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The Communities of Arkansas (AR)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

B B Junction [Montgomery County]

Back Gate [Desha County]

Bailes [Saint Francis County] (H)

Bailey [Independence County]

Bailey Addition [Lonoke County]

Bailey Estates [Lonoke County]

Bailey Ford [Bradley County]

Baker [Lafayette County]

Baker [Polk County]

Baker [Searcy County]

Baker [Sharp County]

Baker Creek [Pope County] (H)

Baker Den [Randolph County] (H)

Baker Ford [Fulton County]

Baker Hollow [Searcy County]

Baker Springs [Howard County]

Balboa [Sharp County] (H)

Balch [Jackson County]

Balch Addition [Independence County]

Bald Knob [White County]

Baldwin [Jefferson County]

Baldwin [Washington County]

Ball [Crawford County]

Ball [Pike County] (H)

Ballard [Sharp County]

Balle [Prairie County] (H)

Balloon [Yell County]

Band Mill [Izard County]

Bankhead [Jefferson County]

Banks [Bradley County]

Bannister [Saline County]

Banty [Pulaski County] (H)

Banyard [Washington County]

Barbara [Washington County] (H)

Barber [Logan County]

Barber [Scott County]

Barber [White County] (H)

Barcelona [Crawford County]

Bard [Greene County]

Bardill [Prairie County] (H)

Bardstown [Mississippi County]

Bare Stone [White County]

Barfield [Mississippi County]

Barger Addition [Pulaski County]

Barham [Ouachita County]

Baring Cross [Pulaski County]

Barkada [Drew County]

Barker [Hempstead County]

Barling [Sebastian County]

Barn Crossing [Saint Francis County]

Barnes [Franklin County]

Barney [Faulkner County]

Barren Fork [Izard County]

Barren Hollow [Searcy County]

Barrentine Corner [White County]

Barrettsville [Prairie County]

Barringer [Clark County]

Barson [Woodruff County]

Bartholomew [Ashley County]

Bartholomew [Drew County] (H)

Barton [Phillips County]

Barton Junction [Phillips County]

Barytes [Hot Spring County]

Base Line [Pulaski County]

Bashe [Sebastian County]

Bass [Newton County]

Bassett [Mississippi County]

Batavia [Boone County]

Bates [Scott County]

Batesville [Independence County]

Batson [Johnson County]

Battle Hill [Howard County] (H)

Battlefield [Hempstead County]

Baucum [Pulaski County]

Bauxippi [Crittenden County] (H)

Bauxite [Saline County]

Bauxite Junction [Saline County]

Bawcum [Pulaski County]

Baxter [Drew County]

Bay [Craighead County]

Bay Plantation [Prairie County]

Bay Village [Cross County]

Bayless [Monroe County]

Bayou Macon [Chicot County] (H)

Bayou Meto [Arkansas County]

Bayou Meto [Lonoke County]

Bayou Metro [Lonoke County]

Beach Grove [Franklin County]

Beacon Addition [Benton County]

Bear [Garland County]

Bear [Montgomery County]

Bear Creek [Searcy County]

Bear Creek Springs [Boone County]

Bear Hollow Village [Sebastian County]

Beard [Woodruff County] (H)

Bearden [Ouachita County]

Beasley [Poinsett County]

Beaton [Hot Spring County]

Beaty [Benton County]

Beau-O-Rama [Washington County]

Beauchamp [Scott County]

Beaudry [Garland County] (H)

Beaver [Carroll County]

Beaver Shores [Benton County]

Beck [Crittenden County]

Beck [Lee County]

Beck [Miller County]

Becker [Hot Spring County]

Becks [Saint Francis County]

Becton [Woodruff County]

Bedford [Sebastian County]

Bee Branch [Van Buren County]

Bee Rock [White County]

Beebe [White County]

Beech Creek [Ashley County]

Beech Creek [Columbia County]

Beech Creek [Dallas County]

Beech Creek Crossing [Ashley County]

Beech Grove [Dallas County]

Beech Grove [Greene County]

Beecher [Prairie County] (H)

Beechwood [Newton County]

Beedeville [Jackson County]

Beeton [Woodruff County]

Begley [Searcy County] (H)

Beirne [Clark County]

Beith's Landing [Desha County]

Belcher [White County]

Belfast [Grant County]

