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A Gazetteer for the United States and Canada
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The Communities of
Maryland (MD)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 Babel HeightsBells MillBonnie AcresBroadwood Manor
 Babylon Heights- Frederick County- Anne Arundel CountyBrock Bridge
 Bachman Mills- Montgomery County- Howard CountyBrock Hall
 Bachman Valley Estates - Carroll CountyBrook Hill
 Back BayBellvale- Howard CountyBrook Hill Acres
 Back Bay BeachBellview Brook Hill Farms
 Back RiverBellwood ParkBonnie KnobBrook Hollow
 Back River HighlandsBelmarBonnie RidgeBrook Valley Farms
 Bacon HallBelmar EstatesBooker HeightsBrookdale
 Bacon Hill BoomdeckerBrookdale Heights
 BadenBelmontBoones MeadowsBrooke Grove
 Baden Estates- Baltimore County Brooke Jane Manor
 Bagley- Wicomico CountyBoonsboroBrooke Manor
 Bagleys Venture - Caroline CountyBrooke Meadow
 BagtownBelmont Landing- Washington CountyBrookemanor Estates
 Bahama ViewBeltsville Brookeville
 Baie HolmBeltsville HeightsBoot HillBrookeville Heights
 Baile Boothby HillBrookeville Knolls
 Bailes MillBelvedereBootjackBrookewood Cove
 Bailey's- Cecil CountyBootjack Springs Estates 
  - Montgomery CountyBorden ShaftBrookfield
 Bainbridge Borden Yard- Anne Arundel County
 - Cecil CountyBelvedere WoodlandBoring- Baltimore County
 - Worcester CountyBelvoir FarmsBosley (H) 
  Belvoir ManorBoss Arnold VillageBrookhaven
 BakersfieldBembe BeachBostetterBrookhurst
 BakersvilleBen Lee EstatesBotterillBrookland
 Bald EagleBen OaksBoulevard HeightsBrooklandville
 Bald Friar (H)Ben-Har HeightsBoulevard ParkBrooklandwood Estates
 Bald Friar FerryBendaleBountys View 
 Bald HillBenders HeightsBowen CountryBrooklyn
 BaldwinBenedictBowen Estates- Anne Arundel County
 Baldwin AcresBenedict SmithsBowens- Baltimore City
 Baldwin EstatesBenedict WoodsBowercrest Park 
  BenevolaBowieBrooklyn Park
 Baldwin HillsBenfieldBowie Mill EstatesBrooklyn Terrace
 - Anne Arundel CountyBengiesBowie Mill ParkBrooklyn-Curtis Bay
 - Harford CountyBennett ManorBowleys QuartersBrookmead
  Bennett ParkBowling AlleyBrookmead North
 Baldwin ManorBennetts PointBowling GreenBrookmere Farms
 Baldwin Mill TerraceBenningtonBowling LandingBrookmont
 BallardBennsvilleBowmans AdditionBrookridge Manor
 Ballard Gardens Bowmans MillBrookridge North
 BallenceBensonBox Hill NorthBrooks Hill
 Ballenger- Harford CountyBox Hill SouthBrooks View
 Ballenger Creek- Howard CountyBoxer Hill ParkBrookshire Knolls
 Ballenger Creek Meadows BoxironBrookside
 Ballenger HeightsBentley EstatesBoxiron LandingBrookside Forest
 BalmoralBentley HillsBoxwoodBrookside Manor
  Bentley SpringsBoxwood VillageBrookview
 BaltimoreBenton TerraceBoydBrookview Farms
 - Baltimore CityBentons PleasureBoydsBrookville Knolls
  Bentwillow HeightsBoyer Mill Heights 
 Baltimore HighlandsBentwoodsBozmanBrookwood
 BancroftBenville - Baltimore County
 Bank (H)BereanBrad Vern Park- Prince George's County
 Banks O'DeeBerkfield  
