The Communities of
Maryland (MD)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

Cabin CreekChadswoodColbourn Manor
Cabin Creek Estates Colbourne
Cabin HillChadwickColchester on the Severn
Cabin John- Frederick CountyCold Saturday
Cabin John Park- Harford CountyCold Spring
Cabin John-Brookmont  
Cabin River FarmsChadwick CourtColdstream
Cabin RunChadwick Manor- Frederick County
Cactus HillChalet De La Rance- Harford County
Caernarvon WoodsChalfone Manor 
Caine Harbor MileChalk PointCole (H)
Caine KeysChamberleaColebrook
Cal AcresChampion ForestColeman
Calebs DelightChanceColes Corner
CaliforniaChaney StationColesville Gardens
- Saint Mary's CountyChaneyvilleColesville Heights
- Wicomico CountyChaneyville Farm EstatesColesville Manor
 Chantilly ManorColesville Park
Callisters FerryChapel HeightsColgate
Calloway Landing - Baltimore City
CalvaryChapel Hill- Baltimore County
 - Baltimore County 
Calvert- Calvert CountyColgate Creek
- Baltimore City- Prince George's CountyCollege Estates
- Cecil County College Gardens
- Caroline CountyChapel HillsCollege Heights
- Cecil CountyChapel KnollCollege Heights Estates
 Chapel Manor 
Calvert BeachChapel OaksCollege Hills
Calvert Beach EstatesChapel Oaks-Cedar Heights- Anne Arundel County
Calvert Beach ParkChapel Point- Baltimore County
Calvert Beach-Long BeachChapel Point Woods 
Calvert ChaseChapel RidgeCollege Manor
Calvert EstatesChapel StationCollege Park
Calvert HeightsChapel ValleyCollege Park Woods
Calvert HillsChapel View 
  College Station
Calvert ManorChapel Woods- Anne Arundel County
- Calvert County- Howard County- Prince George's County
- Prince George's County- Talbot County 
 - Anne Arundel CountyCollege View
Calvert Station- Baltimore CountyCollington
Calvert Terrace Collingwood
Calvert TowneChapelviewCollins Estates
Calvert WoodsChapleCollison Corner
 Chapman LandingCollmus
CalvertonChapticoColmar Manor
- Baltimore CityChar-Nor Manor 
- Montgomery CountyCharbonnetColonial Acres
- Prince George's CountyCharing Cross- Cecil County
- Queen Anne's CountyCharlene- Harford County
 Charles County Gardens- Wicomico County
Calverton HeightsCharles Manor 
 Charles VillageColonial Gardens
- Baltimore CountyCharleston CreekColonial Heights
- Harford CountyCharleston Gardens- Allegany County
  - Frederick County
CambridgeCharlestown- Talbot County
Cambridge Estates- Allegany County 
 - Baltimore CountyColonial Hills
Camden- Cecil CountyColonial Manor
- Baltimore City Colonial Manor Estates
- Wicomico CountyCharlestown Manor Beach 
 CharlesvilleColonial Park
Camden JunctionCharlotte Hall- Baltimore County
Camden StationCharloumyr- Washington County
Camelback VillageCharlton HeightsColonial Village
 Charolais AcresColony Acres
CamelotCharowoodColony Fairfield
- Charles CountyCharred Oak EstatesColony Hills
- Harford CountyChartleyColony Ridge
- Prince George's CountyChartridgeColony Square
 ChartwellColony Village
Cameron HeightsChartwoodColora
Cameron RidgeChaseColtons Point
Cameron TractChase EdenColumbia
CamotopChase HillColumbia Beach
Camp ParoleChase Wood RunColumbia Forest
Camp SpringsChases ForestColumbia Hills
 Chateau Ridge 
CampbellChateau ValleyColumbia Park
- Howard County - Charles County
- Worcester CountyChatham- Prince George's County
 - Harford County 
Campbell Corner- Howard CountyColvilla
Campbelltown- Prince George's County 
Campers Hill Compton
Campus GreenChatham Gardens- Charles County
Campus HeightsChatham Hills- Saint Mary's County
Campus Hill FarmsChattolanee 
Campus HillsChazdale NorthComus
Campus Hills EstatesChelseaComus Sugarloaf
Campus Valley EstatesChelsea BeachConaways
Canada HillChelsea Court 
CanalChelsea EstatesConcord
Canal View EstatesChelsea Pines- Caroline County
