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The Communities of Illinois (IL)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

L'Erable [Iroquois County]

La Clede [Fayette County]

La Crosse [Hancock County]

La Fayette [Stark County]

La Fontaine [Cook County]

La Fox [Kane County]

La Grange [Brown County]

La Grange [Cook County]

La Grange Highlands [Cook County]

La Grange Park [Cook County]

La Harpe [Hancock County]

La Hogue [Iroquois County]

La Moille [Bureau County]

La Pier
See: Altona

La Place [Piatt County]

La Prairie [Adams County]

La Rose [Marshall County]

La Rue [Union County]

La Salle [La Salle County]

La Salle - Peru [La Salle County]

La Salle Junction [Bureau County]

La Vingnes Acres [Cook County]

LaClair [DeKalb County]

LaHogue [Ford County]

LaPlace [Macon County]

LaVergne [Cook County]

Lace [DuPage County]

Lacon [Marshall County]

Ladd [Bureau County]

Ladd Junction [Bureau County]

Lafayette [Randolph County]

Lafox [Kane County]

Laguna Woods [Cook County]

Lake [Kankakee County]

Lake [Saint Clair County]

Lake Barrington [Lake County]

Lake Benton [Franklin County]

Lake Bluff [Lake County]

Lake Bracken [Knox County]

Lake Briarwood [Cook County]

Lake Camelot [Peoria County]

Lake Carlinville [Macoupin County]

Lake Carroll [Carroll County]

Lake Catherine [Lake County]

Lake Centralia [Marion County]

Lake Charleston [Coles County]

Lake Charlotte [Kane County]

Lake City [Moultrie County]

Lake Corner [Lake County]

Lake Creek [Franklin County]

Lake Creek [Williamson County]

Lake Crest [Williamson County]

Lake Erie Junction [Tazewell County]

Lake Estates [Williamson County]

Lake Forest [Lake County]

Lake Fork [Logan County]

Lake Holiday [DeKalb County]

Lake Iroquois [Iroquois County]

Lake Ka-Ho village
See: Lake Ka-ho

Lake Ka-ho [Macoupin County]
Other names:
Lake Ka-Ho village

Lake Killarney [McHenry County]

Lake Lancelot [Peoria County]

Lake Lawrence [Lawrence County]

Lake Lynwood [Cook County]

Lake Marie [Lake County]

Lake Marion [Marion County]

Lake Meadows [Cook County]

Lake Pana [Christian County]

Lake Park [Cook County]

Lake Park Estates [Cook County]

Lake Park Forest [Cook County]

Lake Petersburg [Menard County]

Lake Piasa [Jersey County]

Lake Side [Cook County]

Lake Siding [Saint Clair County]

Lake Summerset [Winnebago County]

Lake Tacoma [Williamson County]

Lake Thunderbird [Putnam County]

Lake View Highlands [Lake County]

Lake Villa [Lake County]

Lake Wildwood [Marshall County]

Lake Zurich [Lake County]

Lake Zurich Estates [Lake County]

Lake Zurich Heights [Lake County]

Lake Zurich Highlands [Lake County]

Lake Zurich Manor [Lake County]

Lake in the Woods [DuPage County]

Lake of the Winds [Cook County]

Lake of the Woods [Champaign County]

Lake of the Woods [Peoria County]

Lake of the Woods [Will County]

Lake-in-the-Hills [McHenry County]

Lakecrest [Montgomery County]

Lakeland Hills [Saint Clair County]

Lakeland Park [McHenry County]

Lakemoor [McHenry County]

Lakeshire [Cook County]

Lakeside Knolls [Montgomery County]

Laketown [Sangamon County]

Lakeview [Cook County]

Lakeview [Madison County]

Lakeview Acres [Madison County]

Lakeview Heights [Wayne County]

Lakewood [Cook County]

Lakewood [DuPage County]

Lakewood [Madison County]

Lakewood [Mason County]

Lakewood [McHenry County]

Lakewood [Shelby County]

Lakewood Estates [Lake County]

Lakewood Estates [Will County]

Lakewood Falls [Will County]

Lakewood Park [Williamson County]

Lakewood Ridge [Will County]

Lakewood Shores [Will County]

Lakewood Village [Kane County]

Lamb [Hardin County]

Lambert [Cook County]

Lamone Village [McDonough County]

Lamplighter [McLean County]

Lanark [Carroll County]

Lancaster [Lake County]

Lancaster [Peoria County]

Lancaster [Wabash County]

Lancasterville [Lake County]

