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The Communities of
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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 CabanalCave (H)ClantonvilleCornerstone
 Cabin CreekCave CityClarendonCornertown
 Cabool (H)Cave CreekClarkdaleCornerville
 CabotCave Spring (H)ClarkedaleCornhill (H)
  Cave SpringsClarketonCornie
 - Greene CountyCavernaClarks CornerCorwin
 - Woodruff CountyCazort SpringsClarksonCosgrove
   ClarksvilleCottage Hill (H)
 Cache RiverCecilClauchCotter
 Caddo Gap ClaudeCotton Belt
 Caddo ValleyCedar CreekClaunchCotton Belt Junction
 Cades- Conway CountyClayCotton Plant
 Cadron (H)- Scott CountyClayton (H) 
 Caglesville Clayton Spur (H)Cotton Town
 CainCedar Glades - Logan County
 Cairo- Garland County (H)Clear Lake- Yell County
 Calamaine- Montgomery County- Grant County 
 Calamine- Independence County- Mississippi CountyCottondale
 Caldwell- Randolph County  
 Cale Clear PointCottonwood Corner
 CaledoniaCedar Hills EstatesClear Spring- Craighead County
  CedarsClear Water (H)- Mississippi County
 Calhoun Clearview Estates- Saint Francis County
 - Columbia CountyCedarvilleClearwater 
 - Lincoln County- Crawford CountyClebb (H)Council
  - Yell CountyClemCountiss
 Calico Neck (H) Clementine (H)Country Club
 Calico RockCenter GroveClements (H)Country Club Addition
 Calion ClevelandCountry Estates
 Calis (H)Center HillCliftonCountry Lane
 Callier- Greene CountyCliftyCountry Road Estates
 Calmer- White CountyClineCounty Line
 Calumet- Clark CountyClintonCove
 Calvin- Faulkner CountyClioCove Creek (H)
 Camark- Howard CountyClipperCovey (H)
 Camden- Polk CountyCloarCovington
 Camelot Acres- Prairie CountyCloquet (H)Cow Lake (H)
 Cameron Mill- Clark CountyClover BendCow Mound (H)
 Camilla (H)- Conway CountyCloverdaleCowan
 Cammack ClowCowell
 Cammack VillageCentertonClutes (H)Cowlingsville
 Camp ClydeCowpens (H)
 Camp GroundCenterville Cox Ferry
 Camp Pershing (H)- Faulkner CountyCoal HillCox Spring
  - Hempstead CountyCoal MineCoy
 Campbell- Jackson CountyCoaldaleCozahome
 - Jackson County- Yell CountyCoast 
 - Searcy County- Clark CountyCoatsCrabtree
  - Cross CountyCobbsCraig's Mill
 Canaan- Hot Spring CountyCochrum FerryCrain City
 - Lee County- Sebastian CountyCodyCram
 - Searcy County- Sevier CountyCoffee CreekCraney
 CanaleCentral CityCoffeyville 
 CandlewoodCerrogordo Crawford
 Candlewood Estates Coffman- Boone County
 Cane CreekChadwick (H)- Greene County- Pike County (H)
 Cane Island (H)Chalk (H)- Lawrence County 
 CanehillChalk Bluff (H) Credit (H)
   Colburn Spring (H)Creech
 CaneyChalybeate SpringsCold Springs (H)Creigh
 - Faulkner County- Stone CountyColdwaterCremer
 - Hot Spring County- Yell CountyColeCreole
 - Marion County Cole RidgeCrescent
 - Nevada County (H)ChambersvilleCole SpurCrest
 CanfieldChampagnolle Landing (H)ColemanCreswell
 Cannon (H) ColerCricket
 Cannon CreekChampionColfaxCrigler
 Cannongate Addition- Arkansas CountyCollege CityCritco
 Canoe Landing- Lincoln County (H)College HeightsCritten Ridge
 Canton (H) College Heights AdditionCrittenden
 Cany ForkChandlerCollege HillCroak (H)
 CaparkChaneyCollege Park (H)Crocker
 CappsChant (H)College StationCrockett
 Capps CityChanticleerCollegevilleCrockett's Bluff
 Caraway Collidge'sCroker
 Carbon CityChapel HillCollietownCromwall
 Carden Bottoms- Howard CountyCollinsCrosby
 Cardiff- Sevier CountyCollis FerryCross Hollow
 Careyville Landing ColonaCross Lanes
 CareywoodChapmanColony West 
 CargileChappelle (H)ColtCross Roads
 CarlisleCharity (H)Colton Crossing- Benton County (H)
  CharlestonColumbia (H)- Bradley County
 CarmelCharlotteColumbus- Grant County
 - Bradley CountyCharnnings FerryColville (H)- Hot Spring County
 - Chicot CountyChasewood LandingComal- Little River County
  Chastain (H)Combs- Logan County
 CarnallChatfieldComet- Madison County
 Carnie (H)CheathamCominto- Monroe County
 CarnisChecks Corner (H)Commissary (H)- Ouachita County
 CarolanCheekComo (H)- Washington County (H)
 Carr (H)Cherokee CityComptonCrosses
 Carrol CornerCherokee Village- Hempstead County (H)Crossett
 CarrollCherry Grove (H)- Newton County 
 Carroll's Corner  Crossroad
 CarrolltonCherry HillConcord- Ashley County
 Carryville- Perry County- Cleburne County- Newton County
 Carson- Polk County- Crawford County- Prairie County
 Carson Lake - Union County- Cleburne County
 Carter (H)Chester - Hempstead County
 Carter's StoreChicallaCongo- Izard County
 CarthageChicasawbaConnells Point- Jackson County
 CartneyChickalahConner- Pulaski County (H)
  ChickasawbaConstance (H)- Sebastian County
 CarverChicotConvenience- Yell County
 - Grant CountyChicot JunctionConville (H) 
 - Newton CountyChicot TerraceConwayCrow Creek
  ChidesterCookCrow Creek Crossing
 Cascade CooneyCrowley's
 CaseChildress Crown (H)
 Cases Ferry- Craighead CountyCooperCrows
 Casey- Prairie County- Pike County (H)Crump (H)
 Cash - Saint Francis CountyCrumrod
 CassChimes Cruse (H)
 CasscoeChipCopelandCrystal Hill
 CassvilleChoctawCopper MineCrystal Springs
 Casteel (H)Choctaw PinesCopperas Gap (H)- Garland County
 Castell CrossingChulaCoras- Montgomery County
 Castle Heights Cord 
 Castleberry (H)Cicalla Cuffman's Switch
 Castleville (H)CincinnatiCorinthCullendale
 CatalpaCinda- Bradley CountyCuller
 CatcherCinnamon Acres- Howard CountyCulp
 CatesvilleCircle B Addition- Polk CountyCulpepper
 Catholic PointCisco- Yell CountyCumberland (H)
 Cato  Cumi
 Catorce (H)  Cummings Springs
 Catron  Cummins
 Catron Spur  Cummins Ferry
 Caulksville  Cuneo (H)
    Cunningham (H)
 Cauthron  Cunningham Corner
 - Logan County  Curia
 - Scott County  Current View
    - Clark County
    - Saline County (H)
    Cushman Junction
    Custer (H)
    Cut-Off Ferry
    - Ashley County
    - Poinsett County (H)
    Cypress Corner
    Cypress Fork
    Cypress Valley


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