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The Communities of Pennsylvania (PA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Gabby Heights [Washington County]

Gabelsville [Berks County]

Gaffney [McKean County]

Gahagen [Somerset County]

Gaibleton [Indiana County]

Gaiblton [Indiana County]

Gaines [Tioga County]

Gaines Junction [Tioga County]

Gale [Washington County]

Galena Hill [Venango County]

Galeton [Potter County]

Galilee [Wayne County]

Gallagher [Clinton County]

Gallagher [McKean County]

Gallagherville [Chester County]

Gallatin [Allegheny County]

Gallatin [Fayette County]

Gallitzin [Cambria County]

Galloway [Venango County]

Gallows Harbor [Clearfield County]

Gallows Hill [Bucks County]

Gamble's [Allegheny County]

Gambles [Washington County]

Ganister [Blair County]

Gans [Fayette County]

Gap [Lancaster County]

Gapsville [Bedford County]

Garards Fort [Greene County]

Gardeau [McKean County]

Garden [Chester County]

Garden City [Allegheny County]

Garden City [Delaware County]

Garden Court [Philadelphia County]

Garden Heights [Blair County]

Garden Hills [Lancaster County]

Garden View [Lycoming County]

Garden View [Mifflin County]

Gardendale [Delaware County]

Gardenville [Bucks County]

Gardner [Blair County]

Gardner [Centre County]

Gardner [Lawrence County]

Gardner [Lehigh County]

Gardner Hill [Elk County]

Gardners [Adams County]

Garfield [Allegheny County]

Garfield [Berks County]

Garfield [Warren County]

Gargol [Adams County]

Garland [Warren County]

Garman [Cambria County]

Garman's Mills [Cambria County]

Garmantown [Cambria County]

Garnet Oaks [Delaware County]

Garnet Valley [Delaware County]

Garrett [Somerset County]

Garrett Hill [Delaware County]

Garrett Slope [Somerset County]

Garrettford [Delaware County]

Garretts Run [Armstrong County]

Garrison [Greene County]

Garrison's [Jefferson County]

Garvers Ferry [Westmoreland County]

Garvey Melton [Allegheny County]

Garvins [Mercer County]

Garwood [Washington County]

Gascola [Allegheny County]

Gastonville [Washington County]

Gastown [Armstrong County]

Gatchellville [York County]

Gates [Fayette County]

Gatesburg [Centre County]

Gauff Hill [Lehigh County]

Gayly [Allegheny County]

Gaysport [Blair County]

Gazzam [Clearfield County]

Gearhartville [Clearfield County]

Geary [Westmoreland County]

Gebhart [Somerset County]

Geeseytown [Blair County]

Gehman [Berks County]

Gehrton [Crawford County]

Geiger [Somerset County]

Geiger's Mills [Berks County]

Geiger's Point [Dauphin County]

Geigertown [Berks County]

Geist Point [Delaware County]

Geistown [Cambria County]

Gelatt [Susquehanna County]

Gelnett [Clearfield County]

Gem [Fulton County]

General Warren Village [Chester County]

General Wayne [Montgomery County]

Genesee [Potter County]

Genesee Fork [Potter County]

Geneva [Crawford County]

Geneva Hill [Beaver County]

George [Washington County]

Georges Station [Westmoreland County]

Georgetown [Adams County]

Georgetown [Armstrong County]

Georgetown [Beaver County]

Georgetown [Lancaster County]

Georgetown [Luzerne County]

Georgetown [Northampton County]

Georgetown [Northumberland County]

Georgetown Village [Berks County]

Georgetown of Philadelphia [Montgomery County]

Georgeville [Indiana County]

Gerhards [Carbon County]

German Corners [Lehigh County]

German Settlement [Centre County]

Germania [Potter County]

Germans [Carbon County]

Germansville [Lehigh County]

Germantown [Adams County]

Germantown [Cambria County]

Germantown [Columbia County]

Germantown [Franklin County]

Germantown [Philadelphia County]

Germantown [Pike County]

Germany [Indiana County]

Germany [Warren County]

Gerogetown [Wayne County]

Geryville [Bucks County]

Getty Heights [Indiana County]

Gettysburg [Adams County]

Gettysburg Junction [Cumberland County]

Ghennes Heights [Washington County]

Ghent [Bradford County]

Gibbon Glade [Fayette County]

Gibbs Hill [McKean County]

Gibraltar [Berks County]

