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The Communities of Illinois (IL)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Pacesetter Park [Cook County]

Pacific [Cook County]

Pacific Junction [Cook County]

Packingtown [Cook County]

Paderborn [Saint Clair County]

Padua [McLean County]

Paines Point [Ogle County]

Paineville [Williamson County]

Paisley Corners [Bond County]

Pait [Madison County]

Palatine [Cook County]

Palermo [Edgar County]

Palestine [Crawford County]

Palisades [DuPage County]

Palm Beach [Lake County]

Palmer [Christian County]

Palmerton [Cass County]

Palmyra [Lee County]

Palmyra [Macoupin County]

Palo Alto [Hamilton County]

Paloma [Adams County]

Palos Gardens [Cook County]

Palos Heights [Cook County]

Palos Hills [Cook County]

Palos Park [Cook County]

Palos Westgate [Cook County]

Palzo [Williamson County]

Pana [Christian County]

Panama [Montgomery County]

Pankeyville [Saline County]

Panola [Woodford County]

Panola Station [Woodford County]

Panorama Hills [Clinton County]

Panorama Valley [Winnebago County]

Papineau [Iroquois County]

Paradise [Coles County]

Parcville [De Witt County]

Paris [Edgar County]

Park City [Lake County]

Park Forest [Cook County]

Park Forest South [Cook County]

Park Hill [Lake County]

Park Hills [Effingham County]

Park Lane [Kankakee County]

Park Manor [Cook County]

Park Meadows [Cook County]

Park Place [Will County]

Park Ridge [Cook County]

Park Row [Cook County]

Parker [Johnson County]

Parker City [Johnson County] (H)

Parkersburg [Richland County]

Parkfield Terrace [Saint Clair County]

Parkhome [Cook County]

Parkland [Tazewell County]

Parkside [Cook County]

Parkview [Douglas County]

Parkville [Champaign County]

Parkway [Cook County]

Parkwood [Kane County]

Parkwood Village [Cook County]

Parnell [De Witt County]

Parrish [Franklin County]

Partridge Hill [Cook County]

Pasfield [Sangamon County]

Passport [Richland County]

Pasturefield [Lawrence County]

Patoka [Marion County]

Patterson [Greene County]

Patterson Heights [Madison County]

Patterson Springs [Douglas County]

Pattersons [Will County]

Patton [Clark County]

Patton [Wabash County]

Pattonsburg [Marshall County]

Pauline [Champaign County]

Paulton [Williamson County]

Pavillion [Kendall County]

Pavinita [Will County]

Paw Paw [Lee County]

Pawnee [Sangamon County]

Pawnee Junction [Sangamon County]

Paxton [Ford County]

Payne [Edgar County]

Paynes Point [Ogle County]

Payson [Adams County]

Paytonville [Grundy County]

Peabody [Sangamon County]

Pearl [Pike County]

Pearl City [Stephenson County]

Pebble Beach [Grundy County]

Pebble Creek [Will County]

Pecatonica [Winnebago County]

Peerless [Will County]

Pegram [Greene County]

Pekin [Tazewell County]

Pekin Heights [Tazewell County]

Pekin Junction [Tazewell County]

Pellonia [Massac County]

Pellville [Vermilion County]

Pembroke [Kankakee County]

Penfield [Champaign County]

Pennington Point [McDonough County]

Pennock [Cook County]

Penny Oaks [McDonough County]

Penock [Cook County]

Penrose [Whiteside County]

Peoria [Peoria County]

Peoria Heights [Peoria County]

Peotone [Will County]

Pepper Tree [Cook County]

Pepper Tree [Will County]

Pequot [Grundy County]

Percy [Randolph County]

Perdueville [Ford County]

Perkins [Pope County] (H)

Perks [Pulaski County]

Perry [Jackson County]

Perry [Pike County]

Perry Springs Station [Brown County]

Perryville [Winnebago County]

Pershing [Franklin County]

Persifer [Knox County]

Peru [La Salle County]

Pery Springs [Pike County]

Pesotum [Champaign County]

Peters [Madison County]

Peters Creek [Hardin County]

Petersburg [Lawrence County]

Petersburg [Menard County]

Petersburg [Saint Clair County]

Peterstown [La Salle County]

Petersville [Mercer County]

Peterville [Mason County]

Petite Lake [Lake County]

Petrolia [Lawrence County]

