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Nearest Communities to Songwood, By-County ...

The purpose of this page is to identify those communities that are closest to Songwood, on a County-by-County basis. To explain further, let's use the example from the Genealogy Helper Page for Songwood:

We have great-grandparents who lived in a small community in the northwest corner of their home county. During their lives, most hospitals and doctors were in the next county to the west. Almost all of the nearby churches and cemeteries were in the county to the north.

When doing our research, we make it a practice to expand our search by looking in neighboring counties in addition to the county in which they lived:  their home county contained property and probate records; the county to the west contained birth and death records; the county to the north contained their burial records. If we hadn't checked the neighboring counties, we would have missed many valuable sources of information.

Please note that when we give a distance, it's a 'straight-line' distance from Songwood and not the distance if you drove.<1>

If you're researching your genealogy, we hope that the following following information helps.

Songwood is located in Harris County.

The following 7 counties adjoin and form the boundaries of Harris County: Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Liberty, Montgomery & Waller.

Our Gazetteer shows that there are 1,091 communities within 40 miles [64.4 km] of Songwood. Of these communities, 362 are located in counties other than Harris County.

We usually exclude communities when we still need to verify their location,<2> but for the purpose of this page, we have included the unverified ('unver') and historic ('hist') communities.

After starting with the home county for Songwood (which is Harris County), we list the counties in alphabetical order and for each of those counties, the closest communities are listed in order of their distance from Songwood. For the following list, only those counties that contain communities within 40 miles [64.4 km] are displayed.

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Chambers CountyMontgomery County 
Fort Bend CountyWaller County 
Galveston County  