Gibson [Susquehanna County]

Gibson [Washington County]

Gibson Point [Delaware County]

Gibsondale [Lawrence County]

Gibsonia [Allegheny County]

Gibsons Point [Philadelphia County]

Gibsonton [Westmoreland County]

Gideon [Somerset County]

Gifford [McKean County]

Gilbert [Monroe County]

Gilberton [Schuylkill County]

Gilbertsville [Montgomery County]

Gilfoyle [Forest County]

Gilkeson [Washington County]

Gill Hall [Allegheny County]

Gillespie [Fayette County]

Gillett [Bradford County]

Gillingham [Clearfield County]

Gillintown [Centre County]

Gilmore [Fayette County]

Gilmore [McKean County]

Gilmore [Washington County]

Gilpin [Indiana County]

Gilson [Warren County]

Gimberlings Mill [Juniata County]

Ginger Hill [Washington County]

Ginter [Clearfield County]

Ginther [Schuylkill County]

Gipsy [Indiana County]

Girard [Erie County]

Girard [York County]

Girard Estate [Philadelphia County]

Girard Junction [Erie County]

Girard Manor [Schuylkill County]

Girard Point [Philadelphia County]

Girard Station [Erie County]

Girardville [Schuylkill County]

Girdland [Wayne County]

Girty [Armstrong County]

Gist [Fayette County]

Gitts Run [York County]

Gladden [Allegheny County]

Gladden Heights [Washington County]

Gladdens [Somerset County]

Glade [Somerset County]

Glade [Warren County]

Glade City [Somerset County]

Glade Mills [Butler County]

Glade Run [Warren County]

Glades [Fayette County]

Glades [York County]

Gladhill [Adams County]

Gladstone [Delaware County]

Gladwyne [Montgomery County]

Glanford [Allegheny County]

Glasgow [Beaver County]

Glasgow [Cambria County]

Glasgow [Montgomery County]

Glass City [Centre County]

Glassmere [Allegheny County]

Glassport [Allegheny County]

Glassworks [Greene County]

Glatfelters [York County]

Gleason [Tioga County]

Gleasonton [Clinton County]

Glen [Chester County]

Glen Ashton Farms [Bucks County]

Glen Campbell [Indiana County]

Glen Carbon [Columbia County]

Glen Carbon [Schuylkill County]

Glen Craig [Chester County]

Glen Eden [Butler County]

Glen Estates [Delaware County]

Glen Eyre [Pike County]

Glen Fisher [Elk County]

Glen Forney [Franklin County]

Glen Hardie [Chester County]

Glen Hazel [Allegheny County]

Glen Hazel [Elk County]

Glen Hope [Chester County] (H)

Glen Hope [Clearfield County]

Glen Iron [Union County]

Glen Junction [Luzerne County]

Glen Lyon [Luzerne County]

Glen Manor [Lancaster County]

Glen Mawr [Lycoming County]

Glen Mills [Delaware County]

Glen Moore [Lancaster County]

Glen Oley Farms [Berks County]

Glen Onoko [Carbon County]

Glen Richey [Clearfield County]

Glen Riddle [Delaware County]

Glen Rock [York County]

Glen Roy [Chester County]

Glen Savage [Somerset County]

Glen Summit [Luzerne County]

Glen Summit Springs [Luzerne County]

Glen Union [Clinton County]

Glen White [Blair County]

Glen Willow [Philadelphia County]

Glenburn [Lackawanna County]

Glencairn [Westmoreland County]

Glencoe [Somerset County]

Glendale [Allegheny County]

Glendale [Bucks County]

Glendale [Clearfield County] (H)

Glendale [Luzerne County]

Glendale Gardens [Delaware County]

Glendon [Northampton County]

Glendon [Schuylkill County]

Glendower [Schuylkill County]

Gleneagles [Montgomery County]

Glenfield [Allegheny County]

Glengary Highlands [Montgomery County]

Glenhall [Chester County]

Glenhurst [Montgomery County]

Glenlake [Bucks County]

Glenloch [Chester County]

Glenmar Gardens [Erie County]

Glenmoore [Chester County]

Glenn [McKean County]

Glenn Acres [Dauphin County]

Glenn Rose [Montgomery County]

Glennville [Chester County]

Glenola [Lancaster County]

Glenolden [Delaware County]

Glenora [Butler County]

Glenrose [Chester County]

Glenruadh [Erie County]

Glenshaw [Allegheny County]

