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The Communities of Tennessee (TN)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Cabana Estates [Henry County]

Cabin Row [Montgomery County]

Cabo [Chester County]

Cactus Cove [Blount County]

Cade's Mill [Gibson County]

Cades [Gibson County]

Cades Cove [Blount County]

Cades Ferry [Grainger County]

Cadet [Williamson County]

Caffey [McNairy County]

Cages Ferry [Sumner County]

See: Alamo

Cagle [Sequatchie County]

Caigletown [Humphreys County]

Cain Mill [Hamblen County]

Cainsville [Wilson County]

Cairo [Crockett County]

Cairo [Sumner County]

Cairo Bend [Wilson County]

Cairo Bend Ferry [Sumner County]

Calderwood [Blount County]

Caldwell [Bedford County]

Calfkiller [Putnam County]

Calhoun [Coffee County]

Calhoun [McMinn County]

Calico [Meigs County]

Calistia [Robertson County]

Callender [Williamson County] (H)

Callens Ferry [Hardin County]

Callie [Williamson County]

Calls [Coffee County]

Calvary [Dyer County]

Camargo [Lincoln County]

Cambria [McMinn County]

Cambridge [Warren County]

Cambridge Estates [Hamilton County]

Cambridge Hills [Williamson County]

Camden [Benton County]

Camelot [Bradley County]

Camelot [Cumberland County]

Camelot [Hawkins County]

Camelot [Knox County]

Camelot [Washington County]

Camelot Two [Washington County]

Cameron [White County]

Cameron Hill [Hamilton County]

Camilla [Hancock County]

Camp Austin [Morgan County]

Camp Creek [Greene County]
Other names:

Camp Ground [Fentress County]

Camp Ground [Obion County]

Camp Ground [Weakley County]

Camp Ground [White County]

Camp Jordan [Hamilton County]

Camp Marymount [Williamson County]

Camp Monterey Lake [Putnam County]

Camp Ocoee [Polk County]

Camp Placid [Sullivan County]

Camp Tom Howard [Sullivan County]

Camp Wildwood [Washington County]

Campaign [Warren County]

Campbell [Knox County]

Campbell [Putnam County]

Campbell Acres [Hamblen County]

Campbell Junction [Cumberland County]

Campbell's Station
See: Farragut

Campbells [Maury County]

Campbells Station [Maury County]

Campbellsville [Giles County]

Canaan [Maury County]

Canaan [Montgomery County]

Canaan Grove [Tipton County]

Canadaville [Fayette County]

Canby Hills [Knox County]

Candlewyck [Sullivan County]

Candyland Estates [Putnam County]

Cane Creek [Anderson County] (H)

Cane Creek [Van Buren County]

Cane Ridge [Davidson County]

Canebrake [Rutherford County]

Caneridge [Van Buren County] (H)

Caney Branch [Greene County]

Caney Creek [Polk County]

Caney Fork [Putnam County]

Caney Forks [Cumberland County]

Caney Hollow [Hardin County]

Caney Spring [Marshall County]

Caney Valley [Claiborne County]

Canoe Branch Ferry [Sumner County]

Cantrell [Hickman County]

Cantrell [Sullivan County] (H)

Capers [Maury County] (H)

Capital Heights [Hamilton County]

Capital Hill [Scott County]

Capitol Hill [Franklin County]

Capleville [Shelby County]

Capling [DeKalb County]

Capp's Ford [Claiborne County]

Capps Crossing [Claiborne County]

Capshaw Woods [Putnam County]

Capuchin [Scott County] (H)

Car Branch [Claiborne County]

Caramel Village [Hamilton County]

Caravelle [Wilson County]

Carbon Hill [Campbell County]

Card Hill [Bledsoe County]

Cardens [Anderson County]

Cardens Bluff [Carter County] (H)

Carderview [Johnson County]

Cardiff [Roane County]

Cardinal Acres [Montgomery County]

Cardinal Hills [Hamblen County]

Careyville [Campbell County]