Harris County     (The county where Songwood resides)
Given the large number of communities that are located in Harris County, we have limited the list to those within 8 miles [12.9 km] of Songwood (about 100 communities).
County Website:
County Seat for Harris:   Houston
Genealogy Websites:
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Harris County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Jacinto City     [Map]     SE   Less than 2 miles
El Dorado (Unver)     [Map]     N   Less than 2 miles
Oates Prairie (Unver)     [Map]     N   Less than 2 miles
Greens Bayou (Unver)     [Map]     E   2 miles [3.2 km]
Woodland Acres (Unver)     [Map]     E   2 miles [3.2 km]
Wynnewood Acres (Unver)     [Map]     N   2 miles [3.2 km]
Wallsville Gardens (Unver)     [Map]     NE   2 miles [3.2 km]
Clinton Park (Unver)     [Map]     S   2 miles [3.2 km]
Galena Park     [Map]     S   2 miles [3.2 km]
Clinton View (Unver)     [Map]     SW   2 miles [3.2 km]
Hidden Forest (Unver)     [Map]     E   3 miles [4.8 km]
Riviera East (Unver)     [Map]     E   3 miles [4.8 km]
East Houston (Unver)     [Map]     N   3 miles [4.8 km]
Pine Trails (Unver)     [Map]     NE   3 miles [4.8 km]
Winterwood Village     [Map]     NE   3 miles [4.8 km]
Wood Forest (Unver)     [Map]     NE   3 miles [4.8 km]
Cloverleaf     [Map]     E   4 miles [6.4 km]
Chatwood Place (Unver)     [Map]     N   4 miles [6.4 km]
Knollwood Estates (Unver)     [Map]     N   4 miles [6.4 km]
Ralston Acres (Unver)     [Map]     N   4 miles [6.4 km]
Redwood Estates (Unver)     [Map]     N   4 miles [6.4 km]
Wood Forest North (Unver)     [Map]     NE   4 miles [6.4 km]
Daly Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   4 miles [6.4 km]
Manchester (Unver)     [Map]     S   4 miles [6.4 km]
Central Park (Unver)     [Map]     SW   4 miles [6.4 km]
Forest Hill (Unver)     [Map]     SW   4 miles [6.4 km]
Harrisburg (Unver)     [Map]     SW   4 miles [6.4 km]
Magnolia Park (Unver)     [Map]     SW   4 miles [6.4 km]
Mason Park Terrace (Unver)     [Map]     SW   4 miles [6.4 km]
Pine View Manor (Unver)     [Map]     SW   4 miles [6.4 km]
Channelwood (Unver)     [Map]     E   5 miles [8 km]
Marwood (Unver)     [Map]     E   5 miles [8 km]
Sterling Green South (Unver)     [Map]     E   5 miles [8 km]
Kentshire Place (Unver)     [Map]     N   5 miles [8 km]
Parkway (Unver)     [Map]     N   5 miles [8 km]
Woodglen (Unver)     [Map]     N   5 miles [8 km]
Beaumont Place (Unver)     [Map]     NE   5 miles [8 km]
Houmont Park (Unver)     [Map]     NE   5 miles [8 km]
Parkway Forest (Unver)     [Map]     NE   5 miles [8 km]
Royalwood (Unver)     [Map]     NE   5 miles [8 km]
Pelham Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   5 miles [8 km]
Rosedale Gardens (Unver)     [Map]     NW   5 miles [8 km]
Settegast (Unver)     [Map]     NW   5 miles [8 km]
Allendale (Unver)     [Map]     S   5 miles [8 km]
Park Place     [Map]     S   5 miles [8 km]
Pasadena Gardens (Unver)     [Map]     SE   5 miles [8 km]
Brookline (Unver)     [Map]     SW   5 miles [8 km]
Eastwood (Unver)     [Map]     SW   5 miles [8 km]
Gloverdale (Unver)     [Map]     SW   5 miles [8 km]
Idylwood (Unver)     [Map]     SW   5 miles [8 km]
Pecan Park (Unver)     [Map]     SW   5 miles [8 km]
Delldale (Unver)     [Map]     E   6 miles [9.7 km]
Old River Terrace (Unver)     [Map]     E   6 miles [9.7 km]
Sterling Forest (Unver)     [Map]     E   6 miles [9.7 km]
Sterling Green (Unver)     [Map]     E   6 miles [9.7 km]
Reservoir Acres (Unver)     [Map]     NE   6 miles [9.7 km]
Fontaine Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   6 miles [9.7 km]
North Shadydale (Unver)     [Map]     NW   6 miles [9.7 km]
Scenic Woods (Unver)     [Map]     NW   6 miles [9.7 km]
Shady Timbers (Unver)     [Map]     NW   6 miles [9.7 km]
Greenway Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   6 miles [9.7 km]
