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The Communities of Pennsylvania (PA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Babcock [McKean County]

Babcock's Mill [McKean County]

Bachmanville [Dauphin County]

Back Mountain [Luzerne County]

Backup Corners [Warren County]

Backus [McKean County]

Bacon Mill [York County]

Bacton [Chester County]

Bacton Station [Chester County]

Baden [Beaver County]

Baederwood [Montgomery County]

Bagdad [Erie County]

Bagdad [Westmoreland County]

Baggaley [Westmoreland County]

Baidland [Washington County]

Bailey [Perry County]

Baileys Corner [Bradford County]

Baileyville [Centre County]

Bainbridge [Lancaster County]

Bair [York County]

Baird [Washington County]

Bairdford [Allegheny County]

Bairdstown [Westmoreland County]

Baker [Chester County]

Baker Station [Chester County]

Baker Station [Washington County]

Baker's Landing [Beaver County]

Bakers [Washington County]

Bakers Crossroad [Cambria County]

Bakers Summit [Bedford County]

Bakerstown [Allegheny County]

Bakerstown Station [Allegheny County]

Bakersville [Cambria County]

Bakersville [Somerset County]

Bakerton [Cambria County]

Bala [Montgomery County]

Bala-Cynwyd [Montgomery County]

Bald Eagle [Blair County]

Bald Eagle [York County]

Bald Hill [Clearfield County]

Bald Hill [Greene County]

Bald Hill Church [Greene County]

Bald Mount [Lackawanna County]

Baldwin [Allegheny County]

Baldwin [Butler County]

Baldwin [Delaware County]

Baldwin Furnace [Westmoreland County]

Balinahinch [Delaware County]

Ballibay [Bradford County]

Balliet [Carbon County]

Balliett's [Venango County]

Balliettsville [Lehigh County]

Balls Mills [Lycoming County]

Balltown [Forest County]

Bally [Berks County]

Balm [Mercer County]

Balsam [Tioga County]

Balsinger [Fayette County]

Bamford [Lancaster County]

Bamford [Washington County]

Banard Town [Beaver County]

Banbury [Montgomery County]

Banbury Crossing [Montgomery County]

Bancroft [Washington County]

Bandanna [York County]

Banetown [Washington County]

Baney Settlement [Clearfield County]

Banfield [Armstrong County]

Bangor [Northampton County]

Banian Junction [Clearfield County]

Banksville [Allegheny County]

Bannerville [Snyder County]

Banning [Fayette County]

Baoba [Pike County]

Barber [Union County]

Barbertown [Lackawanna County] (H)

Barbour's Mills [Lycoming County]

Barbours [Lycoming County]

Barclay [Bradford County]

Bard [Bedford County]

Bardwell [Wyoming County]

Baresville [York County]

Bareville [Lancaster County]

Barker [Delaware County]

Barkeyville [Venango County]

Barking [Allegheny County]

Barley Lane [Montgomery County]

Barlow [Adams County]

Barlow Heights [Montgomery County]

Barlow Knoll [Adams County]

Barmouth [Montgomery County]

Barnards [Armstrong County]

Barners Hill [Westmoreland County]

Barnes [Cambria County]

Barnes [Jefferson County]

Barnes [Warren County]

Barnes Gap [Fulton County]

Barnesboro [Cambria County]

Barneston [Chester County]

Barnesville [Schuylkill County]

Barnett [Huntingdon County]

Barnettstown [Huntingdon County]

See: Latta Grove

Barnitz [Cumberland County]

Barnsley [Chester County]

Barr [Elk County]

Barr [Mifflin County]

Barr Slope [Indiana County]

Barre Forge [Huntingdon County]

Barree [Huntingdon County]

Barren Hill [Montgomery County]

Barret Plan [Beaver County]

Barrett [Clearfield County]

Barrisville [Beaver County]

Barronvale [Somerset County]

Barrs Corners [Venango County]

Barrville [Mifflin County]

Barry [Schuylkill County]

Barry Heights [Montgomery County]

Barry Station [Schuylkill County]

Bart [Lancaster County]

Bartholdi [Washington County]

Barto [Berks County]

Barto's [Berks County]

Barton [Indiana County]

Barton Glen [Monroe County]

Bartons Meadows [Chester County]

Bartonsville [Monroe County]

Bartram Village [Philadelphia County]

Bartville [Lancaster County]

Barwood [York County]

Bascobel [Erie County]

Basforth Acres [Westmoreland County]

Basket [Berks County]

Bass Lake [York County]

Bassards Corners [Northampton County]

Bastress [Lycoming County]

Bath [Northampton County]

Bath Addition [Bucks County]

Bath Junction [Northampton County]

Battle Hollow [Jefferson County]

Bauerstown [Allegheny County]

Baum [Venango County]

Baumgardner [Lancaster County]

Baumstown [Berks County]

Bausman [Lancaster County]

Bavington [Washington County]

Baxter [Jefferson County]

Bayard Park [Northampton County]

Bayhill [Montgomery County]

Bayne [Allegheny County]

Beach Haven [Luzerne County]

Beach Lake [Wayne County]

Beach Pond [Wayne County]