Belk Corner [Faulkner County]

Belknap [Cross County] (H)

Bell City [Clay County]

Bell Ferry [Ashley County]

Bella Vista [Benton County]

Bellair [Hempstead County]

Bellaire [Chicot County]

Belle Meade [Saint Francis County]

Belle Meade Plantation [Saint Francis County]

Bellefonte [Boone County]

Belleville [Yell County]

Bellevue [Perry County] (H)

Bells Chapel [Pope County]

Bellview [Pulaski County]

Bellville [Boone County]

Bellville [Sevier County]

Belmont [Crawford County] (H)

Belser [Phillips County] (H)

Belton [Hempstead County] (H)

Belva [Scott County]

Belview [Izard County]

Bemis [Woodruff County]

Ben [Stone County]

Ben Gay [Sharp County]

Ben Hur [Newton County]

Ben Lomond [Sevier County]

Bend [Johnson County]

Bend Ford [Searcy County]

Bengall [Jackson County]

Bengay [Sharp County]

Bengel [Jackson County]

Bennett [Nevada County] (H)

Bennett's [Baxter County] (H)

Benton [Saline County]

Bentonville [Benton County]

Benyard [Saint Francis County] (H)

Benzal [Arkansas County]

Berea [Ashley County]

Berger [Pulaski County]

Bergman [Boone County]

Berlin [Ashley County]

Berlin [Johnson County]

Bermuda [Arkansas County]

Bernice [Pope County]

Bernice Mines [Pope County]

Berry [Baxter County] (H)

Berryville [Carroll County]

Bertha [Pope County]

Bertig [Greene County]

Beryl [Faulkner County]

Bessie [Faulkner County] (H)

Bessie [Lawrence County] (H)

Best [Benton County] (H)

Bests [Ouachita County] (H)

Bestwater [Benton County]

Bethany [Howard County]

Bethel [Clark County]

Bethel [Columbia County]

Bethel [Drew County]

Bethel [Greene County]

Bethel [Howard County] (H)

Bethel [Pope County]

Bethel [Yell County]

Bethel Chapel [Polk County]

Bethel Grove [Washington County]

Bethel Heights [Benton County]

Bethesda [Independence County]

Bethlehem [Conway County]

Beulah [Drew County]

Beulah [Prairie County]

Beulah Island Landing [Desha County]

Beverage Town [Van Buren County]

Beverly [Sebastian County]

Beverly Hills [Hempstead County]

Beverly Terrace [Pulaski County]

Bevis Corner [Lonoke County]

Bexar [Fulton County]

Bicker Crossing [Lincoln County]

Biddle [Pulaski County]

Bidville [Crawford County]

Bierne [Clark County]

Big Bay Siding [Craighead County]

Big Bend [Polk County]

Big Creek [Cleveland County]

Big Creek Corner [Lee County]

Big Flat [Baxter County]

Big Fork [Polk County]

Big Hill [Calhoun County]

Big Lake [Mississippi County]

Big Rock [Pulaski County]

Big Rock [Sebastian County]

Big Spring Mill [Independence County]

Big Springs [Stone County]

Bigelow [Perry County]

Biggers [Randolph County]

Biggers Ferry [Randolph County]

Billingsleys Corner [Little River County]

Bills [Pike County]

Billstown [Pike County]

Bingen [Hempstead County] (H)

Bingeon [Hempstead County]

Bingham [Pulaski County]

Bingham Springs [Perry County]

Birchwood [Pulaski County]

Birdell [Randolph County]

Birdeye [Cross County]

Birds Mill [Montgomery County]

Birdsong [Mississippi County]

Birdtown [Conway County]

Birmac [Jefferson County]

Birta [Yell County]

Biscoe [Prairie County]

Bishop [Little River County]

Bismarck [Hot Spring County]

Bissell [Howard County] (H)

Biswell Springs [Sebastian County]

Black Cat [Mississippi County]

Black Diamond [Miller County]

Black Fork [Scott County]

Black Jack [Greene County]

Black Oak [Craighead County]

Black Oak [Poinsett County]

Black Oak [Washington County]

Black Rock [Lawrence County]

Black Springs [Montgomery County]

Blackburn [Washington County]

Blackfish [Saint Francis County]

Blackfoot [Phillips County]

Blackjack Corner [Benton County]