Glenside [Berks County]

Glenside [Montgomery County]

Glenside Gardens [Montgomery County]

Glenside Heights [Montgomery County]

Glenvale [Perry County]

Glenview [Allegheny County]

Glenville [York County]

Glenwall Village [Beaver County]

Glenwillard [Allegheny County]

Glenwood [Allegheny County]

Glenwood [Dauphin County]

Glenwood [Erie County]

Glenwood [Susquehanna County]

Glenwood [York County]

Glenwood Junction [Allegheny County]

Glenworth [Schuylkill County]

Glessner [Somerset County]

Glidewell [Sullivan County]

Globe Mills [Snyder County]

Globe Run [Huntingdon County]

Gloria Dei Towers [Montgomery County]

Glosser View [Lycoming County]

Glyde [Washington County]

Glyndon [Crawford County]

Gnatstown [York County]

Gobbler Knob [Clearfield County]

Gockley [Lancaster County]

Godard [Erie County]

Godfrey [Armstrong County]

Goehring [Beaver County]

Goff [Butler County]

Goff [Westmoreland County]

Goheenville [Armstrong County]

Gold [Potter County]

Gold Key Lake [Pike County]

Gold Mine [Lebanon County]

Golden [York County] (H)

Golden Acres Estates [Bucks County]

Golden Age Manor [Montgomery County]

Golden Hill [Wyoming County]

Golden Rod Farms [Clearfield County]

Goldenridge [Bucks County]

Goldenville [Adams County]

Goldsboro [York County]

Golf Ridge [Montgomery County]

Golf Villa [Delaware County]

Golfshire Hills [Berks County]

Golinza [Forest County]

Gomersal [Butler County]

Good [Franklin County]

Good Hope [Cumberland County]

Good Hope Mill [Cumberland County]

Good Intent [Washington County]

Good Spring [Schuylkill County]

Goodell [McKean County]

Goodley Manor [Delaware County]

Goodmans Corners [Venango County]

Goods Corner [Cambria County]

Goodtown [Somerset County]

Goodville [Juniata County]

Goodville [Lancaster County]

Goodwill Hill [Warren County]

Goodyear [Cameron County]

Goodyear [Cumberland County]

Gooseberry [Bedford County]

Goosetown [Chester County]

Goram [York County]

Gordon [Schuylkill County]

Gordonville [Lancaster County]

Gorgas [Philadelphia County]

Gorman Summit [Indiana County]

Gorsuch [Huntingdon County]

Gorton [Centre County]

Gorton Heights [Centre County]

Gosford [Armstrong County]

Goshen [Clearfield County]

Goshen [Lancaster County]

Goshen Commons [Chester County]

Goshen Terrace [Chester County]

Goshen West [Chester County]

Goshenville [Chester County]

Goshorn [Huntingdon County]

Goss Run Junction [Clearfield County]

Gosser Hill [Westmoreland County]

Gouglersville [Berks County]

Gouldsboro [Lackawanna County]

Gouldsboro [Wayne County]

Gouldsboro Station [Wayne County]

Gouldtown [Warren County]

Gowango [Warren County] (H)

Gowen [Luzerne County]

Gowen Breaker Station [Luzerne County]

Gowen City [Northumberland County]

Grace Park [Delaware County]

Grace Villa [Chester County]

Gracedale [Luzerne County]

Graceton [Indiana County]

Graceville [Bedford County]

Gracey [Fulton County]

Gradwohl Terrace [Northampton County]

Gradyville [Delaware County]

Graefenburg [Adams County]

Grafton [Huntingdon County]

Grafton [Indiana County]

Graham [Clearfield County]

Graham Crossing [Fayette County]

Grahamton [Clearfield County]

Grahamville [York County]

Grahms [Lawrence County]

Gramere [Perry County]

Grampian [Clearfield County]

Grampian Hills [Clearfield County]

Grampian Hills [Lycoming County]

Grand Central [Northampton County]

Grand Oak Run [Chester County]

Grand Valley [Warren County]

Grand View [Beaver County]

Grand View [Bedford County]

Grand View [Jefferson County]

Grand View Heights [Montgomery County]

Grand View Park [Montgomery County]

Grandview [Armstrong County]

Grandview [Elk County]

Grandview [Indiana County]

Grandview [Venango County]

Grandview [Washington County]

Grandview Acres [Cumberland County]

Grandview Heights [Lancaster County]

Grandview Heights [York County]

