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The Communities of Illinois (IL)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Raccoon [Marion County]

Raddle [Jackson County]

Raddleville [Jackson County]

Radford [Christian County]

Radio City
See: North Pekin

Radley [Lee County]

Radom [Washington County]

Radville [Tazewell County]

Rafetown [Jasper County]

Ragtown [McDonough County] (H)

Raib's [Saint Clair County]

Rainbow Gardens [Boone County]

Rainbow Hills [Kane County]

Raleigh [Saline County]

Rambling Hills [Lake County]

Rambling Hills East [Lake County]

Rambling Hills West [Lake County]

Ramona Place [Madison County]

Ramsey [Fayette County]

Ramsey Acres [Ogle County]

Ramsgate South [Cook County]

Randall Hills [Kane County]

Randall Park [Lake County]

Randolph [McLean County]

Randolph [Randolph County]

Range [Jefferson County]

Rankin [Saint Clair County]

Rankin [Vermilion County]

Ransom [La Salle County]

Rantoul [Champaign County]

Rapatee [Knox County]

Rapatee Station [Fulton County]

Rapids City [Rock Island County]

Rardin [Coles County]

Raritan [Henderson County]

Rasalthe [Livingston County]

Raum [Pope County]

Raven [Edgar County]

Ravens Wing [Lake County]

Ravenswood [Cook County]

Ravenswood Gardens [Cook County]

Ravenswood Manor [Cook County]

Ravenswood Place [Cook County]

Ravinia [Lake County]

Ravinia Park [Lake County]

Ravinia Park [Winnebago County]

Rawalts [Fulton County]

Rawson Bridge [McHenry County]

Ray [Schuyler County]

Raymond [Montgomery County]

Raynor Park [Will County]

Rayville [Vermilion County]

Reader [Macoupin County]

Reading [Livingston County]

Reardon [Jersey County]

Rectorville [Hamilton County] (H)

Red Bud [Randolph County]

Red Bud [Saline County] (H)

Red Haw Ridge [Cook County]

Red Oak [Stephenson County]

Red Oak Terrace [Lake County]

Red Top [Edwards County]

Reddick [Kankakee County]

Reddish [Jersey County]

Redgate Ridge [Kane County]

Redmon [Edgar County]

Reed [Henderson County]

Reed City [Peoria County]

Reed Crossing [La Salle County]

Reeders [Macoupin County] (H)

Reeds [Henderson County]

Reeds Crossing [Boone County] (H)

Reeds Station [Jackson County]

Rees [Morgan County]

Rees [Perry County]

Reevesville [Johnson County]

Reform [Jefferson County]

Regal Acres [Will County]

Regency Grove [DuPage County]

Regency Place [Cook County]

Regency Terrace [DuPage County]

Regent [Johnson County]

Regent Park [Cook County]

Reilly [Vermilion County]

Reily Lake [Randolph County]

Reinhard [La Salle County]

Relay Station [Saint Clair County]

Renault [Monroe County]

Renault Station [Monroe County]

Renchville [Peoria County]

Rend [Franklin County]

Rend City [Franklin County]

Rennerville [Shelby County]

Reno [Bond County]

Renolds [Union County]

Renshaw [Pope County]

Rentchler [Saint Clair County]

Reseda [Cook County]

Resthaven [Will County]

Reuters [Madison County]

Reynolds [Rock Island County]

Reynoldsburg [Johnson County]

Reynoldsville [Union County]

Rhodes [Cook County]

Rice [Jo Daviess County]

Rice [Perry County]

Richards [La Salle County]

Richards Park [Grundy County]

Richardson [Kane County]

Richfield [Adams County]

Richland [Cook County]

Richland [Sangamon County]

Richmond [McHenry County]

Richmond [Tazewell County]

Richton [Cook County]

Richton Hills [Cook County]

Richton Park [Cook County]

Richview [Washington County]

Richwoods [Crawford County]

Rickel [Henry County]

Riddle Hill [Sangamon County]

Riddleville [Crawford County]

Ridge Farm [Vermilion County]

Ridge Prairie [Saint Clair County]

Ridge Prairie Heights [Saint Clair County]

Ridgecrest [Grundy County]

Ridgecroft [Cook County]

Ridgefield [McHenry County]

Ridgeland [Cook County]

Ridgeland Lakes Estates [Will County]

Ridgely [Sangamon County]

Ridgemoor [DuPage County]

Ridgeville [Iroquois County]

Ridgewood [Cook County]

Ridgewood [Will County]

Ridgway [Gallatin County]

Ridott [Stephenson County]

Ridott Corners [Stephenson County]

Riehl [Madison County]

Riffle [Clay County]

Riggston [Scott County]

Riley [McHenry County]

Riley Center [McHenry County]

Rileyville [Saline County]

Rileyville [Williamson County]

Rinard [Wayne County]

Ringwood [McHenry County]

Rio [Knox County]

Riola [Vermilion County]

Ripley [Brown County]

Rising [Champaign County]

Rising Station [Champaign County]

Rising Sun [Pope County]

Rising Sun [White County]

Risk [Livingston County]

Ritchie [Will County]

River [Kankakee County]

River Branch Junction [Cook County]

River Edge Estates [Will County]

River Forest [Cook County]

River Forest [Winnebago County]

River Forest Junction [Cook County]

River Glen [Lake County]

River Glen [Will County]

River Grange Lakes [Kane County]

River Grove [Cook County]

River Grove [Winnebago County]

River Heights [Saline County]

River Incline [Saint Clair County]

River Junction [Cook County]

River Oaks [Will County]