Meadow Creek Village     [Map]     S   6 miles [9.7 km]
Saint Rosa (Unver)     [Map]     S   6 miles [9.7 km]
East Haven (Unver)     [Map]     SE   6 miles [9.7 km]
Red Bluff (Unver)     [Map]     SE   6 miles [9.7 km]
Revlon (Unver)     [Map]     SE   6 miles [9.7 km]
Golfcrest (Unver)     [Map]     SW   6 miles [9.7 km]
Pine Valley (Unver)     [Map]     SW   6 miles [9.7 km]
Riverview (Unver)     [Map]     SW   6 miles [9.7 km]
Glen Park (Unver)     [Map]     W   6 miles [9.7 km]
Houston     [Map]     W   6 miles [9.7 km]
Channelview     [Map]     E   7 miles [11.3 km]
Monroe Place (Unver)     [Map]     E   7 miles [11.3 km]
Shadow Glen (Unver)     [Map]     E   7 miles [11.3 km]
Dyersdale (Unver)     [Map]     N   7 miles [11.3 km]
Airstream (Unver)     [Map]     NE   7 miles [11.3 km]
Armstrong Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Barclay Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Calgary Woods (Unver)     [Map]     NW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Colonial Gardens (Unver)     [Map]     NW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Epson Downs (Unver)     [Map]     NW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Farrington Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Plymouth Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Scenic Woods Plaza (Unver)     [Map]     NW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Glenbrook Valley     [Map]     S   7 miles [11.3 km]
Gulf Freeway Oaks (Unver)     [Map]     S   7 miles [11.3 km]
South Houston Gardens (Unver)     [Map]     S   7 miles [11.3 km]
Parkview Manor (Unver)     [Map]     SE   7 miles [11.3 km]
Preston Villa (Unver)     [Map]     SE   7 miles [11.3 km]
Stadium Estates (Unver)     [Map]     SE   7 miles [11.3 km]
Tarrytown (Unver)     [Map]     SE   7 miles [11.3 km]
Golfview Manor (Unver)     [Map]     SW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Kings Court (Unver)     [Map]     SW   7 miles [11.3 km]
MacGregor Palms (Unver)     [Map]     SW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Mayfair (Unver)     [Map]     SW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Oakland Plaza (Unver)     [Map]     SW   7 miles [11.3 km]
University Oaks (Unver)     [Map]     SW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Brook Smith (Unver)     [Map]     W   7 miles [11.3 km]
Lakeside Park Estates (Unver)     [Map]     E   8 miles [12.9 km]
Forest Acres (Unver)     [Map]     N   8 miles [12.9 km]
Greensbrook (Unver)     [Map]     N   8 miles [12.9 km]
Kings Lake Forest (Unver)     [Map]     N   8 miles [12.9 km]
Shadowlake Estates (Unver)     [Map]     N   8 miles [12.9 km]
Sheldon Acres (Unver)     [Map]     NE   8 miles [12.9 km]
Sheldon Park (Unver)     [Map]     NE   8 miles [12.9 km]
Edgeworth Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   8 miles [12.9 km]
Emerson Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   8 miles [12.9 km]
Hawthorne Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   8 miles [12.9 km]
Lindale Farms (Unver)     [Map]     NW   8 miles [12.9 km]
Mount Houston (Unver)     [Map]     NW   8 miles [12.9 km]
Northington Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NW   8 miles [12.9 km]
Pinewood Village     [Map]     NW   8 miles [12.9 km]
Sherwood Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   8 miles [12.9 km]
Freeway Manor (Unver)     [Map]     S   8 miles [12.9 km]
South Houston     [Map]     S   8 miles [12.9 km]
Parkview Estates (Unver)     [Map]     SE   8 miles [12.9 km]
Preston Manor (Unver)     [Map]     SE   8 miles [12.9 km]
Foster Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   8 miles [12.9 km]
Riverside Terrace (Unver)     [Map]     SW   8 miles [12.9 km]
Stone Heights (Unver)     [Map]     W   8 miles [12.9 km]
Stude (Unver)     [Map]     W   8 miles [12.9 km]
Woodland Heights (Unver)     [Map]     W   8 miles [12.9 km]

