The Communities of
Tennessee (TN)


Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

Babbs MillBethany HillsBrandywine Estates
Bacchus Bransford
Backwoods- Anderson CountyBratchers Crossroads
Bacon Gap- Benton CountyBrattontown
 - Blount CountyBraxton
Bagdad- Carroll County 
- Jackson County (H)- Cheatham CountyBray
- Smith County- DeKalb County- Hancock County
 - Giles County- Shelby County (H)
Baggettsville- Haywood County 
Bailey- Maury CountyBrays
Bailey Town- McNairy CountyBrayton
Baileyton- Montgomery CountyBraytown
Bailiff Old Ferry- Obion County (H)Brazil
Bain- Perry CountyBreckenridge South
Bairds Mill- Rutherford CountyBreedenton
  Breezy Hills
BakerBethel SpringsBrenthaven East
- Davidson County Brenthaven North
- Dickson CountyBethesdaBrenthaven South
 - Greene CountyBrentlawn
Baker Crossroads- White County 
Baker's Gap- Williamson CountyBrentwood
Bakers- Campbell County- Hamblen County
Bakers Crossroads- Cannon County (H)- Hamilton County
Bakersworks- Cheatham County- Knox County
Bakerton- Hardin County- Montgomery County
 - Henry County- Washington County
Bakertown- Monroe County- Williamson County
- Davidson County- Wayne County- Bradley County
- Moore County- Williamson County- Williamson County
 - Humphreys County 
Bakerville- Sumner CountyBrentwood Hills
Bakewell Brentwood Park
Bald CrossingBethsalemBrentwood Pointe
Bald Hill (H)Betsy WillisBrentwood South
Bald PointBetsystown (H)Brentwood Station
Baldwin Ford Brevards Ferry
Bales FordBeulahBrewer Addition
Ball Camp- Greene CountyBrewstertown (H)
Ball Play- Union CountyBrian Manor
Ball Point Briants
BallplayBeverlyBriar Thicket
BalltownBeverly AcresBriarcliff
BalmoralBeverly HeightsBriarcliff View
Balsam EstatesBeverly HillsBriardale
Balta Briarfield
BaltimoreBible HillBriargate
Band MillBidwell 
BaneberryBig BarrenBriarwood
BanghamBig Boy Junction- Coffee County
Bangham VillageBig Cherokee- Montgomery County
Bank (H) - Rutherford County
BannerBig Creek 
Banner Hill- Giles CountyBriarwood Estates
Banner Springs- Hancock CountyBriceville
Baptist- Hawkins CountyBrick Church
Baptist Ridge- Monroe CountyBrick Mill
Barcheers- Sullivan County (H)Bride
Barclay Square Bridgeport
BarefieldBig Greenbriar (H)Bridwell Heights
BarefootBig GullyBrier
BarfieldBig IvyBrier Hill
Barfield MeadowsBig Lick 
BargersBig MountainBriggs
BargertonBig Piney- Humphreys County
BarkertownBig Q Estates- Unicoi County (H)
Barksdales FerryBig Ridge Park 
BarkwoodBig RockBright (H)
Barley FordBig Rock FordBright Ferry
Barnardsville Bright Hope
 Big Sandy 
Barnes- Benton CountyBrighton
- Pickett County- Washington County- Lincoln County
- Washington County- Carter County- Tipton County
 - Meigs County 
Barnes Ford- Wilson County (H)Brims Corner
Barnesville- Blount CountyBrimstone
Barnett- Dickson CountyBrinkley
Barnetts- Hancock CountyBrinley
Barnville- Madison CountyBristol
Barr- Overton CountyBristow
Barren Plain- Rutherford CountyBritt's Landing
Barretville Britton
Barrons CornerBigby (H)Britton Acres
BartheliaBigbyvilleBritton Ferry
BartheneyBigsby Creek Estates 
Bartlebaugh Britton Ford
BartlettBilbrey- Bedford County
Barton Heights- Carroll County- Henry County
Barton Mill- Putnam County 
Barton Springs Brittontown
BassBilbrey ParkBrittsville
Bass BayBillingslyBroad Acres
Bassel AdditionBiltmoreBroadmoor
Bat HarborBinfield 
Bates HillBinghampton- Crockett County
Bateville - Franklin County
Bath SpringsBirchwood- Maury County
Batley- Hamilton County 
Battery Heights- Meigs CountyBroadway
Battlefield- Montgomery CountyBrock
Battlefield Junction Brockdell
Battlefield MeadowsBird (H)Brockland Acres
Battleground EstatesBird CrossroadBrodie's Landing