Blackland [Little River County]

Blackton [Monroe County]

Blackville [Conway County]

Blackville [Jackson County]

Blackwell [Conway County]

Blaine [Logan County]

Blakely [Garland County]

Blakemore [Lonoke County]

Blanchard [Sevier County] (H)

Blanchard Springs [Union County] (H)

Blanchton [Bradley County]

Blanco [Searcy County]

Bland [Benton County]

Bland [Saline County]

Bland Ferry [Washington County]

Blansett [Scott County]

Blanton [Crittenden County]

Blanville [Sharp County]

Bleaker [Cleveland County] (H)

Bledsoe [Lee County]

Blevins [Hempstead County]

Blewford [Washington County] (H)

Blick [Conway County]

Bliss [White County] (H)

Blocher [Saline County]

Bloomer [Sebastian County]

Bloomfield [Benton County]

Bloomington [Van Buren County] (H)

Blossom [Saint Francis County]

Blowing Cave [Independence County] (H)

Blue Ball [Scott County]

Blue Bayou [Howard County]

Blue Eye [Carroll County]

Blue Hill [Pulaski County]

Blue Mountain [Logan County]

Blue Springs [Bradley County] (H)

Blue Springs [Garland County]

Blue Springs Village [Washington County]

Bluetip [Stone County] (H)

Bluff City [Nevada County]

Bluff Ridge [Scott County] (H)

Bluff Springs [Howard County] (H)

Bluffton [Yell County]

Blytheville [Mississippi County]

Blytheville Junction [Mississippi County]

Board Camp [Polk County]

Boat Run [Poinsett County]

Bodcaw [Nevada County]

Bodman [Drew County]

Boeuf [Chicot County]

Bog Springs [Polk County]

Boggy [Miller County]

Bogota [Desha County] (H)

Bohannon [Searcy County]

Boiling Springs [Pope County] (H)

Bolding [Union County]

Boles [Scott County]

Bon Air [Stone County]

Bonair [Saint Francis County]

Bonanza [Sebastian County]

Bonanza Springs [Garland County] (H)

Bondsville [Mississippi County]

Bone Town [Izard County]

Bonnerdale [Hot Spring County]

Bonnery [Craighead County]

Bono [Craighead County]

Bono [Faulkner County]

Booker [Crittenden County]

Booker [Pulaski County]

Boone [Boone County]

Boonesborough [Washington County]

Booneville [Logan County]

Booster [Searcy County]

Boothe [Scott County]

Booty [Arkansas County]

Boring Crossing [Sevier County]

Boston [Madison County]

Boswell [Clark County]

Boswell [Izard County]

Bothersome [Stone County] (H)

Botkinburg [Van Buren County]

Boueff [Chicot County]

Boughton [Nevada County]

Bovine [Ashley County]

Bowen [Pike County]

Bowman [Chicot County]

Bowman [Craighead County]

Bowser [Drew County] (H)

Box Springs [Columbia County]

Boxelder [Mississippi County]

Boxley [Newton County]

Boyd [Lafayette County]

Boyd [Lonoke County] (H)

Boyd [Miller County]

Boyd Hill [Lafayette County]

Boydell [Ashley County]

Boydsville [Clay County]

Boyle [Stone County] (H)

Boynton [Mississippi County]

Bozarth [Benton County] (H)

Brad [White County]

Bradford [White County]

Bradix [Prairie County]

Bradley [Lafayette County]

Bradley Ferry [Ouachita County]

Bradley Quarters [Bradley County]

Brady [Pulaski County]

Bragg [Yell County]

Bragg City [Ouachita County]

Braggs [Crittenden County]

Brainerd [Poinsett County] (H)

Brakebill [Randolph County]

Branch [Franklin County]

Branchville [Lincoln County]

Brandenburg [Izard County]

Brandon [Drew County]

Brannon [Madison County]

Brasfield [Prairie County]

Brashears [Madison County]

Brasswell Spring [Carroll County] (H)

Brawley [Scott County]

Brazils [Saline County]

Breckenridge [Pulaski County]

Bredlow Corner [Pulaski County]

Brentwood [Washington County]

Brewer [Cleburne County]

Briar [Howard County]

Briar Creek [Logan County]

Briarcliff [Baxter County]

Briark [Crittenden County]

Briarwood [Pulaski County]

