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A Gazetteer for the United States and Canada
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The Communities of
Pennsylvania (PA)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 Babcock's Mill- Allegheny County- Carbon County- Clarion County
 Bachmanville- Venango County- Lancaster County- Westmoreland County
 Back Mountain - Luzerne County 
 Backup CornersBelmont- Clearfield CountyBrinton Woods
 Backus- Cambria County- Lackawanna CountyBrintons
 Bacon Mill- Philadelphia County- Berks CountyBrintons Corners
 Bacton- Schuylkill County- Columbia CountyBriquette
 Bacton Station  Brisbin
 BadenBelmont CornerBloomsdorfBriscoe Springs
 Baederwood BloservilleBristol
  Belmont HillsBlossburgBristol Heights
 Bagdad- Bucks CountyBlosser HillBristol Park
 - Erie County- Montgomery CountyBlosservilleBristoria
 - Westmoreland County Blossom HillBrittains Corner
  BelmorBlossom ValleyBrittany Estates
 BaidlandBelsanoBloughBrittany Farms
 BaileyBelsano CrossingBlowtownBrittany Farms at Equus
 Baileys CornerBelsena Brittany Farms-Highlands
 BaileyvilleBelt Line JunctionBlue BallBrittany Pointe Estates
 BainbridgeBelton- Lancaster CountyBritton Run
 BairBeltzhoover Broad Acres
 BairdBeltzvilleBlue Bell CrossingBroad Axe
 BairdfordBelvidereBlue Bell FarmsBroad Ford
 Bairdstown Blue Bell GardensBroad Mountain
  Ben AvonBlue Bell GlennBroad Run
 Baker- Allegheny CountyBlue Bell KnollBroad Top
 - Chester County- Indiana CountyBlue Bell Road ManorBroad Top City
 - Chester County Blue Bell SquareBroadford Junction
 - Washington CountyBen GulleyBlue GooseBroadlawn Highlands
  Ben VenueBlue Goose MineBroadview
 BakersBencetownBlue GrassBroadway
 - Washington CountyBenders Junction Brock
  BendersvilleBlue HillBrockie
 Bakers SummitBendersville Station- Delaware CountyBrockport
 BakerstownBendertown- Snyder CountyBrockton
 Bakerstown StationBenedicts  
  BenezetteBlue KnobBrockville
 BakersvilleBenferBlue Marsh (H)- Clearfield County (H)
 - Cambria CountyBenhartsBlue Mountain Camps- Schuylkill County
 - Somerset County Blue Mountain Pines 
  Benjamin Brockwayville
 Bala- Allegheny CountyBlue RidgeBrodbeck
 Bala-Cynwyd- Bucks County- Bucks CountyBrodbecks
 Bald Eagle- Allegheny County- Franklin CountyBroder
  - Luzerne County Brodhead
 Bald Eagle Blue Ridge SummitBrodheadsville
 - York CountyBennington (H) Brogue
 - Clearfield CountyBenoreBlue RockBrogueville
 - Greene CountyBenroy- Chester CountyBrogueville Station
  Bens Creek- Jefferson CountyBroken Rock
 Bald MountBensalem Brommerstown
 BaldwinBenson EastBluffBrook Hill
 - Allegheny CountyBentley CreekBlystone MillBrook Hill South
 - Butler CountyBentleyvilleBlytheburnBrook Park
 - Delaware County BlythedaleBrookcroft
 Balinahinch- Columbia County Brookdale
 Ballibay- Lancaster CountyBoalsburg- Cambria County
 Balliet Boardman- Susquehanna County
 Balliett'sBenvenueBob White Farms 
 BalliettsvilleBenzingerBobbys CornersBrookfield
 Balls MillsBerganotBobtown- Allegheny County
 BalltownBerge RunBocktown- Chester County
 BallyBergersBodine- Tioga County
 BalsamBeringerBoeckel LandingBrookhaven Gardens
 BalsingerBerkeley HillsBoggsBrookhurst Estates
 BamfordBerkleys MillBoggsvilleBrooklawn
 - Lancaster CountyBerksBogus Corners 
 - Washington CountyBerkshire HeightsBohemiaBrookline
  Berkshire HillsBohrmans Mill- Allegheny County
 BanburyBerlinBoiling Springs- Berks County
 Banbury CrossingBerlin JunctionBoiling Springs Station- Delaware County
 BancroftBerlinsvilleBolivar- Berks County
 BandanaBermudianBolivar Run- Chester County
 BandannaBerneBoltz- Susquehanna County
 BanetownBernhartsBomberger- Tioga County
 Baney SettlementBernice  