Brazoria County
County Website:
County Seat for Brazoria:   Angleton
Genealogy Websites:
State of Texas       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Brazoria County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Brookside Village     [Map]     S   13 miles [20.9 km]
Westminster (Unver)     [Map]     S   13 miles [20.9 km]
Alexander Landing (Unver)     [Map]     S   14 miles [22.5 km]
Banbury Cross (Unver)     [Map]     S   14 miles [22.5 km]
Heritage Green (Unver)     [Map]     S   14 miles [22.5 km]
Hickory Creek Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   14 miles [22.5 km]
Linwood (Unver)     [Map]     S   14 miles [22.5 km]
Regency Park (Unver)     [Map]     S   14 miles [22.5 km]
Turner (Unver)     [Map]     S   14 miles [22.5 km]
Dixie Hollow (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Garden Acres (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Magnolia Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Parkview (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Pearland     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Pineshadows (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Regal Oaks (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Shadycrest (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Sherwood (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Sleepy Hollow (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
West Oaks (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Woodcreek     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Country Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   15 miles [24.1 km]
Lakes of Country Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   15 miles [24.1 km]
Southdown (Unver)     [Map]     SW   15 miles [24.1 km]
Cobblestone (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Oakbrook Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Rustic Oaks (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Ryan Acres (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
West Oaks Village     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Westchester Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Westwood Village     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Fairway Village     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Lakepointe (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Ravenwood Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Southwyck (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
West Lea (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Meadowview (Unver)     [Map]     SW   17 miles [27.4 km]
Waterbury (Unver)     [Map]     SW   17 miles [27.4 km]
Hastings (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Sedgewood (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Manvel     [Map]     S   21 miles [33.8 km]
Iowa Colony     [Map]     SW   24 miles [38.6 km]
Hillcrest     [Map]     S   26 miles [41.8 km]
Alvin     [Map]     S   27 miles [43.5 km]
Sandy Point (Unver)     [Map]     SW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Chocolate Bayou (Unver)     [Map]     S   31 miles [49.9 km]
Rosharon     [Map]     SW   31 miles [49.9 km]
Chocolate Springs (Unver)     [Map]     S   32 miles [51.5 km]
Liverpool     [Map]     S   32 miles [51.5 km]
English (Unver)     [Map]     SW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Lochridge     [Map]     SW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Bonney     [Map]     S   34 miles [54.7 km]
China Grove (Unver)     [Map]     S   34 miles [54.7 km]
Peterson Landing (Unver)     [Map]     S   36 miles [57.9 km]
Chenango (Unver)     [Map]     S   38 miles [61.2 km]
Danbury     [Map]     S   38 miles [61.2 km]
Otey (Unver)     [Map]     SW   38 miles [61.2 km]