Grandview Park [Elk County]

Grandview Terrace [York County]

Grange [Jefferson County]

Grange Corners [Crawford County]

Grangeville [York County]

Granite [Adams County]

Granite Farms Estates [Delaware County]

Granite Hill [Adams County]

Granite Run [Delaware County]

Grant [Elk County]

Grant [Indiana County]

Grant City [Lawrence County]

Grant Station [Elk County]

Grantham [Cumberland County]

Grantley [York County]

Grantly Hills [York County]

Grantville [Dauphin County]

Granville [Mifflin County]

Granville [Washington County]

Granville Center [Bradford County]

Granville Summit [Bradford County]

Grapeville [Westmoreland County]

Grassflat [Clearfield County]

Grassland [Delaware County]

Grassmere [Columbia County]

Grassmere Park [Columbia County]

Grassy Island [Lackawanna County]

Grassy Run Junction [Somerset County]

Graterford [Montgomery County]

Graters Ford [Montgomery County]

Gratton [Indiana County]

Gratz [Dauphin County]

Gratztown [Westmoreland County]

Gravel Hill [Lebanon County]

Gravel Lick [Clarion County]

Gravel Lick [Potter County]

Gravel Pit [Bedford County]

Gravel Place [Monroe County]

Gravers [Philadelphia County]

Gravity [Wayne County]

Gray [Blair County]

Gray [Clearfield County]

Gray [Lycoming County]

Gray [Somerset County]

Gray's Eddy [Armstrong County]

Gray's Landing [Greene County]

Gray's Mills [Crawford County]

Gray's Run [Lycoming County]

Graybill [York County]

Graydon [York County]

Grays [Westmoreland County]

Grays Ferry [Philadelphia County]

Grays Landing [Fayette County]

Graysville [Greene County]

Graysville [Huntingdon County]

Grazier [Somerset County]

Grazierville [Blair County]

Greason [Cumberland County]

Great Belt [Butler County]

Great Bend [Susquehanna County]

Greater Point Marion [Fayette County]

Greble [Lebanon County]

Greece City [Butler County]

Greeley [Pike County]

Green Acres [Armstrong County]

Green Acres [York County]

Green Bank [Lancaster County]

Green Briar [Jefferson County]

Green Countrie Village [Delaware County]

Green Fields [Dauphin County]

Green Garden [Beaver County]

Green Grove [Centre County]

Green Grove [Lackawanna County]

Green Hill [Chester County]

Green Hill [Fulton County]

Green Hill [York County]

Green Hills [Delaware County]

Green Hills [Washington County]

Green Lane [Montgomery County]

Green Lane Farms [Cumberland County]

Green Lane Village [Chester County]

Green Lawn [Chester County]

Green Lick [Westmoreland County]

Green Manor Farm [Chester County]

Green Oaks [Venango County]

Green Park [Perry County]

Green Point [Lebanon County]

Green Ridge [Delaware County]

Green Ridge [Lackawanna County]

Green Ridge [Luzerne County]

Green Ridge [Northumberland County]

Green Spring [Cumberland County]

Green Springs [Adams County]

Green Springs [Allegheny County]

Green Tree [Allegheny County]

Green Tree [Chester County]

Green Tree [Montgomery County]

Green Tree Acres [Berks County]

Green Valley [Allegheny County]

Green Valley [Jefferson County]

Green Valley Estates [Berks County]

Green Valley Gardens [Berks County]

Green Village [Franklin County]

Greenawald [Berks County]

Greenawalds [Lehigh County]

Greenback [Northumberland County]

Greenbank [Lancaster County]

Greenbriar [Berks County]

Greenbriar [Dauphin County]

Greenbriar [York County]

Greenbriar at Thornbury [Delaware County]

Greenbrier [Centre County]

Greenbrier [Delaware County]

Greenbrier [Northumberland County]

Greenbrook [Bucks County]

Greenbrooke [Delaware County]

Greenburr [Clinton County]

Greenbury [Schuylkill County]

Greencastle [Franklin County]

Greencrest Park [Mercer County]

Greendale [Armstrong County]

Greendale [Franklin County]

Greendale [McKean County]

Greene [Lancaster County]

Greene Junction [Fayette County]

Greenes Landing [Bradford County]

Greenfield [Allegheny County]

Greenfield [Cambria County]

Greenfield [Dauphin County]

Greenfield [Erie County]

Greenfield [Lancaster County]