 BanfieldBernvilleBon AirBrookshyre Woods
 BangorBerrysburg- Allegheny County 
 Banian JunctionBerrytown- Cambria CountyBrookside
 BanksvilleBertha- Delaware County- Allegheny County
 Banner RidgeBerwick - Cumberland County
 BannervilleBerwick HeightsBon Meade- Dauphin County
 BanningBerwick Place - Erie County
 BaobaBerwinsdaleBonair- Franklin County
 BarberBerwyn- Bucks County- Lycoming County
 Barbertown (H)Beryl- Montgomery County- Schuylkill County
 Barbour's MillsBesco - Wyoming County
 Barbours Bonnafon- York County
 Bard- Allegheny CountyBonneauvilleBrookston
 Bardwell- Lawrence CountyBonneymeade FarmBrookthorpe Hills
 Baresville- Westmoreland CountyBonnie BrookBrookvale
 Bareville Bonny BrookBrookview
 BarkerBessemer TerraceBonnymeadeBrookville
 Barkeyville BonusBrookwater Park
 BarkingBestBooher CornersBrookwood
 Barley Lane- Allegheny CountyBookerBrookwood Shaft
 Barlow- Lehigh CountyBoonBroomall
 Barlow Heights Boon TerraceBrotherton
 Barlow KnollBethanyBooneBroughton
 Barmouth- Wayne CountyBoonevilleBroughton Hollow
 Barnards- Westmoreland CountyBoot JackBrower
 Barners Hill Booths CornerBrown Hill
  BethelBoothwynBrown Mills
 Barnes- Allegheny CountyBoothwyn HighlandsBrown Row
 - Cambria County- Berks County  
 - Jefferson County- Cambria CountyBoquetBrown's
 - Warren County- Lancaster County- Allegheny County- Allegheny County
  - Mercer County- Westmoreland County- Beaver County
 Barnesboro- Somerset County - Clinton County
 Barneston- Sullivan CountyBordell 
 Barnesville- Wayne CountyBorderBrowndale
 Barnett BordnersvilleBrownfield
 BarnettstownBethel Hill Brownhill
 BarnitzBethel ParkBorie 
 BarnsleyBethelboro- Bucks CountyBrownlee
  Bethesda- Potter County- Potter County
 Barr  - Tioga County
 - Elk CountyBethlehemBorough of Fairview- Luzerne County
 - Mifflin County- Northampton County- Erie County 
  - Lehigh County Browns Mill
 Barre Forge- Northampton CountyBortondale- Berks County
 Barree Bossards Corner- Juniata County
 Barren HillBethtonBossardsville 
 Barret PlanBetulaBosslerBrownsburg
 BarrisvilleBetzwoodBoston RunBrownsdale
 BarronvaleBeuchlerBostonia- Allegheny County
 Barrs CornersBeuhler CornerBoswell- Butler County
 Barry BottsvilleBrownstown
 Barry HeightsBeulahBoucher- Armstrong County
 Barry Station- Allegheny CountyBoughton- Cambria County
 Bart- Clearfield CountyBoulevard Manor- Fayette County
 Bartholdi Boulton- Lancaster County
 BartoBeurys LakeBouquet- Berks County
 BartonBeverlyBourne MillsBrownsville
 Barton GlenBeverly EstatesBousson- Franklin County
 Bartons Meadows  - Huntingdon County
 BartonsvilleBeverly HeightsBovard- Schuylkill County
 Bartram Village- Berks County- Butler County 
 Bartville- Lebanon County- Westmoreland CountyBrownton
 Barwood- Blair County  
 Bascobel- Delaware CountyBow TreeBrowntown
 Basforth Acres- York CountyBowdertown- Bradford County
 Basket Bower- Luzerne County
 Bass LakeBiddle - Northampton County
 Bassards CornersBidwellBower Hill- Washington County
 BastressBidwell Hill- Allegheny County- Westmoreland County
 BathBiehl- Washington County 
 Bath AdditionBiesecker Gap Bruceton
 Bath JunctionBig BeaverBowersBruckarts
 Battle Hollow BowersvilleBruin
 BauerstownBig BendBowestBrumbaugh
 Baum- Mercer CountyBowest JunctionBrumbaugh Crossing
 Baumgardner- Venango CountyBowieBrumfieldville
 Baumstown- Warren CountyBowlderBrunnerville
 Bausman Bowling GreenBrunots Island
 BavingtonBig CreekBowmanBrush Creek
 BaxterBig Meadow RunBowman CreekBrush Run
 Bayard ParkBig Mine Run Brush Valley
 BayhillBig Mine Run JunctionBowman'sBrushmeadway
 Bayne - Forest CountyBrushton
  Big Mountain  
 Beach Haven- Northumberland CountyBowmansBrushtown