 Banner CountryBerkleyBradbury HeightsBrookwood Estates
 BannisterBerkley Estates- Frederick CountyBroomes Island
 Bannockburn - Prince George's CountyBrosenne
 Bannockburn EstatesBerkshire Brothers Delight
 Bannockburn Heights- Anne Arundel CountyBraddock 
 Bar Harbor- Prince George's County Brown
 Bar Harbor Manor Braddock Estates- Montgomery County
 Bar Kess HeightsBerlin West- Allegany County- Prince George's County
 Bar NeckBerndell Estates- Carroll County 
 Bar-Klee Estates - Frederick CountyBrowningsville
 Barbers Quarter- Carroll CountyBraddock Manor WestBrowns Corner
 Barclay- Garrett County (H)Bradenbaugh- Montgomery County
 Bare Hills Bradenbaugh Manor- Queen Anne's County
 Barefoot AcresBerry Hill ManorBradford Barrens 
 Barefoot ParkBerry LaneBradford EstatesBrowns Store (H)
 Bark HillBerryhillBradford VillageBrowns Woods
 Barkers FerryBerrywoodBradley FarmsBrowns Woods Villa
 BarksdaleBerrywood VillageBradley HeightsBrownstown
 Barksdale FarmsBerrywood WestBradley HillsBrownstown Estates
 Barnaby Manor OaksBerthaBradley Hills Grove 
 Barnaby VillageBerwynBradley WoodsBrownsville
 Barnes CornerBerwyn HeightsBradleysburg (H)- Carroll County
 Barnes LandingBess-Mar EstatesBradmoor- Queen Anne's County
 BarnesvilleBessen Landing - Washington County
 BarnettBessie Clemson HeightsBradshaw- Carroll County
 Baronet WoodsBestgate- Baltimore County- Talbot County
 BarrelvilleBestgate Terrace- Garrett County (H) 
 Barren CreekBestpitch Brunetto Acres
 Barren Creek SpringsBethany ManorBraebrookeBrunswick
 Barrett BraeburnBryan Point
 BarringtonBethelBraemarBryans Road
 Barrington Manor- Carroll CountyBraffertonBryant Square
 Barrington Woods- Cecil CountyBramble HillsBryant Woods
 Barstow- Frederick County  
  - Garrett CountyBramblewoodBryantown
 Bartholow's- Somerset County (H)- Harford County- Charles County
 - Washington County - Worcester County- Queen Anne's County
 - Frederick CountyBethelham  
  BethesdaBranchvilleBryantown Hills
 BartonBethgateBrandenburg EstatesBrynwood Farm Estates
 Barton WoodsBethlehemBrandermill 
 BartonsvilleBethwoodBrandon ManorBuck Lodge
 BasketBettertonBrandon ShoresBuck Neck
 Bates AcresBeulahBrandy FarmsBuck Neck Landing
 Batter Brook FarmsBeulah LandBrandy SpringsBuckels Corner
 Battersea on the BayBevansvilleBrandywineBuckeystown
 Battery ParkBeverly BeachBrandywine CountyBuckeystown Station
 Battery Point FarmsBeverly EstatesBrandywine FarmsBuckhill Farms
 Battle (H)Beverly FarmsBrandywine ForestBuckhorn Run
 Battle GroveBeverly HillsBrandywine HeightsBuckingham Hills
 Baugher WoodsBeverly KnollsBrandywine WoodsBuckingham Manor
 Bay Brannock CoveBuckingham Terrace
 Bay CityBicentennial EstatesBrantlyBuckingham View
 Bay ColonyBiddle StationBranton ManorBucklodge
 Bay CountryBidle Hill AcresBrantwoodBuckskin Woods
 Bay ForestBierBrantwood FarmsBucktown
 Bay HarbourBig GunpowderBrass Eagle EstatesBudds Creek
 Bay HillsBig OakBreathedsvilleBudds Ferry
 Bay HundredBig PinesBreezewood EstatesBuena