Canavest (H)Chelsea Woods- Cecil County
Canbury WoodsChelsea of Nottingham- Frederick County
Candice EstatesCheltenham 
CandlewickCheltenham AcresConestoga Heights
CandlewoodCheltenham ForestConfederate Hills
Candlewood ParkCherby-Maurlyn EstatesCongressional Manor
Cannon AcresCherry CornerConnecticut Avenue Estates
Cannon FarmCherry GroveConnecticut Avenue Hills
Canonbury Square Connecticut Avenue Park
 Cherry HillConnecticut Gardens
Canterbury- Baltimore CityConners Corner
- Baltimore County- Calvert CountyConococheague
- Carroll County- Cecil CountyConococheaque
- Talbot County- Frederick CountyConowingo
- Wicomico County- Harford CountyConowingo Manor
 - Prince George's CountyConowingo Village
Canterbury Estates Conquest Beach
Canterbury RidingCherry PointConstance Acres
 Cherry Tree HillsConstant Branch
Canton Constant Friendship
- Baltimore CityCherry ValleyConstitution Hills
- Wicomico County- Baltimore CountyConte Manor
 - Montgomery CountyContee
Canton Junction Cooks Ferry
Cape AnneCherry Walk EstatesCooks Hope
Cape ArthurCherry WoodCooksey
Cape Hill FarmsCherryfield (H)Cooksey Knolls
Cape Horn SouthCherrytownCooksville
Cape Isle Of WightCherrywalkCool Hollow Estates
Cape Leonard Cool Meadows Farms
Cape Loch HavenCherrywoodCool Pond
Cape May Beach- Anne Arundel CountyCool Spring
Cape May Landing- Montgomery CountyCool Springs Park
Cape McKinsey- Prince George's CountyCoon Manor
Cape Pleasant Cooney Neck Estate
Cape SableCherrywood EstatesCooper
Cape Saint ClaireChesaco ParkCooper Mill
Cape Saint JohnChesapeakeCooperfield
CapetowneChesapeake AcresCoopersville
Capitol EstatesChesapeake BeachCoopstown
Capitol HeightsChesapeake CityCopeland
Capitol HillsChesapeake CoveCopenhaver
Capitol PlazaChesapeake Cove EstatesCopper Oaks
Capitol View Park  
CapitolaChesapeake EstatesCopperfield
Capri Estates- Cecil County- Carroll County
Capt Saint Claire- Queen Anne's County- Frederick County
Captains Choice  
 Chesapeake HavenCoppermine Estates
Captains CoveChesapeake Heights 
- Anne Arundel CountyChesapeake Heights on the BayCopperville
- Prince George's County - Carroll County
 Chesapeake Landing- Talbot County
Captains Hill- Cecil County 
Captains Knoll- Kent CountyCoral Hills
Captains Walk  
CarderockChesapeake OaksCorbett
Carderock SpringsChesapeake Overlook- Baltimore County
 Chesapeake Ranch Estates- Washington County
CardiffChesapeake Ranch Estates-Drum Point 
- Cecil CountyChesapeake StationCorbett Hill Farms
- Harford CountyChesapeake TerraceCorbin
 Chesapeake WoodsCordova
Cardinal ForestCheshavenCorner House
CardtownCheslou VillageCornersville
Carea Cornfield Harbor
Carey AcresChesmarCorns Manor
Carey Heights- Anne Arundel CountyCorrelli Estates
Carey's- Kent CountyCorridor North
Careytown Corriganville
Carlos JunctionChesterCorsica Landing
Carmae AcresChester GroveCorsica Landing Estates
CarmichaelChester HarborCosten
Carmody HillsChester River BeachCoster
Carney Cottage City
Carney GroveChesterfieldCottage Grove
Carney Heights- Anne Arundel CountyCottage Grove Beach
Carol Court- Baltimore CountyCottingham Ferry
Carole Acres Coulborn Mill Valley
Carole HighlandsChesterfield Gardens 
Carolina HillsChesterfield PlazaCountry Acres
Carpenter BeachChesterhaven Beach- Cecil County
Carpenter PointChestertown- Queen Anne's County
Carriage HillChesterville- Anne Arundel County
Carriage Hill VillageChesterville Forest- Caroline County
 Chesterwood- Talbot County
Carriage HillsChestnut Farms 
- Anne Arundel County Country Club Manor
- Calvert CountyChestnut Grove 
- Carroll County- Frederick CountyCountry Club Park
- Howard County- Washington County- Baltimore County
 - Baltimore County- Harford County
Carrico Mill Estates- Harford County 
Carrington- Howard CountyCountry Club South