Beachdale [Somerset County]

Beachly [Somerset County]

Beacon Lodge [Huntingdon County]

Beadling [Allegheny County]

Beallsville [Washington County]

Beamville [Allegheny County]

Bean [Bucks County]

Beans Cove [Bedford County]

Bear Creek Junction [Luzerne County]

Bear Creek Lakes [Carbon County]

Bear Creek Village [Luzerne County]

Bear Gap [Northumberland County]

Bear Lake [Warren County]

Bear Lick [Franklin County]

Bear Loop [Cambria County]

Bear Rocks [Fayette County]

Bear Run Junction [Schuylkill County]

Bear Swamp [Clinton County]

Bear Valley [Northumberland County]

Beardsley [Elk County]

Bears Crossroads [Cumberland County]

Beartown [Franklin County]

Beartown [Lancaster County]

Beatty [Westmoreland County]

Beatty Hills [Delaware County]

Beaufort Farms [Dauphin County]

Beaumont [Wyoming County]

Beaupland [Luzerne County]

Beautiful [Franklin County]

Beaver [Beaver County]

Beaver [Chester County]

Beaver [Dauphin County]

Beaver [Huntingdon County]

Beaver Brook [Luzerne County]

Beaver Brook Manor [Dauphin County]

Beaver Center [Crawford County]

Beaver City [Clarion County]

Beaver Dam [Erie County]

Beaver Falls [Beaver County]

Beaver Lake [Lycoming County]

Beaver Meadows [Carbon County]

Beaver Mills [Centre County]

Beaver Springs [Snyder County]

Beaver Valley [Cambria County]

Beaver Valley [Columbia County]

Beaver Valley Station [Columbia County]

Beaverdale [Cambria County]

Beaverdale [Northumberland County]

Beaverdam [Centre County]

Beavers Mill [Berks County]

Beaverton [Clearfield County]

Beavertown [Blair County]

Beavertown [Huntingdon County]

Beavertown [Snyder County]

Beavertown [York County]

Beccaria [Clearfield County]

Bechtelsville [Berks County]

Beck's Mills [Washington County]

Beckersville [Berks County]

Becks [Schuylkill County]

Becks Cut [Somerset County]

Becks Run [Allegheny County]

Beckville [Schuylkill County]

Bedford [Bedford County]

Bedford Springs [Bedford County]

Bedford Valley [Bedford County]

Bedminster [Bucks County]

Bedminster Village [Bucks County]

Beech Creek [Clinton County]

Beech Creek Station [Clinton County]

Beech Flats [Bradford County]

Beech Glen [Sullivan County]

Beech Grove [Elk County]

Beech Grove [Lycoming County]

Beech Grove [Wayne County]

Beech Haven Ferry [Luzerne County]

Beech Hills [Westmoreland County]

Beechcliff [Allegheny County]

Beechersville [Adams County]

Beechmont [Allegheny County]

Beechton [Jefferson County]

Beechtree [Jefferson County]

Beechview [Allegheny County]

Beechwood [Cameron County]

Beechwood [Delaware County]

Beechwood [McKean County]

Beechwood Acres [Bucks County]

Beechwood Park [Delaware County]

Beechwoods [Jefferson County]

Beegleton [Bedford County]

Beeman [Tioga County]

Beersville [Huntingdon County]

Beersville [Northampton County]

Beesons [Fayette County]

Beham [Washington County]

Behthesda [Lancaster County]

Beidler Knoll [Montgomery County]

Beidlertown [Berks County]

Bela [Clarion County]

Belair Park [Lancaster County]

Belardy [Bucks County]

Belbend [Luzerne County]

Belcourt Manor [Montgomery County]

Belden [Bedford County]

Belfast [Northampton County]

Belfast Junction [Northampton County]

Belford [Clearfield County]

Belfry [Montgomery County]

Belfry Meadow [Montgomery County]

Belian Village [Lackawanna County]

Belknap [Armstrong County]

Bell [Jefferson County]

Bell Acres [Allegheny County]

Bell Mountain [Lackawanna County]

Bell Point [Westmoreland County]

Bell Road [Philadelphia County] (H)

Bell's Run [McKean County]

Bella Vista [Lycoming County]

Bella Vista [Philadelphia County]

Bellaire [Lancaster County]

Bellasylva [Wyoming County]

Belle Bridge [Allegheny County]

Belle Valley [Erie County]

Belle Vernon [Fayette County]

Belle Vernon Station [Washington County]

Belle View [Allegheny County]

Bellefield [Allegheny County]

Bellefonte [Centre County]

Bellegrove [Lebanon County]

Bellemont [Lancaster County]

Belleview Heights [Erie County]

Belleville [Mifflin County]

Bellevue [Allegheny County]

Bellevue [Lackawanna County]

Bellevue [Philadelphia County]

Bellevue [Washington County]

Bellevue [York County]

Bellfield [Washington County]

Bellingham Knoll [Montgomery County]

Bellmont [Philadelphia County]

Bellowsville [Beaver County]

Bellrun [McKean County]

Bells [Westmoreland County]

Bells Camp [McKean County]

Bells Landing [Clearfield County]

