The Communities of
Tennessee (TN)


Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

HabershamHenry CrossroadsHix
HackberryHenry Ford- Clay County
Hacker (H)Henry Lane- Overton County (H)
Haggards FerryHenrys Ferry 
Haglerville (H)HenryvilleHix Mill Ford
Hagys CornerHenshaw (H) 
Haigler RidgeHensley ChapelHixon
 Hensley Ridge (H)- Grundy County
HaleHerbert Domain 
- Cumberland CountyHerculesHixson
- Washington County  
 Heritage EstatesHo (H)
Hale Mill- Cumberland CountyHobart Meadows
Hale Springs- Montgomery CountyHobbs Hill
Hales Camp- Blount CountyHodge Ferry
Hales Crossroads- Bradley CountyHodges
Hales Point- Greene CountyHodges Ferry
Halesville- Hamilton CountyHodgetown
Haletown Hodson
Haleville (H)Heritage ParkHoffasville (H)
Halewood HillsHermitageHoggtown
HaleyHermitage EstatesHohenwald
Haleys GroveHermitage HillsHolder
Half AcreHermitage SpringsHoliday City
Half Moon IslandHermitage Woods 
Half Moon ShoresHermonHoliday Hills
HalfponeHeron- Cumberland County
HalfwayHerrens Chapel- Hamilton County
Halfway Town (H)Hester Mills- Hardin County
Hall Ferry - Knox County
 Hiara Heights- Roane County
Hall Ford - Sullivan County
- Cumberland CountyHiawassee 
- Sullivan County- Polk CountyHoliday Shores
 - Warren County 
Hall Town Holladay
 Hibbard- Benton County
HallbrookHickerson- Putnam County
- Knox County - Maury County
- Williamson CountyHickey- Morgan County
 - Campbell County 
Hallmark Estates- Putnam CountyHolland Mill
HallsHickmanHolliman Ferry
- Benton CountyHickman FerryHollimans Ferry
- Knox CountyHickoryHollow Rock
- Lauderdale CountyHickory BendHollow Springs
 Hickory CornersHolloway
Halls CreekHickory Cove (H)Holly (H)
Halls CrossroadsHickory FlatHolly Creek
Halls FerryHickory FlatsHolly Grove
- Marion County- Henderson County- Haywood County
- Monroe County- McNairy County- Marshall County
  - Tipton County
Halls HillHickory Forks 
Halls Mill Holly Heights
HalltownHickory GroveHolly Hill
Hallview Meadows- Bledsoe County 
Hamble- Franklin CountyHolly Hills
Hambright- Gibson County- Greene County
 - Rutherford County- Hamblen County
Hamburg- Sumner County 
- Hardin County- Warren CountyHolly Leaf
- Marion County- Lawrence County 
 - Marshall CountyHolly Springs
Hamburg Ferry - Monroe County
HamillvilleHickory Hill- Overton County
HamiltonHickory Hill Estates- Hamilton County
Hamilton Mill - Maury County
Hamilton SpringsHickory Hills- Shelby County
Hamlin Town- Bradley County 
Hammer Store- Cumberland CountyHolmansville (H)
Hampshire- Greene County 
Hampton- Hamilton CountyHolmes
Hampton Heights- Knox County- Carroll County
Hampton Mill- Rutherford County- Washington County
Hampton Station- White County 
Hampton Woods- Williamson CountyHolmes Creek
Hamptons Crossroads Holmes Gap
HancockHickory Lake 
Handleyton Holston
HaneyHickory Point- Grainger County (H)
Hanging Limb- Haywood County- Sullivan County
Hanlan (H)- Montgomery County 
Hanley Holston Heights
Hannum AdditionHickory Ridge 
HansfordHickory Star LandingHolston Hills
Happy AcresHickory Tree- Hamblen County