Caringer [Monroe County] (H)

Carl [Williamson County]

Carlina [Haywood County]

Carlisle [Stewart County]

Carlock [Jackson County]

Carlock [McMinn County]

Carlocksville [Rutherford County]

Carlton [Blount County]

Carlyle Ferry [Davidson County]

Carman [Cannon County] (H)

Carmel [Montgomery County]

Carmol [Washington County]

Carnegie [Washington County]

Carnsville [Carroll County] (H)

Carnton Plantation [Williamson County]

Carondelet [Williamson County]

Carp [Rhea County]

Carpenter Addition [Knox County]

Carpenters [Maury County] (H)

Carpenters [Williamson County] (H)

Carr Branch [Claiborne County]

Carriage Hill [Hamilton County]

Carriage Hills [Bradley County]

Carriage Hills [Williamson County]

Carroll [Madison County]

Carroll Reece [Washington County]

Carrollville [Wayne County] (H)

Carrville [Washington County]

Carson Springs [Cocke County]

Carter [Carter County]

Carter [Knox County]

Carter Acres [Hamblen County]

Carter Crossing [Washington County]

Carter Crossroads [Bedford County]

Carter Sell [Washington County]

Carters Chapel [Carroll County]

Carters Creek [Maury County]

Cartersville [Hawkins County]

Cartersville [Maury County]

Cartertown [Sevier County]

Carthage [Smith County]

Carthage Junction [Smith County]

Cartwright [Sequatchie County]

Cartwright [Smith County]

Caruther's [Wilson County]

Caryville [Campbell County]

Casablanca [Hamblen County]

Cascade Hollow [Bedford County]

Casey [Macon County]

Caseys Siding [Maury County]

Cash Point [Lincoln County]

Cason [Cannon County]

Casper [Johnson County] (H)

Cassville [White County]

Castalian Springs [Sumner County]

Castaway Cove [Blount County]

Castell Springs [Greene County]

Castle Heights [Cocke County]

Castle Park [Hamilton County]

Castlegate Estates [Davidson County]

Castoria [Tipton County]

Caswell [Knox County]

Caswell's Station [Knox County]

Cat Corner [Obion County]

Catalpa [Madison County]

Catalpa [Marshall County]

Catamount [Wilson County]

Cataska [Monroe County]

Cate crossroad [Sevier County]

Cates [Lake County]

Cateston [Cannon County]

Catlen [DeKalb County]

Catlen's Mills [DeKalb County]

Catlettsburg [Sevier County]

Cato [Trousdale County]

Caton [Sevier County]

Catons Grove [Cocke County]

Catoosa [Morgan County] (H)

Catoosa Canyon [Cumberland County]

Catoosa Country [Cumberland County]

Cave [White County]

Cave Creek [Roane County]

Cave Mill [Blount County]

Cave Mills [Dickson County]

Cave Spring [Claiborne County]

Cave Spring [Montgomery County]

Cave Springs [Clay County]

Cavvia [Carroll County]

Cawood [Claiborne County]

Cawthon [Carroll County]

Cayuga Town [Meigs County] (H)

Caywood Ford [Sullivan County]

Cecilton [Bradley County]

Cedar Bluff [Knox County]

Cedar Bluff [Macon County]

Cedar Bluff [Sevier County]

Cedar Chapel [Hardeman County]

Cedar Creek [Greene County]

Cedar Creek Landing [Perry County]

Cedar Crest North [Knox County]

Cedar Flats [Knox County]

Cedar Fork [Loudon County]

Cedar Grove [Bedford County]

Cedar Grove [Carroll County]

Cedar Grove [Carter County]

Cedar Grove [Henderson County]

Cedar Grove [Humphreys County]

Cedar Grove [Knox County]

Cedar Grove [Pickett County]

Cedar Grove [Roane County]

Cedar Grove [Rutherford County]

Cedar Grove [Shelby County] (H)

Cedar Grove [Sullivan County]

Cedar Grove [Sumner County]

Cedar Grove [Van Buren County]