Carroll- Wicomico CountyCountry Club Village
Carroll County Trails Country Comforts
Carroll DaleChestnut Hill CoveCountry Lakes
Carroll FieldsChestnut Hill EstatesCountry Life Acres
  Country Life Estates
Carroll HeightsChestnut HillsCountry Place
- Carroll County- Anne Arundel CountyCountry Ridge
- Washington County- Montgomery CountyCountry Road Estates
 - Prince George's CountyCountry Side
Carroll Highlands Country Squire
Carroll IslandChestnut OaksCountry Squire Estates
Carroll KnollsChestnut PointCountry Trails
Carroll Lutheran VillageChestnut Point EstatesCountry View
  Country Village
Carroll ManorChestnut RidgeCountry Walk
- Baltimore County- Anne Arundel County 
- Montgomery County- Baltimore CountyCountryside
 - Montgomery County- Charles County
Carroll Manor Ridge - Howard County
 Cheston- Washington County
Carroll MeadowsCheston on the Wye 
- Baltimore CountyCheswoldeCountryside West
- Carroll CountyCheval TrailsCounty View
Carroll ParkChevy ChaseCourtney Manor
Carroll SquareChevy Chase GardensCourts of Crofton
Carroll ViewChevy Chase LakeCourts of Harford Square
Carroll WindeChevy Chase ManorCove
Carroll Woods EstatesChevy Chase Section FiveCove Point
Carrolls AdditionChevy Chase Section FourCove Point Woods
 Chevy Chase Section Three 
CarrolltonChevy Chase TerraceCove View
- Carroll CountyChevy Chase View- Calvert County
- Frederick CountyChevy Chase Village- Talbot County
- Prince George's CountyChews Manor 
 ChewsvilleCove of Calvert
Carrollton ManorChicamuxen 
CarrolltowneChickasaw RunCoventry
CarrollwoodChilcutt- Baltimore County
Carrollwood ManorChilds- Montgomery County
Carrollyn ManorChillum 
Carrs MillChillum GardensCoventry Farms
Carrs RidgeChillum HeightsCoventry Meadows
Carrs Store (H)Chillum ManorCover (H)
Carsan KnollsChillum Terrace 
Carsin ValeChinaberry ManorCovered Bridge Estates
CarsinsChingville- Frederick County
Carsins RunChinquapin Crest- Wicomico County
Carsins Run EstatesChippendale 
CarsinwoodChippingwoodCovers Corner
Carter HillChoptank OverlookCowdensville
Carters PlainsChoptank PinesCowell
Carthagena CreekChoptank Ponds 
Carvel BeachChris Mar EstatesCowentown
Carver HeightsChrisland At Annapolis Cove- Baltimore County
CarvilleChristiana- Cecil County
CascadeChristiana Estates 
Cascade EstatesChristophers CrossingCowpen
 Christs RockCox
Cash CornerChristy Acres- Calvert County
- Cecil County (H)Chriswood Manor- Charles County
- Somerset CountyChrome Hill 
 Chrome Hill EstatesCox Creek
Cashell EstatesChurch CreekCox Creek Acres
Cashell Manor Cox's Station
Cashell WoodsChurch HillCoxby Estates
Cassatt- Frederick CountyCoxs Corner
Casselman- Queen Anne's County 
Cassidy Wharf Crabapple Court
Castle AcresChurch Hill EstatesCrabster (H)
Castle HavenChurchillCrabtree
Castle Haven EstatesChurchtonCraigtown
Castle ManorChurchvilleCrampton
Castle Marina Cranberry
Castle OaksCinquaeteck (H)Cranberry Woods
CastlegateCissel FarmsCrandon
Castlemore Craney Creek Estates
Castles RisingClaggerts ForestCranwood
CatchpennyClaggettsvilleCrawford Acres (H)
Cathers CornerClahamman HillsCreagerstown
Catlin (H)ClaiborneCreek View
CatoctinClaiborne-Romancoke FerryCrellin
Catoctin AcresClaibornes LandingCremona
Catoctin FurnaceClaraCresaptown
Catoctin HeightsClaremont (H)Cresaptown-Bel Air
Catoctin HighlandsClarks LandingCrescendo
Catoctin HillsClarks RunCresston Park
Catoctin Manor EstatesClarksbrook EstatesCrest Acres
Catoctin Mountain ParkClarksburgCrest Leigh
Catoctin ParkClarksburg HeightsCrest Manor Estates
Catoctin PointClarksonCrest Valley
Catoctin ViewClarksville MeadowsCrestleigh
- Carroll CountyClarksville Ridge 
- Frederick CountyClarys ForestCrestview
 Clarysville- Harford County
CatonsvilleClayburn Hills- Kent County