Chambers County
County Website:
County Seat for Chambers:   Anahuac
Genealogy Websites:
State of Texas       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Chambers County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Mont Belvieu     [Map]     E   22 miles [35.4 km]
Beach City     [Map]     E   24 miles [38.6 km]
Clifton Beach (Unver)     [Map]     SE   24 miles [38.6 km]
Cove     [Map]     E   26 miles [41.8 km]
Old River-Winfree     [Map]     E   26 miles [41.8 km]
Wallisville     [Map]     E   30 miles [48.3 km]
Eminence (Unver)     [Map]     E   33 miles [53.1 km]
Smith Point (Unver)     [Map]     SE   33 miles [53.1 km]
Anahuac     [Map]     E   34 miles [54.7 km]
Oak Island (Unver)     [Map]     E   34 miles [54.7 km]
Turtle Bayou     [Map]     E   34 miles [54.7 km]
Double Bayou     [Map]     E   37 miles [59.5 km]
Hankamer     [Map]     E   37 miles [59.5 km]
Monroe City     [Map]     E   39 miles [62.8 km]

Fort Bend County
County Website:
County Seat for Fort Bend:   Richmond
Genealogy Websites:
State of Texas       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Fort Bend County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Briarvilla (Unver)     [Map]     SW   18 miles [29 km]
Ridgegate (Unver)     [Map]     SW   18 miles [29 km]
Ridgemont (Unver)     [Map]     SW   18 miles [29 km]
Briar Vista (Unver)     [Map]     SW   19 miles [30.6 km]
Chasewood (Unver)     [Map]     SW   19 miles [30.6 km]
Fondren Grove (Unver)     [Map]     SW   19 miles [30.6 km]
Hobby (Unver)     [Map]     SW   19 miles [30.6 km]
Fresno     [Map]     SW   20 miles [32.2 km]
Hunters Glen (Unver)     [Map]     SW   20 miles [32.2 km]
Kingsway (Unver)     [Map]     SW   20 miles [32.2 km]
Missouri City Estates     [Map]     SW   20 miles [32.2 km]
Quail Glen (Unver)     [Map]     SW   20 miles [32.2 km]
Vacarro Manor (Unver)     [Map]     SW   20 miles [32.2 km]
Greenbrier Southwest (Unver)     [Map]     SW   21 miles [33.8 km]
Palmetto (Unver)     [Map]     SW   21 miles [33.8 km]
Stafford     [Map]     SW   21 miles [33.8 km]
Arcola Junction (Unver)     [Map]     SW   22 miles [35.4 km]
Fifth Street     [Map]     SW   22 miles [35.4 km]
Grove West (Unver)     [Map]     SW   22 miles [35.4 km]
Meadows Place     [Map]     SW   22 miles [35.4 km]
Meadows (Unver)     [Map]     SW   22 miles [35.4 km]
Missouri City     [Map]     SW   22 miles [35.4 km]
Quail Valley East (Unver)     [Map]     SW   22 miles [35.4 km]
Quail Valley (Unver)     [Map]     SW   22 miles [35.4 km]
Arcola     [Map]     SW   23 miles [37 km]
Dewalt     [Map]     SW   23 miles [37 km]
Duke (Unver)     [Map]     SW   23 miles [37 km]
Thunderbird West (Unver)     [Map]     SW   23 miles [37 km]
Hawdon     [Map]     SW   24 miles [38.6 km]
Herbert (Unver)     [Map]     SW   24 miles [38.6 km]
Smada (Unver)     [Map]     SW   24 miles [38.6 km]
Trammels     [Map]     SW   24 miles [38.6 km]
Covington West (Unver)     [Map]     W   24 miles [38.6 km]
Dover (Unver)     [Map]     W   24 miles [38.6 km]
Kings Landing (Unver)     [Map]     W   24 miles [38.6 km]
Mission Bend     [Map]     W   24 miles [38.6 km]
Ragus Lake Estates (Unver)     [Map]     W   24 miles [38.6 km]
Town West     [Map]     W   24 miles [38.6 km]
First Colony     [Map]     SW   25 miles [40.2 km]
Hall Lake (Unver)     [Map]     SW   25 miles [40.2 km]
Paynes (Unver)     [Map]     SW   25 miles [40.2 km]
Sienna Plantation     [Map]     SW   25 miles [40.2 km]
Sugar Land     [Map]     SW   25 miles [40.2 km]
Mission Glen (Unver)     [Map]     W   25 miles [40.2 km]
Providence (Unver)     [Map]     W   25 miles [40.2 km]
San Miguel (Unver)     [Map]     W   25 miles [40.2 km]
Waterford (Unver)     [Map]     W   25 miles [40.2 km]
Juliff     [Map]     SW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Oxford (Unver)     [Map]     SW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Chelsea at Mission Bend (Unver)     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Clodine     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Mission Bend South (Unver)     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Mission Green North (Unver)     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Mission West (Unver)     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Pheasant Creek (Unver)     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Village of Oak Lakes (Unver)     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Hidden Lake Estates (Unver)     [Map]     W   27 miles [43.5 km]
Shiloh Lake Estates (Unver)     [Map]     W   27 miles [43.5 km]
Stratford Park (Unver)     [Map]     W   27 miles [43.5 km]
Summerfield (Unver)     [Map]     W   27 miles [43.5 km]
West Oaks Village     [Map]     W   27 miles [43.5 km]
New Territory     [Map]     SW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Booth     [Map]     SW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Greatwood     [Map]     SW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Greatwood Trails (Unver)     [Map]     SW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Harlem (Unver)     [Map]     SW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Thompsons     [Map]     SW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Cinco Ranch     [Map]     W   30 miles [48.3 km]
Pecan Grove     [Map]     W   30 miles [48.3 km]
Greatwood Village     [Map]     SW   31 miles [49.9 km]
Rabbs Hill (Unver)     [Map]     SW   31 miles [49.9 km]
Pecan Grove Plantation (Unver)     [Map]     W   31 miles [49.9 km]
Bridlewood Estates (Unver)     [Map]     SW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Crabb (Unver)     [Map]     SW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Richmond     [Map]     SW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Falcon Point (Unver)     [Map]     W   33 miles [53.1 km]
Pin Oak Village     [Map]     W   33 miles [53.1 km]
Whaley Corner (Unver)     [Map]     SW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Fawn Lake (Unver)     [Map]     W   34 miles [54.7 km]
Cumings     [Map]     SW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Foster (Unver)     [Map]     W   36 miles [57.9 km]
Rosenberg     [Map]     SW   37 miles [59.5 km]
Fulshear     [Map]     W   38 miles [61.2 km]
Long Point (Unver)     [Map]     SW   39 miles [62.8 km]
McHattie (Unver)     [Map]     SW   39 miles [62.8 km]
Pleak     [Map]     SW   39 miles [62.8 km]
Pleasant Hill (Unver)     [Map]     W   39 miles [62.8 km]
Fairchilds     [Map]     SW   40 miles [64.4 km]