Cedar Grove [Wilson County]

Cedar Hill [Greene County]

Cedar Hill [Hamilton County]

Cedar Hill [Putnam County]

Cedar Hill [Robertson County]

Cedar Hill Park [Hamblen County]

Cedar Hills [Hamblen County]

Cedar Hills [Loudon County]

Cedar Lane [Greene County]

Cedar Point [Smith County]

Cedar Spring [Bradley County]

Cedar Spring [Putnam County]

Cedar Springs [Knox County]

Cedar Springs [Madison County]

Cedar Springs [Marion County]

Cedar Springs [McMinn County]

Cedar Valley [Sullivan County]

Cedarbluff [Trousdale County]

Cedarbrook [Montgomery County]

Cedarbrook [Sumner County]

Cedarchase [Knox County]

Cedarcroft [Montgomery County]

Cedarfork [Claiborne County]

Cedargold [Montgomery County]

Cedarlane [Greene County]

Celina [Clay County]

Center [Crockett County]

Center [Henry County]

Center [Lawrence County]

Center [Monroe County]

Center Ford [Cumberland County]

Center Grove [Bedford County]

Center Grove [Franklin County]

Center Grove [Jackson County]

Center Hill [Cannon County]

Center Hill [Henderson County]

Center Hill [Wilson County] (H)

Center Point [Chester County]

Center Point [Hardeman County]

Center Point [Lawrence County]

Center Point [Sequatchie County]

Center Point [Shelby County] (H)

Center Point [Stewart County]

Center Point [White County]

Center Point Lula [Chester County]

Center Star [Hardin County]

Center Star [Hickman County]

Center View [Johnson County]

Centers Ferry [Roane County]

Centersville [Greene County]

Centersville [Loudon County]

Centertown [Warren County]

Centerview [Hardin County]

Centerville [Hickman County]

Centerville [Wilson County]

Central [Carter County]

Central [Gibson County]

Central [Lauderdale County]

Central [Obion County]

Central Heights [Carter County]

Central Heights [Sullivan County]

Central Point [Grainger County]

Centralville [Wilson County] (H)

Century Acres [Roane County]

Cerro Gordo [Hardin County]

Cerro Gordo Ferry [Hardin County]

Chable [Polk County] (H)

Chalet Village [Sevier County]

Chalk Level [Hawkins County]

Chalklevel [Benton County]

Chalybeate [Van Buren County]

Chambers [McNairy County]

Chambers [Obion County]

Champ [Lincoln County]

Chanceytown [Polk County]

Chancy [Robertson County]

Chandler [Blount County]

Chantay Acres [Maury County]

Chanute [Pickett County]

Chapel Hill [Henderson County]

Chapel Hill [Marshall County]

Chapel Hill [Maury County]

Chapman Grove [Roane County]

Chapmans [Giles County]

Chapmansboro [Cheatham County]

Charbray [Washington County]

Charity [Moore County]

Charity Hill [Carter County]

Charleston [Bradley County]

Charleston [Tipton County]

Charlestown Estates [Montgomery County]

Charleton Green [Williamson County]

Charleys Branch [Anderson County]

Charlotte [Dickson County]

Charlotte Park [Davidson County]

Chartersville [Maury County]

Chaseville [Benton County]

Chaska [Campbell County]

Chatata [Bradley County]

Chattanooga [Hamilton County]

Cheap Hill [Cheatham County]

Cheatham [Williamson County] (H)

Cheeks Crossroads [Hamblen County]

Cheekville [Marion County]

Chelsey Village [Blount County]

Chennault Ford [Lincoln County]

Cherokee [Grainger County]

Cherokee [Lauderdale County]

Cherokee [Washington County]

Cherokee Estates [Greene County]

Cherokee Gardens [Washington County]

Cherokee Heights [Blount County]

Cherokee Heights [Decatur County]

Cherokee Hills [Roane County]

Cherokee Hills [Sevier County]

Cherokee Hills [Washington County]

Cherokee Park [Blount County]