Bells Mills [Jefferson County]

Bellton [Beaver County]

Belltown [Elk County]

Belltown [Mifflin County]

Bellview Acres [York County]

Bellwood [Blair County]

Belmar [Allegheny County]

Belmar [Venango County]

Belmar Park [Lawrence County]

Belmont [Cambria County]

Belmont [Philadelphia County]

Belmont [Schuylkill County]

Belmont Acres [Dauphin County]

Belmont Corner [Wayne County]

Belmont Hills [Bucks County]

Belmont Hills [Montgomery County]

Belmont Terrace [Montgomery County]

Belmor [Allegheny County]

Belsano [Cambria County]

Belsano Crossing [Cambria County]

Belsena [Clearfield County]
Other names:
Belsena Mills

Belt Line Junction [Berks County]

Belton [Beaver County]

Beltzhoover [Allegheny County]

Beltzville [Carbon County]

Belvidere [Chester County]

Ben Avon [Allegheny County]

Ben Avon [Indiana County]

Ben Avon Heights [Allegheny County]

Ben Gulley [Tioga County]

Ben Venue [Allegheny County]

Bencetown [Indiana County]

Benders Junction [Northampton County]

Bendersville [Adams County]

Bendersville Station [Adams County]

Bendertown [Columbia County]

Benedicts [York County]

Benezette [Elk County]

Benfer [Snyder County]

Benharts [Berks County]

Benjamin [Allegheny County]

Benjamin [Bucks County]

Bennett [Allegheny County]

Bennett [Luzerne County]

Bennetts Corner [Bucks County]

Bennington [Blair County] (H)

Benore [Centre County]

Benroy [York County]

Bens Creek [Cambria County]

Bensalem [Bucks County]

Benson [Somerset County]

Benson East [Montgomery County]

Bentley Creek [Bradford County]

Bentleyville [Washington County]

Benton [Columbia County]

Benton [Lancaster County]

Bentzel [York County]

Benvenue [Dauphin County]

Benzinger [Elk County]

Berganot [Elk County]

Berge Run [Potter County]

Bergers [Luzerne County]

Bergey [Montgomery County]

Beringer [Indiana County]

Berkeley Hills [Allegheny County]

Berkley [Berks County]

Berkleys Mill [Somerset County]

Berks [Berks County]

Berkshire Heights [Berks County]

Berkshire Hills [York County]

Berlin [Somerset County]

Berlin Junction [Adams County]

Berlinsville [Northampton County]

Bermudian [Adams County]

Berne [Berks County]

Bernharts [Berks County]

Bernice [Sullivan County]

Bernville [Berks County]

Berrysburg [Dauphin County]

Berrytown [Bradford County]

Bertha [Washington County]

Berwick [Columbia County]

Berwick Heights [Columbia County]

Berwick Place [Montgomery County]

Berwinsdale [Clearfield County]

Berwyn [Chester County]

Beryl [Blair County]

Besco [Washington County]

Bessemer [Allegheny County]

Bessemer [Lawrence County]

Bessemer [Westmoreland County]

Bessemer Junction [Allegheny County]

Bessemer Terrace [Allegheny County]

Best [Allegheny County]

Best [Lehigh County]

Best Station [Lehigh County]

Bethany [Wayne County]

Bethany [Westmoreland County]

Bethayres [Montgomery County]

Bethel [Allegheny County]

Bethel [Berks County]

Bethel [Cambria County]

Bethel [Lancaster County]

Bethel [Mercer County]

Bethel [Somerset County]

Bethel [Sullivan County]

Bethel [Wayne County]

Bethel Grant [Montgomery County]

Bethel Hill [Montgomery County]

Bethel Park [Allegheny County]

Bethelboro [Fayette County]

Bethesda [Lancaster County]

Bethlehem [Lehigh County]

Bethlehem Junction [Lehigh County]

Bethlehem Junction [Northampton County]

Bethlehem View [Northampton County]

Bethton [Bucks County]

Betula [McKean County]

Betz [Clearfield County]

Betzwood [Montgomery County]

Beuchler [Schuylkill County]

Beuhler Corner [Elk County]

Beula [Cambria County]

Beulah [Allegheny County]

Beulah [Clearfield County]

Beulah Land [Lycoming County]

Beurys Lake [Schuylkill County]

Bevan [Montgomery County]

Beverly [Lancaster County]

Beverly Estates [Lancaster County]

Beverly Heights [Berks County]

Beverly Heights [Lebanon County]

Beverly Hills [Blair County]

Beverly Hills [Delaware County]

Beverly Hills [York County]

Beyer [Indiana County]

Biddle [Westmoreland County]

Bidwell [Fayette County]

Bidwell Hill [Wayne County]

Biehl [Union County]

Biesecker Gap [Franklin County]

Big Beaver [Beaver County]

Big Bend [Mercer County]

Big Bend [Venango County]

Big Bend [Warren County]

Big Cove Tannery [Fulton County]

Big Creek [Carbon County]

Big Meadow Run [Fayette County]

Big Mine Run [Schuylkill County]

Big Mine Run Junction [Schuylkill County]

Big Mountain [Northumberland County]

