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A Gazetteer for the United States and Canada
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The Communities of
Pennsylvania (PA)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 BabcockBelmontBloomsdorfBrinton Woods
 Babcock's Mill- Cambria CountyBloservilleBrintons
 Bachmanville- Philadelphia CountyBlossburgBrintons Corners
 Back Mountain- Schuylkill CountyBlosser HillBriquette
 Backup Corners BlosservilleBrisbin
 BackusBelmont CornerBlossom HillBriscoe Springs
 Bacon Mill Blossom ValleyBristol
 BactonBelmont HillsBloughBristol Heights
 Bacton Station- Bucks CountyBlowtownBristol Park
 Baden- Montgomery County Bristoria
 Baederwood Blue BallBrittains Corner
  Belmor- Lancaster CountyBrittany Estates
 BagdadBelsano Brittany Farms
 - Erie CountyBelsano CrossingBlue Bell CrossingBrittany Farms at Equus
 - Westmoreland CountyBelsenaBlue Bell FarmsBrittany Farms-Highlands
  Belt Line JunctionBlue Bell GardensBrittany Pointe Estates
 BaidlandBeltonBlue Bell GlennBritton Run
 BaileyBeltzhooverBlue Bell KnollBroad Acres
 Baileys CornerBeltzvilleBlue Bell Road ManorBroad Axe
 BaileyvilleBelvidereBlue Bell SquareBroad Ford
 Bainbridge Blue GooseBroad Mountain
 BairBen AvonBlue Goose MineBroad Run
 Baird- Allegheny CountyBlue GrassBroad Top
 Bairdford- Indiana County Broad Top City
 Bairdstown Blue HillBroadford Junction
  Ben Gulley- Delaware CountyBroadlawn Highlands
 BakerBen Venue- Snyder CountyBroadview
 - Chester CountyBencetown Broadway
 - Chester CountyBenders JunctionBlue KnobBrock
 - Washington CountyBendersvilleBlue Marsh (H)Brockie
  Bendersville StationBlue Mountain CampsBrockport
 BakersBendertownBlue Mountain PinesBrockton
 - Washington CountyBenedicts  
  BenezettBlue RidgeBrockville
 Bakers SummitBenezette- Bucks County- Clearfield County (H)
 BakerstownBenfer- Franklin County- Schuylkill County
 Bakerstown StationBenharts  
   Blue Ridge SummitBrockwayville
 BakersvilleBenjamin Brodbeck
 - Cambria County- Allegheny CountyBlue RockBrodbecks
 - Somerset County- Bucks County- Chester CountyBroder
  - Allegheny County- Jefferson CountyBrodhead
 Bala- Luzerne County Brodheadsville
 Bala-Cynwyd BluestoneBrogue
 Bald EagleBennington (H)BluffBrogueville
  BenoreBlystone MillBrogueville Station
 Bald EagleBenroyBlytheburnBroken Rock
 - York CountyBens CreekBlythedaleBrommerstown
 - Clearfield CountyBensalemBlythewoodBrook
 - Greene CountyBenson Brook Hill
  Benson EastBoalsburgBrook Hill South
 Bald MountBentley CreekBoardmanBrook Park
  BentleyvilleBob White FarmsBrookcroft
 Baldwin Bobbys Corners 
 - Allegheny CountyBentonBobtownBrookdale
 - Butler County- Columbia CountyBocktown- Cambria County
 - Delaware County- Lancaster CountyBodine- Susquehanna County
 BalinahinchBenvenueBoeckel LandingBrookfield
 BallibayBenzingerBoggs- Allegheny County
 BallietBerganotBoggstown- Chester County
 Balliett'sBerge RunBoggsville- Tioga County
 BalliettsvilleBergersBogus Corners 
 Balls MillsBergeyBohemiaBrookhaven Gardens
 BalltownBeringerBohrmans MillBrookhurst Estates
 BallyBerkeley HillsBoiling SpringsBrookland
 BalmBerkleyBoiling Springs StationBrooklawn
 BalsamBerkleys MillBolivar 
 BalsingerBerksBolivar RunBrookline
  Berkshire HeightsBoltz- Allegheny County
 BamfordBerkshire HillsBomberger- Berks County
 - Lancaster CountyBerlin - Delaware County
 - Washington CountyBerlin JunctionBon Air- Berks County
  Berlinsville- Allegheny County- Chester County
 BanburyBermudian- Cambria County- Susquehanna County
 Banbury CrossingBerne- Delaware County- Tioga County
 BandanaBerniceBon MeadeBrookshyre Woods
 Baney SettlementBerrytown- Bucks County- Allegheny County
 BanfieldBertha- Montgomery County- Cumberland County