Cherokee Park [Davidson County]

Cherokee Park [Hamblen County]

Cherokee Ridge [Knox County]

Cherokee Village [Sullivan County]

Cherokee Woods [Hamilton County]

Cherokee Woods [Sumner County]

Cherry [Lauderdale County]

Cherry Branch [Cumberland County]

Cherry Creek [White County]

Cherry Crossroads [Clay County]

Cherry Grove [Benton County]

Cherry Hill [DeKalb County]

Cherry Hill Estates [Rutherford County]

Cherry Hills [Davidson County]

Cherry Lane Acres [Rutherford County]

Cherry Mount [Robertson County] (H)

Cherry Valley [Wilson County]

Cherrybrook [Knox County]

Cherrydale [Greene County]

Cherrywood [Carroll County]

Chesapeake Estates [Montgomery County]

Chesney [Union County]

Chester [Henry County]

Chester Estates [Williamson County]

Chesterfield [Henderson County]

Chestna [McMinn County]

Chestnut Bluff [Crockett County]

Chestnut Glade [Weakley County]

Chestnut Grove [Grundy County]

Chestnut Grove [Hancock County]

Chestnut Grove [Perry County]

Chestnut Grove [Robertson County]

Chestnut Grove [Stewart County]

Chestnut Grove [Sumner County]

Chestnut Grove [Union County]

Chestnut Hill [Benton County]

Chestnut Hill [Cumberland County]

Chestnut Hill [Jefferson County]

Chestnut Hill [Sumner County]

Chestnut Hill [Williamson County]

Chestnut Hills [Roane County]

Chestnut Mound [Smith County]

Chestnut Orchard [Robertson County]

Chestnut Ridge [Anderson County]

Chestnut Ridge [Claiborne County]

Chestnut Ridge [Greene County]

Chestnut Ridge [Lincoln County]

Chestnut Ridge [Loudon County]

Chestnut Valley [Monroe County]

Chestnutbloom [Hamblen County]

Chestoa [Unicoi County]

Chestua [Monroe County]

Chestuee [Bradley County]

Chestuee [Monroe County]

Chestuee [Polk County]

Chestuee Mills [Polk County]

Chewalla [McNairy County]

Chic [Dyer County]

Chickamauga [Hamilton County]

Chickasaw Gardens [Shelby County]

Chickasaw Heights [Henry County]

Chickasaw Park [Chester County]

Childers Hill [Hardin County]

Childress [Sullivan County]

Chilhowee [Blount County]

Chilhowee Hills [Knox County]

Chilhowee View [Blount County]

Chilhowey [Monroe County] (H)

Chimneytop [Hawkins County] (H)

China Grove [Gibson County]

Chinquapin Grove [Sullivan County]

Chinubee [Lawrence County]

Chipman [Sumner County]

Chisem [Lawrence County]

Chittum [Claiborne County]

Choates Ford
See: Bluff City

Choice [Humphreys County]

Choptack [Hawkins County]

Chota [Blount County]

Chota [Monroe County] (H)

Choto [Knox County]

Choto Estates [Knox County]

Choto Hills [Blount County]

Christian Bend [Hawkins County]

Christian Chapel [Gibson County]

Christian Chapel [Henderson County]

Christian Chapel [Obion County]

Christiana [Rutherford County]

Christiana Station [Rutherford County]

Christianburg [Monroe County]

Christie [Washington County] (H)

Christie Hill [Blount County]

Christmasville [Carroll County]

Christmasville [Haywood County]

Chuckalisa (H)

Chuckaluck [McMinn County]

Chuckey [Greene County]

Chuckey Bend [Hamblen County] (H)

Chucky City [Greene County]

Chucky Valley [Washington County]

Chumlea [Knox County]

Church Grove [Knox County]

Church Hill [Hawkins County]

Churchton [Dyer County]

Churchwells Ferry [Knox County]

Cinder Ford [Stewart County]

Circle J Park [Coffee County]

Circle M [Roane County]

Cisco Indian Village [Madison County] (H)