Pharoah's Gardens [Williamson County]

Pharoahs Gardens [Johnson County]

Pheasant Chase [Will County]

Pheasant Creek [Cook County]

Pheasant Knolls [Lake County]

Pheasant Landing [Will County]

Pheasant Ridge [Will County]

Pheasant Run [Kane County]

Phelps [Saint Clair County]

Phelps [Warren County]

Philadelphia [Cass County]

Phillippe [Cook County]

Phillips [Fulton County]

Phillips Ferry [Scott County]

Phillipstown [White County]

Philo [Champaign County]

Phinney [Champaign County]

Phoenix [Cook County]

Piankashawtown [Edwards County] (H)

Piasa [Macoupin County]

Piasa Bluffs [Jersey County]

Piasa Hills [Madison County]

Piatt [Piatt County]

Picadilly Terrace [DuPage County]

Picardy [Will County]

Picardy Circle [Cook County]

Pierceburg [Crawford County]

Pierces Park [Cook County]

Pierceville [DeKalb County]

Pierron [Bond County]

Pierson [Piatt County]

Pierson Station [Piatt County]

Piety Hill [La Salle County]

Pigeon [Jefferson County] (H)

Pike [Pike County]

Pike Station [Pike County]

Pilot [Vermilion County]

Pilot Center [Kankakee County] (H)

Pilsen [Cook County]

Pin Oak [Wayne County]

Pinckneyville [Perry County]

Pine Creek [Ogle County]

Pine Grove [Cook County]

Pine Grove [Grundy County]

Pine Hills Estates [Will County]

Pine Lake Circle [Lake County]

Pine Manor [Winnebago County]

Pine Meadow [Will County]

Pine Meadow Estates [Grundy County]

Pine Needle [Will County]

Pine Valley [Lake County]

Pine View [Kane County]

Pinecrest [Will County]

Pinehurst Manor [Cook County]

Pinelands [Kane County]

Pineview Hills [Will County]

Pingree Grove [Kane County]

Pinhook [Fayette County] (H)

Pink Prairie [Henry County]

Pinkstaff [Lawrence County]

Pioneer [Peoria County]

Piopolis [Hamilton County]

Piper City [Ford County]

Pisgah [Morgan County]

Pistakee [McHenry County]

Pistakee Bay [McHenry County]

Pistakee Heights [Lake County]

Pistakee Highlands [McHenry County]

Pistakee Hills [McHenry County]

Pistaqua Heights [Lake County]

Pitcherville [Jo Daviess County] (H)

Pitchin [Iroquois County]

Pittsburg [Fayette County]

Pittsburg [Saint Clair County]

Pittsburg [Williamson County]

Pittsfield [Pike County]

Pittsfield Junction [Pike County]

Pittwood [Iroquois County]

Placerdale [Cook County]

Plaines [Will County]

Plainfield [Jasper County]

Plainfield [Will County]

Plainsman Terrace [Will County]

Plainview [Macoupin County]

Plainville [Adams County]

Plano [Kendall County]

Plantation [Will County]

Plato [Iroquois County]

Plato Center [Kane County]

Plato Corners [Kane County]

Plattville [Kendall County]

Playfield [Cook County]

Plaza [Saint Clair County]

Pleak [Shelby County]

Pleak's Corner [Shelby County]

Pleasant Dale [Cook County]

Pleasant Grove [Johnson County]

Pleasant Hill [DuPage County]

Pleasant Hill [Jo Daviess County] (H)

Pleasant Hill [McLean County]

Pleasant Hill [Pike County]

Pleasant Hills [Cook County]

Pleasant Knoll [Will County]

Pleasant Mound [Bond County]

Pleasant Plains [Sangamon County]

Pleasant Ridge [Fulton County] (H)

Pleasant Ridge [Madison County]

Pleasant Run [Cook County]

Pleasant Valley [Jo Daviess County]

Pleasant Valley Mills [McDonough County]

Pleasant View [Schuyler County]

Plum Grove Hills [Cook County]

Plum Grove Village [Cook County]

Plum Grove Woods [Cook County]

Plum Hill [Washington County]

Plum River [Jo Daviess County]

Plumfield [Franklin County]

Plymouth [Hancock County]

Poag [Madison County]

Pocahontas [Bond County]

Poco [Pope County]

Pocock [Montgomery County]

Poe [Monroe County]