Happy Hill - Knox County
Happy TopHickory Valley- Sullivan County
 - Hamilton County 
Happy Valley- Hardeman CountyHolston Valley
- Blount County- Union CountyHolston View
- Carter County Holt
 Hickory Valley EstatesHoltland
HarbinHickory WitheHolton
Harbison Holts Corner
Harbison CrossroadsHickory WoodsHoltsville
Harbor Heights- Hamilton CountyHolttown
Harbor Hills- Knox CountyHoly Hill
Harbor Isles Holy Hills
Harbor ViewHicksHomaway Village
HarbourHicks ChapelHome Field Terrace
Harbour WoodsHicks CrossingHomer
HarbuckHicks Ferry 
Hardin Creek FerryHicksvilleHomestead
Hardin EstatesHico- Cumberland County
 Hidden Acres- Knox County
Hardin FordHidden Harbor- Blount County
- Hardin CountyHidden Hills- Bradley County
- Lawrence CountyHidden Hills Estates 
 Hidden Hollow EstatesHomeway Village
Hardin Valley Honeybrook
Hardin'sHidden ValleyHoneycutt
Hardison Mill- Bradley CountyHoneycutt Estates
Hardscrabble- Knox CountyHoneys Hill
Hardwick (H)- Roane CountyHood Lake
Hardy Hood Landing Ferry
Hardy AcresHidden Valley EstatesHood's Landing
HargusHide-A-Way HillsHooker Hills
HarmonHideaway HillsHookers Bend
HarmonyHigh BluffHoop Creek
- Franklin CountyHigh Chaparral 
- Jackson CountyHigh Health (H)Hooper Acres
- Van Buren County - Bradley County
- Washington CountyHigh Point- Rutherford County
 - Campbell County 
Harmony Grove- Cocke CountyHooten (H)
Harmony Hills- Morgan CountyHoover
Harms- Roane CountyHoovers Gap
Harpeth- Scott CountyHope Acres
Harpeth Estates  
Harpeth FerryHighcliffHopewell
Harpeth HillsHighgate- Bradley County
Harpeth River Estates - Cannon County (H)
Harpeth ValleyHighland- Carroll County
Harpeth Valley Park- Fentress County- Claiborne County
Harr- Jackson County- Davidson County
Harrican (H)- Obion County- Decatur County
Harrill Hills- Overton County- Gibson County
Harriman- Sumner County- Maury County
 - Wayne County- Tipton County
Harriman Junction- Blount County 
- Morgan County- Sumner CountyHopewell Estates
- Roane County Hopewell Mill
 Highland EstatesHopewell Springs
HarrisHighland FerryHopkins Crossing
Harris FordHighland ForestHopper Bluff
Harris Hills Hopson
Harris HollowHighland HeightsHorace (H)
Harris Mill- Davidson CountyHornbeak
Harrisburg- Giles CountyHorner
Harrison- Maury CountyHornertown
Harrison Addition- Shelby CountyHornet
Harrison Bluff- Wilson CountyHornsby
Harrison Ferry- Greene County 
 - Loudon CountyHorse Creek
Harrison Hills - Greene County
- Greene CountyHighland Homesite Addition- Sullivan County
- Loudon CountyHighland Junction 
 Highland ManorHorseshoe
Harrison Point Horseshoe Falls (H)
HarrogateHighland ParkHorsleys
Harrogate-Shawanee- Campbell CountyHortense
Harrtown- Hamilton CountyHorton Ford
Hart (H)- Knox CountyHouk
Hartford- Loudon CountyHouse Mountain (H)
Harth Addition- Maury CountyHousley
Hartland Estates- Sullivan CountyHousley Addition
Hartmantown Houston
HartsvilleHighland RimHouston Valley
Hartsville JunctionHighland Rim Terrace 
HarwellHighland SpringsHoward
Hascue - Lewis County (H)