Citico [Monroe County] (H)

Citico Beach [Monroe County]

Clack Branch [Lawrence County]

Clacks Gap [Roane County]

Clairfield [Claiborne County]

Clara [Washington County]

Clardyville [Lincoln County]

Claremont [Hamilton County]

Clareville [Gibson County]

Claridge [Hamilton County]

Clark Manor [Washington County]

Clarketown [Carter County]

Clarkrange [Fentress County]

Clarks Ferry [Lincoln County]

Clarksburg [Carroll County]

Clarkson [Washington County] (H)

Clarkstown [White County]

Clarksville [Montgomery County]

Clarktown [White County]

Claronaton [Bradley County]

Claud [Benton County] (H)

Claxton [Anderson County]

Claxton [McMinn County]

Clay [Shelby County] (H)

Clay Hill [Marshall County]

Clay Hill [Scott County]

Claybrook [Madison County]

Claylick [Dickson County]

Claysville [Cumberland County]

Clayton [Obion County]

Clear Branch [Unicoi County]
Other names:

Clear Springs [Grainger County] (H)

Clear Springs [Greene County]

Clear Springs [Knox County]

Clear Springs [McMinn County]

Clearmont [Warren County]

Clearview [Wilson County]

Clearview Heights [Lawrence County]

Clearwater [McMinn County]

Clearwater Acres [Hamilton County]

Cleavet Springs [Sullivan County] (H)

Cleburne [Maury County]

Cleeces Ferry [Davidson County]

Clem Jones Heights [McMinn County]

Clement Lake Estates [Williamson County]

Clementsville [Clay County]

Clenny [Jackson County]

Cleo [Bradley County]

Cleveland [Bradley County]

Cleveland South [Bradley County]

Clevenger [Cocke County]

Click Mill [Cocke County]

See: Big Springs

Cliff Springs [Overton County]

Cliffside [Sullivan County]

Clifftops [Marion County]

Clifton [Wayne County]

Clifton City [Wayne County]

Clifton Ferry [Wayne County]

Clifton Hills [Hamilton County]

Clifton Junction [Wayne County]

Clifts [Hamilton County]

Clifty [Cumberland County]

Climer [Bradley County]

Clinch [Hancock County]

Clinch River [Anderson County] (H)

Clinch River [Grainger County] (H)

Clinch View [Anderson County]

Clinchmore [Campbell County]

Clinchview Heights [Hamblen County]

Clinton [Anderson County]
Other names:

Clopton [Tipton County]

Close [DeKalb County]

Cloud Creek [Hawkins County]

Cloud Ford [Sullivan County]

Cloud Ford [Union County]

Clouds [Claiborne County]

Clouse Hill [Grundy County]

Clover Hill [Blount County]

Clover Hill Estates [Blount County]

Clover Port [Hardeman County]

Cloverbottom [Sullivan County] (H)

Clovercroft [Williamson County]

Cloverdale [Dickson County]

Cloverdale [Obion County]

Cloverdale [Shelby County]

Cloverdale Estates [Hamilton County]

Cloverhill [Davidson County]

Cloverland Acres [Davidson County]

Cloverport [Hardeman County]

Cloyd Creek [Blount County] (H)

Club Springs [Smith County]

Clydeton [Humphreys County] (H)

Coahulla Ranch [Bradley County]

Coal Chute [Carter County]

Coal Creek
See: Rocky Top

Coal Hill [Morgan County]

Coal Hill [Scott County]

Coal Mine [Campbell County] (H)

Coalfield [Morgan County]

Coalhulla [Bradley County]

Coaling [Dickson County]

Coalmont [Grundy County]

Coatstown [Sumner County]

Cobbs [Crockett County]

Coble [Hickman County]

Cochran [Marshall County]

Cochransville [Marshall County]

Coffee Landing [Hardin County]

Coffee Ridge [Unicoi County]

Cog Hill [McMinn County]

Coile [McMinn County]

Coker Creek [Monroe County]