Big Mountain [York County]

Big Pond [Bradford County]

Big Run [Centre County]

Big Run [Dauphin County]

Big Run [Jefferson County]

Big Run [Lawrence County]

Big Run Branch Junction [Lawrence County]

Big Run Junction [Jefferson County]

Big Shanty [McKean County]

Big Spring [Centre County]

Big Spring [Cumberland County]

Big Spring [Franklin County]

Big Tree [Greene County]

Bigdam [York County]

Biggerstown [Lycoming County]

Bigler [Clearfield County]

Biglerville [Adams County]

Bigmount [York County]

Bilger Rocks [Clearfield County]

Billing [Clarion County]

Billmeyer [Lancaster County] (H)

Bills [Somerset County]

Bills Place [Fulton County] (H)

Bingen [Northampton County]

Bingham [McKean County]

Bingham Center [Potter County]

Binkley's Bridge [Lancaster County]

Binnstown [Washington County]

Bino [Franklin County]

Birch [Clinton County]

Birch Island [Clinton County]

Birch Valley [Bucks County]

Birchardville [Susquehanna County]

Birchrunville [Chester County]

Birchtown [Susquehanna County]

Birchwood Estates [Lackawanna County]

Birchwood Lakes [Pike County]

Birchwood Terrace [Montgomery County]

Bird-in-Hand [Lancaster County]

Birdell [Chester County]

Birdland [Berks County]

Birdsboro [Berks County]

Birdsboro' Station [Berks County]

Birdville [Allegheny County]

Birdville [Huntingdon County]

Birdwood Hill [Chester County]

Birkdale [Montgomery County]

Birmingham [Allegheny County]

Birmingham [Chester County]

Birmingham [Huntingdon County]

Birmingham Estates [Chester County]

Birmingham Hunt [Chester County]

Birmingham Park [Chester County]

Birney [Bradford County]

Bishop [Washington County]

Bishtown [Clearfield County]

Bismarck [Lebanon County]

Bissell [Allegheny County]

Bissell [Washington County]

Bitner [Fayette County]

Bittenbender [Berks County]

Bittersville [York County]

Bittinger [Adams County]

Bittners Corner [Lehigh County]

Bittners Mill [Somerset County]

Bitumen [Clinton County]

Bixby Corner [Bradford County]

Bixler [Perry County]

Bixler's Run [Perry County]

Black [Bradford County]

Black Ash [Crawford County]

Black Baron [Lancaster County]

Black Bear [Berks County]

Black Creek Junction [Carbon County]

Black Diamond [Washington County]

Black Forest [Potter County]

Black Horse [Delaware County]

Black Horse [Montgomery County]

Black Horse [Chester County]

Black Horse Tavern [Adams County]

Black Lick [Indiana County]

Black Lick Station [Indiana County]

Black Ridge [Allegheny County]

Black Ridge [Luzerne County]

Black Walnut [Wyoming County]

Black's [Clarion County]

Black's Gap [Franklin County]

Blackburn [Westmoreland County] (H)

Blackburn Farm [Chester County]

Blackfield [Somerset County]

Blackgap [Franklin County]

Blackhawk [Beaver County]

Blackhorse [Chester County]

Blacklog [Huntingdon County]

Blacklog [Juniata County]

Blackman [Luzerne County]

Blackrock [York County]

Blacks [Venango County]

Blacks Corner [Crawford County]

Blackstone [Westmoreland County]

Blacksville [Greene County]

Blacktown [Mercer County]

Blackwell [Tioga County]

Blackwood [Schuylkill County]

Blain [Perry County]

Blain City [Clearfield County]

Blaine Hill [Allegheny County]

Blainsburg [Washington County]

Blainsport [Lancaster County]

Blair Mill Village East [Montgomery County]

Blair Mill Village West [Montgomery County]

Blair Station [Allegheny County]

Blairfour [Blair County]

Blairs [Clarion County]

Blairs Corners [Clarion County]

Blairs Mills [Huntingdon County]

Blairsville [Indiana County]

Blairtown [Greene County]

Blaisdell Junction [Jefferson County]

Blake's [Luzerne County]

Blakely [Lackawanna County]

Blakes [Tioga County]

Blakeslee [Monroe County]

Blakeslee Estates [Centre County]

Blanchard [Allegheny County]

Blanchard [Centre County]

Blanco [Armstrong County]

Blandburg [Cambria County]

Blandon [Berks County]

Blanket Hill [Armstrong County]

Blawnox [Allegheny County]

Bleakley Hill [Venango County]

Bliem Corners [Luzerne County]

Bloods Settlement [Forest County] (H)

Bloom Ferry [Columbia County]

Bloomburg Village [Dauphin County]

Bloomfield [Allegheny County]

Bloomfield [Crawford County]

Blooming Glen [Bucks County]

Blooming Grove [Pike County]

Blooming Grove [York County]

Blooming Valley [Crawford County]

Bloomingdale [Carbon County]

Bloomingdale [Lancaster County]

Bloomingdale [Luzerne County]

Bloomington [Clearfield County]

Bloomington [Lackawanna County]

Bloomsburg [Berks County]