Catonsville GatewayClaysville- Montgomery County
Catonsville HeightsClayton- Washington County
Catonsville ManorClayton Manor 
Cattertons ReachClayton Run EstatesCrestview Meadows
Catts CornerClear Acres 
Cavalier CountryClear RidgeCrestwood
Cave ValleyClear Spring- Anne Arundel County
Caves ParkClear Spring Estates- Calvert County
Caveswood - Wicomico County
CavetownClear View 
Cayots- Carroll CountyCrestwood Acres
Cayots Corner- Frederick CountyCrestwood Village
CearfossClear Water BeachCrisfield
Cecil ManorClearfieldCrisfield Crossing
CeciltonClearspring ManorCrisp
Cedar AcresClearviewCrocheron
- Howard County- Cecil County 
- Wicomico County- Harford CountyCrofton
- Baltimore County- Talbot County- Anne Arundel County
- Calvert County- Washington County- Talbot County
Cedar CliffClearview CourtCrofton Commons
Cedar CoveClearview NorthCrofton Highlands
Cedar CreekClearview VillageCrofton Mews
Cedar Creek EstatesCleavers CornerCrofton Park
 Cleaves ForkCrofton South
Cedar GroveClemens CrossingCrofton Square
- Baltimore CountyClementsCrofton Village
- Charles CountyClemsonvilleCrofton Village Green
- Montgomery CountyClermont MillsCrofton Woods
- Washington CountyCleveland Park EstatesCromley's Mountain
 ClevelandvilleCromwell (H)
Cedar Grove BeachCliffordCromwell Fountain
Cedar Grove KnollsCliffs CityCromwell Manor
Cedar HallCliffs of Calvert 
 Cliffton EstatesCromwell Station
Cedar Heights - Anne Arundel County
- Montgomery CountyClifton- Baltimore County
- Prince George's County- Baltimore City 
 - Charles CountyCromwell Woods
Cedar Heights Estates- Frederick CountyCromwood
Cedar Hill- Talbot CountyCronhardt
Cedar Hills Cronshaw
Cedar Hurst VillageClifton KnollCrooked Oak
Cedar Knoll FarmsClifton ParkCroom
 Clifton Park VillageCroom Acres
Cedar LandingClifton on the PotomacCroom Station
- Dorchester CountyClifton-East EndCropley
- Saint Mary's CountyCliftonbrookCrosby
- Prince George's CountyClintonCrosier Gardens
- Washington CountyClinton AcresCross
 Clinton GardensCross Country Estates
Cedar ParkClinton HeightsCross Creek
 Clinton HillsCross Hollow
Cedar PointClinton VistaCross Roads
- Calvert CountyClinton WoodsCrossley Siding
- Talbot CountyClipper Hill EstatesCrossroads
Cedar RidgeClopperCrouse Mill
Cedar RunCloud GapCrow Haven Estates
Cedar SpringClover Dale AcresCrowder
 Clover FieldCrownsville
Cedar WoodsClover HillCrows Nest
- Dorchester CountyCloverberryCroydon Park
- Howard County Crumpton
Cedarbrook- Frederick CountyCrystal Beach
Cedarcrest- Harford County- Anne Arundel County
  - Cecil County
CedarcroftCloverdale Farm 
- Anne Arundel CountyCloverfieldCrystal Springs
- Baltimore CityCloverfield Manor 
 CloverfieldsCuactataugh (H)
CedarhavenCloverleaCub Hill
 CloverlyCub Hill Farms
CedarhurstClovertonCub Hills
- Anne Arundel CountyCloverviewCuckhold Creek
- Carroll County Culler Oaks
 Club HillCumberland
Cedarhurst Acres- Baltimore CountyCumberland Canal
Cedarhurst-on-the-Bay- Montgomery CountyCumberland Heights
Cedarlea Cumberland River
CedarmereClubhouse EstatesCumberstone
CedarsClumberCumorah Estates
Cedarside FarmClydesdale AcresCunningham Acres
Cedartown Cunninghill Cove
CedarvilleCoachmans FieldCurtis Acres
 Cobb IslandCurtis Bay
CedarwoodCobbler's WoodsCurtis Bay Junction
- Calvert CountyCoblentz HeightsCutler Ridge
- Harford CountyCochran Hills 
 CockeysvilleCylburn (H)
Cedarwood CoveCoffee HillCypress Creek
Cedarwood EstatesCoffmanCypress Knolls
CedoniaCohansey Village 
Cellar HillCohasset 
Centennial HomesteadCohill Estates 
Centennial LakeCokeland 
Centennial ManorCokesburg 
Centennial Village  
Center CourtCokesbury 
Centerville- Cecil County 
Central Village- Somerset County 
Centreville Landing  
Century Estates  
Century Manor