Colby [Sullivan County] (H)

Cold Spring [Bledsoe County]

Cold Spring [Johnson County]

Cold Spring [Sullivan County]

Cold Springs [Blount County]

Cold Springs [Cumberland County] (H)

Cold Springs [Hawkins County]

Coldwater [Cannon County] (H)

Coldwater [Lincoln County]

Coldwell [Bedford County]

Cole [Dyer County]

Cole [Giles County] (H)

Coleman Heights [Marshall County]

Colemans Ferry [Maury County]

Coles Ferry [Wilson County]

Coles Store [Putnam County]

Colesburg [Dickson County]

See: Buladeen

Coletown [Polk County]

Colewood Acres [Davidson County]

College Grove [Roane County]

College Grove [Williamson County]

College Heights [Putnam County]

College Heights [Washington County]

College Hill [Rhea County]

College Hills [Greene County]

College Park [Carter County]

College Park Estates [Blount County]

College View [Greene County]

Collegedale [Hamilton County]

Colliers Corner [Jefferson County]

Collierville [Shelby County]

Collingwood [Sullivan County]

Collins [Grundy County]

Collins [Hawkins County]

Collins Mill [Claiborne County]

Collins Mill [McMinn County]

Collinwood [Wayne County]

Collons Ferry [Hamblen County]

Colonial Acres [Putnam County]

Colonial Acres [Sullivan County]

Colonial Acres [Sumner County]

Colonial Court [Montgomery County]

Colonial Estates [Bradley County]

Colonial Estates [Putnam County]

Colonial Estates [Rutherford County]

Colonial Forest [Putnam County]

Colonial Heights [Sullivan County]

Colonial Shores [Hamilton County]

Colonial Village [Hamilton County]

Colonial Village [Knox County]

Colonial Village [Rutherford County]

Colony Estates [Montgomery County]

Colony Park [Washington County]

Columbia [Maury County]

Columbia Gardens [Maury County]

Columbia Hill [Overton County]

Columbus [Polk County] (H)

Columbus Hill [Jackson County]

Colwick [Decatur County] (H)

Combs [Claiborne County]

Comfort [Marion County]

Commerce [Wilson County]

Como [Henry County]

Compton [Rutherford County]

Compton Meadows [Rutherford County]

Conalco [Humphreys County]

Conalco Junction [Humphreys County]

Conasauga [Anderson County]

Conasauga [McMinn County]

Conasauga [Polk County]

Conasauga Heights [Anderson County]

Conasauga Mill [Monroe County]

Concord [Carroll County]

Concord [Gibson County]

Concord [Humphreys County]

Concord [Knox County]

Concord [Maury County] (H)

Concord [Rhea County]

Concord [Rutherford County]

Concord Country Estates [Williamson County]

Concord Forest [Williamson County]

Concord Heights [Hamilton County]

Concords Woods [Knox County]

Condon [Union County]

Condra [Marion County]

Confederate Glen Estates [Rutherford County]

Conkintown [Sullivan County]

Conklin [Washington County]

Conley Crossroads [Pickett County] (H)

Conner Heights [Sevier County]

Conway [Giles County]

Conyersville [Henry County]

Cook Mill [Jefferson County]

Cook Mill [Roane County]

Cookeville [Putnam County]

Cooks Corner [Rutherford County]

Cooks Ferry [Bradley County]

Cooktown [Fentress County]

Cool Springs [Gibson County]

Cooper [Fentress County]

Cooper Ford [Lewis County]

Cooper Mill [Bledsoe County]

Coopers [Carroll County]

Coopers Ferry [Roane County]

Coopertown [Robertson County]

Copeland [McNairy County] (H)

Copper Ridge [Knox County]

Copperhill [Polk County]

Coptown [Franklin County]

Coran [Hawkins County]

Corbandale [Montgomery County]

Corbin Estates [Hamblen County]

Corbin Hill [Morgan County]

Corbondale [Montgomery County]

Cordell [Scott County]

Corder Crossroads [Lincoln County]