Bloomsburg [Columbia County]

Bloomsdale Gardens [Bucks County]

Bloomsdorf [Centre County]

Bloserville [Cumberland County]

Blossburg [Tioga County]

Blosser Hill [Fayette County]

Blosserville [Cumberland County]

Blossom Hill [Lancaster County]

Blossom Valley [Lancaster County]

Blough [Somerset County]

Blowtown [Jefferson County]

Blue Ball
See: West Decatur

Blue Ball [Lancaster County]
Other names:
Earl Town

Blue Bell [Montgomery County]

Blue Bell Crossing [Montgomery County]

Blue Bell Farms [Montgomery County]

Blue Bell Gardens [Montgomery County]

Blue Bell Glenn [Montgomery County]

Blue Bell Knoll [Montgomery County]

Blue Bell Road Manor [Montgomery County]

Blue Bell Square [Montgomery County]

Blue Goose [Cambria County]

Blue Goose Mine [Clarion County]

Blue Grass [Philadelphia County]

Blue Hill [Delaware County]

Blue Hill [Snyder County]

Blue Jay [Forest County]

Blue Knob [Blair County]

Blue Marsh [Berks County] (H)

Blue Mountain Camps [Monroe County]

Blue Mountain Pines [Monroe County]

Blue Ridge [Bucks County]

Blue Ridge [Franklin County]

Blue Ridge Manor [Dauphin County]

Blue Ridge Summit [Franklin County]

Blue Rock [Chester County]

Blue Rock [Jefferson County]

Blue Run [Tioga County]

See: Blue Ball

Bluestone [Lycoming County]

Bluff [Greene County]

Blystone Mill [Crawford County]

Blytheburn [Luzerne County]

Blythedale [Allegheny County]

Blythewood [Bucks County]

Boalsburg [Centre County]

Boardman [Clearfield County]

Bob White Farms [Montgomery County]

Bobbys Corners [Mercer County]

Bobtown [Greene County]

Bocktown [Beaver County]

Bodine [Lycoming County]

Bodines [Lycoming County]

Boeckel Landing [York County]

Boggs [Allegheny County]

Boggstown [Franklin County]

Boggsville [Armstrong County]

Bogus Corners [Erie County]

Bohemia [Pike County]

Bohrmans Mill [Schuylkill County]

Boiling Springs [Cumberland County]

Boiling Springs Station [Cumberland County]

Bolivar [Westmoreland County]

Bolivar Run [McKean County]

Boltz [Indiana County]

Bomberger [Lebanon County]

Bon Air [Allegheny County]

Bon Air [Cambria County]

Bon Air [Delaware County]

Bon Aire [Butler County]

Bon Meade [Allegheny County]

Bonair [Bucks County]

Bonair [Montgomery County]

Bondsville [Chester County]

Bonnafon [Philadelphia County]

Bonnair [York County]

Bonneauville [Adams County]

Bonneymeade Farm [Dauphin County]

Bonnie Brook [Butler County]

Bonny Brook [Cumberland County]

Bonnymeade [Washington County]

Bonus [Butler County]

Booher Corners [Mercer County]

Booker [Clearfield County]

Boon [Delaware County]

Boon Terrace [Washington County]

Boone [Somerset County]

Booneville [Clinton County]

Boot Jack [Elk County]

Booths Corner [Delaware County]

Boothwyn [Delaware County]

Boothwyn Highlands [Delaware County]

Boquet [Allegheny County]

Boquet [Westmoreland County]

Borard [Butler County]

Bordell [McKean County]

Border [Somerset County]

Bordnersville [Lebanon County]

Borie [Bucks County]

Borie [Potter County]

Borland Manor [Washington County]

Borough of Fairview [Erie County]

Borough of Glen Osborne [Allegheny County]

Bortondale [Delaware County]

Bossards Corner [Northampton County]

Bossardsville [Monroe County]

Bossler [Blair County]

Boston [Allegheny County]

Boston Run [Schuylkill County]

Bostonia [Clarion County]

Boswell [Somerset County]

Botts [York County]

Bottsville [Westmoreland County]

Boucher [Westmoreland County]

Boughton [Venango County]

Boulevard Manor [Luzerne County]

Boulton [Northampton County]

Bouquet [Allegheny County]

Bourne [Bradford County]

Bourne Mills [Bradford County]

Bousson [Crawford County]

Bovard [Butler County]

Bovard [Westmoreland County]

Bow [Indiana County]

Bow Tree [Chester County]

Bowdertown [Indiana County]

Bower [Clearfield County]

Bower Hill [Allegheny County]

Bower Hill [Washington County]

Bower's Station [Berks County]

Bowers [Berks County]

Bowersville [Jefferson County]

Bowest [Fayette County]

Bowest Junction [Fayette County]

Bowie [Mercer County]

Bowlder [Adams County]

Bowling Green [Delaware County]

Bowman [Carbon County]

Bowman Creek [Wyoming County]

Bowman's [Forest County]

Bowman's Creek [Wyoming County]

Bowmans [Schuylkill County]

Bowmans Store [York County]

Bowmansdale [Cumberland County]

Bowmanstown [Carbon County]