Battlewood EstatesBird HillBrodies Ferry
Battlewood ForestBird Mill 
BaucomBird Song (H)Bromley Ford
BaughBirds Bower- Lawrence County
Baugh SpringBirds Bridge (H)- Wayne County
BaulkomBirdsong Dock 
BaxterBirdsong HeightsBroodwood
BaxtersBirdsville (H) 
Bay ViewBirnam WoodBrookfield
BaylesBishop- Hamilton County
Bayless (H)Bison- Shelby County
BayneBitter End 
Bays CoveBittle HeightsBrookfield Acres
Bays Mountain EstatesBivensBrookhaven
Bayside Brookhill
 Black CenterBrooklin
BayviewBlack CreekBrooklyn Heights
- Blount County  
- Hamilton CountyBlack FoxBrookmead
 - Bradley County- Sullivan County
Bazel Town- Grainger County- Washington County
 - Coffee County 
Beachville (H)- Robertson CountyBrooks Ferry
Beacon- Knox CountyBrooks Ford
 - Scott CountyBrookshire Hills
Beacon Hills- White CountyBrookside
- Hamblen County Brookside Mill
- Montgomery CountyBlack Oak SummitBrooksville (H)
 Black WaterBrookview Estates
Beacon JunctionBlackburn Hills Estates 
Beale (H)BlackmanBrotherton
Bean Station - Greene County
BeansBlacks Ferry- Putnam County
Beans Creek- Anderson County- Loudon County
Bear (H)- Warren County- Marion County
Bear Branch (H)  
Bear CreekBlaineBrown Crossroads
- Decatur CountyBlairBrown Ellis
- Scott CountyBlair GapBrown Mill
 Blair LaneBrownington
Bear SpringBlair's GapBrownlow (H)
Bear StandBlakeville 
Bear WallowBlancheBrowns
Beard FordBlaney Forest- Cocke County
BeardenBlankenship (H)- Macon County
BeardstownBlanking- Hamilton County
BeartownBlansett Meadows- Hardin County
BearwallowBlanton (H) 
 Blanton ChapelBrowns Mill
BeasleyBleak (H)Browns Shop
- Dickson County (H) Brownsboro (H)
- Marshall CountyBledsoeBrownsport (H)
 - Lincoln County 
Beasley Crossroads- Sumner CountyBrownsville
Beasley Road - Haywood County
Beauty HillBlend- Houston County
Beaver - Cumberland County
Beaver Creek EstatesBlevins- Wayne County (H)
Beaver Dam (H)- Carter County 
Beaver Hill- Hawkins CountyBrownview Acres
Beaver Ridge Broyles
Beaverdam SpringsBliss (H)Broylesville
BeeBlock CityBruceville
Beech BluffBlockhouseBrumley Heights
Beech BottomBlondyBrundige
Beech Fork Bruner Crossing
 Blooming GroveBruner Grove
Beech Grove- Giles CountyBrunswick
- Anderson County- Weakley County 
- Cheatham County Brush Creek
- Dickson County (H)Bloomingdale- Sequatchie County
- Dyer County - Smith County
- Grainger CountyBloomington- Williamson County
- Hawkins County- Pickett County 
- Knox County- Putnam CountyBrushy Ridge
- Maury County Bruton Branch
- Trousdale CountyBloomington HeightsBryan Hill
- Weakley CountyBloomington SpringsBryan Mill
- Franklin CountyBlossom 
- Giles CountyBlount BeachBryant
- Jackson County (H)Blount Hills- Maury County
- Macon CountyBlountville- Sequatchie County
 Blowing Springs 
Beech RiverBlue BankBryant Station
Beech SpringsBlue CreekBryantburg
Beechcliff EstatesBlue Gem (H)Brynewood Park
BeechnutBlue GooseBryson
Beechnut City- Henderson County- Giles County
 - Shelby County (H)- McMinn County
- Bedford CountyBlue GrassBryson Mountain
- Knox CountyBlue HillBrysonville
 Blue Mill 
Beechwood CourtBlue RidgeBuchanan
Beechwood VillageBlue Ridge EstatesBuck Lake Estates
BeefrangeBlue Ridge ViewBuck Lodge
Beeler MillBlue SkyBuck Mountain
Beersheba SpringsBlue SpringBuck Mountain Estates
Beidlemans (H)Blue Spring StationBuck Snort
Bel Air Buckeye
 Blue SpringsBuckingham Heights
Bel Aire- Bradley CountyBuckingham Park
- Rutherford County- DeKalb CountyBucklick
 - Hamilton CountyBuckner
Bel-Air Estates- Roane CountyBucks Mill
Bel-AireBlue Springs ResortBuckstone Hills
- Coffee CountyBlueberry Hills 
Bel-Aire HeightsBluefields- Hardin County
BelairBluegrass- Loudon County
BeldonBluegrass Meadows 
