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A Gazetteer for the United States and Canada
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The Communities of
Alabama (AL)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 CaddoCenter RidgeCleveland FerryCosta (H)
 Cadillac Estates- Crenshaw CountyCleveland MeadowsCostilla (H)
 Cadle- Geneva CountyCleveland MillsCotaco
 Caffee Junction- Pike CountyClevelands FerryCotaco Ferry
 Cahaba (H)Center StarCliff HavenCotohaga Beat
 Cahaba CliffsCenter WestClift AcresCottage Grove
 Cahaba Commons   
 Cahaba CoveCentercrestCliftonCottage Hill
 Cahaba CrestCenterdale (H)- Limestone County (H)- Jefferson County
 Cahaba Heights - Wilcox County (H)- Mobile County
 Cahaba HillsCenterville - Saint Clair County
 Cahaba Landing- Bibb CountyClifty 
 Cahaba Oaks- Conecuh County Cottage Park Estates
 Cahaba River Estates- Cullman CountyClintonCotton
 Cahaba Valley Estates ClintonvilleCotton Hill
 Cahaba VillageCentral Cotton Ridge
  - Cullman CountyClioCotton Valley
 Cain Landing- Elmore CountyClisby ParkCotton's Store
 Cairo- Jackson CountyCloester Valley 
 Calcis CloptonCottondale
 CaldwellCentral CrossroadsClough- Houston County
 Caldwell FerryCentral HeightsClough's- Tuscaloosa County
 CalebeeCentral HighlandsClough's Store 
 CaledoniaCentral MillsClover HillCottonton
 CaleraCentral Park Highlands Cottontown
 Callahan - Jefferson County 
 CallistonCentre- Lauderdale CountyCottonwood
 CalumetCentre Hill- Mobile County- Henry County
 CalvaryCentre Ridge (H)- Montgomery County- Houston County
 CalvertCentre Star- Shelby County- Limestone County
 Camak Mills (H)Centreville- Tuscaloosa County 
 CambridgeCentreville Ferry Couch
 Cambridge EstatesCeramicCloverdale Heights 
 Camden CloverfieldCouncil Bluff
 Camden JunctionChadwickCloverlandCouncil Grove (H)
 Camden PlaceChalk Bluff Country
 Camellia ParkChalkvilleCloverleafCountry Acres
  Chalybeate Springs- Lee County 
 Camelot - Limestone CountyCountry Club Acres
 Camelot PlateauChambers - Lauderdale County
 Camelot Woods- Montgomery CountyClubview Estates- Limestone County
  - Tuscaloosa County- Coffee County- Autauga County
 Cameron - Montgomery County- Coffee County
 CameronsvilleChamblee - Madison County
 Camile TerraceChamblees MillCluttsville- Marshall County
   Clyde (H)- Mobile County
 Camp BranchChampion - Pike County
 Camp GroundChana CreekCoal Bluff- Talladega County
 Camp Hill Coal City 
 Camp HorneChanceCoal FireCountry Club Gardens
 Camp McClellan- Cherokee CountyCoal ValleyCountry Club Highlands
 Camp Oliver- Clarke County Country Club Hills
 Camp Spring (H) CoalburgCountry Club Meadows
 Camp's MillsChancellor CrossroadsCoalburghCountry Club Park
  Chancellors FerryCoaldaleCountry Club Village
 Campbell Coaling 
 - Chilton CountyChances CrossroadCoalmontCountry Estates
 - Clarke CountyChandalar SouthCoalville- Dale County
 - Limestone County Coat's Bend- Jefferson County
  Chandler Mountain - Montgomery County
 Campbell Settlement (H)Chandler SpringsCoates 
 Campbell SpringsChandlers FerryCoato Bend (H)Country Hills
  ChannahatcheeCoatopa- Lee County
 Campbells Crossroads Cobb- Shelby County
 Campbells LandingChapel Hill  
  - Chambers CountyCobb CityCountry Village
 Campbellville- Choctaw CountyCobb Town- Limestone County
 Campground- Covington CountyCobbs Ford- Madison County
 Canaan- Jefferson CountyCobbs Quarters 
  - Walker CountyCobbvilleCountrywood Highlands
 Canaan- Washington CountyCochran 
 - Lauderdale County (H)  County Line
 - Montgomery CountyChapmanCochran Landing- Blount County
  Chapman HeightsCochran Springs- Covington County
 CandlewoodChappell Hill - Cullman County
 Candlewood LakesCharcone (H)Cochrane 