Landers [Cook County]

Landes [Crawford County]

Landwehr Estates [Cook County]

Lane [De Witt County]

Lane Acres [Coles County]

Lane Park [Cook County]

Lanesville [Sangamon County]

Langham [Grundy County]

Langley [Bureau County]

Langleyville [Christian County]

Lansdowne [Saint Clair County]

Lansing [Cook County]

Lanton [Moultrie County]

Laprairie Center [Marshall County]

Larchland [Warren County]

Larkdale [Lake County]

Larkdale [Macon County]

Larkins Pointe [Will County]

Lass [Whiteside County]

Latham [Logan County]

Latham [Winnebago County]

Latham Park [Winnebago County]

Latona [Jasper County]

Laudymat Terrace [Cook County]

Laur [Jefferson County]

Laura [Peoria County]

Laurette [McLean County]

Law's Siding [Jo Daviess County]

Lawler [Gallatin County]

Lawn Ridge [Marshall County]

Lawndale [Logan County]

Lawrence [McHenry County]

Lawrenceville [Lawrence County]

Lawrenceville Junction [Lawrence County]

Layfield [Perry County]

Layton [Schuyler County]

Le Moyne [Cook County]

Le Roy [McLean County]

LeClaire Courts [Cook County]

Lead Switch [Jo Daviess County]

Leaf River [Ogle County]

Leaman [Fulton County]

Leamington [Gallatin County]

Leanderville [Randolph County]

Leasure [Douglas County]

Lebanon [Saint Clair County]

Leclaire [Madison County]

Leda [Sangamon County]

Ledford [Saline County]

Lee [Lee County]

Lee Acres [Cook County]

Lee Center [Lee County]

Lee Woods [Cook County]

Leeds [La Salle County]

Leesburg [Fulton County]

Leesville [Kankakee County]

Lefton [Sangamon County]

Legal [Stephenson County]

Lehigh [Kankakee County]

Leisure City [Pope County]

Leisure Village [Lake County]

Leithton [Lake County]

Leland [La Salle County]

Leland Grove [Sangamon County]

Lemens [Monroe County]

Lementon [Saint Clair County]

Lemmon [Sangamon County] (H)

Lemont [Cook County]

Lena [Stephenson County]

Lenz [Saint Clair County]

Lenzburg [Saint Clair County]

Leon [Whiteside County]

Leon Corners [Whiteside County]

Leonard [Iroquois County]

Leonore [La Salle County]

Lerna [Coles County]

Leslie [Tazewell County]

Lester [Marion County]

Levee Siding [Pike County]

Level Acres [Henry County]

Levelview Acres [Cook County]

Leverett [Champaign County]

Levings [Pulaski County]

Lewis Corner [Pope County]

Lewisburg [Menard County]

Lewistown [Fulton County]

Lewood [Will County]

Lexington [Edwards County] (H)

Lexington [McLean County]

Liberty [Adams County]

Liberty [Cook County]

Liberty [Saline County]

Liberty [Tazewell County]

Liberty [White County]

Liberty Grove [Will County]

Liberty Hill [Cumberland County]

Liberty Lake [Lake County]

Liberty Park [DuPage County]

Liberty Prairie [Madison County]

Libertyville [Lake County]

Lick [Sangamon County]

Lick Creek [Union County]

Lidice [Will County]

Light House [Ogle County]

Lightsville [Ogle County]

Lilly [Tazewell County]

Lillyville [Cumberland County]

Lily Cache [Will County]

Lily Lake [Kane County]

Lilydale [Cook County]

Lilymoor [McHenry County]

Lima [Adams County]

Limerick [Bureau County]

Limestone [Kankakee County]

Limestone [Peoria County]

Lincoln [Logan County]

Lincoln Estates [Will County]

Lincoln Gardens [Madison County]

Lincoln Green [Johnson County]

Lincoln Heights [Lee County]

Lincoln Hills [Adams County]

Lincoln Hills [DuPage County]

Lincoln Park [Cook County]

Lincoln Square [Cook County] (H)

Lincolnshire [Lake County]

Lincolnshire [Will County]

Lincolnwood [Cook County]

Lincolnwood Hills [Will County]

Lindberg Park [Winnebago County]

Linden Park [Cook County]

Linden Ridge [Cook County]

Lindenhurst [Lake County]
Other names:
Lindenhurst village

Lindenhurst village
See: Lindenhurst

Lindenwood [Ogle County]

Linn [Wabash County]

Lintner [Piatt County]