Cordova [Shelby County]

Corinth [Knox County]

Corinth [Sumner County]

Corn [Blount County]

Cornersville [Marshall County]

Corning [Wayne County] (H)

Cornpone [Sevier County]

Coro Lake [Shelby County]

Corona [Tipton County]

Corpening HIlls [Hamblen County]

Corryton [Knox County]

Corrytown [Grainger County]

Cortner [Bedford County]

Cortners Mill [Bedford County]

Cosby [Cocke County]

Coster [Knox County]

Coster Yards [Knox County]

Costner [Cocke County]

Cotham [Decatur County] (H)

Cottage Grove [Henry County]

Cottage Home [Wilson County]

Cotton Grove [Madison County]

Cotton Lake [Tipton County]

Cotton Patch Crossroads [Houston County]

Cotton Port [Meigs County] (H)

Cotton Port Ferry [Meigs County]

Cottonport [Meigs County]

Cottontown [Sumner County]

Cottonwood Estates [Williamson County]

Cottonwood Grove [Lake County]

Cotula [Campbell County]

Couch [Greene County] (H)

Couchville [Davidson County]

Coulter [Hamblen County]

Coulter Shoals [Loudon County]

Coulterville [Hamilton County]

Counce [Hardin County]

Country Club Estates [Putnam County]

Country Club Estates [Williamson County]

Country Haven [Blount County]

Country Haven Estates [Williamson County]

Country Oaks Estates [Hamilton County]

Country Park [Rutherford County]

Country Roads [Williamson County]

Country Wood [Tipton County]

Country Wood Estates [Williamson County]

Countrybrook [Montgomery County]

Countryside [Knox County]

Countryside Estates [Montgomery County]

Countryside Estates [Putnam County]

Countryside Village [Bradley County]

Countyline [Moore County]

Courtland [Robertson County]

Cove Creek [Campbell County]

Cove Creek [Carter County]

Cove Creek Cascades [Sevier County]

Cove Lake Estates [Campbell County]

Cove Point [Roane County]

Covington [Tipton County]

Cow Ford [Bedford County]

Cow Ford [Perry County]

Cowan [Franklin County]

Cowan Springs [Blount County]

Cowanstown [Johnson County] (H)

Cowards [Knox County]

Cowden [Marshall County]

Cowenville [Smith County]

Cox [Sevier County]

Coxburg [Benton County]

Coxville [Crockett County]

Coytee [Loudon County] (H)

Cozette [Decatur County]

Crab Orchard [Carter County]

Crab Orchard [Cumberland County]

Crabtree [Carter County]

Crabtree Hills [Hamilton County]

Crackers Neck [Johnson County]

Craft Spring [Greene County]

Craggie Hope [Cheatham County]

Craigfield [Williamson County]

Craigmar [Blount County] (H)

Craigmont [Montgomery County]

Crainesville [Hardeman County]

Crandull [Johnson County]

Crandull [Sullivan County]

Cranmore Cove [Rhea County]

Craveltown [Smith County]

Craven's Landing [Hardin County]

Cravens [Hamilton County]

Cravens Ferry [Hardin County]

Cravenstown [Overton County]

Crawford [Overton County] (H)

Crawfordton [DeKalb County]

Creek Side [Maury County]

Creek Store [Greene County]

Creekmont [Rutherford County]

Creekmont [Wilson County]

Creekside [Rutherford County]

Creekwood [Bedford County]

Creekwood [Blount County]

Creekwood [Rutherford County]

Creekwood Estates [Sumner County]

Creekwood Terrace [Hamilton County]

Creevy [Madison County]

Crenshaw [Knox County]

Crescent [Rutherford County]

Crescent View [Giles County]

Creson [Lincoln County]

Crest View [Sullivan County]

Crestfield [Hamilton County]

Creston [Cumberland County]

Crestview [Lawrence County]

Crestwood [Roane County]

Crestwood [Rutherford County]

Crestwood Hills [Knox County]

Crewstown [Lawrence County]