Bowmansville [Lancaster County]

Bowood [Fayette County]

Boyce [Allegheny County]

Boyce [Mercer County]

Boyce's Station [Allegheny County]

Boyd [Adams County]

Boyd [Allegheny County]

Boyd [Dauphin County]

Boyd [Northumberland County]

Boyds Mills [Wayne County]

Boydstown [Butler County]

Boydtown [Northumberland County]

Boyer [Allegheny County]

Boyers [Butler County]

Boyers Junction [Berks County]

Boyertown [Berks County]

Boyle [Westmoreland County]

Boynton [Centre County]

Boynton [Somerset County]

Brackenridge [Allegheny County]

Brackney [Susquehanna County]

Braddock [Allegheny County]

Braddock [Washington County]

Braddock Hills [Allegheny County]

Braden Plan [Greene County]

Bradenville [Westmoreland County]

Bradford [McKean County]

Bradford Hills [Chester County]

Bradford Woods [Allegheny County]

Bradley [Cambria County]

Bradley Junction [Cambria County]

Bradleytown [Venango County]

Brady [Clarion County]

Brady [Indiana County] (H)

Brady [Northumberland County]

Bradys Bend [Armstrong County]

Braeburn [Dauphin County]

Braeburn [Westmoreland County]

Brainerd Center [Monroe County]

Brallier [Bedford County]

Braman [Wayne County]

Bramble Gate [Montgomery County]

Bramcote [Montgomery County]

Branbury Cross [Dauphin County]

Branch [Mercer County]

Branchdale [Schuylkill County]

Branchton [Butler County]

Branchtown [Philadelphia County] (H)

Branchville [Erie County]

Brandamore [Chester County]

Brandon [Venango County]

Brandonville [Schuylkill County]

Brandt [Susquehanna County]

Brandtsville [Cumberland County]

Brandy Camp [Elk County]

Brandywine [York County]

Brandywine Hunt [Chester County]

Brandywine Manor [Chester County]

Brandywine Manor [Dauphin County]

Brandywine Summit [Delaware County]

Brandywine Village [Montgomery County]

Brandywine at Thornbury [Chester County]

Branningville [Wayne County]

Brant Hill [Greene County]

Brattonville [Armstrong County]

Brave [Greene County]

Braznell [Fayette County]

Breadysville [Bucks County]

Breakneck [Fayette County]

Bredinsburg [Venango County]

Bredinville [Butler County]

Breedtown [Venango County]

Breezewood [Allegheny County]

Breezewood [Bedford County]

Breezy Acres [Columbia County]

Breezy Corner [Berks County]

Breezy Point [Fulton County]

Breinigsville [Lehigh County]

Breinizer [Westmoreland County]

Bremen Woods [Montgomery County]

Breneman [Washington County]

Brenizer [Westmoreland County]

Brennans [Elk County]

Brent [Lawrence County]

Brentwood [Allegheny County]

Brentwood [Lancaster County]

Brereton [Venango County]

Breslau [Luzerne County]

Bressler [Dauphin County]

Bressler-Enhaut-Oberlin [Dauphin County]

Breton Hills [Bucks County]

Bretonville [Clearfield County]

Brevard [Washington County]

Brewerytown [Philadelphia County]

Breyer [Montgomery County]

Briar Creek [Columbia County]

Briar Crest Woods [Monroe County]

Briarbrook [Luzerne County]

Briarcliff [Delaware County]

Briarly [Centre County]

Briarwood [Berks County]

Briarwood [Bucks County]

Briarwyck [Bucks County]

Brice Village [Berks County]

Brick Church [Armstrong County]

Brick Tavern [Bucks County]

Bricker Crossroads [Butler County]

Brickerville [Lancaster County]

Bridesburg [Philadelphia County]

Bridge Point [Bucks County]

Bridge Valley [Bucks County]

Bridgeburg [Armstrong County]

Bridgeport [Adams County]

Bridgeport [Carbon County]

Bridgeport [Clearfield County]

Bridgeport [Cumberland County]

Bridgeport [Lancaster County]

Bridgeport [Montgomery County]

Bridgeport [Perry County]

Bridgeport [Westmoreland County]

Bridgeton [York County]

Bridgetown [Bucks County]

Bridgeville [Allegheny County]

Bridgeville [York County]

Bridgewater [Beaver County]

Bridgewater [Bucks County]

Bridgewater [Delaware County]

Bridgewater Farms [Delaware County]

Bridle Run [Bucks County]

Bridlebrook Estates [Delaware County]

Bridlewood Farm [Chester County]

Brier Hill [Fayette County]

Brigadoon [York County]

Briggsville [Luzerne County]

Bright [Northumberland County]

Brighton [Beaver County]

Brighton [Delaware County]

Brighton Heights [Allegheny County]

Brightside [Bucks County]

Brightwood [Allegheny County]

Brilhart [York County]

Brillhart [York County]

Brilliant [Allegheny County]

Brink Hill [Bradford County]

Brinker [Butler County]

Brinkerton [Clarion County]

Brinkerton [Westmoreland County]

Brinton [Allegheny County]

Brinton Woods [Chester County]