Pohaten [Wabash County] (H)

Point Pleasant [Jasper County]

Point West [DuPage County]

Poland [Randolph County]

Polk [Will County]

Polo [Ogle County]

Polsgrove [Carroll County]

Pomeroy [Mercer County]

Pomona [Jackson County]

Pond [Johnson County]

Ponds [Lake County]

Ponds of Plainfield [Will County]

Ponemah [Warren County]

Pontiac [Livingston County]

Pontiac [Saint Clair County]

Pontiac Junction [Livingston County]

Pontiac Station [Saint Clair County]

Pontoon Beach [Madison County]

Pontoosuc [Hancock County]

Poplar City [Mason County]

Poplar Creek [Cook County]

Poplar Grove [Boone County]

Poplar Grove [Rock Island County]

Poplar Ridge [Jackson County]

Poplar Ridge [Will County]

Port Barrington [Lake County]
Other names:
Port Barrington village

Port Barrington village
See: Port Barrington

Port Byron [Rock Island County]

Port Byron Junction [Rock Island County]

Port Jackson [Crawford County]

Port Ridge [Will County]

Portage [Jo Daviess County]

Portage Curve Junction [Jo Daviess County]

Portage Park [Cook County]

Porterfield [Marshall County]

Porterville [Crawford County]

Portland [Franklin County]

Portland [Whiteside County]

Portland Corners [Whiteside County]

Portuguese Hill [Morgan County]

Posen [Cook County]

Posen [Washington County]

Posen Junction [Cook County]

Posey [Clinton County]

Post Oak [Fayette County]

Potomac [Vermilion County]

Potosi [Livingston County]

Pottawattamie Hills [Cook County]

Pottstown [Peoria County]

Pottsville [Union County]

Poverty Ridge [Fulton County]

Poverty Row [Cook County]

Powder Creek [Saint Clair County]

Powder Mill Woods [Saint Clair County]

Powellton [Hancock County]

Powerton [Tazewell County]

Prairie [Randolph County]

Prairie Avenue Courts [Cook County]

Prairie Center [La Salle County]

Prairie City [McDonough County]

Prairie Courts [Cook County]

Prairie Creek [Lake County]

Prairie Creek [Will County]

Prairie Green [DuPage County]

Prairie Grove [McHenry County]

Prairie Hall [Macon County]

Prairie Home [Shelby County]

Prairie Knoll [Will County]

Prairie Ponds [Will County]

Prairie Ridge [Cook County]

Prairie Ridge [Will County]

Prairie Shores [Cook County]

Prairie Trail [Will County]

Prairie View [Boone County]

Prairie View [Lake County]

Prairie du Pont [Saint Clair County]

Prairie du Rocher [Randolph County]
Other names:
Prairie du Rocher village

Prairie du Rocher village
See: Prairie du Rocher

Prairietown [Madison County]

Prairieview Estates [Ogle County]

Prairieville [Lee County]

Pratt [Whiteside County] (H)

Preemption [Mercer County]

Prentice [Morgan County]

Prestbury [Kane County]

Preston [Randolph County]

Preston Heights [Will County]

Prestonfield [Lake County]

Prestwick [Will County]

Price [Lawrence County]

Prickett [Madison County]

Prince Crossing [DuPage County]

Princeton [Bureau County]

Princeville [Peoria County]

Priscilla [La Salle County] (H)

Proctor [Ford County]

Progress [Union County]

Prophetstown [Whiteside County]

Prospect [Champaign County]

Prospect [Sangamon County]

Prospect Heights [Cook County]

Prospect Heights Addition [Fulton County]

Prospect Meadows [Cook County]

Prospect Park [Cook County]

Prospect Park [DuPage County]

Prospect Park [Saint Clair County]

Prosperity [Franklin County]

Prouty [Sangamon County]

Providence [Bureau County]

Provincetown [Cook County]

Provisio [Cook County]

Pruett [Fayette County]

Pryortown [Pulaski County]

Puder [Kankakee County]

Pujol [Randolph County]

Pulaski [Hancock County]

Pulaski [Pulaski County]

Pulleys Mill [Williamson County]

Pullman [Cook County]

Pullman Junction [Cook County]

Pureton [Richland County]

Purington [Cook County]

Put Creek [Fulton County]

Putnam [Putnam County]

Pyatts [Perry County]

Pyramid [Washington County]


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