Galveston County
Given the large number of communities that are located in Galveston County, we have limited the list to those within 40 miles [64.4 km] of Songwood (about 100 communities).
County Website:
County Seat for Galveston:   Galveston
Genealogy Websites:
State of Texas       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Galveston County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Briarwood States (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
The Forest (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Friendswood Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Goldman Acres (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Longwood Park (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Melody Wood (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Enchanted Woods (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Heritage Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Imperial Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Marys Creek Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Melody Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Orchard (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Riverwalk (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Village Green (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Analea White Hall (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Bradley Meadows (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Brook Meadows (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Brown Acres (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Clover Acres (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Friendswood Gardens (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Imperial Gardens (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Laurelfield (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Liberty Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Lori Woods (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Park Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Perry Grove (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Poole (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Quaker Landing (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Quaker Village     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Sheeran Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Sunset Meadows (Unver)     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Fieldcrest Forest (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Friendswood Crossing (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Friendswood     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Glenshannon (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Greenbriar (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Mustang Meadows (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Parkwood Village     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Polly Ranch Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Reese Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Sterling Wood (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Sunpark (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Sunwood (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Wilderness Trails (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Winding Way Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   18 miles [29 km]
Century Oaks Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Eagle Lakes (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Eagles Point (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Falcon Ridge (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Fox Meadows (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Frenchmans Creek (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Keystone Meadows (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Polly Oaks (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Regency Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Windsong (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Glen Cove (Unver)     [Map]     SE   19 miles [30.6 km]
Lakeside (Unver)     [Map]     SE   19 miles [30.6 km]
Brittany Bay (Unver)     [Map]     S   20 miles [32.2 km]
Carmel Village     [Map]     S   20 miles [32.2 km]
El Dorado (Unver)     [Map]     S   20 miles [32.2 km]
Mission Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   20 miles [32.2 km]
Rancho Viejo (Unver)     [Map]     S   20 miles [32.2 km]
San Joaquin Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   20 miles [32.2 km]
Sun Meadow (Unver)     [Map]     S   20 miles [32.2 km]
Windsor Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   20 miles [32.2 km]
Briar Glen (Unver)     [Map]     SE   20 miles [32.2 km]
Clear Creek Crossing (Unver)     [Map]     SE   20 miles [32.2 km]
Clear Lake Shores     [Map]     SE   20 miles [32.2 km]
Lazy Bend (Unver)     [Map]     SE   20 miles [32.2 km]
Bay Breeze (Unver)     [Map]     SE   21 miles [33.8 km]
Foster Place (Unver)     [Map]     SE   21 miles [33.8 km]
Kemah Park (Unver)     [Map]     SE   21 miles [33.8 km]
Kemah     [Map]     SE   21 miles [33.8 km]
League City     [Map]     SE   21 miles [33.8 km]
Meadow Bend (Unver)     [Map]     SE   21 miles [33.8 km]
Oaks of Clear Creek (Unver)     [Map]     SE   21 miles [33.8 km]
Seagate (Unver)     [Map]     SE   21 miles [33.8 km]
South Shore Village     [Map]     SE   21 miles [33.8 km]
Bay Ridge (Unver)     [Map]     SE   22 miles [35.4 km]
Bayview (Unver)     [Map]     SE   23 miles [37 km]
Bacliff     [Map]     SE   24 miles [38.6 km]
Chase Park (Unver)     [Map]     SE   24 miles [38.6 km]
Dickinson     [Map]     SE   24 miles [38.6 km]
Algoa (Unver)     [Map]     S   26 miles [41.8 km]
Crescent Ranch Estates (Unver)     [Map]     S   26 miles [41.8 km]
San Leon Station (Unver)     [Map]     SE   27 miles [43.5 km]
San Leon     [Map]     SE   27 miles [43.5 km]
Arcadia (Unver)     [Map]     S   28 miles [45.1 km]
Santa Fe     [Map]     S   28 miles [45.1 km]
La Marque     [Map]     SE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Texas City     [Map]     SE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Heights (Unver)     [Map]     SE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Nadeau (Unver)     [Map]     SE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Texas City Junction     [Map]     SE   34 miles [54.7 km]
Texas City Terminal Junction     [Map]     SE   35 miles [56.3 km]
Hitchcock     [Map]     S   36 miles [57.9 km]
Bayou Vista     [Map]     SE   36 miles [57.9 km]
Tiki Island     [Map]     SE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Virginia Point (Unver)     [Map]     SE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Port Bolivar     [Map]     SE   39 miles [62.8 km]
Elmgrove (Unver)     [Map]     SE   40 miles [64.4 km]
Fort Travis (Unver)     [Map]     SE   40 miles [64.4 km]