Linview [Winnebago County]

Lioncrest [Cook County]

Lipsey [Coles County]

Lis [Jasper County]

Lisbon [Kendall County]

Lisbon Center [Kendall County]

Lisbon North [Grundy County]

Lisle [DuPage County]

Litchfield [Kankakee County]

Litchfield [Montgomery County]

Literberry [Morgan County]

Lithia [Shelby County]

Little America [Fulton County]

Little Hell [Cook County]

Little Indian [Cass County]

Little Ireland [McDonough County] (H)

Little Oklahoma [Whiteside County]

Little Rock [Kendall County]

Little Rock [La Salle County] (H)

Little Sicily [Cook County]

Little York [Warren County]

Littleton [Schuyler County]

Littleville [McLean County] (H)

Lively Grove [Washington County]

Liverpool [Fulton County]

Livingston [Clark County]

Livingston [Knox County]

Livingston [Madison County]

Llewellyn Park [Cook County]

Loami [Sangamon County]

Loceyville [Bureau County]

Loch Lomond [Lake County]

Lochanora [Lake County]

Lock Haven [Madison County]

Lockette [Vermilion County]

Lockhaven [Jersey County]

Lockport [Will County]

Lockport Heights [Will County]

Locks [Cook County]

Locust Grove [Franklin County] (H)

Loda [Iroquois County]

Lodemia [Livingston County]

Lodge [Piatt County]

Loding [Rock Island County]

Log Cabin Camp [Kankakee County]

Logan [Edgar County]

Logan [Franklin County]

Logan Square [Cook County]

Logansburgh [Wabash County] (H)

Logansport [Hamilton County] (H)

Lomax [Henderson County]

Lombard [DuPage County]

Lombard Tree [Cook County]

Lombardville [Stark County]

Lombardy [Stark County]

London Mills [Fulton County]

Lone Tree [Bureau County]

Lone Tree [Henderson County]

Lone Tree Corners [Bureau County]

Lonesome Acres [Winnebago County]

Long Branch [Mason County]

Long Branch [Saline County]

Long Creek [Macon County]

Long Grove [Lake County]

Long Grove Valley [Lake County]

Long Lake [Lake County]

Long Lake [Madison County]

Long Meadow [DuPage County]

Long Point [Livingston County]

Long Prairie [Wayne County]

Long Run Acres [Will County]

Long Run Creek [Will County]

Long Shore Park [Peoria County]

Longgrove [Lake County]

Longview [Champaign County]

Longview Estates [Kane County]

Longview Place [Macon County]

Longwood [Cook County]

Longwood Farms [Cook County]

Loogootee [Fayette County]

Lookout Point [McHenry County]

Loon Lake [Lake County]

Loop [Cook County]

Loop Station [Cook County]

Loose Pulley Junction [Ogle County]

Loraine [Adams County]

Loran [Stephenson County]

Lorenzo [Will County]

Loretto [Livingston County]

Lorraine Park [DuPage County]

Lost Ant
See: Lostant

Lost Nation [Ogle County]

Lostant [La Salle County]
Other names:
Lost Ant

Lotus [Champaign County]

Lotus Woods [Lake County]

Lou Del [Monroe County]

Louden City [Fayette County]

Louis [Clay County]

Louisville [Clay County]

Lourds [Woodford County]

Love [Bureau County]

Lovejoy [Saint Clair County]

Loveless [Macoupin County]

Loves Corner [Hardin County]

Loves Park [Winnebago County]

Lovilla [Hamilton County]

Lovington [Moultrie County]

Low Point [Woodford County]

Lowder [Sangamon County]

Lowell [La Salle County]

Lower Hills [Hamilton County]

Lower Peoria [Tazewell County]

Lower West Side [Cook County]

Lowpoint [Woodford County]

Loxa [Coles County]

Loyd [Menard County]

Ltona [Jasper County]

Lucas [Logan County]

Ludlow [Champaign County]

Lumaghi Heights [Madison County]

Lusk [Pope County]

Luther [Mason County]

Lutz Spur [Fayette County]

Lynchburg [Jefferson County] (H)

Lyndon [Whiteside County]

Lynn [Henry County]

Lynn Center [Henry County]

Lynn Gardens [Kankakee County]

Lynnville [Morgan County]

Lynnwood [Cook County]

Lynnwood [Kendall County]

Lynwood [Cook County]

Lynwood [Kendall County]

Lyons [Cook County]

Lyons [Vermilion County]

Lytleville [McLean County] (H)


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