HastingsHighland View- Monroe County
Hatch- Cumberland County- Perry County
Hatchertown- Knox County 
Hatchie Howard Chapel
Hatfield FordHighlands (H)Howard Ford
HathawayHighlandviewHoward Hill
Hatmaker (H)Highpoint (H)Howard Mill
HattonvilleHighway JunctionHoward Quarter
HavanaHilhamHoward Springs
HavenHillHowards Landing
Haversons (H)Hill AcresHowardville
Havley SpringsHill CityHowell
Havron ChapelHill CountryHowell Hill
HawkinsvilleHill EstatesHowley
HaworthHill TopHowse
Haws CrossroadsHill Town 
HaydenburgHillardHubbards Cove
Hayes Ferry Hubertville
Hayes ForkHillcrestHuckleberry
 - Coffee CountyHuddle Mill
Hayesville- Cumberland CountyHudson
- Greene County- Dickson CountyHudsonburg (H)
- Macon County- Hamblen CountyHuffines Ferry
- Lake County- Marshall CountyHuffman
- Rutherford County- Roane CountyHugarth
- Union County (H)- Sullivan County 
Haynes HavenHillcrest Estates- Hamilton County (H)
HaynesfieldHilldale- Macon County
HaysHilldale Estates 
Hays CrossingHilliardHughes Loop
HaysboroHillis (H)Hughett
HaysvilleHillmont HeightsHughey
Haywood HeightsHillriseHulan Hollow
Hazel RidgeHills and DalesHuling
Hazelrigs Ferry Hull
 HillsboroHull Mill
Head of Barren- Coffee CountyHumboldt
Head of Laurel Humes Ferry
Heads (H)Hillsboro AcresHundred Acres
HeardHillsboro HeightsHunnicutt
HearndaleHillsboro ValleyHunnicutt Mill
Heartyars Ferry Hunsacker
 HillsdaleHunt Village
Heath- Blount County 
- Dickson County- Macon CountyHunter
- Johnson County- Putnam County- Campbell County
  - Carter County
Heather HeightsHillside 
Heatherwood HillsHillsviewHunter Hills
Heathrow Hunters Hill
Heathrow HillsHilltopHunters Point
Heathwood- Bedford CountyHunters Point Ferry
Heaton Creek- Henry County 
Heatoncreek- Montgomery CountyHunters Ridge
Hebbertsburg- Rutherford County- Hamblen County
Hebron - Williamson County
HebronvilleHilltop Acres 
Hedgecoth (H)HillvaleHunters Store
Hegler Ford Hunting Creek Farms
HeiskellHillview EstatesHunting Hills West
Helen- Montgomery CountyHuntingdon
Helena- Williamson CountyHuntingdon Forest
Helenwood Huntingdon Place
HeliotropeHillvilleHuntington Hills
Heloise Huntington Ridge Estates
 - Davidson CountyHuntland
Helton- Montgomery County- Franklin County
- DeKalb County- Putnam County- Putnam County
- Grainger County- Sumner County- Loudon County
  - Scott County
HeltonvilleHillwood Acres 
Hematite Hurdlow
HembreeHillwood EstatesHurley
Hemlock- Putnam CountyHurley Acres
Hemlock Park- Rutherford CountyHuron
Henard (H)  
Henard MillHilton (H)Hurricane
HenardtownHimesville- Jackson County
 Hinds Creek (H)- Maury County
HendersonHinds Creek Valley- Wilson County
- Chester CountyHindscreek 
- Rutherford CountyHinkleHurricane Branch (H)
 HinkledaleHurricane Hill
Henderson SpringsHinson SpringsHurricane Mills
HendersonvilleHinton CrossingHurst
HendonHiramHurst Mill
HendrixHistoric HillsHuskey Valley
HenleyHite (H)Hutchings
HenningHite FordHutsell
HenriettaHiwasseeHutson Grove (H)
 Hiwassee CollegeHutton
HenryHiwassee Ferry 
- Clay CountyHiwassee Heights 
- Henry County