Liberty County
County Website:
County Seat for Liberty:   Liberty
Genealogy Websites:
State of Texas       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Liberty County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Sheeks (Unver)     [Map]     NE   21 miles [33.8 km]
Eastgate (Unver)     [Map]     NE   23 miles [37 km]
Esperson (Unver)     [Map]     NE   23 miles [37 km]
Wadley (Unver)     [Map]     NE   23 miles [37 km]
Gum Grove (Unver)     [Map]     NE   25 miles [40.2 km]
Stilson     [Map]     NE   25 miles [40.2 km]
Ladd (Unver)     [Map]     NE   26 miles [41.8 km]
Old River Community (Unver)     [Map]     E   27 miles [43.5 km]
Dayton     [Map]     NE   27 miles [43.5 km]
South Dayton (Unver)     [Map]     NE   27 miles [43.5 km]
Timber Lake Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   27 miles [43.5 km]
Martha (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Plum Grove     [Map]     N   30 miles [48.3 km]
Moss Bluff (Unver)     [Map]     E   31 miles [49.9 km]
Fullerton (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Champ d'Asile (Hist)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Kenefick     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Negros Liberty Settlement (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
South Liberty (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Winter Valley Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Liberty     [Map]     NE   33 miles [53.1 km]
Tivett (Unver)     [Map]     NE   33 miles [53.1 km]
Shiloh (Unver)     [Map]     E   34 miles [54.7 km]
Simmons Bottom (Unver)     [Map]     NE   34 miles [54.7 km]
East River (Unver)     [Map]     N   35 miles [56.3 km]
Ames     [Map]     NE   35 miles [56.3 km]
Carter Settlement (Unver)     [Map]     NE   35 miles [56.3 km]
Gladstell (Unver)     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Williams (Unver)     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Atascosito (Unver)     [Map]     NE   36 miles [57.9 km]
Dayton Lakes     [Map]     NE   36 miles [57.9 km]
Grace (Unver)     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
Snuff Ridge (Unver)     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
Sandune (Unver)     [Map]     NE   37 miles [59.5 km]
Abshier Settlement (Unver)     [Map]     E   38 miles [61.2 km]
Bendetsen (Unver)     [Map]     N   38 miles [61.2 km]
Nimrod (Hist)     [Map]     N   38 miles [61.2 km]
Cow Island (Unver)     [Map]     NE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Raywood     [Map]     NE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Rock Island (Unver)     [Map]     NE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Ainsworth (Unver)     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Grady (Unver)     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Frige Settlement (Unver)     [Map]     NE   39 miles [62.8 km]
Hardin     [Map]     NE   39 miles [62.8 km]
Macedonia (Unver)     [Map]     NE   39 miles [62.8 km]
Oakdale (Unver)     [Map]     NE   39 miles [62.8 km]
Woodson     [Map]     NE   39 miles [62.8 km]
Cleveland     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]
Lakeland (Unver)     [Map]     NE   40 miles [64.4 km]
Lumm (Unver)     [Map]     NE   40 miles [64.4 km]
Moore Settlement (Unver)     [Map]     NE   40 miles [64.4 km]

