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Around Bruderhein ...

The largest community within a 50 mile [80 km] radius is Edmonton. It is located about 29 miles [46 km] to the southwest of Bruderhein.

The next largest community is Fort Saskatchewan. It is located about 14 miles [ km] to the southwest of Bruderhein

Below is a sample of neighboring communities based on their distance from Bruderhein, with the nearest first.

  • Lamont
    (6 miles [9.7 km] to the southeast)
  • Star
    (6 miles [9.7 km] to the east)
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  • Amelia
    (7 miles [11.3 km] to the northwest)
    • Note: We haven't been able to verify our GPS coordinates for Amelia. Although the coordinates have been estimated, they should be in the vicinity.<3>
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  • Josephburg
    (8 miles [12.9 km] to the southwest)
  • Skaro
    (10 miles [16.1 km] to the northeast)
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  • Saint Michael
    (11 miles [17.7 km] to the northeast)
    • Note: The GPS coordinates that we are using for Saint Michael came from an uncertain source and they still need to be verified:<4>
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  • Redwater
    (12 miles [19.3 km] to the northwest)
  • Chipman
    (13 miles [20.9 km] to the southeast)
    • Note: The GPS coordinates that we are using for Chipman came from an uncertain source and they still need to be verified:<4>
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  • Fort Saskatchewan
    (14 miles [22.5 km] to the southwest)
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    • Lamoureux
      (14 miles [22.5 km] to the southwest)
      • Note: The GPS coordinates that we are using for Lamoureux came from an uncertain source and they still need to be verified:<4>
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    • Coronado
      (16 miles [25.7 km] to the west)
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    • Gibbons
      (16 miles [25.7 km] to the west)
    • Fedorah
      (17 miles [27.4 km] to the northwest)
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    • Radway
      (17 miles [27.4 km] to the north)
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    • Egremont
      (18 miles [29 km] to the northwest)

Curious and Interesting Names Near Bruderhein ...

It seems like there is always a nearby community with a name that seems interesting, maybe familiar or just catches our attention in some other way. We've collected some names which strike us as being curious or interesting. Our list can be found on the Tidbits & Trivia Page for Bruderhein.

Airports Near Bruderhein ...

When a trip includes a flight, we try to find an airport that best fits our travel plans.<5> To that purpose, we've assembled a list of that are relatively close to Bruderhein and that information can be found on the Airports Page for Bruderhein.

Websites We Enjoy ...

When we're planning a trip, we like to check the following websites for sights, attractions and places to visit.

The official website for Bruderhein:

The official website for Province of Alberta:

Footnotes ...

<1>Unless noted otherwise, the population counts we use should be considered estimates. Our population values for Bruderhein were taken from various sources and although they can be traced back to Statistics Canada (StatCan), they should not be considered official.
<2>While we're fans and frequent users of TripAdvisor, you should know that we're also members of the TripAdvisor affiliate program.
<3>An 'estimated' location is one where we have been given GPS coordinates, but are unable to verify the accuracy of those coordinates. That said, we have some confidence that we have placed the marker near the actual location. A typical reason for being unable to verify a location is that it might be on private property or maybe historic and gone without an obvious trace.
<4>If we found a location and have questions about the accuracy of our information, we will simply say that the marker is 'in the vicinity'. We are not confident about the location and the position of our marker is only a rough guide. If we have too many doubts about the location, we will not include it in our database.
<5>When we are planning a trip (for example, to Bruderhein), we usually look for the obvious: the choice of airlines that fly into the airport, the number of flights, the connections we have to make, which car rentals are available, etc. We also look for sights and attractions that we might find between any given airport and our destination - we do love exploring. We're willing to fly into a more distant airport if we can get the services and amenities that we like. Even though our choice of airport might be inconvenient to others, it usually gives us a better trip.


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