  Big PoolBreezewood Farms 
 Bay Ridge Breezy Hill EstatesBuena Vista
 - Anne Arundel CountyBig SpringBreezy Knoll Estates- Calvert County
 - Harford County- Baltimore CountyBreezy Knolls- Prince George's County
  - Washington CountyBreezy Point 
 Bay Shore Acres  Buena Vista Hills
 Bay Shore Park (H)Big Woods AcresBreezy Point BeachBuena Vista Springs
 Bay TerraceBig Woods Estates- Baltimore CountyBuena Vista on the Patuxent
   - Calvert CountyBuffalo Estates
 Bay ViewBiggs Buffalo Hills
 - Baltimore City- Allegany CountyBremertonBuffalo Run
 - Cecil County- Queen Anne's CountyBrentlandBuhrman
    Bull Run
 Bay View HeightsBigwoodsBrentwoodBulle Rock
 BayardBillingsley Forest- Frederick CountyBullock
 BayberryBillingsley Park- Prince George's CountyBunker Hill Estates
 BaycrestBirch Hanger Burch
 BayheadBirch ManorBrentwood ManorBurdette
 BaynardBirchwoodBrentwood ParkBureau
 BaynesvilleBirchwood CityBreton BeachBurgee
 Bayshore (H)Birchwood GardensBreton WoodsBurgundy Knolls
 Bayshore EstatesBird HillBretton WoodsBurgundy Village
 Bayside BeachBird Hill EstatesBrewster HeightsBurkittsville
 Bayside KeysBird River BeachBrianwoodBurkley Manor
 Bayside VillageBirdsvilleBriar Cliff on the SevernBurleigh Manor
 Baytowne VillageBirkwood EstatesBriar HillBurleytown
 Bayview (H)Biscayne Bay VillageBriar LeaBurnbrae
 Bayview EstatesBishopBriar PatchBurnham Hills
 Baywalker VillageBishops Head Burnham Woods
 Baywood ManorBishopvilleBriar RidgeBurning Oaks
  Bittinger- Charles CountyBurning Tree Estates
 BeachleyBittle- Harford CountyBurns Corner
 Beachmont EstatesBivalve Burnside Acres
 BeachvilleBixlerBriaridgeBurnt Hickory
 BeachwoodBixler Valley EstatesBriars AcresBurnt Hill
 Beachwood Forest  Burnt Mill
 Beachwood GlenBlack Bay BeachBriarwoodBurnt Mills
 Beachwood GroveBlack Hill- Anne Arundel CountyBurnt Mills Hills
 Beacon HeightsBlack Oak- Calvert CountyBurnt Mills Knolls
  Black River- Charles CountyBurnt Mills Manor
 Beacon HillBlack Rock- Prince George's CountyBurnt Mills Village
 - Anne Arundel CountyBlack's Burnt Oak
 - Baltimore CountyBlackberry HillsBriarwood FarmsBurnt Woods
  Blackburn VillageBriceBurrier Knob
 BeallmountBlackfords FerryBrice ManorBurrisville
 BeallsvilleBlackhorseBrick House LandingBurrsville
 BeaneBlackrock EstatesBrick Wall LandingBurtner
 Beans LandingBlackrock HillsBriddletownBurtonsville
  Blackrock MillBridewell (H)Bush
 BeantownBlacks CornerBridge PointBush Creek Estates
 - Charles CountyBlacks GlenBridge ViewBush River
 - Montgomery CountyBlackwalnut Cove Bushey Heights
  BlackwaterBridgeportBushs Corner
 Bear RunBladen- Frederick CountyBushwood
 Beau Monde EstatesBladensburg- Washington CountyBushwood Wharf
 Beaufort ParkBladenwoods Bushy Park Estates
 Beaumont ParkBlairBridleshireBusic
 Beauty BeachBlair Portal Butchers Hill
 BeauvueBlair WoodsBridlewoodButeaux Crossing
 Beaver CreekBlairtown (H)- Baltimore CountyButler
 Beaver Creek EstatesBlake- Montgomery CountyButlers Beach
 Beaver DamBlakeford Butlertown