BelfastBluewingBud (H)
Belinda CityBluff CityBuell Acres
BelkBluff Creek 
Bell BridgeBluff SpringsBuena Vista
Bell BuckleBluff View- Blount County
Bell Hollow (H)Bluffpoint (H)- Carroll County
Bell SpringBluffton 
Bell TownBluhmtownBuena Vista Estates
Bell's StationBlythe FerryBuena Vista Ferry
Bella Mara Estates  
Bella Vista AcresBoard ValleyBuffalo
Bellamy (H)Boatland- Anderson County
Bellamy CourtBob- Hickman County
 Bobs Cross Roads (H)- Humphreys County
Belle AireBobtown- Lawrence County
- White CountyBobwhite (H)- Sullivan County
Belle Brook EstatesBoggess CrossroadBuffalo Ridge (H)
Belle EagleBoggsBuffalo Springs
Belle ForestBogota 
Belle MeadBohannon AdditionBuffalo Valley
 Boiling (H)- Lewis County
Belle Meade - Putnam County
- Blount CountyBoiling Springs 
- Davidson County- Montgomery County (H)Buffalo View
- Hardin County- Putnam CountyBuffat Heights
Belle RiveBold SpringBugscuffle
Belle Rive HighlandsBolesBugtussle
- Knox CountyBolton EstatesBull Creek
Bellefounte Bull Run
BellegladeBon Air- Anderson County
 - Sumner County- Davidson County
Belleview- White County- Knox County
- Davidson County  
- Dickson CountyBon AquaBullards Gap
- Humphreys CountyBon Aqua JunctionBullet Creek
- Lincoln CountyBonbrookBulls Gap
  Bumpus Cove
Belleview EstatesBondBumpus Mills
Belleville- Hickman CountyBunch
 - Shelby CountyBunch Ford
- Davidson CountyBone CaveBuncombe
- Shelby County - Franklin County (H)
 Bonham- Sullivan County
Bells- Meigs County 
Bells Mill- Rhea CountyBungalow
BellshireBonicordBunker Hill
 Bonnertown- Giles County
BelltownBonneville (H)- Rutherford County
- Monroe CountyBonneville Estates- Shelby County
- Polk CountyBonny Kate- Sullivan County
Belltown HillBonta Vista EstatesBunker Hill Park
Belltown MillBonwoodBuntontown
 Bookers FerryBuntyn
- Bledsoe CountyBoomerBurchfield Heights
- Lincoln CountyBoon's CreekBurem
BellwoodBoone TrailBurger
 Boones CreekBurgess
BelmontBoonevilleBurgesstown (H)
- Anderson CountyBoonshillBurke
- Coffee CountyBoonville (H)Burkitt
- Fayette CountyBooth (H)Burlington
- Jefferson CountyBoothspointBurlington Heights
- Lawrence CountyBordeauxBurlison
- Montgomery CountyBordeaux HillsBurn's Mill
 Borden MillsBurnett
Belmont AcresBorden VillageBurns
Belmont AdditionBoringBurns Place
Belmont WestBostonBurnt Church
Belotes FerryBottle HollowBurristown
BelvidereBottsBurrus Landing
Belvoir TerraceBowl (H)Burt
Ben (H)Bowmantown- Hawkins County
Ben StocktonBox- Putnam County
BenbarBox Elder 
Benders FerryBoxcroftBurton Estates
Bending ChestnutBoxwood HallBurton Mill
Benford Heights AdditionBoxwood HillsBurwood
BenhillBoy (H)Busby
BenjesBoyceBush Grove
BenjestownBoydBushing (H)
Bennett AcresBoyd AcresBushtown
Bennett FerryBoyd FerryBussell
Bent TreeBoyd Mill EstatesBussell Ferry
Bent Tree AcresBoyds CreekBussell Ford
BentonBoynton ValleyBusseltown
- Marshall County (H)BozarthBusy Corner
- Polk County Butcher (H)
 Brabson FerryButler
Benton CutBraceButler Estates
Benton SpringsBrackentownButlers Ferry
Benton StationBradburn HillButlers Landing (H)
BerclairBradburyButterfly (H)
 Braddys FerryButtermilk Shores
Berea Buxter
- Cannon County (H)Braden 
- Giles County- Anderson CountyBybee
- Warren County- Fayette County- Cocke County
 - Union County 
Bergmantown- Gibson CountyBybee
Berkshire Forest- Haywood County- Warren County
Berkshire Wood  
BermudaBradshaw (H)Byrd Chapel
BerryBradyvilleByrds Ferry
Berry HillBraemarByrdstown
Berrys ChapelBrainerdByrne
Berrys Chapel HeightsBrainerd HeightsByron
BerryvilleBrainerd Hills 
BerthaBrainerd Park 
BessieBrairwood Acres 
BestviewBrakebill (H) 
- Greene County- Bedford County 
- Warren County- Franklin County