 Beach Lake- York County- Schuylkill County- Adams County
 Beach Pond  - Cumberland County
 BeachdaleBig RunBowmansdale- Bradford County
 Beachly- Centre CountyBowmanstown- Susquehanna County
 Beacon Lodge- Dauphin CountyBowmansville- Armstrong County
 Beadling- Jefferson CountyBowood- Fayette County
 Beallsville- Lawrence County - Greene County
 Beamville Boyce 
 BeanBig Run Junction- Allegheny CountyBryan Hill Manor
 Beans CoveBig Shanty- Mercer CountyBryan Mill
 Bear Creek Junction  Bryansville
 Bear Creek LakesBig SpringBoydBryant
 Bear Creek Village- Centre County- Adams CountyBryn Athyn
 Bear Gap- Cumberland County- Allegheny CountyBryn Gweled
 Bear Lake- Franklin County- Dauphin County 
 Bear Lick - Northumberland CountyBryn Mawr
 Bear LoopBigdam - Allegheny County
 Bear RocksBiggerstownBoydstown- Montgomery County
 Bear Run JunctionBiglerBoydtown 
 Bear SwampBiglervilleBoyerBryners
 Bear ValleyBigmountBoyersBrysonia
 BeardsleyBilger RocksBoyers Junction 
 Bears CrossroadsBillingBoyertownBuchanan
  Billmeyer (H)BoyleBuchanan Summit
 BeartownBills Bucher
 - Franklin CountyBills Place (H)BoyntonBuchers Mills
 - Lancaster CountyBingen- Centre CountyBuck
  Bingham- Somerset CountyBuck Hill Falls
 Beatty HillsBingham Center Buck Lock
 Beaufort FarmsBinkley's BridgeBrackney 
 BeaumontBinnstownBraddockBuck Mountain
 BeauplandBinoBraddock- Carbon County
 BeautifulBirchBraddock Hills- Schuylkill County
  Birch IslandBraden Plan- Chester County
 BeaverBirch ValleyBradenville- Indiana County
 - Beaver CountyBirchardvilleBradford- Schuylkill County
 - Chester CountyBirchrunvilleBradford Hills 
 - Dauphin CountyBirchtownBradford WoodsBuckeye
 - Huntingdon CountyBirchwood EstatesBradley 
  Birchwood LakesBradley JunctionBuckhorn
 Beaver Brook ManorBirchwood TerraceBradleytown- Cambria County
 Beaver CenterBird-in-Hand - Columbia County
 Beaver CityBirdellBrady 
 Beaver DamBirdland- Clarion CountyBuckingham Station
 Beaver FallsBirdsboro- Indiana County (H)Buckingham Valley
 Beaver LakeBirdsboro' Station- Northumberland CountyBuckingham Village
 Beaver Meadows  Buckley's
 Beaver MillsBirdvilleBraeburnBuckman Village
 Beaver Springs- Allegheny County- Dauphin CountyBuckmanville
  - Huntingdon County- Westmoreland CountyBucknell
 Beaver Valley  Buckridge Farms
 - Cambria CountyBirkdaleBrallierBuckstown
 - Columbia County BramanBucksville
  BirminghamBramble GateBucksville Manor
 Beaverdale- Allegheny CountyBramcoteBucktoe
 - Cambria County- Chester CountyBranbury CrossBucktown
 - Northumberland County- Huntingdon CountyBranchBuckwalter
 Beavers MillBirmingham HuntBranchtonBudds Place
 BeavertonBirmingham ParkBranchtown (H)Buell
  BirneyBranchvilleBuells Corners
 - Blair CountyBishtownBrandonBuena Vista
 - Huntingdon CountyBismarckBrandonville- Allegheny County
 - Snyder County Brandt- Blair County
 - York CountyBissellBrandtsville- Butler County
  - Allegheny CountyBrandy Camp- Fayette County
 Bechtelsville- Washington CountyBrandywine- Franklin County
 Beck's Mills Brandywine Hunt- Lancaster County
 BecksBittersvilleBrandywine ManorBuffalo
 Becks CutBittinger- Chester CountyBuffalo Crossroads
 Becks RunBittners Corner- Dauphin County 
 BeckvilleBittners Mill Buffalo Mills
 BedfordBitumenBrandywine Village- Armstrong County
 Bedford SpringsBixby CornerBrandywine at Thornbury- Bedford County
 Bedford ValleyBixlerBranningville 
 BedminsterBixler's RunBrant HillBuffalo Springs
 Bedminster Village BrattonvilleBuffalo Valley
 Beech CreekBlackBrave 
 Beech Creek StationBlack AshBraznellBuffington
 Beech FlatsBlack BaronBreadysville- Fayette County
 Beech GlenBlack BearBreakneck- Indiana County
  Black Creek JunctionBredinsburg 