 BangorBerwick - Dauphin County
 Banian JunctionBerwick HeightsBonnafon- Erie County
 BanksvilleBerwick PlaceBonnair- Franklin County
 Banner RidgeBerwinsdaleBonneauville- Lycoming County
 BannervilleBerwynBonneymeade Farm- Schuylkill County
 BanningBerylBonnie Brook- Wyoming County
 BaobaBescoBonny Brook- York County
 Barber Bonnymeade 
 Barbertown (H)BessemerBonusBrookston
 Barbour's Mills- Allegheny CountyBooher CornersBrookthorpe Hills
 Barbours- Lawrence CountyBookerBrookvale
 Barclay- Westmoreland CountyBoonBrookview
 Bard Boon TerraceBrookville
 BardwellBessemer TerraceBooneBrookwater Park
 Baresville BoonevilleBrookwood
 BarevilleBestBoot JackBrookwood Shaft
 Barker- Allegheny CountyBooths CornerBroomall
 Barkeyville- Lehigh CountyBoothwynBrotherton
 Barking Boothwyn HighlandsBroughton
 Barley LaneBethany Broughton Hollow
 Barlow- Wayne CountyBoquetBrower
 Barlow Heights- Westmoreland County- Allegheny CountyBrown Hill
 Barlow Knoll - Westmoreland CountyBrown Mills
 BarmouthBethel Brown Row
 Barnards- Allegheny CountyBordell 
 Barners Hill- Berks CountyBorderBrown's
  - Cambria CountyBordnersville- Allegheny County
 Barnes- Lancaster County - Beaver County
 - Cambria County- Mercer CountyBorie- Clinton County
 - Jefferson County- Somerset County- Bucks County 
 - Warren County- Sullivan County- Potter CountyBrowndale
  - Wayne County Brownfield
 Barneston Borough of BarnesboroBrownhill
 BarnesvilleBethel Hill  
 BarnettBethel ParkBorough of FairviewBrownlee
 BarnettstownBethelboro- Erie County- Potter County
 BarnitzBethesda - Tioga County
 Barnsley Bortondale- Luzerne County
  BethlehemBossards Corner 
 Barr- Northampton CountyBossardsvilleBrowns Mill
 - Elk County- Lehigh CountyBossler- Berks County
 - Mifflin County- Northampton CountyBoston- Juniata County
   Boston Run 
 Barre ForgeBethtonBostoniaBrownsburg
 Barren HillBetzBottsBrownsdale
 Barret PlanBetzwoodBottsville- Allegheny County
 BarrettBeuchlerBoucher- Butler County
 BarrisvilleBeuhler CornerBoughton 
 BarronvaleBeulaBoulevard ManorBrownstown
 Barrs Corners Boulton- Armstrong County
 BarrvilleBeulahBouquet- Cambria County
 Barry- Allegheny CountyBourne- Fayette County
 Barry Heights- Clearfield CountyBourne Mills- Lancaster County
 Barry Station Bousson- Berks County
 BartBeurys Lake  
 BartoBeverly- Butler County- Franklin County
 Barto'sBeverly Estates- Westmoreland County- Huntingdon County
 Barton  - Schuylkill County
 Barton GlenBeverly HeightsBow Tree 
 Bartons Meadows- Berks CountyBowdertownBrownton
 Bartonsville- Lebanon CountyBower 
 Bartram Village- Blair County Browntown
 Bartville- Delaware CountyBower Hill- Bradford County
 Barwood- York County- Allegheny County- Luzerne County
 Bascobel - Washington County- Northampton County
 Basforth AcresBiddle - Washington County
 BasketBidwellBowers- Westmoreland County
 Bass LakeBidwell HillBowersville 
 Bassards CornersBiehlBowestBruceton
 BastressBiesecker GapBowest JunctionBruckarts
 BathBig BeaverBowieBruin
 Bath Addition BowlderBrumbaugh
 Bath JunctionBig BendBowling GreenBrumbaugh Crossing
 Battle Hollow- Mercer CountyBowmanBrumfieldville
 Bauerstown- Venango CountyBowman CreekBrunnerville
 Baum- Warren County Brunots Island
 Baumgardner Bowman'sBrush Creek
 BaumstownBig Creek- Forest CountyBrush Run
 BausmanBig Meadow Run Brush Valley
 BavingtonBig Mine RunBowmansBrushmeadway
 BaxterBig Mine Run Junction- Schuylkill CountyBrushton
 Bayard Park   
 BayhillBig MountainBowmansdaleBrushtown
 Bayne- Northumberland CountyBowmanstown- Adams County
  - York CountyBowmansville- Cumberland County
 Beach Haven Bowood- Bradford County
 Beach LakeBig Run - Susquehanna County
 Beach Pond- Centre CountyBoyce- Armstrong County