Brintons [Chester County]

Brintons Corners [Beaver County]

Briquette [Allegheny County]

Brisbin [Clearfield County]

Briscoe Springs [Mercer County]

Bristol [Bucks County]

Bristol Heights [Bucks County]

Bristol Park [Bucks County]

Bristoria [Greene County]

Brittains Corner [Chester County]

Brittany Estates [Berks County]

Brittany Farms [Bucks County]

Brittany Farms at Equus [Montgomery County]

Brittany Farms-Highlands [Bucks County]

Brittany Pointe Estates [Montgomery County]

Britton Run [Crawford County]

Broad Acres [Mercer County]

Broad Axe [Montgomery County]

Broad Ford [Fayette County]

Broad Mountain [Schuylkill County]

Broad Run [Chester County]

Broad Top [Huntingdon County]

Broad Top City [Huntingdon County]

Broadford Junction [Fayette County]

Broadlawn Highlands [Allegheny County]

Broadview [Allegheny County]

Broadway [Luzerne County]

Brock [Greene County]

Brockie [York County]

Brockport [Elk County]

Brockton [Schuylkill County]

Brockville [Clearfield County] (H)

Brockville [Schuylkill County]

Brockway [Jefferson County]

Brockwayville [Jefferson County]

Brodbeck [York County]

Brodbecks [York County]

Broder [McKean County]

Brodhead [Northampton County]

Brodheadsville [Monroe County]

Brogue [York County]

Brogueville [York County]

Brogueville Station [York County]

Broken Rock [Clarion County]

Brommerstown [Schuylkill County]

Brook [Somerset County]

Brook Hill [York County]

Brook Hill South [York County]

Brook Park [Union County]

Brookcroft [Delaware County]

Brookdale [Cambria County]

Brookdale [Susquehanna County]

Brookes Mills [Blair County]

Brookfield [Allegheny County]

Brookfield [Chester County]

Brookfield [Tioga County]

Brookhaven [Delaware County]

Brookhaven Gardens [Delaware County]

Brookhurst Estates [Lackawanna County]

Brookland [Potter County]

Brooklawn [Lancaster County]

Brookline [Allegheny County]

Brookline [Berks County]

Brookline [Delaware County]

Brooklyn [Berks County]

Brooklyn [Chester County]

Brooklyn [Susquehanna County]

Brooklyn [Tioga County]

Brooks Mill [Blair County]

Brookshyre Woods [Montgomery County]

Brookside [Allegheny County]

Brookside [Cumberland County]

Brookside [Dauphin County]

Brookside [Erie County]

Brookside [Franklin County]

Brookside [Lycoming County]

Brookside [Schuylkill County]

Brookside [Wyoming County]

Brookside [York County]

Brookside Farms [Allegheny County]

Brookston [Forest County]

Brookthorpe Hills [Delaware County]

Brookvale [Fayette County]

Brookview [Berks County]

Brookville [Jefferson County]

Brookwater Park [Montgomery County]

Brookwood [Bucks County]

Brookwood Shaft [Clearfield County]

Broomall [Delaware County]

Brotherton [Somerset County]

Broughton [Allegheny County]

Broughton Hollow [Tioga County]

Brower [Berks County]

Brown Hill [Crawford County]

Brown Mills [Franklin County]

Brown Row [Fayette County]

Brown's [Allegheny County]

Brown's [Beaver County]

Brown's [Clinton County]

Brownbacks [Chester County]

Browndale [Wayne County]

Brownfield [Fayette County]

Brownhill [Crawford County]

Brownlee [Potter County]

Brownlee [Tioga County]

Browns [Luzerne County]

Browns Crossroads [Armstrong County]

Browns Mill [Berks County]

Browns Mill [Juniata County]

Browns Run Junction [Fayette County]

Brownsburg [Bucks County]

Brownsdale [Allegheny County]

Brownsdale [Butler County]

Brownstone [Dauphin County]

Brownstown [Armstrong County]

Brownstown [Cambria County]

Brownstown [Fayette County]

Brownstown [Lancaster County]

Brownsville [Berks County]

Brownsville [Fayette County]

Brownsville [Franklin County]

Brownsville [Huntingdon County]

Brownsville [Schuylkill County]

Brownsville Junction [Fayette County]

Brownton [York County]

Browntown [Bradford County]

Browntown [Luzerne County]

Browntown [Northampton County]

Browntown [Washington County]

Browntown [Westmoreland County]

Bruce [York County]

Bruceton [Allegheny County]

Bruckarts [Lancaster County]

Bruin [Butler County]

Brumbaugh [Bedford County]

Brumbaugh Crossing [Huntingdon County]

Brumfieldville [Berks County]

Brunnerville [Lancaster County]

Brunots Island [Allegheny County]

Brush Creek [Beaver County]

Brush Run [Adams County]

Brush Valley [Indiana County]

Brushmeadway [Blair County]

Brushton [Allegheny County]

Brushtown [Adams County]

Brushtown [Cumberland County]

Brushville [Bradford County]

Brushville [Susquehanna County]

Bryan [Armstrong County]

Bryan [Fayette County]

Bryan [Greene County]