River Oaks West [Will County]

River Park [Cook County]

River Ridge [Kendall County]

River Woods [Will County]

River Woods Estates [Will County]

Riverair [Madison County]

Riverbend [Will County]

Riverbrook Estates [Will County]

Rivercrest Estates [Will County]

Riverdale [Cook County]

Riverdale [Crawford County]

Riverdale [Greene County]

Riverdale [Winnebago County]

Rivermist [Will County]

Riverside [Cook County]

Riverside Island [Lake County]

Riverside Park [McHenry County]

Riverside at Ole Canton Farm [Will County]

Riverstream [McHenry County]

Riverton [Sangamon County]

Riverview [Carroll County]

Riverview [Cook County]

Riverview [Whiteside County]

Riverview Heights [Kendall County]

Riverwalk [Will County]

Riverwood Estates [Will County]

Riverwoods [Lake County]

Roaches [Jefferson County]

Roachtown [Saint Clair County]

Roanoke [Woodford County]

Robbins [Cook County]

Robbs [Pope County]

Robein [Tazewell County]

Roberts [Ford County]

Roberts Park [Cook County]

Robin Hill [Will County]

Robinson [Crawford County]

Robinson Creek [Shelby County]

Robinsons [Randolph County]

Robinwood [Johnson County]

Roby [Christian County]

Rochelle [Ogle County]

Rochester [Sangamon County]

Rochester [Wabash County]

Rock [Pope County]

Rock City [Stephenson County]

Rock Creek [Adams County]

Rock Creek [Hardin County]

Rock Falls [Whiteside County]

Rock Grove [Stephenson County]

Rock Island [Rock Island County]

Rock Island Arsenal [Rock Island County]

Rock Island Junction [Cook County]

Rock Run Park [Will County]

Rockbridge [Greene County]

Rockdale [Will County]

Rockdale Junction [Will County]

Rockefeller [Lake County]

Rockford [Winnebago County]

Rockport [Pike County]

Rockton [Winnebago County]

Rockville [Kankakee County]

Rockwell [La Salle County]

Rockwood [Randolph County]

Rocky Ford [Cumberland County]

Rodden [Jo Daviess County]

Rodemich [Saint Clair County]

Rodgersville [Williamson County]

Rogers Park [Cook County]

Rohrer [Morgan County]

Roland [White County]

Roland Station [White County]

Rolling Acres [Champaign County]

Rolling Acres [Peoria County]

Rolling Glen [Will County]

Rolling Green [Coles County]

Rolling Meadows [Cook County]

Rolling Meadows [McDonough County]

Rollins [Lake County]

Rollo [DeKalb County]

Rombury Oaks [Kane County]

Rome [Jefferson County]

Rome [Peoria County]

Rome Heights [Peoria County]

Romeo [Will County]

Romeoville [Will County]

Rondout [Lake County]

Roodhouse [Greene County]

Rooks Creek [Livingston County]

Rooney Heights [Will County]

Root Spring [McHenry County]

Roots [Randolph County]

Ropers Landing [Pope County]

Rosamond [Christian County]

Rosborough [Randolph County]

Roscoe [Winnebago County]

Roscoe Crossing [Winnebago County]

Rose Ford [Pope County]

Rose Hill [Cook County]

Rose Hill [DuPage County]

Rose Hill [Jasper County]

Rose Hill Farms [Will County]

Rose Lake [Saint Clair County]

Rose Lawn [Cook County]

Rosebud [Pope County]

Rosecrans [Lake County]

Rosedale [Jersey County]

Rosedale [Madison County]

Roseland [Cook County]

Roselle [DuPage County]

Rosemond [Christian County]

Rosemont [Cook County]

Rosemont [Saint Clair County]

Roseville [Warren County]

Rosewood [Jefferson County]

Rosewood [Madison County]

Rosewood Heights [Madison County]

Rosiclare [Hardin County]

Roslyn [Cumberland County]

Ross Grove [DeKalb County]

Rossville [Vermilion County]

Rossville Junction [Vermilion County]

Roth [Alexander County]

Round Barn [Champaign County]

Round Grove [Whiteside County]

Round House [Saint Clair County]

Round Knob [Massac County]

Round Lake [Lake County]

Round Lake Beach [Lake County]

Round Lake Heights [Lake County]

Round Lake Park [Lake County]

Round Prairie [Wayne County]

Rowe [Livingston County]

Rowell [De Witt County]

Roxana [Madison County]

Roxbury [Lee County]

Royal [Champaign County]

Royal Court [Cook County]

Royal Heights [Saint Clair County]

Royal Lake Resort [Bond County]

Royal Lake Resort [Clinton County]

Royal Lakes [Macoupin County]
Other names:
Royal Lakes village

Royal Lakes village
See: Royal Lakes

Royal Ridge [Cook County]

Royalton [Franklin County]

Royce Hill [Will County]

Rozetta [Henderson County]

Ruby [Winnebago County]

Rudement [Saline County]

Rue Vallee [Lake County]

Ruffled Feathers Golf Community [Cook County]

Rugby [Livingston County]

Ruma [Randolph County]

Rumpler [Vermilion County]

Rupe [Jefferson County]

Rural [Rock Island County]

Rural Hill [Hamilton County]

Rush [Jo Daviess County]

Rushville [Schuyler County]

Russell [Clay County]

Russell [Lake County]

Russellville [Boone County]

Russellville [Lawrence County]

Rust [Franklin County]

Rustic Acres [Rock Island County]

Rutherford [Champaign County]

Rutland [La Salle County]

Ryan [Vermilion County]


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