 Beachdale- Dauphin County- Allegheny County- Fayette County
 Beachly- Jefferson County- Mercer County- Greene County
 Beacon Lodge- Lawrence County  
 Beadling BoydBryan Hill Manor
 BeallsvilleBig Run Junction- Adams CountyBryan Mill
 BeamvilleBig Shanty- Allegheny CountyBryansville
 Bean - Dauphin CountyBryant
 Beans CoveBig Spring- Northumberland CountyBryn Athyn
 Bear Creek- Centre County Bryn Gweled
 Bear Creek Junction- Cumberland CountyBoydstown 
 Bear Creek Lakes- Franklin CountyBoydtownBryn Mawr
 Bear Creek Village Boyer- Allegheny County
 Bear GapBigdamBoyers- Montgomery County
 Bear LakeBiggerstownBoyers Junction 
 Bear LickBiglerBoyertownBryners
 Bear LoopBiglervilleBoyleBrysonia
 Bear RocksBigmount  
 Bear Run JunctionBilger RocksBoyntonBuchanan
 Bear SwampBilling- Centre CountyBuchanan Summit
 Bear ValleyBillmeyer- Somerset CountyBucher
 BeardsleyBillmyer Buchers Mills
 Bears CrossroadsBillsBrackneyBuck
  Bills Place (H)BraddockBuck Hill Falls
 BeartownBingenBraddockBuck Lock
 - Franklin CountyBinghamBraddock Hills 
 - Lancaster CountyBingham CenterBraden PlanBuck Mountain
  Binkley's BridgeBradenville- Carbon County
 Beatty HillsBinnstownBradford- Schuylkill County
 Beaufort FarmsBinoBradford Hills- Chester County
 BeaumontBirchBradford Woods- Indiana County
 BeauplandBirch IslandBradfordwoods- Schuylkill County
 BeautifulBirch ValleyBradley 
  BirchardvilleBradley JunctionBuckeye
 - Beaver CountyBirchtown Buckhorn
 - Chester CountyBirchwood EstatesBrady- Cambria County
 - Dauphin CountyBirchwood Lakes- Clarion County- Columbia County
 - Huntingdon CountyBirchwood Terrace- Indiana County (H) 
  Bird-in-Hand- Northumberland CountyBuckingham Station
 Beaver Brook ManorBirdell Buckingham Valley
 Beaver CenterBirdlandBraeburnBuckingham Village
 Beaver CityBirdsboro- Dauphin CountyBuckley's
 Beaver DamBirdsboro' Station- Westmoreland CountyBuckman Village
 Beaver Falls  Buckmanville
 Beaver LakeBirdvilleBrallierBucknell
 Beaver Meadows- Allegheny CountyBramanBuckridge Farms
 Beaver Mills- Huntingdon CountyBramble GateBuckstown
 Beaver Springs BramcoteBucksville
  BirkdaleBranbury CrossBucksville Manor
 Beaver Valley BranchBucktoe
 - Cambria CountyBirminghamBranchdaleBucktown
 - Columbia County- Allegheny CountyBranchtonBuckwalter
  - Chester CountyBranchtown (H)Budaville
 Beaverdale- Huntingdon CountyBranchvilleBudds Place
 - Cambria County BrandamoreBuell
 - Northumberland CountyBirmingham HuntBrandonBuells Corners
  Birmingham ParkBrandonville 
 Beavers MillBirneyBrandtBuena Vista
 BeavertonBishopBrandtsville- Allegheny County
  BishtownBrandy Camp- Blair County
 BeavertownBismarckBrandywine- Butler County
 - Blair County Brandywine Hunt- Fayette County
 - Huntingdon CountyBissell - Franklin County
 - Snyder County- Allegheny CountyBrandywine Manor- Lancaster County
 - York County- Washington County- Chester County 
   - Dauphin CountyBuffalo
 BechtelsvilleBittenbender Buffalo Creek
 Beck's MillsBittersvilleBrandywine VillageBuffalo Crossroads
 BeckersvilleBittingerBrandywine at Thornbury 
 BecksBittners CornerBranningvilleBuffalo Mills
 Becks CutBittners MillBrant Hill- Armstrong County
 Becks RunBitumenBrattonville- Bedford County
 BeckvilleBixby CornerBrave 
 BedfordBixlerBraznellBuffalo Springs
 Bedford SpringsBixler's RunBreadysvilleBuffalo Valley
 Bedford Valley Breakneck 
 Bedminster VillageBlack AshBredinville- Fayette County
 Beech CreekBlack BaronBreedtown- Indiana County
 Beech Creek StationBlack Bear  
 Beech FlatsBlack Creek JunctionBreezewoodBuhls
 Beech GlenBlack Diamond- Allegheny CountyBuhls Station
  Black Forest- Bedford CountyBulger
 Beech Grove  Bull Tavern
 - Elk CountyBlack HorseBreezy CornerBullion