Brice [Crittenden County]

Brickeys [Lee County]

Bridge Junction [Crittenden County]

Bridgeport [Sharp County] (H)

Briggsville [Yell County]

Bright [Columbia County]

Bright Star [Howard County]

Bright Star [Miller County]

Brighton [Greene County]

Brightstar [Miller County]

Brightwater [Benton County]

Brinkley [Monroe County]

Brisbane [Nevada County] (H)

Brister [Columbia County]

Bristol [Faulkner County] (H)

Britt [Clark County] (H)

Brittain [Pulaski County]

Britton [Crawford County]

Broad [Bradley County]

Brockett [Randolph County]

Brockington Corner [Faulkner County]

Brocktown [Pike County] (H)

Brockwell [Izard County]

Brolaski [Mississippi County]

Brookings [Clay County]

Brookland [Craighead County]

Brooks [Grant County]

Brooks [Saline County]

Broom [Lawrence County] (H)

Broomfield [Pope County]

Brown [Mississippi County] (H)

Brown Ford [Fulton County]

Brown Springs [Hot Spring County]

Browns [Crittenden County]

Browns Ferry [Garland County]

Brownstown [Sevier County]

Brownsville [Cleburne County]

Brownsville [Logan County]

Brownsville [Lonoke County] (H)

Brownwood Terrace [Pulaski County]

Bruce [Jefferson County] (H)

Bruins [Crittenden County]

Bruins Landing [Crittenden County]

Brumley [Faulkner County]

Brummitt [Lonoke County]

Brundige [White County] (H)

Bruno [Marion County]

Brunson Crossing [Jefferson County]

Brush Creek [Grant County]

Brushey Lake [Poinsett County]

Brushy [Ashley County] (H)

Brushy [Howard County] (H)

Brushyville [Grant County]

Brutonville [Jackson County]

Bryan [Scott County]

Bryant [Independence County]

Bryant [Saline County]

Bryant Oaks [Saline County]

Bryant Woodland Heights [Independence County]

Bryanville [Saint Francis County]

Brymar [Mississippi County]

Buck Knob [Scott County]

Buck Range [Howard County]

Buck Snort [Craighead County]

Buckeye [Madison County]

Buckeye [Mississippi County]

Buckhorn [Lee County]

Buckner [Columbia County]

Buckner [Lafayette County]

Buckner's Grove [Washington County]

Bucks Landing [Prairie County]

Bucksnort [Dallas County]

Bucksville [Garland County] (H)

Buckville [Garland County]

Buckville [Montgomery County]

Budd Creek [Cleburne County]

Buddys Landing [Montgomery County]

Budsmith [Cross County] (H)

Buell [Sebastian County]

Buena Vista [Ouachita County]

Buffalo [Baxter County]

Buffalo [Polk County] (H)

Buffalo [Scott County] (H)

Buffalo City [Baxter County]

Buffalolick [Poinsett County] (H)

Buffo [Arkansas County] (H)

Buford [Baxter County]

Buie [Grant County]

Bulger [Polk County]

Bull Shoals [Marion County]

Bullfrog Valley [Pope County]

Bulltown [Woodruff County]

Bunker Hill [Perry County]

Bunn [Dallas County]

Bunney [Craighead County]

Burdette [Mississippi County]

Burg [Howard County]

Burk's [Saline County]

Burks [Arkansas County]

Burlington [Boone County]

Burma [Monroe County] (H)

Burma [Sebastian County]

Burna [Sebastian County]

Burnt Cane [Saint Francis County]

Burnt Cane Crossing [Saint Francis County]

Burnt Hill [Craighead County]

Burnville [Sebastian County]

Buroak [Searcy County]

Burr Crossing [Arkansas County]

Burton [Mississippi County]

Burton Mill [Lafayette County]

Burtsell [Clark County]

Busch [Carroll County]

Bush [Jefferson County]

Bushtown [Johnson County] (H)

Bussey [Columbia County]

Butler [Mississippi County]

Butlerville [Lonoke County]

Butter Creek [Van Buren County] (H)

Butterfield [Hot Spring County]

Buttermilk [Pope County]

Buttry [Benton County] (H)

Buzzard Roost [Van Buren County] (H)

Byler [Izard County]

Byran [Scott County]

Byron [Fulton County]


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