 Beech GroveBlack DiamondBredinvilleBuhls
 - Elk CountyBlack ForestBreedtownBuhls Station
 - Lycoming County  Bulger
 - Wayne CountyBlack HorseBreezewoodBull Tavern
  - Delaware County- Allegheny CountyBullion
 Beech Hills- Montgomery County- Bedford CountyBullis
 Beechcliff  Bullis Mills
 BeechersvilleBlack Horse TavernBreezy CornerBully Hill
 BeechmontBlack LickBreezy PointBumpville
 BeechtonBlack Lick StationBreinigsvilleBunches
 Beechtree BreinizerBungalow Park
 BeechviewBlack RidgeBremen Woods 
  - Allegheny CountyBrenemanBunker Hill
 Beechwood- Luzerne CountyBrenizer- Juniata County
 - Cameron County Brennans- Lebanon County
 - Delaware CountyBlack'sBrent- Schuylkill County
 - McKean County- Clarion County  
 Beechwood ParkBlackburn (H)- Allegheny CountyBurd Coleman Village
 BeechwoodsBlackburn Farm- Lancaster CountyBurdette
 BeegletonBlackfield Burds Crossing
 Beersville Bressler-Enhaut-OberlinBurkett
 - Huntingdon CountyBlackhorseBreton HillsBurkhelder
 - Northampton County- Chester CountyBretonvilleBurlingame
  - Huntingdon CountyBrevardBurlington
 Beham- Juniata CountyBrewerytownBurly
 Behthesda BreyerBurmont
 Beidler KnollBlackrockBriar CreekBurnham
 Beidlertown Briar Crest WoodsBurning Bush
 Belair Park- Venango CountyBriarcliffBurning Well
 Belardy Briarly- McKean County
 BelbendBlackstone - Venango County
 Belcourt ManorBlacksvilleBriarwood- Clearfield County
 BeldenBlacktown- Berks County- Delaware County
 BelfastBlackwell- Bucks County- Northumberland County
 Belfast JunctionBlackwood  
 BelfordBlainBrice VillageBurnsville
 BelfryBlain CityBrick ChurchBurnt Cabins
 Belfry MeadowBlaine HillBrick Tavern 
 Belian VillageBlainsburgBricker CrossroadsBurnt Mills
 BelknapBlainsportBrickerville- Chester County
 BellBlair Mill Village EastBridesburg- Lancaster County
 Bell AcresBlair Mill Village WestBridge Point 
 Bell MountainBlair StationBridge ValleyBurrell
 Bell PointBlairfourBridgeburg 
 Bell Road (H)Blairs Burrows
 Bell's RunBlairs CornersBridgeport- McKean County
  Blairs Mills- Adams County- Potter County
 Bella VistaBlairsville- Carbon County 
 - Lycoming CountyBlairtown- Clearfield CountyBursonville
 - Philadelphia CountyBlaisdell Junction- Cumberland CountyBurtville
   - Lancaster CountyBush Addition
 BellasylvaBlake's Bush Patch
 Belle Bridge- Luzerne CountyBridgeportBushkill
 Belle Valley - Perry CountyBushkill Center
 Belle VernonBlakes- Westmoreland CountyBushman
 Belle Vernon Station- Tioga County Bustleton
 Belle View BridgetownBute
 BellefieldBlakeslee Estates  
 Bellefonte BridgevilleButler
 BellegroveBlanchard- Allegheny County- Butler County
 Bellemont- Allegheny County- York County- Potter County
 Belleview Heights- Centre County- Beaver County 
 Belleville - Bucks CountyButler's Junction
  Blandburg- Delaware CountyButtercup
 BellevueBlandon Buttermilk Falls
 - Allegheny CountyBlanket HillBridle RunButternut Grove
 - Lackawanna CountyBlawnoxBridlebrook Estates 
 - Philadelphia CountyBleakley HillBridlewood FarmButtonwood
 - Washington CountyBliem CornersBrier Hill- Luzerne County
 - York CountyBloods Settlement (H)Brigadoon- Lycoming County
  Bloom FerryBriggsville- Bucks County
 Bellingham KnollBloomburg VillageBright- Chester County
 Bellrun- Allegheny County- Beaver CountyButtsville
 Bells- Crawford County- Delaware CountyButzbach
 Bells Camp  Butztown
 Bells LandingBlooming GroveBrightsideBuyerstown
 Bells Mills- Pike CountyBrightwoodBuzz
 Bellton- York CountyBrilhart 
 Belltown Brilliant- Montgomery County
 - Elk County Brink Hill- Philadelphia County
 - Mifflin County Brinker 
 Bellwood  Byers
    Byers Corner
    Bywood Heights


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