 - Lycoming County- Delaware CountyBreezy PointBullis
 - Wayne County- Montgomery CountyBreinigsvilleBullis Mills
   BreinizerBully Hill
 Beech HillsBlack Horse TavernBremen WoodsBumpville
 BeechcliffBlack LickBrenemanBunches
 BeechersvilleBlack Lick StationBrenizerBungalow Park
 Beechmont Brennans 
 BeechtonBlack RidgeBrentBunker Hill
 Beechtree- Allegheny County - Juniata County
 Beechview- Luzerne CountyBrentwood- Lebanon County
   - Allegheny County- Schuylkill County
 BeechwoodBlack's- Lancaster County 
 - Cameron County- Clarion County Bunola
 - Delaware County BreslauBurd Coleman Village
 - McKean CountyBlackburn (H)BresslerBurdette
  Blackburn FarmBressler-Enhaut-OberlinBurds Crossing
 Beechwood ParkBlackfieldBreton HillsBurgettstown
 Beeman BrewerytownBurkhelder
 Beersville- Chester CountyBriar CreekBurlington
 - Huntingdon County- Huntingdon CountyBriar Crest WoodsBurly
 - Northampton County- Juniata CountyBriarbrookBurmont
 BehamBlackrockBriarlyBurning Bush
 Beidler KnollBlacksBriarwoodBurning Well
 Beidlertown- Venango County- Berks County- McKean County
 Bela - Bucks County- Venango County
 Belair ParkBlackstone - Clearfield County
 BelardyBlacksvilleBrice Village- Delaware County
 BelbendBlacktownBrick Church- Northumberland County
 Belcourt ManorBlackwellBrick Tavern 
 BeldenBlackwoodBricker CrossroadsBurnsville
 BelfastBlainBrickervilleBurnt Cabins
 Belfast JunctionBlain CityBridesburg 
 BelfordBlaine HillBridge PointBurnt Mills
 BelfryBlainsburgBridge Valley- Chester County
 Belfry MeadowBlainsportBridgeburg- Lancaster County
 Belian VillageBlair Mill Village East  
 BelknapBlair Mill Village WestBridgeportBurrell
 BellBlair Station- Adams County 
 Bell AcresBlairfour- Carbon CountyBurrows
 Bell MountainBlairs- Clearfield County- McKean County
 Bell PointBlairs Corners- Cumberland County- Potter County
 Bell Road (H)Blairs Mills- Lancaster County 
 Bell's RunBlairsville Bursonville
 Bella VistaBlaisdell Junction- Perry CountyBush Addition
 - Lycoming County - Westmoreland CountyBush Patch
 - Philadelphia CountyBlake's Bushkill
  - Luzerne CountyBridgetownBushkill Center
 Bellasylva  Bushman
 Belle BridgeBlakesBridgevilleBustleton
 Belle Valley- Tioga County- Allegheny CountyBute
 Belle Vernon - York County 
 Belle Vernon StationBlakeslee Estates- Beaver CountyButler
 Belle View - Bucks County- Butler County
 BellefieldBlanchard- Delaware County- Potter County
 Bellefonte- Allegheny County  
 Bellegrove- Centre CountyBridle RunButler's Junction
 Bellemont Bridlebrook EstatesButtercup
 Belleview HeightsBlandburgBridlewood FarmButtermilk Falls
 BellevilleBlandonBrier HillButternut Grove
  Blanket HillBrigadoon 
 - Allegheny CountyBleakley HillBright- Luzerne County
 - Lackawanna CountyBliem Corners - Lycoming County
 - Philadelphia CountyBloods Settlement (H)Brighton- Bucks County
 - Washington CountyBloom Ferry- Beaver County- Chester County
 - York CountyBloomburg Village- Delaware County 
 Bellingham KnollBloomfieldBrightsideButtsville
 Bellmont- Allegheny CountyBrightwoodButzbach
 Bellowsville- Crawford CountyBrilhartButztown
 Bellrun BrillhartBuyerstown
 BellsBlooming GroveBrilliantBuzz
 Bells Camp- Pike CountyBrink Hill 
 Bells Landing- York CountyBrinkerByberry
 Bells Mills  - Montgomery County
 BelltonBloomingdaleBrinkerton- Philadelphia County
  - Carbon County- Clarion County 
 Belltown- Lancaster County- Westmoreland CountyByerly
 - Elk County- Luzerne County Byers
 - Mifflin County- Clearfield County Byers Corner
  - Lackawanna County Byersdale
 Bellwood- Berks County Byrnedale
  - Columbia County Byrnsville
 Belmar  Byromtown
 - Allegheny County  Bywood
 - Venango County  Bywood Heights


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