Montgomery County
County Website:
County Seat for Montgomery:   Conroe
Genealogy Websites:
State of Texas       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Montgomery County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Pittsville (Unver)     [Map]     N   19 miles [30.6 km]
River Club Estates (Unver)     [Map]     N   19 miles [30.6 km]
Oak Terrace (Unver)     [Map]     N   21 miles [33.8 km]
Timberlane Acres (Unver)     [Map]     N   21 miles [33.8 km]
Adams Oaks (Unver)     [Map]     N   22 miles [35.4 km]
Porter     [Map]     N   22 miles [35.4 km]
Shadow Lake Estates (Unver)     [Map]     N   22 miles [35.4 km]
Spring Hills (Unver)     [Map]     NW   25 miles [40.2 km]
New Caney     [Map]     N   26 miles [41.8 km]
Porter Heights     [Map]     N   26 miles [41.8 km]
Rayford (Unver)     [Map]     NW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Keefer (Unver)     [Map]     N   28 miles [45.1 km]
Roman Forest     [Map]     N   28 miles [45.1 km]
Woodbranch     [Map]     N   28 miles [45.1 km]
Oak Ridge North     [Map]     NW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Chateau Woods     [Map]     N   29 miles [46.7 km]
Patton Village     [Map]     N   29 miles [46.7 km]
Sleepy Hollow (Unver)     [Map]     N   29 miles [46.7 km]
The Woodlands     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Deerbrook (Unver)     [Map]     N   30 miles [48.3 km]
Hill and Dale Terrace (Unver)     [Map]     N   30 miles [48.3 km]
Shenandoah     [Map]     NW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Tamina (Unver)     [Map]     NW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Forest Estates (Unver)     [Map]     N   31 miles [49.9 km]
Lake Spendora (Unver)     [Map]     N   31 miles [49.9 km]
Splendora     [Map]     N   31 miles [49.9 km]
Johnson (Unver)     [Map]     NW   31 miles [49.9 km]
Woodloch     [Map]     N   32 miles [51.5 km]
Grangerland     [Map]     N   33 miles [53.1 km]
Midline (Unver)     [Map]     N   33 miles [53.1 km]
Wigginsville (Unver)     [Map]     N   33 miles [53.1 km]
Oklahoma (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Decker Prairie (Unver)     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Egypt (Unver)     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Four Corners (Unver)     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Waukegan (Unver)     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
Youens (Unver)     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
Pinehurst     [Map]     NW   37 miles [59.5 km]
Stagecoach     [Map]     NW   37 miles [59.5 km]
Ventura (Unver)     [Map]     NW   37 miles [59.5 km]
Beach (Unver)     [Map]     N   38 miles [61.2 km]
Fostoria (Unver)     [Map]     N   38 miles [61.2 km]
Security (Unver)     [Map]     N   38 miles [61.2 km]
Conroe     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Cut and Shoot     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Groceville (Unver)     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Leonidas (Unver)     [Map]     NW   40 miles [64.4 km]
Mostyn (Unver)     [Map]     NW   40 miles [64.4 km]

Waller County
County Website:
County Seat for Waller:   Hempstead
Genealogy Websites:
State of Texas       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Waller County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Johnsue (Unver)     [Map]     W   37 miles [59.5 km]
Cardiff (Unver)     [Map]     W   39 miles [62.8 km]

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<1>Our distances are not driving distances, but are calculated as a 'straight-line' (or point-to-point) distance from Songwood. A straight line distance ignores obstructions like rivers, canyons, lakes, et cetera - it's truly a line drawn from Point A (ie- Songwood) to Point B.

Our distance measurements begin at a specific point in Songwood. The point that we are using is located at these GPS coordinates - Latitude: 29.7766, Longitude: -95.2472     [Map].   In this case, the coordinates for Songwood have been provided by the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS).

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<2>Our data comes from many sources and some sources are more dependable than others. When we add communities to our Gazetteer, we try to verify that we have the correct location for the community. We mark a community as 'Unverified' when we aren't confident about our data and want to do further checking.

We use the term 'Historic' broadly and it generally means that the community no longer exists. However, it can also mean that the community might still exist, but was larger or had a more 'official' existence in the past than it does now.

Since our Gazetteer contains over 100,000 communities, verifying everything is going to take time. If you find an error or can help us to improve our accuracy, please let us know.

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