 CaneCharlesCochrane FerryCourtland
  CharltonCodenCourtland Downs
 Cane CreekCharmingdaleCodyCove Creek
 - Bibb County (H)ChaseCoffee SpringsCove Park
 - Calhoun County (H)Chastang  
 - Jefferson CountyChateau CourtCoffeevilleCoventry
  Chateau EstatesCoffeeville Ferry- Jefferson County
 CanoeChatomCoffeeville Landing- Tuscaloosa County
 Canoe StationChattasofkeeCoffey's Store 
 Cantebury HeightsChaviesCoffeys FerryCovin
 CantelousCheaha Acres Covington
 Cantelous SpurCheathams FerryCohassett 
 CanterburyChehaw - Henry County
 Canterbury Heights Coker- Houston County
 Canton BendChelseaCoker Heights 
 Canty- Madison County Cowles Station
 Canyon Lakes- Shelby CountyColbertCowpens
 Cape Choccolocco Colbert Heights 
 CapellCherokeeColberts FerryCox
 Caperton FerryCherokee AcresCold Creek- Bibb County
 Capitol HeightsCherokee Beach - Mobile County
 CappsCherokee BendCold Springs 
 Capri IslandsCherokee Bluffs- Cullman CountyCox Gap
 CapshawCherokee Brook Estates- Elmore CountyCox's Mill
 Capstone Court - Morgan CountyCoxey
  Cherokee Estates- Cleburne CountyCoxheath
 Carara- Elmore County- Covington CountyCoxs Landing
 Carbon Hill- Jefferson County- Talladega CountyCoy
 Card Switch   
 CardenCherokee HillsCole SpringCrabbs Ferry
 Cardiff- Madison CountyCole's SidingCragford
 Carey- Tuscaloosa CountyColeanorCraig
 Carl  Craige
  Cherokee VillageColemanCraigs Ferry
 Carleton PointCherry Brook Estates- Crenshaw CountyCrane Hill
 CarleysCherry Creek- Perry CountyCrawford
  Cherry Dale  
 Carlisle ColetaCrawford
 - Etowah CountyCherry Grove- Clay County- Mobile County
 - Monroe CountyCherrytree- Talladega County- Russell County
 CarlowvilleChessonCollbranCreek Ford
 CarltonChestangCollege GroveCreek Stand
 Carlton'sChesterCollege Heights 
 Carmacks FerryChesterfieldCollege HillsCreekwood
 CarmenChesterfield EstatesCollege Park- Lauderdale County
 Carmichael College Woods- Mobile County
 CarnsChestnut GlenCollingwoodCreel Town
  Chestnut Grove Crenshaw (H)
 CaroChestnut HillCollinsCreola
 Carol VillaChestnut Ridge- Calhoun County (H)Crescent Heights
 Carolina - Jefferson CountyCresent Heights
 CarolwoodChetopa Cresswell Station
 Carolwood EstatesChewaclaCollins FerryCrest
 CarolynChewallaCollinsvilleCrest Estates
 Carpenter Colman FerryCrestline
 - Baldwin CountyChickasawColoma (H) 
 - Jackson County- Colbert County (H)Colonial AcresCrestline Gardens
 - Washington County- Mobile CountyColonial GardensCrestline Heights
  - Walker CountyColonial HeightsCrestline Park
 Carriage Hill  Crestmont
  Chickasaw EstatesColonial Hills 
 Carriage HillsChickasaw Heights- Madison CountyCrestview
 - Jefferson CountyChickasaw Terrace- Tuscaloosa County- Mobile County
 - Mobile CountyChico- Cullman County- Tuscaloosa County
 - Montgomery County - Talladega County- Jefferson County
  Chigger Hill- Tuscaloosa County- Madison County
 CarrigerChigger Ridge (H)  
 Carrol Acres ColquittCrestview Hills
 Carroll CrossroadsChildersburgColta 
 CarrolltonChiles FerryColters FerryCrestwood
 Carrolton (H)Chilton - Madison County
 CarrvilleChiltonColumbia- Tuscaloosa County
 CarsonChimney Hills- Henry County 
  Chimney Springs- Houston CountyCrete
 Carter Grove  Crews
 Carters HillChinaColumbusCrews Depot
 CartersvilleChina GroveColumbus CityCrewsville
 Carthage Columbus City FerryCrichton
 Carthens FerryChinn Cridleys Ferry
   ColvinCrittenden's Mills
 CartwrightChinnabeeColvins GapCrockard Junction
 Carver Court- Calhoun County (H)ColwellCrocker Junction
 Carver Park- Talladega County Crockertown
 Cary Woods ComerCrockett Junction
 Caryton (H)Chisca- Barbour CountyCroft Ferry
 CasemoreChisholm- Lauderdale CountyCromwell
 CaseyChisholm Hills Crooked Creek
 CastleberryChismCommerceCrooked Creek