Crider [Carroll County]

Crieve Hall [Davidson County]

Crippen Gap [Knox County]

Crisp [Cannon County] (H)

Crisp Spring [Warren County]

Crocker's Crossroads
See: Orlinda

Crockett [Obion County]

Crockett Cove [Williamson County]

Crockett Hills [Williamson County]

Crockett Mills [Crockett County]

Crockett Ridge [Hamblen County]

Crockett Springs [Williamson County]

Crockettsville [Sevier County]

Cromwell Crossroads [Wayne County]

Cronanville [Lake County]

Crooked Creek [Perry County]

Crookedfork [Morgan County] (H)

Crookshanks [Washington County]

Crosby [Cocke County]

Crosby [Grainger County]

Cross [Sullivan County]

Cross Anchor [Greene County]

Cross Bridges [Maury County]

Cross Creek [Hamilton County]

Cross Creek [Williamson County]

Cross Keys [Williamson County]

Cross Lanes [Macon County]

Cross Plains [Robertson County]

Cross Roads [Cannon County]

Cross Roads [Carroll County]

Cross Roads [DeKalb County]

Cross Roads [Dyer County]

Cross Roads [Macon County]

Cross Roads [Stewart County]

Cross Roads [Warren County]

Cross Timbers [Hamilton County]

Crosses Crossing [Scott County]

Crossfield [Knox County]

Crossland [Henry County]

Crossroads [Benton County]

Crossroads [Crockett County]

Crossroads [Hardin County]

Crossroads [Hickman County]

Crossroads [Lawrence County]

Crossroads [Shelby County]

Crossroads [Wayne County]

Crosstown [Shelby County]

Crosstown [Tipton County]

Crossville [Cumberland County]

Crossville Estates [Cumberland County]

Croton [Coffee County]

Crouch Crossroad [Washington County]

Crow [Dickson County]

Crowell [Humphreys County]

Crowley Store [Weakley County]

Crowson [Lawrence County]

Crowtexas [Hardin County]

Crucifer [Henderson County]

Crump [Hardin County]

Crunk [Robertson County]

Crusher [Smith County]

Crystal [Obion County]

Crystal Springs [Lincoln County]

Cub Creek [Jackson County]

Cuba [Hawkins County]

Cuba [Maury County] (H)

Cuba [Shelby County]

Cuba Landing [Humphreys County]

Culleoka [Maury County]

Cullom [Overton County] (H)

Culp [Perry County]

Culpepper [Cannon County]

Culvahouse [Meigs County]

Cumberland [Sumner County]

Cumberland City [Stewart County]

Cumberland Estates [Knox County]

Cumberland Furnace [Dickson County]

Cumberland Gap [Claiborne County]

Cumberland Grove [Fentress County]

Cumberland Heights [Cumberland County]

Cumberland Heights [Davidson County]

Cumberland Heights [Grundy County]

Cumberland Heights [Montgomery County]

Cumberland Hills [Montgomery County]

Cumberland Hills [Sumner County]

Cumberland Spring [Rhea County]

Cumberland Springs [Moore County]

Cumberland View [Campbell County]

Cumberland View [Montgomery County]

Cumberland View Estates [Anderson County]

Cummings [White County]

Cummings Crossroads [Sumner County]

Cummingsville [Van Buren County]

Cunningham [Montgomery County]

Cunningham [Obion County]

Cupp Mill [Claiborne County]

Curlee [Cannon County]

Currie [Gibson County]

Curry [Davidson County] (H)

Curtistown [Van Buren County]

Curtistown [Warren County]

Curtiswood [Sumner County]

Curve [Lauderdale County]

Cusick [Loudon County]

Cusick [Sevier County]

Custer [Anderson County] (H)

Cute [Meigs County] (H)

Cyclone [Wayne County] (H)

Cynthiana [Jefferson County]

Cypress [Crockett County]

Cypress [McNairy County]

Cypress Creek [Henry County]

Cypress Inn [Wayne County]

Cyruston [Lincoln County]


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