangamon County]

Buckhorn [Brown County]

Buckhorn Corners [Stephenson County]

Buckingham [Kankakee County]

Buckley [Iroquois County]

Buckner [Franklin County]

Bucks [De Witt County]

Bucktown [Vermilion County]

Buda [Bureau County]

Budd [Livingston County]

Buena Park [Cook County]

Buena Vista [Saline County]

Buena Vista [Stephenson County]

Buffalo [Sangamon County]

Buffalo Grove [Lake County]

Buffalo Grove [Ogle County]

Buffalo Hart [Sangamon County]

Buffalo Prairie [Rock Island County]

Bull Creek [Lake County]

Bull Valley [McHenry County]

Bulldog Crossing [Macon County]

Bulpitt [Christian County]

Bumpus [Jefferson County]

Buncombe [Johnson County]

Bungay [Hamilton County]

Bunje [Bond County]

Bunker Hill [Macoupin County]

Bunkum [Saint Clair County]

Bunsenville [Vermilion County]

Burbank [Cook County]

Bureau Junction [Bureau County]
Other names:

Bureau Siding [Lee County]

Burgess [Mercer County]

Burgess Junction [La Salle County]

Burke [Carroll County]

Burksville [Monroe County]

Burksville Station [Monroe County]

Burlingame [Cass County]

Burlington [Kane County]

Burlington Junction [Cook County]

Burnett [Bureau County]

Burnham [Cook County]

Burnham Mill [Kane County]

Burnham Place [Cook County]

Burnham Point [Will County]

Burning Tree [Kane County]

Burns [McLean County]

Burnside [Cook County]

Burnside [Hancock County]

Burnside [Knox County] (H)

Burnside Crossing [Cook County]

Burnt Prairie [White County]

Burr Oak [Cook County]

Burr Oak Acres [Winnebago County]

Burr Oaks [Will County]

Burr Ridge [Cook County]

Burrowsville [Piatt County]

Burt [Tazewell County]

Burton [Adams County]

Burton View [Logan County]

Burtons Bridge [McHenry County]

Burtonview [Logan County]

Busenville [Vermilion County]

Bush [Williamson County]

Bush - Hurst [Williamson County]

Bushnell [McDonough County]

Bushs Corners [Lake County]

Bushton [Coles County]

Butler [Montgomery County]

Butterfield [DuPage County]

Butterfield West [DuPage County]

Buttonwood [Cook County]

Butts [Kankakee County]

Buxton [Clinton County]

Buzzville [Mason County]

Bybee [Fulton County]

Byerton [Calhoun County]

Byron [Ogle County]

Byron Hills [Rock Island County]

Byron Hills Estates [Ogle County]


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