 CaswellChoccoloccoComptonCrooked Oak
 CatalpaChoccolocco EstatesCompton LandingCropwell
 Catatoga EstatesChoctawConcordCrosby
 Catherine  Crosby
 CatocinChoctaw BluffConcordCross Creek
 CatomaChoctaw City- Clay County 
 Catoma StationChoctaw Corner- Fayette CountyCross Key
 Cavalry HillChoctaw Hills- Jefferson CountyCross Keys
  Choctawhatchee- Lawrence CountyCross Roads
 Cave SpringChoctow Corner- Randolph CountyCross Trails
 - Colbert CountyCholocco Litabixee Crossgate
 - Fayette CountyChosea SpringsCondeCrossroad
 - Jackson County Conecuh River 
 - Lauderdale CountyChristianaConfederate EstatesCrossroads
  Christmas LandingConfederate Hill Estates- Baldwin County
 Cave SpringsChryslerConfluence- Marshall County
  Chub HillCongo 
 Cave SpringsChulafinneeConiferCrossville
 - Etowah CountyChulavistaConnellsville- DeKalb County
 - Morgan CountyChumleyConnellsville Mines- Lamar County
  ChunchulaConner Estates 
 Cavers GroveChunnenuggeeConsulCrowton
 CawthonChurch HillContwellCrowtown
  Churchill DownsConwayCrudup
 CecilChurntownCook's SpringsCrumley Chapel
 Cedahoma (H) Cook's StandCrump
 Cedar BendCircle Heights Crumptonia
  CirclewoodCooksCrystal Lake
 Cedar BluffCiticoCooks CrossroadsCrystal Springs
 Cedar BrookCitronelle  
 Cedar Cove Cool SpringsCuba
 Cedar Cove EstatesClackvilleCooley CrossroadsCuba Station
  ClaiborneCoon CreekCulebra
 Cedar CrestClaiborne FerryCooperCullman
 - Jefferson CountyClaiborne LandingCoopers MillCullom Place
 - Tuscaloosa CountyClairmont Springs Cullomburg
  ClantonCoosa CourtCulpeper
 Cedar ForkClarenceCoosa PinesCumbee Mill
   Coosa River 
 Cedar GroveClarkCoosa ValleyCumberland Junction
 - Baldwin County- Calhoun County (H) Cumberland Mountain Farm Colony (H)
 - Covington County- Pickens CountyCoosadaCumberland Park
 - Jackson County Coosada Station 
 - Jefferson County (H)Clark CrossroadsCoosadas (H)Cunningham
 - Limestone CountyClark's Mill - Clarke County
 - Fayette CountyClarkdaleCopeland- Jefferson County
 - Lauderdale CountyClarke- Limestone County- Pickens County
 - Limestone CountyClarke Gardens- Washington County 
  Clarkesville Ferry Curbville
 Cedar KnollClarksonCopeland FerryCureton's Bridge
  ClarksvilleCopeland GapCurl's Station
 Cedar LakeClarksville LandingCopenhagen (H) 
 - Morgan CountyClaudCopper MinesCurry
 - Walker County Copper Springs- Pike County
  ClayCoppinville- Talladega County
 Cedar PointClay City - Walker County
 - Madison CountyClay Saint DepotCorbin- Montgomery County
 - Montgomery CountyClaybornCorbinville- Talladega County
 Cedar SpringsClayhillCorcoranCurt
 - Blount CountyClaymontCordell (H)Curtis
 - Calhoun CountyClaysvilleCordovaCurtis Crossroads
 - Cherokee County (H)ClaytonCorduroy 
  Clear CreekCorinne (H)Curtiston
 Cedarbrook Forest  Cushing
 CedargateClear Creek EstatesCorinthCushion
 Cedarville - Bullock CountyCusseta
 CedronClear Springs- Clay County 
 Cedrum- Blount County- Cullman CountyCymbling Branch
 Celeste- Etowah County (H)- Randolph CountyCypress
 Centenary- Talladega County- Walker CountyCypress Creek
  - Covington County Cypress Forest
 Center- Crenshaw CountyCorneliaCypress Heights
 Center Chapel CornerCyprian
 Center CommunityClearwater EstatesCornerstone 
 Center DaleCleburneCornhouseCyril
 Center GroveClement's DepotCornwall 
  Clemons CrossroadCornwall Furnace 
 Center Hill Corona 
 - Chilton CountyClevelandCoronado Estates 
 - Cullman County- Blount CountyCorry's 
 - Lauderdale County- Fayette CountyCortelyou 
 - Limestone County- Mobile CountyCorum (H) 
 - Talladega County Cospers Bend 
 - Clarke County Coss Ferry 
 - Jefferson County   
 - Montgomery County   


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