 Beaver HeightsBlakistoneBrierleighButtercup Estates
 Beaver RidgeBlandford VillageBrierwoodButterfield
 Beaver Run ManorBlank Buzzard Point
  Blankner HillBrigadoon 
 BeaverbrookBlenheim- Baltimore CountyByeforde
 - Howard CountyBlenheim Forest- Frederick CountyBynum
 - Washington CountyBlenheim Manor Bynum Hills
  BlithewoodBright OaksBynum Overlook
 Beckley EstatesBlocktownBrightfieldBynum Ridge
 BeckleysvilleBloom Byrdtown
 Becks LandingBloomeryBrightonByrons Manor
 Bedsworth - Baltimore CityBywater Estates
 Beech CreekBloomfield- Montgomery County 
 Beechfield- Frederick County  
 Beechwood- Talbot CountyBrighton Farm Estates 
 Beechwood on the Burley Brighton Knolls 
 Beelers SummitBlooming RoseBrighton Pines 
 BeetreeBloomingdaleBrighton Woods 
 Beetree ManorBloomingtonBrightseat 
 BeggsBloomsburyBrightside (H) 
  Bloomsbury SquareBrightview Woods 
 Bel AirBlossom HillsBrightwater Beach 
 - Allegany CountyBlount Commons  
 - Harford CountyBlue Ball VillageBrightwood 
 - Charles CountyBlue Dolphin Estates- Anne Arundel County 
 - Harford CountyBlue Grass Manor- Baltimore County 
  Blue Hill- Queen Anne's County 
 Bel Air SouthBlue Mount  
 Bel Alton Brightwood Terrace 
 Bel Alton EstatesBlue MountainBrilhart Terrace 
 Bel Forest- Frederick CountyBrimfield 
 Bel Hill (H)- Washington CountyBrink 
 Bel Pre Farms Brink Meadow 
 Bel Pre WoodsBlue Ridge ViewBrinkleigh 
 BelairBlueballBrinkleigh Manor 
 Belair BuckinghamBlueberry HeightsBrinkley 
 Belair Chapel ForgeBlueberry HillBrinkley Heights 
 Belair FoxhillBlueberry HillsBrinklow 
 Belair Heather HillsBluegrass EstatesBrinkwood Estates 
 Belair IdlewildBluegrass HeightsBriscoe 
 Belair KenilworthBluestone Estates  
 Belair LongridgeBluff PointBristol 
 Belair OverbrookBluff Woods- Anne Arundel County 
 Belair RockledgeBlythedale- Charles County (H) 
 Belair Somerset   
 Belair Tulip GroveBobs FlowBristolwood 
 Belair White HallBodkin ManorBritinay Hills 
 Belair YorktownBodkin PlainsBrittany 
 BelcampBodt CornerBritton 
 BelgraviaBohemia AcresBroad Creek 
 Belhaven BeachBohemia Beach- Harford County 
 Belhaven WoodsBohemia Ferry- Prince George's County 
 BellBohemias Mills  
 Bell ForestBolivarBroad Creek Park 
 Bell HavenBolivar HeightsBroad Run 
 BellcarBollinger EstatesBroad Run Acres 
 Belle Farm EstatesBollinger HeightsBroadfording 
 Belle Farm Heritage Broadmeade 
 Belle Grove SquareBoltonBroadmoor 
 Belle Haven- Charles County  
 Belle Meade- Queen Anne's CountyBroadview 
 Belle Point Farm - Harford County 
 Belle Ridge FarmsBonaparte Estates- Prince George's County 
 Belleair EstatesBonaventure  
 BellefonteBondBroadview Estates 
 BellegroveBond Mill ParkBroadwater 
 BellemeadBond Mill WoodsBroadwater Beach 
 Bellemere EstatesBondbrook  
 BellemonteBondsBroadwater Estates 
 Bellerive VillageBonfield- Howard County 
 Belleview EstatesBonifant Village- Prince George's County 
 Bellevue Estates   
 Bellevue Heights   
 Bellhaven Beach   


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