Bryan Hill [Indiana County]

Bryan Hill Manor [Indiana County]

Bryan Mill [Lycoming County]

Bryansville [York County]

Bryant [Allegheny County]

Bryn Athyn [Montgomery County]

Bryn Gweled [Bucks County]

Bryn Mawr [Allegheny County]

Bryn Mawr [Montgomery County]

Bryn Mawr Place [Delaware County]

Bryners [Clarion County]

Brysonia [Adams County]

Buchanan [Crawford County]

Buchanan Summit [Franklin County]

Bucher [Clearfield County]

Buchers Mills [Warren County]

Buck [Lancaster County]

Buck Hill Falls [Monroe County]

Buck Lock [Dauphin County]

Buck Mountain [Carbon County]

Buck Mountain [Schuylkill County]

Buck Run [Chester County]

Buck Run [Indiana County]

Buck Run [Schuylkill County]

Buck Valley [Fulton County]

Buckeye [Westmoreland County]

Buckhorn [Cambria County]

Buckhorn [Columbia County]

Buckingham [Bucks County]

Buckingham Station [Bucks County]

Buckingham Valley [Bucks County]

Buckingham Village [Bucks County]

Buckley's [Schuylkill County]

Buckman Village [Delaware County]

Buckmanville [Bucks County]

Bucknell [Union County]

Buckridge Farms [Bucks County]

Buckstown [Somerset County]

Bucksville [Bucks County]

Bucksville Manor [Bucks County]

Bucktoe [Bucks County]

Bucktown [Chester County]

Buckwalter [Cameron County]

Budaville [Washington County]

Budds Place [Fulton County]

Buell [Crawford County]

Buells Corners [Crawford County]

Buena Vista [Allegheny County]

Buena Vista [Blair County]

Buena Vista [Butler County]

Buena Vista [Fayette County]

Buena Vista [Franklin County]

Buena Vista [Lancaster County]

Buena Vista Springs [Franklin County]

Buffalo [Washington County]

Buffalo Creek
See: Shadyside Village

Buffalo Crossroads [Union County]

Buffalo Mills [Armstrong County]

Buffalo Mills [Bedford County]

Buffalo Run [Centre County]

Buffalo Springs [Lebanon County]

Buffalo Valley [Armstrong County]

Buffington [Fayette County]

Buffington [Indiana County]

Buhl [Mercer County]

Buhls [Butler County]

Buhls Station [Butler County]

Bulger [Washington County]

Bull Tavern [Chester County]

Bullion [Venango County]

Bullis [McKean County]

Bullis Mills [McKean County]

Bully Hill [Venango County]

Bumpville [Bradford County]

Bunches [York County]

Bungalow Park [Lehigh County]

Bunker Hill [Juniata County]

Bunker Hill [Lebanon County]

Bunker Hill [Schuylkill County]

Bunkertown [Juniata County]

Bunola [Allegheny County]

Burd Coleman Village [Lebanon County]

Burdette [Greene County]

Burds Crossing [Westmoreland County]

Burgettstown [Washington County]

Burholme [Philadelphia County]

Burkett [Blair County]

Burkhelder [Somerset County]

Burlingame [Lycoming County]

Burlington [Bradford County]

Burly [Clearfield County]

Burmont [Delaware County]

Burnham [Mifflin County]

Burning Bush [Bedford County]

Burning Well [McKean County]

Burning Well [Venango County]

Burnside [Clearfield County]

Burnside [Delaware County]

Burnside [Northumberland County]

Burnstown [Lawrence County]

Burnsville [Washington County]

Burnt Cabins [Fulton County]

Burnt Mills [Chester County]

Burnt Mills [Lancaster County]

Burnwood [Susquehanna County]

Burrell [Westmoreland County]

Burrows [McKean County]

Burrows [Potter County]

Burson Plan [Greene County]

Bursonville [Bucks County]

Burtville [McKean County]

Bush Addition [Centre County]

Bush Patch [Lackawanna County]

Bushkill [Monroe County]

Bushkill Center [Northampton County]

Bushman [Blair County]

Bustleton [Philadelphia County]

Bute [Fayette County]

Butler [Butler County]

Butler [Potter County]

Butler Junction [Butler County]

Butler's Junction [Allegheny County]

Buttercup [Butler County]

Buttermilk Falls [Westmoreland County]

Butternut Grove [Lycoming County]

Buttonwood [Luzerne County]

Buttonwood [Lycoming County]

Buttonwood Farms [Bucks County]

Buttonwood Farms [Chester County]

Buttonwood Glen [Bucks County]

Butts [Centre County]

Buttsville [McKean County]

Butzbach [Luzerne County]

Butztown [Northampton County]

Buyerstown [Lancaster County]

Buzz [Greene County]

Byberry [Montgomery County]

Byberry [Philadelphia County]

Bycot [Bucks County]

Byerly [Westmoreland County]

Byers [Chester County]

Byers Corner [Butler County]

Byersdale [Beaver County]

Byrnedale [Elk County]

Byrnsville [Columbia County]

Byromtown [Forest County]

Bywood [Delaware County]

Bywood Heights [Delaware County]


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