Greenfield [Mercer County]

Greenfield Manor [Berks County]

Greenfields [Berks County]

Greenland [Lancaster County]

Greenlawn Park [Bucks County]

Greenmount [Adams County]

Greenmount [Philadelphia County]

Greenock [Allegheny County]

Greenridge [York County]

Greenridge Farms [Montgomery County]

Greens Landing [Bradford County]

Greensboro [Greene County]

Greensburg [Westmoreland County]

Greenshire Estates [Montgomery County]

Greenstone [Adams County]

Greentown [Pike County]

Greenview [Berks County]

Greenview Estates [Montgomery County]

Greenview Park [Delaware County]

Greenville [Armstrong County]

Greenville [Clearfield County]

Greenville [Lackawanna County]

Greenville [Mercer County]

Greenville East [Mercer County]

Greenwald [Westmoreland County]

Greenwich [Cambria County]

Greenwich [Philadelphia County]

Greenwood [Blair County]

Greenwood [Bradford County]

Greenwood [Columbia County]

Greenwood [Fayette County]

Greenwood [Franklin County]

Greenwood [Lackawanna County]

Greenwood Heights [Fayette County]

Greenwood Hills [Dauphin County]

Greenwood Village [Butler County]

Greer [Butler County]

Greer's [Washington County]

Gregg [Allegheny County]

Gregg [Centre County]

Gregory [Luzerne County]

Greisemersville [Berks County]

Grenoble [Bucks County]

Gresham [Crawford County]

Greshville [Berks County]

Gretna [Washington County]

Greystone Farms [York County]

Greystone Manor [Montgomery County]

Greythorne [Cumberland County]

Gridley's [McKean County]

Grieder [Cumberland County]

Grier City [Schuylkill County]

Grier City - Park Crest [Schuylkill County]

Grier's Point [Perry County]

Griers Corner [Bucks County]

Griesemersville [Berks County]

Griesemersville [Lehigh County]

Griffin [Fayette County]

Griffin [Somerset County]

Griffin [Westmoreland County]

Griffiths [McKean County]

Griffithtown [Cambria County]

Grill [Berks County]

Grimesville [Lycoming County]

Grimms Crossroads [York County]

Grimville [Berks County]

Grindstone [Fayette County]

Gringo [Beaver County]

Grings Hill Estates [Berks County]

Grip [Indiana County]

Grisemore [Indiana County]

Grissinger [Cumberland County]

Grist Mill Farms [Berks County]

Gristmill Run [Montgomery County]

Groff's Store [Lancaster County]

Groffdale [Lancaster County]

Grovania [Columbia County]

Grovania [Montour County]

Grove [Allegheny County]

Grove [Cameron County]

Grove [Chester County]

Grove Chapel [Indiana County]

Grove City [Mercer County]

Grove Mill [York County]

Grove Summit [Jefferson County]

Grover [Bradford County]

Groveton [Allegheny County]

Grunderville [Warren County] (H)

Grundys Corner [Bucks County]

Gruversville [Bucks County]

Gruvertown [Northampton County]

Guava [Columbia County]

Guenot Settlement [Clearfield County]

Guernsey [Adams County]

Guffey [McKean County]

Guffey [Westmoreland County]

Guilford [Franklin County]

Guilford Hills [Franklin County]

Guilford Springs [Franklin County]

Guitonville [Forest County]

Guldens [Adams County]

Gulph Mills [Montgomery County]

Gulph Mills Village [Montgomery County]

Gulph Terrace [Montgomery County]

Gum Run [Luzerne County]

Gum Stump [Centre County]

Gum Tree [Chester County]

Gump [Greene County]

Gupsy [Indiana County]

Gurnee [Tioga County]

Gurnee Junction [Tioga County]

Gurney Hill [Venango County]

Guth [Lehigh County]

Guth's Station [Lehigh County]

Guthriesville [Chester County]

Guthsville [Lehigh County]

Guyasuta [Allegheny County]

Guyaux [Fayette County]

Guyer [Centre County]

Guys Mills [Crawford County]

Gwendale [York County]

Gwynedd [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Acres [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Chase [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Club [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Estates [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Heights [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Hill [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Knoll [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Lea [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Pointe [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Square [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Valley [Montgomery County]

Gwynedd Woods [Montgomery County]

Gwynmont Farms [Montgomery County]

Gwynn Oaks [Montgomery County]

Gypsy Rose Estates [Montgomery County]


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